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Posted - 2008.10.25 14:10:00 - [271]

Zulupark... first of all thanks a bunch for doing this, the community is going nutz over it!

Are you aware that the Corporate rights management interface is a bloody disaster? Do you intend to fix it? Document it properly with lots of examples?

The same with POS gunnery?

Windows and the anchoring code have been completely screwed up since Revelation? Do you agree that having windows jump around the screen for a year is unacceptable?

Do you realize that showing the packed/unpacked status of Drones in the drone bay window is utterly pointless? Would you agree that damaged/undamaged would be more useful?

(SARCASM=TRUE)Would you characterize your UI engineers as superb coders capable of designing top notch interfaces?(/SARCASM)

Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:17:00 - [272]

Edited by: Pottsey on 25/10/2008 14:23:10
-We used to be able to use hardware sound in Eve in vista via Alchemy. After 6+ months of this working CCP banned it for what appears to be no reason. Why was it banned? Can we get hardware sound added back into Eve for Vista?

-Well CCP overhaul the sound engine so its decent? For many players the sound engine has taken a giant leap backwards due to CCP banning hardware sound. Will you swap to OpenAL?

-A long time ago there was talk about various Stealth modules. Any chance of these modules returning?

-Any chance of set items? Say you fit module A and Module B and you get a 3rd extra bonus. Or fit a Navy module to a Navy ship for a further bonus?

-Is this just a scheme to up your post count without spamming ?:)

The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:24:00 - [273]

Edited by: Eskalin on 25/10/2008 14:38:39
can we have large artillery magazine size revisited? 10 rounds of emp L is a bit crappy.

any one talked about making moms and titans in to real carriers? i.e. players could dock. set them with a docking bay commiserate with the cost and effort in producing them.

Jason Edwards
Internet Tough Guy
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:25:00 - [274]

Marauders level 5 webber + 90% webber Final result on TQ is 99%
Marauders level 5 webber + 60% sisi webber. Final result on sisi is 90%

Rats havent been speed nerfed. Only players have.

So Marauders have been nerfed. They literally need Marauder 5 to get a TQ webber. 45 days training GOGOGO.

Kyoko Sakoda
Veto Corp
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:35:00 - [275]

Dear Zulupark,

You are ozom.

Vladic Ka
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:42:00 - [276]

You know when the game is balanced when everyone whines about everything. You are getting close imho. Wink

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:47:00 - [277]

first question

Has the devs learned thier lesson yet about not blowing off the player base?

Second when are you gonna quit nerfing the pvpers and starter nerfing the mining stuff. Stop picking on us.

third and more serious note. when are railguns esspecially the larges tracking and firing speed going to be improved and please don't nerf them they are bad enough as it is.

why must you break things instead of fixing them with easy changes and modifications that would improve the game.

When are you going to add more nodes and put more of the bigger systems on those nodes instead of having just the cap restrictions per system.

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:55:00 - [278]

I know I've already posted my questions, but I'd like to clarify one:

I wasn't asking about wardeccing NPC corps per se.

I was wondering if there could be an age limit or an SP limit imposed on NPC corps. For example, after a character gets (let's say) 10 million SP, they are booted from the NPC corp (perhaps into a different NPC corp that is war-dec'able or even a faction warfare corp: "You have been drafted!") and have to rely on friends or new corpmates for help and protection.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:17:00 - [279]

With today's changes for blaster ships on sisi (namely the mega) does this mean the astarte will finally get similar loving that the deimos got a year back?

