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captain shepard
Posted - 2008.09.27 17:26:00 - [1]

Well, I guess the best place to start is that I am usually on from 6pm pacific standard time (US) until about 9 pm. I am a 25 year old married father with a 5 month old baby, so I am looking for a family friendly corp, maybee even with other parents =) On weekends its all up in the air, as I play when my daughter is asleep (or other stuff doesnt need done) lol.

I have been in caldari empire space for FAR too long, and am looking for something different, maybee even 0.0 if its able to be done in a somewhat safe manner =) I have good social skills, so I could pick up mission running just about anywhere (I may need some help with minmatar or gal). What I can offer is a mature, posotive attitude, and a commitment to community, friendship, and fun. I am currently in a corp that also might be interested in a merger, as we are only 6 people.

What I want out of a corp is like minded mature peers, a laid back but forward moving attitude, and a community of friends I can call my EVE home. My biggest pet peeve (since I want to lay it all out on the table) is drama, and lack of communication.

I am up for any ideas, I love eve, Im just sick of the same old grind.

Thanks for reading:

Blue Republic
Posted - 2008.09.27 17:32:00 - [2]

I'll message ya in game. :)

Rico Minali
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.09.27 18:24:00 - [3]

We dont grind, we play! Check out Black Legion Commandyoull find that family friendly home here, many of us are parents and have other commitments. Laid back, but still organised? Thats us.

Check us out and contact us in game. You wont be disapointed.

Posted - 2008.09.27 19:01:00 - [4]

Come check out the JUNTA. Mature, friendly gamers who are well organized, active and participating in all aspects of EVE.

Stormfront JUNTA

Aura of Darkness
Posted - 2008.09.27 20:31:00 - [5]

What you stated pretty much sums up our corp. However, we do have the occasional profanity via ventrilo, so if that offends you....ya. We are mature people with a great atmosphere and we're based out of 0.0 in Venal. Missions, pvp, and more. :)

We always have a set of goals and a good time. As far as drama goes, heh, I don't really think it exists in our corp.
Take it easy.

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2008.09.27 21:43:00 - [6]

Here's something different for you ...

3+ Empire Alliance War Decs WEEKLY ... Lots of PVP action ... Will contact you in-game

Any questions please stop by our PUBLIC chat: PITBOSS' Office

Our Recruitment Thread: CLICKY

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2008.09.28 18:33:00 - [7]


have a look you wont regret it


captain shepard
Posted - 2008.09.28 21:23:00 - [8]

Well, after some long thought (and travel) I have found a new home, thank you to all who took interest in me, I appreciate it =).

sorry to those I didnt get back too in game as well

Judge Ment
Posted - 2008.09.28 22:41:00 - [9]

Different? PVP yes - You guys are killing me!

where the soap? dont drop it


Leana Darkrider
Creatio -ex- nihilo
The Donkey Rollers
Posted - 2008.09.29 06:16:00 - [10]

Hey Shepard,

gratz with your kid :)
I just became a father myself. My boy is 3 months old.

Anyways, if you're still looking for a new corp, check us out


Mss Darkness
A Few Killers
Posted - 2008.09.29 09:16:00 - [11]

Hi there,

Sounds like our corp would be a nice match for you guys.

Check our recruit thread or contact me ingame.

GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.09.29 10:08:00 - [12]

Want some PvP training and 0.0 fun?

Check out our recruitment thread here and get in touch if interested.

Haunted House
Posted - 2008.09.29 11:46:00 - [13]

Edited by: K1RTH G3RS3N on 29/09/2008 11:46:32
if pirating interests you at all, hit me up ingame for a chat and ill convince you why you want to go this route :)
and have a read of our shameless plugs
*edit* and i will accept a merger aswell.

Doctor Mustaka
Bite me inc.
Posted - 2008.09.29 16:08:00 - [14]

Hiya Captain Shepard,

Our Corp is EU and US time based. We have probably equal numbers so always people about to do stuff with. We are not committed down one play style path which means you can dabble in whatever you like.

We have loads of players with young children, even got some on the way at the moment. I have never once seen anything but light hearted banter in our corp. We all use voice comms and will generally be nattering away whilst we do whatever it is we are doing.

If you are interested check out our formal recruitment thread.

I will also try and catch you in-game.


Posted - 2008.09.29 17:09:00 - [15]

Captain Shep, you sound like you'd fit in perfectly with LST culture, hopefully you and Musta will be able to discuss a move out here at some point :)

AOS brendan
Posted - 2008.09.29 17:45:00 - [16]

hey my pirate corp is recruiting contact me in game if you are interested

Posted - 2008.09.29 20:15:00 - [17]

Edited by: Jonathon on 29/09/2008 20:16:05
edf try us out

Space Hog
Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2008.09.29 20:56:00 - [18]

Hello sounds like you are right in our timezone area.
Feel free to give me a convo. Or jump in our public channel.

