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Jacque Custeau
Knights of the Minmatar Republic
Posted - 2008.10.24 17:48:00 - [91]

I am not a speed freak, but I have configured and rigged my blockade runners so that they align and warp as soon as possible (improved agility). Do the upcoming speed changes just modify the top speeds of ships, or will they also affect base mass and agility?

Kazuki Fuse
Developmental Neogenics Amalgamated
Posted - 2008.10.24 17:52:00 - [92]

Is there going to be any changes to the Arazu to bring it back in line with the other force recons? As it stands, the dampener nerf severely limits the use of the ship.

Von Druid
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.24 17:55:00 - [93]

Edited by: Von Druid on 25/10/2008 08:33:32
Will the Destroyer and Battlecruiser classes ever get more t2 variants?

Will there be faction large remote repaires? Currently, only small and medium ones are available.

Will more ships get a larger drone bay to make drone bandwidth a more meaningful attribute? Most Gallente ships only have enough drone bay for a single flight of drones, despite being THE drone race.

Will T2 sentry drones receive bonuses from the racial drone specialization skills like all other t2 combat drones?

Will there ever be more drone-related skills? There are skills for almost every attribute of turrets and missiles, but nothing for, say, drone tracking.

Posted - 2008.10.24 17:56:00 - [94]

Stabber Powergrid: 700
Nighthawk Powergrid: 710
Sleipner Powergrid: 1460, +1 Hislot ...

NH simply dosen't have enough PG to fit vital mods in PvP. Having only 5 meds give it no ability to Tank+Tackle that the Drake does, and it's lower HP and less rigslots than the Drake means it dosen't really passive tank all that much better either.

You can't active tank it either, since with an MWD it also needs a Cap Injector as well as a LSB which is complete overkill for the Powergrid. Even attempting to fit HAMs is futile.. Don't even try to fit a command module, this ship class's supposed niche...

Simply put the Nighthawk dosen't do anything a HAM Drake couldn't do, and it can't even tackle.

Moar grid please...

Aya Vandenovich
Posted - 2008.10.24 17:56:00 - [95]

Edited by: Aya Vandenovich on 24/10/2008 17:56:24
With the resist bonus for all AFs being removed on SISI (but still applied), can we expect a new fourth bonus in the very near future?


Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:12:00 - [96]

How about giving multifrequency crystals random colours each shot, so you get a proper rainbow when using those crystals - it would match their description, too ;)

El Yatta
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:12:00 - [97]

Thanks for doing this, zulupark.

1) You have already said that the balance team are looking at blasters. Great! Can you confirm if they have seen the 30 page thread in Game Development with very specific maths and examples and direct feedback?

2) Orca is great! Are we ever going to see a "ferry" type ship, say 2-5m m3 ship array, no jump drive, bugger all cargo, bigger/slower/heavier than a freighter, so we can actually do anything but slowboat BS in highsec to move corps operations? Thisis the natural next step on and would be a huge boon to combat corps.

3) Rig balance. A month or so ago CSM said they'd escalate my issue on Rig rebalancing, new rigs, and how rigs should be more specialised (e.g. MWd cap use rig > ccc). Has this gotten any further?

4) T2 Missiles have received significant changes to make them useful on SISI, hopefully - e.g. Rage have more damage but more drawback than faction. Have you considered looking at the turret close range T2 ammo and doing the same or similar (or something completely oddball, eg. extra effects like cap neuting on target, and less damage)?

5) Are we ever goign to be able to manufacture implants?

6) Are tactical environment still on teh development plan for EVE, and what is the estimated timescale (say, 2009/2010?)?

7) Miniprofession ships? Salvaging/Hacking/archaeology? Would love, please advise.

Thats enough, I've got loads more but dont think its fair to ask 200 questions...

Posted - 2008.10.24 18:12:00 - [98]

do you think CCP can regain players trust and respect after the 'Ghost' training issue? regarding that many players feel like they have been lied to when it was called a bug and also about the data base load it created.

Posted - 2008.10.24 18:12:00 - [99]

will the pirate factions ever use other station models then the empire ones? since there are models for the pirate factions but they are not used :(

Chaos Incarnate
Faceless Logistics
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:13:00 - [100]

Also, not that I haven't posted in this thread already, but will you (or someone from CCP) do this again? I <3 it

agent apple
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:14:00 - [101]

Shield tanking - It has ten times the skillpoints as armour tanking and sucks for everything bar drakes and npc fits. XL extenders? 3:1 armour/shield ratio in cap gangs? Ever diminishing mid slots needed for pvp? Armour tanks can do what shield tanks can but not vica versa?

Small gangs - You say you want solo to be possible, even solo players use multiple accounts AKA the falcon alt. Any chance of real solo play? How are small gangs going to be kept competitive vs huge blobs? Small gang objectives, ever?

