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Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.01.22 21:27:00 - [121]

'Primals'...sounds a lot like 'Tribals', no?

Is that referencing to one's primal instincts? Aren't archaeic things like that considered to be "barbaric" by your country?

I didn't know fanatics were held in high regard there either. I must be thoroughly confused.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.24 16:33:00 - [122]

Dear Log,

ya know that I fight hard and I lose many ships doing it. And every time you do, you might lose your life, your clone and for me this means to risk the life of my unborn child too. While I promised to never let this come across my duty or that I never will let someone involve my pregnancy to this, I also never forget about it.

So. Lasleinur, The Bastards hunting ground. My life is not worth much but I normally don't try to risk it. This time I had a bad day. One mistake you can often cover up. Two mistakes are one mistake too much. The first mistake was to forget to rename a savespot in that system, so that new spots have the same name as the old ones.

The new one was pointed directly at the gate of our plex where two pirates had been downing our general some minutes before. I left the plex and after that jumped to "save". First failure. I arrived on top of the entry gate where the two pirates were waiting. Microseconds of choice - activate gate or warp away? Second failure. I tried to warp, for I was not aligned good enough for the gate to be fast. My Rifter turned and crashed directly into that damn thing.

I got caught. A very short fight against a Jaguar and a Firetail. They were richly fitted I even didn't break the shield of the 'Tail. Rich Rich Rich. Everything they were doing was rich. I am poor. Very poor in compare to other capsuleers. My hangars are okay, but nothing on account. I am no missionrunner or miner or pirate, even if there are always people around that call one "names". I am almost pure warrior who only sometimes does a little bit o' trade or smuggling and for the trading I'm usually my own best customer.

So my Rifter was no match. Anyway, my ship got destroyed and I as usually tried to get away - and bumped in that damn gate again or it was something else, I can't say to be true. I didn't warp off as usual. Great. Seconds wasted, faster. Not fast enough, locked, go go go, scram.


So, I got caught. Closed my eyes and awaited the clonebay. I had so many in my lock and scram. Sometimes I had time and was in the position to ask for ransom, but it never happend. Everyone was just laughing at me, when I tried. I was telling ya about the situation earlier, dear Log. But they didn't open fire. Instead my shipscomputer opend a com.

How much is the value of life? I never got the answer, dear Log. For I never was paid. Sixteen capsuleers I podded this far, I was podded once and I can't say that I am happy about all those podkills. Some were in fleets, sometimes we were fighting against superior enemies and to get them off the system was a military imperative, but I didn't kill anybody without thinking about that.

So. It would be fair if I'd been killed right now. I would not complain about that. The request for money from the pirates was much much more money than I own and even much more my poor implants are worth. So I told them. And awaited death. But they really began to bargain. I bargained my life? No, I don't think so for I was in no position for bargaining. They got everything I had. It was not much anyway. And maybe after thinking it over, It had been cheaper to pay my new clone, but do I think like that?

I think not. Gone was the money I was trying to finance my first little interceptor. Now I am pressing again my nose at the showview at "Junkyard Sales" in Rens longing for that little, a bit ragged down '102 Stiletto or that '101 Claw. Deserves me well. For I failed. Back to classes.

Good that The Bastards had not present how much I already destroyed of their ships as a tackler.

Aria Jenneth
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2009.01.24 19:16:00 - [123]

Ms. Wildfire:

You ... in the middle of a large capsuleer war ... acquired a clone modified to carry ova?

And it became preganant?

And you're still using it?

Or is this still your original body we're speaking of?

Regardless, pilot, gods and spirits-- get a jump clone; you should have more than solid enough standings with your militia to manage it.

Use it. Let the medical establishment handle your pregnancy; there is absolutely no adequate reason to put a child you mean to bring to term in the line of Amarrian fire.

It's a step of removal from the "human condition," and maybe you don't want that, but it's nothing to having someone send you your own frozen corpse as an act of psychological warfare, the potential within it extinguished along with the rest of that fleshly shell.

If you care about your child, pilot, for the love of the gods leave the baby at home.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.25 10:55:00 - [124]

Dear Log,

it's now a bit over three months that I got pregnant. And "cloddy" how I used to call it is beginning to move in my belly. I can feel that sometimes. There had been much rabble about a capsuleer becoming pregnant and that I should use jumpclones or let the baby grow up in a vat.

Great idea.

To grow up in a near dead comatoese body without the sound of joy, sound of anger, sound of life around, just the ticking of mindless machines - that's no option for me. I want to give that child all I can and that means to share my life. I told ya earlier, dear Log, how I feal about that. But I'm a warrior I'm doing that most of the day and when it is for a women no problem to work on a farm while beeing pregnant, or work on a production line, it is a problem to work as a warrior?

Thats a sort of chauvinistic reactionaire thinking I don't support. "Women back to the kitchen?" Yeah, fragg ya, dear Log. We are here, deal with that. Stick that overcome rolemodel where the sun don't shine.

Life is dangerous. That's a simple fact. And that you can make it safe is an illusion. Nothing is save, death is out there. Waiting for everyone. Even for us capsuleers. I have lost most of my non-capsuleer friends that were flying with me. I made new ones. Death is present. For all of us, even for the unborn. And I won't stop fighting for the future, for the freedom of us all, including the hope for this unborn.

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2009.01.25 10:58:00 - [125]

Originally by: Eran Mintor
'Primals'...sounds a lot like 'Tribals', no?

Is that referencing to one's primal instincts? Aren't archaeic things like that considered to be "barbaric" by your country?

I didn't know fanatics were held in high regard there either. I must be thoroughly confused.

A simple discussion regarding the etymology of this term will put your mind at rest, tribal.

White Rose Society
Posted - 2009.01.25 11:18:00 - [126]

There is nothing chauvinistic about asking a pregnant woman not to risk the life of her unborn child on the battlefield, any more than it is chauvinistic to ask a single mother not to drag her child with her onto the battlefield.

If your heart was set so greatly on being a warrior, you should have taken steps to avoid getting pregnant. You were irresponsible and now you compound that mistake with further irresponsibility.

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2009.01.25 11:21:00 - [127]

Originally by: Lycana
There is nothing chauvinistic about asking a pregnant woman not to risk the life of her unborn child on the battlefield, any more than it is chauvinistic to ask a single mother not to drag her child with her onto the battlefield.

If your heart was set so greatly on being a warrior, you should have taken steps to avoid getting pregnant. You were irresponsible and now you compound that mistake with further irresponsibility.

*chuckles* Furthermore it is highly unlikely that a woman would feel the movements of her unborn child at 12 weeks. Try again at 20.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.27 12:39:00 - [128]

Dear Log,

while some men around claim to know anything about raising a child inside your body and talk nonsense, I try to stick to the things I know well: fighting the Amarr.

While my days work is filled up with support for the freedom fighters at Lantorn, my daily patrol allowed me to fight one of my oldest and worst enemies too: general Yoshida.

The Amarr were mostly celebrating their win over Lantorn too early, still drunk or sleeping with their hangover, we were out to reclaim the occupancy for our system. The only one that was showing up, with her usual fierce will to fight was general Yoshida herself.

