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Chi Quan
Bibkor Enterprises

Posted - 2008.11.20 21:16:00 - [361]


Martin Vaun
Posted - 2008.11.20 22:12:00 - [362]

Speak the Word, brother/sister.

Sebiestor Tribe

Posted - 2008.11.20 23:36:00 - [363]

I can't really see a downside to a skill queue.

Posted - 2008.11.21 01:50:00 - [364]

Edited by: GhiaurX on 21/11/2008 01:52:59

This game has the special feature of training your character while you are not online. We all know it's a really unique feature compared to most (if not all) mmorpgs out there. I support having some kind of queue feature for this game. Since ghost training was nerfed it would be good to have a long queue list ready to train as long as your account is paid. I suggest a long queue because of all the possible reasons why a player might not be able to log in (like mentioned on some of the previous replies on this topic). I strongly believe that it will only beef up this game's reputation and add to the unique qualities this mmorpg already has. I love this game!!!

Posted - 2008.11.21 03:38:00 - [365]

Edited by: Swampland on 21/11/2008 03:46:58
Originally by: Clansworth
Edited by: Clansworth on 22/10/2008 09:55:54
Edited by: Clansworth on 15/10/2008 10:53:59
Easy now Akita, they're too busy dealing with all the spin needed to calm down the incessant whining to actually develop anything right now.

Just imagine what the Petition queue is going to be like from all the 'evemon said it should be done training, and it isn't' complaints?

EDIT: Oh, and to the Idea, I think I would actually prefer that instead of a queue, it would just continue training the current skill until Level V or completed. This would be MUCH faster to code (possibly within a day?), and it just seems to make more sense to me.

Hmmm, posted the exact same idea in the "Features and Ideas Discussion" here:

Didnt find a similar thread there, but noticed one in here instead. Very Happy Allthough, why is it here and not in that section? Anyway, ill give my support here, and link to this topic in that thread aswell then. :)

Posted - 2008.11.21 06:32:00 - [366]


Marcus Atredies
House Atredies
Posted - 2008.11.21 21:34:00 - [367]

The IT idiots at work are blocking ports. I cannot switch while at work anymore. Getting ready to take a trip for work too in Brazil. No internet down there. SKILL QUEUE PLEASE!!!!

Martin Atredies
House Atredies
Posted - 2008.11.21 21:37:00 - [368]

My second paying account supports this idea too.

Posted - 2008.11.22 18:09:00 - [369]

add me on as someone who would like the queue. any of the ideas presented would work for me. what ever is easiest for CCP to implement.

Gods of War LLC

Posted - 2008.11.23 03:37:00 - [370]

Mohenna II
Posted - 2008.11.23 15:45:00 - [371]

+1 to support

tl;dr. What are the chance expectations on this?

Kaylon Vale
Posted - 2008.11.23 17:07:00 - [372]


Goberth Ludwig
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.11.23 19:21:00 - [373]


- Gob

Posted - 2008.11.24 04:50:00 - [374]

NAY, it's too practical this is generally not the philosophy of the great turning machine that is CCP.
I remember when eve use to lag horrendously off of millions of Book marking back-logs, imagine the devestation of millions of symultaneously queuing skills! Mad

This is blasphemy! I will not stand idley by whilst your band of hoodlems try and furthur degrade our lovely community into an unrecognizeable mess of lag and free democracy!

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2008.11.24 07:52:00 - [375]

Not supported, WTS time management skills instead.


Chi Quan
Bibkor Enterprises
Posted - 2008.11.25 19:45:00 - [376]

Originally by: Ben Derindar
Not supported, WTS time management skills instead.


haha, you suck at real life.

Josef Amerentev
E.M.P. Industries
Malum Exuro
Posted - 2008.11.26 00:14:00 - [377]

i would really like a skill queue. I see so many short skills and want to have them train overnight etc.

Posted - 2008.11.26 03:53:00 - [378]

Comon ! Skill queue NOW !

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.11.26 04:44:00 - [379]

Signing this great suggestion

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.11.26 04:48:00 - [380]

Edited by: Kavu on 26/11/2008 04:50:00

yes plz plz plz, im in the military and go on deployments where there is no internet, and cant have a friend update my skills cause its against the EULA, so im a 5 1/2 year char with 44 mil sp's :(

Hercules Strongarm
Posted - 2008.11.26 04:57:00 - [381]

Well said.

Erik Finnegan
Polytechnique Gallenteenne
Posted - 2008.11.26 21:18:00 - [382]

Who needed ghost training? And who needs a skill queue? EVE is a game which continues in RL; even if it is just on you to adjust your appointments or skill plan to get it done right.

I do not commit to this boohay.

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.11.26 22:18:00 - [383]

I endorse said product and/or service.

Olga Mokroff
School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2008.11.26 22:54:00 - [384]

hi, guys

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.11.27 05:19:00 - [385]

Originally by: Erik Finnegan
And who needs a skill queue?

People who are unable to access the internet for periods of time due to work, military commitments etc.
And if this gets implemented it doesn't mean YOU have to stop adjusting your appointments and skill plans.

Heretic Army
Posted - 2008.11.27 05:24:00 - [386]

naaaowww, please :)

although i joined the game partly because i could train while not subscribed/online.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2008.11.29 00:39:00 - [387]


Well, the new CSM elect, they should have a meeting with CCP Soon™.
Let's hope they RE-PRESS this as an urgent matter...

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.11.29 02:00:00 - [388]

Posting from an ancient computer while visiting my parents. If there were a skill queue, I wouldn't lose 5 days of training because a skill finished while I was out of town.

The Slagh
Posted - 2008.11.29 19:39:00 - [389]


Serenity Steele
Dynamic Data Distribution
Posted - 2008.11.29 20:45:00 - [390]

This is probably already mentioned, but want to note it into this thread:

Have training to a specific certificate. So you just select training for the certificate, all skills on the certificate are trained, and balanced it by having a trade-off of cycle-training the pre-requisite skills.

By cycle training the skills, I mean: Train all pre-reqs level 1, then all level 2 etc., so nothing gets to the pre-req required level, until all other required skills are at the pre-req required level -1.

Then it's not useful for training level 5 skills repeatedly, but is useful for training where you have lots of short skill changes, or inconvenient ones.

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