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Posted - 2008.10.25 10:44:00 - [241]

after reading your answer to previous question on page 3.
my next question is....

have you read this thread?

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:00:00 - [242]

Any changes comming regarding cynojammers and jump bridges?

As it is now, system is jammed but the alliance holding it can still jump in capitals through their jumpbridge....

Also, any plans on looking how many people can cram through the jumpbridge at any given time?

Koyama Ise
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:07:00 - [243]

Why do EM Damage (Acolyte, Infiltrator, Praetor) Scout drones have lower damage, speed & tracking than Explosive Damage (Warrior, Valkyrie, Berserker) Scout Drones.

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:08:00 - [244]

Do you personally believe that the Internal affairs deptartment, (that has been very quiet since its inception) should give a regular report to the players..

No details , but something like
Q3 2008

Complaints recieved 22
Internal procedures flag ups 5

Total investigated 27

Found to have no basis 26

1 incident - CCP employee advised that his actions were not appropriate, no further action

Surely this would increase the openess and trust betweeen CCP and the playerbase

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:15:00 - [245]

Edited by: Jakon on 25/10/2008 11:21:01
which came first the mission char jakon or me (no i dont want to buy my head back)

my dob 2004/09/02

principle of motion
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:16:00 - [246]

Edited by: sableye on 25/10/2008 11:32:45
are we ever gonna get the DED Connections Skillbook?

how about LP for shooting normal belts rats maybe from concord?

how about being able to oeprate agents remotly deep in 0.0 so we don;nt have to compete with 10 other people for same belt spawn and we can have alot more varierty out there?

If ya answer how I want to hear I'll buy a beer at fan fest :)

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:19:00 - [247]

Edited by: Dmian on 27/10/2008 00:02:47

We had a lot of feedback from CCP Caedmon (which we really appreciate) about localization efforts.
So far you've localized to German and Chinese on Serenity. You're localizing to Russian (non latin script) and Japanese (another non latin script) soon. Can you give us further information on western languages localization? (specially Spanish -my mother tongue-, Portuguese and French)
Will you ever localize the Eve client to Icelandic? Very Happy

Trial account
I know you've setted the trend of 14 day trial accounts Very Happy, I'm seeing more and more MMORPGs doing the same. But you have to admit that Eve is one of the most difficult MMORPGs out there. Will you consider extending the time of the trial in the future?
(I remember I liked to have some more time when I tried the game)

The Certificates look great! I've tested them in Sisi and really liked them. Do you have similar plans to help new players that you can disclose now?

I see it like some sort of CV. If you were able to put more information (both from the corp and the player) it would be easier to find corps. Maybe a special kind of agent (a Career Agent) could be created to help players find a corp that suits them. Do you think anything like this could be possible?

The same could be applied to find new agents. Go to a special agent, put some info about the level and type of mission you are looking and the agents can suggest you a newr agent that fills your need. Are you going to do something so new players can find agents more easily?

Thanks!!!! Very Happy

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:19:00 - [248]

Can we get limit on fleet size raised? The current limit is 250 and this is not enough in some cases.

Is anything being done to combat desync caused by bumping? This is commonly seen when warping large numbers of capitals to the same spot (say to a hostile pos), they then get bumped about a lot and this frequently causes ships to become slightly desynced. (An easy way to tell is to launch sentry drones and notice that the majority of the time they will spawn somewhere else.) Another common situation is when titan bridging large fleets: in the process of getting said large fleet into jump range of the titan often bumping occurs, desyncs the titan and when it comes to jump through the bridge pilots get an error message telling them they are not in range of the titan despite what their client tells them.

Followup question; can we have the ability to warp fleets and have them drop out of warp in formation?

Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:19:00 - [249]

Anything about 0.0 missions boost ?
  • More reward stuff, eg faction pos and ship modules in lp store ?
    Plex/officier stuff would still be better and based on luck and npcing.

  • Pirate ammo and why it's the same/worst than empire carebear one (eg could be Domination ammo instead of Angel ammo in pirate lp store) ?

  • What about lvl5 in 0.0 ?

  • Pirate Faction Capital Ships ?

  • Boosters, they don't look very popular, anything planned on thoses ?

