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Posted - 2008.10.19 21:17:00 - [1]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 18/12/2008 19:06:37
Edited by: Macmuelli on 08/12/2008 22:54:39
Should be added to the game, to upgrade a smal tower to a medium, or a medium to a large.

Increased "upgrade time to adapt it to the time u need atm for rebuilding a smal pos, and building a larger one.
In this time all structures around should go offline as long the upgrading isnt completed.

Rebuilding a large pos to a medium should be also possible.

It would make everything a bit easier and, decrease the time u need to unanchor and anchor again.
U could run Poses more flexibel upon the buisness u wanne make with them.

just an idea, per haps not posted the first time.

breg mac

Twilight Military Industrial Complex Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.19 23:14:00 - [2]

Helps with a developing corp, or perhaps one that is expanding and needs to move items further out whilst retaining some station there to do key things such as Moon Mining or smthng.


Fallout Project
Posted - 2008.10.20 09:59:00 - [3]

Would be good to have. What I would like even more would be ability to trade towers between corps (hell, put heavy NPC tax on it to prevent abuses, say 1 bil per transaction).

Posted - 2008.10.20 16:22:00 - [4]

The Possibilty between Corps trading Poses would be realy Handy. A High Tax would be okay, at least a timer should run then.( like rf mod limited to 24 hrs)
This would make it possible to delete the contract for both sides.

What also would be nice to see, is when u can combine serveral mods to a batterie/ Produktion line.

This could be a step for introducing tech II to poses.

u need to combine it at station and got this upgraded version of , pa example a medium railgun batteries .

This could reduce the objects in space, if this helps.

Dr Prometheus
Gears of Construction
Posted - 2008.10.20 16:51:00 - [5]

I wonder though will it cost as much as a real large tower if you upgrade? Becasue if you unachor it you would make money then; buy cheap small, upgrade to large and sell it for profit.

Posted - 2008.10.21 20:01:00 - [6]

It should be splitted in following steps:

1 smal tower( base):

smal -> medium upgrade set:
- 120 mio isks
- 8 k m /3 freightsize)

smal -> large upgrade set
- 280 mio isks
- 14 k m/3 freightsize

1 medium smal tower:

medium-> large upgrade set
-180 mio isks
- 10 k M/3 freightsize

It should be a bit expensiver then the normely Towers.
At least the possibillty to upgrade it simplier by this way needs a bit extracash.

Upgradeset have the base to launch faction ones via lpoint shops in factional warfare pa example.
Faction ones should have a bit less fuel cost pa example like the pirate faction ones.

Unachoring upgrade poses results in 10- 16k m/3 big moduls. which needs a large industrial to move them away.

Posted - 2008.11.03 12:35:00 - [7]

Combining moduls to a Production line.

via coupling arrays.

This coupling arrays include teh "Facilitys"should be buildable via Blueprints.

If u want to combine serveral moduls to a completly producktion line u need serverals of them.

Pa example:

"Complex Reactor facilty:"

Minimum building requierments:

3x silos = 12 k m/3
+1x complex reactor = 4 k m/3
+3x coulping arrays = example 1 k m/3
= 19 k m/3 cargosize

3 x Silos = 1.5 k cpu usage + 150 k powergrid
+1 x c. reactor = 3 k cpu usage + 250 k powergrid
+3 x coupl arrays = 90 cpu usage + 90 k powergrid example)
"complex reactor facility" =4,59k cpu usage +490 k powergrid

anchoring time:

3x silos a 10 minutes
+1 x complex reactor a 10 minutes
= 40 minutes
Building at station - ? minutes
= lesser anchoring time

perhaps something like this could work.

Seed out serveral Blueprints wherecombining Production faciltys like this are buildable.

??? Smile

Posted - 2008.12.01 23:36:00 - [8]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 01/12/2008 23:48:57
Edited by: Macmuelli on 01/12/2008 23:37:16
Combined Turrets to batteries via this upgrade sets:

Seed out serveral diffrent blueprint which make it possible to combine similar Waepon types to a batterie.

smal batterie upgrade I: 2 x smal similar waepontypes

smal batterie upgrade II : 3 x smal similar weapontypes s

smal batteries upgrade III : 4 x smal similar weapontypes

Same should work for medium/ large upgrades.