She was fighting us and lost all alone by her men, was throwing herself into our mighty autocannons. We shot her down two times, while I only was able to get her down once, but this was in a close fight, personally, heavy and I lost my fear for her weapons. Now I dare to fight her. I had help of my friends, yes. But I would dare to fight her alone anytime now. Even against her Crusader, not only against her Punisher. And I got her killmail for this.

This is a great day. I waited long for this. I trained well for this. And the times are a-changing now, the times are a-changing. The dragon will fall.

We were freeing the systems around, as well as supporting the resistance fight on Lantorn all day and night and after that I was called back to Pator.

I was completely caught by surprise for I was thinking the authorities had caught wind of my involvement of downing a neutral carrier lately, but instead there was a silent and graceful celebration. When Shakor himself stepped forward to stick the medal on my tiny chest and handed me over the gilden buttons for our collar that sign the rank of a general of the TLF.

It was Maarrg Blood and my humbly self who were standing there. I am not sure how many generals the Tribal Liberation Force has but rumors are that we have no more than four or five yet. On the list of top faction war warriors of all sides you only find four Minmatar. So this was a great honor for me and I was fighting long and hard for this, as all other of my comrades did. Our fleet is strong, our will is of steel, but Lantorn has shown our great weakness. I think it has something to do with that, that I was promoted to general in just this hour of grief for the Minmatar Republic. I hope I'm strong enough for this burden, for I might be anything but I am making a bad inspiring example, I think.

But there is only one word that can fully express my feelings about this: celebrate!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.29 12:29:00 - [129]

Dear Log,

every time a warpdrive is operating, it leaves a distortion in time-space continuum. You know that the more warpdrives are activated recently in a system the harder the effects on the board computersystems are, until to the moment where nothing is working anymore how it should.

You try to get a lock on a target - and it fails. You try to select a celestial object as a warp-destination - and your computer does not give you the clearance for warp anymore.

These effects can be annoying. But they can be deadly as well. For if you can't warp off with no target, you can't save your pod anymore. The time-space distortion we capsuleers call "The Lag" and yesterday we got an epic day of Lag in Kourmonen starsystem.

So many lost their lifes. After a big fleet battle many bodies were left dead on the field. Bodies of pilots better than I am. P'uck first death, General Veshta Yoshida, a dozen more and among them my own.

And inside it the foetus of my four month old child, that I have to bury today into the vastness of cold cold space. To be a warrior and to fight for the freedom and future of the own race means to accept a price for that. I always have known what price I may have to pay for it. And I pay it with my head high, only my soul shedding silent tears for the missing little movements in my belly.

While we ordered a team to search for the bodies and save them from robbers and shoot the remains, they found all bodies untouched only my own was missing.

It was a paid killer, I assume. So. The Amarr have foetus on a stick today and are celebrating their victory over an unborn child like rabbit barbarians. Stick it to your trophy wall it doesn't touch me. For it's just dead flesh for me. I congratulate you, Amarr, really I do.

Alica smiles friendly.

If an Empire has even fear of unborn child the Empire is so weak that it fears everything. If it has no respect for unborn life it has respect for nothing anymore. It surely has no respect for our race, surely not for our Republic and surely not for the slaves, suffering for generations under their knout.

This means: it is our destiny to destroy this Empire of Evil. And the way to the future of humanity is blocked by it at the moment. The streets we build into this future will be paved with the rubble of this empire. And I am among those streetworkers that will fulfill this task of burden.

For my people, for my Republic, for my comrades, my friends, my family, my dead child and for my future.

But I really lost something now. I lost the joy of drinking Vodka. I was so long missing to take a nip that now, after I may drink it again, it does not taste anymore. I burned all I had with a fire at the biosphere deck on my station, with my mechanics, my crew and my friends around me, thinking about the past, about the future and the hope that this gives us in times like this. I scrambled two pods after I was shot down again and let my comrades kill, for I don't like that. My personal loss is no win for you, Amarr. Death never is and I still do not believe in killing. You won't see me hateful for this. You won't see my crying.

We were dancing, Amarr. We were dancing. Dancing to the hot flames of Vodka.

Alica smiles and turns off the transmission.

Tractus Vesica
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2009.01.30 04:22:00 - [130]

A log I happened to find during a raid into Minmatar space.

Dear log,

Why do our ships like giant flying trash heaps?

End log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.31 15:41:00 - [131]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/01/2009 15:52:08
Dear Log,

'Give us a propulsion, we don't like to row anymore' you can find on the inside of each Caldari vessel, right besides the banks where the rudders are used to pull it forward. Never found the engine in a Caldari vessel, to be true. It's so small that most mistake it as the ashtray or the cigarette lighter.

But 'nough of this. I'm not in the mood for jokes. The situation around Lantorn is quite serious and I still have to mourn about a lately personal loss of mine.

Anyway the fight goes on. But I don't want to tell ya about the war at Lantorn, dear Log, cause if you care about the fate of our people, you are there anyway.

I happend to meet one of those 'Griefers' lately, that roam the hisec, flip cans, steal loot and provoke fights with people that are not ready for that. And slaughter them, stick the trophy to their killboard and boast about that at the next bar to impress the floozy with numbers.

I seldom go and do anything in hisec, for my place is at the front. But I am experimenting with new ships, try them out and try to learn about handling them correctly. So I was roaming some belts in my Rupture to try on some pirates as easy practice for distance and movement when a Rifter showed up to steal the loot and provoke a fight.

Never underestimate a Rifter, dear Log. I fly them all day and night and I know for certain that I am not secure in a Rupture. Not in a Rupture that is fitted to fight cruisers especially. But you never learn if you don't dare. So I accepted the fight and began shooting.

Ya, I'm performing much better in a frigate than I do in a cruiser, dear Log, and I remember that well next time. I have done the math I have watched the numbers and I know that it is not wise for me to go into a fight like that.

I was nearly through armor when I finally managed to pop him. But it was a bit luck in it and I think it was not my good piloting but a failure of the Rifter.

Well, nothing to boast about, cause a Rupture should win against a Rifter, no? So I only had to lose something. Lose my ship at minimum and get nothing in return in the case of a win. Even if I am one of very few that has won a fight against this pilot.

Why, do I ask me since that event, don't those type of people move to the lowsec? Why don't they join our fight against the Amarr? Why do they pick and provoke fights with people that really have no idea about fighting, about fitting a ship and that helplessly drift in their Thrashers or Mining-Scythe through the save space and are not seriously able to harm anybody?


There is nothing to win for these sort of guys. Nothing they can boast about but the numbers. For if you look at the poor victims you really feel a pain in your stomach. They had not a chance of a Sebiestor book of philosophy and atheism in the fires the Amarr make for forbidden books.

They do it for the numbers. But numbers don't count. It's the enemy that counts. You only get better if you look out and find an enemy that is unbeatable for you at the moment. If try to grow over yourself. If you try to fight the best, not if you try to pick the easy targets.

Like the pilot that managed to kill off Veshta Yoshidas Amarr Navy Slicer. That's a hero. This one kill is in my opinion worth more than 137 kills of this.

