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Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 07:57:08

Sisterhood of ≡v≡
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The Ascension of Knowledge


This post is extremely massive, numbering well over 35 posts or 20 printed pages.
Extensive efforts and formatting were made to be easier on the eyes but not on your patience.
You've been warned.

All further major updates on hold until further notice, awaiting new fourm deployment, next time you see this subject it may be on the new fourms. Minor updates here and there mostly blog form.


To expand the diverse career field with field scientist and increase scientific depth with module designing.

  • Design the Field Scientist Profession.

  • 3 Tech1 Sister Explorer Ships, 3 Tech2 Sister Voyager Ships, 1 Tech3 Sister/Intaki Discovery Ship, 1 Sister Networking Ship, 1 Sisters Gate-capable Sub-Capitol Support Ship, 1 Sisters Jump Capable Support Capitol Ship.

  • Design Personal Labs which unique advantages and disadvantages

  • Implement Racial Scientific Resources to asteroid belts, encounters, exploration, moons, regions and more.

  • Revise Currently existing tools and skills currently available

  • Implement New Tools or Skills if necessary

  • Design New scientific products with growing demands in New Eden

  • Design Create your own Module experience

  • Design New Interface to sell newly designed products

  • Revise existing methods to adapt to new system to be able to continue to their usefulness against newer systems

  • Implement a new Research Point Store, Stocked with scientific products such as blueprints, may replace NPC wholesale

  • Revise how Research Points are earned to discard the 'set it and forget it' mentality

  • Add new scientific missions which are unique to the field

Difficulty of Implementation
From new research systems, new ship models, QA balance of said ships, new UI requirements, implementation of new skills and a scientific products which may or may not have any conceivable demands and most extensively, the market balancing and worst of all a release schedule to break it down into multiple expansions as the ideas listed are far too great for any one expansion.

Impact of Changes
The ability for scientist and explorers to enjoy work outside the station and get paid for their efforts is enough. Then making them take a more active role into their jobs with varied degrees of skill, luck, and knowledge to result in providing more targets, new consumable industrial products and the prospect of developing their own models is a galaxy changing effect all in favor of eve's nature, risk for reward. Ideas here can easily leave massive footprints in the face of New Eden in all of its aspects of life.

Hacking and Salvaging are potentially full professions of their own worthy of the attention of the last two empires that do not have a sub faction civilian ships yet such as a Thukker Reclamation Ships which fits perfectly with their nature as they are nomadic, everything they use should be recycled. Then the Mordus Legion who would deviously use a networking ship to carry out nefarious cyber attacks while under the guise of an entertainment networking ship spreading their propaganda.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:24:00 - [2]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 28/02/2011 04:03:23
Table of Contents

Table of Contents II The other half
Change Log List of Changes

Before We Begin My letter to you.
Why Sisters? Why Not?
Sow the Seeds Issues
Harvest Dawn Goals and Philsophy

Diving into the Past Revamping Archeology
Adapting Ahead Revamped Analyzer
Fueling the Future Analyzed Resources

Relinquishing Chaos Recompiling Data
Its Personal Personal Labs
From Dust to Flesh Old Lab Update
Threading A Conclusion Programs
Forging a Future Metalevel Research
I've Created a Monster Selling Custom Modules

Agents and Missions
Allure of Incentive New Research Agent Missions
Lovely Einstein Piggy Banks New Research Point Store
Treasure Hunting! Artifacts
Piecing It All Together Archeology Missions

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:24:00 - [3]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 03/04/2011 07:56:23
Table of Contents II

Empire Survey Ships Addressing if Empire needs new ships.
Sisterhood of Eve Ships The equal to ORE in all things Archeology.
SOE Traveler Cheap and Effective
SOE Wanderer Cheap and Enduring
SOE Surveyor Cheap and Efficeint
SOE Urchin Codebreaking Wizard
SOE Wisp Fast and Scouty
SOE Muse Hauling
SOE Siren Voracious
SOE Urania Adaptable
SOE Urania Subsystems Options
SOE Titiania Ship-U-haul
SOE Oberon Call Center

Information Chapter (incomplete)
Libary - List of Skillbooks renewed and new.
Inventory - List of Modules you'll need for the job.
Metamorphic - List of Meta-level Paths for deployables, Electronic Warfare, & Electronics
Metamorphic II - Continued List of Meta-level paths for Engineering, Hull and Armor, Navigation, Shields
Metamorphic III - Concluding List of Meta-level paths for Turrets and Bays.
Datum - List of individual data infomration types, the scientific equivalent of minerals.
File-ology - List of programs the information turns into and operates with.
Digger- List of sites players can harvest from, asteriod equivalents.
Harvest- Time Tables of work effort on the job, more fine tuning required this will mostly be a stracth area to be removed and essayed later.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:25:00 - [4]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 20:55:09

Change Log
Change is constant

21 June 2011
Welcome to the Incarna Edition
-Add, Table of Content Link to End of every topic for better navigation of the topic.
-Add, Analyzer Turret Graphic, To both Adapting Ahead section and Inventory section.
-Revised, Before We Begin, Updated letter to the reader, shortened letter to be clearer and more concise
-Revised, Sow the Seeds, Updated removed 1000 characters of unneeded explination, further clarified problems and goals.
-Revised, Harvest Dawn, Minor clarification.
-Revised, Diving into the Past, Minor clarification and grammical corrections.
-Revised, Adapting Ahead,removed a redundancy
-Revised, Fueling the Future, minor corrections

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:25:00 - [5]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 08:34:05

Before We Begin,
Introductions are in order

Dear Readers,

As a simple formality, if you have not concluded from the table of contents yet, that this is an extremely large and long idea taking up at least twenty pages in printed media. I have gone to great lengths in editing the idea to be in the most presentable manner without sacrificing the needed explanations' for why things the way they are in the project. Thankfully the table of contents can help you decide what you want to read or not and quickly navigate the entire idea.

Two years of work in spare time, with the culmination of feedback brainstorming and promoting the idea has evolved into a highly supplicated topic on improving eve's ulterior careers.

Iíve gone to great lengths to make this topic instead of playing Eve as I should for I am a player of limited time due to my real life issues I am unable to enjoy Eve to its fullest. Rendering activities limited to economics, exploration, science, and industry. Over the years of playing I have found the scientific field rather disturbingly how shallow the pool really is. Though the pool is extremely large there is really no deep end to it, the shallow end really doesn't exist either as a new player may find trying to do any sort of research extremely frustrating to begin as every lab they can have access to as a new player is crammed full. The water isn't as reactive as it is in other fields of work in Eve. So I have set forth to create a new idea that will make researching those blueprints more intriguing, more thought provoking and less of an away from control activity without punishing older or new players.

I am proud to present this idea for the community to review, comment, suggest, and help improve upon, the more of these ideas we can formulate together into a presentable package the better the presentation will be. For example the sister's ships originally incapable of combat, stats have since been revised to allow for a degree of self defense. The personal lab is another fine example which when though multiple hammerings to be fair and balanced and ultimately underpowered.