Vindicated Blast.
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:23:00 - [250]

Originally by: eliminator2
ok so here are my questions i just woke up so be prepared for sloppyness lol the live dev blog you said that blasters are fixed and "fine" but there has been alot of discussion and logical reasons why they arnt fixed do you still stand that they are "fine" and "fixed" even though most of player base have shown they are not "fine"? and what would you do to have them fixed? and would you take player idea's into the CCP ideas instead of ignoring player base like you did with nano nerf?

2.Do you think that if CCP stop consentrating in the little things etc. the little lights on the caldari ships on quantum rise loggin or the able move around of the cap and armor readouts and started consentrating on what the player base have to say eve would be taken more trusted and would be better for player base to see that there ideas have been taken in and tested and then work on the little things last?

i wouldnt mind mine been answering plz

The X-Trading Company
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:27:00 - [251]

Are there any plans to look into drone balance regarding amarr drone's uselessness?

-Gallente Drones have good dps and hp
-Minmatar Drones have very high speed
-Caldari Drones are somewhere in between

-Amarr drones have... well, nothing? Worst dps, slow, not enough armor, EM Damage type... lol?

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:30:00 - [252]

Edited by: Ordais on 25/10/2008 11:32:24
- Many players agree that EVE gets small once you get into a capital or plan logistics in a capital. The jumpdrive cuts travel times by at least the factor 4. Now you told us that you plan to make existing space "better", but there are no plans to add new regions.
Making existing space better is ok for normal ppl and for crowd-density in systems (more ppl can be supported), but it wont help with the fact that you can invade everywhere in EVE within 2h by using caps/jumpbridges to go where you want.
With the overuse of caps today, do you think that all this factors make it quite hard for new alliances to get strong as they can be "controlled" by stronger alliances with little effort?

- Alot of things look "small" in EVE. It was a necessity back in 2003 when the technology wasn't ready for things like "system wide asteroid belts", "comets", "large anomalies/nebulae". After you didnt implement them with EXODUS telling us the technology still wasn't ready, how do we stand today?

- Tactical environments: There would be so many possibilities to introduce different environments that effect ship systems in different solar-systems, or even grids (around planets, gates). Think of it like a boni/maluses system. In one solar-system you cant activate MWDs, or in another EW does not work, and so on. Any plans on this past "brainstorming"?

Omega Enterprises
0mega Factor
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:47:00 - [253]

Edited by: Aramark on 25/10/2008 11:53:36
will titans ever be able to fit any DD they want? to change damage type?

Trimutius III
Avalon Guards
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:50:00 - [254]

Edited by: Trimutius III on 26/10/2008 12:48:29
Edited by: Trimutius III on 26/10/2008 12:40:43
About Walking in Stations (WiS).
Is WiS planned like optional update (like premium graphic)? Or will it be just a patch that everyone has to install?

About Interbus.

How about making Interbus Station (just one), like administrative central building (they have many agents already), just for them to have an LP store. Where maybe some faction things. Like Interbus Cargohold (yes faction cargohold, that is better then t2 cargohold more cargo or not so big penalty to speed i don't know, it's all balancing things) maybe Interbus Warp Core Stablilizer and so on. Why not? This will atract agentrunner to this corporation (there is no reason now to run them, same missions, but no storyline agent, and no LP store)

LaVista Vista
Conservative Shenanigans Party
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:57:00 - [255]

Edited by: LaVista Vista on 25/10/2008 12:26:07
Edited by: LaVista Vista on 25/10/2008 12:19:07
Will you be removing loot from rats?

And when you aren't going to add more regions any time soon, how are you going to make space feel bigger yet for there to be things to do? Exploration is a good thing, but the respawn timers and things are just a pain.

How do you see this quite kind sessions, like this very one, fit together with the CSM? It seems like a LOT of the things which the CSM has been wanting to do and have spent 2 month cycles on preparing has less effective than people just spamming here. How do you see CSM's role as compared to this, where you answer lots of small questions?

Will CCP Whisper be hosting a game session like last year at fanfest, this year? If yes, can we have Hilmar join and be on the opposite team of Nathan?

Will you be making it possible to filter contracts better? For instance, I would like to find items which are BPC's and are of the elite cruiser type. Or BPC's for elite battlecruisers etc. In general just more filtering like that.

Mikal Drey
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:01:00 - [256]

hey hey

with reference to blackops ships will they be able to bridge in more usefull ships rather than their current restriction.