I have no idea what drives these sort of pilots. Well, they give a good target of opportunity and an willing object for experimental setups in a clean environment of cause. For to lose a ship to one of them means nothing, like a win does mean nothing. They are just a sort of rat. Don't take me wrong, I don't say they are bad pilots. I just ask: why?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.05 12:46:00 - [132]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 05/02/2009 12:47:06
Dear Log,

the situation around the Hed constellation is getting slowly under control. The Wings Of Maak are doing a hell of a job out there to secure the systems around Lantorn like Auga, Siseide or Vard, which was the point of heat for the Amarr invasion the last week.

Still the Amarr are very dangerous but their primary strength of power seem to be broken for a while, while we can secure all we have at the moment and undo what they were trying to force over weeks now; to down the Hed constellation.

Still the Amarr are coming every day after their hour of prayers. Still they are dangerous to our systems. But sometimes you need just one bunch of good and determined pilots to change the tides.

But it is of cause not only one corporation here that is fighting. There are more and more on our side that discover the importance and the beauty of this war. This war of desperate fight for freedom and equality for the Matari race. Some very young pilots were doing an awesome job out there and I only can salute their work. Yes, it depends on you. You that go and feel responsible. Even while you are defeated you don't blame it on others, you blame it on yourself and try to do better. That's the spirit that will win against the cruel invasion the Amarr are trying to get through.

I am everyday out and try to do my share of this. Alas, I'm no great warrior and it will need a long way to become one for me. But after I done my duty to defend some systems and to attack some of the Amarr, I have begun to go out on solo patrols.

Hunting alone was ever a thing that was not possible for me. But I felt it was the time to give it a try and while I know perfectly well, that I will be destroyed often, I am starting to learn that my skills, my instinct and my experience with my beloved Rifter allow me to try to solo my enemies.

While I still fear the piloting and the skills of Veshta Yoshida or other great pilots, I am feeling confident that some not that perfect pilots can be shot down by me alone. Of cause, of cause, of cause, dear Log, ya gonna tell me that the Rifter is neither a good tank nor a superior vessel like a destroyer class ship as a Coercer for example, but I trust my rugged, sturdy and agile little friend a lot. I trust him my life.

So I encountered on my first solo hunting patrol a Punisher, which was quite a soft target for the pilot was a very green one. I'd liked to tell him some of the basics about warfare but he is my enemy and I really can't. But I told him to contact Laerise, for I think of her as one of the best pilots the PIE Inc have. The first time in my life the enemy was willing to pay a ransom for his life. For the war is about freedom, about systems and about money. But not about life. To show mercy can't be wrong for a warrior.

The second target was a Coercer. A fight, that I admit, can not be won by a solo Rifter. Funny that I did. Destroyers are awesome frigate killers that pop us usually like flies. Nevermind, this one was not. The pilot was regretfully not willing to pay a serious ransom and I had to end the negotiation when an other wartarget entered the system.

This one was a Caldari in a Rifter. Strange, this one was knowing me well. And I think he was around just for searching me. While I can assure you, dear Log, that pilots like Veshta Yoshida or Laerise are infamous fighters, my own skills are all but dangerous and I am seriously no match for a good pilot. And no duellist or whatever, I find that a waste of money and it is not serving the cause of my people.

But alas - it was a wartarget. After repair and rearm I entered the system again and found a complex open. This is indeed a reason I am willing to fight for. I hate to fight Rifters.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.05 13:49:00 - [133]

Fame is nothing but trouble. So I don't want it, thank ya dear Log. Duels are silly and prove nothing if you have no higher cause to win with a fight.

But I am happy to welcome now a friend of mine in our Ranks - Sophie Starsparrow. And on our first patrol out the Amarr were giving her a warm welcome. As I said earlier destroyers are scary frigate-killers and it was a Catalyst that shredded all four of our small wing.

So, dear Log, don't go and play happy games with destroyers, no? Not if you are in a frigate. To be true this vessels are the most dangerous on the battlefield - if you are sitting in a frigate of cause. There are many many dangers out there and you will get down often and hard. And I hope those destroyers get pounded by our cruiser-fleets often enough that they do not take over the battlefield.

Destroyers are like a Griffin. If one of them is in the enemy fleet, you are going to lose the battle on else even odds. This is the reason why those two normally are going to die first in an encounter.

Those who fly the jammers need even more ships than I usually do. I don't know how often you go down in a destroyer, but I have seen the infamous Amarr Navy Slicer get pounded by Thrashers several times. And this, dear Log, should tell ya the picture of the firepower of this kind of vessel.

For the Navy Slicer of Yoshida is one of the most infamous weapons on the battlefield. But if ya just go and count the money it needs, the destroyer is a better choice, I think. But not everything in war is about efficiency, dear Log. There is much about style.

It has style to fly the Slicer, as it has style to fly the Firetail on our side, while I would be sceptic if the 'Tail can pound a Slicer, to be true. And to fly a destroyer is just nothing more than efficient. You gonna pop a lot of frigates with that but it's just what they are made for, so nobody will care about. It is no story if a dog bites a postman, but it's a story if a postman bites a dog. Remember that, dear Log.

What I like about Pie is their style. They are a bunch of racist bastards, true, but they will only fly Amarr ships. You will never see a PIE sitting in a Griffin. Or in a Rifter. You might tell me that this is stupid because they miss a lot of potential by that. But -no- not really. It is like an Amarr using our autocannons or an Amarr flying the Rifter.

You can only become second grade, for you do not live the spirit of your vessel truly. I do not believe in the Amarr god and all that stuff and ya know that, dear Log. But I indeed believe in something, as everbody does. I believe in the spirit of things. The Rifter has a certain spirit of freedom that you have to live if ya want to understand the vessel right. As the autocannons. Ya can fit them if you are Amarr, but ya never will fully understand them. What they are made for.

The Punisher is a great vessel. It has incredible tanking abilities and all about it is good. And the PIE are flying a very decent version of the Punisher, maybe the best that can be made. For they understand the vessel. Really understand it, for they are Amarr, they -like us- live their spirit.

And this is the same with other vessels. Like the Griffin for example. You have to think like a Caldari to fly it well. For it is a complete different thing of flying a complete different thing of fleet organisation that brings a Griffin to work.

If a Matari warrior wants to do the same, he should try to think about this the Matari way. We are best in fast fleets with small ships and to have a nearly immobile Caldari vessel among us does not do good with our style of fighting. Maybe if we use the Vigil or Rifter for this, we get better results. But this is to work out. Maybe I'm wrong but I try to feel our spirit. But we do have this decentralised style anyway, this tribal way. Don't dream it - be it.

Kathryn Dougans
Posted - 2009.02.07 02:09:00 - [134]

you shoul seriusly thinnk about som way to protect yuor pregnanccy

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.10 11:28:00 - [135]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/02/2009 12:06:24
Dear Log,

while the Amarr Empire is evil in it's core, there are other evils that we have to fight sometimes. Or maybe not evil but a place where history is made. So my CEO Bigfood and his comrades went to share their part at the great war that is happening down in the south.

Were a whole state is collapsing and I hope that I can get valuable information about how to force an Empire to their knees. The empire of Band of Brothers was over years one of the most dominant forces in universe and the treason of just one man could bring it down - and now: war. And a desperate struggle for survival on the side of BoB.

