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Sand Gaara
Posted - 2008.09.17 16:37:00 - [1]

Edited by: Sand Gaara on 17/09/2008 16:37:00
Been playing Eve for about 2,5 months, but unfortunately many game aspects are not understandable to me :(.If anyone willing to invite me, email me Nick:Sand Gaara.Currently piloting passive Drake.

P.S:I always follow instructions,team player,hardworking.
Rolling Eyes

BWR Gamers
Blood Hauser Empire
Posted - 2008.09.18 17:25:00 - [2]


I represent a small corp that is looking to dig deep into all aspects of EVE we currently have members interested in running missions, ratting, pvp, industry, mining, salvaging, and hanging out.

We like to promote a friendly, family style atmosphere and are a very laid back, casual group of players. Feel free to check us out here or you can send myself or Dramus Ironwood an ingame mail. Also, you can hop into BWRG Recruitment channel to chat with us.

Saxon Hawke
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2008.09.18 19:26:00 - [3]

The Intaki Liberation Front is always looking for combat pilots. We operate in high and low sec running missions and engaging in PVP battles.

Check us out on our web site

Posted - 2008.09.18 19:40:00 - [4]

We can help. Training for new players, friendly mature members, excellent forums and in-game support for all aspects of EVE. Check out the JUNTA at:

Stormfront JUNTA


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