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Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.06.14 07:16:00 - [1]

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- Lomithrandra

Ive been playing eve for many month now and have njoyed the game very much. from gate camping in orvolle with c0w to practically defeating the whole of the eve universe with CA nothing has been more fun than this game.

Now sadly i must say goodbye to the game and all the friends i made in it. To Nil8 thanks for all the support as a noob your help was pricless and we had lots of fun. To all the c0w and BOS guys thanks for teching me how to fight and for all the good times.

To Omega corp and all the guys: thank you and goodbye. No corp has been as great or as fun as omega. there is no better pvp corp in the whole eve universe and theres no group that could take these guys with even numbers ever. Duke is an ispired leader and a great guy and im proud to have flown with him. Void, Justmack, enslaver, Kayo, draconis, ocidius, thol, balmer, zorander, dreeze, Iceman, kulash, and all the Votf crew as well you guys have made this game worth playing and there is no better group of guys, period.

to all my enemies you can come out of your safespots nowTwisted Evil

to ccp: you have a really incredible thing going here. a place where people are juged by there ability not by their race, creed, religon, nationality, or income. plase continue the eve universe as long as you possibly can you have made something great. (oh and fix sec status stuffVery Happy).

Again thanks to all and ill miss you. good luckWink

Posted - 2004.06.14 07:34:00 - [2]

later man been fun fighting along side u.

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Jared Valdez
Advocates of Sin
Posted - 2004.06.14 11:02:00 - [3]

Its too bad, you were the first guy who pod killed me. I was looking forward to returning the favor...Oh well...some other day..some other game...

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.06.14 16:15:00 - [4]

Just so you know, he is going to westpoint. Razz


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