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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.07.02 07:13:00 - [211]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/07/2009 07:59:41
Dear Log,

talking 'bout freedom; it's not a goal it's the way. It's the only way. I sometimes wonder if the Amarr will ever understand this. Yesterday one of the most infamous Minmatar warpoets was at my station and I had the honor to visit him speaking at The Docks, down in the lower quarters.

He said many, many things in these two and a halve hours and I can remember every one of it as if I had listend all my life. Maybe because his words are hitting the mark so well, he's firing them at you like with a 125mm autocannon but with the impact of fourteenhundreds. Man, this poet is pissed off by the Amarr, I tell ya. »I don't wanna see Jamyl and her minions dead and suffering, I don't wanna see them starving to death like the Minmatar on the blockaded systems in Lantorn. I wanna see them fed well and healthy...«, then he paused for a moment, everyone was holding breath, » a maximum security prison.«

»BAM-BAM-BAM« he shot with his mouth into the mic that I almost slipped of my fragile plastic chair when he explained how the Amarr treat us.

Oh - what a man! His wartatoos all over his arms and a language like autofire. I really liked to fuck with him, dear Log. But of cause only in a Sebiestor philosophical sense of meaning for I am in a steady relationship. But we were all angry young pilots down there that listend to him. And we all will go out and kickass the Amarr now.

Everybody should be at one of his performances once in his lifetime. It's like resupplying the ammo of your mind.

I got some of his sweat on my shirt, I think. It was hot in there and the spotlights were heating the things up some more. He was fighting with the Amarr on the stage and with every move, with every word he spit out anger, rage and sweat at us. To make us angry too. He said, that he's an angry old man and that he tries to get more angry every day. Because every day that he ages he is seeing more an more of the shit that is going on in our world. About the Amarr, about the Caldari but he also spoke about the Republic and Federation. His guns spared nobody, if if most of his ammo was pumped into the Amarr. And of cause drugs and music - very soft performance, I think he didn't wanted to hurt the people that bad when it was recorded. Not like yesterday in The Docks - he was on fire, he was on the last percent of structure and evil like a Claw in an infight. »Today is the century where we make famine and slavery history. And you will do it. If not you, nobody will. Just go out and make it done!«

He's been down in Lantorn recently. Killing fields. He just stood there and tried to collect the bones of the victims of Amarr occupation. And it's still going on.

FREEDOM? You want to talk about freedom with me? With the bones of our kind spread over the pavement that we walk? You think I'm interested in a philosophical disput about the details of the impossibility of beeing totally free while my kind suffers and children are killed and their bones are all over the places where the Amarr dominate them with iron fist? You want to talk about freedom while I see my kind suffer? Die?

You have no idea, Amarr! I will talk to you like this poet did. BLAM-BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!

Got the spirit?

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2009.07.14 06:42:00 - [212]

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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.07.14 06:44:00 - [213]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/07/2009 06:46:52
Dear Log,

we left the faction war for a minute, help fighting some friends enemies of the inner security of the Minmatar Republic. Even if I do not like beeing away from the official frontline and seeing Siseide fall in my absence, I can't deny the call of duty.

The collapsing of the zerosec frontline against the former Band of Brothers alliance has been strengthening Amarr. Even if not all corps in that Alliance have been pure evil, so many follow the way of trying to force others under their knute and share this with the Amarr society. So quite naturally the empirelists and the ursupators and the former forces of tyranny are now fighting together, side by side, after the latter have been returned from zerosec, hoping they will get a win where they failed before.

I really don't know what exactly is going on there for I didn't have any personal contact with the new enemy forces, but I am deeply concerned about the trend of the war. The Gallente militia lost all their systems to the Caldari after a long war which does not mean that they lost the war but wasn't this the main reason the militia has been formed?

So many of the militaristic forces of our universe are spinning free now, looking for new targets, for new destruction, suffering they can cause. And many have turned against the Minmatar Repbulic, one of the last actively defending their freedom and against slavery fighting societies.

And we ever will. Say 'No' to the autocratic tyrants of the galaxy, straighten our back, clenching our fist and raise them against them with a warcry of vengeance. Where the Band of Brothers lost their reign of terror in zerosec, they will not win new territory from us, the Minmatar.

We will stand and fight them. And with them the whole Empire, the CVA, their Empress, their Kings and tyrants for freedom, for our brothers in chains, for our families, for our ideals and for future of Anarchy and rebellion. For the progress of society into a new age. The age of freedom. The age of burning Amarr and burning empires.

lucifers widow
United Front Alliance renting corp
Posted - 2009.07.14 06:53:00 - [214]


The collapsing of the zerosec frontline against the former Band of Brothers alliance has been strengthening Amarr.


Can you explain how as several of the corps of BOB were friendly with UK and a 400 man corp has joined the Matar terrorists ?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.07.14 08:21:00 - [215]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/07/2009 08:25:01
Dear Log,

recent information reach me that my information fails and I ask is that so? I do not think so. The reign of terror is over and the freed corporations of the zerosec empire of BoB now that they gained freedom again are not only fighting for their own freedom but for the freedom of all. For they have been freed from the chains of an empire just now.

Are there losers of a war like that? I say there are not. An empire like the BoB empire is not a homogeneous force. A part of it is of tyrants, a greater part are minions, pets they are called or if you like you may call it by name, not by value: slave-corps. The war all in all was about freedom. Freedom for the former slavecorps of BoB and their people.

And in this process the tyrant forces of BoB were too weak to keep the chains unbroken. Now that this empire has disolved some are of cause fighting for their freedom. And for this they will fight against the last remaining Empire of Evil. As they have been freed.

I don't call anyone a petcorp. Like I don't call a Minmatar that has entered a foot on Republic space a slave anymore. For he is free from the moment he leaves the Empire. But I call the corps on the side of the Empire either slavecorps that serve willingly the Empress of Hate and Suffering or tyrants that just try to get their piece of cake, their share of power.

For those freedom fighters - fear them, now that they are free, Amarr. If you have broken your chains once you will never accept them again.

You can't break and destroy an Empire just from outside. You need help from inside of it. But you maintain pressure on it from outside as long and heavy as you can. To make it possible. We have seen it once - we will see it again. Last time Curse, next time Domain.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.07.21 13:17:00 - [216]

Dear Log,

the FIA again has joined factional warfare, after their duty in the Privateers Alliance. I am personally called away from frontline most of the time, for I have some corporate issues outside military demand of the FIA. And I am the host of one of the infamous Minmatar tribal jam sessions here at our station, where some Minmatar artists meet and join together their ideas about free culture.

If there will be some product of this cultural clash is still not certain but the project itself consumes much of the time, that is left from corporate duties. No, we are not born as capsuleers, we are born as average human beeings. And as one of those I have learned to play some instruments during my childhood. From Tritanium Flute over to the Rebel Harp, the Mouthdrum, the Minmatar Soundtube or the Steelfiddle. I am more a warrior than a musician, to be true and suck at most of those instruments. But I have the duty for my people not just to stand and fight but to share our culture too. So one of my Sebiestor sisters came along with a present, I am working with at the moment. The Sebiestor Sound Syntheter "C", most just call it the CSound Synth.

While I am not used to work with a tool like that, I really prefer my small 125mm Autocannons, I was ordered to present some work in near future at the next cultural clash. So I have to study this thing that came -Sebiestorstyle- with more than 1000 pages of instructions and manuals, that really took me some time. I tried to get a skillbook for that at Rens, at Amarr, tried that even at Jita, but - guess what?! No music skillbooks around, man.

So I had to go through that the hard way.

And even if I am respectable as a warrior when sitting in a small ship like the Rifter or the Stiletto, I am not respectable as a musician. Especially the Minmatar music is extremely colorful and complicated. Almost every tribe has his own tunes, his own rhythm, even his own harmonics, not talking of the instruments.

Most of the people outside of Minmatar only know the famous Brutor fusion powered electric guitar, that -legends tell- the sound can shatter an Abbadon that is circling your planet in a too shallow orbit. But even if I burned my hands once or twice on the voltage of that type of guitars -alas- I'm no Brutor. I will try to play my part on Sebiestor instruments instead.

They have evacuated most of my level here at Abudban station and ordered me to stay on the top part of the installation which is not near the ships hangars where all the cargo and breakable stuff is stored. So, I guess, I'm still not good enough, but I try to compensate quality with volume at the moment, which seems to work for the younger pilots that are with me.

