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Posted - 2008.10.16 22:19:00 - [1]

Hello im newish to eve but know a fair bit about it from my friend. i only been playing a month and in a week and 20Mill i be in a T2 pvp hurricane and just looking for a corp to help me get started on he PvP front of eve


William Caldon
Golden Cross Enterprises
Posted - 2008.10.16 22:26:00 - [2]

Edited by: William Caldon on 16/10/2008 22:32:31

Isaac Starstriker
Frontier Venture
Posted - 2008.10.16 22:33:00 - [3]

Hi There!

Amarr Sisterhood of Galactic Sirens is a T2 Industry & PVP corp. We're currently looking for all kinds of pilots and would be interested in recruiting you. We're a mature & fun corp so a sense of humor helps. Our base of pilots is 40+ pilots that live in the US and EU. Someone is always online to help you out.

We're currently based in Amarrian low-sec space with access to null-sec. We provide free PVP ships. We are anti-pirate. Our goal is to get based in null-sec space.

Looking for:
People who can operate in low/null sec a lot.
People who use Ventrilo frequently
People who want to group up and do things together. No solo ppl
People who are friendly and helpful!

Want more information? Send me an eve-mail and I can tell you more.

--Isaac Starstriker

Volatile Nature
Posted - 2008.10.17 01:42:00 - [4]

You may being part of fighting the NC in the big 0.0 war ... Also the triple bs spawns are nice where we live aswell... i almost wisht eh pvp could stop for just a day so i could have a break but its just too funn... i would like to talk to you ingame aswell..


Ka Jolo
The Tuskers
Posted - 2008.10.17 02:03:00 - [5]

PvP in a Hurricane? Just the sort of thing we do in the Tuskers. Check us out--I think you'd fall in love with lowsec piracy. Though tbh we'd probably encourage you to learn the ropes in a Rifter first.

Nathan Harrow
Posted - 2008.10.17 07:57:00 - [6]

Hiya mate

I think we could offer you what you are after. Duty is a medium sized Empire War Dec/Contract Corp (100%PVP based)UK based with the majority of its membership based in and around the EU with a growing US membership.

What we can offer:
Empire war decs
Nightly fleets, either against war targets or Pirates
Experienced PVP gangs and FC's
Plenty of kills
A chance to make those skill points count for something...

Check out our killboard at

Join our public channel "Duty." (mind the fullstop) or convo myself, Toushi Kimura or Requiem Jofama for an interview



Ecliptic Misfit
Posted - 2008.10.17 08:59:00 - [7]

Edited by: Ecliptic Misfit on 17/10/2008 09:00:01
PvP and Hurricanes are something we are also familiar with. Take a look here and see if what we're about interests you...

Bin Drinkin
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.10.17 17:40:00 - [8]

Edited by: Bin Drinkin on 18/10/2008 19:34:42
If you are looking for the kind of guys that can crack a joke, pew pew, take a joke, and still fly next to you at the same time FHAWK could be for you. Mostly active or prior service guys running the corp which should/could give you an idea of what sort of fun we can get our fingers into.

We are PVP orientated with a serious arm in capitals, spec'ed for pew pew, and aligned to join back into the ranks of nullsec alliances once we have our numbers we would like to have.

Please contact my CEO in game La Merovingian. Our public channel is Get FHAWKed.

Ornery Cantankerous Curmudgeons
Posted - 2008.10.17 18:05:00 - [9]

Please take a moment to read about the Ihatalo Cartel and what we have to offer. Ihatalo Navy may be just the place you are looking for...

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2008.10.20 16:22:00 - [10]

4+ Empire War Decs WEEKLY ... Plenty of PVP action ... Will contact you in-game.

Our Public Chat: PITBOSS' Office

Our Recruitment Thread: CLICKY

Butterfly Effect Corp.
Lorenz Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.21 20:09:00 - [11]

Hi Dharoleth,

Brothers In Scarlet is actively looking for newer players to join our growing and expanding corporation. Every week we've been able to gain and retain new players so that anyone that joins will have other people to fly with. Brothers In Scarlet (BROIS) is dedicated to helping newer players learn the game and develop their characters. The corporation is built upon the principles of Grow, Expand, and Conquer as these are the cornerstones to our corp so is the determination to build ourselves an economic empire. Currently there are no recruiting restrictions except we do not allow piracy. This is important for you to know, in that you have the freedom to build your character in any way you see fit. BROIS already has many assets and a newly developed industrial office capable of supporting its member's needs and wants. As a democratic corporation, you have the choice of also buying shares in the company which would allow your voice to be heard on issues put to vote. Our members, with a seasoned leadership staff, point the corp in the direction they want by having that voice. If you're looking for a place to fly with good helpful people, and a good adrenaline rush as we move closer to low security, then fly on in and check us out. You won't regret your decision when you join, guaranteed.

You can place applications in any of our two offices Located at Thebeka VI - Moon20 - Imperial Chancellor Bureau Offices, or Myyhera VIII - Moon 12 - Chemical Tech Factory

also if you have any more questions regarding our corp, feel free to evemail or private convo any of our officers Killhelm / Coromant / Procurion / SlikSherman / Fiona Li

Hope to see you,
Killhelm - Founder and CEO Brothers In Scarlet
Have Fun, Fly Safe, Stay Loyal


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