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Dr Slaughter
Coreli Corporation
Posted - 2008.10.16 01:09:00 - [31]

Originally by: Chaos Incarnate
Will there be more certificates introduced, especially for capital ships and other more amusing ones like Hull Tanking?

There should be at least one certificate for honor tanking Laughing

Eran Laude
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2008.10.16 07:05:00 - [32]

Will medals be displayed using the current decorations tab used for militia ranks, and if so will these militia decorations finally re-appear to other players?

I appreciate the sensitivity of unreleased info regarding ambulation right now, but are there plans to let characters make medals/decorations into physical objects for ambulation that can be worn?

Finally, will alliances/corporations be able to make their own certificates specifying exactly what they want, or will they be able to set prerequisite/recommended certificates for applicants in a tab similar to what we see for items and ships in the current Sisi deployment?

Posted - 2008.10.16 07:43:00 - [33]

On test server, it appeared the medals will be player created, which is of course awesome to roleplaying corporations and alliances.

Two questions.

First: Will there medals awarded by the system for ingame accomplishments (for example, Factional Warfare kills or complex captures or even tasks such as ratting or exploration)?

Second: Can medals be awarded to people not part of the corporation, and how will these be handled if the corporation that awarded them ceases to exist? Is it possible to prevent people awarding you medals and cluttering your decorations page with stuff like "Noob of the Year" and "Darwin Award" kind of medals?

Celestin Koening
Posted - 2008.10.16 09:14:00 - [34]

medals and certificates?
When it will be available and under what functionality they have?
what will happens to alliances?

Freemason Core
Posted - 2008.10.16 10:08:00 - [35]


I checked the certificates out on the test server. seem pretty nice. One thing I found I didn't like much was that some specializations (for example ecm specialist - elite) required illogical skills (multitasking 5 in case of the ecm specialist). I'm worried if the certificates do not reflect the game itself and it's mechanics (no ecm ship can lock 12 targets so why on earth multitasking 5), they will be just proofs of wasted skillpoints and thus not taken seriously.

Q: Will you remap the skill requirements so that they will reflect what is really going on on the live server?



P.S.: Medals seem nice just need an option to remove ornaments in the creation process. Now, once you add an ornament, it cannot be removed, just changed.

Freemason Core
Posted - 2008.10.16 10:16:00 - [36]

One more question comes to my mind...

Q: Will there be private certificates?

A private certificate would be a corporation issued certificate that the corporation could use for recruitment (show us you got the skills we want and we let you in) or merely to give military ranks and fleet positions within the corp/alliance (pass this certificate and you can be a part of our sniper squad). That would be really cool and add much depth into the system.

Trimutius III
Avalon Guards
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2008.10.16 10:51:00 - [37]

Certificates is surely for good. But did CCP insured that in certificate there are no "useless" skills? Such as Multitasking for example. Almost nobody trains that skills, because it's hard to find a situation where u'll need it.

Does the certificates specialized? Ice Proccessing Certificate must NOT include Ore Proccessing Skills and Scrapmetal Processing, because nobody needs that skills to refine ice.

As i heard others about Singularity. Certificates sometimes not in balance or even not good. They must be based on old player experience, and not on some thoughts without any player experience under it.
Will this be changed?

Zeta Fleet
Posted - 2008.10.16 11:23:00 - [38]

It sounds to me like the certificates are nothing more than a shortcut to figuring out which skills are needed to be good at something instead of just reading through all the skills and deciding for yourself which ones to train.

Originally by: Cailais

Any plans to link certificates to missions? e.g you need to be a Gallente Military Specialist to complete a mission - or as a guide to newbs (recommended certs)?


linking certifcates to missions would not be cool! It would probably reqire ppl to train for ships or races they prefer not to use just to do a mission. For example, i like to do lvl 4 missions with a wolf or a claw when i need sec gains. I don't want to do it with a BS or anything that big and it would really decrease my gaming experience to be required to have certain certificates to do a mission instead of being standings based.

Freemason Core
Posted - 2008.10.16 11:24:00 - [39]

Originally by: Lord Zanthrus
Originally by: Blake Rathen
Edited by: Blake Rathen on 15/10/2008 17:39:36
Wrangler, you may want to post the dev blog on certificates in the OP. It would also help to have a blog on these elusive 'medals', which, currently, people can only guess at from the information available (unless it has already been explained; if so, please share the link).

