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Draco Zhuangli
Posted - 2008.09.10 00:33:00 - [1]

Edited by: Draco Zhuangli on 10/09/2008 00:33:24
Name of Mission for Gallente (lvl 1) "Freedom and Commerce"
requires you to go out and kill an Amarr slave ship, which has escorts. The amarr slave ship looks like a cruiser lvl ship to me. The mission report says take a well armed frigate.
Well, I have taken several different configs now, Incursus, Catalyst, and I cant put a scratch on the slave ship. I can not get close enough for effective hybrid damage before her lasers have downed my shields and cut into my armor. This is level 1 for crying out loud. How the F*** am I supposed to kill this cruiser with my frigate?
The escorts aren't much of a problem...its the Amarr slave ship.
I can't find any reference to this mission in the guides either, so I am guessing it is new?


Mr Friendly
The Lost and The Damned
Posted - 2008.09.10 07:59:00 - [2]

If you're locked out of a bigger ship type via a gate, use an AF? Use close range turrets with faction ammo? Web? AB for speed?

It sounds like you need to increase your transversal or take out the support ships first so you can tank the dps a bit.

Imiarr Timshae
Funny Men In Funny Hats
Posted - 2008.09.10 12:52:00 - [3]

Lvl 1 missions are for noobies, not AF toting pro's who can speed run them.

Also : Various new Lvl 3 missions including "Mordu's Strike" or some such, and something against Amarr, both have BS in the deadspaces and do not allow Battleships to activate the gates.

Not that I can't kill them in a BC, I just can't be bothered to go and get one.

Draco Zhuangli
Posted - 2008.09.10 19:18:00 - [4]

Yeah, I tried to take a Cruiser through the mission, but the gate would not allow it. So I am stuck with frigate class and destroyer.
Like I said...I did take out the escorts, leaving me and the Amarr slave ship one on one. I increased my armor, added resist for EM and thermal to shields and plate. I have hybrid turrents. The problem is that once I get within range of the laser, my hybrids are not in range. I have to close in to get damage, meanwhile the laser is ripping up my shield. I start doing some damage, but the laser is doing more. My armor gets low and I must warp out or die.
The ship is definately bigger than frigate...the red "X" is larger than others.
I can not get close enough to do any damage.
I can kill the escorts time after problems. But one on one against this Amarr ship is impossible. I can't even get close enough to disrupt its power.

Any hints?
Seems I need a gang to take this ship out. Aren't these supposed to be set-up so you can do the missions by yourself?

Setarcos Nous
Posted - 2008.09.10 19:56:00 - [5]

Are you/have you tried using rails instead of blasters?

Ceola Tyn'Vile
Posted - 2008.09.10 20:00:00 - [6]

are you using an armor repairer? I noticed you mentioned plates. Armor plates are bad for PvE and armor reppers are good.

Posted - 2008.09.10 22:57:00 - [7]

I am in the same boat. I've lost one ship and have tried mybrid/missiles projectiles/lasers. No luck. I'm doing so little damage that I don't see how I can train/by enough in the time allotted.

Waiting for a sign from above.

Posted - 2008.09.11 00:07:00 - [8]

Try using a afterburner and then orbit as at 500 or so meters. With that radial velocity the lasers shouldn't hit you anymore and you can tear apart the slave ship at your whim. It's one of those missions where noobs get taught tactics or die trying.

Posted - 2008.09.11 01:28:00 - [9]

Thanks for the advice, but I can't get within 20k before I'm close to toast, and the slave ship only has a tiny bit of shield gone. I'm a looooong way from doing much damage.

Kahega Amielden
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2008.09.11 01:31:00 - [10]

Don't run at him directly. Go at him at an angle so you get some transversal to throw off his guns.

Your signature radius will magnify your transversal radius and allow you to avoid a lot of hits.

FT Diomedes
Factio Paucorum
Posted - 2008.09.11 01:34:00 - [11]

What setup are you using?

Draco Zhuangli
Posted - 2008.09.12 04:12:00 - [12]

here is what you need to do...get Tracking Disruptor 1, 'Langour' Drive Disruptor (or other webifier), and an afterburner such as Cold-Gas 1 Arcjet Thruster. I also added 'Spiegel' reflective Plating, and an armor repairer, Small 1-A Polarized Armor Regenerator. I changed all my weapons to make sure I was putting out as much thermal damage as possible against the Amarr (including Hobgloblin drone)
Tactics...the idea is that at 40km you can start disrupting tracking which will save some damage. Hit the afterburners, and when you get in about 10km you can webify. Fire all weapons when in range. Once you get close enough, you will be inside his kill range. I orbited about 2500m and he couldnt do much more damage to me then. I circled him and punded him to death! The whole trick is being able to get to him faster than he can shoot you.
I used a Tristan...but I image any frigate with similar set-up and tactics should work.

Jaketh Ivanes
House of El
Posted - 2008.09.12 10:48:00 - [13]

Glad you solved your problem.
Was going to suggest getting under his tracking.

Usually, a frigate orbiting at 500m can easily avoid medium weapons fire, without using tracking disruptor. A destroyer have bigger signature, so it might not be able to do that.

It's also the way to fight BS's in cruisers. Get in close and hope he doesn't have a web Smile

Dhaaka Vincatar
Posted - 2008.09.13 00:14:00 - [14]

Edited by: Dhaaka Vincatar on 13/09/2008 00:15:23
Edited by: Dhaaka Vincatar on 13/09/2008 00:14:34
Depends on how hard the cruiser hits, of course, but with proper flying you should be able to make it into a tight orbit with the ship. Don't fly right at it; fly at about a 45 degree angle and go as fast as you can. NPC cruisers always have medium guns on I believe, so he should be unable to track you after a few moments. If you start to orbit in close after that, you should stop being hit at all outside of lucky wreaking shots.

Flying an Incursus, I personally would try this fit.

3 x Light Electron/Ion/Neutron Blasters, depending on your fitting skills, with Antimatter Ammo

Small Shield Extender
Small Shield Extender

Small Armor Repairer
Damage Control, or the biggest plate you can reasonably fit

Hobgoblin Drone or your preference of course!

For level 1's, this should get you enough HP to get anywhere, especially with a short range ship. So, you can make it inside the cruiser's tracking radius, and slowly kill him.

However, for missions, most people recommend a Missile Boat of some sort. Sadly Gallente don't really have a missile focused ship (Tristan doesn't really count), so you could go to Caldari for the Kestrel, or for something different you could try a Breacher or Inquisitor. I suppose for Gallente, depending on your drone skills, you could try an Imicus and some 150mm Railguns in the high slots.

Hope that helps, but it is perfectly possible to beat Cruisers with a Frigate! Personally, I have more problems with missile-spewing frigates (or cruisers!) then I do with gun cruisers in missions.

EDIT: Doh, posted after you fixed the problem...


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