I have never seen fleets like that; we were flying with more than several hundred - most battleships or larger. And larger means larger! Did you ever see a Titan? Did you ever use a jumpbridge that was build by one of them? Did you ever see the space bending under the mighty forcefields and even the light was faltering and falling through the gigantic forcefield of gravity that was ripping apart the continuum.

And among these incredible forces was my humbly little Rifter that was trying to share his part. But what was out there! I saw a capital dock collapsing under the strike of hundreds of mighty battleships and within a Titan class ship that was ripped apart. I could see kilometer high structures around moons collapsing into heaps of rubble by that. And the enemy could do nothing but watch and see his work of years shot into rubble.

But while the war against the Amarr is going on with some sort of respect and civil politeness of warriors the lightyears wide space was filled with the hatred of hundreds of capsuleers. The local channels were filled up with this kind of talk in an unbelievable way. Maybe this is the downside of all this and I hope the war with the Amarr will never get to that point not even near that.

For I know that living out there in the void of zero-zero space is rough and it changes the people. But I hope this goblet passes by me.

After all this hanging around gates and shooting down structures I finally tried to do my little share. And went into a belt to take out some of that nasty pirates there. While it all went okay on the first one - I shot down two frigates and escaped the battlecruisers that were with them, the second belt had a nasty surprise for me; they scrambled me and I was in structure when I finally got away.

So. Normally this would be no problem for I could easily dock somewhere and let the mechanics repair the damage for a small fee. But there is nowhere near a station like this. The only station there is, would be three or so jumps away with over five hundred hostiles camping at the gates. Bugger.

So I think, I'll be back in Empire soon, dear Log. Only hope I have is, that somebody has some remote structure repair modules with him. As long as this, I'm drawing this nice little black tail of smoke behind me that I thought first -when I was a much younger pilot than I am today- were normal for Minmatar ships.

And the shower had been stroke by a laserblast. Bugger!

But -hey- I'm flying with the Goonfleet here, with the Razor Alliance, with so many great warriors that I would never dare to open my mouth on the coms. So who cares if I can't use the sonic shower on my Rifter anymore? And maybe I get something to tackle. Only thing I got was a far shot on a pod, that I didn't hit of cause.

To be part of history is a great moment. To see an Empire collapse is most inspiring and while revolutionaries of all times have learned by revolutions in foreign lands I hope this is the same for me. I hope I can bring some of this as a gift to Amarr. Anything but the local communication I hope.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.13 11:46:00 - [136]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 13/02/2009 12:40:38
Dear Log,

it is just a few months ago when I first told you about some misusing of genetic technology to create playtools for Amarrian kids for the Amarr holydays. The surviving animals were given to friends and trusted persons and I found time to check about their care myself. While most of the creatures were given a good care and a home, I found the little bear-thing suffering a bad fate. If you remember it was on of those beast that were genetically engineered to please the Amarr believes in a twisted way by singing and dancing. It was looking like a small bear in a pinkish colored fur, with big fluffy ears and a big red heart on his chest.

While most of the creatures are not very intelligent and just do what the programs of their cybernetic implants force them to do, the bear-thing is quite intelligent. I do not know who was the father of this chimera but there is maybe something of a bear in it, something of a dog or maybe an ape or of some of the creatures you can find on the planets that were discovered recently by scientists. This bear-thing can not only speak it has the ability to say things that are not inside its programming.

When I found it, it had been given away by people that tried to give it a home and failed. For the thing is so ennoying that it makes Amarr as well Minmatar angry to the point where you just want to shoot it a mercykilling. So I followed the path of giveaways until I found it in service of a small backyard Gallentean holovid-porn-production company at Egghelende.

What I have seen was unspeakable so I just let it your imagination, dear Log. I freed the poor creature and decided that even our sworn mortal enemy would treat it better than this. And I contacted Veron Daerth, that should be known to you dear Log, to take care of that poor creature.

He accepted the gift, even though I warned him about that incredible things the bear-thing says or does. I am no god-believer so I do not care about that blasphemous things it expresses. But the things were not getting better after the technicians had been messing around with the firmware at that porn-company.

I pity that creature and I am not sure if I done right. For maybe I should have given it the mercy killing it deserved. But I am not cold-blooded and hard-hearted killer and I can't pull the trigger when a creature is kneeing before me, crying and begging for mercy like a creature in a childs-comic. Very dramatic and touching, to be true. It remembers me well from that hour in that cargo-hold and I have not the impression it loves me. Alas after a month in that porn-production company I would not advice to give it in the hands of children anymore. The games it wants to play are... twisted, I better say very twisted because the simple world twisted is not describing it enough.

So I hope it gets a better life now, in the hands of our mortal enemies. I have taken the burden on me to take care of that miniphant myself. While that miniphant is not talking but behaving well behaving incredible sentient and intelligent and has become a member of my small family here.

I was just arriving back from the frontline in Delve, where I really was behaving a bit suicidal but was not shot down for it. I even traveled several times through the whole zerosec alone, attacked the beltpirates and was scrambled several times, while cruisers and battlecruisers tried to down me - alas I survived and was getting home in one piece with a lot of loot in my cargo. Incredible. I tell you more of that next time, dear Log.

Now my thoughts are at that small bear-thing in the hands of Veron Daerth. Hope it survives and gets a home. For I feel a little bit responsible for the fate of that poor creature.

Jeboa Jeboa
Posted - 2009.02.14 06:21:00 - [137]

Salute to you my sister Wilfire! Mitarrrr!a

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.17 12:22:00 - [138]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/02/2009 12:38:31
Dear Log,

I got message from Veron Daerth. The creature seems to have been sodomized and he had to put it under medical care for muscle regeneration. A councelor-priest is taking care about the mental scars. He will keep me informed and hope he is posting a holofeed from its recovery on GalNet soon, for at the moment the creature is kept sedated.

The recovery of his implants would go better if he had the original firmware, which I am sorry I can't provide. So his technicians have to be very careful about this for the creature is the work of a sick mind, but a brilliant one.

While our enemies are trying to do best for the creature I tried to find out who was responsible for this. I only can hope that no capsuleer corporation is behind this holovid-porn-production firm at Egghelende. To track the ownership of shares is quite complicated in times like ours. While everyone knows that the systems around Egghelende are dirty and run down, everything is near Amamake. And while you might find the lowest creatures of the universe around Rancer, Amamake is more dangerous and pirate infested than anything.

But I don't want to blame them with this, for Gallente is near too as well as it is just two systems from Amarr Empire. The way I extracted the creature from this place was not fully legal, so it might happen that the original owners claim their rights on it. But I don't think that anybody will hold his head into the light of public for this claim - and of cause Veron Daerth is protecting it now which makes any attempts to do this helpless. Some capsuleers are known to have more ressources at their hand than full grown states.

He informed me also that some of the small weapons that I delivered to Amarr Empire to help the rising of the slaves have been caught in the hands of criminal elements. So a small part of the weapons are used for crimes, robbery of shops and assaults on lone warehouses in Amarr Empire.

