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Ihatalo Research and Development
Posted - 2008.10.26 16:16:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ulecese on 23/11/2008 11:58:06
Ingame Website Link : Copy this link and paste in your ingame browser
Public Channel : Eve Gaming


Eve Gaming currently offers 3 lottery games with progressive jackpots that are determined by how many tickets are sold for each lottery. So the more tickets sold - the higher the jackpot prizes!

There are currently 3 different types of lottery draw you can participate in. They are as follows;

'Weekly Super Draw' Lottery
Tickets for the 'Weekly Super Draw' cost 10m each. Drawing is held every Saturday night. There is 1 jackpot prize, 2 runner up prizes and 5 third place prizes to be won each week.

'Mid-Week Draw' Lottery
Tickets for the 'Mid-Week Draw' cost 5m each. Drawing is held every Wednesday night. There is 1 jackpot prize, 2 runner up prizes and 5 third place prizes to be won each week.

'Daily Play Draw' Lottery
Tickets for the 'Daily Play Draw' cost 1m each. Drawing is held daily. There is 1 jackpot prize, 2 runner up prizes and 5 third place prizes to be won each day.

Other Games

Keno - Play our 'Ten Grand Keno' game using your Eve Gaming account balance. Great progressive Jackpot prize, currently over 500m ISK!

Coming soon - Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker.

How this works
In order to buy lottery tickets you must first deposit ISK into your account. Account deposit updates are made every quarter past the hour and are fully automated. This means you don't have to send your ISK to someone and wait for them to update your account balance. This is all done via EVE Secure API.

Once you have a positive account balance, you will be able to purchase tickets and play the games EVE Gaming offers immediately. You can also view your recent transactions, and open lottery tickets on the "My Account" page.

When a lottery drawing takes place, our software will randomly select the recipients of the prizes. There is no manual override to this process to keep the results fair and completely random.

After a lottery drawing has closed and all winners have been selected, the payments will be creditted to your Eve Gaming Account.

Is this safe?
Yes. EVE Gaming will not ask you for any of your EVE login details, and will NEVER ask you to pay a private third party. All ISK Transfers are handled through our corporation, and are administered by only senior trusted members.

Because we accept deposits via the EVE API system, we keep a permanent record of all incoming and outgoing transactions. We also use this record to make our payouts. All payouts and winners names will be available publicly in the "Lottery History" section of the site after the first lottery results.

In addition, all transactions and lottery draws are monitored by an independant third party - Shar Tegral.

Who is Eve Gaming?
Eve Gaming is ran by 2 people - Myself (Ladistier Duval) and Finika (AnthroHusky). It is part of the Ihatalo Cartel group which also includes another public corporation - Ihatalo Research and Development.

When can we start playing?
All draws are open for players as of now. Simply log into the website ingame, make sure you set it as trusted, then simply follow the instructions on the website.

Shar Tegral
Posted - 2008.10.27 17:42:00 - [2]

Just posting here to confirm that I am indeed auditing the game activity, the deposits, and winnings. As an example, first day reports are:

Total Deposits: 256,590,685.00
Deposits Since Announcement: 227,000,000.00
Number of Unique Players: 13

Winning Tickets are listed on the website directly.

To date there have been issued 11,100,000.00 isk in winnings. The winnings issued includes the listed 10,200,000 isk and 900,000 isk not accounted for as winnings. This means that there is has currently been an 8% error rate in the Tellering/Chashiering. Given that this is the first day's activity, very acceptable rate of error. (You wouldn't believe some of the teller error rates eBank has endured - myself included!)

I'm going to wait for more data before analysis of ticket sales and winning ratios are reported.

Ihatalo Research and Development
Posted - 2008.10.27 18:49:00 - [3]

Thanks for the initial report Shar Smile

I think the winnings withdrawals you have mentioned are from the test draws we did prior to launch that should have been sorted out before going 'live'.
Glad to see your not missing anything - that's why I hired you Smile

Just a reminder to those wanting to play - we hold 3 lotteries, 2 are drawn weekly on a wednesday and saturday, plus we hold a daily draw.
Simply log into the website ingame and it automatically creates your account. Make sure you have the website set as trusted, deposit money and then once the API cycle has gone by go buy your tickets!

Posted - 2008.10.27 19:54:00 - [4]

will winner get isk on char right?

SO daily lottery still need be payed right?

Ihatalo Research and Development
Posted - 2008.10.27 20:25:00 - [5]

Originally by: Hyperdz
will winner get isk on char right?

SO daily lottery still need be payed right?

Yes winners are paid shortly after each draw. If you have won, you need to look in your wallet journal for 'Corporate account withdrawal' since we pay you direct from the corp wallet if you are a winner.

EVE Gaming
Ihatalo Cartel
Posted - 2008.10.28 03:58:00 - [6]

Update: Because of the nature of EVE API, account updates are now made every odd hour, half past the hour. And tickets are available for purchase all the way until each drawing is initiated.

We have had some very pleased winners, and to them we give congratulations! The grand opening weekly super draw jackpot is well over 500,000,000.00. It will be exciting to see who wins!

EVE Gaming
Ihatalo Cartel
Posted - 2008.10.29 17:43:00 - [7]

EVE Gaming announces the Increase Your Odds Promotion!

For every 5 tickets you purchase (in a single transaction) you will get an additional ticket free! This promotion is open to all lottery drawings and will run until January 1st, 2009.