As for the live dev blog, my interests lie in the general vein of 'how will certificates and medals enhance corporation management?'.
  • e.g. will a corp member's certificates be viewable in a handy summary table by either the CEO, directors, or other corp members? This function would be useful for assembling fleets, assigning directors/leaders, and discussing skill training between members.
  • e.g. will alliance XO's have access to members' certificates as well?

Edit: i.e. will certificates be a 'sharable' piece of a pilot's corporate or alliance identity?


It says in the blog that the certificates can be set to public or private by the player. So technically yes, they will have access to them if the player gives them the access, however everyone else will have this access too.

private certificates/medals should still be possible to link in private convo/evemail, that is my humble opinion

Underworld Protection Agency
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.10.16 11:28:00 - [40]

a question about the medals, as many have asked, giving medals out to people would be usefull, for example, if you are in a freighter and u get attacked, you could give someone a medal if they have took the time to come and save you...
also, if when the walking in stations patch appears would there be a possibilty for pirates with say -8 standings that enter a high sec station to run through station and hide at a "safe house" style apartment block
last question, is there ever going to be skill training ques??? that way i don't have to log in at 3 a'clock in the morning to train skill -_-

Posted - 2008.10.16 11:42:00 - [41]

Will there be medals for faction warfare militias, or only for player corps ?

Posted - 2008.10.16 11:52:00 - [42]

Why is it that CCP post these release topics, people have many questions and they never ever bother to reply. Really bugs the crap out of me! Answer peoples questions CCP. You can't be that busy!!!!!

Jim B'ozor
Posted - 2008.10.16 11:54:00 - [43]

Originally by: ArmyOfMe
whats the point??
couldnt this development time been spent on something remotly usefull?

I agree wholehartedly, and who wants ambulation? - not i. If i wanted 1st person i wouldn't be playing eve

Sean O'Murachu
Posted - 2008.10.16 12:00:00 - [44]

Suggestion: Allow players to access their inactive ship's refit window. It's irritating having to wait half a minute to switch ships back and forth to change their load outs.

Pimp Mustafa
Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.10.16 12:09:00 - [45]

when is the black ops going to be fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted - 2008.10.16 12:15:00 - [46]

ExclamationSplendid Gentlemen, but no need to be an egotist, not all speak in english, lead the sections and on other popular languages! Not all You understand!

Caius LiviusCerso
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.16 12:20:00 - [47]

Originally by: Vaneorius
Will a CEO or director be able to preconfigure medals such as pilot killed 20 pilots in one week, or Pilot Mined a Million m3 in Ore automatically receives a specific medal and possible reward in isk or items? Would be pretty cool for say corps that specifically do PVP, Mining, Missions the corp could have several preset Medals with rewards e.g Pilot completes 200 Missions in one week or 1k in a month, Or will it always be static so the CEO or directors have to create a new medal for each character with limited options? Thinking of the above with Ambulations the options are trully endless.

Has the ability to set a Certificate to train which would only start by confirming and giving the skill books been talked about. This gets into the larger Skill queue certificates debate i know but certainely needs better clarification due to recent events.

Possibility of adding corp certificates so a Director could devise a plan including numerous certificates they want pilots to train towards, And also if you complete all certificates in one category you are rewarded with a Diploma (call it whatever you like) in that category.

Thought of adding certificates to the recruitment page so Corps can add certificates they require pilots to have to join and change them depending if the corp needs Miners, cap pilots and so on, Pilots could have a check box which automatically shows which corps would accept them with his or hers current certificates kind of like a University.

How about more medals for FW such as for Points or kills achieved in one week but not be easy to achieve.

Id love to know those too..

Posted - 2008.10.16 13:01:00 - [48]

if interested in the medals and certificates?

it is much more important and interesting gohst the skill not to quit!ExclamationIdea

belicose bludd
Posted - 2008.10.16 13:11:00 - [49]

Just wondered is this going to fill a USEFUL role in game...or just a window dressing for pokemon players? Will it REALLY inhance game play? How about the meriad of other adds/patch requests never once again..SKILL QUE...yes SKILL QUE...say it with me SKILL-FREAKING-QUE!!! the ghosting bug..5yrs. and countingMad...when oh when will some player requests be addressed? While I'm sure having a nifty..shiny medal saying to the universe "hey I'm so freakn' cool...and someone else thinks so too." Is really high on the must do now list...or a piece of paper that says you trained a skill to a level that lets you use "X pokemon ball" is *WAY* usefulSad..can the other players that like to play this game have requests filled too?...I'm sure the players been breaking down your doors to have medals for 5 yrs...rightRolling Eyes...and if you MUST have medal/cets first then put me in for the *****n' much award! Laughing

Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2008.10.16 13:39:00 - [50]

Will the new medal system encompass Alliance Tournament Medals as well? Currently, my alt on an inactive account has my medal, will it be locked to him when the medal system goes live, or will I be able to transfer it between characters like any other item?