As with my game play activities I am sad to inform that my ability to update this idea is also limited. Yet I do strive to keep updating as often as possible. So far I have successfully introduced a sweeping change with every expansion since Dominion, Incarna promises to be no different with bringing the Meta-level Researchable Ships, and turret graphics to be in the spirit of the expansions new feature of new turrets.

I do enjoy feedback of in favor or disfavor; these help shape the idea even further. Some who have had their ideas have grown into monstrous subjects within the topic, the most recent of which is creating your own module idea thatís been cooking here for a good year at the suggestion of a reader.

So without further ado I present you the rest of the story.

Very Respectfully,
Nova Fox <^-^>
CEO Nova Fox

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:26:00 - [6]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 08:34:24

Why Sisters?
Why Not?

There are twenty factions currently contesting for power in Eve Online.
  • Four Empires, they are more interested in military conquest

  • Jovian Empire, who have more problems at home now, the Sansha most prominent

  • CONCORD, a far off fantasy to fly their ships one day

  • Interbus, a faction suited for automated transportation of goods

  • ORE, which doesn't need any more industrials ships than they currently have

  • Five Hostile Factions, Sansha, Corelli, Guristas, Angels, and Bloods whom which rather do business at gunpoint

  • Two Amarr houses interested in protecting their boarders

  • Intaki, who like to deal business on the extreme edge of legality

  • Thukker Tribe, a nomad organization who scream out to have Salvaging to their name instead

  • Modus Legion, a paramilitary group better suited to work with both military and computer hardware

  • Society of Conscious Thought, an organization more interested in controlling it all

All of these mentioned factions do not have any desire in exploring anything just for the purity of it, most of them are more content with doing business, usually at the end of a howitzer.

Of all of these faction I felt very strongly that only faction that is qualified for Exploration Ships is none other than The Servant Sisters of Eve.

The Sisters make a perfect candidate for this idea on many levels from a lore, metaphorical, and practical standpoint it is very easy to explain why over any other faction. Many of the points on elevating the Sisters to this status are as follows:
  • The Sister's growing and ever increasingly aggressive desire to discover mysteries of the Eve Gate.

  • The Sister's passion to provide sanctuary to all who seek their help can take a toll on their funds.

  • Those seeking sanctuary are in high numbers now considering the all out war between the four empires.

  • Sanctuary is becoming even Greater now with the Sansha heralding the end of freedom in New Eden.

  • Donations during war tend to dry up as governments invest more into protection and the war efforts.

  • Exclusive and non-competitive faction variations of probe launchers, implants, and probes further concretes the idea they're the exploration candidate

  • The Sisters of Eve. background is more than fitting.

  • Another story Ante shows that SOE is willing to get exploration data even at extreme risks of others and themselves.

With so much chaos happening in New Eden the Sister's are now have to actively seek the support of capsuleers to continue any further advancement in their goals. The Sister's deep connections with many organizations and industries that have greatly benefited from their care can easily recall a favor to have a ship designed out of charity. Then redistribute the blueprints under the necessity to continue fund raising for their shelters. All in return for being able to access any and every bit of data the ships procure while benefiting their captains and capsuleers pilots.

Because of all the presented information, I have selected the SOE faction as the host of Exploration Ships and until a very strong counter argument is made, I will likely not change my stance on the subject.

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:26:00 - [7]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 08:33:39

Sow the Seeds,
We Begin Here

What is Science? Itís the process of answering why. Why should we be content with waiting in line for the research slot to open up? Why should we lazily collect research points with someone we never really help? Why should we not be able to make our own discoveries? Why do we not strive to improve our world around us? The simple answer is that is not possible, until now.

The current job of a scientist in Eve is a sheer mockery of the word. Despite the efforts to make it for the better it still has fundamentally the same principal. , basically operating a lab, spinning a ship in the hanger bay until they get a desired and predetermined blue print result. This barely changes with tech 2 and tech 3 which include an aspect of requiring military efforts to obtain the necessary parts for that research with a sprinkle of a possible and annoying failure. Combined with extensive skill point investment and no Ďexplorationí of the world this leaves to be a shallow profession with no depth.

The problem with said above is the fact the scientist really doesn't need to go out of the station at all aside from the occasional grocery run. Yet we cannot stray far from the bottom line to what scientist must do, research. To find the crossroads between station and space activities in order to research the much coveted blueprints in station would require a bit more 'experiment' of ideas.

With this I make the promise that we will never force a player to play differently from what they are currently used to. However the new way to play would only be a build off the current system, it would increase options, provide truer depth and added needed complexion to making the job interesting and a constant learning experience. This would help players further sink into a job they may eventually enjoy doing, full time.

That said there are other issues including station slot availability, trust issues, older systems that will suffer against the new ideas. The more experimental of the idea it is the more chance we can destroy everything horribly. As we delve deeper as to where we could begin we must examine what is already here and pry leverage of where to go based on that is established. One thing to keep in mind though is granting a sense of progression, becoming a better scientist is what we need to allow a new player to desire for.

One final issue that hurts any current scientific effort in the long run is that there are little to no disposable wares in the community. Most scientific items are a onetime investment never needing additional supplies or restocking resulting in the utter disappointment of curbed demands if properly protected.

Solving all of these problems is a unique challenge that is too massive to be easily solved with one swoop of an idea. With new ideas comes the risks that the creation of content jeopardizing everything else in Eve. So we must tread carefully along this road to our final goals of alleviating many of these points, expanding on them and making the more in line with Eve's nature.

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:27:00 - [8]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 08:33:17

Harvest Dawn,
Basking in the New Era

After sowing the seeds we will harvest our hard earned work. To reward is the best part of any activity so what better way to reward players for their efforts? The best reward that can comes to mind is, believe it or not, is success. Every capsuleer enjoys success, other than those defeatists minded, who else doesn't want to bask in the warm glow of accomplishment?

Although failure is factor it should never be an objective of anything, rather just the simple obstacle in the way of success. Success should be strong enough that any player would be willing to daunt the risks of failure to achieve success. How does one go about this you say, one is increase what is given for success as an incentive to conquer failure or even accept failure on the road to success.

The other method is to make risks diminishable. Do not mistranslate what that means, it's not the necessarily means to make something risk free rather quite the opposite of knowing the risk is there and doing something about to avoid its consequences. Like knowing that there is a gate camp on the other side and taking an alternative route is a decision in risk deduction verses the unwanted of idea of making gate camps impossible. If past lessons taught anything we know from the culmination knowledge and have determined the largest factor of playerís willingness to overcome is risk, is Isk. We do however must recognize that another Isk faucet is the last thing eve needs so we avoid a direct Isk reward. So to reward Isk we must create an item that someone else will be willing to buy,

So to incentivize success we have to offer something of interests, three things come to mind. Isk should have probably been the first thing you thought of, although we all enjoy money New Eden has no use for another Isk faucet, so the option is to create an Isk reward by proxies though other players wanting the item procured instead, which functions primarily as an ISK sink instead as taxes, failure, and other player generated mishaps contribute. To ensure this we have to make sure that the items can and will be sought for, this can be achieved easily by increasing usefulness, creating exclusivity, and finally efficiency.