I pity this but can't do anything against it at the moment. I stopped the deliverance of small weapons anyway, for the market is still saturated with it. Some of my weapons are still not sold out and I have many competitors now anyway, that sell the weapons for prices I can not afford. I seem to be responsible for the big weapon contraband trade that started from Minmatar space to Amarr Empire space. But what I started I can not stop. I was starting this on a non-profit basis and now it seems to be a prosperous business.

I think the weapons that were showing up on the Amarr markets were not mine anyway. For my market share is now only a minor one. But of cause I have the names of the buyers and checked them. None of them were of bad reputation.

Anyway. I am back from the front in Delve for the moment and fighting our mortal enemy again. While in Delve the things for ex-BoB are going bad and they are on a retreat, the forces of the Razor-Alliance and Goonswarm are on advance. I heard from first hand that they lost around twenty capital ships in just one day there and a handfull of capital shipyards have been pounded recently. Ex-BoB has withdrawn and are trying to build up a new line of defense deeper in their ex-territorial space.

My own part in this war was just a minor one. While I am here in faction war someone that counts, I am only a number down there that even nobody cares to shoot at. But I know that several other "tacklers" like me have fallen back to Empire now so the support fleets should slowly thinning out. If this matters anything, I don't know. I did not have the impression my presence was of any importance for anyone anyway. Only Bigfood seems to care but I hope he understands my decision. It isn't my war anyway.

Fourty to sixty people shooting on a single ship. That's not my way. But share my experiences with my comrades of the TLF now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.19 10:06:00 - [139]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/02/2009 12:43:31
Dear Log,

the Tribal Militia has started a shattering strike against the Evil Empire. Ezzara is free again and the tries of the 24th Crusade to regain control over that system were pounded.

We found that a good part of the people deported from Lantorn were hold in workingcamps and temporary camps on Ezzara for their further sell into Amarr Empire. So we got many of our people back, even if we were not prepared for the violence and cruelty the slavers use for the submission of the new slaves to break their will.

We found a barrack full of young women who were treated daily with that evil drug to make them willing slaves for their new masters. Their veins were pricked all over and many of the young girls had mucopus wounds were the slavers were injecting the drug. I can only assume the fate of these young women and girls and have a bad feeling about that. "Slavetrade" - how easy this word is spelled and how bitter and cruel is the reality.

Most of the wardens were killed by our troops during the first days of occupation, which will of cause be called a bloody massacre by Amarr, many were just shot or hung at the next possibility for that. The Minmatar justice is simple and fast. But we managed to get some of the responsible personal out alive to give them a fair trial for this at Pator.

For many of the girl we were too late. We found a massgrave on the backyard of that facility. We are still trying to estimate the bodies there. They are several thousand and we were shocked about that. This is not the war we were thinking we fight. And even if this war is going on, I hope that forces on the side of Amarr will stop the slavers doing things like this.

Yesterday I tried to give an Amarr a fair duel. I held back our fleet of over twenty militia and he was attacked only by one at a time. He had downed two of us when I was on turn.

But his comrade was nearing fast. Alas - it was not my honor that would be spoiled if that one attacks so I began the fight. And it happend what I suspected: they ganged me. Even in a "fair" fight I would have had to face an enemy in even ship, a Rifter of cause, but with more than two years fighting experience. I never forget that I am still a very green pilot. And I know my chances to fight an enemy Rifter like that.

I think I won't give these hounds any more fights like this. Their god told them to kill, to maim, to slaughter, to submission everything. And they do. And while they obey their god they let go everything that makes them different from animals.

I know that there are very honorable enemy on the other side, that I fight. But you can not count on that. Not if you have seen with your own eyes the slavecamps of Ezzara.

And this is why we have to fight them. Why we have to drive them back to Amarr Prime, drive them off the grounds of Providence and Catch. For our freedom for the freedom of our people and for the freedom of choice. To overcome Amarr, overcome the history.

For the future!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.20 14:44:00 - [140]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/02/2009 14:44:29
Dear Log,

I heard news from Veron Daerth about the fate of that bear-thing and I want you to read his mail, after I got permission of him to show it to you, dear Log.

He has, of cause, forgotten to address me correctly with my rank in the Tribal Liberation Force, but I am not giving too much on that anyway, I just thought he would.
Originally by: Veron Daerth

Pilot Wildfire,

As I indicated in our previous communication, I am once again informing you of the situation of the creature you left in my care. The surgical repair of its damaged tissues has gone well, and is healing nicely. The creature is now awake and active, though its movements are restricted due to medical restraints to keep it from opening the wounds again.
After some interaction with a noted Caldari behavioral scientist of whom I am acquainted, she has determined that the creature, while exhibiting sentient mannerisms, is at best sapient, meaning that while it shows rudimentary intelligence, it isnt fully self aware. It is analogous to an Emrayurian Ice-worm, native to the ice fields of Emrayur III. It is able to mimic the traits of sentience, notably reasoning and logic, mostly through rote learning processes. This was aided in a large part, by the implants in its nervous system.

The nature of the implants, and the rather startling lack of care used in their original insertion made it necessary to remove them, or risk the long term survival of the animal. Since their removal, the creature has shown highly decreased levels of both general discomfort and pain, possibly caused by the faulty installation of the implants themselves.
This has also resulted in a loss of much of the behavioral programming the animal exhibited in your encounter. Though capable of vocalization and speech, the implanted routines have been removed, resulting in a reduction of the artificial vocal output. Meaning, it doesnt have to keep singing those silly songs, as you put it.
Lastly, I am having its genetic sequence looked at, with the possibility of having it resequenced back to whatever it may have originally been. The persons that did this were good, in a rudimentary way, but obviously were lacking in resources and equipment.

The end result of this will be the almost full re-acclimation of the animal to its original, untampered state. It may possibly be able to be retained as a pet or possbily identified and resettled with its native species, whatever that may be, or whereever they may come from.
I am sorry that this has had to come to your attention at all. The fools that did this will be sought, as what they have done, while not completely illegal, is frowned upon in the Empire. Its is notable to seek to determine what else they may have done, actions which may be illegal, and thusly, will result in their arrest and trial. If you could provide me with any information as to the class, type, hull number, beacon ID, owners registration, or any other information about the ship you took these from, it would be appreciated. My thanks.
Lord Holder Veron Daerth


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.20 15:08:00 - [141]

(part two)

After I questioned if the lobotomy of the creature would be the right way, he answered:

Originally by: Veron Daerth

Pilot Wildfire.

I apologize if I have given an impression of having in some way harmed the creature. It was in no way "lobotomized", nor was any kind of surgical procedure other then the removal of the improperly installed implants, or the tissue repairs, authorized or conducted.
The creature's central nervous system and brain center has in no way been harmed or even altered. All that was done was the removal of a few of the implants installed in the creature. These implants were installed in a very haphazard manner, and were not even synched to the animals nervous system properly. As a pod pilot, you of all people should be aware of the potential harm this may cause. Being an animal, it was unable to understand why it hurt, or even the nature of what was hurting it.
The animal is doing well, and should be able to be returned to something approaching its natural state of being, hopefully soon. You may post this information as you see fit.

