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InterSun Freelance
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2008.09.18 14:37:00 - [1]

Hello there,

Sareem's some sort of amarrian snakeoil salesman, interested in politics, likes to trade and to pew pew whenever his exotic slaves allow him some free time. Sareem also loves to be in his luxurious apartment in Abagawa, accompanied by the intense fragrance of incense brought from far, far away worlds unknown to most. And in this familiar place is where he sat and thoutght about his future.

Sareem needs a new place to be, where he can shook of the boredom of countless business trades and repetitive missions.

What Sareem needs:

- An adult corp, europe based preferencial.
- 0.0 place to be
- Respect about RL (father of a 2 year old kid, lots of game = wife aggro)
- Some lessons on PVP.
- Roleplay would be nice, not necessary tho.

What Sareem does:

- Sareem pilots both amarr and gallente T1 ships up to BS, HAcs, Comm ships (field comms) and some industrial stuff (not much). Plans to fly capitals early 2009.
- Lots of mission running.
- Trade

What Sareem doesn't want:

- To use voice chat (doesn't mind corp using it, but doesn't want to use).

Sareem is also known to fly along with a misterious industrial by the name of Klaudius Blake, a Minmatar (sigh...) and Katya Blake (oddly, another amarrian) a trigger squeezing maniac. Where Sareem's welcome, both Klaudius and Katya must be too (they are not Sareem's alts, fyi).

On a last note, Sareem will be offline during October, so he's planning on moving to a new place in November only.

Heath Ledger
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Posted - 2008.09.18 16:36:00 - [2]

BWR Gamers
Blood Hauser Empire
Posted - 2008.09.18 17:05:00 - [3]


I represent a small corp that is looking to dig deep into all aspects of EVE we currently have members interested in running missions, ratting, pvp, industry, mining, salvaging, and hanging out.

We are not EU based but hope you will still take a look anyway.

We like to promote a friendly, family style atmosphere and are a very laid back, casual group of players. Feel free to check us out here or you can send myself or Dramus Ironwood an ingame mail. Also, you can hop into BWRG Recruitment channel to chat with us.

Posted - 2008.09.18 17:20:00 - [4]

Hi, if you are into roleplay and want to fight for a cause, an ideal and as a free podpilot you might want to check us out. We are a tight nit, experienced PVP corp emphasizing on roving guerrilla warfare using cunning strategies and superior equipment to outmanouver larger entities.
We operate in all sort of enviroments (highsec, lowsec, nullsec) depending on current campaigns and goals but we do not hold space nor engage in prolonged POS warfare.

Check our recruitment post here if you are still interested.

Fly free!

Saxon Hawke
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2008.09.18 19:40:00 - [5]

The Intaki Liberation Front is always looking for capable pilots. We operate in high and low sec running missions and engaging in PVP battles.

Check us out on our web site

InterSun Freelance
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2008.09.18 23:41:00 - [6]

Thanks for the kind replies mates!

As told on my post, i'll be moving to a new home probably only on November. So I'll make sure in the meanwhile to check out your public channels for some questions (and pointless chatter sometimes...).

See you soon!


Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2008.09.20 08:21:00 - [7]


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