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The Vixen
Stone Rosary
Posted - 2008.10.16 20:13:00 - [1]

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DataPipe Industry is currently a two-man operation centered around mining and production.
We are looking for hands that are interested in the Industry aspects of EvE and need somewhere to learn them. We've got the bank, we just need the man-power.

If you:
- Are over 15 days old
- Are interested in Industry (Mining, Production, Trading or Hauling)
- Are interested in PVP and/or Ratting in Lowsec
- Are interested in learning how to make good ISK in EvE

And most of all:
- Are looking for a group of reliable friends that are looking to build a well-rounded corp who is very active and are interested in playing a large role in the corp's direction

Let us know!

Convo/Mail the following people:

The Vixen
Kord Rim
Origin AD

DataPipe Industries has found a spot in HighSec, 5 Jumps away from the closest HUB, on the border of lowsec and only 3 jumps away from 0.0.

We have found the market that we intend to dominate, but we need more people to make this dream a reality.

Long term goals:
- Dominate market control in an area
- Move manufacturing and supply to lowsec
- Then to 0.0 with an eventual POS in 0.0.

If you are interested in building something you are proud of and playing with a group of people who really want to dig into EVE, then this is the place for you.

Move along if you are just looking for another corp to be a lifeless body in.

We are looking for AMBITION!

The Vixen
Stone Rosary
Posted - 2008.10.17 14:58:00 - [2]

First Bump.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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