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Posted - 2003.06.16 04:42:00 - [1]

what a relief, something has taking me away from the dreary tedium of daoc the mind-bending boredom of EQ.
I havent played it very much as im almost too euphoric to even start it up, but ive played enough to have already been killed (suicide).
I was very anxious about problems that i mgiht have that many others are griping about , I have had no problems and am looking forward to getting absorbed by the game.

anyway for days i contemplated getting eve, I browsed these forums but I couldnt post my questions as the forums were locked to strangers. Im wodnering will i have much of an oppurtunity to succeed as a new player or is most of the stuff already been exploited by players before me. is it easy to acclamate now that the game has matured a little? or would i have been better off starting the day of release?

Quantum Gopher
Federal Freight
Posted - 2003.06.16 11:56:00 - [2]

One of the easiest ways I've found to make money (called ISK) early in EVE is to start out as a miner. Choose a race or skill path that let you specialize in it.

You can create additional characters and give them financial support easily this way.

When in space, near the upper left on your screen where you see the descriptive text of your location, there is a little graphic "notes" symbol (as I recall) . Left click your cursor on it once to get a small drop down menu. Select the option for asteroid belts and follow the resulting options to a belt near you to begin mining. Remember the name of the station where you start out in that system so you can return easily, or once you launch from the station, right click on it and select "Save Location" to save it in your bookmarks for future reference. :)

The biggest problem facing new miners are bigger, better equipped miners who strip mine high security (newbie) sectors. Plag and Pyro are the two best types to mine in these sectors and are often in great demand...and consequently the most often to be mined out. But even Veldspar can yield enough profit to buy a new ship in a short time. Fear not though, the asteroids will be back the next day after server up. :)

My first day in EVE, I sat in station fearful of launching. The next day, one of my friends from another game (who also plays EVE) told me to go mine enough to get a better mining laser (Miner I). After that, I mined and refined (refining is another important skill for dedicated miners) enough ore in one day to get a new frigate ship better suited to mining. Mining also works much better as part of a mining team. Someone in a large cargo ship to haul the ore and many smaller ships to mine. Then the ore is refined and the results can be split amongst all participants...or go to whatever project they may be working on.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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