Joss Sparq
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:12:00 - [257]

Faction F.o.F. Missiles

Why were Faction F.o.F. missiles introduced to the game with the LP stores but then removed shortly after their introduction and without any warning?

Further, why weren't they given the appropriate entries that would allow players to easily locate them within Contracts via an "Item Type (Exact)" search OR search for and trade them on the Market like the other types of Faction ammunition.

Finally, I've raised this matter previously in a Live Dev Blog and never got a response beyond "We'll answer that for you next time" - to the best of my knowledge, you (CCP) never have. Can you answer it this time, please?

Sheriff Jones
Clinical Experiment
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:25:00 - [258]

Edited by: Sheriff Jones on 25/10/2008 14:04:40
I'll ask again...Crying or Very sad

Will things like mines and other new weaponry be available in the near future?
Will there be a new destroyer in the near future?
Will automatic targetting system become viable?
Will similar "interesting" mods become soon, not just weapon this and rof that?

Oh yeah, forgot this: Will there be player owned structures? As in, trailers etc? Very Happy

The X-Trading Company
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:29:00 - [259]

Question to Zulupark:

Is an audio upgrade planned, after the graphics overhaul is complete ?

Random Goods
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:38:00 - [260]

Simple question. Do some of your failemployees and of course the CSM still want to change empire war mechanics, and if so, when and why? (Oh and give real reasons as for why, I don't enjoy "all out of a sudden it's unfair to kill people in empire without a reason unless its like WE HAZ TO DESTROY THEIR SUPPLY LINEZ!!!11111"-answers)

Kor Korenfield
The Scope
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:38:00 - [261]

Here's my question:

1. WHAT ABOUT THE PILGRIM? Is it the most useless force recon right now, or what?

2. AFTERBURNER & CLOAK All force recons should be able to AB while cloaked. I want it on my desk by 23:00 tomorrow.

Captain Kelden
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:39:00 - [262]

Edited by: Captain Kelden on 26/10/2008 18:56:49
1. Are there plans fr +6 and +7 implants to be seeded? If they are not planned could you go over he the reasons why not?

2. In EON Issue 2 (Page 10) there was a competition to design a new module for the game. I never entered this myself but i'm curious to know what the outcome was and if a players idea for a module actually went in to the game?

Many thanks for this Zulupark!

Aya Vandenovich
Posted - 2008.10.25 12:51:00 - [263]

Currently, all Battlecruiser class ships of the same race share the same mass, agility, sig radius, and speed; despite them differing in tiers and other stats. Is there any possibility that we'll see any changes to make the different BCs more unique in terms of speed/agility/sig radius?


Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.10.25 13:15:00 - [264]

Commandmods are very useful - but hard to fit on t1 battlecruiser completely gimping their setup - so that not often justify their use.
Also commandmods turning off when entering warp, in the past a reasonable mechanic, is today only a nuisance and especially with the introduction fo the orca it may be the time to change this?

Snuff Box
Posted - 2008.10.25 13:30:00 - [265]

Edited by: Jalif on 26/10/2008 12:09:34
Just beforehand.
I think you are doing a great job zulupark & you should continue with this. (gives a beer)

My questions are about piracy:
- Do we ever get any bonus to become -10? (Extra pirate modules or whatsoever?)
- Is the GCC ever going to be fixed? It has ones in a while a bug. Its says the countdown is finished but ones you undock the sentries shoot & you have to wait another 15min
- A way of making money for the pirates beside pvp. I know ratting is a way to do but that will decrease our standing with the pirate faction which I prefere to keep high as a pirate.
- Any plans to change sentries? Cause I want to fly frigates too. Making them signature based will open more possibilities for pvp. At this moment all the shipclasses that I want to fly can't hold sentries for long at all!
- Any ideas to impliment ransom systems? For example, I ransom my victim, he pays & he is imune to my weapons (& everybody in my gang & currently engangin) & other modules for a surtain amount of time.
- Beside giving isk on our bounty. Is it also possible for our "victims" to give something else that warns other people from us?
- Any ideas about pirate hide-outs? private, corp & alliance based? A place we can hide if the big mean blob gangs come & get us?
- Does the balance/dev team also think about the following: If anti-pirates can track us more easily & make it more attractive to get us. How do I know they won't blob me? Since I am a solo-pirate I am not feeling to sit docked for 10 antipirates waiting at my station.
- Is there an idea to let pirates raid a station? An empire complex?
- About blackmarket traiding? Is it ever going to be fixed/implimented in the game? An solution to this is that blockade runners who are controled by pirates will get a possitive standing towards concord and other players. But even if they are in highsec they can be shot down by other players who notice that they are actually pirates. This is also a great solution for pirate to get modules/ships to lowsec without a need of a alt.