Lord Holder Veron Daerth

I have taken care of that miniphant creature myself and I did not alter his state of being. And I am still not sure if to alter a creature from what it is is the right descision. Most of us capsuleers have implants that make them something other than he was before, the overcoming of age and death at first.

But implants are making us able to communicate with the ship as if we are communicating with a friend. Let us feel if it gets hurt and identify with the ships we are in. Is this natural?

Is is natural that we learned to talk? Is is natural that some of us believe in a higher being? Is it natural that we use machines?

There are many believes about this but I think people create tools like implants as a way to go boldly beyond the frontiers that nobody has gone before. There is nothing unnatural in it. Even if a creature is helped to go beyond its unaugmented there is nothing unnatural in it. Some of us have small computers in their head or modifications of the visual cortex that allow better perception. Even to perceive with a ships sensorarray.

Of cause there is the question of free will. And of cause these implants hurt. Every one of us knows the feeling of a post-firmware update headache.

I don't say the creature was without suffering. But sometimes suffering is the price for going beyond. The only problem I have with it is that the creature was not altered by its own choice. The question of choice is an important one for me.

But it can even not chose to let someone remove the implants. And I was not able to make up my mind for that issue. I don't say what was done was wrong. But I can't say it was right also. So if I don't know what to do, I simply take the time to watch and learn about this.

While I don't have the impression that my miniphant is suffering, I clearly have the impression that it is more sentient than an unaltered creature. To get selfaware or coming to a state where selfawareness is at reach might be a step forward for that creature. But while we can't ask it in its natural situation, we will never get an answer.

But I as Matari don't try to mess around with a chance that a creature gets by fate. I would never dare to mess around with implants in an animal but I would not remove them also. I just take the world as it is and try to make something better of it.

I try to open chances. Chances for my kind, chances even for a creature. But I am not certain about this to be true. My world is not that easy as for a priest, who just can see black and white. My world is from shades of grey and even colors in it that are beyond this linear view. I prefer to keep the colors in it and don't try to make it fit just two states. Right or wrong.

This might be weak for sometimes I really don't know what to do. But I think its strength to think about and ask questions.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.21 13:04:00 - [142]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/02/2009 13:26:59
Dear Log,

speed is one of my silent affairs, the touch of him I never forgot. It was the first touch of a ship and it's for me eternal. Never I forgot the rush of blood in my veins when I drove in my first Vigil through that asteroid belt to test the limits of my abilities.

I never reached the magical 5000 m/s, that divide the mundane of the ghosts, the spirits the capsuleers that are not touchable while on their ride. 4900 m/s I could reach with my Vigil and ever was bound to be mundane.

Now I can tell you what it is like to ride yourself on a stream of bluewhite hot plasma through an asteroid belt with much, much over 7000 m/s. Gee! That's fun!

I always hoped I would find the words to describe this feeling. But I pity I can't. It is just the sort of thing that you have to do yourself to know it. I steared my brand-new Claw interceptor class vessel through the ice-belts of Abudban to drive through the over 150 km long trail of miners that dig on the belt. I fired my engines and left turning and twisting mining drones and rocked mining barges behind me on my only a few seconds long ride.

Okay. I do not advise to crash into an asteroid at those speeds, that's for sure. For I think you will see your next splitsecond from the eyes of a new clone then.

After I burned in my engines to give the chrome the distinct blue-brown color of really hot driven exhausts I directed back to my base to test another thing. My first love was - don't laugh at me, dear Log - the Reaper. This is the so called newbie ship. But it's fast! And I managed to fit one of the best to have microwarp drives on it, fitted some nice little autocannons and was on my way to hunt down rats in belts with it.

Yeah, yeah, everyone is laughing about me for using this kind of ship. I know, I know the damn friggin' Velator is much more evil than the Reaper is and and and. But -sorry- I love it. So I went off to the next belt. In a distance of somewhat over hundred kilometers I could see one of the ships of a Valklear Guard. The Valklear Guards are one of our most dedicated capsuleers to fight the Evil Empire in faction war. So I kicked in my drive, the kick pressed me deep back into my pod and in a few seconds I flung the little ship at far over 3000 m/s with it. Ya! That's why I love this ship, can ya dig that? Kick off the drive, lock the "enemy" and throw the vessel in a tight circle around the poor victim.


I was sure he pissed his pants! Ya know, dear Log, you can't do this with a normal miner. For the normal miner has no combat reflexes and he does not even notice that this is an attack. A scary attack but of cause no weapons were engaged. For the Valklear Guards are comrades, friends of mine.

Just a second later my com was blinking and a message turned in: "Man, I just pied my pants! Where did you come from that fast?"

These are the moments where feelings can't be expressed in words, dear Log. And I tell you the story to make you guess how I feel if I catapult my Claw to over 7000 m/s. Bigfood told me that I am born for that speeds, that those speedy little things are made just for me. And may be he is right. So I prepare for my first real engagements with this new sort of frigates now.

I leaned so long. I trained so long for it and I longed for months for this. I will not be the best ceptorpilot that is in the fleet, no. I am still young. But I hope I will prove myself worthy of those giddy and sleek little bastards. I was not setting foot into any assault frigate before this. For I loved the Reaper, I loved the prince of all frigates, the Vigil, I love the Claw and the Stiletto.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.21 20:50:00 - [143]

Dear Log,

another mail of the infamous Lord Veron Daerth reached me and I want you to take part of the fate of the poor bear-thing.

Originally by: Veron Daerth

2009.02.21 03:01
<stellar-com broadcast protocol 1283-9c, routing parameters commencing>
<audio transmission start>

Valklear General Alica Wildfire.

My apologies for the brevity of this communique, but I am currently prepping for an operation. Let me say that I was previously unaware of your actual rank or title, and will endeavour to use it in the future. Propriety being one of the most necessary of things to further communications, I find myself in the position of not having employed it in the past with regards to yourself.

The creature continues to mend, and has been released into a more natural habitat, namely an enclosed observation area located within a section of my estates grounds. It seems to be familiar with, but not used to, using its natural abilities to fend for itself. We are providing food and such for it, as it seems unable to hunt or forage well. Hopefully, this will change.

Lord Holder Veron Daerth

It is a strange thing with conditioning. While Lord Daerth is slowly experiencing the problems with this bear-thing, I did ask those who helt the creature before him about his habits. He was conditioned to eat at a table with knife and fork. Sitting and behaving like a well educated child. To be a role model for the young ones that it was made to play with.

I don't know if it is able to fit this task now, when it's implants are taken away. It would be a shame to see it fed artificial by subdermal nutrition injection or something like this. But the problem with this creature is, that it is hard and long conditioned to behave well. It will never eat with its paws. It will never swear, it will never use gods name in a blasphemous way. Okay, the whole creature is seen as an act agaist god by the Amarr and the things it says do not please the hardliners.

But it was something special. Now it has a problem. It is no animal it is no human. It is something artificial, something inbetween. I really hope it finds its way.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.22 10:59:00 - [144]

Dear Log,

"The state is holy, god is holy, we need a new man if there is a conflict!"

"The individual is most important, to guarantee it's strive for luck, prosper and happiness is the reason states are built. If the individuals are not happy with the state, the state has to change."

