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Posted - 2004.06.28 06:06:00 - [1]

Many player think the market does not show all items that are around. I started this thread to collect a list of missing items to get them added asap.
Please post the full name of the missing items here. Make sure you post the exact name. Don't post names loot items. They will not appear on normal market. Black market will handle this items in Shiva.

Special Circumstances
Posted - 2004.06.28 08:41:00 - [2]

Edited by: Elithiomel on 28/06/2004 08:43:28
200mm Railgun I
350mm Railgun I
Ballistic Control System I

The only reason I can see these on the market is because I have them for sale. If I do a market search for them they do not show up at all. The blueprints show up, but not the items themselves.

Jan Ors
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.06.28 08:47:00 - [3]

Standard S, Standard M and Standard L frequency crystals.

Medium EMP Smartbomb I, Medium Graviton Smartbomb I, Medium Plasma Smartbomb I, Medium Proton Smartbomb I.

Those are the ones I know of.

Arthur Guinness
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Posted - 2004.06.28 08:50:00 - [4]

Remote Sensor Booster I Blueprint.
Reactor Control Unit II.
Capacitor Power Relay II.
Power Diagnostic System II.

(Container and Secure Container Blueprints are missing too, dunno if that's an oversight or gamedesign tough.)

Valentine Keen
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2004.06.28 09:55:00 - [5]

Edited by: Valentine Keen on 28/06/2004 09:57:53
There's a list of items on the market forum that people have raised, some of them may have been implemented, other may not, but it would be worth checking it out.


I can list the following items as being missing market entries (I don't know enough about Tech 2 to know what does and doesn't exist, but I've tried to spot where there's an obivous discrepancy between bp/items listings.

- Social Adaption Chip - Elite (All other implants have 5 types listed, social only 4.)

Frequency Crystals:
- Standard L
- Standard M
- Standard S (If these are new and STANDARD why can they not be traded?)

Armour Subsystems:
- Large Hull Repairer 1 (There's a BP entry, though whether it exists I'm not sure, if it doesn't it should.)

Propulsion Subsystems:
- 1mn Afterburner 2

Energy Upgrades:
- Power Diagnostic 2
- Reactor Controller 2

- Medium EMP Smartbomb 1
- Medium Proton Smartbomb 1
- Medium Plasma Smartbomb 1
- Medium Graviton Smartbomb 1

Hybrid Turrets:
- 350mm Railgun 1
- 200mm Railgun 1

Missile Lanuchers:
- Cruise Missile Launcher 1

Weapons Upgrades:
- Ballistic Control System 1

The Following items don't appear to have blueprint entries on the market (for Tech 2, they should at least exist, to enable trade without having to use escrow). For this I've also assumed (justifiably, I think) all Tech 1 Basic and Standard items should be available as blueprints!

- All standard and secure containers.
- Standard Frequency Crystals(L,M,S) (Why loot only if they're standard?)
- Tech 2 Armour repairers (Large, Medium, Small)
- Expanded Cargohold 1
- All Steel armour plates (50mm, 100mm, 200mm, 400mm, 800mm, 1600mm)
- Basic Gravimetric Backup Array
- Basic Ladar Backup Array
- Basic Magnometric Backup Array
- Basic Multi Sensor Backup Array
- Basic Radar Backup Array
- Co-processor 2
- Tech 2 Backup arrays (Gravimetric, ladar, radar, magnetometic, multi sensor)
- Signal Amplifier 2
- Tracking Enhancer 2
- ECCM Projector 1
- ECCM Projector 2
- Tracking Disruptor 2
- Auto Targeting System 1
- Remote Sensor Booster 1 (These are an example of missing bp making a tech 1 item outrageously expensive)
- Sensor Booster 2
- Tracking Computer 2
- Tracking Link 2
- Micro Capacitor Booster 2
- Small Capacitor Booster 2
- Capacitor Recharger 2
- Micro Capacitor Battery 2
- Small Capacitor Battery 2
- All Tech 2 shield subsystems (hardners and boosters of all types and sizes)
- All Tech 2 shield upgrades (hardners, extenders, rechargers of all types and sizes)
- Shield Boost Amplifier
- All Micro smartbomb 1s (EMP, Graviton, Proton, Plasma)
- All Tech 2 Micro and Small Smartbombs (All types EMP, Plasma, Proton, Graviton)
- All Tech 2 Hybrid, Projectile and Laser Small Turrets
- Gyrostabiliser 2
- All Interceptors

In addition, many of the Tech 1 items that have entries, have no supplies of the blueprints (at least in the region I checked). Shouldn't these be always available, rather than missing? We've got 1/2 an economy otherwise.