- anyting in mind for the pirates at all? cause we/I feel left out alone.

Hard Facts
Posted - 2008.10.25 13:38:00 - [266]

1) Do you presently track the online time per week of each account?

Humans are not individually capable of consistently spending huge amounts of time concentrating on a single task. While it is possible to spend 23 hours at the computer in a single day, keeping this up for weeks on end would, as Korean experience has shown, usually result in serious medical complications.

Accounts that consistently spend large numbers of hours per day online and active (ie. actually doing something, not just sitting in a station or in space) must therefore be shared accounts (against the EULA, except for capital ship management purposes which are condoned) or automated players (aka "macros", which are against the EULA).

At the very least, it seems prudent to investigate the top few hundred accounts in this category. We believe this is how the vast majority of "RMT'd ISK" is created.

2) How much server and database load is caused by respawned missions?

Under certain conditions, a mission will reset itself after being played. Typically this occurs at downtime if the mission has not been closed (completed or failed), until it expires. It may also happen more frequently - 6 hours has been observed - under other circumstances. Some players, who we term "mission farmers", repeatedly cause specific lucrative missions to respawn in this manner, moving on to other agents while they wait for this to occur.

The extra structures, debris and ships in these missions must surely cause a load on the database, and probably on the node as well. Some of the more notable mission hubs are, or have been, noticeably laggy, and we can't help wondering whether this was part of the cause.

We think it is sensible to turn off this respawning behaviour. However we would be interested to hear sound reasons, if they exist, why this mechanic remains. It is entirely possible that significant amounts of RMT'd ISK is also created by this means.

3) Are there any plans to do anything about the shortage of research lab slots?

At present, if a player wants to go into manufacturing, a key sticking point is the length of time required to obtain Material Research on a blueprint. This is a necessary step as otherwise it is very difficult to create more of a profit through manufacture than by simply selling the minerals. Most stations with ME lab slots have queues in excess of two weeks, and it is extremely difficult to find one with less.

It is possible for a well-funded corporation to set up a POS with it's own, private lab slots. However this does not help the beginner - it only helps established players to remain established, because a POS is extremely expensive to obtain and labour-intensive to run.

A sensible alternative might be to make available extra lab slots to players with high standings with the station's owner. This offers a practical reward for players who gain high standings, and should simultaneously relieve some pressure on the present "open to all" slots, allowing more beginners to get in on the action.

Another possibility, orthogonal to the above, would be to designate some slots as being for single runs only, or for runs below some maximum time. This would effectively limit the queue length, as there would be only shorter jobs in them, or alternatively it would allow more players to benefit from a given queue length. This would help to counter the present lack of incentive to shorten jobs (lab time being very cheap indeed).

Hard Facts
Posted - 2008.10.25 13:39:00 - [267]

4) Why isn't NPC manufacturing tied into the normal economy?

I, as with everyone else, noticed the sudden lack of NPC sell orders of shuttles. Of course, a lot of players are making a lot of profit out of this opportunity. Some of us even understand why it was done - to remove the hard price ceiling on Tritanium, the sole refining product of shuttles.

But now I hear that there are other NPC-sold modules with the same effect, though less severe. Part of the counter, apparently, is some nebulous "dynamic pricing" algorithm, which didn't function as intended for shuttles.

The real trouble is quite fundamental. NPC manufacture happens while consuming no resources, and at no cost to the NPC corporation. Therefore, the price of the product is entirely artificial, and doesn't follow the normal market laws of cost, profit, supply and demand.

Having players take over all production of these "problem products" solves this problem. But it introduces another one: the product is no longer universally and reliably available. The system now relies on players to be interested in supplying the product to everywhere that it is needed. Shuttles are impulse-buys, so the usual price and profit incentives are not sufficient. Civilian-grade modules are likewise not profitable enough to guarantee supply at all of the "noob stations" where they are needed.