Especially the tribal tunes of Vherokior and the gypsy harmonics of Thukker are difficult to learn and to integrate into my music. Yesterday we had an excurse about Amarrian Fuga but I think this won't bring me any step into the right direction. The Amarrian music is lacking much of the drumming beat or the wild melody of Minmatar tunes. Tomorrow we will have a small excursion into Gallente music, but that is almost completly commercial stuff, which is rated useless for our purpose, as well as the Caldari marches.

We will see. I hope I won't get shot, next time I play.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.07.28 09:46:00 - [217]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/07/2009 10:48:10
Dear Log,

I have learned much about music the recent days. There is an interesting fact behind music that helps me to be a better capsuleer and to fight the Amarr better; the dance between chaos and resonance.

One of the more progressive musicians that are with us has made an interesting experiment in the cargohold of a probe and showed us, that this hold has a voice. That the hold tries to "sing" a tone.

In the beginning was the chaos of his voice and over the time the room supported more and more his own frequency so that in the end there was just one tone left. Diversification first, homogenous, expressionless sinewave in the end. That's more or less what Empires do with humans.

Music, I learned, needs to be played by a musician. A musician has some sort of instrument, which he uses to play between those two extremes. The tone starts with chaos and drifts towards a certain frequency. Like a bottle that is blown, you first hear noise and after a short time the resonance of the bottle leaves only the frequency that is equal to itself. A typical sampler-"synthesizer" for example does not know this game, between chaos and resonance. It just repeats a dead sound that was recorded by a microphone sometime. It does not play. It just rises the dead. On different frequencies, on different volumes. But just necromancy of sound. Nothing to play with for a musician. Nothing to express. Is the playback of a recording music? I say: no. Not really. A fusion guitar that is held in front of the monitor of the amplifier and that feedbacks until you only hear the scream of resonance is music. Not because there is resonance, but because there is a musician that is playing with it.

But there is not only the music of the tone, but the music of the composition. When tones begin to work together. This is a new dimension of the fight between chaos and resonance. Every composition does this, tries to achieve different goals with it.

What does that mean to me as a capsuleer?

Empires are the big resonance. They are strong on one tone but there is no musician that is playing it. It is just feedback. It's playback from old scriptures, mostly necromancy while a Republic tries to be alive and find a good tune on the way between chaos and resonance.

We've listend to some pieces of Amarrian music. Most interesting that they prefer the organ and the bell for most of their compositions. Both instruments are instruments of devotion to resonance. If their god would exist he would not be pleased to see people worship just one tone if he made all of them. I do not understand the Amarr and their way of music. It's all wrong.

For playing a musician needs freedom. And if there is no free speech, free expression from the input, just repeated scriptures, the music will die, will fall to resonance and end up in a simple sine wave. The simple sine wave, that's their ideal. Just the one wave. Just god. God is death of music. Death of expression. Death. Worship of death.

They call that religion.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.04 20:47:00 - [218]

Dear Log,

today we were all sitting in our music hall in silence. Silence is the music of the vast space around us. But as long that you are live there is no silence. Your heart beats, people move, cough. The humming of the energy clutch near the door was there. We kept silence all day, nobody had spoken a word. We were just lost to our thoughts and the random noises that were around us. The noises of the huge space station that was hosting us. The noise of the dead.

Silence! This is the beginning of every concert, the start of music. But there is no thing as silence. So music seems to be part of the noise, the surrounding and the surrounding is part of the music. This we learned. I still have not spoken a word, dear Log. The silence was just stunning.

After a while I had begun to stare to the huge class dome that is the ceiling of the hall we were gathering. Staring out there into the blackness of nothing - or the blackness of everything. I am a capsuleer, dear Log. I do not die. How long will I live?

I'm still young, I was shot down in combat many times, some times I awoke in a new clone. With the impression of my last death still alive. If death doesn't mean a thing to me, eternerty doesn't mean a thing how can I play music? For isn't music the flame that we reach to those who have lost their words? To reach out for the things words can't express?

That's not true. Death still means a lot for me. Even if I can't die, I won't live forever. And the friends I have will die. The crew, maybe my... baby. Five months now. I do not have much hope for it. But sitting there, all day silence around me, I was feeling the tiny moves in my belly. Sometimes. I just closed my eyes. Most likely it will be the next victim to Amarr. They killed my last child and I can't stay away from the front forever. I tried the last months even if I was not talking much about it. They need me there. Siseide had fallen. Lantorn is not forgotten. Just a little hope for the victory over Huola.

But the Amarr reclaiming hateful the planets we had freed. The Gallentean frontline is broken. The Caldari have conquered all systems. Now here I stand. We are the last hope for freedom; Tribal Milita. And one of her Generals -ha! General, ridiculous- is sitting at home, making music and tries to protect her unborn child from the certain death out in space. And our people suffer.

Silence around me. What shall I do? I never cried, dear Log. Ah, not true. I don't like it when I cry and try to pretend that I'm tough as a nail. But this time... sigh. I think it's my duty. Damn silence. Let hear the Autocannons roar.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.07 18:06:00 - [219]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/08/2009 18:36:41
Dear Log,

everybody is talking about time-space anomaly today. About what the scientist say, that the stress on hyperspace by warpdrives in the warzone shall be sleeked soon and the days of hard ride on that little holes in hyperspace, that shake you up that hard that you sometimes even lose the feeling of where you are but exactly when you are.

To test that in the warzone is a dangerous thing, so a small Sebiestor like me prefers to check it on the best benchmark place that one can imagine: the nearest supermarket.

You can tell me anything about freedom and slavery and how well our Republic was fighting for it and that it is a gift for everyone who has left behind the Amarr and got rid of the shackles. But when it comes to filling the fridge you have to admit, that much has to be done. The male part of our society doesn't do that. They just look in it and yell: »There's no beer anymore!«

So, you might be a billion rich spoiled capsuleer brat that killed more Amarr than she can recall at the moment, but you'll see yourself fitted with a large bag and a pinched creditcard of this beer-wanter CEO in your Claw with maximum drive on the way to the next Shop-O-Warp fly-by market. Not only that I do most of the paperwork, now I have to...

If onetime I get the knack how to power my fusion engine with the heat of my temper I'll have the fastest ship in universe. So ya know the procedure, fetch the stuff, put all the Sebiestor cereals, green stuff, raw meat and spicy stuff into your cart and put some beer in it.

And then you'll entering the REAL LAG ZONE. That's of cause the cashline. One time I found a rotten skelleton just right of the line, I swear! But this time - the queue was short! And it was fast! Yeah! I love Sebiestor science, those hyperspace level transmitter out there seem to work! But even if everything is nice, you know, dear Log, what the warzone is like. It usually hits you when you don't need it - in the last moment before the fight.

It was just my turn when the door opened and a fat Caldari lady was coming in and turning the girl at the reg a bunch of credsticks to fill up some computer cashier databases or shit. EPIC LAG! LAG FEAST! Rien ne vas plus.

Yeah, my ship goes nine AU a second but here I stand and... gosh. I need more autocannons.

So everything as usual. Hope the scientists will make a hit with their task, we really need that. I'll hope they fix my Shop-O-Warp by the way too. For I hung around that line for I think a time a sun can burn down or the Amarr god will lose his hair or piss his pants. And I was not sure if I was still in the same galaxy when I was out of that damn market. It's a miracle that I didn't got podded.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.10 18:23:00 - [220]

Dear Log,

ya know that I'm not the kind of girl that likes to drift around in bigger ships. I am more the kind of speedfreak that is trying to press the last energy out of my engine to kick it forward and to feel the adrinaline rushing through my vains.

'til the very start of my log I was writing about the feeling of speed that I have, the learning how to manoever my vessels and the engineering skills that allowed me to tune up my vessels far beyond everything. I was stunned when I first hit the 1000 m/s mark. I was amazed when I first hit the 5 km/s mark and began to "play with the big guys." Now is the day I hit the 8 km/s mark.

I'd like to use words to tell you that. What a feeling it is, to jump into the Abudban icebelt and rocket all along, the swearing miners in their boats threatening their fists when the hyperdrive wake shakes their hulls.
I really would like to use words. But I can't. There are no words that can tell ya what this feels like. There is a noise maybe.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.12 13:41:00 - [221]

Dear Log,

a computer failure has eaten my last entry. I try to reconstruct it, but I fear I can't find the words that were floating like water the last time. I hope, my reconstruction doesn't mess it all up. I executed the computer as an deterring example for all computers after him and most of the wall to the next room has gone accidently too while I still got spinters under my boots that he used to try to take me down when I was jumping and stomping on his remains, just before I finished him with a flamethrower. Evil thing.

