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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.26 16:07:00 - [91]

Dear Log,

after some days passing we are still riding on a wave of good spirit from our walkabout. Even the Amarr were happy that we used their sovereign space for our tribal rituals. There is still hope for peace for the war is getting harder now for both sides and costs are rising on both sides while the numbers of shoulders that carry it get less.

While some Amarr invited me to join their realm as a slave, openly or private like one member of the PIE Inc., we still fight for our freedom and the freedom of those we had left behind on Amarr territory. I don't know if I'd be a good slave, cause I often tend to burn down Amarr property, while at home try to establish something new. Something stronger and I am supporting our economy through putting much money in new ships and fittings, that travels down the line through production facility workers to miners who go out there and get the minerals for this. Most of them really don't know that they are a part of this war and that doing his duty is not the same for everyone.

And I am proud of our miners here, cause from the time I was out there in the belts and got my part of Veldspar home, the economy is rising in Minmatar, prices are low, life is fairly cheap, production lines are stuffed, no line is running empty at the moment.

While the traders, producers and miners here do their job well, our part is getting complicated. We lost Kourmonen, but we were able to hold Aset while our Navy was securing the rescue mission. Nobody knows exactly what was going on there and while names were in the news about the taking of Kourmonen the "Minmatar Militia" just saved Aset. Which is not quite true. For there are some of us that should be mentioned for their work and that really would deserve a medal of honour for this, like General Sasawong and his Independant Corp for example. But that's just my two cents on this. But of cause many supported him and while some try to get the promotion to General he really deserves it a thousand times. He truly is our General, maybe not with commanding around, but with wearing the heart and the flag of Minmatar high.

We were suffering much losses of systems the last weeks while Amarr lonerider were attacking our military installations in Interceptors and we really had problems to counter that. In fact it was binding us at home, so our offensive was stuck for some time now.

While very few of us can fly Interceptors there was no possibility for us to counter this. But this has changed now. While it is still not that easy for us as it is for their veteran pilots we found a way to pay back their methods with cheap and simple vessels - Minmatar style. In return we got a lot of smacktalk on local channels for that, but Amarr is burning. And as well as it is a completely accepted tactic to rush us in one hour of the day and a days work is not enough to counter this, we got our weapon on hand to turn the tides now.

We found out, that some Amarr were trying to do that with cheap Amarr vessels too here in Metropolis - yes - we swept away the rest of their wrecks and got their fine, most expensive fittings out. It seems that there is more to this tactic but just a fast ship. I'm perfectly happy with Amarr vessels shot down by our Navy at the moment. So while Amarr will be forced to do it in expensive Interceptors, we will do it in our cheap frigates - Minmatar style.

But to have the advantage of the moment did cost a lot of money for experimentation. I don't think the last word is spoken on this technology fight and I am sure there will be better vessels around than those we use at the moment. That there is going something on is no secret anymore, Veshta Yoshida herself was cursing about that on local. What is a fine tactic for Amarr for some weeks now is of cause a foul from Minmatar. Very funny, indeed. I think this will change some day, but up to this time it's the logical thing to do.

It's war. We learn and adapt.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.01 10:40:00 - [92]

Black day for Minmatar

»Never was so much owed by so many to so few« - this was never more true than for the save of systems from the Minmatar Militia. Today General Sasawong has officially retired from active duty. While he will keep his ranks, he was announcing in an official statement that he has to spend more time with his family and personal matters now. Of cause he is not turning his back to serve the Republic, just serving in an other way.

While this man has earned his retirement a thousand times, for he did measureable equal for our freedom than 3000 active milita pilots together, there is no shoulder that was carrying more weight in this fight than his. There is no anger in my heart while I write this for him, just deep respect for him and best wishes for his future - and fear of our fate.

For we suffer a never seen offensive by the Amarr on our military compounds all over the borderzone. Whole Mitar is burning bright, the enemy militia is working together, dedicated, well organized and attacking some important keysystems of our sovereignty. Lantorn for example will fall as well as some other systems are attacked systematically after the Amarr hour of prayer every day.

While all this is happening our own defense is in a wailful condition. There are a few shoulders that will try to carry this new load, but we were too few shoulders with much too heavy load anyway. And now that our indisputable best fighter is his well deserved step away from the defense, I fear we will break.

