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Sanity Lost
Posted - 2008.10.24 07:33:00 - [241]

CCP really messed up with this one. Ghost training should stay.

Atius Shinkan
UK Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:09:00 - [242]

Originally by: Oncely Magnanimous
canceling my 5 accounts as soon as they open the Account Management section back up.

well im sure you keep cancelling them all the time anyway so....

Good thing that CCP finally got around to fix this

Seth Vorlar
Posted - 2008.10.25 11:30:00 - [243]

Bad move CCP reverse it

Posted - 2008.10.25 11:42:00 - [244]

Ghost training always was a big annoyance to me as I felt like peeps that did it were cheating on me. It promotes offline "gaming" and made characters a form of commodity to trade around that were build using free time. It removes the eve experience of growing up and adapting all the way.

Ghost training dead.... - good for every real EVE player out there!

Do not even think of trying to counter this change. There will be more players helped by discontinuing it then hurt.

Hyjinx McStagger
Elko Bail Bonds
Posted - 2008.10.28 23:19:00 - [245]

Ghost training needs to stay out ... To quote/paraphrase so many others - Training is part of the game, and if you want to play you need to pay.

Ryuu Katsu
Umbra Campitor
Dead On Arrival Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.29 00:14:00 - [246]

I have already made my feelings towards this change clear in the sticky-forumblog-with-no-end thread that deals with this plan by CCP.

Needless to say, I am against it, and have now already taken steps in preparation to my response plan to cut down from two to one accounts indefinately as soon as my GTC expires on the account in question.

Posted - 2008.10.29 14:24:00 - [247]

nathice douglen
Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.29 14:26:00 - [248]

The Rifters
Posted - 2008.10.29 14:31:00 - [249]

Thumbs down to the post.

Odetta Harpy
Posted - 2008.10.31 14:06:00 - [250]

support or ill bump all over you :)

Posted - 2008.10.31 16:32:00 - [251]

I disagree with this. Though it sucks to lose the "ghost training", it never made sense to me in the first place. I couldnt understand why one could get a benefit from this game and yet not pay. That is just bad business.

U pay = u play.

If you are paying you can get the advantages of playing - ie: trianing.

Now, however, when are you guys gonna implement a skill queue so that we can get 100% benefit from paying? THIS, my friends is the real insult! Why cant i train things at the pace i want in the order i want without having to center my life around my home computer EVEN THOUGH IM PAYING FOR THIS GAME?!?!?!?!?!Evil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

Remove ghost training?
I understand the business sense of this decision.

Continue to refuse to give us a skill queue even though WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS GAME and MANY PEOPLE SUPPORT IT?
I dont understand the business sense of this decision. Confused

You guys are as random as the wind. SadSadSadSad

Eternity INC.
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.10.31 18:41:00 - [252]

Why not just decrease the training speed by 50%? I think this would be the best option because I both agree and disagree with it being in the game and being taken out.

Its always nice to come back to eve and being able to use a shiny new toy (i've been playing on and off for about 5 years now) But I think its being abused by people who have a skill that takes over 30 days to train pay for a month and cancel the account effectively gaining free training time while dualing to another account. This would take that skill over 60 days to train, but it would still train basically stopping the effectiveness of this.


For people that genuinly cancel their account because they legitimately wanna take a break or just have been bored, can still have the option of setting a long skill to train and coming back later whenever they feel like coming back, as usually (especially for me) most people that genuinly want a break take a break for 3-4 months anyways.

That stops the abuse of someone that has two accounts and sets one skill to train and cancels it earning them 7 free days, while they play another toon, and still rewards people and makes them want to return after those breaks.

Sorry if this doesn't make too much sense. My brain is fried as I've been at work since 5 am

Posted - 2008.11.01 00:16:00 - [253]

The official thread has more pages than this issue here has votes.
How come?

night shiftstar
Posted - 2008.11.01 04:21:00 - [254]

i have to travel a lot, sometimes to remote places. 4 more than 1ns, i was coght b real wars going on. Wen i get the chance to get to a pc, the server was down. Lol. or my account... so, by the order of ideas of pipls that defend ccp, during dt, no training ! during EXTEEEEEEEENDED dt's NO TRAINING !! ...and wen serves frick out like last time, few days ago: NO BLOODY TRAINING 4 ANYONE !!!(?)

