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Cover Gurl
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:11:00 - [1]


New Eden Lottery (NELOT) is a brand new lottery system which takes advantage of the Eve Online API. NELOT is a weekly lottery where the jackpot is dependant the number of tickets sold. Each ticket costs 100k and there is currently no limit on the number of tickets a single player can purchase.

The whole process is similiar to a 50/50 drawing except the winner receives 80% and NELOT keeps 20%. From the 20% NELOT keeps, a percentage is placed back into the pot and spent on advertising. The jackpot listed on NELOT's site is the winnings after 20% is taken.

To find out more details please visit

Note: No one associated with running NELOT can actually participate in the lottery itself.

Slade Trillgon
Endless Possibilities Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:32:00 - [2]

You want to post/have this moved to this forum.


CCP Mitnal

Posted - 2008.10.23 21:29:00 - [3]

Moved to Events.

Cover Gurl
Posted - 2008.10.24 16:12:00 - [4]

Come check out my lottery. Details in the original post. The jackpot is nearing 100 Million with still a little over 5 days remaining till the next drawing. The more tickets purchased, the higher the jackpot goes.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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