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Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2008.10.24 03:12:00 - [31]

For those of you wanting to try this game, yet who don't have the isk to spare, try My Low Stakes Variation on Amarylyn's No Limit game. I included a small set of supplemental rules that help those without billions to spare stay competitive.

Join my channel, Beginner No Limit, for more info.

Posted - 2008.10.26 01:58:00 - [32]

Fun little game, won about 25mil today. ugh

Skill Level Six
Dara Cothrom
Posted - 2008.10.27 04:24:00 - [33]

excellent game. Won about 80 million tonight.

Zero Invention
Posted - 2008.10.27 04:29:00 - [34]

I support this game

Zero invention's Lotos


No Merceeee
The Ascension
Honourable Templum of Alcedonia
Posted - 2008.10.28 03:14:00 - [35]

Haha, I love this game now, as many before myself have stated, by no means is Amarylyn a scammer. This game entertained me a lot, and actually ended up making me sit in the station for hours playing it.

Tempest Inferno
Davy Jones Locker
Posted - 2008.11.02 17:52:00 - [36]

Sounds like a fun game. will drop by the channel tomorrow night after i get off work.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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