Where was I? Ah! I had been in a peaceful and forgiving mood. Thousand words of peace and forgiveness about Amarrian churches.

What is a church? One of my favorite Minmatar poets says: "It's not a house, it's a home", and smiles slyly saying this. So everyone is somehow trying to find out more about existence. Tries to find his place in universe and to understand the truth of life. While most philosophs and religious leaders appreciate the diversity, the majority of the Amarr churches do not. Not in Providence at least. The fight is going about land and moons, about territory not about wisdom and diversification of philosophy. About understanding, about transendence, about tolerance. They drive forward to conquer space, to enslave people, to destroy culture and replace it with a monoculture.

From all Amarrian churches I have seen, the one of Abel Jarek was the one I would call to most evolved. I do not think that there is a god in universe, all my knowledge, all my experience as a scientist and all I know about how the world works around me tells me that there isn't. But who am I? I am not owning the truth and where I can't prove, I respect the different theory about our existence. I respected his church. Even if I didn't liked it.

But I think the Amarr lost their path somehow. They were always a theocracy and an autocracy. But they also have written music like chorals or organmusic. Music that may now be used to guide pilots into battle, but that is not made for this. It was made for the transcendence, for the journey into life, into understanding, into transcendence. Not for crusade, murder, death, enslavement and destruction of a whole civilisation and their inhabitants.

My way to find a better understanding of myself is music and philosophy. And I don't think anybody will find his way if you tell him where he has to go. He has to find his own way. You can not force somebody into transcendence. You can only let him go, let him find his own way.

I never tried to "mission" someone on my way. To read books, study science, play music, listen to the world. For I know it may be a good way, but not the best way for everybody. I have listened if there is something like a god in univese. I listend closely, just to make sure. But there is no sign. No clouds in the sky that still can hide one. No distance that can't be traveled, no nanostructure that has not be measured, no wavelength that has not been found and scanned. We still do not know much of this universe to be true. But if there would be a god, somewhere would have been found something that is showing traces of his existance.

Abel Jarek may have been on the wrong path - from my point of view. But he was a man of peace. A man of words and someone who was living his ideals. This I respect very much. And as a citizen of the Minmatar Republic I will always protect his freedom to find new ways, to go his own way.

I'd prefer one thousand Abel Jareks that try to teach their words but one Amarr Control Tower that is only trying to exploit one of our moons here, with nothing to bring, only to take away what we have. Take away ressources, take away freedom, culture and lives.

So sail in peace Abel Jarek, may you have found your god if your theory was right. If all Amarr would be like you, they would more be what they claim to be, I think.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.13 08:50:00 - [222]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 13/08/2009 09:11:33
Dear Log,

you know me as a maybe a bit tempered person, but I am one of those who keeps the style and is polite even to her archenemies. Yesterday I joined the communications channel "Interstellar Network" (ISN) by accident where a lot of Amarr and Caldari type of persons were meeting.

They were talking in that ancient german dialect of Galnet and after I ordered a round to all persons in the channel and I am involved in active duty against Amarr Empire as a warrior, I was addressed by a subject how call itself "Kiochi YoYuu" as "my slave".

Personal insults are pearling off my skin like dirt off a lotus. Me tempered? No! Of cause not. But where I can smile and ignore insults and respectless behaviour like this I can't ignore the ignorance that was coming upon me about our bloody and costly war against oppression. "Playgames of the Upper" this Amarr has called the war, "registered wargamers" my dead crews. I was even argueing that Amarrian Loyalist groups like PIE Inc. are indeed working hard for their cause and should be handled with respect. While I was ready to ignore the respectless behaviour of this Amarr about my military rank I can not accept that he was constantly befudging the active and dead warriors of this war.

On both sides.

And it ended in unspeakable insults of our Fields of the Dead, where the Amarrian slavers have carted the corpses of millions of Minmatar slaves that died of work or mistreatment by their race. He excremented on the remains of our forfathers who were fighting for freedom.

At the end I was just sitting still and was smiling. If somebody of Ushra'Khan or Electus Matari, of Jerichofraction is capable of that ancient dialect, I assume they send in one of theirs. Just to find out theirself.

I am now calculating what a single corporation like us can do against the Alliance "Guards of Avalon" who did insult the dead of Matar, the active faction warriors of all sides and was befudging the values we all live on and that we even share with our enemies. I even left out the worse insults for I am unable to repeat them even as a cite without to rape the graves of the dead - on both sides.

I was sitting there, biting my tongue until I could smell the blood in my mouth and smiled. I was never insulted like this and I think only blood, masses of blood, can wash away this. I can not tell anybody what he should do or not. But I will try to do something.

I am a warrior and ever will be. But I am also a literate girl who is able to maintain a decent conversation as long as the other side respects who I am. Who the people are that I fight with. Repect the reason for what we are fighting. And respecting the dead and the mourning in this war.

If it'd be for me - I'd forget it and bite my tonque, swallow my pride. But I think of all my dead men. Of all that men I killed in this war, and the respect I pay them. Of all the Matari that suffered under the whip of the empire. For all Amarr that are fighting for their values and dying under our autocannons. I am thinking of the Fields of the Dead and of the values they died for.

There has to be an answer to this. So. We are toysoldiers? The warrior corporations of Minmatar are nothing but renegade fertilizer carter ex-slaves? Our dead comrades are just... I can't repeat it. Yeah. I'll find an answer to this. Even it it's not much what I can do. I'm just a small warriorgirl. What can I do alone? But I'll try. I like butterflies.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.14 13:12:00 - [223]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/08/2009 18:09:25
Dear Log,

I am still thinking about how to react accordingly to that incredible insults that this Amarr was befudging on the honor of all factional militia pilots. On all Minmatar. On all the dead that were left in the wake of the war and the freedom fight against the Empire - on both sides.

But of cause I am still patroling. This time we were somewhere in the Amarr sovereignity when an individuum that identifies itself as "GENERALW" was calling us on a frigate fight. He had a bounty on him but was neutral for us. I was in the mood to check my skills and we homed in on his planet. The rest of the gang as observers, me as a fighter. But that "general" just warped off, told us that he does not trust us.

As if I would sink that low to spoil a good frigate fight. That's even lower than to sodomize a fedo. Really only people do that that never got laid and never will get laid. And that even the Ammatar would reject as a slave.

But okay. I accepted to fight in his home system. If you think I didn't hear the bell ring, you are wrong. "Does it matter if some of my corpmates are in the next station?" Of cause not. Nobody would really call help in a frigfight. Nobody that is worth getting shot. Nobody that is worth more than a damaged, unmanned Reaper that is drifting in an asteroid field. This issue, to be true, has nothing to do with trust. There is nothing to trust when you are in a Rifter.

So. I massacred his Punisher for it was not even halve as good fitted or flying as the worst new pilots I had seen in the Amarr Militia (it's no shame to fail the first time but this guy was an older pilot than I am, much older - that Amarr Militia pilot was performing proudly in his Punisher to be honest, not as this pirate here). And when I was just going to enter his structure and my autocannons were ripping out large chunks of cheap intestines and really horrible fitting, his homies were warping in.

On a Rifter, yes. "YOU NEVER SHOULD TRUST ANYONE!", the pirate yelled triumphant.

In came first the Falcon. Which of cause instajammed me a splitsecond before the Punisher would have gone the way he should to redeem the proud fleet of Amarr of the shame of this setup. I guess it was like a passive shield tank Punisher or something even more clever, I don't wanna know. After him entered -oh my gust- a Broadsword. I laconically reported to my friends in the fleet, that those people just were trying to cheat me. I used an other term with "butt" to be precise. I turned my ship calmly with everybody shoting at me to the next gate, burned a few seconds to get my drive clean of jam and warped off without more than slight shield damage.

I never have seen something poorer, to be true. Any lamer performance anywhere anytime. And covered even with triumphant smacktalk - in the moment of their greatest fail they even started to smacktalk. A Punisher, a Falcon and a Broadsword ambush a solo Rifter. And fail. Fail!

I really can't stop laughing, dear Log. That was the funniest thing I've ever seen. My advice: don't give any fights to "The Space Bar" from the single corp alliance "The Compass". They are not worth a single bullet and should go back to highsec and kill helpless little beltpirates or miners through canflipping.