Posted - 2008.10.25 15:19:00 - [280]

Q: Will recordings of seminars at fanfest be made available this year? (similar to the ones from last year)

Daelan Lok'errt
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:21:00 - [281]

Edited by: Daelan Lok''errt on 25/10/2008 23:31:12
Edited by: Daelan Lok''errt on 25/10/2008 15:39:55
Edited by: Daelan Lok''errt on 25/10/2008 15:31:15
roaming pvp: are you going to introduce any features that would allow roamnig gangs to make the enemy come out fight to protect their space? (other than pos bashing obviously)

during the devblog you've said that roaming gangs will actually be boosted by the speed nerf. i'm quite fuzzy on this and would like a little clarification. since the strong point of small roaming gangs is the ability to disengage and run away if overblobbed and the speed nerf... well... nerfs it, then how are they boosted exactly?

are there any plans to increase aggression time to nerf the gate\station hugging "pvpers" a bit? maybe depending on size?

tempest, munin are probably the worst BS\HAC in terms of dps\tank. are they going to be boosted any time soon?
to elaborate: we really don't need the versatility to be able to fit a bad shield tank or a bad armor tank. we need a good tank or better dps to be on par with other races.

agent apple
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:21:00 - [282]

Edited by: agent apple on 25/10/2008 15:30:20
Originally by: CCP Zulupark

warp speed:
Did you maen the time it takes to get to max warp speed? If so, very interesting idea

I don't understand your question really... sorry :/

W: And slow down from it. I've never timed it but its always irked me you seem to spend more time doing that than actually being in warp and it would certainly give back an advantage to roaming and choosing smaller ships with their higher AU speeds.

P: Blasters/Rails, AC/Arty, Pulse/Beam, Citadel torps/?

EDIT: New Q. Would you ever consider forcing separation of high sec empire regions (IE:Cal/Gal/Amarr/Min Space) by low/null sec. Provide plenty of routes through it so its not choke point camp madness but being the only way to travel between regions.

Einstein's Ghost
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:32:00 - [283]

1.) Would it be possible to add warp in distances larger than 100km? (very much needed for falcons and sniper ships)
2.) Are there any plans for improving music and sound quality in eve? It's no secret that many fly with sound turned off Embarassed

IR Scoutar
State War Academy
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:39:00 - [284]

Edited by: IR Scoutar on 26/10/2008 03:22:08
Originally by: CCP Zulupark

Ship turret count:
Currently for every turret you fit 2 appear on your ship model with opposite shooting ranges. I think that's what you're asking for?

Let me refine my question somewhat...
As it is yes the ship gets 2 turrets for each you add (1 for each side i know im not that new to the game Razz) now several things always bugged me about this
first if you give me 16 turrets why cant i fire em all at the same time Razz
and in most cases the turrets will physicaly shoot thru eachother and in some rare occasions even the ship they are on itself to reach the target
example : tempest shooting straght ahead or harbinger or armageddon or or or or... most ships seem to be layd out as broadside ships

will this ever be changed to what is "physicaly" possible ? (yes yes internet spaceships and all) Something that actualy requires you to orient your ship towards the enemy taking into account where the most weapons will hit at least ?

Originally by: CCP Zulupark

Visible missile launchers:
Ships that have missile bays have them on the model itself usually, so...

Sacrilege... Razz besides missile usualy launch from some magical spot in the middle of the ship
so this question is peraps less about prety polygons or textures and more about could you please have the missiles exit their respective launchers prety please with sugar on top ? Wink

Originally by: CCP Zulupark

That's physically possible, yes.

could you physicaly do it for me/us ?
(love this game, dont like to essentialy be taken for a moron)
yes yes i know you need to evade that question pr and all that but who knows you might do it Very Happy Wink

edit :
regarding weapon grouping and UI
will you or have you considered doing more than a number and yet another adition to a rightclick menu ?
shamless reference to my own post : click meh

