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Helmut Jahn
Posted - 2008.10.26 01:31:00 - [361]

Would you ever consider implementing an in-game chat to out of game chat gateway? For example, an IRC server where each channel is an in-game channel, so that players who are not logged into EVE could still communicate with logged in players in in-game channels.

Jufi Wekior
Arachnid Logistics
Fate Weavers
Posted - 2008.10.26 01:40:00 - [362]

Edited by: Jufi Wekior on 26/10/2008 08:44:28
- What is happening with Eve TV, will we ever see this again?

- Any word on the alliance tournament, not heard a single thing about this since the last one?

- Briefs or boxers? YARRRR!!

- Any reason that POS are multiple structures instead of just one structure with a ship fitting style interface for the various POS functions?

- Is it at all possible to get content devs to change the names of the dual 650mm repeating artillery and the 800mm repeating artillery to dual 650mm repeating cannon and 800mm repeating cannon? Branding them Artillery suggests long range and 20-30km is not long range for a bs Smile.

Shard Merchant
Posted - 2008.10.26 01:40:00 - [363]

Edited by: Shard Merchant on 26/10/2008 02:22:35
Well, I hope you'll continue answering questions. To put simply, this is more communication in a single thread, from a single dev, in a single day, than I've seen out of CCP as an entire company for the past year combined. Keep it up. This is what dev communications should be like.

My questions:

1. Will CCP ever publish some development timeline and priority list? It would help reduce player confusion massively.

2. What plans, if any, do CCP balance devs have for increasing the frequency of tweaks and balance changes? The current year+ delays are not acceptable.

3. What is the timeline for a capital overhaul, both details announcement and implementation?

4. What is the timeline for implementation of insurance changes being worked on by CCP Chorontis?

5. What is the best way to lobby for the removal of Warp to Zero?

6. You mentioned sound improvements. Any more details info or perhaps timeline for implementation?

7. What is the timeline, if any, on releasing some better camera tools for player movie creators?

8. What is the timeline on new effects / ship damage states?

9. What are the highest priority issues in 2009 (post Quantum Rise)?

10. What theme or focus will the next expansion after Quantum Rise have?

Sidus Isaacs
Posted - 2008.10.26 01:42:00 - [364]

Considering Javelins. 10% less dps I can understand, but only 50% more range?

Say my HAM have a range of 14 km. getting 21 km for 10% less dps is not that good I think, I rather MWD a bit further in and use faction ammo. right now my HAM javelines can give me up to 50 km range at less dps, that is more useful for a T2 ammo.

Would, say 15% less dps and 100% range be better?

Still nice going answering questions :)

Cybele Lanier
Posted - 2008.10.26 01:47:00 - [365]

Originally by: Broska
How many Subs are you prepared to loose from the over the top nano nerf?

Related to this, something I've been curious about: When you introduced controversial changes in the past that prompted waves of "I quit!" post, did a noticable number of people actually cancel their accounts once it was implemented?

Heaven's Children
Posted - 2008.10.26 02:10:00 - [366]

You say:

Tempest vs Arma:
I agree that in raw damage the arma outperforms here, however the Tempest has more midslots to play with and more damage types to chose from. As I've said before, these are just my personal opinions :)

The tempest has 1 midslot over the standard scrambler/web/mwd/injector setup.

It can fit a second web, eccm or an ecm. That's pretty useless when the ship has incredibly low dps and tanks like a wet paper towel.

Then you actually say that you can pick damage types, as if that's of any use.. Aside from the fact that everyone omni tanks, loading longer range ammo for a certain damage type is pretty pointless because the lower damage of the longrange ammo negates any advantage you get by having 1 dmg type instead of another.

The tempest is an incredibly cool bs that's humiliating to fly in close range pvp, because you either get slaughtered in it or you're a useless low dps/low tank meatshield that's primaried every time.

Surely you can come up with better arguments than this about how exactly the tempest is "fine"?

Pilots of True Potential
Posted - 2008.10.26 02:39:00 - [367]

Edited by: Flawliss on 26/10/2008 02:39:42
Thanks for answering, all the below points involve the


*This ship is ultra vulnrable to to any damage because of the close mid range it has to be in to use its Dampeners at optimal. Could there be any thought in changing one of its weapon bonuses to a 10% RSD optimal range per level?