Oh my gust. But I admit, this event really was improving my mood. I am still laughing tears.

Dear Log, never cheat a frigfight. You just lower yourself beyond anything. There is nothing to win in cheating something like that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.16 09:01:00 - [224]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/08/2009 05:44:49
Dear Log,

what is music? Music is the expression of an artist. Even if nobody can hear him or nobody likes him, it is music as long as it is his expression. Music is when somebody enjoys it. Even noises of nonhuman nature can be perceived as music. Like the singing of a bird, the howling of the wind in the trees.

As long as there is a game between chaos and resonance there is music. Actually what we can buy in shops, all the recordings we can get in exchange for money - is no music at all. It's just noise that is sellable through image. An image that is created by ads around that product. This noise is a product. Music never is a product. Music is an event. So, dear Log, open your eyes and ears and listen to the world. I've done and after a while the image drops from your ears and you begin to listen to the world of music. And you begin to see the beauty of it. Instead of the Emperors New Clothes that people nowadays sell us under the label of "music". It does not mean anything. It's not happening. The clothes are not there but nobody dares to say a word about that.

The video shows a silent and introvert Alica, sitting at her console. In front of her is standing a 125 mm autocannon projectile. She plays with it and let it tumble from one side to the other, catching it before it falls and pushes it over to the other side. A large bullet and a small girl.

This is a projectile of one of my most favorite weapon: The 125 mm Minmatar Autocannon. If you fire it, it makes a unique sound. If you fire them with three or more guns it gives a certain rhythm. One that is shaking the whole ship. You see the arches of the tracers that every tenth bullet has moving into the target. You see the sparkling and the hot white melting of metal on the armor plates of your enemy.

While you do this, you drive your ship into a position where this sparks are most effective. The drumming of your guns resonate in your hull. The whole ship is beginning to vibrate at a certain tone. It's beginning to hum a song of war. The high song of a warpipe and you can hear the deap drum of your afterburner, when the explosions in the combustion chamber begin to sing on an other frequency. With a different rhythm.

You see the crecendo when you enter the structure of your enemy, when your bullets dig deep into the intestines. You see your enemy trying to escape. The fear the anger of him trying to flee. Trying to get away from his doom.

And while this, the drumming sounds of your warmachine make music. This is an event. This is the moment of great joy and feelings. Of skill and daring and waiting, preparing, of chaos and resonance. A dance between him trying to disturb his destruction and you bringing the melody to the last chord, which always ends in the big tutti forte fortissimo furiosa of him exploding under your guns.

I can feel, this is music. But maybe I'm just..

She smiles.

..a bit romantic about that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.18 08:59:00 - [225]

Dear Log,

I've told you about everything of my life. Now I want to tell you about fighting in detail.

Alica is standing in front of twelve different 125 mm Minmatar ammunition. Standing in two five lines, each two rows deep.

Many people to not understand what all these different ammunition is for. They just prefer a "style" but do not care about the real use for these. The Minmatar have ten different sorts of ammunition but only one of them is the correct choice in a given situation. But it's much easier than you may think, dear Log.

We have four diffent damage types that are EM, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive. If you use autocannons you will use EMP, Phased Plasma, Titanium or Fusion for each of them. If you use artillery and you go for more range and only then your choice will be Depleted Uranium, Proton, Nuclear and Carbonized Lead for increasing ranges but less overall damage and distributing their damage over the four damage types as Proton, Depleated Uranium, Carbonized Lead and Nuclear.

She is standing in a respectful distance to the Depleted Uranium and the Nuclear Ammunition.

Of cause they are not harmful when cased but you should be careful anyway. Never forget that "Nuclear" means you are delivering a small nuclear warhead to your enemy, no shit, man. People criticize the Minmatar doing this but I say it's the best way to get rid of our nuclear waste - deliver them to the amarr as fast as possible.

Most types of Minmatar ammunition are best used against armor. Only EMP, Phased Plasma and Proton have better anti-shield impact than their anti-armor vector is.

So when do you use which kind of ammunition, dear Log? Concentrate on the weakest spot on the strongest level of your enemy. For example the strongest level of an Amarr T1 ship is the armor and the weakest spot on that is the explosive vector, so use Fusion for autocannons and Nuclear for artillery. On an Amarr T2 ship it is thermal, so use Phased Plasma for your autocannons and Depleated Uranium for your artillery.

You only have to take a look at your enemy by this method: check if it's an armor or shield tank and where the weakest spot is in that level because if it breaks, your enemy goes down. Don't let misguide yourself by certain computer programs that just put out some "overall damage" and that. Keep in mind that Minmatar damage distributes different in shield and armor and that it is not important to max out numbers on the paper but to max out effective damage on your enemy.

If you are fighting against the Angel Cartel, you can use the same ammunition, dear Log. Fusion and Nuclear are your friends and you actively work on nuclear waste disposal.

Additional to the eight standard types of ammo you'll find the advances ones. Where Barrage and Hail use autocannons, Quake and Tremor the artillery. These ammunitions are very specific and you should not normally use them.

With Barrage you get a much better falloff, so you can even compete with lower artillery ranges but have autocannon damage. But the drawback is a much worse tracking so you actually use your autocannons as a kind of artillery which can be quite effective. Hail is even more specialized and I do not use it often. It's best used against big and slow moving targets. If you are attacking a cruiser or battleship in a frigate Hail is your friend. You'll be astonished to find yourself under the top damagedealers if you use this. If you use it against something of the same size that you are or even smaller and anybody is moving - you will not hit anything.

With Quake you get a kind of infight ammo, which means that your target has to be big and you should be slow moving to hit it, with Tremor you get a sniper ammo.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.18 09:50:00 - [226]

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- Part 2 -

So, you now have an idea about your choice, dear Log. While most other weapons on the market do not differ much in their damage, the Minmatar are very flexible which is one of the reasons that Minmatar weapons are the best to have.

Every ammunition you use has a second, sometimes a third vector of impact. All Minmatar ammunition have a kinetic vector for projetile weapons are basically kinetic weapons that deliver an impulse impact to the enemy. The warhead can have a primary energy but you will always have this kinetic part in it. It is more a sideeffect of projectiles than anything. Some ammunition has a third vector which makes it quite flexible. Like EMP for example. Many people love to use EMP ammo for this reason. But I would well advice you to do your math.

If you should use artillery you have to know if you have to scramble your enemy or not. The Angel Cartel will almost never flee, an enemy capsuleer will try to escape if the fight is not going well for him. You have to stay under twenty kilometers or even nearer if you want to prevent this. Accordingly your fighting distance has to be chosen wisely.

Merdaneth, a well known Amarr Militia pilot and infamous interceptor pilot once told me: »I do not fear the artillery. Either they are too far away to take me down in time before I can escape {in my Crusader} or they are too near and I can dart into infight and make the kill.« Maybe he'll give some words in this log too to this before I cite him wrong.

This is the basic problem you'll have when you deal with capsuleers. You urgently have to prevent any infighter to come near you. This is often near to impossible, especially if your enemies are tremendous fast.

You can never deliver the damage of an autocannon with artillery. And with well tanked enemy ships you will need either a whole bunch of sniper ships to take down one enemy or you have to accept and be prepaired for the infight. With pirates like the Angel Cartel this is different. Artillery indeed has proven as a very good way to fight them - keep yourself out of range and take them down.

The Minmatar have good sniper ships but the best snipers are those Caldari vessels, which even unrigged have crazy ranges. Everytime when you see some devices on your vessel that either enhance the optimal range or the tracking speed of your guns you possibly deal with an artillery design. But sensor range is also an important factor. If you have a vessel that enhances damage or rate of fire you possibly have an infight vessel at your service and should use it as such.

In small scale fights the infighter is in advantage, in larger scale fights the artillery is. For they can deliver their damage without moving and losing time moving into optimal firing range over the whole battlefield; your fleet will be effective even if the target is out of effective range for an autocannon.

Minmatar ships are fast and versatile. This means you'll never know what you are up against. Even the Rifter as a small frigate can change it's basic operational parameters from armor to shieldtank, from tremendous infighter to hit and run artillery sniper, from speedboat to slow moving jammer and ewar ship, from active, passive or buffertank and even to missiles boat, which he is not very good at to be true. These are all setups I was up against as a pilot. You can't be prepaired for a Rifter.

