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Posted - 2008.10.19 14:56:00 - [1]

For a while I have been funding an archaeological dig on one the Matari planets.
Upon Receiving Data Pictures on some the finds I made my way there where they have come across strange ruins that bare Tribal Marking they havenít seen before and all attempts at recognition via data bases f those Tribal markings that have been catalogued, came up blank.

I resorted to seeking advice from some the more revered Shaman of the many tribes of the Minmatar but they did not recognise them either, one particular part of the ruins was what appears to be some kind of temple with primitively made iron tablets heavily inscribed with strange unfamiliar rune script which featured heavily around an all most inhuman female figure.

Tablet 1a

At first glances it resembles some thing all most serpent like with the head of a falcon or maybe a snake yet wings of some thing much akin to a batís wings while at the base of the figure could either be a second creature or even part of a the being it self is a pair of Scorpion like pincers.
As shown, here in an enlargement of the captured image.

Enlargement of Tablet 1A

Unfortunately due to the location being in a system so close to contested Matari and Amarrian zone I had to leave with only the data images and artefact that I could carry and do the above research upon.
I hope to return to the site and try to learn more at some point despite the dangers of Empire and State Militaís.

What has been theorised is that these may have been some Anchent Shamanic complex used in the worship of the Matari's Ancestors that or may have been used to keep a record of ancient legends or prophecies.

If it where writings of prophecies then the strange female figure could have represented a great disaster that back then would occur in the far future such as maybe the enslavement of the Minmatar people, but then again that would be giving into superstions and old wives tails.

Alternatively, perhaps the creature is some kind of animal guide as some of the Shaman tend to follow the guidance of, though to be honest much study and research on these finding must be made.
Yet even then, I fear a conclusion may not be brought to life leaving the facts buried in the far depths of time.

Willem Revolati
Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2008.10.19 15:36:00 - [2]

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Very interesting stuff indeed.

I am no scientist or historian, and I am hardly in touch my tribe's, the Vherokior's, shamanic history, but I might be able to offer a few suggestions with regards some possible routes within the Matari community.

One possible route to take would be to investigate a possible Thukker link. Now the Thukker tribe is very much 'scattered' which is part of the reason their history is very enigmatic, even to it's own members. Think of the Thukker Tribe as nothing more than a grouping of many smaller Clans, organisations and families which each stake claims on territory, trade, at times piracy, and each one has it's own morals, motives, beliefs and folklores. The problem here is that you are now looking at 100's of possible tribal links, as from what I understand there is no over ruling shamanic or other religous belief system that links the Thukker Tribe... It is only their shared desire to live as nomads and look out for one another that has made them create the alliance between the smaller clans. I myself am not particularly on good terms with the Thukker, haha, I guess I've killed to many of their Angel friends! But I would recomend trying to find some form of Thukker contact, if you havent already done so, they are not all scoundrels as CONCORD seems to want us to think I have a Thukker friend who is quite a liberal minded person, but even so you should be careful when approaching them.

Have you also been looking into a possible link to some form of Amarr cult or sub-religion. I know little about this, but I do understand that their have been many a small religious grouping in Amarr space with many different belief systems, and seems though you said it was a Minmatar defended warzone, it may be some reminant of am Amarr group that lived their prior to the rebellion and the retaking of Matari territory.

Either way good luck with your investigation, I wish I could offer more help. Almost makes me wish I'd undertaken an education in Archaeology rather than the military, I suppose it is never to late to change your lifes direction...


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