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Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.10.30 10:31:00 - [61]


Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.10.31 06:27:00 - [62]


Elhina Novae
Posted - 2008.10.31 08:48:00 - [63]

Once again a quick delivery.

The price for getting it all hauled and braught to me was that of the market pricings, so Lady Patricia is more then recommended+++

Mang' O
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2008.10.31 09:58:00 - [64]

Wow, insanely fast service at amazing prices. I highly recommend this and I will definitely use this service again!


Iceworlds hauler
Posted - 2008.10.31 12:14:00 - [65]

we have a large operation of pos we would like delivery of fuel every 14 days at a agreed price to Parses

Please contact me ingame and lets discuss the setup and your best price suggestion

Iceworlds hauler

Raging Taurus
Dark Cross Industries
Posted - 2008.11.02 10:40:00 - [66]

Providing my own services in EVE makes me fully aware of how difficult it is to fulfill the client's expectations and to do so in a timely manner.

It is therefore my pleasure to confirm that Lady Patricia fulfilled all my expectations, AHEAD of schedule! Will definitely look forward to more business with her.


Rafael Urdaneta
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.11.04 00:10:00 - [67]

im a client of lady patricia.. that soudn weird... jajaja... well is a good service and im really granted whit her service A+! if u whant fuel contatc her

Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.11.05 08:35:00 - [68]


Lady Jumperdi
Posted - 2008.11.09 01:57:00 - [69]

Very nice service, fast and cheap, i will order again for sure

Vincent Jarjadian
Posted - 2008.11.10 10:02:00 - [70]

Fuel Delivered 40 minutes after ordering.

would have taken me hours to travel round and get it all.

Epic Inno
Posted - 2008.11.16 02:28:00 - [71]

Great service, good prices and fast delivery. Thx!


Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.11.28 08:22:00 - [72]


Ezzr Goode
Drugs 'R' Us
Posted - 2008.11.28 09:49:00 - [73]

Looking for a quote for 8 weeks worth of fuel for a large Caldari tower, with fuel delivered to Cat in Essence on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Please post here or drop me a mail in-game.


Posted - 2008.11.30 16:07:00 - [74]

Very Fast and efficient, thanks.

Ezzr Goode
Drugs 'R' Us
Posted - 2008.12.01 18:47:00 - [75]

Excellent service, delivered to my door!

Many thanks.

Martis Gomery
Posted - 2008.12.02 04:23:00 - [76]

Another happy customer. Good prices and quick delivery.

Posted - 2008.12.02 11:30:00 - [77]

can you contact me in game looking for regualr suplier of pos for for a few pos's :)

Sirius Amentet
Posted - 2008.12.08 18:36:00 - [78]

Once again excellent service!! No problems second delivery. Very Happy

Posted - 2008.12.08 23:53:00 - [79]

Excelent service, returning coustomer here lol

Can i get ur quote for just a Gallente Large?

Marduk Kilrathi
Veritas Immortalis
Posted - 2008.12.09 01:28:00 - [80]

Excellent service. Will do business again

Ur Nucking Futs
Posted - 2008.12.10 22:42:00 - [81]

Man what can I say? Lady Patricia has an awesome service. Instead of flying freighter around picking up pos supplies all over a region, which is very boring, I placed an order and I pick up all the supplies in 1 station. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Freeman EchoGen
Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2008.12.12 03:41:00 - [82]

Please evemail me a quote for a four week fuel supply for a Small Caldari Tower running 55% CPU and 55% POWER. Charters also needed for Caldari space. Also give me your delivery rates.

Elii Witherworth
Solar Excavations Ultd.
Posted - 2008.12.12 04:52:00 - [83]

Originally by: Lady Patricia

i had to rewrite my offer due some helpfull critism, special thanks to Elii Witherworth for helping me to improove myself.

Hey, hey, hey!

Glad to see your business is workin out! And on that note, could I please get just a quote for:

1 Medium Guristas Tower
87.5% CPU
50% Power

For both a weekly and monthly basis please. =D

In addition, would you be interested in possibly trading Nitrogen Isotopes for Helium Isotopes? We could work out some sort of ratio, rather than just me selling to you. Not sure, but let me know if you are interested! =D

Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2008.12.12 21:19:00 - [84]

thanks for the nice replies.

pls do not request fuel or fuel quotes via the forum, contact me ingame.
i do not check the forum every day, so i might miss a request.

Hauler McGavin
Posted - 2008.12.13 02:27:00 - [85]

Great service *****


Posted - 2008.12.13 23:27:00 - [86]

Great service, delivered exactly as promised and very quick. Would recommend and use again!

Killer Koalas
Posted - 2008.12.14 00:06:00 - [87]

Great service prompt and as promised will use agian Smile

Szent AdamKiraly
Posted - 2008.12.14 23:08:00 - [88]

I will be contacting you in-game.

R Gil
Energizer Inc.
Posted - 2008.12.14 23:37:00 - [89]

Great service - always on time or ahead of schedule.
I am happy to work with Lady Patricia

Shane Darman
The Scope
Posted - 2008.12.15 04:09:00 - [90]

Can I get a quote (msg me ingame please) on the following: -

*28 days worth of PoS Fuel for a Gallente Small PoS

What I Need:
Erniched Uranium: 672
Oxygen: 4704
Mechanical Parts: 1344
Coolant: 1344
Robotics: 672
Oxygen Isotopes: 75,936
Liquid Ozone: 25,536
Heavy Water: 25,536
Strontium Clathrates: 67,200

No Charters Needed.

Delivered to Ondree (Which is the Solitude Region)

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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