* although its a combat recon, split weapon bonuses on a primarily ewar ship in my opinion needs a change.

* This ship will still be killed by fast tackle, as it lacks a strong tank in ewar fit. And anything close or grouped


Undertow Latheus
Posted - 2008.10.26 02:46:00 - [368]

first of all, thank you very much for this opportunity, i think it'd make the community much happier if you and the rest of the devs do this fairly often from now on

the minmatar (especially brutor tribe/boundless creation) has the warfare philosophy of fitting as much firepower on a ship has humanly possible, however most minnie ships dont follow this. Our only BS that has the bonuses that reflect that mentality only has 6 turret slots and therefore quite frankly sucks for PvE.

is minnie ever gonna be changed to actually fit their philosophy that convinced me to play as them?

Posted - 2008.10.26 02:51:00 - [369]

Edited by: Typhado3 on 26/10/2008 11:32:05
Thank you zulupak reasons like this are why I'll never leave eve. Embarassed

1. minmatar balance post nano patch. are you looking at it after patch? any plans to bring back alpha strike / ew? (our alpha ain't much better than other races and our ew is more suited on a raven). mainly want to know if anything new/exciting is coming for us minmatar, we seem to be a bit low on the ladder and the up coming nano patch hits us in all area's (even our LP store has taken a hit). I realise it's all racial flavour and I like that but it's my opinion as a amarr/caldari/minmatar pilot that minmatar are going too down far in overall balance.

2. mining mission %. currently even mining agents give very high % of combat missions and hauling missions making it somewhat hard to be a mining mission runner, any plans to change that?

3. named / faction module flavour: by that I mean making named modules more specialised in different attributes (eg. meta 2 has low cpu, meta 3 has high rof, meta 4 has high dmg mod etc.), been talked about on the forums a few times any thoughts/plans on it?

4. caldari / minmatar faction ships? and amarr/gallente? u could always add new forming pirate groups for these =)

5. any plans to add MTAC's as a trade good to the game? pls?Twisted EvilTwisted Evil

6. advice for people studying games who are thinking about joining ccp (aside from join isd/bughunters)?

Posted - 2008.10.26 02:59:00 - [370]

Currently short range T2 turret ammo does only 1.4% more damage than Faction short-range ammo, but has a bunch of penalties, which means there's really no reason to use it. Since missiles got their T2 ammo boosted to be more effective than faction ammo in certain situations, can we expect the same for T2 turret ammo?

Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.10.26 03:01:00 - [371]

Hi Zulupark.

Not so long ago I had a TS conversation with an extremely competent, corp mate, Sabre pilot about how heíd begin his approach while using the ship to lock down a target and was quite surprised by the reply. I feel itís always interesting to hear how others achieve results. I completely agree with your remarks on getting into a ship and actually flying it as opposed to just using EFT or other out of game tools because IMO ships handling can produce subtle differences depending upon the selection of modules and/or ammo used.

Having said that my question is do you or the development team envisage the inclusion of in game tools that can be used by Ďallí similar to EFT, Quick fit or Eve-Mon? I know you have answered a similar question prior to this however I feel Iím asking a completely different question if you bare with me.

Do you think the inclusion of such tools would not only be of benefit to older players wishing to tinker with ship fits but could also be incorporated into the, soon to go live, certificate system for new players and become part of a graduation process if you like. Not necessarily included in a tutorial, rather included in a starting or secondary mission scenario. Its use for new players, to help overcome how daunting Eve can be in the first few days of play. Of course any such graduation process may well be viewed as spoon feeding new players however I donít see it that way especially if this statement by CCP Greyscale is applied;

On top of this, each ship can now have a list of "recommended certificates" associated with it. These are very strictly recommendations, and meeting or failing to meet the recommended levels has absolutely no impact on flying the ship in and of itself - you can safely ignore the entire thing and it won't make the slightest bit of difference.

Might it be possible to also combine the functionality of the cert system with, say, aspects of Eve-Mon an example could be to build possible skill plans with completion data? Not to be confused with a skill queue, however if a skill queue were implemented at a later date it could interact seamlessly with a feature such as this.

