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James Marshalll
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:46:00 - [121]


Please lets keep this a "I don't support" or "I do support" thread and keep the discussion of the reasons in the other thread here:
Ghost Training Discussion Thread

Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:51:00 - [122]

burn ccp.

Silvia t'Nias
Paramilitary Skanks
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:55:00 - [123]

I don't vote on this subject here, I vote with my wallet.

Lana Ground
Galactic Accord State Navy Academy
Accord Corporate Enterprise Syndicate
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:58:00 - [124]

Edited by: Lana Ground on 15/10/2008 23:09:36
Edited by: Lana Ground on 15/10/2008 21:58:36
SIGNED Twisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted Evil

how long till this topic "gets lost"

Raymond Sterns
Utopian Research I.E.L.
Posted - 2008.10.15 22:03:00 - [125]

In Before The Lost

Tito Sajic
Secret Squirrel Readiness Group
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.10.15 22:57:00 - [126]

Edited by: Tito Sajic on 15/10/2008 22:58:21
I demand a recount...I mean...repatch!

Posted - 2008.10.15 22:59:00 - [127]

BRing back ghost training

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:06:00 - [128]

CCP! You kill reason for return to this world.
Reenable this feature or you will have a big leak of incoming cash this year.

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:08:00 - [129]

Edited by: ******u on 15/10/2008 23:15:06
if this was a "bug" yesterday, what't next?
and nice work on making the @130 pages threadnought "invisible". this can be quoted under the section "don't do like them" Evil or Very Mad

Lana Ground
Galactic Accord State Navy Academy
Accord Corporate Enterprise Syndicate
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:11:00 - [130]

Originally by: ******u
if this was a "bug" yesterday, what't next?
and nice work on making the @130 pages threadnought "invisible". this can be quoted under the section "don't do like them" Evil or Very Mad

this is a petition thread dude just /signed etc and get as many ppl on ere as poss to sign

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:17:00 - [131]

Edited by: Graygor on 15/10/2008 23:17:05

This was one of the features that kept bringing me back to Eve when bored. Without it i'd have gone on to play other games.

Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:20:00 - [132]

i vote FOR ghost training, it was the only way i could keep competitive SP wise with older players as my play time is irregular and scarce.

i hate that all of this is a LIE, being an unintended bug and all, it's not the first CCP has told but as it stands now it is the last lie I'll be fed. If CCP would of said "listen, we are taking out ghost training because we want to, it was a feature but because WE want to change it, it will be removed" then maybe i would still play the game.

as i play more than 2 mmo's with little time for play, i would pay for eve with brakes of 2 or 3 weeks, but i WOULD pay, happy to return as my recon 5 skill finished, eager to take my recon for a ride, now i will not pay at all.


Demolition Men

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:20:00 - [133]

This is the worst most appalling and ghastly idea I have seen CCP implement so abruptly in the time I have spent with this game.

There is no justifiable reason to implement this idea now. For CCP to cover it up with the rouge that “Ghost” training is an exploit is an insult. “Ghost” training has been and advertised feature, which has been a deciding factor for many to subscribe to an account. I am simply not interested in the explanation that it was an unintentional bug, which has been used by players. This Feature, which CCP has advertised, has been used for 5 years now and it is deplorable to suddenly withdraw it with virtually no warning.

We will see whether CCP have made a bad move by noting the active subscriptions over the forthcoming months.

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:20:00 - [134]


Posted - 2008.10.15 23:24:00 - [135]

A good rethinking of this idea, would be that we can all log off and have a que of skills train. One after the other, with an active account.
So before CCP remove this 'ghosting' feature - well ok its no longer a feature due a day slow ninja-edit - they should add something.

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:24:00 - [136]

Edited by: Mammon on 15/10/2008 23:25:20
and vote for ccp to win "D.i.c.k Move of the Week".

Dkiller Delta Force Corp.
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:35:00 - [137]


Akemi Tarazon
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:37:00 - [138]

My wish is simple. I want *MY GHOST SKILL TRAINING* back!

Chaos Incarnate
Faceless Logistics
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:50:00 - [139]

I support getting stuff for free

That said, go ahead and cancel it

Radical Technologies
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:53:00 - [140]

Given its supposedly about "fairness" and the matter of ongoing market orders and research points has failed to be mentioned by the dev's shows this to be only a cynical move to raise more funds. If fairness was an issue CCP would have gone out its way to open up the debate weeks ago and at least pretend to listen to its community.

The manner of this announcement and subsequent "clarification" stinks of the CCP handling of the T20 cheating dev scandal - did you learn nothing CCP? Those CCP staff who have handled this matter need some serious training as they will likely have cost the company alot of revenue. Start by telling the truth not using smoke and mirrors, at a time when folks are struggling financially adding insult to injury will be a final straw for many.

Finally this move hits the core player base of veterans with multiple accounts hardest. Is CCP so confident or arrogant that its game works so perfectly with so few issues it can afford upset many in this key group?

VCBee 516
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:54:00 - [141]

your own player guide said it was intentional and now it's cancelled due to it being a "bug"

Bull****. You want more money. You already explained this by "adjusting" timecards so you increased profit to be more in line with other monthly MMO rates.

Now you want even more money. **** off. You can call it a bug all you want but it was supported by your company in word and deed for years. Do us a favor and tell us you want more money, don't bother lying and calling it a bug.

Frontier Explorer's League

Posted - 2008.10.15 23:58:00 - [142]

signed, ccp needs to grow a brain.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.15 23:59:00 - [143]


stuff, can, has, plix?

Caldari Securities Exchange Corporation
Miners Rebellion
Posted - 2008.10.16 00:03:00 - [144]

Im for ghost training, as long as they give you 10% of the normal SP you would normally get.

It was never an advertised feature of the game. Its listed in one place, and only one place on the CCP site and put in a place that people are more than likely to neglect.

When you can find a CCP ad that says you can train while your character is unsubscribed, then you can say they advertised it. The point of an advertisement is to draw players into the game. Just because "YOU" may have used it as a reason to draw people in doesnt mean CCP advertised it. I have yet to see any CCP ad getting new players to join the game because of ghost training.

Universal Exports
Cult of War
Posted - 2008.10.16 01:04:00 - [145]


Blood Covenant
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.16 02:46:00 - [146]

never used it but i like the option for when i go on holidays ect

The New Era
Posted - 2008.10.16 03:09:00 - [147]


Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2008.10.16 03:26:00 - [148]

Whichever CSM brings back Ghost Training has my vote.

Roland San
Posted - 2008.10.16 04:02:00 - [149]

I firmly believe Ghost Training should remain, not only because it is a unique and outstanding feature, but also because CCP should know that respect can be so easily lost with a single blog, or the hiding of a thread, and by maintaining what was once documented as a game feature, they can at least salvage some dignity (not to mention accounts).

Defenders of the Faith

Posted - 2008.10.16 05:40:00 - [150]

Worthless change.

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