And this means we will not only suffer an unseen series of losses, we will lose system after system to the unholy legions of Evil, enslaving and tortureing millions in the name of their twisted god, it will be a long march through the stinking pit of humiliation for us.

And I am no prophet to tell you that. I will explain to you, dear Log, why this one man has done so much for us.

If you take a look at the statistics of faction war you can see how many points each milita has earned during the day. Some numbers. General Sasawong has 14,726 victory points today, the whole Tribal Liberation Force has 16,289. And now the critical thing that you don't know, dear Log. While pilots of the TLF do the defending and attacking of military complexes in groups of three to ten - seldom the former, more the latter, which means that every earned point is worth a third or even a tenth for real defense of a system, General Sasawong was doing most of this all alone.


Just think about this for a minute.

The whole PIE Inc. -the most dedicated organisation to attacking and defending the plexes- gained in the same time 14,261 victory points.

You know me, dear Log, I'm no smoothtalker. I am trying to tell ya plain and straight what is happening and what I think is going to happen next. I am deeply involved in this war and doing what I can to defend our systems. I can not do more at the moment and even do not make it into the Top 10 anymore, even if you know that I am always on rank 11 or 12 somewhere.

Some of our Militia are thinking that the defending of our plexes are bull****. How ignorant is that? The war is about this and nothing else. The shooting of ships is just for personal kill statistics and doing a little bit harm. But normally we receive nearly as much financial damage over time than we give. This is not the front and this is not the place where you find the winner or the loser of the war. In measure of freedom these fleetfights are nothing. Not that I do not like them. I love the smell of burning Amarr ships in the evening.

But you fight alone if your plex is attacked and you have not enough man to defend. You fight alone in the hour after downtime. You fight alone out there on enemy territory. That's the simple truth. Whatever happens no - we are deserving what will happen from now on. Make your heart ready for humiliation, comrade tribal. You are the only one that can prevent this. You are our last hope.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.01 11:09:00 - [93]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/12/2008 11:15:24
Black day for Minmatar (Part 2)

I told ya, dear Log that our war has never seen a blacker day than this. While the measures of our General were always well calculated the measures of the normal militia pilot are best random if not worse than that ("Do not shoot the friendly rats!!!").

I will tell you now, in this critical hour one of our war secrets. For our enemy has his own ways to burn down our systems and does not benefit that much of this indiscretion than our own pilots will. I hope some of our milita men will read this and take it as a blueprint to take measures.

Our way of fighting was always to attack with small, fast ships. At this war it is exactly the same. The faster and smaller our groups, the harder it is for the Amarr to defend. I am talking about keeping the groups small and pull them together if a thread is bigger than your fleet. While General Sasawong gained his victory points without taking every point he could get, with just doing his duty and trying to maximize the power of his action for defense or offense, this will maybe reduce the points you'll get for personal gain. Never mind that. Don't fight for points.

The best way to do this means to fly in one fast, small ship alone. This is the only way we can fight the Amarr now. For they are doing this everywhere in Metropolis since several weeks. They are using Interceptors for that - which is no secret. But they can't do it in frigates and here is the point we Mitar might have an advantage.

For we have a weapon for that. A cheap one, that even a lowly skilled pilot can fly - the Vigil.

While there are other ships out there that are doing the job better there is none of them that is doing it cheaper. This ship is nothing very special, to be true but the result and optimization of a long line of experiments that cost us over hundred millions of credits. I don't tell ya some other secrets or setup we've been working on for they are really secret. But this one, I think, is a working weapon for us to counter the ongoing attack by the Amarr and throw it back into their homeland. I know it's not much, but I can't give you more at this time.

Vigil: Burning Freedom - Faction War solo frigate for offensive plexing

The use of this ship is easy: fly into any Amarr complex and circle around the button. You do that at 27km for major, 17km for mediums and 7.5-8.5km for minors. You need an absolute minimum speed of 1700 m/s if your skills are lacking, try to push them up. Only 100 m/s less and you die-die-die. On minor plexes you will have problems for the vessel is lacking a bit of speed and resistances for that. Anyway, I tell you - it is not easy with it, but it works! And don't waste your money and try to do it with tech-1. It won't work. This is the absolute minimum configuration. What you put into your high slots does not matter. But on minor plexes it is sometimes useful to get rid of some of the Navy ships around, for you will take heavy damage after a while. The ship is good, but you will need some good piloting, capsuleer. And I don't talk of skills.