Extra bonuses to such upgrades should make it public.

"Scripting batteries"

"Pos scripts" combined with " a crew" , fueled in batteries should give the player the possibilty to set priority on targets which the pos lock and attack.

so if it dosent be sucessfull within a setted time The batterie switch to the next target on the "script list"
or at least the player can order the next priority via a command into the pos menue.

It could probally increase the pos warfare a bit, and make it more tasty. Batteries combined with players, which " control" pos moduls could be an option against "smaler" capital drops.

Such an option would cost a bit more include extra fuel + this kind of scripts.
A First step into making "crew-members" more usefull, and introduce simple steps into planetary interaction.

pa example:

smal turret upgrade baterrie include a script:

Script I := set 2 ship types on a list

Script II : = set 3 ship types on a list

Script III : = set 4 ship types on a list

Crew members:

High commander: 1 is need for a batterie

Commander: - upon the numbers of guns which was combined 3 x commander ( 3 shifts each day) are needed for each turret

soldiers:- 1 commander = 60 soldiers ( 20 for each shift)

engineers- upon the numbers turrets 3 each ( 1 per shift)

combined turrets gives the place for : civil strutucres on each pos, which increase the bonuses to the cre members.

If the crew members will be splitted up into quality levels, which could increase via sucessfull work on defending poses, locking time to switch targets could be lower, wrecking hits could be more often etc...

just an idea

Katana Seiko
Posted - 2008.12.02 10:31:00 - [9]

you mean m³, right? That's NOT m/3 but m^3!

But well, I think that it's easier to bring in a larger tower, unanchor the old one and anchor the new one...

Posted - 2008.12.02 17:35:00 - [10]

Originally by: Katana Seiko
you mean m³, right? That's NOT m/3 but m^3.
But well, I think that it's easier to bring in a larger tower, unanchor the old one and anchor the new one...

mean m³, right? = Jepp.

Before unanchoring the old tower u had to unanchor all other moduls.
Then anchoring the new tower and all needed moduls.
This takes to much time.

The idea behind the "Pos upgrade sets" is finding another way which reduce the time of anchoring/ unanchoring. Include finding some more market stuff to build, and adding new "aspects" to the actually poses.

Col Callahan
Boogie Monsters
Posted - 2008.12.02 21:52:00 - [11]


I really feel that having to completely disassemble a med pos to the turn around and put up a large because of what ever reason is unnecessary.

Drahcir Monarchy
Armed Guardian Services Incorporated
Posted - 2008.12.02 21:56:00 - [12]

another good idea...

Posted - 2008.12.03 11:50:00 - [13]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 03/12/2008 11:52:09
Edited by: Macmuelli on 03/12/2008 11:51:09
A question i ve atm is: (speculate)

How to upgrade such a pos?

And how could be the logistic around this idea?

It should not be to easy or difficult but worth doing it.

From the beginning.

"Pos upgrade set" for towers:

Bpos should be avaiable on the local market depended on the stations which are inside the regions u are in and there offers.
Upgrade sets gots serveral requirements to build, like Minerals/ other industrial market goods like electrnoic/ mechanical parts/ include construction parts like station ones etc.

This upgrade sets can be offer/sold/buyed on the market like Pos moduls.
They can be transportet within all kind of industrial ships upon the size the have.

Upgrading the Pos via such an upgrade set.

easy way:

Launch it from the cargobay from your industrial and connect it via pos menü to the tower.
Start upgrading....
In this time everything ( include the forcefield) turn offline.
When the upgrading is completed u had to turn them online again.

difficult way:( depended on a new ship type)

call it "complex engineering operator"

Load the upgrade set inside the cargobay.
Connect this ship to the pos and start upgrading it via the pos menue.
The advantage of this ship should be, that it can support settet systems with energy within the time with energy.
So probally the forcefield could run , if u had put fuel into it the vessel. Or it takes hisself fuel from the fuel bay of the anchored tower.
Within this time it should be like a rorqual within his industrial modus.
Having more the 2 of this vessels to upgrade a pos, it should be able to support serveral moduls around a pos with energy, that u have a smal chance to protect your upgrading.

What kind of ship it could be?