Arisin Noime
Priory Of The Lemon
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2008.10.01 00:38:00 - [19]

Feel free to check out Caligula Incorporated in-game.

Tight knit corp of about 40, alliance of 750. Experienced PVPers, including Alliance FCs, in corp.

We offer:
- A home deep in 0.0 (Omist) with regular PVP, but no massive cap blob fests
- Mining ops
- All ship BPO's
- Most mod BPO
- T2 invention and manufacture
- Corp members SP ranges from 4-30 mil

- No pressure mature group of guys mostly in PST/MST and GMT time zones.

- Contact MAV 65G , or Arisin Noime for more info or join our recruiting channel at CGLA RECRUITING in game.

Ornery Cantankerous Curmudgeons
Posted - 2008.10.02 23:31:00 - [20]

Based on your OP, Ihatalo Cartel sounds like a home worth checking out. Ask us questions... I think you'll like what you find out.

Posted - 2008.10.03 04:02:00 - [21]

Take a look at[/url]. Mature corp, and family/adult oriented.

The Harper
Posted - 2008.10.03 11:55:00 - [22]

Captain Shepard, we are a group of mature people who enjoy out time in EVE. We are 0.0 based and enjoy working with people who want to learn new things. We are currently expanding our US TZ so i really think we could be a good fit, contact me in game and we can talk a little more.

Lightning Thieves
Posted - 2008.10.03 13:38:00 - [23]

For something truly different, give us a try. Check out EXPLORATIS CORP

Arturio LeMancha
Excel Production And Research
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.10.05 05:27:00 - [24]

Only Active Players Wanted... We love Group Recruitment!

Join in-game channel: SKY NET INTERVIEW

1) Corp Name: See Below
1a) Corp Numbers: See Below
1b) Corp Killboard link: Corporation
2) Alliance Name: Pure.
2a) Alliance Numbers: 1000+
2b) Alliance Killboard Link: Alliance
3) Percentage of Corpoaration active timezones: 20% EU, 80% US
3a) Percentage of Alliance active timezones: 70% EU, 30% US
3b) Percentage of All active timezones: 20% GMT(-1 +1), 40% GMT(-5-6), 40% GMT(-7 -8)
4) Pirate, anti-pirate, war dec corp, 0.0 corp or other, explain: 0.0
5) Home system: Tribute / Vale of the Silient
5a) Does that change often? Currently Roaming
5b) Percentage of time spent in 0.0: 95%
5c) Percentage of time spent in low sec: 4%
5d) Percentage of time spent in high sec: 1%
6) Are you NBSI, NRDS or something else, explain: NBSI
7) What's an average gang size? 4-7 Corp Gang, 15-30 Alliance Gang, 50+ Alliance Fleet
8) What's an average op like? Challenging
9) Are you mostly running organized ops or guys getting together for pvp? 50/50
9a) If you're running organized ops how often are they occurring? 2-4 times a week
9b) If you run organized ops, what do your organized ops do? Roaming Gangs, Gate Camps, POS Seiges, Fleet Battles
10) What was the most fun fight you've been a part of in the last two weeks? Some Fleet engagements, Killed a Few Battleships, and Support
11) Do you require a minimum sec status? Nope
12) What is your policy on pirating? Pure. is no tollerance

[SKYNI] Sky Net Indusrtires

SKYNI is currently looking for CAPITAL SHIP or EXPIRENCED PvP Pilots!

I'm not here to lie, trick, or decieve you. I'm just here to tell you the facts! Then you decide what you like. I am NOT a salesman! I am jsut a CEO of a good corporation (in a worth-while alliance) that is trying to make the Corp even better.

In all honesty... I don't have any good reasons for you to join this corporation. However, I am looking for some loyal and expireneced players in eve to try to make this a great(er) corporation. The Corp has mainly been 70% Industry for the last 5 years and now is expanding its current capibilities into more corporate/alliance level PVP operations to obtain at least a 70% PVP rating!

Corps Short Term Goal:
To get 40-60 active members (not characters) in the corporation online at all times that are very active in Eve and willing to expand their own and other corporation members gameplay.

Corps Mid Term Goal:
Get the #1 spot locked-down by SKYNI on the Alliance Killboard!

Corps Long Term Goal:
Have every member flying a Rorqual, Dread, Carrier, and Freighter. The idea is to be able to opperate a 30+ man CAPITAL gang with support.

Current Stats:
56 Members Characters
45 Active Weekly
23 Active Daily
21 Real People
19 Active Weekly
12 Active Daily
20 Million SP average person
2 Years XP average person

For more information or to chat with a recruiter join in-game channel: SKY NET INTERVIEW

Recruiters can do TS interviews durring these times once you have filled out the "questioniare" linked in the ingame channel or Here



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