Warp speed - With the removal of nano any intention to sort out the ******ed warm up, cool down periods on warping so that warp speed actually matters on anything less than 100au+ warps?

Castles and teleporters - Anything solid yet? Still intend to put some traffic back into systems?

Dreads - Phoenix, Two weapons types like all other dreads ever? Nag - Less useless ever?

Lincoln Armm
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:17:00 - [102]

Currently PvE combat and PvP combat are extremely different (and therefore require different fittings etc). Does CCP see this as a problem? ANd if so how do they plan to address it?

EVE has many game mechanics that are a poor moment-to-moment experiences (i.e. watching a single bar fill up). Does CCP consider this an issue?

Gabriel Darkefyre
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:19:00 - [103]

Edited by: Gabriel Darkefyre on 24/10/2008 18:55:17
With Regards to Factional Warfare are there any plans to make the capture of a system mean something in the grand scheme of things? For example, say I'm in the Gallente Militia, why can I happily dock up in any station inside the Systems occupied by the Caldari?

Going along the same lines, I'd love to see a system where successful Raids into Enemy High Sec could cause a shift in the Security Level of the System. For example, say I take a fleet into one of the border systems to the Warzone (Say, Nourvukaiken (0.8)) and cause a bit of mayhem, taking down several NPC Caldari Navy Vessels and maybe a couple of PC Militia Ships. If I do this enough, the Security level should be able to drop to represent the fact that the Navies aren't as able to maintain the Security of the system. This would lead to a more fluid Battleline especially if you can do the reverse and raise a Low Sec Area to the point where the Navy would have a presense. Please note, that CONCORD would still use the True Security Status to determine whether to Concordokken someone and how fast they would respond, this Security change would be solely for how the Navies Respond to Incursions.

Does the above sound reasonable?

Finally, can you reveal any details of things you have in the pipeline for Factional Warfare? For example it was hinted that the War would expand to envelop not only the 4 Empires but also the Pirate Factions as well.

Edited for Additional Question

Are there any plans to make this type of session a regular occurance (though not necessarily with CCP Zulupark every time, he does need time off now and again Laughing)? This Format certainly seems to have been better received than the Live Dev Blog format usually is.

Terianna Eri
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:21:00 - [104]

Thanks very much for the answers - if you can muddle your way through another three pages of the stuff to get back to me again:

I do not feel like people fit MWDs to many of their ships (in this case, non-speedfit ships, cruiser+) because they do not want to commit to fights - rather, they are fit because the substantial speed boost is needed to close to the 24km warp disruptor range, the 10km web range, and the 15km back-to-gate range in a time frame that enables one to get a fight, as well as of course quickly getting out of range when the enemy brings overwhelming firepower (which is a very real concern as EVE has grown considerably).

Making ABs superior to MWDs once you are actually committed is all well and good, but if you fit an
AB, what will you do when you land in a belt 40km away from your target? How do you keep him from warping away? What will you do when you jump through a gate and find a 10-15 man gatecamp?
(these are largely rhetorical questions, but feel free to answer them Smile)

Let us assume that if you cannot burn back to the gate when you hit a gatecamp, you will die. Let us also assume that you are unable to do this with an AB fit. I feel very strongly that MWDs will still be fit exclusively over ABs - even on fleet BS, to MWD out of bubbles, and for this reason I feel that the time spent making afterburners viable and nerfing MWDs will have gone largely to waste and all we'll see is a MWD nerf... since the AB will still be insufficient to serve the primary role of the MWD: not dying.

So, my questions:
Do you understand my concerns? (If not, I can elaborate Smile)
Do you think they are valid, or am I asking to have my cake (the fun of using AB in combat) and eat it too? (still being able to avoid camps/blobs)
If so, have you put any thought into how you might solve this dilemma? (reducing distance dropped out of gate, buffing AB speed boost in overload, giving AB a script that turns it into a MWD for no more than 1-2 cycles, etc)

Also, if you wanted to make me super extraordinarily thrilled, when you have a few moments could you look at the ideas in this thread? EmbarassedEmbarassed

Brian Anderson
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:28:00 - [105]

In empire one agent can hold any number of players. In 0.0, some of the best systems can only hold at best 5 people in a isk farming medium.

Are there any plans to have making isk in 0.0 a little more friendly? More in space agents or exploration sites or something?

Liang Nuren
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:34:00 - [106]

Zulupark, these questions are largely addressed to the balance team. I trust that you won't be able to speak with authority for them all, but I trust that you have a decent idea about where they stand on each issue. If you're not able to provide a perspective from the balance team, please let us know specifically that what you're saying is strictly in your opinion.