Probally a Tech II Carrier.

A mixture of industrial with support/ logistic and his special role upgrading poses via this idea.

Posted - 2008.12.04 23:27:00 - [14]

With the upcoming Tech III ship models, this kind of carriers should have a simplier similar system.

Pa example:

If u want to use this kind of carrier to upgrade your pos, u can fit a special modul which has a special role then.
Like a special needed "energy generator modul" which is able to hold the Forcefield online , when upgrading the pos.

Or a "Defense command modul" which is able to hold limited numbers of pos moduls online.

This could be a Role for a Tech II carrier, depended on the idea upgrading poses.

just an idea

Posted - 2008.12.08 22:50:00 - [15]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 08/12/2008 22:52:32
Edited by: Macmuelli on 08/12/2008 22:52:09
Some Thoughts about such a ship:

- Ship Hull like Tech I carriers
- increased resist by 10% each
- Skill bonus like Tech I carriers

Extra role bonus:

"This ship was made to Upgrade Starbase Structures, with the possibilty to let defense/ offense systems online, when doing it."

- + 1 offense/ defense module each level (high slots)
- - 5 % Posupgrading time each level

Corphangar : 30 k m^3
Cargobay : 15 k m^3
Upgrade structures bay: 100 k m^3
Fuel bay : 40 k m^3
Jump range : 3 lightyears

- Same numbers of slots like the tech I carriers.

skills:- carrier level V
- starbase configuration V
- complex starbase configuration
- advanced weapon controls level V
- advanced anchoring
- starbase defense level V
- advanced starbase defense

Defense Moduls:

" Shield Generator unit ": - able to let the forcefield online for the costs of fuel similar to pos fuel.
( limited to connect only 1 per ship)
When serveral carriers connected to the Pos, which had fitted such a modul, the fuel consumtion will be splitted up.

"Shield Hardener unit": - able to let 1 Hardener structure online, per fitted modul, when upgrading.

"EW Generator unit": - able to let 1 ecm/dampener/disruptors or stasis webber structure online, per fitted modul, when upgrading.

Offense Moduls:

"Turret connection unit": - able to let 1 turret based Structure online per fitted modul, when upgrading

"Missle connection unit": - able to let 1 missle based structure online per fitted modul, when upgrading


Having a offense modul fitted, neutralize the effects of defence based moduls.

Towers + connection slots:

smal Towers: 3 Slots
medium Towers: 4 slots
large Towers: 5 slots

Each slots limit the numbers of tech II carriers which can be connected to upgrade.

When planning upgrading a pos u should connect 1 carrier to upgrade, and depended on the numbers of free slots from the defense / offense fitted carriers.

Connecting the carrier to the pos,brings u in a similar modus like the "Siege" on dreads.

- not possible to move for the time it runs
- needs fuel like stronthium to keep it running

extra: - reinforce modus within this time.
( depended on the hull damage u take it goes into reinforce modus- depended if no forcefield was online within this time)
the player is able to leave the ship then and start repairing it or let it killed/ borded by other players.
- only the highest skilled plaers gives the time reducing bonus on the upgrade cycle within this modus
- increased drone speed/ damae / range within this modus
( not able to launch within a forcefiedl so its your choice)

Probally worth investigating more into details in this idea. I would like to hear more comments/ improvments and critism, if something like this could work, or would be interesting.

upgraded poses should be improved and much harder to kill then the actually ones. But more on this in a later post.

just an idea

breg mac

Daddy Xerox
Posted - 2008.12.09 00:21:00 - [16]

One problem with this:

When upgrading/downgrading a tower the shield radius changes, overlapping equipment anchored outside the shield (thus offlining them), or leaving them tens of KM from the new shield radius.

If they are automatically 'pushed' outward on a direct vector from the center point of the tower (or pulled, rearranging themselves not to overlap if they're drawn in to a smaller tower).

I would assume that all modules would go offline during the upgrade process and the owning corp would then have to online everything manually?

Posted - 2008.12.09 07:31:00 - [17]

Originally by: Daddy Xerox
One problem with this:

When upgrading/downgrading a tower the shield radius changes, overlapping equipment anchored outside the shield (thus offlining them), or leaving them tens of KM from the new shield radius.