Do not fight with it. Just burn down Amarr. Now! Freedom Mitar!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.10 16:29:00 - [94]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/12/2008 17:04:31
Dear Log,

while the end of the world did not happen with Sasawongs resignment from active duty, the battle is going on. Some brave pilots have taken on the duty. So Mitar is burning, but not as bright as Amarr is at the moment. So the scale is a bit against us, but the frontline is still holding.

At home we try to build up a small fleet, to call it a corp would be a bit exaggerated, but we do our best. Some friends joined to help to build up a few things to make it running. Training and patrol is what we do most of the time, but we get slowly stronger. So we are pulling together, while most of our pilots are still in their early training phase; but they get their shots at Amarr nonetheless.

I had some problems out there with other kind of my tribe. While I am no traditionalist I try to hold up the flag of history, keep some working traditions running and I try to care for the people I know.

So it was just a matter of time that I crossed the way of someone who is not only ignoring them and befudging them as "silly games", who is personally insulting me for caring for my friends and who is not only behaving sexist to the female capsuleers, but also has bias to allied warriors (Gallente) and showing ignorance to their culture, but also is insulting them as warriors and question their honor.

While I could take that with some respect to the age of that certain warrior and kept calm, I can't in the moment he broke the peace of hospitality and did throw me out of his house with force.

We do not pull at the same string, Mein Herr.

I can tell you, what I fight against: I fight against the racist scum that evolve from Amarr ideology, like PIE Inc, who only will accept True Amarrians in their lines and take the other Amarr main races with some high noses as a compromise, but never will let in anyone of bad blood. This whole idea sucks and I will fight those who try to establish this kind of world with all my power. I will also always respect the culture of other people even if I will draw a line when they try to destroy my own.

So you will not see me burning down Amarr cathedrals or plunder the bones of Amarr prophets for political advantage.

It is not the Amarr that I fight, I fight the spirit that is behind their empire. And I will fight this spirit as well on our side, when it crosses my line.

Now I was asked to ask for pardon that I have been drawing a line. A line against racism a line against cultural bias, a line against violence of the strong to the weak like sexism is. For all this is in contradiction to freedom. And freedom is what I am fighting for.

Freedom means also beeing responsible, means to care about things and people. I do care about the people I know. The people of my tribe and their world.

This is something you will never see me pardon for. And someone that crosses this line is crossing with me. I'm very sorry how all went, but I see clearly which behaviour is on the wrong side of this line and which is on the right side. I can talk to most of my militia-enemies without problems, for they only fight for their cause and I will fight them because their cause is trying to destroy mine.

But you won't see me begging for pardon to do so. Not to Amarr and not to Sebiestor. This is what I am and what I fight for. And there is no exception only because someone is of my tribe. Crossing this line means that someone has to set things right. For I can't do so, for this is my place to fight, I won't move a step back.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.13 16:17:00 - [95]

Dear Log,

while I sadly got some trouble inside our Republic about a question of honor, the war is going on. Besides some sad misunderstandings I can not regret anything I said. Nevermind, the whole situation is quite tragic in the real sense of meaning, for all involved persons meant to act in their most honourable way. For I do not include violent action on a physical level from a man to a woman as a result to questions honorable at all, so I just have to pass the whole affair to the past and look forward.

Tragic is something that happens to heroes and I am not hero at all, so tragic has to move to an other person and has no place near me. I'm a simple warrior and have not time for romanticism.

On the frontline our actions are going well, most of Amarr is burning all day and night, while the system in our region seem to be under control. But that was also true before the fall of Kourmonen, so we can't feel save by that.

My special Vigil is spreading among our warriors and filling a bit the space that was left by our general Sasawong, I hope.

We have a couple of new recruits in our small corporation now, who are doing well so far. Combat training, patrols and the capturing of plexes are as well on the schedule like some tricks to survive in the Minmatar region and small courses about efficient fitting of ships and behaviour in lowsec.