EVE Gaming
Ihatalo Cartel
Posted - 2008.10.30 19:06:00 - [8]

EVE Gaming has completed this weeks Mid-Week Drawing. Congratulations to these lucky winners:

Mid-Week Draw Closed On: 2008-10-29 00:00:00
-- Niko72 won 42,000,000.00
-- Hobo Galacticus won 10,500,000.00
-- Niko72 won 10,500,000.00
-- SynackFin won 2,100,000.00
-- felixtcat won 2,100,000.00
-- Ulecese won 2,100,000.00
-- Niko72 won 2,100,000.00
-- Queen Biatch won 2,100,000.00

Our 'Grand Opening Weekly Super Draw' is still pen and will be closing this coming weekend.

'Grand Opening Weekly Super Draw' Lottery
1x Jackpot Prize: 572,000,000
2x Runner Up Prizes: 143,000,000
5x Third Prizes: 28,600,000
Close Date: 2008-11-02 00:00:00

EVE Gaming
Ihatalo Cartel
Posted - 2008.11.04 02:03:00 - [9]

Eve Gaming announces a referral promotion.

Referral Program: (OPEN)
Now you can get Bonus ISK for referring folks to our service! Its really simple, all you have to do is refer new members to our service using your special referral link. Once they choose to trust the site and their account is created you will get 1% Bonus ISK transferred into your account for all deposits that your referrals make. There is no limit to the referrals you can have. They more people you refer to our service the more ISK you will make! If you view your "My Account" page you can see how many folks you have referred and how much ISK each has made you. You will also find the required link on your "My Account" page. This is a permanent promotion!

Ihatalo Research and Development
Posted - 2008.11.12 12:28:00 - [10]

Sofar we have given out over 1.4 billion isk in prizes!

Dont forget, we have daily, and two weekly draws

Erasers inc.
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2008.11.14 16:40:00 - [11]

Couple points in friendly tone:

* IGB data can be trivially faked:

Could you implement password based protection, in addition of checking IGBrowser supplied data? The current system (relying in IGB browser) allows third party either a) harass your player(s), or b) scam you.

For a), I could make players to waste their idle accounts on games they didn't want (like use Niko72's current 15.1M to buy extra 10M ticket). If you did reimburse Niko72 after such loss, I could do the same for my alt, only complaining after losses (i.e. scam you).

* Tampereable random number generator

First, I really think you are running honest operation (and make your ISK through the small margin)-

Would you consider implementing trackable random generator? Current model seems to let you decide the winner (by changing the code), should you ever desire to do so.

Making it tamper-proof would require some fiddling, but be automated after that. Something like:
- Ticket numbers generated with API verified orders (already done)
- Declaration of what RNG algorithm is used (like "Visual Basic random()-function with formula of...)
- Fetching the seed daily from some computer parsed third party web site (something like stock index etc)
- Feeding the seed to RNG and getting the winner. Everyone could repeat the steps (after checking your API/Web log), and confirm they got the same winner.

Ok ok, neither of the points above have that much practical impact, at least now.

WTH: fakeable IGB proxy for hire..

Shar Tegral
Posted - 2008.11.15 23:34:00 - [12]

Eve Gaming Independent Auditor Report

Unique Players: 42
Number of Wins: 134
Winners: 23
Avg Wins Per Player: 5.83
Total Winnings: 1,428,000,000.00
Avg Isk Winnings: 62,086,956.52
Avg Isk Per Win: 10,656,716.42
Largest Winner: 559,200,000.00

Nov 1st - Nov 15th
Incoming Funds: 477,794,758.10
Lottery Winnings: 1,222,400,000.00

Nothing unusual to note in this mid-month report. There are a total of 43 accounts setup for playing the lottery however one person only deposited 1.10 isk. The genius of that I'll refrain from commenting on in detail.

Initially it may appear that the lottery house is losing isk from this report however it should be noted that incoming funds are deposits for people to later buy tickets. Funds deposited from an earlier reporting period are likely to still be in the system providing buoyancy to the system in general.

Largest Winner was determined from compiling the total amount of winnings any single person received minus what they deposited into the system. Again this is slightly misleading as that player may have only purchased one ticket or may have used all of their funds to achieve that total. Later reports may include per ticket/per lottery data in the compilation. (Again, perhaps too much disclosure.)

Oh, and I should add that the largest winner was not any one connected to Eve Gaming that I could determine. Deposits by people connected to Eve Gaming have been 194,699,999.65 and winnings by that same group of people have been 268,060,000.00. That's a +78M out of 1,400M in winnings for people running the Lottery. (Added this info for the tinfoil beanie crowd.)

Till the end of the month, enjoy.

Ihatalo Research and Development
Posted - 2008.11.21 21:08:00 - [13]

We have introduced a new game - Keno

Visit the website ingame for more information.

Shar Tegral
Posted - 2008.12.04 14:29:00 - [14]

The end of November report is rather simple: Apparently most people engaged in using Eve Gaming are americans. Why? Because activity dramatically decreased over the thanksgiving holiday period.

Since the last report I've also been included in all ticket sales information. It clearly shows that the lottery "process" is functioning as advertised. I found particular interest in the fact that if 1 person buys a ticket for the lottery, the lottery still happens generating an almost sure win at a profit to the ticket purchaser. This is accomplished by Eve Gaming having a minimum number of "ticket" positions for determining payout.

All in all, API records match up with Ticket sales and account records.

I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving weekend even if you do not celebrate that particular holiday.


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