But always keep in mind, dear Log, whatever you do: the choice of ammunition has to fit your tactics and is maybe the most important decision you can make. I often outgun Thrashers and even Ruptures in fleetfights in my Rifter. Why? Not because I'm a well skilled pilot, I can promise you, I'm not. It's the choice of ammunition and tactics. This your ship and skills can't do for you.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.18 10:23:00 - [227]

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-Part 3-

I am almost done. The article has grown a bit longer than I planned and I hope that you didn't got bored by this, dear Log. So the last thing, that remains to be said is the use of factional ammunition.

Many people are capsuleers for years but never used them, really don't care about them. And if you are up against Angel or other pirates this may be right. But against a capsuleer every bit of damage counts. Many people prefer to use the Enhanced ammunition like Barrage or Quake for example, but I told you, dear Log, that those are very specific tools for an exact purpose. Not for overall use.

There are basically three types of factional ammunition on the market. Those of the Arch Angels, second the Factional Navy kind and last but not least the Domination kind. Each of them is 10/15/20% better than the basic type. But the marketprice of this it that high that it can easily be equal to the whole ship value if you carry more than one magazine of it around. Value that is sellable and that will enjoy your enemy when he loots it.

So don't be silly with that and waste it. You'll probably don't survive more than two magazines full of it anyway. If you do at all. While the Arch Angel and the Domination ammo is found by certain pirate types and relativly rare you can achieve the factional ammunition at your next loyalty store for a reasonable price. So this is the one you can use best.

But I advice you not to carry around more than a few of it. They are expensive and I never ran out of it even when I'm not carrying more than a few hundred of them with me. The Amarr have Navy Spec Multifrequency Crystals with them which I own a great store by now but neither can use nor can sell them, for most of them are used. This is a bit unfair I'd say.

I've seen Amarr who wanted to use Minmatar factional ammunition and were shocked by the prices. Yes, deal with that. This is the pain we Minmatar feel when we are firing on you. Our better ammunition is really expensive and our guns use a lot of them. The Amarr are so cushioned with their damn lasers and their cheap factional crystals but I won't trade even a plain tech-1 125mm autocannon for any laser if I have to fight with it.

Flexibilty is a weapon. Keep that in mind. It gives you the ability to use your brains in a fight. Never forget that, if you are Minmatar. We do not have per se the better ships or weapons. But our weapons allow to use much more brains than other weapons do. Use this, brother, use this sister.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.22 08:44:00 - [228]

Dear Log,

recent developments of some engineering groups have made major progress in the rigging of vessels. Like many Sebiestor capsuleers I was taking lessons in these new methods that allow to manipulate and wiz the intestines of frigates and cruisers much cheaper than it was possible in the past.

While it is a nice step forward for science this means a revolution in warfare. The ships that benefit most of the recent development are the frigates, especially the T1 frigates. The reason is simple. The pimping of a frigate by tinkering around and beeing a grease monkey you can effectively gain the value of one to one and a halve normal slots by this. Even gain effects that are not possible by modules, like the warpdrive speed for example.

With a ship of the size of a cruiser or a battleship this one additional module of effect is smaller. If you have 18 or 19 slots is not of utter importance. But if you rig up a Slasher you get it from 6 to 7 or 8, this is a revolution. We small vessel pilots get very excited by this.

The effects you can get by tinkering with your ships are comparable expecially with a kind of low energy slot of your ship design. The more low slots you already have the less effect you will get. The fewer you have, the more effect you will see.

Some of my comrade pilots were flying the Slasher as a mean little fighting machine in factional warfare. Even while I'm loving the Rifter I was shot down several times in the Slasher too. For me it is the T1 interceptor, even more than the Vigil. It's size and speed and it's evil firepower for it's size makes it maybe the best small vessel around. It's main disadvantage was it's solo low power slot. I'm very excited about this. All production lines around Rens are jammed already and the first modules are already on the market.

Some prices are rising but my first analyse shows that there is no bigger demand on salvage parts at the moment. Because the T2 frigates and cruisers need much less parts now the demand seems to stay on par. This means the prices will stabilize soon and get back to their original level.

You just have to sit and wait a bit until the price expolosions by factor ten calm down again. We Minmatar Militia pilots have started to salvage every Amarr wreck in every offensive military plex we do to get some of the most valuable parts from there. You only get some important salvage parts for Minmatar from Amarr wrecks. This pulls in many new pilots from Minmatar, who do not fight only for the cause but mainly to get rich.

However you want to see it - it serves our cause. There is a gold rush going on, dear Log.


And by this be part of the freedom strike of the Minmatar people, end the slavery.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.27 08:45:00 - [229]

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Dear Log,

I want to show you this footage.

You can see her running through a hangar and entering a small hallway. She is carrying small arms all over her body, two flechette autoguns stripped to her thighs, two shotguns crossed over her back, a dagger, some handgranade on her belt. Faint singing of chorals and organmusic finds their way through the walls of the station.

After passing a few doors she kicks in a great door with her boots, entering a large cathedral where the light is shining yellow and mellow from above onto the stone floor. Everywhere are priests in the long brown robes of the Salvation Crusade.

»Halleluljah!« she cries and the rick-rack to ready her shotguns with both hands echoes down from the altar. »Meet your god, priest!«, she yells and in a big cloud of red flesh and mass of brain the first priests stands for a second, headless, totally surprised and slowly sinks to his knees. Rick-Rack, the smoldering cartridge casing is tinking to the stony floor. The organ music stops.

What is following is an orgy of blood a cacophony of screaming, hunting, going through the rows with both flechette pistols blasting until the magazines click empty, were thrown aside, new inserted and it is going on, flechettes eating through flesh like worms on fast forward through a piece of rotten meat. Blood everywhere dripping from the pews, floating on the floor down the aisle, coloring the walls with picturesque and smeary red, red hands on the wall where the people tried to climb it to escape the slaughtering of the innocent.

The image is cut. Alica sits, still. Looking very serious.

I admit I have some aggressions now, that these Salvation Crusaders are here. But one of my men gave me this little piece of software that relieves me of much of the stress that is induced to bearing singing and praising the lord all day and night. This little game is compatible with most of Minmatar shipcomputers and one of my men came up with that. Normally it's for multiplayer but I prefer to be alone doing this. More targets for me.

I first did not know what to do with it, but I found out that it's quite fun to play and relaxes me after one or two hours. They modeled it after my body. I don't know what to think about that but it's sure fun to play. They call it "Savage Crusade".

She is smiling malicious.

And prevents me from doing things in reality that I surely would regret.

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2009.08.31 06:26:00 - [230]

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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.08.31 06:27:00 - [231]

Dear Log,

the hostage for the Salvation Crusade is a hard ordeal for me which also takes a lot of time. Yesterday we caught an assassin that tried to trick himself through the guards and was highly armed and ready for kill. Two of our guards were hurt while they tried to stop him, one of them is still in medical care.

The level of our station here is permanently blocked by a demonstration and it is not easy to move in or out. Most of them are peaceful and just sing and shout but I can feel much hate underneath and it makes me sad. I really dislike religion all in all and especially the Amarr one, but I tried to find out about the message. I don't know what the other priests say or pray but the people here do not talk of hate and the submission of the Minmatar race. But of cause if you look carefully at the scriptures you find everywhere parts about owning the whole universe and the righteous way and all that aggressive and empirestuff.

Is it about the spirit of love or is it about the conquering of civilisations and land? In the first case I'd say it's a religion in the second one it is just a propaganda and carrier for an ideology of expansion, submission and slavery. But I tried hard to nail it and failed. It seems to depend highly on your point of view what the true message of this religion is like in every religious scripture. You can dance with the snakes and let you bite to death if you overinterprete some of the lines, you can start with human sacrifices and drink the blood and eat their heart or you can peacefully embrace everyone on your path. I don't think it is for good anyway, like any religion just blinds the heart if taken too serious, but I still respect if somebody choses to believe in a god. And tolerance for culture is an important part of the Minmatar way. If we forbid the Amarrian religion what's next? Some of the anchient gods some of our tribes follow? After short time we will not be Minmatar anymore but a scattered and broken assembly of powerless microtribes. Tolerance is strength, not the other way round.

The case of the Salvation Crusade seems to radicalize our society in the question of religion and freedom of religion. And I don't think this is a good thing. To carefully manoever your ship through ten or twenty blockading vessels if you try to undock might be a price you can pay and even if there is flying a tomatoe in your direction this is something you can bear. But if you have to visit friends in hospital for nothing more but they tried to save the lives of fellow Minmatar citizen this is bad if the violence comes from Minmatar. We don't kill each other.