Would it make sense to integrate these ideas into the ambulation project as it reaches its conclusion, contributing to the new player experience adding emersion and realism to faction warfare, industrialisation or the mission storyline aspect?

Sirial Soulfly
Posted - 2008.10.26 03:14:00 - [372]

Best ccp communication effort evar!! well at least since the comprehensive blogs from Oveur which I personally sorely miss, but this is certainly 2nd best!!

I see many questions have been answered already, but not sure if I have seen this one:

Will freighters be able to carry rigged ships around at some point ? as its very annoying to have to fly around like 10 rigged ships over 40 jumps if your corp decides to move base.

And yes I am a lazy bastard.

Posted - 2008.10.26 03:24:00 - [373]

Edited by: Haffrage on 26/10/2008 03:24:59
T2 Close Range Ammo:

Penalties are bad, and boring! When the penalties outweigh the advantages, people just use faction ammo. I haven't seen anyone actually use Void or Hail in ages...since right around when they were all put in the game. Conflag still sees regular use, but mostly due to investment and only slight differences between AN MF and Conflag. The ONLY reason to use it is ISK.

Can T2 close range ammo be changed to, I don't know, have different advantages? As in, right now we have one extreme or the other - long range or short range - with one adding something entirely unique (falloff bonuses, huge optimal bonuses, etc.) and the other overshadowed by faction. This doesn't necessarily call for a faction ammo nerf, more a change to the role of close range ammo.

Why not fine tune close range ammo to play on different aspects of each specific turret, say increase tracking and deal increased damage type of the other type. So, strong tracking+thermal for Void with range penalties and weak kinetic, same for conflag but with weak em, or increase optimal+tracking for Hail but quarter falloff since barrage covers the falloff advantage of ac's?

Just a change in general, nothing specific, I miss wanting to use void... Sad

Jason Edwards
Internet Tough Guy
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2008.10.26 03:59:00 - [374]

Edited by: Jason Edwards on 26/10/2008 03:59:38
With tech 3 being heat resistance. AFAIK that's the rumours. Can we expect some higher end capitalship ECM ships which deal out Heat to targets?

Carrier is to motherships
Dread is to _______

The new capital dread could be similar to motherships in price but effectively deal tons of heat to targets. Tech 3 being immune and depending on your thermodynamic skill levels depends how much that ship needs to deal out.

Of note... tech 3 is heat resistance correct?

Rakeesh Jacques
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2008.10.26 04:09:00 - [375]

Edited by: Rakeesh Jacques on 26/10/2008 04:13:44
Edited by: Rakeesh Jacques on 26/10/2008 04:13:38
-Are plans still in motion for a small freighter class between industrial and freighter?

-Will there ever be more in-game RP events which players can participate in and shape the prime fiction? We haven't had any in....a long, long time.

-Will there be more variations on station exteriors in the future? What about interior docking areas?

-Is the Orca considered to be a transition freight ship between the industrial and the freighter?

Posted - 2008.10.26 04:09:00 - [376]

Edited by: Mystified on 26/10/2008 04:13:02
Edited by: Mystified on 26/10/2008 04:12:32
Edited by: Mystified on 26/10/2008 04:09:41
Why do ships specifically designed to use regular cloaks not cov op (stealth bomber and black op) suffer from the cloak penalties. It doesn't make a lot of sense for the ship to have a speed bonus when the cloak penalty for speed still applies to it? But, the ships that are designed for a cov op don't get any penalties. Do you feel this is balanced?

I would prefer to see that these ships don't get any penalty from the cloak or maybe the cloaks penalties are reduced by 50% or something like that for the ships DESIGNED to use cloaks.

In regards to my statement - What are the best ways for the player base to give these ideas to you guys where they will get a serious look?

Thank You for doing this. I think it's a great thing and would like to see it happen more. IF I was able to go to FanFest I would buy you a couple rounds.

Ever Flow
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2008.10.26 04:27:00 - [377]

You said earlier that you guys are planning to rebalance the risk vs reward in regards to empire vs 0.0/lowsec. Do you intend to do this by lowering mission runner rewards or by increasing lowsec/0.0 rewards?