Usefulness is making something new useful to a pilot, useful enough that it will be an option well sought out for vs. a lesser useful option. Exclusivity also goes a long way being an item only a certain type of player can have access to, though anyone willing to presume the career can get the same access not every pilot could be cut out to be a researcher. Our final enhancement is efficiency. Anything or any method which concludes lesser effort for better reward can be well sought for as well even players may pay for this factor on the time factor alone.

We will continue further exploring these options but all of our goals must meet all of the above.

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:27:00 - [9]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 14:45:45

Diving into the Past
Face-lifting Archeology

It is no secret that the past civilizations who have stepped foot in New Eden are far more advanced than we can dare hope. An inkling of an idea of the first four empires has given us third generation technologies while even the more ancient Terran empire had a weapon of immense destruction that lead to an entire Minmatar invasion fleet being obliterated and no weapon since that has even come close to matching the destructive ability to annihilate a titan and its escort fleet in a single blow from a battleship.

Its saddening to know that archeology gear barely even recovers any useful data on how the ancients accomplished their amazing feats. The lock pick function alone is not enough for the job it seems and that era is coming to an end. To deepen scientific experience would require making analyzers able to extract every bit of useful information about not what is in the container but how the container came to be. This knowledge and understanding can potentially vastly improve our current technology. A simple industrial conclusion can vastly improve manufacturing efficiency or even how to allow for additional technologies currently available to fit in a more compact area.

The new gathering method would be similar our current two methods of collecting materials would take some of the best traits of them. The materials gathered will be raw and have to be processed similar to how mining. In contrast to mining harvesting will be faster paced. Much like the Salvager the new harvesting method is higher mobility, yet failure and random missing of the salvager will not be a part of the equation. Unlike either method the harvesting of materials is a mini-game unto itself racing against the clock or the site to be question itself. These traits will keep the scientist actively engaged in his thirst for knowledge. To avoid the conundrum and stigma mining has involve actively engaging making smart moves and decisions to get the most out of what they harvest in the limited time they have.

Along with this we can potentially make artifacts just as valuable and more findable again, station scientist would pay handsomely in research notes with any partners that brings in an artifact intact back to them. As they can continue to pry secretes at a pace more of their liking.

No more will the skill book be laughed or lauded at, or be the ire of explorers random books to learn, instead it will be sought and considered and no more will that skill book be alone as its joined by processing aids, and archaeology improvements furthering the ability to fully fledge the profession. New tools are also developed to assist the field scientist are revealed, from the new ships to new modules. While the lock pick function will remain but no longer the prominent feature anymore.

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:28:00 - [10]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 12/07/2011 16:02:50

Adapting Ahead,
If there is no road, you make one.

The new highslot Analyzer
The new highslot Datastreaming Analyzers

As any good miner begins their career with a basic mining laser, a good archeologist is going to start with a basic analyzer. Unlike the analyzers of the old, the second generation of analyzers are made possible by investments from the Sisters of Eve, whom have made many upgrades to this device.

First of these upgrades, is a high resolution scanner with cutting edge processor is capable of preserving 'dig sites' in the form of data. The next upgrade is an improved micro precision tractor beam complete with stasis field able to extract artifacts from sites delicately. Without the loss of the original lock pick function, these modifications make it too large to fit in the mid-slots forcing a move to the outside high slot like all other current mainstream harvesting tools.

The analyzer's CPU however can only task data collection and tractoring artifacts up to a capacity that is hardcoded to function and is hard to modify beyond efficiency from either knowledge or outside modules. That said, it was known that the new analyzers create disruptive force on a site quickly draining its power and destroying the site prematurely. So modifications where made making the impact on site gentler on its dwindling power supply, maximizing harvesting times and data collection. Specialized ships have advanced procedures on handling sites allowing for further preservation and allowing to gleam more information out of the site before it becomes lost to the ravages of space.

Similar to advanced miner's strip miners, there is an specialized version of the analyzer known the data streaming analyzer only able to fit on certain ships designed for them. Its expanded buffer allows for precision heuristics creating a highly efficient analyzer able to squeeze every bit of useful information of out of any site without wrecking the same amount of havoc as standard issued analyzers. Also both versions will have a modular cousin as well, fully capable of fitting a script that will modify the search behavior of the analyzer changing its yield contents.

Finally another tools miners use is an ore survey scanner, to assist their mining priorities. Archaeologist on the other hand would have to use a beacon to even begin their work as powered down sites are normally impossible to find otherwise.

These new tools combined with a probe launcher there are endless ways to find old sites will open the new way for scientist to do interesting stuff in the field from asteroid belts, to exploration sites, to even wormhole space.

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:29:00 - [11]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 15:05:25
Fueling the Future
Push Water of Life

New archeologists will likely not have the probe launching skills older players enjoy. This matters little in the new profession luckily. Archeology dig sites have a tendency to into gravity wells where asteroids often populate such as small shuttles satellites probes and even some habitats.

Upon arrival at an asteroid belt these sites are still hidden leaving the problem of finding individual sites that are very hard to detect. This is where the beacon comes into play. Using a beacon which is a modified ECM burst meant to send out a short range challenging signal causing the sites to reactivate and becomes targetable.

Time and space has been unkind to these sites and cannot maintain their powered status for long. Sites that lose the will to go any further explode destroying the objects they were attached to including asteroids or even another site. Pilots must also pay careful attention to the sites as well to maximize data collected. For example, sites with weak power grids are vulnerable to data lost on having too many analyzers at work on them. While the reverse of this are sites with leaking power grids will lose power faster than any number analyzers can cause. Nearby miners can complicate things further by inflicting serious damage on the site by attempting to mine the asteroid further causing the site to implode to prematurely even well before the site is found.

Once activated and locked pilots must attempt to data mine the site as efficiently and quickly as possible before site expiration. The collection of data or artifacts are dependent on site, location, ships, modules, skills, observation and potentially gang members can all factor how well the job goes.

Veteran pilots can acquire skills and knowledge to operate probe launchers. Dead space pockets a littering space have better preserved sites already activated and targetable. These sites unlike ones found in random locations or on asteroids do not have limited power sources but instead have a limited yield and time no longer becomes a factor in these special archaeology areas. Pilots may still try to use a beacon to locate other nearby temporary sites as well as such pockets of dead space often have been a site of much activity.

Although there are other ways to acquire archeological data, they involve going beyond the capabilities of a single pod controlled ship and will be covered in another topic. Aside from that knowledge locations of sites often determine what sorts of information becomes available. For example Former Sleeper areas may have drone related data but lackluster on shielding. Also activity of areas have degraded many sites as well the bustling activities of empire space has either found or destroyed most of the more preserved sites leaving only a few half working wrecks to observe. While the mostly untouched null sector of space may yield pristine sites. This chart breaks it down to where one can expect data.

Empire Space
Low Tech Generation One Technology

Low Security Space
High Tech Generation One Technology
Low Tech Generation Two Technology

Null Security Space
High Tech Generation Two Technology
Low Tech Generation Three Technology

Wormhole Space
High Tech Generation Three Technology

Table of Contents

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:53:00 - [12]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 20/06/2011 15:14:04

Relinquishing Chaos,
After a hard day's work.