Krylon Rhae
Posted - 2008.10.16 13:41:00 - [51]

Frankly speaking... seems like eye-candy and a waste of programming resources.

royal killer
Shadows Of The Federation
Posted - 2008.10.16 14:03:00 - [52]

Good day wrangler, unfortunetly at the time beeing that the live dev blog will be, I shall be at work Crying or Very sad So my question is: Will it be recorded or anything of such sort thing? I really don't wanna miss thisSad

Posted - 2008.10.16 14:27:00 - [53]

For what are these Medals ? Can i do something with the Medals or are the just for " hey look i have a bigger one" stuff ?

And btw plz fix the stuff with the window position thing.

Posted - 2008.10.16 14:29:00 - [54]

Edited by: EscortQueen on 16/10/2008 14:30:52
Will "view certificates/ medals" replace the lag creating feature of "copy bookmarks" in fleet battles?

And will certificates really impact the new "advanced trading" feature that will come with the next expansion? If yes, in what way will they do so?

221st Century Warfare
Posted - 2008.10.16 14:31:00 - [55]

I didn't think i would have a question but now i do.

Who's idea was it to implement certificates and medals? And who spent how many developer hours on this "snowball launcher" grade feature, isn't there something more important that the developer(s) could have worked in during this time or are their skills limited to sideshow ideas?

Applied Agoraphobia
Posted - 2008.10.16 14:39:00 - [56]

Do you plan on revamping the certificates for real life skill choosing use? You could be giving new players the wrong idea by making them think it is a good idea to train multitasking 5 to get an elite certificate when no ship can use that skill realistically (without autotargeters.) Other examples of porjectile certificates all require the prerequisite cert the include controlled burst. So minmatar pilots with millions of gunnery SPs don't get any recognition for their effort. New players might be inclined to think that the skill is necessary and it is completly a waste for them. And every elite version of a tech two weapon system wants a lvl 5 of that weapon system. How many people really want to train an extra 2% or so for the trade off of so many days (a month or so) of training?

In essence some elite certificates are things people really wouldn't have while others that are prerequisites are common sense to have. It leads to confusion of what an elite certificates value is.

The level system highlights some of problems of the design of the skill system where lvl 1 will get you able to use the skill but is not intended to be what you want to have to be profecient. Lvl 2, and three are just annoyinces to make sure you train through them until you get the gold standard of 4. Which ironicly is listed by certificates as 'Standard.' And lvl 5 taking so much longer than any previous training is elite and rewards so little in terms of progression (except for things that have high percentage change bonuses or carefully desinged ships to fit certain special .) systems and of course except opening up new skill paths.)

Ashundi silver
Windrose Research
Posted - 2008.10.16 15:15:00 - [57]

can you assign medals to a person for a limited time. say someone accomplished something and you award the medal but only for a month so the person has to keep achieving to recieve the medal again after that month?

Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2008.10.16 15:19:00 - [58]

Originally by: Ashundi silver
can you assign medals to a person for a limited time. say someone accomplished something and you award the medal but only for a month so the person has to keep achieving to recieve the medal again after that month?

Employee of the Month FTW! :D

On topic:
Is there a way to associate medals with corp history, so you can retain old medals you received from old corps you belonged to as a sort of resume after you switched corps?

Yanna Onvaro
Posted - 2008.10.16 15:40:00 - [59]

Originally by: CCP Wrangler
This event will take place on Thursday, 16th October, in the in-game channel "Live Dev Blog". It starts at 20:00 GMT and lasts for about one hour.

Given that translates to about 4 pm EST, could you please post an official transcript for those of us who are at RL jobs? I still have no clue what was said at the speed one because I can't find a community transcript.

Posted - 2008.10.16 15:59:00 - [60]

About the Skills, For those peoples who "realy pay" way not now a sistem for make Skill list progres.

If some one have to go for vacatios, work or something like that make a skills list and automatic wen finish one start the next one.

And wen some one log with another chart in the same account and try to start training a skills, why dont make able to start the skill in that chart, and automatic stops in the other chart was training (in the same account)


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