Beside the teaching about to avoid being podded, every new recruit goes through the bloody ritual in his first week, even if he is knowing everything about how to avoid it he ends in his first clone. "What if he will not be podded?" "He will." "But imagine what that will mean!" "He will be podded."

It's a bit sad, but that's a fact of war. The value of life is protected after it's lost the first time, sometimes after a couple of lives lost. Sad truth.

I enjoyed very much the present of one of my comrades last week: a Republic Fleet Firetail. While it is not very much faster than my Vigil, it's a hell of a machine. I don't know if it's worth the money it costs, but it is a fine ship, without doubt.

I tried to fly a bit with it, but found I'm still not good enough in engineering to prove worthy. So I started to learn even harder, to fly it as the machine it was build and not as the mere shadow that I can fit at the moment. But it will not be for long anymore.

It is a great, inspiring gift!

The fact of being inspired by something that is good but that is still unreachable for me is out of question. The Vigil was the work to build a fine Vessel like the Firetail actually without having one. To see pilots fly in interceptors is inspiring me to build vessels that might be able to kill off an interceptor without being able to fly one myself.

So, like I discovered some hidden beauties behind the design of the Rifter I slowly discover some of the Vigil now. Always looking at general Yoshidas best vessels which I have to face with them. But still I don't see a light, but I'm working on it.

It is possible to kill off a Punisher with a Rifter, no question. It is very complicated for me to kill off a Yoshida in a Punisher with my Rifter, of cause. But is it possible to kill off an Amarr Navy Slicer with a Vigil? An interceptor with a Vigil? And the final challenge: to fight a Velator with a Reaper?

To solve those puzzles discover those hidden beauties of Minmatar ship design that are not visible on a first glance. I know of the weaknesses of our ship, but I think they are the best frigates around, only thing we have to learn is to fly them the right way.

I will put all my power into the work on this task.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.19 13:27:00 - [96]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/12/2008 13:34:38
Dear Log,

today is a celebration day. I do celebrate my first solo kill. While it is not really true that I killed solo, because the Republic Fleet Navy was supporting me a bit, it was nevertheless the first time I downed a superior enemy alone.

With her kind permission I may brag a bit about that, for the fight was on a high level of honor and the polite respect enemies do have for another who know that they both try to give their best.

Lotty Granat is roaming in our hisec for a few days now and has achieved great mayham on Hoarders and other of our logistic ships behind the frontline. It is not easy to do this and even more daring to do it alone with nothing more than a plain fitted Rupture cruiser. We were hunting her for halve an hour before we broke off when she left Minmatar space and was roaming into Gallente Fed territory.

While most of my comrades had problems to tackle her, I was the only one that had a little success on the hunt. For I sometimes prefer to use a scrambler instead of a disruptor and she had fitted a warpcore stabilizer to not get caught.

After some talk on a private channel she popped up again in the system I was docked and instantly I docked off and tried to find her. With just the Rifter I had designed some hours before and never tested yet. But in situation like this those who hesitate will lose the war, not those who dare their ship.

To take on a Rupture in a Rifter is something very hard, I don't have to tell ya, dear Log. For I don't have too much respect for the medium cannons but the drones I really fear.

I found her Osoggur at the Abudban gate and instantly attacked. She told me on the private channel she would give me the first shot, which was quite chivalrous and knightly. It's the way I like to fight most, even if sometimes the emotions get high and it's hard to stay calm and keep the countenance. The last thing is not exactly my strength but I really try hard.

So the fight began. The first round was her, for my shield was down instant and I was hoping my armor would tank a bit better. But after that I recognized my own weapons did some harm to her shield too and slowly was taking her down.

But not fast enough.

I think I need a visit at a barber shop for my nails are not very presentable anymore - good thing is that the dirt and greese under my nails were nagged away during this phase.

Her drones were on me and I was thinking about taking them out, but I still hoped that damn navy would arrive in time. Just this time, pleeeease!

»There comes the Navy...«, she said and now she quickly was going down, while I was now pulling a large dark burning line of smoke behind me, while I was watching carefully what would happen next. I did not try to escape, I just began to begin the warpoff for to save my life. No chance at all I was going to pop... Now!!!