Alaki Kant
Selective Pressure
Posted - 2008.10.26 05:32:00 - [378]

I almost hate to ask this after seeing all the questions that you've had to answer already, but...
Ever since the Empyrean 1.1.1 patch Eve hasn't worked properly with wine under Linux*. Whenever eve loses focus, it crashes. None of the wine people have much of an idea what is causing this**. Would it be possible for you to provide a list of technical changes in the 1.1.1 patch? This would make it possible for the wine developers to find and solve the problem on their own.

* I realize that CCP only officially supports Cedega, but many Linux users use prefer to use wine because premium graphics work and the FPS is better. Eve is one of the most popular games used with wine and is #2 (after WoW) on their top 10 "gold" supported games list. I'm sure you have an internal technical changelog somewhere, so it wouldn't be much work for someone to clean it up and release the needed information. We would really appreciate it Smile

** The conversation to date can be seen on the wine bugtracker at:

Ever Flow
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.26 05:53:00 - [379]

Any plans for more combat capital ships?

Echo Heavy Industries
Phoenix Transglobal Conglomerate
Posted - 2008.10.26 06:19:00 - [380]

1. Has CCP look at making mission agents more dynamic. The more folks run mission with them the lower the pay out becomes. If you have NPC that no one runs mission with they will offer higher pay. This will force folks out of mission hubs anyway.

2. Can we have more low/0.0 sec agents of high quality spread out more. It sucks when the agents are all group in one spot and the folks gunning for you no where to hang out. If there was more choice in agent spread out it would make it easier to move into low sec and do missions.

Posted - 2008.10.26 06:41:00 - [381]

Sort of two questions in one.

Are there any plans to fill the gap between BS's and Capital ships. Allot like BC's fill the gap between Cruisers and BS's.

BS 4 or less
Adv Spaceship Com 4 or less

Are there any plans to make any jump capable ships that do not require such a large skill training time(6+ months to properly fly a cap)? I'm not saying super cheep or as effective as capitals. Just something a newer player can fly to get involved in 0.0 etc.

Gabriel Karade
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2008.10.26 06:49:00 - [382]

Thanks for the answer Zulupark, another one I forgot:

Are smartbombs getting any love? new skills/e.t.c, they are they only weapon system not to have undergone any changes since all the HP buffs/drone changes.

Nicholas DW
Posted - 2008.10.26 07:27:00 - [383]

Regarding this comment:

"Active tank vs resistance bonuses:
They add flavor and allow ships to be unique and have their niche. Some ships are simply better suited for remote rep gangs and that's fine, some ships are better with a hitpoint tank and that's fine too."

What exactly was the reasoning behind giving all the heavy 'dictors resist bonuses then? It would look like the very fact you guys broke the racial tank bonus scheme when giving tank bonuses to pure pvp ships was an admission that in today's PVP environment, a ship with a tank amount bonus would be pre-nerfed in comparison to resist bonused ships in the same role. No?

What exactly is the advantage of rep amount bonues over resist based bonues in today's (or last year's) PVP environment? Is racial flavor really the only rational behind gimped Gallente and Minmatar boats?

Vladameir Harkenin
Posted - 2008.10.26 07:46:00 - [384]

Edited by: Vladameir Harkenin on 26/10/2008 08:14:13
For starts thanks for doing this zulu.

Personally I love recon warfare, I can fly 3 races recons and love each one, though some have fallen a little from grace. My questions (and statements).

Is it possible to change nos to work cap total vs. cap total instead of % vs. %? This would create a weapon system for smaller ships to use vs. larger ships (and give the pilgrim back some of it's bite). Current %vs.% means a pilgrim with say 1k cap total going against say a domi with 5k cap total (% wise being 100%) the pilgrim won't draw any cap, but in total vs. total it would still draw cap, but the domi wouldn't be able to draw cap from pilgrim until it's total was less then pilgrims.

I think this would give the curse and pilgrim a little bite back (considering they are more of a small gang/solo ship). I don't think this would really overpower them due to nos still wouldn't work well against smaller ships or ships of the recon size, (as curse and pilgrim would just neut those with this change just like previous) but would give them quite a boost when facing larger ships (bc, bs and carriers oh my Shocked).

