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Agony Unleashed
Posted - 2009.09.01 11:55:00 - [271]

Our second order was just as quick as the first.

Will use again.

Valentine Molkath
Posted - 2009.09.03 11:03:00 - [272]

Quick and nice. Great service.

Posted - 2009.09.03 19:10:00 - [273]

contact me in game for a quote every day 09

8mill units of Helium Isotopes


*more to ask if you have price

Ibn Jubayr
Posted - 2009.09.08 06:16:00 - [274]

Excellent service and quick replies. Will definitely be using again

Transporter Ted
Midas Tycho
Posted - 2009.09.08 22:23:00 - [275]

Very efficient and cheap service, would highly recommend to anyone.

Just checked and it took 1 hour from my request (EVE Mail) to a delivery with a contract set in place for the coming months.

Cheers Lady much appreciated.

Unknown Guardians
Posted - 2009.09.09 11:14:00 - [276]

hi im interested in 1 months supply of fuel for a med domination tower. could you please send me a price.

fuel i will supply my self is heavy water and liquid ozone so please dont add those in the price. thanks

if all goese well i would like to use you every month

contact me ingame

Meia Lenneth
Bad Logistics Inc.
Posted - 2009.09.10 23:58:00 - [277]

Not bored, but hit by insomnia pretty hard.
Having used Lady Patricia's services for a few months now, I highly recommend her business.
So far things have always been as easy as :

-send mail, whatever the tower, fuel quantity, more or less tailor made order.
-receive quote.
-accept, delivery always seemed to happen earlier than expected.

Add to that a very competitive pricing through time, tested after the last months spikes.
Save yourself some time, let her take care of your fuel needs.

Highland Construction Co
Polaris Ascension
Posted - 2009.09.17 20:17:00 - [278]

been using Lady Patricia's services for a few month now.

Excellent service so far all delivery have been on time.

even when i hit her with a late night convo "Need fuel for 2 Towers + a ton of cap fuel and strontium for a cap fleet"

got the full order next day before 8am Not even UPS could that Shocked

Lady Patricia you should so start a cap fuel delivery services you do not know how use full it has been do you have any idea how much a hot drop cost!!

Veritech knight
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.09.17 21:15:00 - [279]

please evemail quotes for 2 large caldari, 1 large dread guristas and 1 large shadow tower.

Lion El'Jhonson
Posted - 2009.09.18 00:16:00 - [280]

Please send me an in game price for a small and large pos package

Vulcan Innovations
Posted - 2009.09.24 07:27:00 - [281]

Confirming Patricia's service is awesome :) Market price (Jita) for fuel + very fair delivery charge to ANY highsec system? Totally worth it.

Keep up the good work! I'll be putting in orders every month for awhile to come.

Posted - 2009.09.25 13:56:00 - [282]

Sent you an eve-mail

Mia Zheng
Frozen Forge
Posted - 2009.09.29 23:20:00 - [283]

awesome service

One Billion
Posted - 2009.09.30 14:35:00 - [284]

Very nice service.

fast ( inside a day), prices are good ( jita + couple of mil for delivery, personally i wont undock for that kinda money :)

Thanx for delivery.

RoCkEt X
Posted - 2009.09.30 22:19:00 - [285]

bump :) this guy also sells capitals at excellent prices :)

Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2009.10.02 20:42:00 - [286]

got a new tool for my cap ship sales available, so you easily can see now when which ship is ready and at what price:
Actual Production status and Prices

Yasmine Yuhn
The Imperial Foundry
Posted - 2009.10.02 21:47:00 - [287]

Thank you very much, quick no fuss service Smile

Sigillum Militum Xpisti
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2009.10.06 20:08:00 - [288]

I was a customer of another fuel hauling service until a few weeks ago. 10 days before I needed fuel I put in an order, 3 days before my towers offlined I still hadn't heard word from the service. Panicking I sent an evemail to Lady Patricia for several large fuel packages. Lady Patricia delivered that very day and I was able to keep all my towers running.

Ever since then I have used this service for my fueling. My experience has orders that are confirmed with 24 hours and delivery within 48 hours. I will be a customer of Lady Patricia's services for as long as the freighters keep moving.

Organisation VII
Posted - 2009.10.07 11:22:00 - [289]

Hi, I'm looking for a quote for 14 days of fuel for a large minmatar and a large gallente tower, with potential for subsequent orders


Minnie CargoBot
Dust Innovations
Posted - 2009.10.08 20:33:00 - [290]

Sent you an in-game mail. Could you please confirm whether you received it or not plz. As soon as I hit send my client crashed. Thanks for your time.

Phoenix Adept
Posted - 2009.10.08 20:36:00 - [291]

Great Service - I had two deliveries of Fuel, and it would of continued if I hadn't had to take down my POS through lack of game time!

Would definitely recommend..

Transporter Ted
Midas Tycho
Posted - 2009.10.16 18:50:00 - [292]

Another quick no hassle POS Fuel delivery.

Thanks again.

Roguehalo Ship Brokers
Posted - 2009.10.17 16:25:00 - [293]

Very quick and professional service!!

black sile
Posted - 2009.10.18 11:36:00 - [294]

Have been using this service for almost a year now.
Lady is capable of doing deliveries for a whole sov holding alliances, she can do anything and anywhere emergency deliveries etc.
I recommend this service to anyone.

Posted - 2009.10.18 17:55:00 - [295]

Can you send me a Quote for 1 months fuel cost for a large Gallente Tower with Gallente Charters needed

Thank you in advance

Transporter Ted
Midas Tycho
Posted - 2009.10.19 12:04:00 - [296]

And yet another quick delivery, seriously if you need POS Fuel use this service :)

Posted - 2009.10.19 12:27:00 - [297]

Great service, will use it again.

Posted - 2009.10.20 15:44:00 - [298]

Excellent service and quick replies. Will definitely be using again

Secure Production Research and Trading
Posted - 2009.10.21 12:44:00 - [299]

Another satisfied customer.

Fast replies, faster delivery and was even cheaper than expected.

Thanks again, until the next order o/

Forethought Unchained
Posted - 2009.10.27 20:13:00 - [300]

Another fast delivery from the Lady. Thank you.

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