This can in fact lead to civil war and if not that to discord and weakens our position of defense. Defense of our planets out there as well as the defense of our culture.

But I can't stop this. I'm just alone, moved my corporation into this troublesome position and have to watch how the radical groups gather more and more people around them for their message of hate and intolerance. And the mood is still heating up. We petitioned the Minmatar government to take care about the Salvation Crusade but we got no answer yet.

I think it is more in the hand of the radicals now than anywhere. And I just hope they are finding a way without shedding Minmatar blood. I always thought that I was a radical to be true. Maybe I am. I try radically to protect the values of our Republic. But as always when you try to protect something you have to weighten the one value against the other. Maybe I am wrong. The only people you can hear at the moment in media and IGS are the radicals.

It does not need a lot of radicals to make things bad in the world, one of our politicans has said some years ago. It just needs a lot of people that don't care and do nothing if something is going on. Something important, that is setting the course of our whole Minmatar Republic for the future.

Which kind of world do we want to live in? Find an answer. Act.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.05 09:11:00 - [232]

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Dear Log,

much has happend since my last entry even if that is only a few days old. An old comrade of us was trying to stand on his own feet in Caldari space. For this he incorporated No Hitori, which means 'One Man'. Soon a local corporation was trying to enforce its rights on the local market and asteroid belts or whatever the reason for the war was - this would never have been a reason for us to help.

But that small corporation moved into an Alliance, 'Tres Viri'. Which may be a small one but with just one man against a hundred or more his chances to defend himself against the market force of that whole alliance seem to be too much. We transfered most of the personal of FIA to Caldari space which needed one day, for most of us had to drop their roles in the Federal Investigations Agency and relocated our base of operation near Jita.

Asariasha was already fighting a great fight and was able to shoot down a bunch of ships, in swift and daring hit and run tactics. After our relocation the first larger scale battles began and the defending force of the Tres Viri Alliance assembled against us. At that time I was still in transfer so I was no eye witness of our fleet of seven against a vast number of defenders. Because no ship was lost on our side I can't say exactly how many were involved but their fleet must have been something between twenty to thirty. Ten of their battleships and battlecruisers did not find their way home to their docks and were left wrecked on the battlefield in the largest of battles that were yet ielded.

Our operating in that region started. The deathtoll on the side of our enemy was rising with acceptable losses on our side. Now we received the war declaration of another alliance, EVE-UNION. We don't know why they are moving in but we think they come for assistance for Tres Viri. The first combat action against this new alliance ended in the loss of a Blackbird cruiser of their attacking forces.

I was commisioned to patrol the aera and disturb the transport of logistics between Jita and their bases. I was lucky and shot down a Mammoth worth around one hundred millions. I was a bit too enthusiastic about this and blew up the hydrogen tank of the engine, so most of it's cargo was destroyed.

Later I was cought in a small gang engagement against a Crusader and Thorax together with Asariasha in a Thorax. It was an amasing fight which brought me my first real kill with my brand new Claw. I never have been flying the Claw in actual combat yet and was very exited about meeting the famous Crusader on the battlefield. To fight with a ceptor is an extreme sort of battle. It all happens in a few seconds. But my long training in the Minmatar Militia and my experience with vessels of that size helped me a lot. I am thankful for the Minmatar Militia for that and will return to duty as fast as we can help our friend here.

I painted my Claw rust-red for that first blood, with the one fighting man of the No Hitori logo bright and bold on the wings.

But war does not only bring enemies there are moments of humanism too. I helped one of their young pilots, Switsch, by giving him a full fitted Slasher as a tackler. Together with a long lesson how to use it and why this is something that everybody in their alliance should learn to defend themselves. The Slasher is a small Claw which I love very much and which is maybe one of the best and cost-efficient tech-one tacklers of all races. It's locking amasingly fast, is cheap, versatile and exactly serves his purpose.

I don't think his Alliance welcomes personal contact of their pilots with the enemy, but I would never misuse this to gather information. I just think we are fighting for the freedom of Asariashas corp against an overwhelming enemy, not against a single pilot. We have to show respect and chivalry to the single men. This is the spirit of Minmatar warfare.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.05 14:52:00 - [233]

Dear Log,

while I am ordered to gear down a bit and do some paperwork for the corp, the fight is going on. Another Zealot has gone down by one of our Taranis fighters which makes me mad. My triggerfinger is itching and I hate that this all happens without me!

So, paperwork. What can I do. I was telling you much about small ships and so I will give you a short version of what I was telling Switsch when I gave him a combat ready Slasher, which he successfully tested at beltpirates yet.

Everybody already knows, but to those out there that suffer a lot from violence of much more experienced fighters, here are some tactics with small gangs. One of the most important things a small ship has to do is: not to get hit. For this the Slasher is extremly small. With a signature of only thirty it is the smallest ship available, only the Claw has the same size and a shuttle is a bit smaller with a signature of twentyfive but no real ship.

To be fast and small is the best method of not getting hit at all. To be fast a Slasher has the afterburner or the microwarp as a propulsion. Both have advantages and disadvantages. While the afterburner sustains a small signature while enhancing the speed by a factor of around 2.5 the much more powerful microwarp gives a great disadvantage of a bigger signature which gives all in all only a factor of 1.2 for not beeing hit - if you have transversal speed to your enemy at all. To fit a microwarp on a Slasher is a good way for beeing shot fast and painless. But sometimes you need to move fast, so... fit accordingly to the situation.

The microwarp has to be turned off when you reach the enemy as fast as you can. Because circling is not possible at microwarp speed and while turning you will get slow, maintaining a huge signature. This means certain death.

So. The second thing a tackler needs is a "point". You can either fit a warp scrambler or a warp disruptor for that. Both have advantages and disadvantages. While the scrambler only works to something between 7 and 10 kilometers, the disruptor can reach up to 20. And while the scrambler is double as affective to turn off a microwarp, the disruptor can't effect a microwarp and is easily to counter with a warp core stabilizer and pulls a lot of energy from the ships capicitor.

So most frigates are set up with a scrambler, but the Slasher can fit and sustain both kinds, even the disruptor if no additional energy is pulled from the capicitor. These two modules are needed for a good tackler and the Slasher has place for exact both.

The lowslot of the ship can be used with different modules. For "gank" you fit it with a Gyrostabilizer. In small gangs this is maybe the best choice. For "tank" you fit a damage control. This is not much of a tank but remember - you are hard to hit and only have to stay at the enemy until more have moved in. Of cause you might decide to fit an overdrive as a speedmod or a nanofiber which gives you a bit more speed and more manoeverability means a tighter circle around the enemy. But the most interesting module would be a sensor enhancer. This enhances both the reach of your sensor and the resolution, which means a faster locktime. This choice only teams well with a microwarp and a disruptor and works perfectly cheap and effective as a gate camp tackler.

For guns I advice of different reasons the small 125mm autocannons and a rocket launcher. This gives you a nice punch for a small frig like that, can kill off two or three drones before they kill you.

You might try out the different setups at beltpirates. There is no cheaper and better ship for this purpose. And it has indeed a lot of elegance. Keep it cheap, fly it as if you expect to return home in your pod, then you have to right spirit. Not everybody is made of the stuff that is needed to fly a good Slasher. But if you love to live fast and dangerous - fly the Slasher.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.06 12:40:00 - [234]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/09/2009 12:44:36
Dear Log,

I was talking of "points" but did not recognize that many of the young pilots do not know what that means. It disables the warpdrive and nails the enemy at the place he is. He can't escape as long as his drive is scrambled or disrupted. He is more or less a sitting duck that can't escape. A good warior always tries to escape when the things are getting tight. A good tackler - doesn't care about his own survival.

We talked to one of the pilots of EVE-UNION today and Asariasha was supporting my statement that the Slasher is indeed a great tackler. It might not fight too well against a Rifter or Punisher and I would give the advice to avoid those two ships and other tier-3 frigates, but it can kill everything below and has no fear of most cruisers. Especially the cruisers without drones or missiles are certain kills. Like the Omen, the Maller and the Thorax for example. All stealthbombers are easy prey too, like the Hound, the Nemesis for example.

