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Dental Drilling Corporation
Posted - 2008.09.08 22:36:00 - [31]

Originally by: Something Random
No-one seems to have mentioned there was no autopilot.

That was in beta. And when autopilot made its first appearance you had to type "/autopilot on" and "/autopilot off" because there wasn't a button for it.

Back to the OPs question about the gemini client.

There were always pods.

You used to have high grade ore in low sec.

Agents were useless, apart from the CONCORD agents because they could be bribed to get sec status back.

0.0 was a constant battle zone, there were no POSs. So claiming space meant that you had to have numbers and PvPers to stay in an area.

Getting a cruiser was expensive and getting a battleship was god like. And the corporations that owned BS BPOs were gods.

There were no "super highways", traveling from one region to another took forever.

A lot has changed since release, and the only thing that would dare to say was a bad move on CCP's part was the introduction of POS warfare, the most mind numbing time sink for the owners and anyone attacking a POS.

Harbingers Of Destruction
Posted - 2008.09.08 23:56:00 - [32]

Ahh yes. Arkanor in .3 systems. That was fun. Remembering when the first Battleship was built (on the same event as the first titan). Battle ships were the end all fear ships. If you owned one, you were a god.

Harbingers Of Destruction
Posted - 2008.09.08 23:57:00 - [33]

OH oh oh!! heres another:

You could drag Isk from your wallet and make an actual item in your hangar with Isk stacks.

the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2008.09.09 00:56:00 - [34]

Originally by: CCP Mitnal
/me waggles cane.

In my day splash damage from torpedoes caused more harm than good Sad

my first podding was from splash.

Brigette Begrion
Posted - 2008.09.09 11:45:00 - [35]

Great stuff, great to read, I've always been curious anout all that. Whats with the t2 BPO's ? were they seeded at at some intervals in the past and nothing since then? I mean some indiviiduals have got them and thats it right? No one else can possibly get any more atm? ;)

WTB a toon with titan bpo

Fallout Project
Posted - 2008.09.09 12:08:00 - [36]

In one of the devblogs there was interesting statement, that in EVE economic time is 'faster' so 1 month of game time equates roughly to one year in real life. Sooo .. let us see then. 5 years is 60 months. Well not too bad. It's the same as stepping up to some 80 year old and asking how the life was back when he was 20.



1st Praetorian Guard
Vigilia Valeria
Posted - 2008.09.09 12:43:00 - [37]

/me sighs and reminisces
4k players online.
All of ship controls were in that circular dial.
The font was much better and more readable (more Iain M. Banks-ish - a nice serif'd font)
The excitement at getting my first frigate (an Executioner)
The excitement at getting my first cruiser (an Omen)
First meeting a battleship - they were fairly uncommon back then, and you were considered elite if you had one.
No Jita. I don't recall drones, but it may just be that I didn't use them for ages.
As I recall, you could use the 1-0 keys to set a speed for your ship in tens of percents, and +/- to incrementally adjust your speed as well.

Good ol' days, when the universe was new and big and scary and full of wonder...

Yurname Here
Posted - 2008.09.09 13:24:00 - [38]

Originally by: CCP Mitnal
/me waggles cane.

In my day splash damage from torpedoes caused more harm than good Sad

Amen to that. In a cruiser mining with harveys and unknown to me my cat stepped on keyboard and turned my ship around. In jump npc rats so I shoots at em with torps. Since I didn't realize the ship had been turned torps hit roid blowing up my precious harveys. ShockedLaughing

Posted - 2008.09.09 13:27:00 - [39]

i wasnt in right from the start but within a year of eve starting, i remeber strip mining in an appoc into a jettinsoned can and all the fuss when miner 2's came out and were costing 20mil+ each, paying 20mil+ for each local hull conversion cargo expander and being so plaeased to finally get a full set on my iteron 5. also trying to mine megacycle in 0.0 land in a badger equipt with a miner 2 while warping away anytime a rat showed up. i think the shortest route i had to mine meg was about 30-40 jumps at the time.

i just wish that i could remeber the passwords and username to my old account, i really miss my apoc's and iteron 5. so much has changed since then. comming back to the game a couple weeks ago was like being a compleate noob. but i think the biggest change for me is that missions are now viable and not just really a waste of time and energy, and that they give decent rewards in terms of isk.

Myles Atta
Posted - 2008.09.09 15:28:00 - [40]

is it true that in the very first days there was an option to enter a key to play a jovian char? which obvieusly noone knew? ;)
i've heard that for a long time the only way to make isk was mining?

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