Fremen Sietch
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:42:00 - [285]

being said that minmater have their point in having different damage types to shot - is there any chance they would get different t2 ammo and wont be condemned to kin|expl (just like amarr with th|em and gall with th|kin but with lower damage output)
shield boost bonus is pretty much useless now in pvp - any plans to make shield tanking minmatar ships (sleipnir and mael) being more versatile?
minmatar ships tend to have fallof or optimal range bonuses - any hope that they would get both to be efficient with both close and long range weapons (just like amarr ships do with optimal)?
arty have to reload very often which is problematic in lags - would we see any improvement on this (not on the lags, but to many reloads during long fight)?
also - you were joking about couple of arty platforms being able to insta pop almost anything? i can clearly see 10+ 1400t2 tempests shooting RF emp at a lonely drake 10 km from them and it still being in one peace after that (thats with some hp left, not in wreck Very Happy). and from sniper range my badger 2 can sustain 2-3 salvos from single "all-5 3 damage mods" tempest.

and a last thing - ccp made station servises so "small gang" could force owner of system to fight or lose service but now anything short of 50-100 bs (with 2-3 indies of ammo) cant really endanger any service. is that what you have in mind saying "small gang"? would it change (service hp) ?

Trotters Independent Trading
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:46:00 - [286]

CCP Zulupark, Thanks for all the answers sofar. Here are my Questions:

1: With the speed nerf imminent, what (if anything) is being done about station hugging? Currently the only way to counter Tanked BS and capitals station hugging, then entering combat with virtually zero risk is by bumping them. Even now with some station models this not not possible, after the speed nerf it will not be possible at all. Could something be done about station re-dock timers after aggression?

2: I know you have commented on the tempest already, and think it is a great ship, but I'd like you to consider the Minmatar race as a whole. To me it seems that they excel at nothing, while having versatility, previously the one advantage they had over other races was speed, and after the nerf you say they will still have speed, but it cannot be denied that this one advantage will have significantly less benefit and impact in combat.

Consider the Minmatar's entire line of ships...

For T1 every minnie ships has

Worst sensor strength of any race
Shortest Locking range of any race
2nd Highest Shield Hitpoints
3rd Highest Amour Hitpoints
Least optimal slot layout for either shield or amour tank.

This generally makes them the worse than any other race at shield or armor tanking.

For T2, post nerf,
Recons: will have negligeble use due to the web nerf
Hacs: Vagas speed advantage will have negligible use, and the muninn has always been a sub-par sniper hac when compared with the Eagle and zealot, even a Sentry Ishtar is better.

For sniping in general, the Tempest is not a great choice when compared to other races, its alfa is non effective since the ship HP increase, and its ability to increase range not great since tracking computers were nerfed (this negates the use of its extra mid slots). If I had a choice of sniper BS, the Mega, Rokh or Apoc are much better choices

Split Weapons systems have Huge training requirements for only limited benefit, the Phoon is OK, but for the Nagalfar its a big disadvantage to other dreads (there is reason they are always primary in a fleet battle)

While each of these points may be minor, I think their combined effect puts Minmatar as the worst race in eve after the nerf, please show Minnie some love!

Raynar Alcohol
The Executives
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:54:00 - [287]

With T3 in the near future and T2 capital gear it will take a new char aprox. 2-3 years to compete with a veteran, even when they spezialize. Wouldn't it be a good time to double or triple the amount of SP gained per time?

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.10.25 15:57:00 - [288]

Excellent effort zulupark.

1 question for me:

Is CCP looking into "recording" fleetbattles and the ability to replay into some kind of eve client so players can zoom in and out, check what they did wrong, mail battles to friends,...

Dex Nederland
Lai Dai Infinity Systems
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:01:00 - [289]

Edited by: Dex Nederland on 25/10/2008 18:52:44
With PC corps effectively being part of NPC factions for FW, could corporations in those NPC factions claim 0.0 sov for their faction in the future? This would be a way for FW to leak into 0.0

Posted - 2008.10.25 16:02:00 - [290]

Recent LoSec changes:
The recent changes to losec sec-hits and gateguns have nerfed the old pirate/antipirate dynamic pretty heavily. Lots of people were complaining about the hisec mechanics, but losec seemed to be working fine beforehand. Why did you decide to extend the changes beyond safe space, and will this be getting another look?

