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Posted - 2008.10.15 15:47:00 - [91]

Originally by: Verone
Removing ghost training is a good thing.

People pay to play, why should people be rewarded for not paying? It makes no sense.

The change is good in my opinion.

1)EvE actively kept ghost training in. Clearly it was not a bug.
2)Unlike other MMORPGs eve does not reward you with how much you play, it rewards you with how long your sub is. In WoW someone can go exp mad and reach end content in a few months, whereas in EvE it will take a good year to be good in a ship, not great in it. You pay to train when you buy a sub, ghost training only seems fair as EvE slows you down by a hell of a lot compared to other MMORPGS.

Basically, to be good in eve you have to pay around $500 under the new change, which is a f**king rip off and blatantly nothing other than a grab for money.

Yeknom Nam
Posted - 2008.10.15 15:48:00 - [92]

I disagree with this change and the sudden way in which it was introduced and not to mention the timing of the introduction after a recent Power of Two promotion.

Skogen Gump
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.10.15 15:51:00 - [93]

Disagree - its not fair to paying customers that people who don't pay end up with the same advantages for less money at the end of the day.

Posted - 2008.10.15 15:51:00 - [94]

Edited by: 10of10 on 15/10/2008 21:05:03
Time to quit and find a new game

Velda Chulai
Posted - 2008.10.15 15:52:00 - [95]

Edited by: Velda Chulai on 15/10/2008 15:53:12
I voted by way of my subscription. We don;t need feel good assembly hall initiatives to do this, when it's only about 5 clicks and a login prompt away.

I can't say I don't support the OP though.

Parasite S

Posted - 2008.10.15 15:57:00 - [96]

Edited by: Parasite S on 15/10/2008 15:57:36
Originally by: Skogen Gump
Disagree - its not fair to paying customers that people who don't pay end up with the same advantages for less money at the end of the day.

Sorry but.... WRONG.

All they managed is getting a skill.
-get standing / lp for jumpclones and items
-change their location to directly start playing again as intended
-do any transaction within corp etc
-affect the server in a bad wise or even lag system
-DO ANY ISK!... which means not being able to....
->afford any ship
->afford any NEW SKILL
->afford any contract payment
->afford and equipment for an allready owned ship
->afford a GTC

so all they got is the skill. but compare eve to another mmo? there you can do stuff by lvl and skilllvl + cheap equipment.
in eve you CANT USE those without HAVING THE ISK to afford the things you trained for.
inactive account -> dont produces isk -> get my thought? kkthx

*edit support but who cares 3 accounts canceled so far ^^*

Kheldon Fel
Posted - 2008.10.15 16:08:00 - [97]

Exceptionally stupid move by CCP.


DJ Geist
Posted - 2008.10.15 16:09:00 - [98]

I oppose the ban on ghost-training, for all the reasons that have already been covered

Posted - 2008.10.15 16:12:00 - [99]

supported, but ccp wonīt listen anyway as they didnīt with gtc changes...
kind of sad to see ccp going the greedy mainstream way... ugh

The Ubernomicon

Posted - 2008.10.15 16:24:00 - [100]

I have canceled all of my accounts because of this change. While I enjoy this game, I will not resub until CCP reinstates ghost training.

Tarron Sarek
Biotronics Inc.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2008.10.15 16:30:00 - [101]

Originally by: Ankhesentapemkah
It has pros and cons really, if you look at the big picture.

People that have to go away from Eve had something to return for, their long-run skill finishing.

On the other hand there are people creating a bunch of alts while strategically letting them lapse until they're ready to, like, be sold off or gather research points (while the account is not paid for either).

I understand CCPs reasons, but I think the problem is inherent in the way the skill system is done, in that there is no way to progress your character in game, no way to catch up with older players, and spending your first month only training those darned learning skills. Of course, whatever is changed to the skill system now is going to result in a whine just as big as this one is.

In it's current form, all of this sounds like a money grab.

Thats why I want two things from CCP in return for this nerf:

30 Day Gametime Codes back NOW!
A skill queue!
It's nice to see people with a differentiated view.

I honestly don't like character farmers or multiple alts for every possible task, being 'ghost trained' for best min-maxing effectiveness.
The deliberate exploitation of this feature surely is something that hurts the game.
And anything that makes EVE less 'Alts-Online' is highly appreciated.