If they are automatically 'pushed' outward on a direct vector from the center point of the tower (or pulled, rearranging themselves not to overlap if they're drawn in to a smaller tower).

I would assume that all modules would go offline during the upgrade process and the owning corp would then have to online everything manually?

They changing of shield radius i`vnt count into this idea.

A Solution could be:

When upgrading, every modul goes offline.

1. Step: inside a setted Timeframe, all moduls goes in range to the new shield radius, that nothng overlapped.
- inside this timeframe u cannot run the shield generator to let the forcefield online.
( a time buffer to attack such an upgrade operation)
- the bonus of the skill could reduce this timeframe

2. Step: after all moduls goes in range of the shield radius, the player is able to connect defense/ offense via this carrier.
- similar to anchoring strutures and setting them online
- a minimal timeframe to attack such upgrade operations.

3. Step: after upgrading the tower, the player need to set every modul which turns offline , online again.
- connected moduls via carriers, will be anchored and had to set online again via pos menu etc
- carriers are able to let them online for the cost s of fuel. ( a coupling ship between the pos and the moduls when upgrading.

This is perhaps a solution, include a chance attacking such an upgrading operation more sucessfull. Support would be needed when upgrading a Pos.
When controlling via carrier , offense/ defense moduls it should leave the forcefield.

breg mac

Posted - 2008.12.09 19:37:00 - [18]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 09/12/2008 19:38:45
Some more thoughts and details about the upgrade process.

The changing of the shield size could be tricky when upgraidng a pos. But a good chance attacking such an operation within this timeframe.

The post before isnt very detailled, and adding some more thoughts.
Sry for doubleposts.

Following steps should/could be come then:( upgrading a tower)

1. Connecting the carrier to the Pos.
- starting the upgrade process.
- upgrading preperation cycle starts and takes 5 minutes.

2. Step: - Structure preparation cycle starts
In this time all structures turns offline.
after they are offline, the unachoring process starts and takes the normal time.
-reducing it via the carrier which is connected to the pos
- all structures unanchor similar at the same time

3. step: -unanchored structures starts moving in his new range. ( 25-50 m per sec.)

It means a timeframe of 400-200 seconds they need to get into his new position.

4. step: -onlining a shield generator (optional)
- only possible when the new moduls are in range to the new size of the forcefield

5. step : automatic anchoring process of the offense/ defense structures when they reached there new position.
- after anchoring is completed, carriers will be able to connect to the pos, controlling offense/ defense moduls

6. step :- connecting carriers outside the forcefield ( optional)
in this modus , the fighter can be launched + getting his bonuses
- reinforce modus will take effect then

7. step : after the upgrade is completed, the player need to online the offense/ defense structures.

I hope i havent forget something.
Could this work?
Is it possible to add such a system to improve the pos.

By this , u could reduce the Time u need to unachore an old pos and anchor a new one.

Some thoughts will follow, about the upgrade of "reaction structures", and offense / defense structures to batteries.

An adapted time for the "upgrading process" is needed to found. How long it could be?

Posted - 2008.12.10 19:06:00 - [19]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 10/12/2008 19:12:32
Offense/ Defence batteries + Scripts

Should change the pos warfare a bit, and given the player/ corp. the advantage upgrading to this batteries.
Also this should introduce the first steps into using crew members into this game.

Defence batteries:

Everything within the sector of : ECM/ sensor dampening or Hardener

Offense Batteries: Everything within Turrets/ Missles / Tracking arrays/ nos/warp disrupt/ webber

Batteries should have several sizes, which define the numbers of connectable structures to One battery.


Upgraded turret array:

Small: = 3 slots
Medium: = 4 slots
Large: = 5 slots
No imitation on the size of guns.