Jaffnar Borg
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:03:00 - [291]

1.) Will we see some new drone heavy battleship in the future? There is only the Dominix as a Tier 1 BS, while there are plenty of standard and faction BS for missiles and the different turrets. I would love to see a faction Dominix.

2.) Could there be a "open container/wreck and loot all"-button be added? :)

Hortoken Wolfbrother
Ministry of War
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:09:00 - [292]

Questions about you and static income
Q: You seem to of implied that high end moons will recieve a nerf in 0.0. Is this because you dont think there should be any static valuable income in 0.0. If so, what do you plan to have in 0.0 that is worth fighting over? Aren't the proverbial hills supposed to be worth conquering? Will they replaced with something new if you remove them, and will this new thing have value (Starting us back at where we were).

Part 2: If you are against static forms of income, why do you allow cosmos radar plexes to persist (they are one of the highest income sources in game, if not the highest, resulting in a rediculous flood of deadspace items into market and greatly devaluing all other forms of exploration), and Allow people to still have T2 BPOs, which greatly effect the market and allow select players to generate large sums of isk without ever having real competition.

Comment: I think static income is ok if they allow for competition. By definition, competition comes against the will of the person who holds the item of value. T2 BPOs can not be made now, invention is vastly inferior, and the competition is no serious threat to their income stream. Static Radar Cosmos Plexes are hard to compete with because of mechanics that make it so that the first person into them for the day can control what happens to them, so the competition on them is restricted to certain times. Moons as is can recieve competition equally from all time zones, and to me are a far lesser injustice than large static forms of income that benefit people who simply 'are there first'.

Salvis Tallan
Sparse Enterprises
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:19:00 - [293]

Can you state wheather or not you have changed the invention forumula since the decryptor tweak? I am getting tired of reading several threads a week that have no basis for their assumptions.

Right now the API cannot associate POS towers with the modules online near them due to the method of storing info in the database. With the upcomming expansion and/or changes to POSs, has this been discussed, and will we get a solution?

Daelin Blackleaf
White Rose Society
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:20:00 - [294]

Edited by: Daelin Blackleaf on 25/10/2008 17:25:10

Just like to add a big thankyou to Zulupark for taking the time to do this. It's certainly benefited us and hopefully it will benefit CCP by raising a few issues and revealing more of public opinion and concern than a weeks worth of forum trawling.

I'd love to see something like this done once a month or even just once every three months.

Ideal Machine
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:27:00 - [295]

Edited by: Lazarann on 26/10/2008 19:07:08
Edited by: Lazarann on 25/10/2008 16:31:39
For starters, this is awesome, thanks for taking the time to do this.

I recently moved to one of the drone regions and discovered after ratting for a couple days that killing drone NPCs has no impact on my sec status. I realize they aren't technically "pirates" like the other NPCs, but they are still dealt with the same way and agents will still send you to kill them just the same, and the word "rougue". So now, anyone living in the drone regions who wants to get their sec status up, like myself, can't. I can't go do missions with my agents because they're in high sec, and I can't kill NPCs to help it either.

Will we see dual monitor support? Sure, I can open two clients in window mode, but I'd much rather have them both full screen. Also, taking an idea from Supreme Commander, having the client on one monitor and (as an example) the map on the other monitor would be awesome.

Fix the Chimera so it can be fit better. Someone who can actually fly it can speak better towards that, but as far as I know, it can't be properly fit with a tank, remote shield reps, drone control units, and smartbombs like all the other carriers can.

I know it's been mentioned, but we really need a salvaging ship.

Someone asked earlier about visible missile launchers on missile ships, to which you replied that most missile boats have them on the model. What he meant was, can we see launchers where the missiles actually appear to come out of the launchers, and they (possibly) move to follow the target, the same way guns work? What about things like remote armor reps having visible models on ships? Seems like it would be easy enough, they would just take the place of a gun on the hardpoint on the ship's model.