In my own words I set the two most conflicting mindsets of our time. The one that sets the state, the idea over realitiy and the other that sets the man over everything and lets the state serve him. I assume most of us will recognize the first mindset as the mindset of a typical Empire, the second one of a typical Republic ("for the people").

I have to think about these two mindsets a lot, dear Log. For the fate of this little bear-thing touches me deep in my heart. I told you, that I am an atheist, a no-god-believer -no- it's more. I follow certain Sebiestor philosophers that see in religion and god a hindrance for human evolution. For religion is always trying to cement certain mindsets and make any change of that very difficult. It is pure anti-anarchistic, so to say. The establishment always tries to strengthen the status quo, to harden the structures and to reach a certain state of utopia, while the anarchists always question the status quo and are presenting alternatives. The status quo is the thing they have to remove.

These two forces are always fighting in a state. And while I can't say the one is right and the other is wrong I think in times like this where things change fast we need a flexible way. The time of static structures is of the past and has no future. But as always we have a thesis and an antithesis, now we are looking for a synthesis of this. The new world will not be the world of Empires. And I don't think it will be Anarchism too. It will not be controlled by few it will not by many.

The one thing that has to go is the static god. The eternal truth and the dogma. For this is clearly an extreme for the side of the Empire. To go has the Anarchism in consequence. Just after the Empire is gone. This will be the time "for the people".

Why I come to these thoughts when I see the fate of a small bear-thing? It was evolving to something new. There was something new, the oncoming thing. The future that is at grasp but that is yet not here. If it were here, it would not be oncoming.

The mindset of the Empire will not allow this. The mindset of the Empire will just try to reduce the new to something known. Will remove everything that is beyond our current understanding. And can of cause handle the parts it left. The bear-thing is not the future anymore. It is just a genetic experiment that is not self-sustainable anymore. That even has no use anymore. This is the way the old mindset tries to handle things.

I hope I have the strength to take the oncoming without ripping it apart on first sight. But I am a warrior, no philosopher. So I admit I am often a bit fast on the trigger. I value the individual way higher than the state. And I am willing to shoot down the state as often it crosses my sight and is in conflict with me.

I host the miniphant here, that is just stealing one of the nuts on the table and I pretend to have not seen it. This is the way I try to live with the world. I am not saying it is a perfect one or even the best possible. But everything I see I try to give the chance to find it's own way, his strive for luck. Sometimes it is just a nut, sometimes it is more. But I never would try to take away the desire for nuts of this elephant just to stop him stealing. I just weaken "the state" here -which I am so to say- to give him the room for his little luck. And I feel happy doing this.

Is that wrong?

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.02.22 14:21:00 - [145]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

"The state is holy, god is holy, we need a new man if there is a conflict!"

"The individual is most important, to guarantee it's strive for luck, prosper and happiness is the reason states are built. If the individuals are not happy with the state, the state has to change."

In my own words I set the two most conflicting mindsets of our time. The one that sets the state, the idea over realitiy and the other that sets the man over everything and lets the state serve him. I assume most of us will recognize the first mindset as the mindset of a typical Empire, the second one of a typical Republic ("for the people").

Is that wrong?

Ms. Wildfire, an apt comparison. You just missed one essential point. It is a struggle between those that strive for a greater good of the whole vs. those that strive for the greater good of the individual. One point of view teaches that your individual rights are subservient to what is good for the society, while the other point of view states that you are entitled to strive for what is best for yourself, and society should not hinder you by doing so. The most extreme of which are the anarchist views.

It is the conflict between duty and selfishness, between ours and mine. This is between the group and the individual.

Note that Matari freedom fighters do not fight "for the people", they fight "for their people", in fact, they are largely fighting "for themselves". The Amarr on the other hand fight for all the people.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2009.02.23 11:21:00 - [146]

Edited by: Sophie Starsparrow on 23/02/2009 11:27:51
Fight for all people? Hardly. Fight for all people that accept you god to the point of enslaving their descendants is accurate. Fight for all Amarrians to have slaves is accurate. Fight for all people?

Is it official PIE policy now to spam the IGS with as many lies as possible? I've noticed the number of PIE posts have increased in direct proportion to the falsehoods contained in them. Maybe I just never noticed before how full of Slaver Hound excrement you all were?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.25 12:51:00 - [147]

Dear Log,

again I got message from Lord Daerth, which I want to post here if you follow the fate of that little bear-thing.

Originally by: Veron Daerth

Valklear General Wildfire,

I have had some time to review your latest log entries, and to ruminate upon them. I believe that I should address some few points before continuing. Firstly, regarding the decision to have the animal examined. Upon reciept of the animal, I had it scanned for the standard things, viral agents, contaigon, infections, ailments, etc. During the course of this scan, the artificial implants and such were made evident.

It was quickly brought to my attention that some of the implants had been installed improperly, and were causing harm to the animal. The reasoning for the faulty installation, or even if the malfunction of the various implants was the result of wear and tear, is unknown. This lead to my having the creature examined by a behavioral specialist. She determined that the creature was not only in pain due to the faulty implants, but was unable to voice complaint or, to an extent, show signs of distress due to the programming of said implants.

After conferring with her and some of my medical staff, I made the decision to have the creature examined again, and to determine if the faulty implants could be removed. It was during this, second, exam that the nature of the tissue damage from its previous owners, and possibly the faulty implants, became evident. I ordered them removed.

I feel it necessary to point out, General, that, much like you, I too am a commander and leader of men. I make decisions based upon information presented to me, and, frankly, being said Lord (or leader, or general, or ruler, or commander), my decisions are final.

The information available to me indicated that the creature in my care, and to which I was responsible, was in danger of being harmed. I took the actions I deemed necessary to prevent that. No other leader worth the name would have done differently. You charged me with the care of this being, and I accepted that aegis.

The incessant singing you mentioned was not only annoying, but was a result of the faulty implant programming sending repepititive signals into the animals frontal cortex. The sunny and carefree demeanor it displayed was caused by the pleasure centers being stimulated to offset the pain signals being sent by the affected tissues being degraded by the faulty implants and their malfunctioning programming. What you witnessed was not its real state of being, but the outward result of the animals chemical and physical maipulation by the same implanted devices that were slowly killing it. Devices that were killing it due to their haphazard and substandard installation in the first place. I am quite put out, General, put out with you, specifically.

You looked at this creature, and only saw its outward shell. You saw the travesty of something being forced to be something it was not, and you lamented that, but did not investigate it. You remarked on the horrific connotations of something forced to endlessly repeat the same silly songs, the same incessant stream of tripe and frippery for no reason, but did not investigate WHY it was doing so?!?

You looked at what had been dont to it, and lamented upon that, but did it ever occur to you to examine what was STILL BEING DONE TO IT?! I did, and the results of my investigation are as I have outlined above.

Why was it so mistreated, you ask? I dont know, most likely uncaring apathy, and the fact that whoever modified it saw it as something to be created and then discarded after a time. A disposable toy. Who knows.

You say you wished for the creature to be allowed to choose its own path. I ask you, "how was it to achieve this"?