After a time the data stores on a ship will fill up the entire cargo hold and the pilot must return to a station to make good on thier work. Between artifacts and data fragments, all have potential and now it's time to set that potential into motion.

The raw data that has been mined from sites are heavily fragmented and making sense with any of is a venture best left to Recompiling services stations could offer. However not all stations may feature a Recompiling services such as stations which feature a laboratory or factory are out of the question as their computers are dedicated to that work.

Player structure face similar restrictions, star bases can anchor a recompiler at the stress of comprimising between other activities the base offers. Outposts can be tailored to have the sedrvices but must carefully construct their facilities in order to get the most out of it and potentially invest heavily into upgrades.

Recompiling allows the scientist to take a large sample of data and create usable data that can be worked with in creating programs. One can equate this as refining ore into minerals which are used in final products. There is however one stark differences between recompiling data and refining materials. Refiners only have to worry about two sources of lost materials and have very predictable and midgetatable results. Recompilers on the other hand face a different challenge all together totaling up to four losable sources of materials that cannot all be defeated.

Refiners as we all know lose after process materials to either tax or lack of efficiency in their refining equipment and skills. Recompilers differ vastly due to how the process works. Unlike refining where a certain batch's potential yield is known always. The batches used in recompiling are never certain of their yields so station managers felt best to tax the raw data first in order to achieve gains on their end.

Taxes however are the least of the recompilers worries. The process is a chaotic art best trying to piece together incoherent pieces of information and trying to make a sensible string doing so. Sometimes data gets lost, sometimes the compiled data gets corrupt, sometimes it yields something useful, and sometimes the data doesn't find a home and is left unused. The best compilers however know they can combat this inefficiency reducing data corruption of complete files, and reducing data lost and getting most out of the raw data refunded back that gets unused. What the recompilers cannot prevent is how much data the yield requires and potentially what data is ultimately extracted from that batch.

Let's say a batch requires a thousand strings of raw data station taxes for five percent of that data. This leaves 950 raw fragments to work with. The recompile process starts and we know being inefficient costs five percent of noncompliant code netting in 48 fragments without a home. Furthermore our efforts inefficiently lost 10% of the total raw data forcing ourselves to work with 807 fragments. Luckily complete programs was found to require twelve data stings each netting 67 complete data packages. Yet at ten percent corruption only 60 survive along with 51 raw fragments leftover to be used again in the future. Efficient recompiling skills and equipment would have helped this yield gain closer to 80 complete packages instead of an abysmal 20% loss of actual usable data.

Despite the above disaster, neutralizing the potential risks is a matter of time investment in skills.

Table of Contents

SonOf X51
Posted - 2008.09.12 19:55:00 - [13]

Edited by: SonOf X51 on 12/09/2008 19:58:33
Post 13

Where-ever you have writen "10% Reduction in Duration/Activation of Scan Probe Launcher." for your ship designs on Tech 1 hulls, I feel it would be more appropriate for this to be a 7.5% bonus per level. Covert-Ops are tech 2 and get 10% per level, same should carry through here IMO

Other than that, interesting ideas so far.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.12 20:06:00 - [14]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 12/02/2011 19:57:06
Its Personal
Personal Labs

If all you ever wanted was a quiet corner to do your some lab work without having to wait in line, deal with incompetent lab aids, or having to owe a bill to the base owner. Then your wish can come true with this brand spanking new freight sized device that is able to carry out any of your research using complicated simulators and AI assistance. This 'personal lab' means no more payments lab aids, no more leeching off power of a star base ensuing the station wardens wrath, no more incompetent lab aids whose results are disappointing and no more risks of an anomaly taking out the entire solar system. Complete with its mini fabricator to store data and its compact freight size means you can take your work with you anywhere you can ship it to!

The way the labs work is very simple. Insert blueprint to be victimized, select desired research, and after collecting a small list of required programs and you'll be on your way. Due to its uniqueness the personal labs may require their own training regiment separate from the other labs potentially allow a researching to double dip with both lab varieties. Its simpler hands free approach makes a quicker option to train for. It can easily mimic any experiment needed for ultra fast results. The lab also work on copies without complaint of wasted work. The lab doesn't run the error redundancy protocols on copies, keeping material costs to an absolute minimal. The treatment thankfully isn't shared between the copies and originals as the lab will do its best to keep originals pristine as possible for continued research. The S&I commission is still out to lunch on the idea of allowing its operation aboard a starship but fully capable and risky should one take it if approved.

A few drawbacks to consider when operating a personal lab over the other manned labs. First off, the lab's manufacturers are very protective of their technologies, so an Amarr lab may not be able to research Gallente technologies requiring a small multitude for coverage. The lab performs a diagnosis which it runs with every task completion, sometimes this can be longer than the research itself, ammo prints are notorious of this. Coupled with the fact the lab is narrow-minded and have short memory, only one blueprint can be researched per lab and one level of research at a time. Also the labs in the end are still not smarter or more creative than their human counterparts, this is painfully obvious as material requirements keep increasing per level of research as it runs out of ways to improve a blueprint. Finally these computers cannot do the research if they do not have data to compare too. This data has to be provided by you, the scientist, from known good data from the field.

With the possibly finding the idea of ultrafast research appealing or enjoy being able to squeeze a few more dimes out of a copy appeals to a tycoon. Along with a way to circumvent the current holdup in regular labs for a hobbyist. These labs have the potential demand for years to come as this system can easily reward the intelligent and punish the uneducated, like all things in eve should. So the only person that can supply the data needed to operate these laboratories the demand is sure to be there. This system can easily reward the intelligent and punish the uneducated, like all things in eve should. So the only person that can supply the data needed to operate these labs are none other than the archeology field scientist.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 00:41:00 - [15]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 12/02/2011 19:57:28
From Dust to Flesh,
Old dogs learn new tricks

While we gain a new additional lab type, our old lab types not wanting to be left behind are going to learn a new trick in the new era.

The old labs will be able to benefit from programs that are constructed from the field scientists work. The performance boosts from the new codes are sometimes similar and sometimes unique from the personal lab enjoys. As with all old lab types they're operated by people, so they're able to be more creative than the software is reducing the need for any redundancy allowing tasks to constantly cost the same no matter how well researched the blueprint is. With the thought of people reducing the need for additional software runs, many program routines where given more consideration than others allowing multiple levels of effectiveness. While personal lab codes are consistently stuck with ever growing loss of performance with their software. Another advantage the classic labs will enjoy is a simple matter of not needing the software to run at all, where as the personal lab is utterly useless without it.

First program that comes to mind the Accelerator, this is basically a general speed boosts compatible with all classic lab operations. Even the strongest degree of the accelerators even in the fastest of the old lab type will not be able to match the personal lab's speed. It will have the unique advantage of the previously mentioned function to be compatible for any research type, including reverse engineering, copying blueprints, and invention processes, things the personal lab cannot perform. There are considerations for allowing this program to work for construction jobs as well.