Batterie Hangars:

Hangar 1: ammo (maximum 3 different ones)
- damage/ range = average of the combined stats

Hangar 2: scripts
- can set targets which will be focused, (cruiser/ bs/ dread etc..)
-extra bonuses which increase wrecking hits on targets

Hangar 3: crews
- rank / shift based
like: 1 High commander which lead the batterie:
9 weapon officers ( 3 each weapon- 1 each shift – 1shift = 8 hrs)
9 weapon engineers ( 3 each weapon- 1 each shift – 1shift = 8 hrs)
18 assistance engineers ( 2 for each weapon engineer to assist per shift)
??? numbers of other assistance crews members

- needed for scripts, which make it possible to run
- Higher qualified crew members increase the chance of script extra bonuses
- Npc experience system ( most tricky thing that need a real focus that it cant be exploitet by corp/ alliances – probably depended on a war declaration)
- u need to pay crews members

The idea behind upgrading to “batteries” should be the same like actually weapon grouping.
The advantage should be significant focused fire.
An increased chance of wrecking hits to attacking ships via an added crew member system.
Controllable via advanced starbase defence skill, which gives the chance for 2-3 corp members controlling the full pos, when other members trying to defend the pos in ships.

Something like this could boost the “upgrading pos idea”.

Defence batteries:

script bonuses could be:

“Siege braking” ( a percentage chance generating a field( limited in radius) which is able to break all siege modus within this field.)
His nature is a tactic one. It could split up attacking fleets.
It could eat there stronthium , which make it possible counterattack such a fleet in a capital fight.
Pick up “siege braked” Dreadnoughts with your Turret batteries to have a chance letting the enemy loose something, when doing pos warfare.

“ Warp disrupting fields”
- combined warp disrupter to a batteries needed
-the script increase a percentage chance, generating a field( limited in radius) to prevent enemy from warp
- super capitals can be warp disrupt within such a field

If it’s able to prevent a super capital from warping via the warp disruption script, it should be an improved kind of it for poses.
Limit it to a percentage chance, will not kill hics/ or dictors.

Probally a challenge to pos warfare.

“ECM Burst scripts”:

- combined ecm structures to a batteries
- Percentage chance to generate a field ( limited in radius), which jam everything within.

Such Field will be generated on a ship and his position. If the ship is moving, the field holds in position.
This fields should have a time cycle, which opens a timeframe for counterattacks.

The possibilty of controlling such batteries would open probally a chance for a pos warfare challenge.

a chance if its do/ balanceable

Posted - 2008.12.11 11:35:00 - [20]

" Hardener Batterie":

combine hardener to an upgraded batterie.

- scripts allow to connect such hardener batteries to offense moduls to icrease there resist

-something like this would open the way defending turret batteries, and change will change tactitcs enemy could field.
It would be much harder to kill , and probally given a timeframe counterattack your enemie

When turrets batteries going into reinforce, the connection will be lost.
It needs to regenerate and connect to a 2. / 3. batterie upon the scripts u had put in.

1 . script: Connection to a large turret batterie.

2. script: connection to a second large turret batterie

3. script connected to the forcfield.

First batterie goes into reinforce.
10 minute timer to connect to the 2 scripted structure.

It would give a time frame for the enemie to kill it faster then it can be connected. But who knows what kind of script was setted. It could be also a script which keeps reist on a "ecm burst" batterie.
And the siege modus will be more ften brak.
This would add a lot of diffrent possibiltys.

A solution against overpowered high sec poses via this upgrade, culd be in a limitation of anchoring objects in space.
Limit it to industrial upgraded structures.

Posted - 2008.12.15 19:47:00 - [21]

Probally scripts around this idea should be spiltted to.

Scripts for upgraded defense batteries are only placeable within the tower.
They are within the forcefield and not destructable. So u cannot do anything against them before not having everything else destroyed.
This scripts can be connect this batteries to the forcefield and the offense batteries.

Scripts for offense batteries are only placeable inside the structures outside the shield.
They set the ship types which will be first attacked. etcc., then going to the next target.

Connected tech II carriers should increase the sucess for there percantage chance getting the extrabonus.

Some ideas around upgraded Reactions structures, and upgraded production structures will follow.

Posted - 2008.12.17 23:50:00 - [22]

„Upgrade moon mining harvesters“

- Limit to 3 moon harvesters- combine with a new „Storage/Depot“
This storage is like a corphangar which has, upon the numbers of harvesters, several hangars which are similar to silos.
U can set this battery to mine the available moon mineral.(if 2 units available u can set 2 moon miners to mine it)

“Scripts” should bring the option mining new added moon ore.

- extrarole bonus is a percentage chance extracting rare ore from the moon.
A “vein of gold”, which is limit in size.