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.02.25 13:52:00 - [148]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/02/2009 13:53:05
Originally by: Veron Daerth

I ask you, "how was it to do this"? To be forced to act in an unnatural manner by artificial implants? To be forced to do unnatural things at the behest of something put into it by someone else? Perhaps my actions have taken away some of its choices, but they have also opened up others. It can return to its natural state of being, or as close as it can be. It can live out its allotted span of time, free of the pain and suffering it could not even voice before.

Perhaps there is a God, I dont know, and perhaps He does have a plan and everything has its purpose. Dont ask me. But, General, even if I am unsure of what or who God is or is not, I KNOW God is not some hack-level programmer sitting in a manufactory churning out substandard, bio-enhanced, genetically modified toys.

Maybe my decision was not the absolute best, but it was the best I could do with what I had, and that, General, is all you can ask for from a leader. Regardless, the animal is improving daily.

It is moving about quite a bit lately, and seems to have regained its appetite. Either that, or we have hit upon the right combination of food types it enjoys. It is showing signs of regaining the, possibly instinctual, ability to forage, and may be able to actively hunt its food. Examination of its digestive systems shows it is an omnivore with a propensity for meat, but is able to eat almost anything. It is showing signs of interest in the eel-fish that inhabit the watercourse that runs through its current habitat. Perhaps it will learn to catch them, perhaps not.

The behavioral scientist informed me that it may have been modifed as a young cub, and may not have ever been taught proper survival skills by its parent. If this is so, we are working on a program to teach it these skills, using an animatronic "robo-bear" as a parental/mentor figure. Time will tell. This is my update to you, General.
Lord Holder Veron Daerth

What is this creature? Where did it come from? What was its natural state? Is there anything like natural state that we can bring him back to?

Of cause I appreciate the care that is given to it by Lord Daerth and if I would not have trusted him and his good will on this issue I never had given him the creature anyway.

There are two questions that are going through my mind. The first is that this pet, what was designed to play with children, that was designed for limited existence, maybe a few months into the new year after the Amarr holydays, what is his future?

It was amasing to see a creature build up little cathedrals from sole bricks that children play with. It was a bit going on the nerves to hear it sing all the time, even if it was acting joyful doing it. I think it was right to remove the implants, if they caused that much harm to the animal behind it. No question.

But what is this for a kind of technology. Sure, it is still at a level that is far away from usage on humans or on a greater level. But the state of mind behind this would have made ol' Sansha proud, I think. For it is a the tip of an iceberg of a whole new technology of implants.

And this is not only fascinating, it scares me too. For I have no idea where it comes from. It is not a revolutionary new tech anyway. We have seen it in Sanchas True Slaves. Some of us even wear implants that are related to this technology in a way.

But to go around the slaver-problem that causes in a huge part the war between the Minmatar Republic and the Amarr Empire by enhancing animals in a way that they can be used as a toy, a tool and a willing slave and enhance their abilities far beyond those of its unaugmented source is a sort of innovation that will leave its traces in the universe, I think.

And it seems to be cheap enough, too, to be given as childs presents to some holydays. Lord Daerth has told us, that the quality was poor. Economic reasons?

Aldrith Shutaq
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.02.26 23:25:00 - [149]

Edited by: Aldrith Shutaq on 26/02/2009 23:26:19
Alica, have you forgotten that the changes Lord Veron Daerth has done to the creature were the very same I was suggesting when you turned the horse-based miniphant to my care? It was several months ago, in the Three Sisters, if you would recall, and you did not seem to voice much dissent then. In fact, when it started to sing its terrible songs some of the bar's patrons looked as though they wanted to shoot it. I'm only thankful that its implants were functioning well enough that it responded to the command to stop.

By the way, I've acted in much the same manner as he has, and now Sacrilege (the name it programmed into itself when its implants were still functioning) resides on my cousin's farm on Mishi, grazing peacefully beside her small herd of naturally-bred horses. She is still a garish orange color, but I tried to keep the genetic replacement to a minimum.

One last thing: Please, for the hundredth time, stop attributing the creation or consumption of these crimes against nature to Amarrians. They would be made illegal instantly if the Ministry of Internal Order caught wind of them, and are an affront to almost all Amarrian's sensibilities. We do not like orange horse-things that sing chorals, we do not like bear-things that sit at our tables and eat with proper manners. We like our animals the way God made them, thank you very much.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.03.06 23:37:00 - [150]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/03/2009 23:38:42
Dear Log,

some days have been passing by with much happening. Rumors are around of some explorors have found a kind of new anomaly and we look forward for that. For the future is ours and the Minmatar and Gallente will be the first on the step of a new age. So everything is in turmoil here and -again- a corp decided to declare war on us. Which is something that we take with much less exitement than the last time that happend. Maybe the description of our corp on galnet is a bit misleading. There was much wrecking in the wake of this event and not on our side. So I can say, these are some joyful days. I really wish I would understand this kind of pirates, that call themself "griefers" that try to extort money from corporations that are unable to defend themself. I am deep in my heart an anarchist, I admit. But Anarchism is not the exploitation of the weak by the strong. That's Despotism. Most people can not understand the difference and befudge the ideals I follow; freedom, equaty, fratanerty. They take some aspects and pervert the whole thing.

Bigfood and most of our veterans have returned from the front down in Delve. Which was a great success as far as I can tell. But we are needed here, now that the Valklear Guard has left our ranks.

The fight is going on. After we freed Arzad the tides seem to change a bit. The Amarr are fighting with all their power, but they are more on retreat and defence than on offence these days. I don't know exactly what happend, but maybe some things in our oganisation have changed recently. Especially at this hour after their prayers, which they call "The hour for God" and we call "The hour for love".

Maybe that's the reason they get older and fewer by the time and we get younger, keener and more in numbers. It's the old story of the one race that is doomed and the next that is advancing. The Amarr may fight us, but they can not fight history. They are already on retreat, here in the disputed space between the Republic and the Empire, there in the zero-sectors of our galaxy, where they get pounded by Ushra Khan and for me everytime I meet one of their mighty Punishers or invincible Coercers and teach them the words of the God of autocannons.

I got more messages about the fate of that bear-thing recently by Veron Daerth, but that's another story. It seems there are Serpentis Pirates behind this plot, but I am not sure that Lord Daerth is right. I will tell you about this on an other day, dear Log.

As times goes by I am learning every day some new tricks. And I was not in any missions for agents for months now, so yesterday I found a capsuleer calling for help in a second tier mission. I offered my help to fight some Amarr slavers and to intercept a transporter. While he was flying a Myrmidon and was nearly helpless, I just jumped into the whole mess with my tiny Rifter and was shredding the whole fleet.

This was unthinkable for me some months ago. The times are a-changing, dear Log. If a Rifter can break a second tier mission like that, it means that I have learned a lot about being a pilot. I can not say that I am proud about that, because I still have more to learn than I do know yet. But it's a start and I catch some hope that I am on the right path.

What's coming next? I am looking forward for this oncoming thing. The thing that is waiting just below our horizon. The thing that is not here yet, but that is shining it's far light from the distance. And I hope it is the new future and not the unholy rise of the dead past of Amarr Empire. I will try to do my share for that.

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