Some items never seem to have had better than basic levels made, which doesn't really make sense, since there should surely be standard tech 1 versions for them:

Basic Mining Drones
Basic Damage Control

Additionally, many blueprints show COPY:1 in their name which is probably a bad idea, it's already confusing enough for newbies that they say COPY:1 in the info and make them think they're not original, let alone having the names broken.

One section is called Armour Subsystems in the items, but Repair Systems in the Blueprints section - confusing!

Also, the following are Hull Upgrades as items, but Propulsion Upgrades as blueprints:
- Basic Overdrive Injectors
- Basic Inertial Stabilisers
- Overdrive Injector 1
- Inertial Stabilser 1

Furthermore, Warp Core Stabiliser 1 is a Propulsion Upgrade as an item, but a Propulsion Subsystem as a blueprint.

The following items are listed as Energy Upgrades as items, but energy Subsystems as blueprints:
- Basic Capacitor Recharger
- Capacitor Recharger 1
- Energy Transfer Arrays (Large, Medium, Small)

Sensor Upgrades category for items was renamed as Electronics Upgrades, but the bp section remains as Sensor Upgrades.

Tracking Computer 1 is wrongly classed as a Weapons upgrade for the blueprint.

At the end of the day, a player run economy is broken if we can't produce the full range of Tech 1 items since it means some will always be scarce or overpriced that should be freely available. Tech 2 can't build on unfinished foundations.

All Tech 1 items need blueprints available.

All Tech 2 blueprints need market entries to enable trade of original prints and allow the spread of Tech 2 to reach those willing to buy from researchers (some currently do have entries, most do not).

M. Corp
Posted - 2004.06.28 10:03:00 - [6]


BH Frisian

Posted - 2004.06.28 11:19:00 - [7]

Expended Cargohold I Blueprint

Imhotep Khem
Doom Guard
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2004.06.28 14:42:00 - [8]

Edited by: Imhotep Khem on 28/06/2004 20:17:19
Basic Shield Flux Coil
Basic Shield Power Relay

I'm curious this game being a giant database and all, why CCP can't run a few queries to find this out? Surely it would be more accurate and faster than asking the players, Neutral though you do seem to be getting good related information..

Joran Nexus
Pan Analytika
Posted - 2004.06.29 00:58:00 - [9]

Energized Reactive Membrane I


Valentine Keen
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2004.06.29 08:22:00 - [10]

Amendment: Damage Control 1 found as a loot drop, but I'm not aware of it being market available or blueprint available.

Gerome Doutrande
Posted - 2004.06.29 14:53:00 - [11]

items (not sure about blueprints for those):

energized thermic membrane II
medium capacitor battery II

Babylon Scientific and Industrial Enterprises
Posted - 2004.06.29 14:56:00 - [12]

Edited by: Xanathos on 29/06/2004 14:59:07
Edited by: Xanathos on 29/06/2004 14:57:49
Energized Magnetic Membrane 1 Blueprint
Energized Reactive Membrane 1 Blueprint
Energized Adaptive Membrane 1 Blueprint
Energized Reflective Membrane 1 Blueprint

Corsairs Inc.
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2004.06.29 15:06:00 - [13]

Edited by: DHU InMe on 30/06/2004 14:38:27
Post 5th about MISSING BP/items !

There the list of missing one that I could not find more than 5 of them:



Web page dedicated to market bugs, missing BP and items...

The Scope
Posted - 2004.06.29 15:46:00 - [14]

Tracking Link I BP
Expanded cargohold I BP
Hull repairers BP (Large/medium)

locus 777
Dark Star Industries
Posted - 2004.06.29 23:40:00 - [15]

energised regenerative membrane 1 bp

Hawk Firestorm
Posted - 2004.07.01 10:49:00 - [16]

The NPC corps don't appear to be playing any function in stepping in during shortages of items either.

ie Cap Charger 2's at the moment are very rare.

It would would be wise and sensible I think that NPC corps should play some role as a vent to the market helping keeping the market on a even keel.

Destructive Influence
Posted - 2004.07.01 11:20:00 - [17]

Shield Boost Amplifier Blueprint

Fto Cruise
The Anthill Mob
Posted - 2004.07.01 12:12:00 - [18]

I found that, in the case of the cruise missile launcher, if you had one already you could go to the advanced market and see them for sale. Even though they are not listed on the market list, they are somehow in the systemConfused

Corsairs Inc.
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2004.07.01 19:34:00 - [19]

Originally by: Hawk Firestorm
The NPC corps don't appear to be playing any function in stepping in during shortages of items either.

ie Cap Charger 2's at the moment are very rare.