The second program is the close cousin to the first, known as the Enhancer. Enhancers boost output of any research program its applied to, though it may not be best suited for all operations an intelligent scientist will know which research on the blueprint would better benefit from having more speed or higher results at the end. Unlike the accelerator though this software runtime isn't considered for construction of most items. Best use would for tasks which have less than desirable results such as tech 2 inventions or tech 3.

The last program is the Resonator, are similar to the enhances in a different way. Instead of directly boosting the desired research being performed it bleeds off results elsewhere. For example doing production speed research will gain a slight boost while some of that research also bleeds off into increasing material efficiency at the same time. Though this method is up to be determined its ultimate usefulness on a per blueprint basis it will be available for all blueprints standard researches and possibly not so standard tech 2 and 3 and production as well in a creative manner.

On another note to be expanded further a program that can also be used is known as Lockdown, this program will provide a level of protection based on its strength discouraging corporate espionage and sabotage.

Good Rock Materials
Posted - 2008.09.13 09:55:00 - [16]

Some comments:

I do like the idea of a field scientist profession. I believe scientists need to have some sort of reason to leave space dock.

I'm not sure about the container style lab though. I think we'd be better off working with deployed ship labs instead. The mechanics are there already, with the Rorqual's industrial core. When active, the factory slots (compression only) are available. This mechanic could easily be changed to work for lab slots as well, with some sort of 'Laboratory Core' on a specialized science vessel. The other problem of working with the labs in space is that, unlike the Rorqual's VERY short compression job cycle, lab jobs can take many days to complete. This, however, is already taken care of with the industrial core mechanic, in that jobs get suspended when the core is inactive, and automatically resume when activated again. The core also already has a fuel use mechanic set in.

This will lead to science alts floating in space though, which I'm not too sure about. This actually makes me want them to be limited to low/null sec. ďIn order to make them portable, ship based labs lack the safety protocols of installation based facilities, therefore, concord has deemed them illegal to use in 'civilized' space.Ē If this was the case, they would have to actually be BETTER (faster) than POS based facilities, to make them have proper risk/reward ratio.

The Science vessel certainly should have more to do than just the lab jobs, so it doesnít get relegated to always being a fixed deployed structure. However, I donít think we necessarily need to turn science into yet another resource gathering profession. Perhaps the focus should be on creating some sort of meta-items that can be optionally used in scientific endeavors, much like the decryptors are used in invention today. I donít think the new items necessarily have to be restricted to use in the science vessels though. They should basically just provide a bonus to copy time, ME research, or PE research.

Not really on topic, but I would also like to see other specialized deployable science/industry ships introduced, using the same mechanic. Manufacturing slots for small scale items (ammo, drones, and modules) would be beneficial to a roaming flotilla. Of course, a mobile refinery would also be required to feed these mobile factories. The mobile refinery would work slightly different though, as it doesn't use the S&I slot mechanic. Instead, it should be a module that can be 'loaded' with ore (like ammo in a weapon), and upon completing the cycle, it puts the minerals back in the hold, and 'reloads' with more of the same ore type, if available. Mechanic is already there for this one as well.

I can imagine a mobile group of industrialists directly backing up a combat wing. A few hulks suck in some ore, and transfer it to a refinery ship. The refinery ship (a Syndicate designed capital) melts the ore down into minerals, and transfers the minerals to the factory ship. The factory ship (of Thukker origin) produces ammo/drones and packs them into a blockade runner to bring to the front lines.

The SoE ships youíve proposed are nice, but Iím not sure that many tiers are necessary. What do your tier 2 and 3 ships do that the tier 1 doesnít? There is a definite scale and reason for 3 tiers of barges for mining, where yield is the reason for getting the bigger ship. In the science profession, most the time would be spent on the exploration itself, and the larger ships donít necessarily do that any better than the smaller ones.

Asno Malo
Posted - 2008.09.13 17:44:00 - [17]


Overall I like the ideas you have presented so far. I look forward to reading over the rest as you post it. Having said that, one key area where your ship proposals fail is;
Originally by: Nova Fox

CPU 140
Power Grid 70
Calibration 400
2 High
3 Medium
1 Low
3 Rigs

Based on their purpose, none of the frigate classes can actually support a scan or recon launcher. Their CPU is far too low to actually mount the launchers. Please think about increasing the CPU output and decreasing the PG to bring these ships more in line with CovOps ships.

Another issue, with the skill bonus and the extra rig slot here, this ship would outstrip the CovOps ships in scan speed. While I don't have a problem with that overall, I would recommend removing the extra rig slot and increasing the scan duration to 15%, or reducing the scan duration to 7.5% to compensate for the extra rig slot.

Finally, I would recommend re-working the secondary bonuses a bit. Other than fit, your three ships only differ in their fits, I would recommend specializing these ships a bit more, for example, give the Pixie a bonus to Hacking modules, but reduce the strength bonus to 3%, while adjusting the Sprite to have a similar bonus to Archaeology modules.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 18:17:00 - [18]

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Threading a Conclusion
Predetermined Destiny

While the stations get their own version of programs to use, those programs have to come from somewhere. This is where the 'computer scientist' comes into play. Using the personal lab or the stations own new lab slot, he can take the data bits from the recompiling process and make them into fully working and functional programs. The scientist will not be alone or bored in this niche' profession as the scientist will have a large cadre of programs to create.

Starting with Station Programs, expensive station based only programs which boost the productivity of older generation of labs. Their codes are rather expensive and even more so for the higher level of effect.

It will also, most interestingly, become the new source of where to manufacture scripts new and old for use in modules and potentially additional new ship functions in the future such as custom AIs or chip modifications for modules.

Adding data cores to the mix will also further the need to continue their production as their only source of procurement are going to be stripped from the non pod captain population (NPC) productions hands and will be entirely reliant on other scientist on producing them.

Data Decryptors and other data related items shouldn't also be spared the availability to be built by the personal lab or similar facilities.

As the field expands into other areas and new ideas, concepts and avenues appear the computer scientist will have much to do to meet the demands of the galaxy now that items are being consumed quickly and constantly. This also offers an excellent avenue for the Hacking career to expand though by being able to create and deploy programs for nefarious or counter nefarious uses in the future.

Then the programs most people are probably interested to be making the ones compatible with the personal lab, such as;

Copy Time Routine - This is a new option that increases the speed of which copies can be made though the personal lab itself cannot manufacture blueprints its materials are fairly low tech and are found much more easily. Just like material and productivity copy time will also scale up in required level per effect.

Production Evaluator - Reduces build times on the item prescribed by the blueprint, the materials for this program are of medium frequency though their respective technology levels they related codes for them can be found at.

Material Filter - Reduces the amount of materials required to build an item. This is the most sought and most rare of the codes available in the technology areas and many expect to pay more than any other code.

As blueprints get more complicated so do the codes and data they'll need. For example all technology generation two blueprints require their respective data cores. While technology generation three codes require data fragments from wormhole space.