CMON!!! get real...

night shiftstar
Posted - 2008.11.01 04:29:00 - [255]

oh, by the way; wen we r not loged? should we b skilling?^^

trading hub
Posted - 2008.11.02 03:56:00 - [256]

why is this **** not up ? go up baby ! )

Morne Attitude
Posted - 2008.11.03 07:54:00 - [257]

Really bad change. Here's 3 accounts that won't ever be activated again.

Vincent Santoro
Quantum Star Alliance
Posted - 2008.11.06 15:21:00 - [258]

Edited by: Vincent Santoro on 06/11/2008 15:22:13
Originally by: Simen123
make it worth returning after a break

You make it sound like Ghost training was used by CCP as a bribe to keep subscribers...
I'm all for the removal of Ghost training, you pay to play, simple. Ghost training was a way to progress through the game without paying, which I think is stupid.

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2008.11.06 17:15:00 - [259]

Why is this still going on?


Isn't just a bit too obvious that this isn't going to change in the near future?

Dariah Stardweller
NO U111 Enterprises
Posted - 2008.11.06 17:58:00 - [260]

As it helps having multiple accounts I'm all for it!

Posted - 2008.11.07 05:29:00 - [261]

Originally by: Drake Draconis
Edited by: Drake Draconis on 13/10/2008 21:30:25
I can clearly see why its a serious advantage of training up your char while not paying for your account.

Heck I'd call it an exploit.

CCP loses money over such things.... because your ganking them out of there hard earned money in supporting this game.

That's like saying I'll train _____ level V which takes over 30 days and not pay for one month of EVE online.

And then come back and reactivate the account and start paying for it but they dont get the one month back.

That's cheating the system.

Convenient or not.... I support CCP in there decision.
If your not going to pay for your account... there should be a count down timer then everything on your account should just flat freeze. (Glorified pause button)

When re-activated the account should pick up where it left off.

As for the timer? 48 hours or something... not too long to make it abuse-able... but long enough for someone to figure out where to get the cash to pay for it again.

Sorry folks... but putting a stop to an exploitable feature is something I want to see.
People who pay for this game pay to play it and train there char's on it.
If your not going to play the game just to train up your char... you shouldn't be able to train up your char by NOT playing the game for extended periods of time.

/me emphatic thumbs down

I COULD HAVE NOT said it better myself. This sums up my feelings on ghost training completly.

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2008.11.07 16:43:00 - [262]


Posted - 2008.11.07 20:26:00 - [263]

Edited by: Taiida on 07/11/2008 20:26:53
I think I would rather see a compromise on this issue rather than a flat-line aye or nay to the end of ghost training. I would assume there would be a 3 month time limit on canceled accounts to be completely removed from the game, in consideration of those whom actually have real life issues and therefore have to go for a long period of time off of the game. Idea

Black Hats

Posted - 2008.11.16 22:32:00 - [264]

Edited by: Zebba on 16/11/2008 22:31:44

186 pages so far, 5556 posts but nothing from CCP.

Marconus Orion
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.11.16 22:47:00 - [265]

Training is playing.

You should have to pay to play.

I'm tired of all you whiners complaining, "OMG, I have to pay to play?!"

If you can't afford to pay a monthly subscription but expect CCP to allow you to play for free then go find something else to play. You rage quiting will not be missed. Laughing

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2008.11.17 04:24:00 - [266]

Edited by: Odessima on 17/11/2008 04:26:18
Thumbs Down!!

I find it funny all the ones saying how they are leaving because they cant ghost train anymore, even though in a majority of causes CCP wont miss it because they werent paying for it anyway, except when their long skill has finally finished and have to log in to change it again.

For the ones with multiple accounts, it is a bit of a problem but I would think with the ability to have 3 characters logged into game there is a fair bit of opportunity to run missions, mine build to make enough isk to buy GTC's fairly easily.

I dont agree with account deletion after 3 months (someone mentioned it above), because if you are deployed get sick or otherwise unable to access your account, it would be unfair to come back and have to start over again.

Oh yeah and I have 3 accounts and I pay for all of them, I dont expect free skill trains.


Posted - 2008.11.17 05:40:00 - [267]


Posted - 2008.11.18 12:42:00 - [268]

The nerf of unsubbed training has been the most ill-advised and destructive change CCP has made to Eve in the 2-1/2 years I have been in the game. Like many others, I am reducing the $$ I send to CCP from the $1,620 annualized when all my accounts were active, as they were when the nerf was announced.

Mas Selamat
Posted - 2008.11.22 18:58:00 - [269]

Bring back ghost training!

Posted - 2008.11.22 21:08:00 - [270]

ghost training is just daft. buh bye all that have to find another way to make isk without any risk vs reward

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