- Position on the relative utility of variable (and non-variable) damage types in the face of ubiquitous omnitanking? What is the utility of variable damage types when a 10 second gamble is frequently a losing proposition with the ubiquity of omnitanking?
- Position on the relative utility of active tanking vs plate/passive tanking? Why are we being steadfastly pushed towards plate tanking?
- Position on the relative utility of active tanking bonuses vs resistance bonuses? What about in RR gangs?
- Position towards cap warfare and second most mandatory mod in Eve -- the cap booster?
- Was Nos overnerfed?
- Position on the relative use and utility of shield RR and armor RR?

- Position regarding the penalties of falloff related to the bonuses of optimal range?
- Position regarding the lack of modules which affect falloff?
- Position on artillery and the utility of low DPS/high Alpha ships in the face of massive HP boosts?
- Position on high effective damage at range, and how big of a factor is range in balancing damage?
- Why do we see laser ships dealing almost as much damage as blasters?
- Position on problems with the tracking formula, specifically sig radius vs range and the ease with which one can get "under the guns" as optimal gets shorter?
- Position on ranged ships with the new and slower mechanics?
- Position on why laser ships are able to easily track small ships at their optimal ranges while blaster/AC ships are not?
- Position on the Apoc's optimal bonus being more powerful than the Rokh by virtue of it strongly affecting both long and short range weapons?
- Why did it take so long to fix the locus rig bug?

You Personally
- Do you personally browse and post on Ships&Modules under a pseudonym?
- Do you judge balance by how frequently a ship or module is used?
- Have you personally been reading the enormous number of AC/Tempest threads? Can you justify your position that the Tempest is "fine"?
- How do your coworkers respond to the mass negative opinions related to the speed adjustment patch?
- Position regarding the immense amounts of feedback on the various aspects of the nano nerf? Why is most of the negative feedback simply being ignored?
- Position regarding EFT, Quickfit, and similar applications?
- What is the balance team trying to do to prevent this from turning into another NGE?
- Position regarding skillpoints as a balancing factor in ships (See Typhoon as a good ship but requiring absurd SP).
- Is the difficulty with which a favorable situation occurs considered when balancing ships?
- Are metagame shifts considered when balancing ships? Ex: the recent Amarr boosts effectively overboosted Amarr because of the resulting metagame shift towards ranged combat.
- Position on Caldari as the best and/or most versatile mission race? Does PVE have a noticeable impact on PVP balancing?
- Position regarding the FOTM cycle? Why did it take so long to balance Amarr, and why did you overboost them when you did so? Why do we frequently see a boost to something underpowered and a nerf to something overpowered, which subsequently makes the nerfed item virtually useless in all situations?
- Position regarding damps? Changed your mind that the Celestis/Arazu/Lachesis were not negatively affected by the damp nerf?
- ECM is maligned as being overpowered due to strong affect on small gangs. Are there plans to change ewar mechanics to increase effectiveness vs large engagements and decrease effectiveness in small?
- TDs more strongly falloff damage than optimal, by design?


Cassandra Valieries
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:36:00 - [107]

Rat droppings, are there any modifiers to what a rat drops, or do all rats of the same kind drop the same kind of stuff?

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:38:00 - [108]

Posting in an epic thread .Wink

Q: The bounty hunting 'mechanic', such that it is, is well..a bit 'meh'. Any plans to look at Bounty Hunting or other minor professions such as smuggling?

Q; Any thoughts on making combat boosters more accessible with penalties applying as you go 'cold turkey' through addiction rather than through use?

Thanks aswell for spending your weekend doing this Zulupark - legendary stuff.


Rektash Narkesh
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:48:00 - [109]

Q: What about the future of Stealth Bombers? Any plans on changes?

Jethro Jechonias
Ki Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:00:00 - [110]

Edited by: Jethro Jechonias on 24/10/2008 19:08:25
Some of us like to understand how the game works under the hood. Along those lines:

Is this forumal accurate for turret chances to hit? Does hit quality vary as speculated in this thread, specificly 1% of shots are wrecking hits if they do hit, the remaining hits fall evenly between 51% and Chance-To-Hit+50%?

Will the new missile damage formula be released? Can you provide the formula now, if it is unlikely to change?

What is the actual formula for stacking penalties? Is this formula, (mod1*mod2*...*modn)^((1/n)^0.25, accurate as documented here?

What is the formula for capacitor/shield recharge rate at a given percentage of capacity?

How is acceleration calculated? IE: How would one calculate the time it takes a given ship to align and accelerate to warp? How would one calculate the max speed of an orbit at a given range or minimum radius at a given speed?

What is the formula for calculating market brokers fees based on skills, standing and any other factors?

