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Posted - 2009.07.14 22:21:00 - [241]

Hi Can you quote me for 2 large dread guristas tower 2 and 3 jumps from Amar? Send me ingame eve mail.

Willford Bremly
Furious Hamsters in Space
Posted - 2009.07.15 06:36:00 - [242]

Needed fuel and only gave 1.5 days notice. Got my order same day. And at a awesome price. Will order again.

Posted - 2009.07.20 20:41:00 - [243]

quote pls caldari small tower , high sec, months fuel no stront as i have enough, include charters please.


Posted - 2009.07.21 19:09:00 - [244]

very fast, this is the way to run a service...
good communication and delivered as per order and instructions.

If you need a POS fuelling service this is the only one to use.

Many thanks,


Posted - 2009.07.21 21:53:00 - [245]

Edited by: Buil''t2''r on 21/07/2009 21:53:54
Many thanks lady patricia on having a great service.
Nice for a guy like me who is busy and doesnt care for doing all the jumps in a frieghter. Now i have a steady supply for my pos's and that takes a worry off my mind.
I now know that every 28 days i will have a supply of fuel waiting nearby for me and that is well worth the price of this service.
Very nice prices and Very good service wouldn't recommend anyone else Lady patricia is the way to go for all of your High-sec fuel needs.
Thx again.

Althea Vestrit
Liveship Trading Company
Posted - 2009.07.22 12:10:00 - [246]

I asked for quotes last night for 4-week and 8-week fuel deliveries, and got a polite reply within the hour. The price for 4 weeks of fuel was good already, and Lady Patricia offered a nice discount for an 8-week order.

I went for the 8-week order, and even though the quote had said the delivery would be in two days, the fuel was already waiting for me this morning. Very Happy

All in all, quick & excellent service.

Klingon Bob
Pikey Space Camp
Posted - 2009.07.23 11:26:00 - [247]

Still getting my Fuel from this source and hasnt let me down yet been working with for while now! HIGHLY RECOMEND

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Shoten Kishi
Posted - 2009.07.23 13:58:00 - [248]

I have been using this POS service, since I obtained my own POS. Lady Patricia has been super fast, and professional since day one, I highly recommend her service.

Bilbo II
Serenity Engineering and Transport Company
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2009.08.01 15:08:00 - [249]

I have been using Lady Patricia for several months. My orders are in the multi billion isk/mo range and she has only ever made ONE mistake. That mistake was corrected in less than 24 hr.

If you need quality pos fuel service look no further than right here.
10/10 service
10/10 price
What more can I say?

Agony Unleashed
Posted - 2009.08.02 11:45:00 - [250]

Quote, response, ordered and delivered all within 24 hours.
Fast and painless - no hesitation in recommending this service.

Harry Caray
Mushroom inc
Posted - 2009.08.02 12:18:00 - [251]

Next day delivery, cant get any better and at a very good price.

Kuhri Innovations
Posted - 2009.08.03 11:37:00 - [252]

Very fast service and nice prices, recommended.

Posted - 2009.08.06 11:35:00 - [253]

can i get prices for this amount per month at regular bases
Helium Isotopes: 9,452,160
Nitrogen Isotopes: 1,492,560
Heavy Water: 3,665,520
Liquid Ozone: 3,665,520

contact me IN GAME pls i almost never read the forum

thank you

P air
Posted - 2009.08.07 15:54:00 - [254]

Lady Patricia, could you please provide quote for supplying fuels for 1 x Small Caldari Tower HISEC FORGE System. Including Caldari Charters. Ongoing supply.


P air
Posted - 2009.08.09 08:04:00 - [255]

Thankyou Lady Patricia

Very Fast Service


Caprican Erock
CE Diversified Holdings Incorporated
Posted - 2009.08.12 23:53:00 - [256]

This really must be just the best solution to outsource your fuel needs in this game. Kudos to Lady P for not only speedy delivery but finding this business niche. Our first delivery was not only on time but affordable. In response to such great business ethic we are not only continuing purchase but upgrading our tower fuel needs. Impeccable service, really!

-Cap E. Very Happy

Posted - 2009.08.15 22:45:00 - [257]

Great service, am a repeat buyer who loves the way this guy does business!

Posted - 2009.08.16 05:07:00 - [258]

Please contact on 2 month price amarr med pos

Posted - 2009.08.17 16:36:00 - [259]

Great service got fuel same day as I placed order. Will use service again.

Phoenix Adept
Posted - 2009.08.17 16:44:00 - [260]

Could I get a quote for a Medium Caldari Tower 5 jumps from Jita (roughly) please?

Could you also do a quote including and Excluding Charters please? thanks :)

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.08.17 21:13:00 - [261]

I need a quote for 2 mths on a medium caldari tower including gallente starbase charters please.

Posted - 2009.08.17 21:39:00 - [262]

quote for
medium caldari tower located lonetrek
2 months supply
do not need charters

Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2009.08.17 23:13:00 - [263]

thx for your interest in my service, but pls send me a mail ingame if you want fuel, it's normaly faster than posting here on the forums

Duolith Systems
Knights of the Rising Phoenix
Posted - 2009.08.18 06:20:00 - [264]

Is it possible to get delivery same day? If so, when (eve-time) is the best time to place an order. I'm fueling a WH tower so I get just 24 hrs to haul my crap into the hole.

Delivery in high-sec, ofcourse.

Theodore geisel
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2009.08.18 15:53:00 - [265]

Bump for friendly reliable and prompt service!

Epsilon Lyr
Tau Ceti Federation
Posted - 2009.08.26 21:46:00 - [266]


what more can i say?

will definitly use again!

Posted - 2009.08.27 08:59:00 - [267]

Edited by: Windnesar on 27/08/2009 08:59:33
I need a delivery to Anzalaisio for

8064 Enriched Uranium
32256 Oxygen
10752 Mechanical Parts
10752 Coolant
2688 Robotics
682752 Nitrogen Isotopes
228480 Heavy Water
196224 Liquid Ozone

'til Tuesday next week. Thx.

Karen Stone
Lords and Ladies of Stone
Posted - 2009.08.28 20:29:00 - [268]

The best darn service.

Delivered in less then 12 hrs of accepting quote.
Fast, Dependable and best of all less expensive then buying it all myself.

Will continue to use the services.

Posted - 2009.08.30 20:56:00 - [269]

good service, fast delivery, will use it again soon :)

Nathaniel giesel
Posted - 2009.08.31 04:36:00 - [270]

Friendly bump!

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