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Encina Technologies
Namtz' aar K'in
Posted - 2008.09.04 11:56:00 - [1]

It seems to be hard to find any information regarding pirate missions. Therefore here's an attempt to make at least one more accessible.

This week I ended up with a Thukker mission offer called "Nomads", a 5-part level 4 storyline. I couldn't really find any good intel on what was waiting for me besides the basic expectation from former similar missions that it would be Rifters, Breachers, Ruptures, Stabbers, Typhoons and Tempests somewhat sensitive to explosive damage.

So I fitted a shield tank on a ship I wouldn't be too bothered to lose, and warped into the first encounter.

I believe "Oh ****!" is the correct expression. Although a Deadspace mission with a gate was advertised, right next to the gate were waiting a group of tackler frigs, cruisers and a battleship or two all aggressing at once.

Right. That kind of firepower doesn't impress a ship that's tanked "The Blockade 4" against Concord, although these Minmatar battleships do shoot mean EMP Cruise Missiles and Torps. Fortunately, I had a Photonic Field II.

Things became more interesting after the second gate in part 3. Coming out of that gate I had TWO groups with no cruisers, but about twice the amount of frigs and battleships within 30 kms, one aggressing, the other waiting for a mistake on behalf of my drones.

By the time I had locked the first few frigs, I was already down half my shield. By the time I had to warp out, I had shot only two salvos. Fortunately, all the frigs had opted for Webifiers instead of Scramblers or I'd been in a pod.

A refit was in order. Double Large NOTOS Explosive Discharge, more EM tank and a Large Shield Extender II for buffer.

That sorted most of their frigs. I still had to warp out with armor damage and only 4 salvos fired, and 40% CAP left in spite of perma-running AB II, X-Large SB II, 3x Hardeners and 2x Large Smartbonds for good measure. Sadly, not all tacklers orbit within 5 kms.

At this point someone mentioned HEAT. Right. I always forget I have skilled it, and read up on how it works. Time to play with that a little.

Let's just say: Part 3 wasn't so hard any more overheating AB + SB and repairing them while they were inactive. Part 5 however is where I almost gave up and brought in a much more expensive ship. Again, a warp to a deadspace with a welcome group featuring two by now feared Minmatar Darkanas, whose tank is likely better than the regular Hoborak Moon one from "Vengeance".

Behind them, THREE gates, to "Alpha Squadron", "Beta Squadron" and "Gamma Squadron". Right. Well, one of them COULD have led to an easy stage, like the sentry gun scenery in the Extravaganza.

Nope. They're all the same mean setup. I believe the hardest one had 3 Typhoons and an officer Tempest (with blue lights - is that a VARGUR!?) with about 8 cruisers and some 10 or 12 frigs aggressing at once, fortunately at range.

What did I get for it?

- A +14% Thukker Faction boost, with a drop from 7.7 to 5.2 for the Minmatar Faction. Hi Tachy.
- Almost no bounties. Oddly, some of the Typhoons have a 500k bounty, but they're easily spent on ammo, repairs and nanite paste.
- PLENTY of Minmatar tags. And about 200 Minmatar Freedom Fighters, and some Freed Slaves. Gonna find a nice home for them. Sorry about shooting up your ships, folks.
- A hauler full of loot. The last part alone recycled for more than 1M Trit.
- Part 4 had Yaekun Ogdin in a Typhoon give me a nice "Ogdins Eye Coordination Enhancer", +6% turret tracking.
- Part 5 had Commander Pachtari Mogun and Captain Kali Midaz, with another bunch of nice implants: 3x Gunslingers (AC-1, CX-1 and SX-1 I believe) & 1x ZET100, and a Republic Fleet 100MN MWD + Republic Fleet Reactive Plate.

Compare to this report on how Sabahl described this mission in 2006 with no Rigs and no HEAT, which I only found once I knew the last commander's name.

Fly far, and good luck on surviving your attempt at this.

Ataraxia Pharmacies
Posted - 2008.09.04 13:53:00 - [2]

Edited by: Myyona on 04/09/2008 13:53:47
Dang, seems like the guys in the mission development department just can't get around to have missions more in line with recent developments in the story. Thukker Tribe and the Republic factions are not even hostile towards each other.

Biline Aegis
Posted - 2008.09.11 09:10:00 - [3]

I had these missions this night, and had to use 2 BSes (1 dominix shield-remoting a golem) to make it comfortably (especially the 5/5).
Nice "Ogdin" drop in the 4/5. Some faction stuff reported to be dropped, but i still have to check my cargohold to see if i've not missed some (i didn't know, and let the cruisers's wrecks without looting them).

Don't forget to loot the keycards to access the zones (locked gates), or you'll have to spend hours to find the frackin' can containing it (not the last ship you destroy). If you make the mission with severall ships, be carefull to take the gate in a small amount of time or the gate will be re-locked (30s ?)

Be extremely carefull to avoid full agro, because there is an awfull DPS in some rooms.

Say goodbye to lots of standing with the Matar Republic


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