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Rawne Karrde
Bre-X Interstellar Shipyards
Ejectile Dysfunction
Posted - 2008.10.03 02:22:00 - [61]

Pure dumb luck

2 x ogre II bpo
2 x vespa II bpo
1 x infiltrator bpo
1 x warrior II bpo.

thank you bpo lottery.

Trist Ian
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.03 02:23:00 - [62]

When i believe it was trinity came out and they made it so exploration sites dropped the loot more often. I was doing alot of exploration sites at the time. and with the increase ammount of drops. and the prices still very high because the change has just happened i made about 2billion in about a day or so. Thats when i really got the money ball rolling

tadig smik
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.10.03 02:40:00 - [63]

proper exploitation of the drone regions... Cool

Posted - 2008.10.03 02:49:00 - [64]

Originally by: Vina
falcon bpo


-Liangs alt

Posted - 2008.10.03 04:58:00 - [65]

selling a lot of mwd's @ ~25 mil each

Posted - 2008.10.03 05:40:00 - [66]

High sec lvl4's. Maybe most importantly ignoring all the flashing red ships.

MineralOel Steuer
Posted - 2008.10.03 06:02:00 - [67]

I ask my Government for a Bailout.

Posted - 2008.10.03 06:08:00 - [68]

Originally by: MineralOel Steuer
I ask my Government for a Bailout.

oh you!

Kylar Renpurs
Dusk Blade
Posted - 2008.10.03 06:17:00 - [69]

COSMOS Implant, followed by invention (spent a billion on the decryptor, interface and SB and made a billion back in a month), then did T2 component manufacturing for 6 months with 4 bil in seed fund and made approx 14 bil total, repaid mostly back to investors.

Quam Singulari
Posted - 2008.10.03 06:18:00 - [70]

Pure dumb luck

Deimos bpo
Jaguar bpo
Skiff bpo
Scimitar bpo
Vagabond bpo

Gave them to corp and made moar isk tradin

Nabasuko Donosor
Posted - 2008.10.03 06:28:00 - [71]

The first Billion I made by ratting in 0.0 with my main.
Than I was lucky to get a Barrage M,Barrage S and LADAR tech II BPO at the lottery in 2 weeks time which I sold all together for 4,5 billion.
Once you have that kind of money you can start trading and make profit by 10's and 100's of millions in the market.

Also, this was the point where EVE started to bore me.

Posted - 2008.10.03 06:53:00 - [72]

Originally by: LaVista Vista
Hard work and care.

Mind you, I don't own a double digit amount of billions.
Same here. The trick to making money is not to waste it and be careful how you spend it. Harder to practice in RL but in Eve I've played the markets, manufactured, mined and missioned (the four 'M's Laughing).

Mind you, 11 billion isn't all that much for someone who's been playing for over 4.5 years.

Posted - 2008.10.03 06:58:00 - [73]

Originally by: MineralOel Steuer
I ask my Government for a Bailout.
Government bailout application form.

Have you ever:

[ ] Failed to understand what you are doing?
[ ] Gambled with other people's money?
[ ] Made money by moving numbers around rather than proper work?
[ ] Waited until the last minute before 'fessing up?

NB:Obtaining government money requires a score of at least 3 out of 4

Rolling Eyes

Lucas Avignon
Avignon Associates Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.03 07:33:00 - [74]

I made my first billion within the first month of playing Eve, I entered the game with the goal of getting together a lot of isk fast, so I concentrated on trading. Mainly buying 250mm railguns and hauling them to sell for over 100% profit.

I also got lucky with two faction spawns in empire and got over 100m out of them, gotten a couple of billion out of pvp loot, well over a billion from suicide ganking, ratting/missioning/plexs, but by far most of the isk I've made comes from trading.

Aluka 7th
Posted - 2008.10.03 07:54:00 - [75]

Edited by: Aluka 7th on 03/10/2008 07:54:13
Gun trade between empires, implant trade, and BPO resell.

This days I would also go for Datacore and skillbook trade.

Volition Cult
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.10.03 09:24:00 - [76]

Mining! That's the big secret...

Tao Han
Ginnungagaps Rymdfarargille
Posted - 2008.10.03 09:28:00 - [77]

I never did.

murder one
Death of Virtue
MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2008.10.03 09:29:00 - [78]

Originally by: Miya Okolia
This is a question for any billionaires out there. How did you do it? No specifics of course as you dont want others to cut into your bread and butter.

I trade and manufacture.

If you dont feel comfortable, dont post with your main.

Killing people.

Julius Rigel
Sub-warp Racing Venture
Posted - 2008.10.03 09:50:00 - [79]

Edited by: Julius Rigel on 03/10/2008 09:50:48
I'd cry a little inside every time someone paid back their loans after I double scrammed and droned their faction fitted mining ships, but at least I made my first billion! Laughing

Invenio Inceptum
Posted - 2008.10.03 10:13:00 - [80]

why would ya want billions, all you need is enough isk to replace a ship you use in pvp. thats it

Falkrich Swifthand
eNinjas Incorporated
Posted - 2008.10.03 11:06:00 - [81]

Originally by: Squably
why would ya want billions, all you need is enough isk to replace a ship you use in pvp. thats it

So you can fly billion ISK ships into pvp, duh.

Arx Io Orbital Factories
Arx Io
Posted - 2008.10.03 11:33:00 - [82]

Hard continual work

innocent alt
Posted - 2008.10.03 11:42:00 - [83]

Originally by: Miya Okolia
No specifics of course[..]

OK. Doing a little bit of this and that. Razz

Innocent Alt

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.10.03 12:20:00 - [84]


Andrea Skye
Heavy Risk...
Posted - 2008.10.03 12:29:00 - [85]

0.0 ratting, had a couple of faction spawns, and made about a billion in about a month Shocked

Now im a pirate and **** broke, so i made a mission alt, which pays the way :P

Posted - 2008.10.03 12:46:00 - [86]

I asked my friends for ISK and it added up over a billion. Then I went with my other account which is in a real corp I have been since day 1 of EVE and picked up all the items in stations that my CEO forgot to pay bills on and made a few billion off that. I love my CEO. Surprised

Yojovany Megens
Posted - 2008.10.03 13:59:00 - [87]

Edited by: Yojovany Megens on 03/10/2008 14:00:12
Not going to tell you for free.

If I would tell you, you would be stinky rich.. and I am not talking about a few billion... Twisted Evil
I only allow you to become rich of my information if you are willing to invest Wink
Usualy it requires an investemt of about 500M isk that you have to make and I can make you golden. (asuming that is what you are after by asking this)

Jane Vladmir
Eu Allstars.
Posted - 2008.10.03 14:53:00 - [88]

Scamming, corp-thievery, looting.

Everything Financial
Posted - 2008.10.03 15:14:00 - [89]

I sell life like Kinsy models, with realistic emo-rage man scream.

Arik VanClaw
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2008.10.03 16:16:00 - [90]

Edited by: Arik VanClaw on 03/10/2008 16:16:16
Made mine playing poker at Eve Online Hold'em (you're welcome for the plug Selene!)

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