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Posted - 2008.09.01 13:56:00 - [1]

Amarr players that use crystals(t2 or faction) for their laserguns and who want to contract a ship containing such crystals to a corpmate for transport are in bad luck. The crystals have been used and are therefor damaged. End result : no contract possible unless u remove the crystals first... which is kinda hard if you are halfway across the galaxy and not able to remove them. (thats why u are contracting in the first place anyways). No other race has this problem. all ammo, used or not can be moved in the contract simply cause it doesnt damage from firing. I think this is an unfair disadvantage for amarr players and I ask the GDT to change this asap so that we too can contract our ships for logistical purposes.

ive posted this in the game dev, forum too, as i was not sure which location would best. apologies if anyone is getting upset over it :)

Drusus Tech Enterprises
Sylph Alliance
Posted - 2008.09.01 15:19:00 - [2]

Have to agree here. Many times logistics get screwed up because transpo has to wait and remove crystals - assuming they can even hop in the ship to do so.

Posted - 2008.09.01 16:29:00 - [3]


Kind of a pain in the butt to transport these things with an alt when you can't contract them up, have to personally trade them.

Verx Interis
Posted - 2008.09.01 17:47:00 - [4]

Add some system so that crystal damage can be seen in contracts, like blueprint information.

Hesod Adee
Posted - 2008.09.01 20:21:00 - [5]

This needs to be fixed.

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2008.09.02 08:03:00 - [6]

This also applies to mining crystals, just as additional info. I agree, it's a pain - though I don't see why we can't repair these crystals. If we can smear nanite paste on overheated modules, why not crystals too?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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