However the one program that nobody expected to probably see operate on the personal lab is the Evolutionary Redundancy, which increases a blueprint's Meta-level, whose subject leads to our next post.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 18:26:00 - [19]

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Forging a Future
Going where no scientist has gone before!

With the meta-level research program we can go into a brand new exciting field full of opportunities, designing your own module.

Yes with the program you can tweak and tailor a brand new custom module to your liking taking knowledge in multiple fields and applying it in new ways onto the modules bringing them in newer directions never considered before.

The process is complicated and draught with potential problems from marketing the items to naming conventions. First being and most prevalent issue researchers will face is that it is the only chance based program the personal lab runs and failure can destroy materials used, blueprints included. Scientist can lower chances by using copies which reduce the number of materials used and increased chances of success. Scientist can also study deeper into the related fields required by the evolution program for the traits they are seeking to implement. Also there are level caps on benefit of effect. This will not prevent the mad scientist from throwing such valuable blueprints away but to prevent creating a situation where you have to explain what a meta level eleven warp core stabilizer supposed to do.

Selecting how the upgrades are named is easily solved using a prefix and suffix system found in other entertainment. These suffixes and prefixes, also in turn allow scientist and consumer to be able to look at module and figure if it's the right one for them. Current series modules are the well established Alpha series and retain current names. New traits that betray the alpha will be subsequently be known as the Beta, Delta and so forth. These new strains will add the prefix and suffix. To prevent spreading traits to thinly on research the modules are restricted to only two new strains. First taking up the prefix, and second taking up the suffix.

Considerations to be minded that picking a second or third strain to further is always optional if the player desires only the alpha strain. Any new strain added into the mix will negate or partially overwrite benefits the alpha strain originally provided. Not all items are subject to having additional options beyond the alpha strain. Several items may not exhibit any upgrade features until meta level 5 where by then it turns into a technology generation two blueprint, ships are prime example where this may apply.

Strains above Alpha in technology generation two will beginning to exhibit drawbacks similar to how the alpha strain has on the module. Say drawing power away from automated loaders to the housing gimbals for increased tracking on weapons at reduced firing rates.

Furthering making metal level research daunting task of making higher level blueprints is that it will always cost a significant amount Material Efficiency and Production Efficiency. The cost of researching those traits will become higher the further from the optimized(0) they are. So a scientist may have to risk wasting research those traits to prevent very prohibitive post researching material efficiency and production efficiency.

Asno Malo
Posted - 2008.09.13 19:09:00 - [20]

Originally by: Nova Fox
Fully noted about the cpu issue I should slap myself as it was the only module I didnt fit I got most of the numbers doing bare bones and adding +10%, any thoughts about power grid or is it civillian enough?

Right off the bat, based on my previous comments, I would suggest the following;
  • Pixie: 140 CPU, 25 PG
  • Sprit: 250 CPU, 30 PG
  • Fairy: 280 CPU, 25 PG

Forgot to add in the 'hidden bonus' of analyzers reduced power drain between the teirs.

Based on how often analyzers get used and how long they currently take, I would strongly recommend against adjusting their cap usage, instead go with my previous comments and make them effectiveness bonuses. These modules are generally used only a few times per day / hour and as such cap is generally not an issue.

If you can give me a per level number that when combined with the three rigs (i need to double check to see if its even possible) the boost in time scanned is only like 5-10%

A CovOps ship gets 10% per level, so 50% scan duration, plus another 20% for the two rigs. So let's use that as a base. The two counter proposals that I suggested would give 37.5% plus another 30% for three rigs or 75% plus another 20% for two rigs. Hmmm, the second one is way too high, let's try 12.5%, that would give 62.5% plus another 20% for two rigs. So with that we would get;
  • Specialized Frigate: 25% for Frigate skill plus 30% for rigs = 55%
  • CovOps: 50% for CovOps skill plus 20% for rigs = 70% reduction
  • Exploration prop 1: 37.5% for Exploration skill plus 30% for rigs = 67.5% reduction
  • Exploration prop 2: 62.5% for Exploration skill plus 20% for rigs = 82.5% reduction

Based on those numbers and your desire to keep the three rigs, and the fact that these are specialized T1 ships, I would go with Exploration prop 1. Then the T2 versions could use Exploration prop 2.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 19:30:00 - [21]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 12/02/2011 19:55:33
I've Created a Monster!
Lets sell It!

In order to sell our new highly customized part we will have to make a few additions to our market and come up with a means of a way of making parts known to the galaxy, striking a balance between visibility and convenience.

The quick, easy, and wrong solution would be to use the current escrow/contract system exclusively. This would be ideal in a short time constraint when a new market UI cannot be an option. The reason why it is the wrong solution is the constraint of visibility as more custom modules enter the market the more difficult it will be for both seller and buyer equally. Especially if the seller is a mass producer of the products the contract limit will hit the ceiling extremely quick and the buyer doesn't know what exactly he's looking for.

Another wrong solution would be to market list any and every combination of meta-level items. This would result in an absolute nightmare scenario similarly described in the escrow being lost in a sea of custom parts and not knowing which one the player wants. As even one module could procure thousands of combinations just up to four different traits and then the five grades of each. Doing so would make market browsing a horrendous lag inducing and honestly an unnecessary task loading every and each module up.

The option leading to a best it's to create a new item entry called custom 'module name' at the bottom of the lowest item listing where applicable. The page could contain any custom module in range listed based on normal search ranges the player is used to with normal items such as sorted by distance and price. There will be new columns which the name of base item and another for their prefix and/or suffix. The name section will be crowned by a drop down box with allows the player to filter by numbered/name metalevel base item, prefix and suffix 'series'. Every drop down option in suffix and prefix series will have a (i) button to help players shop for desired traits as they know what to performance enhancement to expect out of the series.

With the possible marketing nightmare out of the way few more considerations to be mindful of. First one is item variant listing under item information. Item variant listing shouldn't include custom parts as is, instead it should have a new page called custom variants where only series names are listed instead and clicking on the (i) for the series will include the full list of upgrades along its strain as strains will technically be an item that is applied to others.

Another topic to keep in mind is auto-linking, drag and drop or manually typing its full name will continue to work normally. However typing in the base module could be just as massive mess as listing all of the possible items on market. To resolve this a new dummy item is made to resolve the hundreds of calls to server is a Ďcustom item' option will be available at the bottom of the auto link item list. Upon selecting the option on the auto link select an item menu it will bring up a new popup similar to the technology three ships where you can pick or choose the variables you want before displaying the item entirely.

Although its feels clunky its better than stranding players to horrendous lag and call ups from the server strain.

Few examples we have so far are: this, and this.

Asno Malo
Posted - 2008.09.13 20:09:00 - [22]

You have now given them far too much CPU and while retaining the PG, you have made this ship capable, without skills, of fitting just about anything with CPU and PG to spare. The numbers I gave you would mean that you would at least need some more basic skills to fit these boats. I recommend looking at ships like the Cheetah, Helios, Buzzard, and Anathema to see what their CPU and PG values are. Remember these boats are specialized in scanning and they are T2 ships.