Probally a chance seeding out an adapted number of raw moon minerals like cadmium / hafnium/ platinum etc. to push up the alchemy profession.

Extracting these minerals from the moon ore is coupled to a new skill. (Advanced refining) + (Moon ore reprocessing skill)
As long the market will not be over float with them.

Crews could be combined with stuff, which increase the chance founding such rare ore.
This ore should be available for all moons.
Stuff could be planetary moon harvest vehicles.
A first step into planetary interaction.

Upgrading to complexes.


- can be connected to reactors
- Depot upgrade to storage the end product

Like combining 1-2-3-4-5-6 silos to a depot which set the numbers of hangars then.
Open 1 depot / 6 hangars is easier then open all silos seperat.

Connecting reactors/ refining structures or different producing arrays to the depots make them called “complexes”
Everything should be available in 1 menu/ splittet in hangars.

Posted - 2008.12.18 18:52:00 - [23]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 18/12/2008 18:54:59
Edited by: Macmuelli on 18/12/2008 18:52:51
Depots + equipment construction arrays

Tech III will come , but what about moduls?.

an idea:

Upgraded structures within the pos:


Depot: ( 4 combined silos= 4 hangars)+
1 equipment assembly array.
depots= crew hangar avaible where u can playe engineers/ scripts

crew members (upon his qiúalitys and experience) should reduce the time which is needed to build the tech II modul/ ship etc.

something like this could aad a new "resources" to the market, based on crew /team members, which will be needed to build and improve the industrie.

To produce the Tech III modul u will need.

1x tech II modul
1x diffrent materials
1x empty hangar for the end product
1x empty hangar for produced waste/ trash / garbage

Materials for the tech III moduls mineable via the incoming wormholes etc.
Blueprints are not avaiable for tech III moduls.
It should be like "Modifying scripts"

This scripts, upon the quality, allow to modify tech II moduls and bring them near to deadspace stuff.
Officers modifeid stuff will have the status of beeing " rare".
Tech III is close to deadspace moduls.

A Balanceing is done, and no more needed, if tech III moduls brings us close to deadspace stuff.

Depots + component assembly aarays could be needed for tech III components to build the incoming tech III ships.
Based on the upgrading poses idea, it would limit big shiney ships (based on tech III) to low sec.

Upgraded ship asembly arrays + Depots should be needed to combine the tech III components to build the tech III ship.

Just an idea.

If not happend with tech III
a chance for tech IV ?

Posted - 2008.12.22 07:34:00 - [24]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 26/12/2008 05:40:09
"Repair units"

Based on a depot and several hangars within.

Hangar 1: -is needed for a materials u need to repair stuff similar like nanite repair paste.

Hangar 2: -is needed for repair unit drones, similar to fighter drones but with a logistic role

Hangar 3: -is needed for crew members to increase the repair ammount + scripts which can have a percentage chance loweing therepair time cycle.

If something like this is based on a system where material/ repair units are needed, it would give a Time frame to defend, and repair it faster after reinforce.
It should not bring back the shield to a level where u can refuel the stronthium bay.
It s a possibilty to support and help.

The timeframe to defend a pos is much to short at this time.
If capital fleets need not more then 1 stronthium cycle to reinforce a pos, it goes probally one day to a status like " waste to place".
(A fully offense setuped pos with max dmg needs around 7 minutes to destroy a dread in siege)
Meas u are probally not able to kill one before the had bring u in reinforce.
More opportunitys to increase the time frame for such a fight would be helpfull.

Posted - 2008.12.26 05:43:00 - [25]

if this would ever happend....
Something to destroy it all is needed.

A Tech II Dreadnought with an extrabonus like
creating a field , where a siege breaking pos structure cant be sucessfull.
Limited in radius that serveral are needed to cover a full capital fleet.

Posted - 2009.01.10 22:56:00 - [26]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 10/01/2009 22:57:46
a little bump because poses are out of time right now.

Posted - 2009.02.04 10:27:00 - [27]

x3 complex building was nice, but full spawing a solarsystem, with a "never going in again because u are lagged out option" wasent the best.

Complex building of serveral pos modules should find a way into here too. It would make things more simple, if u have invest into it.


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