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Posted - 2008.10.23 20:24:00 - [181]

Edited by: RedSplat on 23/10/2008 20:28:46
Edited by: RedSplat on 23/10/2008 20:25:58
Pros for the guys for at least trying to answer some of the contentious issues, negatives for the way some of them were answered- all in all much better than the previous blog.

Thanks guys Very Happy

EDIT: Blasters will be better after patch? Rolling Eyes

EDIT2: Anyone else think the re-phrasing of the Skill Question was to give him time to ask someone higher up what he was supposed to say? Sad Tinfoil Hats!

Gober Pile
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:24:00 - [182]


BigDaddy LuvNutts
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:24:00 - [183]

How about half off for a second toon then!!???Shocked

Apple Boy
Auctorita Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:24:00 - [184]

is it just me or is mindstar's voice really choppy?

Zera Iridia
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:25:00 - [185]

Small gang warfare will be "boosted" by the speed nerf. Great answer! I'm glad you could give such a detailed response. I'm sure that will satisfy all further questions on that topic.

Solomon XI
Hidden Souls
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:26:00 - [186]

Ok CCP, now I am officially ****ing ****ed off at you.

You just stated that Blasters ARE NOT going to be addressed during this patch. You THINK they're going to be fine? When you have a 20+ page topic explaining to you that they are not? Are you guys that ****ing stupid?

BLASTERS are getting hurt bad. Tiny optimal. Weaker web. More mass. Longer time to accel. Jesus ****ing christ. You people are officially ****ing stupid. Evil or Very Mad

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:26:00 - [187]

Question - what about the customer service aspect by dropping the bombshell of dropping this into our laps re the ghost training, looks like you have decided to remove it and put nothing in its place or even recognise all the other aspects raised re ghost training?

read the blog we have been completing, christ u guys are so ignorant CCP

Crimson Royals
Swarm Of Locusts
Crimson Dragons
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:26:00 - [188]

is there anything about sjill certificates. ones that show your qualafied to use certain types of ships and you can use to plan skills for certain ship flight skills

Blaster Babe
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:27:00 - [189]

Edited by: Blaster Babe on 23/10/2008 20:28:01
How many accounts have been canceled because of the speed nerf changes?

Zulupark is a jack weed, didn't he introduce the carrier nerf?

Posted - 2008.10.23 20:28:00 - [190]

ask for new skills !!!!

i woudl kill for a remote reprocessing skill, so i could reprocess gear in stations away. And sell it remote.
that way much much less stuff on ccp servers also !!

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:28:00 - [191]

No offense, but how do you think blaster ships will be better?

Let's take the essential blaster ship, the Megathron for example. Now with the web changes, it will be nigh-impossible to keep a target A) pinned down and B) track smaller targets. You can fit a scrambler if you want to so that you can cut off MWDs, but then you are killing the ability of the Megathron as a solo ship (not that it is much of one now) as your effective tackling radius is (with a t2 scrambler) ~11km.

The other fun bit is that if you get scrambled in turn, you now have no way to move closer to the target due to not being able to MWD. Therefore, you turn into a lead weight which can only die while other ships orbit outside of your range or under your tracking speed.

You could say that you now have to fit a scrambler as well as the standard tackling gear (warp disruptor and web), but then you realize you only have 2 mids left, and they are used by the injector and MWD. If you get rid of the MWD, you might as well reprocess your thron for the good it will do you; if you get rid of the booster, you will cap out in under a minute and a half due to the huge cap requirements of the blasters.

So, Zulupark, how do you think blaster ships will be better off due to these changes?


Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:28:00 - [192]

Edited by: EdFromHumanResources on 23/10/2008 20:29:11
Can of worms? Can of worms? Just let us set a queue that will be AS LONG AS WE WISH IT TO BE so those of us who want to set up long lists of skills and not refer to evemon every time we change a skill or having to SET OUR ALARM CLOCK to change a skill. If im going to log in just to change a skill, im going to change the skill and log off. Not log in to change a skill, then decide to play for 3 hours. Youre giving the customer a convenience since you seem to be taking so much away in recent times.
Like two kinds of timecards that keep eachothers price in check
Like Ghost Training
Like our nano gangs :(

Can of worms my ass.

Please explain where this would ever have a downside beyond "People dont wake up in the middle of the night to change a skill on a game"

BigDaddy LuvNutts
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:28:00 - [193]

Because this is a game setup for pirates....

Mitsu Ragakii
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:28:00 - [194]

will skill training ever allow you to train 1 skill at a time per character instead of per account?

andys cz
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:29:00 - [195]

Any chance to have increased jump ranges on titan portals or jump bridges from 2.5km to at least 5km or more ? ugh

Smith Niveous
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:29:00 - [196]

Dealing with Maco Bot.. how hard would it be to have apop with a window in the a window of a amage then the after enter that code in to a pop ... so it can tell if your a real player and not abot .. if that cant answer the get diconnected...

Sar Ferredj
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:29:00 - [197]

Anything related to training queueing ?
Should be sweet not to loose hours/days because of being off or DT . . .

A nice counterpart to disabling ghost training !

Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:30:00 - [198]

Will there be more skills for leadership?

Blaster Babe
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:30:00 - [199]

Edited by: Blaster Babe on 23/10/2008 20:31:53

Zulupark's IQ <= 5 He is the Forest Gump of Game Design...Blaster Ships are like a box of chocolates... you never know what you are gonna get...

Jodie Amille
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:30:00 - [200]

Originally by: Jodie Amille
When is something going to be done about the relative weakness of projectile weapons and what is going to be done to make them better?

About To Die
Predatory Instincts
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [201]

WHAT 9000?!?

Adalie Immolate
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [202]

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I think the correct answer would be....


The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [203]

Low sec bring the 5/10 drone plex's back....eve also needs more 0.0 space How about 8 more Maps of 0.0 in a ring around the curent map for a total of 40-50k more star systems.

Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [204]

Do the devs really care so little about the changes they are making they **** about making over 9k jokes and answering q's like 'why do bad things happen to good people' come on guys! Neutral

Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [205]

IQ total = 9000
CCP employment = 240
AVG IQ = 37.5!

Smert peeples

Apple Boy
Auctorita Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [206]

when are black-ops BS getting boosted?

Complete Tart
University of Caille
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:31:00 - [207]

Terrible excuse for not adding a skill queue. You're worried people won't play the game???! Seems like you have no confidence in your game then!

Lost Hope
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:32:00 - [208]

one thing i have always been curious about is why cant i train more than one character on any given account?

we get three slots so without the ability to train more than one at a time whats the point of having the extra slots?

will this be addressed at any point in the future?

Posted - 2008.10.23 20:32:00 - [209]

with the new ship when are when going to see system wide belts, comets and the ability to go onto planets?Laughing

also when should we look forward to walking in stations??

Ashar Shadowstep
Posted - 2008.10.23 20:32:00 - [210]

Why is it considered "funny" or "cute" for devblogs in the mmo industry to get off topic with TOTALLY stupid or ridiculous questions instead of staying on topic the WHOLE time and addressing the concerns of the players since it is FOR the players? This is my ONLY beef and it's a pet peave of mine...DEVS....DON'T TRY TO BE CUTE AND FUNNY! STICK TO THE ISSUES!

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