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Laudi Pugnae
Posted - 2008.09.17 02:22:00 - [1]

Im a player who got a taste of FW play in June and had to go off for a few months and when I came back my corp booted me (VIV... WHY!!)

Anyway. Im a youngish player and I want to get more imersed in the game. Im currently training a BC tank (Nothing special I know but you got to work on something) and will do mission runs and gather capital for... BS...

Besides my life (EVE Life) Story I just want to be back in the game in a solid corp who is willing to show the ropes in the deeper aspects of EVE.

Laudi Pugnae
Posted - 2008.09.17 10:20:00 - [2]


Heath Ledger
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Posted - 2008.09.18 04:03:00 - [3]

Posted - 2008.09.18 19:58:00 - [4]

While we're currently not big in FW's (other plans) we do cover many other aspects of EVE including roaming PVP, mining, mission running and other activities. You might want to check us out at:

Stormfront JUNTA

Am Li
0ne Percent.
Posted - 2008.09.19 02:33:00 - [5]

My names Cecil and I'm a member of Dominion Gaming [XDOMX], we are a cross-platform gaming clan. Many of us are active or retired military, but this is not a requirement. We are often on TeamSpeak and always up for a good time. We partake in FW on a nearly daily basis and would love you to come have a good time with us. We believe that LIFE comes before EVE and will not require you to log hours or any of that garbage. Our only requirement is that you are at least 18 years old.

Drop by our recruitment office is Usi or Kaimon and drop us a line on our website If you don't mind tell them Cecil sent you.
Our CEO's Informational Thread is at

Thank you,
"Am Li"

Saxon Hawke
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2008.09.19 14:42:00 - [6]

Factional warfare is an option, or you could fight the good fight with the Intaki Liberation Front. We are a light role playing corp that allows its players to be as immersed as they choose to be. Our focus is to increase the safety of the Intaki System by opposing hostile elements there. We also conduct group mission running operations and mining endeavors within our corp and our alliance.

The small picture is daily PVP opportunities against battle-hardened pirate types. The big picture is a sweeping role-play backdrop, political debate and perhaps, eventually, a surge for independence and self-rule.

You could play a part in all of this and more.

Find out more about us at our web site.

22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2008.09.19 18:19:00 - [7]

Check out our post if you are a Caldari. (Sorry I can't tell by your avatar as there is some issue with it loading.)


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