Sd's IMO are fine, just not fine on arazu/lach, I haven't used mine since the nerf ( I don't really consider the disrupt bonus a bonus, it's more like another benefit, kinda like the tp on the rapier) can't really ask if something can be done or your opinion on them. Only state that if it's decided to boost them then I hope the devs won't increase optimal,(I have a falcon, don't need another one that doesn't help my gang, unlike a falcon that does) range on sd's won't help your gang, dampening the enemys ship to an acceptable lvl (without using every damp to hinder one ship) is acceptable.

huggin rapier? don't fly, can't ask much or say much about them.

falcon/rook? Not really overpowered imo, just other recons aren't good enough, due to nerfs in the past, but worked just as nice as the (current) falcon before the nerfs rendered them to a somewhat mediocore lvl.

Truthfully I think if certain steps were taken like the nos change (read the nos one somewhere in the forums, wasn't my idea and I can't remember who originally posted it to give them credit, but I loved the idea) and imporving effectiveness (not optimal range) on arazu/lach (I think the frig version works pretty great, not sure on after the speed changes though, just know it works as a great ewar interceptor now Very Happy) then people probably wouldn't care about the falcon being the best gang support ship. Not sure on effectivness of rapier/huggin as I can't fly them to give good comments on them so I won't.

If you could answer the nos thing, or possibly relay it to balancing (personally if my mega meets a curse solo I can accept that that ship should outclass me (unless the pilot is has no clue), it's what it's designed for). Also the zu/lach, I would very much like to use them again and no the scrambler boost on sisi won't help them that much, a little, but I'd still use the falcon in this situation, not that the falcon or rook is overpowered, just that other recons are somewhat ineffective or just not effective enough for the ranges they work at.

On another note, looks good the blaster thing is somewhat being resolved on sisi, and possibly giving the deimos a purpose again. On that note is it possible the deimos changes proposed previous be looked at in speed changes (current tq deimos and mach 1 deimos), with ships not going mach 10 anymore it might help the deimos. (I was against these changes to deimos orginally, but do to certain speedy ships rendering the idea somewhat redundant), might work this time around with these speed issues being resolved (note. might work). Be nice to use it again either way. (Side note. not saying this should be done, would be nice to add it to sisi with also current tq deimos build just to see how well it works, if it doesn't work, oh well, was worth a try).

edit: spelling

The Economist
Logically Consistent
Posted - 2008.10.26 07:59:00 - [385]

Edited by: The Economist on 26/10/2008 08:40:22
- Any thoughts about increasing cynabal pg/cpu?

- AA + HDR; currently it seems some cards can do it with a bit of driver tweaking while others can't, any work being done in this area? One frustration I had is that nvidia users whose cards could, when tweaked, handle hdr and aa in oblivion could also do it in eve. My ati cards however which can do the same in oblivion fails in eve. Hdr with no jaggies would be awesome.

- Large autocannon dps perhaps a little low when compared with other close range weapons even taking the relatively versatile dmg output into consideration?

- I seem to remember a discussion years ago about tagging items with the manufacturers name ending with the conclusion that it would add too much to the database; any plans to revisit the idea with all the need for speed improvements since then?

- What would you think about reintroducing the solar system radar style map to the scanner? Having it on the f11 map isn't the same, buddy list logon/off portraits can obscure parts of it at crucial moments, when it re-draws after jumping into a system it can add a little client lag, and when playing in lower resolutions or in windowed mode it takes up a chunk of the screen.

- How about reducing the collision zones around some objects in space (mostly I'm thinking about asteroids), so that you only get stuck on an onject if you're actually stuck on it, not just somewhere in the vicinity.

- I realise it's a consequence of tracking calculations but wouldn't it make sense to not be able to miss objects sufficiently large (relative to your weapon's size) when both you and the target are stationary?

- How about a little feature letting us toggle buddy list online/offline notification portraits on and off? Something I used to experience a lot before I wiped my addressbook (again), especially during large fleet fights with people crashing, people logging on to join the fight etc, was ending up with a column or two of red and green portraits laggily trying to display themselves to me while covering up parts of my overview or drone control window. Obviously clearing the buddy list is a quick fix but shouldn't be necessary imo.

- Can we pleeeeease get a little addition to the character sheet that says where our clone is located?

- Any chance of ever getting ui support for ransoming?

