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Posted - 2003.06.16 22:29:00 - [1]

I have a few remaining factory slots in the Ekura system in Lonetrek up for auction. Reasons why a slot in Ekura is good investment for the future are as follows.

o 4 jumps to Todaki newbie system
o 1 jump from Amsen newbie system
o 4 jumps from The Citadel and The Forge regions.
o It is a 0.9 safe system where people will come and buy your goods.
o Ekura only has one station in the whole system, so there is little competition.
o Plenty of minerals available to mine safely or buy from newbies.

Please send an in-game e-mail to me (Marduk) stating the price you want to bid. The close of this auction is midnight GMT Friday 20th June. The highest bidders will get these valuable slots.


SuX ltd.
Posted - 2003.06.17 10:44:00 - [2]

Why you sell let them go first want gets, you get them also for free.

a shark again

Posted - 2003.06.17 12:07:00 - [3]

How many slots are there for auction?

Posted - 2003.06.17 15:56:00 - [4]

When you write your in-game eve-mail to me, please also specify the number of slots you would like and the prices bid for each one. The exact number of slots will be undisclosed in this auction.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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