I would urge you to seriously rethink their balance before you continue. With values these high, you are basically creating a class of super ships.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 20:12:00 - [23]

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Allure of Incentive
Sunlight that stings

Research agents are without a doubt feeling left out of the equation, as pod pilots discover how to make their own data cores the incentive to entice a pod captain is no longer available. Despite this new change, their overlord corporations demand they must continue to work on status quo and to do so would require a new form on cohesion from the highly expendable pod captains.

In this new dangerous era of scientific discovery and research the means for competition have become a much more vicious arena. From corporate espionage to field testing the list of new activates are populated by things that can prematurely end any normal captain. The new mission types are as follows

Corporate Espionage is simple task of trying to obtain rival company data all the moment of not getting caught. Smashing though the front gates will simply not work as the researchers will be surely quick to destroy the research. So our pod captains using information provided in the mission briefing must either casually avoid attention of patrols, elusively dodge scans, hack the security, or best yet, infiltrate the compound using bribed disgruntled insider information. Higher level of this mission may require players to scan the site down.

Corporate Sabotage is similar to the espionage but more aggressive go in and potentially destroy something in the end most are intercept a ship to do unto it nefarious ill will. Viral Uploads, Swapping Container Labs, Intercepting a shipment, all inherently having a risk of getting caught by authorities and security but all can be done without firing a single shot. Alternatively a player can choose the military route if they're suited for it.

Field Testing is an interesting new mission type. In these missions you'll be given a unique module which you must equip and can only fit on a certain class of ship and be asked to test it at a dead space. Which may or may not end well depending on what happens a module that goes bad causes negative effects such as disabling the warp drive for five minutes or disable fire control systems. These sort of field tests will also attract various interested parties who may or may not be to particularly interested in your well being. These missions are meant to stress standardized setups by removing important critical pieces to the standard setup and then throw the wrench at them and as a test pilot will be paid the most of the three.

Of course all these mission types also have their counter versions where you may be protecting against possible espionage by scanning ships at the area and dealing with the problem. Escorting a Friendly ship to its destination or causing the disruptions in field tests but these varieties are for higher level mission runners and may appeal to anyone who has been around for a long time.

In turn these agents are able to bargain with corporate executives and hammered out a new deal. Any pilot worth his salt to the company and proves it though loyalty and commitment will be showered with exclusive products from the company. Agents will simply keep track of this using research points.

These agents are only available at scientific institutes.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.13 21:30:00 - [24]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 12/02/2011 19:59:45
Lovely Einstein Piggy Banks
Banking on Wisdom

The new research point stores would make any scientist smile with glee like a kid in a candy store. The variety of produce available for some sweat and tears will pay out very well here. LP stores are flavored by the companies that host them. Companies will have several strong sciences in the fields they work with most and most related items to those fields of research can be found in their loyalty point stores.

Starting with blueprints both original and copies of many items the company deals with day to day from ammo and scripts for modules, all the way to some including ships and infrastructure. Blueprints are not limited to already existing products but the new ones suggested in this idea as well, they may be extend to even the newer products such as being the exclusive source for program blueprints and data core blueprints, even personal lab blueprints. Even further down the road brand new future products that are released on a normal basis such as a brand new technology two battle cruiser would be exclusively selling copies from their respective companies while everyone else has to research their own.

Other items are trivial in use such as the Research Findings which allows transferable of Research points at an imperfect rate. A beacon which activates an overview beacon visible only to the player's overview to a fresh exploration site. Or legal boosters which increase scientific qualities such as one to enhance scanning or another that temporarily lowers the material costs for personal lab operation and faction programs which may be required to get a blueprint to meta level five. If done well and correctly this could be a way to remove not only blueprints but skill books off the market entirely creating a further need for people to do research and further removing non pod capsuleer provided items.

Cheapest items are usually copies, consumables, and expected to be common use items. While the highest end items are company secrets required for various faction strains and rare blueprint copies such as a prototype for the tech two ships which slightly marginally better stats not found on full production models and the materials to build both.

Though its expected Research Point stores are probably going to be far more emptier than Loyalty point stores until the Hacking profession arises to assist in stocking the shelves with blueprints for nefarious codes of all varieties.

Posted - 2008.09.14 01:45:00 - [25]

I love this!

Two years ago when I started playing EvE I had the misconception that 'scientist' was a valid profession. Hell science was one of the original race profession choices, but I soon learnt that notion was complete bull and re-trained to mindlessly shoot things instead. It got a shot in the arm with invention but this trekking through the galaxy, discovering exploring and 'sciencing' for profit, often sneaking into enemy territory to gather data, that is what I wanted to do!

I do dearly hope this becomes real.


Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.14 08:01:00 - [26]

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Treasure Hunting!
...I meant scientific preservation!

One manís junk is another manís treasure has never rang more true than with these ancient relics. Artifacts are a wide variety of mundane assorted things that civilizations of the past like every day products and articles. Despite their simplicity it should not be the grounds for dismissal of being worthless to the scientific communities. Far too often these artifacts can go unappreciated in private collections but as the scientific arms race heated to a boiling point of getting many of these artifacts as possible no matter how obscure they may be. Items can provide a glimpse of the forgotten past like the function of the artifact, how it works, how it was made, or what it was made for can yield interesting and creative ways to do things from a different approach today. With that realization the artifacts play a bigger role in the new exploration era as Lab scientist are now scrambling to obtain as many of them as possible in the vain hope that these items may share their secretes.

Artifacts are rare to find during normal field work analyzing sites. Many companies find these artifacts quite valuable to their research efforts and corporations all over New Eden and theyíre all willing to reward you for finding them. Some artifacts may be more valuable to one research company verses the other, but it will be up to players to figure out by the artifactís description an nature, for example a robotic toy would be useful to CreoDron, a drone company. While Duvollue, a Gallente assault company, would have better use for a magnetic gyro rather than the toy.

Another way artifacts can be used is by trying your hand at figuring them out for yourself for your own nefarious ends. This will involve the use of a recompiling facility to destroy the artifact and break it open like a piŮata. Various categorized science skills will increase the chances of rewards. Just like a box of chocolates you may never know what you get. These proverbial cereal box prizes include but not limited to rare codes not normally found for that sector of space, larger quantities of that code for normally found in that part of space, data cores or information that concludes into a pre-researched copy of custom items.

If you feel that lady luck is not nor do you share any love for those companies, you can also always sell these items on the market to let others try their own hand at figuring the artifact or make better use of them. At least your wallet will be sated for a while either way.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.14 23:38:00 - [27]

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Piecing it all Together,
Mission Artifacts

As we continue our adventures though the stars looking for information and artifacts we come across this object of interest. Upon further examination of the object we come to conclude that is a small part of a much larger puzzle just begging to be solved.

Welcome to Explorer Missions.

Explorer missions are epic arcs for the egg heads using many of the skills that requires their expertise from actually researching clues in the labs and providing the materials to fill in the spot, breaking open sites, and gathering information the missionary a bit open ended as the player is their own agent.

Understanding the entire picture or piecing something together can yield varied degrees of rewards ranging from Research points, cache of artifacts, to special blue prints or even tools to assist furthering your mad scientist.