- How about increasing titan bridge range (I mean the distance you need to be from the titan to be able to right click and jump through a bridge), 2.5km is a little close, to the extent that "Don't bump the titan! Stop bumping the titan! Why the f*** are you still bumping the titan you idiots!" has become a familiar refrain to most alliances.

- Player adds on billboards still on the table for some time in the future?

- Any plans to make pirate/faction variants of the bs's that currently lack them?

- How about destructible asteroids, allowing for proper scorched earth policies? Not sure how it would have to be balanced though so as not to result in a bit of a farce being perpetrated by random frigates decimating high ends all over eve. I think it merits thought though.

- Regarding ambulation, player owned stations and the enemy: since there will be no combat in stations (at least initially) will there be other ways to control access to your station's facilities by people hostile to you that are already docked? Also if we're supposed to own and run a station and can walk around in the docks and control access to the station with standings, does it still make sense to be unable to impound/forcibly eject/destroy docked undesirables?

- The Vargur......seriously....

- You know those ravens that populate such a massive percentage of 0.0 belts and are flown by people in npc corps, alt corps or blatant farming corps that always cloak or log or cloak and log within 15seconds of you jumping into system with them? They're bastards aren't they? Sorry, not much of a question I know.

- Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Guiding Hand Social Club
Dystopia Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.26 08:06:00 - [386]

I'm sorry if this one is already posted, but if and when (Hopefully) local gets nerfed, will there be significant improvements to the onboard scanner (Autoupdating and other features)?

Azrael Dinn
19th Star Logistics
Posted - 2008.10.26 08:14:00 - [387]

Edited by: Azrael Dinn on 26/10/2008 08:21:36
1. If tech 3 happens what is the plan for the manufacturing and blueprints. Will you start to seed all tech 2 bpos or how and from what will the tech 3 items be made/researched? Idea of inventing invented tech 2 bpc isn't funny.

2. Would it possible to make the pod to holds more information as in would it possible to make bpos so that you could learn them like skills if you wanted to and then use the manufacture stuff from you pods memory? I disslike my bpo hangar atm it's too full. Evil or Very Mad

3. Why nerf local. It's like the one thing keeping carebears alive. So why make it even easyer to pvp players to kill the backbone of eve economy and if this local nerf happens will you balance it by giving better and more hidden belts and stuff or something?

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.10.26 08:54:00 - [388]

Any chance for play made ships to get submitted as part of a contest or something, ive seen plenty of other from my suggestion for ships designs both graphically and class/stats wise.

Since shields arent as durable as armor is there any plans of making them more flexible?

Any chances on more civillian (unmoduled) yatchs in the future? Possibly Liners (bs sized) ones as well?

Any chances for random npc traffic to increase eve's liveness, this could even be npc miners (that actaully eat rocks) trade ships and tourist.

Are they going to add sizes to the scripted ecm modules (currently they are displayed as small modules/charges except the dictor projector.)

Rhoden Mk2? Seriously these ships are supposed to be missile boats and they arent really good at lobbing them any chances of a new missile type like forward firing inaccurate (misses not damage midgitation) 'Fire and Forgets'? Minmatar may enjoy these as well as they have the speed to straff opponents.

Mine Drones, if you can find a way to make a drone behave like a mine and tie several drone mechanics to it you'll probably prevent the 'set it and forget it' mines at the cost of bandwidth and drone space in the hanger.

Tags? Any chance our covert ships could possibly tag a ship with something and track it for a limited time though the solar map? for intel gathering?

API stocks, since there isnt an offical stock market yet can we at least get a stock logging mechanic and api for it for the player ran ones? a small cookie crumb.

No new destroyers anytime soon, aww I've always seen these ships as escort ships and would have loved to see a higher teir and tech2 more focused on that role.

Whats the most difficult expansion/patch you've helped deployed?

Magic wand question, if there was one thing in eve you could change what would it be?

Anyways keep up the good work and good luck with QR

Washell Olivaw
Posted - 2008.10.26 09:12:00 - [389]

HP was buffed years ago to allow for more tactical decisions and systems during combat. Heat was implemented, but hasn't quelled the complaints of combat being to long and sometimes even boring.

Any follow-up plans?

Leon DroneKiller
Posted - 2008.10.26 09:14:00 - [390]

When in the last time gallente were boosted?

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