However, as has been mentioned many many times, the fashion in which it was done is absolutely intolerable.
Apart from that CCP is about to devalue their service and take away something special about EVE. Add to that the price increase for subscriptions and all you can say is that's not going to benefit the game. A fact which players who really care about the game should be and actually are concerned about.

There's definitely a lack of balancing in CCP's business decisions.

Sector 10 Enterprises
Posted - 2008.10.15 16:52:00 - [102]

The Please visit your user settings to re-enable images. was quite the lulz though.

I mean, come on, respect your bloody playerbase.

Seriously CCP, I miss '05.

New European Regiment
Posted - 2008.10.15 17:16:00 - [103]

For several reasons stated in ghost posts :S i am not happy with this decision.

I think everyone used that feature at least once due to RL commitments or even boredom.
The way this subject has been handled by CCP is a joke: liars and greedy people they are. If i did this in my RL job i would be fired in no time. They show lack of respect to me and playerbase.

i have 2 accounts suspended already. Will keep this one at least at the start of November.

CCP is Greedy
CCP is Liar
CCP is Disrespectful
CCP is Joke and we are part of this Circus

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.10.15 17:24:00 - [104]

I don't see why CCP would take the (almost certain to happen) risk of loosing both money and market share in the long run by further alienating some of its fanbase with this decision.

Snake Tanuki
Posted - 2008.10.15 18:01:00 - [105]

Edited by: Snake Tanuki on 15/10/2008 18:04:41

Snake Tanuki

Posted - 2008.10.15 18:04:00 - [106]

Keep Ghost skilling...

Or even better: Remove ghost skilling and overhaul the crappy skill system so that the more complex skills don't take 30 days and more to finish (even with implants).
Waiting a month fo a skill to finish is almost as entertaining as drinking from a pubvlic toilet. Rolling Eyes

Chris Stormrider
Posted - 2008.10.15 18:32:00 - [107]

Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.15 20:47:00 - [108]

this FEATURE should remain.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2008.10.15 20:53:00 - [109]

I vote to keep Ghost training ingame until a suitable alternative is on the table for those it affects, also SORT OUT YOUR LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE OUT CCP goddamn more Shennanagins

Posted - 2008.10.15 20:54:00 - [110]

Edited by: Flinchey on 15/10/2008 21:01:01

though does there really need to be 2 identical threads to discuss this?.. im sure the 125 page official one is enough...

Max Deth
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:01:00 - [111]

Edited by: Max Deth on 15/10/2008 21:03:22
-1 account.... this ghost training nerf and the heavy handed speed nerf ends it for me.

Posted - 2008.10.15 21:01:00 - [112]

i would see ghost training as a compensation for the slow learning curve eve has and also as an incentive to get back after breaks

Navy of Xoc
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:02:00 - [113]

I want a skill queue! Just one skill in queue is all I want!!

Yes I'm disparate, posting off topic and all. But I hope it works catching you while you might be in a mood for coding.

BTW recent changes for Jita are good Razz

Col Carter
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:06:00 - [114]

Edited by: Col Carter on 15/10/2008 21:07:21
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Posted - 2008.10.15 21:12:00 - [115]

I support this thread!

Lord Melon
KOVEN Industries
Overclockers Podpilot Services
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:21:00 - [116]

Sorry If I am dimm - this is a vote topic - I get no option to vote :(

Xavier Holtzman
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:21:00 - [117]

epic fail

like i said before; if they had been honest in the first place and said that they needed money, I would have been willing to pay an extra $5-$10 per month to play.

this is just sad.

Betteroff Dead
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:34:00 - [118]


Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:38:00 - [119]


seriously, wtf CCP

just when I got the bug to come back, you killed it...faster then i can say, "installing WARHAMMER"

Lord Melon
KOVEN Industries
Overclockers Podpilot Services
Posted - 2008.10.15 21:40:00 - [120]

Sorry If I am dimm - this is a vote topic - I get no option to vote :(

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