And all this for around 24k isk for the ships - which of cause can be covered by insurence - don't laugh about that! If you have lost that many frigates as I have you better insure your frigate. That sums to over twenty millions for me. Think about what you are gonna do with your ship - if you want to fight other frigates, you might be better off with a Rifter, but every module costs money. So if you are with bigger ships and fly as support - fly cheap as possible. Your loss will not count on the outcome of the battle and you can wreck ten Slashers for one Rifter - for the costs. And this while the Slasher does one third less damage compared with a Rifter.

But a tackler is no damage dealer. Just place three of that small ships at every gate and wait for the enemy to come, have a fleet somewhere waiting, that can join in before all Slashers are down. I wonder why the enemy is not doing this. They have much more personal than we have. Of cause they will lose a lot of Slashers by this tactic, of cause. But who will care? I will not. I would just put forty of that ships into the corp hangar for free shredding and have fun!

Can you down something in a small ship? Of cause you can. Even a battleship might have problems with a swarm of 6 to 10 Gank-Slashers and will go easily down most of the times. We were raiding the Amarr Empire space with the whole Navy behind us with swarms of 40 of that ships. There was nothing that could survive us in the 20 seconds(!) that was left before the Navy would arrive and kill all of us.

Just imagine - ten Slashers are worth one Rifter! If you have the personal to fly them - use them. A tackler is called "support". Means when the fighting groups are talking about "support" they are talking about tacklers and other stuff that is not in the fleet for damage. They are talking about you. And just fly what you can effort to loose. Start with a Slasher.

You are a miner? You are a trader? Damn it, you are a tackler and the only way telling if you are good or not is to try it. Don't think only the big warriors can do the fighting. The small can too. Minmatar slaves were rising from Amarr oppression with nothing more than Reapers at their hand.

When a war is going on - and you can not go and mine anymore or haul stuff from Jita - what to do? Join and test the stuff you are made off. Fight for your asteroids, for your traderoute, for your cause. I will always understand and respect that. Nobody laughs about a swarm of Slashers, that's for sure. Because every experienced fighter knows that they can be very dangerous and the pilots in that don't lose anything when they explode. The kill of a Slasher doesn't mean anything. My ammunition might even be more worth than the ship.

It might be that a war can not be won flying nothing bigger but Slashers. But it can't be won if nobody is flying them either.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.06 18:00:00 - [235]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/09/2009 18:18:04
Dear Log,

I was talking much about the Slasher and I think I made my point. I don't tell anything about the Rifter, for I am flying that vessel often and think it's a good fighting frigate. But there is another very good frigate that Minmatar has and that is underestimated and often people see it from the wrong direction: the prince of the battlefield, the Vigil.

Actually the Vigil has a speed that is unmatched by any frigate on the battlefields of EVE, even most interceptors are slower. It has not a sensorstrength as big as the Slasher and is not as perfect as a gatecamp tackler. but it has certain other virtues, that are unknown by the majority.

What is the Vigil? This frigate has a special, it is the Minmatar EWAR-Frigate that has targetpainter capabilities. The painter is underestimated and effectivly works like a webber over distance. It enhances the target signature and this is equal to reducing its speed-signature factor over safe distance. What a tackler fears most is getting webbed and shot. This is the reason many tacklers die inside the ten kilometer radius around their target.

But the Vigil has a huge bonus on targetpainters - this allows it to "web" the target over a distance beyond this deadly 10 km. Until our technology was not allowing to rig a frigate efficiently this was of no great importance, because the Vigil can't sustain a microwarp, a warp disruptor and a targetpainter and speed at the same time. This is possible now and catapults the small ship to some of the best low-cost tacklers that are to have. The setup of this frigate is straight forward and depends on the abilities of the pilot. Fit a microwarp drive, a disruptor and a targetpainter. Then try to make it capstable. What is left you put into speed and agility. In the end you fit some small weapons to defend yourself from drones and maybe a missile launcher or salvager in the highslot.

My Vigil has a speed of almost 5 km/s which is faster than most if not all interceptors on typical setups, while no cruiser can hit it when it is circling around at something over fifteen kilometers with guns and even drones are of no huge danger at those speeds - ah - normally. If you like, you can fit a tech-2 disruptor and glide out to twenty kilometer circle which makes the point a bit more stable in my experience.

If it popps - it's even not worth to approach and pick up the loot. But of cause this tackler is much more expensive than my beloved Slasher, but it's value on the battlefield is not seen by many. You might want to do some damage with it and fit artillery on that setup. But it will cost a lot of speed for you will have to sacrifice the nanofibre or overdrive modules for guns, that are not important on a tackler anyway - and leaves you defenseless to enemy drones.

Don't forget to fit a drone! You want to web? Take a webber-drone. You want some damage? Take a scout drone. You might want to tracking disrupt your enemy to make it even harder to hit you or to jam him with an ECM drone. This is a joker that you can fit like you want. I think I'd take a tracking disruption drone, which supports the whole tactic of the setup.

Isn't it wonderful to be Minmatar? Ha! "Take the Rifter!" How unimaginative. There is much you can fly with Minmatar. Minmatar is always good for a bad surprise - and I don't talk about our dockingcomputers! We caught a Maller with ships that were equal to that setup in a plex not long ago. We kept him long enough to call for support of a cruiser. That took us over twenty minutes - twenty minutes of waiting in the doom of a tackler like that. Impressive.

Vigil - the prince of the battlefield.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.07 05:29:00 - [236]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/09/2009 05:56:09
Dear Log,

the war is going on. We had first contact to a warrior of the EVE-UNION and asked why they are at war with No Hitori. And it seems like they really try to help Tres Viri. Still this is not organized very well, but I am sure they will work that out soon and the fight will get much harder for us.

In my experience a band of pilots get torched together by a war like this. Their structure hardens and the battle perfomance improves which is urgently needed for Tres Viri - without wanting to talk respectless of their pilots. If not, they'll break. We lost some of our ships, but the losses were mostly due to pirate activity or simple - careless cockiness - playing around with hisec pirates in the time of waiting.

Flying in Militia is an interesting experience. Most pilots in the Militia are flying trash, many badly fitted, they are not very organized as a fleet and the fleetcommander has no idea what the people are actually capable of and flying. There have been very few fleetcommander that are able to work with fleets like that and win. To fly with a fleet of coordinated warriors that exactly know what they are doing and that team together well in a tuned fleet is easy. Where you have to show improvisation and unorthodox tactics many fleetcommanders fail.

I see forward into the next week of combat against these two alliances, where EVE-UNION is still more or less unknown to us. I expect to see more militia like actions, for the best tactic for them would be to draft every pilot they have into their fighting corps, not just dedicated pilots. Their fleet are urgently lacking of "support" as far as I can say. If you are not good at gunnery and are not able to down an equal enemy one on one, you should team together in small groups and begining to patrol the area with a bigger fleet in the backhand.

The ships we are downing are most poorly fitted, so for a fighting group their Alliance should organize a unique set of fittings, like PIE Inc. is using always their standard Punisher. You never find a PIE pilot with a poor fitted vessel in actual combat. You can not force a capsuleer into this and I would not advice this. I would only replace certain canonized fitted ships that are lost in battle and other ships will not be paid by the comunity. This means that they still may fly what they want, but then on their own cost. A war is an event that hurts the community and the community should pay it, not just the one pilot that was unlucky and shot down. But when he will get replacement and when not must be written down in rules - I won't like to pay an autopilot flying captains loss in the middle of a war if I'd been member of that community. Rules are not bad, they bind together. They give reliability. If you know that you are flying a decent fitted ship and that your comrades have shot down enemies with that, you begin to trust your own capabilities as a fighter - daring more.

"Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt" - is a saying in this anchient Sebiestor language that I have learned to speak native - "Who does not dare, does not win", it roughly translates or shorter and more modern: "No risk, no fun."

Daring is the first attribute that I would give a tackler. To attack a much larger, much more dangerous ship with something as fragile as a frigates needs a kamikazee spirit. Attack and hope that you won't get hit. And if you attack in a swarm of five and two of your comrades blow up to dust in front of your ship and you know that you'll be next, like it was that days ago against Veshta Yoshidas Maller, and that third hit never came - instead you were fighting one of the most exiting fight you ever did... No words can describe the feeling when you can finally dive into a near circle and aim for the kill.

Nothing has more risk than this. Nothing is more fun.

I love the days to come.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.07 06:31:00 - [237]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/09/2009 06:49:45
- Part 2 -

So, dear Log, you're at war?