It would would be wise and sensible I think that NPC corps should play some role as a vent to the market helping keeping the market on a even keel.

tech2 are player made only.

Asgard Schiffswerften
Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2004.07.01 20:34:00 - [20]

Edited by: Mechkilla on 01/07/2004 20:40:01
Originally by: Fto Cruise
I found that, in the case of the cruise missile launcher, if you had one already you could go to the advanced market and see them for sale. Even though they are not listed on the market list, they are somehow in the systemConfused

That's not the only one. Happen also often with Tech 2 items. And that is sad. People got finally their long awaited BPO from an agent and then they could only sell that stuff per escrow or direct trade (and trade channels were (or are?) bugged too). Both need much much time to spend and we all know that escrow is overfilled with stuff that don't need to be there.
And as DHU InMe told. This is not the first thread about this problem. But I have great hope that this time CCP will solve it as a Bughunter started this thread Smile.

Btw, also missing items are:

- 1MN MicroWarpdrive II

- Medium EMP Smartbomb II
- Medium Proton Smartbomb II
- Medium Plasma Smartbomb II
- Medium Graviton Smartbomb II
(the hole submenu for "Medium" is missing)

- are those limited named items or just normal ones?

And maybe the devs should check all upcoming Tech 2 items that are currently "in stock".

Don't hate me, but BH Traveler ask for the exact name and that means you should wrote "I" instead of "1" (or "II" instead of "2") for the according tech level. I know this sounds nitpicking Rolling Eyes but help him and edit your postings so he could only copy & paste Cool.

Sabrun Nestor
Posted - 2004.07.04 00:34:00 - [21]

Why not just run a query to find out what's not showing up in the market? It's very simple. If it's not then you guys have some database issues you need to work out bigtime.

Corsairs Inc.
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2004.07.06 15:11:00 - [22]

Yea to enable them it not a big problem.

Still, they have to set a corporation selling those items, they don't want to put 1 corp selling everything...

And this corp should be in 2-3 region to distribute correctly bp.

Posted - 2004.07.06 15:15:00 - [23]

The big question is, have any of them been fixed with this patch?

Can't play until wednesday, but want to know now. Smile

Thorsten Kabrinski
Multiversal Enterprise Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.06 23:41:00 - [24]

why the hell you ask what items are ingame but not listed when you dont fix them in the patch?

still missing power diag 2, reactor control unit 2 and more, just to name two of them...Crying or Very sad

Asgard Schiffswerften
Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2004.07.06 23:56:00 - [25]

Edited by: Mechkilla on 07/07/2004 00:01:58
I checked some of the missing Items.

- 1MN Afterburner II is fixed now
- 1MN MicroWarpdrive II is still not listed

- All Medium are fixed
- All Micro are fixed

Energy Upgrades:
- Medium Capacitor Battery II is fixed

I didn't check the rest. Thx for those that are fixed now :).

Special Circumstances
Posted - 2004.07.07 15:39:00 - [26]

I don't know about fixing existing ones but i do know that the patch has introduced new ones.
None of the Limited Implants seem to appear on the market.

Posted - 2004.07.07 18:27:00 - [27]

All of the container blue prints

Valentine Keen
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.08 14:37:00 - [28]

Well a lot of items have gained blueprint entries, but the point I made at the beginning still stands, in my opinion.

A player based economy won't work properly if there are still Tech 1 modules players can't make.

Adding the entry for trading is a start, but if there's no supply of the print in any region in the game, it's a waste of time.

The Tech 1 prints need to be available everywhere to allow a better economy. For example, I can see Micro Smartbombs have gained a listing for their blueprints, but since they still don't exist, there's none to buy or sell, nor can anyone make Micro Smartbombs.

There were already many, many items with entries for blueprints, but none available to buy, this patch has only added more to the list. Crying or Very sad

Also, rather oddly, it seems to have gone a step too far there are now entries for (albeit no supplies of) the starter frigate blueprints. (Impairors, reapers etc.)

Corsairs Inc.
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2004.07.13 13:15:00 - [29]

Originally by: Batholith
All of the container blue prints

Those aren't modules.

Still perhap we will be able to build them someday...

Hawk Firestorm
Posted - 2004.07.14 15:12:00 - [30]

Large HULL Repairer 1

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