Unlike our already existing exportable missions known as escalations. There is no requirement for an armada to complete, no time limit, and may take some figuring out or effort to solve the entire puzzle. Be forewarned though despite high security space only containing puzzle sites, the deeper and less secure the space is the more dangerous it becomes as it may be littered with local hostilities and other interested parties who are not fond of your presence. Combined with the simple fact of potential for conflict of interest between pod pilots, thus the rewards should scale immensely to bestow on the deserving. However just like escalations they can fail or end chain not based on chance but actual failure of mission by making the wrong decision on its execution. So these missions in low space will require military escort or a military capable ship.

In hopes of making these missions unique and different we are going to use a fresh approach of puzzle solving in these missions just to make things interesting and more thoughtful as well as calling in very unobvious means to completion, such as using a personal lab to restore a corrupted data disc which requires you to run a research program on it.

The tools already exist to make some simple puzzles in the game only one can hope for using all the civilian and possibly military tools available. Puzzles should be presented before the player and the player should be able to examine all parts of it before proceeding.

One example of a puzzle is that a clue has brought you to a location of an abandoned station, the area you warped into placed you in front of a structure that surrounds a minable asteroid. This structure has various defense towers on it though off line at the moment you cannot but help notice how there are many wrecks in the area.

Upon closer examination of the wrecks the description states it looks like to have been shot by the defense ring while attempting to go around the rock to get to the station. The solution to the puzzle would be to mine out the rock out of existence and fly though the defense ring and flying around would lead to certain death.

Once at the station and you analyze it you can then shut off the defense ring and begin to salvage the wrecks at the site as well for additional reward for successfully solving the puzzle correctly. It's a sandbox game though so one could speculate that attacking the towers though is another possible solution would result in serious hurt and destruction of stuff and possibly might even cause the station in itself to be destroyed if done wrong.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.16 05:51:00 - [28]

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Empire Survey Ships
Wooden Nickels to Tin Dimes

As all new pilots enter into the vast void they are sponsored by the empires that birthed them. To expect them to hop into their dream ship on the first day is a folly errand to attempt. Which is why all the basic frigates cover every field the pilot can consider becoming. Looking at the rival miners they are offered this option just as much as the field scientist are. The nice selection of survey ships available are the Amarr Magnate, Caldari Heron, Gallente Imicus and the Minmatar Probe. All four ships share the Probe flight time and Probe Strength bonuses while keeping individual bonuses for their own defense. Yet this begins a trifling problem. They do not share beacon or analyzer bonuses, the starting tools of the field scientist, the expected starting activity for field scientist yet...

Yet, because the reason to have those bonuses doesn't exist. We have to consider what would happen if we did give them that bonus. Giving the beacon and analyzer bonuses to our current survey ships would already make these already three bonuses per skill ships albeit more civilian powerful. So to keep it toned down would require removal of their marginally missed military bonus. Looking over to our mining frigates they have no advanced cousins nor do they have a military bonus. Our current survey ships do leading to our next can of worms, the Covert Ops.

It has been long argued and questioned as to why there needs to be new ships when these said military ships can do the job. The answer is simple, it keeps ships simple. Overtaking a ship with too many role over values the ship and undervalues everyone else's ship that can possible share the option, there is absolutely no ship that is truly considered multirole by bonuses alone and tasking a covert ops ship with this civil task borderlines that philosophy all other eve ships seem to share. Military ships are what they are military role and needed, military needs covert ops ships to scout for hostile ships and are designed as such why further the mire of overtaking on the same ship into more roles than it can handle all effectively? They have extremely fast warp speeds, fast cloak times, ability to warp while cloaked, and are able to sniff down their targets like blood hounds.

Yet in preservation of the answer provided our civilian ships must not step on the covert ops own toes making them obsolete either. The SOE civilian ships are not scouts, slow to lock, slow to warp, slow to scan and are entirely unsuited to be hunting down any evasive enemy. They are not built to observe the enemy safely, what they are built for is artifact extraction, while scanning down sites is secondary for them as those sites don't exactly move and are trying to avoid getting scanned down. The closest they'll ever serve in the military will be as a golden hen that finds the gold mine, or epic bait for the wolves.

So in conclusion, it will be best left that the decision to no longer design or redesign empire ships stand. As any ship can fit a beacon and survey off the bat, a ship with decent speed or cargo space would easily make up for missing bonuses and our existing survey ships even though may not be able to fit it all would be decent enough placement to achieve all the goals a budding field scientist could want but restrain him enough to desire more from better existing ships.

Manfred Rickenbocker
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2008.09.16 21:27:00 - [29]

Seems interesting. Science does need to be more than a sit-and-wait profession. The ships seem good, but they lack diversity. Perhaps arrange them around what you need to do at certain exploration complexes in order to get things done: hacking ship, salvage ship, scanning ships, and the science mining ships.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2008.09.16 23:45:00 - [30]

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Servant Sisterhood of Eve Ships
Sifting through the Stars

The Sisters have been hard at work providing an enjoyable and safer experience while researching in the field.

Like their ORE industrialist counterparts Sisters of Eve ships harvest resources. However for the SOE, it's not an all you can eat buffet for them. SOE ships have to actively hunt, track, and find their targets and once they find it to preserve it as long as possible in order to get the most out of it before it dies.

Similar to ORE, SOE will oppositely tank from their parent faction the Amarr, so they will be shield tanking. Survivability was built into SOE ships as some encounters they will face will demand it, as exploration is often done solo as well. So thicker shields combined with higher agility and low mass makes for an excellent means of getting away when situations are not looking good. Does this mean they're uncatchable? No it doesn't but certainly makes them a harder target as a civilian ship and the SOE are supreme for their tonnage.

As to not rival the covert ops initially the bonus initially applied to the type of probes used, which is no longer a separable issue. So to further segregate the two ships SOE ships are extremely slow warping ships using most of their CPU to calculate astrometric not space tunneling. Also the covert Ops can cloak where trying to shove said device onto a SOE ship will be a very difficult process to nearly impossible.

SOE ships are specially designed to have a gentler touch on sites enabling them to preserve a site further than a souped up battleship enrolled into the job.

SOE ships also get a nice feature to option a probe launcher or an additional analyzer in their high slots so that SOE ships working as a group can designate one ship to scan probe while all others go full analyzer duty.

SOE ships are very lightweight in terms of mass, this makes them ideal wormhole ships as well as they can travel with a group accompanied and not waste so much of the wormhole stability that could have been better used for another combat ship.

Tiers where implemented in order to allow reward for skilling, and well as the feeling of progression for players as its is considerably important to do this giving players something to look forward to and back from.

Tech 2 Ships of the SOE are specialized like their ORE rivals. Each one has its own 'perk' that makes it viable in its own right and not just better usage.

Tech 3 Ship is a civilian approach to tech 3 ship design the overall bonuses cannot rival the military counterparts and weapon systems are laughable from any Heavy Assault Cruiser's view point where a militarized tech 3 would make said ship run in terror. Most bonuses are built for survival.

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