If I'm correct (and I think I am) the black ops can only jump covert ops and recons...why, and could that ever be changed? If our gang has one pilot who doesn't fly recons, is he just supposed to be left behind?

Do you know if EveTV will ever come back? I miss it Sad

Other races need sub-capital drone ships. I know the Gallente are obviously the primary drone race, but the other races (I speak mostly for Caldari since that's what I fly for the most part) don't have any.

I want to direct you to this thread I found earlier with an idea that I think is pretty cool, not as a stand-alone item, but as a ship:

The pilgrim is hard to fit with mwd/ab ew mods and tank without Recon 5, any chance it can get some fitting love?

EDIT: Why are AU's equal to weird amount of KM? Makes it much harder to determine how far away something is.

Thanks again for doing this, awesome idea.

The Scope
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:33:00 - [296]

Salvaging, Dog eats dog universe:
Why can't we defend our own kills (Loots and salvages) just like any creatures on Earth would do from Lions to tiny dogs, to the point where they can actually kill each other just for the kill? Way I see it, I killed the rat, therefore I take the first choice for both loots and salvages and if someone stronger comes along and chase me away from it, then have at it. But if it's a wimpy little probing ship, you bet I will blast it out of the mission area (since anyone that is not in my fleet for the mission should be fair game with no punishment from Concord). After all, it has been often repeated that EVE-online is a dog eats dog universe. This whole Salvaging business seems to protect and baby the players that wants to swarm in and take things from mission runners with ZERO penalty while us Mission runners takes the penalty of losing profit with no chance to defend our kills (and blowing up the wreckage deprives both us and the scum bags the potential profits, so you can imagine that it is not a favorable option. There has to be a way to defend our kills AND get profit off of it while making sure the scumbags works for the wreckage if they want it so bad).

In fact, the scumbags should be at a disadvantage when they arrive into our mission running area and should be turned into fair game if they take either our loots or the salvage loots (aka. flashing red). After all, it's a dog eats dog universe. If they take our loots of all kinds, they shouldn't be surprised if we bite back.

Just for reference: Why cant Loots and Salvage loots be the same thing since "Loots" are simply mods that hasn't broken apart while Salvage loots are also mods that has broken apart, coming from the same ship in question?

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:33:00 - [297]

Edited by: Kayosoni on 26/10/2008 23:21:17
I have a few.

Are you guys planning to make a frigate class logistics (healing) ship? I think they are needed, even if you don't.

Would you guys be willing to make a new class of combat ship larger than battleship but smaller than dread? No jump drives, bigger guns desgined for long range engagement (doesn't require tracking comps or sensor boosters), lots of HP, few module slots and twice the DPS of a battleship, and VERY slow (and no drone bays). Something like a real Fleet fight platform, useful in both normal and capital fights.

As for expanding 0.0, I think it could be done possibly through exploration, or even creation, like making (out of thin air) sub-systems within already existing systems. The reason why peopel say 0.0 is overpopulated is because 90% of 0.0 systems are worthless and have no decent ores or anything. Ore distro needs to be completely redone in 0.0 so that almost every constellation has at least something of value.

Shalmaneser ili
Gemeinschaft interstellarer Soeldner
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:34:00 - [298]

Thank you so much for throwing in the extra work, time and nerves to answer all these questions and delivering updates on certain balancing issues.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:36:00 - [299]

I would like to hear your comments on the current risk vs reward about the cyno jammer mechanics, specifically as I have detailed here: Thread

Long story short: they have very little risk/investment involved, for the reward they give to having them. (details in that thread).

Do you agree it needs fixing? how? and if not why?


Chuck Skull
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2008.10.25 16:47:00 - [300]

Will T2 armour plates be rebalanced? Rather than just being the same and heavier.

In fact there are a few modules that just aren't used because T1 is better. Seems counter-intuitive and unblanaced.

And my mega needs moar buffer :(

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