When can we expect to see the Evelopedia released? Will you have another around of applications for community editors when that happens?

Lastly, do you realize how much this is appreaciated by the community? Many thanks. Very Happy

Karina Bellac
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:09:00 - [111]

Originally by: CCP Zulupark

Local as an info tool:
We want to put local in 0.0 as a delayed mode channel so only people who talk in the channel are shown. We are also looking at other alternatives but if we find nothing better this will be put in testing at least.

What equivalent adjustments to L3 and L4 highsec missions do CCP currently have planned? Or was the whole "risk vs reward" paradigm a complete fake?

Tea Spoon
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:09:00 - [112]

How much performance would you gain by eliminating all ship collisions ?

Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:12:00 - [113]

What factors are taken into consideration when balancing one ship to another of the same class (eg when attempting to balance Tempest against Megathron, or Revelation against Phoenix)?

What factors are taken into consideration when balancing one weapon type to another (eg autocannon vs pulse laser, blaster vs missile)?

How are the various factors weighed when it comes to deciding whether something is imbalanced or not?

Is balancing done on an "intuitive" basis, a rigorous mathematical approach, or some other methodology? If "Other", what is the methodology?

Is there a desired order of precedence when it comes to racial balance? If one exists, what is it, has it ever changed, and does it differ when considering the relative balance of different classes of items (eg an order of precedence for assault frigate balance being different from an order of precedence for marauder balance)?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Kill Whitey
ADITI Labs Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:12:00 - [114]

1) When will you fix the Black Ops ships so they can fit a covert ops cloak? This would make them worth the prices they cost and open up new methods for assault.

2) Fix it so they can bridge into Cyno jammed systems... Gives another purpose to the ships.

3) Create a Salvager drone so I don't have waste a High slot but can clean my kills... instead leaving them for the buzzards.

Posted - 2008.10.24 19:21:00 - [115]

Is there any chance of a capital class mining barge and/or capital mining lasers, or even a larger class of barge for 0.0?

Posted - 2008.10.24 19:22:00 - [116]

Edited by: Mallikanth on 24/10/2008 19:23:43

Fanfest: Can a concerted effort be made to release CCP sanctioned (created) films / short clips etc of the "reveals" that will happen? It's a shame that us poor souls who cant attend have to rely on some lucky & drunk attendee to post his wobbly video on you-tube (or wherever).

Corp Management and Wallet: They're a mess. What's happening with changes to these and when?

Ambulation #1: Is it expected that Ambulation will be a separate client that is called by the existing one or will the existing client just be changed to encompass it?

Ambulation #2: Other than socialising what aspects of ambulation can you actually get any benefit from? The is a "war room" I seem to recall, where a holo map is displayed - This is the kind of thing I mean. Is there anything else planned and can you give any teasers?

Oh, and thanks for your time Zulupark. Much appreciated Very Happy

Posted - 2008.10.24 19:27:00 - [117]

Edited by: Strill on 25/10/2008 01:44:12
Currently the tanking bonuses for command ships and Tier 3 Battleships are skewed heavily towards favoring Amarr and Caldari since the Amarr and Caldari ships have resistance bonuses, which are quite superior to the Gallente and Minmatar repair/shield boost effectiveness bonuses. If you convert the resistance bonus into what equivalent bonuses in other stats would be equal to it, this becomes more apparent. For example, a ship with a 5% bonus to resistances per level effectively gets the following bonuses at level 5:

  • 33.33% bonus to personal repair module effectivness

  • 33.33% bonus to the effectiveness of remote repair modules used on you

  • 33.33% bonus to hp

  • ↳(which for shields also means 33.33% bonus to passive shield regeneration rate)

While the 7.5% repair amount bonus gives the following at level five:

  • 37.5% bonus to personal repair module effectiveness

So it ends up that the Hyperion only gets 3% more repper effectiveness than the Abaddon, but loses out in terms of buffer tank, and doesn't get any bonus to friendly remote reppers.

Is it intended that personal repper ship bonuses be so weak compared to resistance bonuses? Are Gallente and Minmatar just supposed to have weaker tanks than Amarr and Caldari?

Juicy Fruits
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:34:00 - [118]

when will all the other "ghost" activities be identified and stopped?

Please be aware this is not a whine of any kind, thats for other threads, I just think if your going to stop one thing you really need to stop it all.


Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:39:00 - [119]

Is there work on personal POS's or similar where a person can set up in space by themselves? That is, can a person set up a "house" in space for their own use?

Rellik B00n
Posted - 2008.10.24 19:40:00 - [120]

Is anyone ever planning to work on a better asset management system?

I can live 5 million items in each station if I want to find them in my assets tab OR I can organize them in containers and lose them forever.

It would be nice to be organised and able to search using the assets tab.

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