What does that mean if you are a community? First of all as I already said, you have to setup rules. What kind of rules? The rules of war, the rules of engagement. And these have to be made Alliance-wide. It means that people - all people - have to subscribe to certain standards. And keeping up the standards means that the community will back losses. No insurance company -no but the mad ones that insure capsuleer ships- will accept a policy that is careless. I try to help you, dear Log, for this case with some ideas if you find yourself in a situation like this.

  • a list of ships and standardized fittings that will be compensated

  • once or twice a day a convoy will be launched to transport goods to the next tradehub, all flights of that convoy will be compensated

  • tturns of duty for every member of the Alliance, that might be one hour a day to be seduled as a watchpost at a gate for example

  • moneymaking under protection of a guardfleet

  • collecting a warfund, making available a hangar with combat ready fitted ships, or unfitted ships, modules and standardized setups, that are inside policy, yes that means that pilots actually get paid for ships they have taken for free. This compensates the fighters for doing duty and not going out money making. This should be inside the interests of the community. I actually got paid the insurance for every Rifter or other frigates I lost in Militia as a sort of "payment" inside the FIA. It was not much but it kept me fighting without the need to go make money at timeinefficient level-1 agents. I was paying for all T2 modules myself but could have flying some low grade named tech-1 modules for free. And the FIA is just a small company with a small wallet, no moneythick alliance... Alas the policy of No Hitori is a bit different. Most of this war goes on our personal wallet, but we get support if it is getting too bad for us. It is more a selfless helpmission, than something we profit from.

  • ammunition should be for free, yeah!

  • ..and much more..

Keeping people motivated to defend the assets of the community, keep them fighting if they want and don't make them pay for the war theirself is a good way for protection. I don't think implants should be covered by the community nor pods. Because the loss of a pod is normally unnessecary and should be trained to avoid for everybody.

We sadly were able to shoot down nearly every pod there was yet. Incredible and totally unnessecary. I was asked to not pod the one or other of my enemies. But that will depend highly on the situation it is lost. You know, dear Log, that I am not bloodlusty and that I would really like to save the lives of capsuleers. But if they even don't try to escape, that's not good. They should know that they should at least try to get away. In a really nice and honorable fight, I won't kill. Maybe I'll ransom and a pilot should offer himself a ransom for his pod if he wants me to save him. I really don't know how to handle this but to catch the pod is one of my duties as a tackler.

I'm really sorry for all the deaths we cause, dear Log. But this should not happen. Not at this rate - almost every ship is followed by it's pilots pod? There is something going terribly wrong. The first one that should be interested in saving his life should be the shot down pilot. But no pilot so far is actually doing that on our enemy side. I hope this does not cause bad feelings among our enemies and I really don't like that, dear Log.

I think I will show mercy from time to time but it is not good when people expect me to show mercy, so I won't promise. I will never show mercy when I find someone is flying carelessly, like an autopilot peddler. It's not that I am angry about that. It is just that this should not be in a war and there is a lesson to learn about this. And better me than someone that is having fun doing this - I surely do not.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.07 08:58:00 - [238]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/09/2009 08:58:28
- Part 3 -

Protection Policy

I was thinking about a onesided policy of protection myself that I will try to sustain during this war. And I decided to not go for the pod of any tier-1 tech-1 frigate captain, which means Slasher (Minmatar), Executioner (Amarr), Condor (Caldari), if nobody has shedded blood in one of that vessels during this war. The Gallente tier-1, the Atron, is no real tier-1 frigate. It's a dangerous son of a bitch that can't expect any mercy as well as the Velator, sorry for the Gallente pilots. I won't give mercy on noobships or shuttles. Nobody should be out in a noobship in the middle of a war and if he is, the only thing he dares is his pod - as he wishes. And a shuttle protects it's user by size. If he gets caught, there is something terribly wrong with his piloting.

This protection only applies for the time directly after shotdown which will be a few seconds, enough to warp off even if the pilot has missed the timing early enough. It might be that I will scramble him first, inform him and let go, if I have the time for that. If I have to clean up the battlefield from observing pods, I will do so even if it is a pilot of a tier-1 frigate. If the combat situation does not allow mercy, I won't show it. Pods are dangerous and every skilled fighter pilot knows why.

I will offer this policy to the members of No Hitori, maybe they apply to it, too. This onesided act of protection will allow new pilots with low combat experience to learn and be part of the war instead of just beeing a target without losing their pod at first engagement. If it turns out to be a bad decision I will report that here.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.08 10:06:00 - [239]

Dear Log,

the enemy is buckling and bending - and is beginning to break. Tres Viri is losing some of it's corps. They are not leaving the alliance of free will, they are forced to go. And this makes us a bit sad. Not because we are sorry for our enemy, which as a warrior you can't, but because you respect the single man. And those who have to go were some of those who were fighting best.

What is happening there? Why is an Alliance of around 150 pilots not able to defend thenselves against ten? It is not the firepower, it is not the skill - they have both. It is the spirit. It is much more difficult to weld together a group of 150 than to weld together a small group of ten. The truth about living as a capsuleer in EVE is, that you have to fight for your life. And you have to fight for your freedom. If you do not fight for it, you will get enslaved not only by the Amarr, not by the Enemy, not by the strong, you will get enslaved by yourself.

If only One Man -No Hitori- is standing up, with his fist risen to the sky and yells: No! Then he will be no slave anymore. They wanted the war, they are getting the war. This costs us a lot, nobody of us is able to have income anymore, we are losing ships, we are fighting like mad. And we have so many targets that we can't shoot everyone. The next wave is undocking before we can finish the first.

So we move fast, we are everywhere. Yesterday some fleet action seemed to happen. But they never got their fleet together, I think. We stopped their traffic through the gates, we hunted the single ships we could get hand off. One of our interceptors, flown by Caitli, was engaged by a Jaguar assault ship, a Celestis cruiser and a Harbinger battlecuiser - just a frigate against three superior ships - and he won. At the end we were able to join for the Harbinger but he was already doing him in quite fine solo. I'm proud that I was the one that was giving him the setup for his ship. I never would have been able to field such a fight in it. And I admit that not I was the engineer of that design but the furnace of the Militia war we were fighting against Amarr. Maybe the best small ship warfare that was ever seen in this universe, where I have grown up.

It was -for me- the most impressive engagement we had yet.

You never see what kind of steel you are, before you leave the hotspot of the furnace that wielded you. Our excursion to this war is opening my eyes a bit. I begin to see not only the small Alica Wildfire, that can fly her okay Rifter, I see the seed of a real warriorgirl in myself.

Freedom is not a gift that is given away for free, it is the reward for those who are willing to fight for it.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.09.08 14:11:00 - [240]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/09/2009 15:26:38
Dear Log,

in the time between fight here in the homeworlds of merchantile Caldari State, we warriors need time for recreation, to have fun and play games. For there are no many games to play for a capsuleer you have to be creative and invent some.

In the northern regions of Sebiestor Tribe, on the outer, rural planets, people know a game that they call "Kühe schubsen", which I would translate with "cow tipping". You hide on a paddock and sneak up to them when they sleep. Cows sleep standing. Then you bump their tail over so that they fall on the ground. The cows won't be hurt but it will be a ******* pain in the *** for the farmer to bring the cows again on their feet, for cows are so overfed that they can't get on them without help. Expecially some Sebiestor juveniles had fun doing this and to watch the men trying to bring a whole herd of them up again in the morning. I admit, that I was among them when I was a child and the rare time I spent planetside.

So, what does a warrior need, for tipping cows? He first needs a cow. You can find grazing cows in every asteroid belt, there are Retriever-cows, Hulk-cows, Mammoth-cows and Mackinaw-cows which the experienced capsuleer can easily distinguish. Some of my comrade prefer for pushing a small, fast cruiser like the Stabber or a Vagabond, I was never a big girl in my childhood and found out that you just have to do it with more speed to have success - so I prefer now an interceptor for that.

The game is simple. You just have a small team of players that kick the cow over the playing field while one of your people anchors four containers to a space-goal, around 300 km apart. You divide your people into two groups and who get the cow through the goal of the other side wins a point.

The cows don't like that, for sure, but they are too slow to do anything about that. Some prefer to deactivate their board computer to escape their fate as our ball, but the ship always remains on the playing field for at least fifteen minutes - if they were killing belt pirates with their drones before.

It is not easy to hit a cow that is flying though space with a bounced 3 km/s, that is turning around it's own three axis and you try to hit it. But what a great feeling, when you bounce the cow through one of the goals!


I don't think the cows like that. But it's a lot of fun if you're not a cow.

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