The real solution is conceptually simple: resume NPC manufacture of all T1 products, but make them buy the minerals first, and have them price the product accordingly - with a healthy profit margin for players to undercut, of course. The only "dynamic pricing" then required is on the demand side of the mineral market, to encourage players to sell their minerals to the NPCs requiring them most urgently.

This is not too difficult - just maintain an internal stock of minerals, and set the buy price lower than regional average when it's nearly full, and higher when it's nearly empty. If you then keep track of how much the pile of minerals cost to obtain, you can easily work out the cost of the eventual products, and add a fixed percentage of profit on top. It seems sensible to keep track only of the "piles" of mineral and product, and not the individual units, of course. If cheap minerals suddenly become available, then the price of the products will come down too... and vice versa, if there is demand for the products but only expensive minerals.

And thus we get the best of both worlds. Shuttles (and everything else) available everywhere, yet no price caps on anything!

Galan Undris
Posted - 2008.10.25 13:57:00 - [268]

Edited by: Galan Undris on 26/10/2008 12:35:49
- Why do autocannons, as the only turret, not get a meaningfull range increase from going up tiers (i.e 180mm -> 220mm) while they still get the same reduction in absolute tracking as pulses/blasters?

Edit pre-emptive clarification: "Autocannons are fine" is not an answer to this question, Im asking why it is so.

- The same goes for projectile ammo, currently only T2 ammo offers tradeoffs in damage/range. As such, ACs are balanced solely around the top damage ammos (EMP, Fusion, PP) while the rest is disregarded by everyone, including your balancing team it seems. Should there be reason choose anything other than the top damage ones?

Stand Vyritza
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:04:00 - [269]

Edited by: Leyvan on 25/10/2008 14:12:38
Edited by: Leyvan on 25/10/2008 14:07:43
When we first found out about the Orca, alot of us expected it to be something to fill the gap between haulers and freighter. Instead it fills the gap between miners and the rorq.

Is there anything that tills the gap between hauler and freighter planned? (because alot of characters with zero industrial skills are still able to fly freighters and some of us does'nt really want to invest in a freighter to move our stuff)

Also, could we get a slight dronebay increase on the myrmidon/eos - alot of people thinks that the bandwidth nerf was abit overkill since myrm is basicly just a slower vexor with slightly more hp. Change so it can deploy 3 heavy 2 medium or 2 heavy 3 medium, reduce the turret slots if needed.

Gallentes "dedicated drone" BC should at least field in more drone power than the cruiser. It's also like the only BC that performs worse than the HACs of the same faction.

Will there be any changes for the amarr drones? Noone uses them at all due to their stats.

Are there any more drone related modules in planning (damage mod, etc) and t2 drone modules?

Ragel Tropxe
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:07:00 - [270]

Edited by: Ragel Tropxe on 25/10/2008 15:08:19
Edited by: Ragel Tropxe on 25/10/2008 14:08:22
- All Dreads have a close range and long range options (e.g rails or blasters on a Moros, Beams or Pulse on the Rev)- all apart from the Phoenix which only has the option of citadel torps. Is this by deliberate design or an omission of citadel cruise missiles? and do you think the implementation of citadel cruise missiles would be considered?

- Tempest (yes this again Im afraid). I suspect from recent answers that you haven't flown this ship in quite a while. However the real issue here is with large projectile weaponry, which has low dps, low range, is more strongly affected by TDs than other turrets (no way to boost falloff with TCs!). Artillery in particular has poor tracking and suffers from the worst reload lag of turret types due to low ammo capacity. Can you confirm you have read the numerous threads recently evident on the forums - you have stated that community feedback is paramount- and that CCP will be looking to balance projectiles - and Arty in particular - given the changes that have negatively affected in over the past 2 years?

- the current speed changes appear to make sig radius far more critical than before - give then T2 minmatar ships tend to shield tank via fitting extenders this would appear to be a double nerf on them (less speed and more damage). Do you think these proposals make shield tanking even less viable / desirable for pvp purposes? and any plans to change that?

- Can you explain the design decision that made the Nidhoggur an armour tanking carrier? when we already had 2 armour tanking carriers and only had 1 shield repping carrier - especially given that the Minmatar motherhship is a shield tanker!

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