YAY! She was sitting in her pod, and I could see her salute, while I answered it and saw her warping off. Good thing she was not tempting me to catch her pod. I love when pilots know to save their live and I am still thinking about what would have happend if I caught her. This was the moment I hope I would have let the pod go, I think.

But the situation was very ambivalent. The fight itself was absolutely forbidding a podkill for me. Preconditioned I control my learned instincts of lock and kill from battlefield. For it was a fight of honor. But on the other hand she had podded a corpmate just a few hours ago in his Interceptor. It would have been a question of personal respect for him to kill her for this, or not?

I am so happy that she managed to get away and spared me this hard decision. I looted her wreck and docked, still burning at the next station. 21% of my ships structure was left.

Celebrate! First solokill!

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2008.12.21 18:00:00 - [97]

Edited by: Eliza Velvetpaw on 21/12/2008 18:00:34
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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.21 18:02:00 - [98]

Dear Log,

these days are the days of no mercy. While some see us Mitar as revengeful villains and savages, I have to admit: it is true!

Hordes of Reapers, fitted with microwarpdrives, assaulting with more than 3 kilometers per second innocent traders and merchantmen, friends and foes are roaming the Minmatar regions. It's again the time for happy shooting and senseless violence, the way we Mitar are celebrating the evil time of kitsch, which swaps over the border from the Evil Empire.

I shot down several friends now, several neutrals and Concord is standing by and has done nothing! For they know: it's too late to stop the Mitar temper now, that a new weapon has hit the market!

A few times before the Amarr holy days begin, some Minmatar production lines have been working and delivered their new weapon to each capsuleer this or that side of the border: THE EVIL SNOWBALL-LAUNCHER OF DOOM


So beware, friend and foe when you travel around Rens, travel innocently and thinking nothing evil - or even if you are! I am waiting behind the next jumpgate, will intercept your vessel and launch my headsized snowballs at your armor.

Thirty victims now and rising - and still no returned fire. Just one, and this one was firing at a nearby stealthbomber, vaporized it and got visited by Concord after that.

»Do not dare to hit me, *****!« »Done that! Gee! BLAM!«

Nobody spared. No friend no foe. I am looking out for comrades to join my evil roaming gang and bring chaos and mayhem to all that dare to cross our way! Gee! Snowballtime, just watch out for my "Snowcrash"-Reaper, dear Log. The victimizer is in town...

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.24 22:24:00 - [99]

Dear Log,

merry Amarr Holydays! After Lotty Granat did kill off and pod another of my corpmates we decided that it is time for a happy visit in friendship from our side. So we all climbed into cruiser-sized vessels and after a nice promenade circle we did at Rens where we named our vessels after the Amarr Saints Blitzen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid and Donder and the last was Santa himself, where some jokers were firing snowballs on us which made some very nice screenshots. Then we warped off to Amarr hisec to do mayham and haywire.

I think the job that Lotty does in our highsec is a very tough one, for I was shot down by their Navy after very short time, the rest survived a bit longer. Long enough to fill up a nice list of victims, for there is one rule for every milita on both sides: do not fly autopilot!

I know that blowing up a lot of values of a capsuleer is not such a nice kind of Holyday present but Eve is no place to get happy at all flying on autopilot. I'd never advice it, especially not as a militia member.

After a while we thinned out the living militia in Amarr hisec and went back to lowsec, where I was able to join again with a new cruiser.

I really prefer frigate sized vessels, dear Log, to tell ya the truth, but the size and firepower of a cruiser is a nice thing to have, if you are the kind of girl, that like big guns.

But from a personal point of view I found out that I do prefer to have some smaller guns at the moment, which are fast, endurable and fire a lot longer, hotter and faster than the slowguns of the bigger ships that end their magazines too early and are missing the need of the smaller vessels too often.

And I'm not talking of sex, of cause! Just plain military standards, so ka? Don't take me wrong.

We had some nice battle with some hot brew pirate gang with sniperfitted large battleships at a gatecamp at Evati, if I remember right they belong to The Bastards. And if I was not fully convinced of the worth of a corpsized cruisergang the result of the fight was speaking for itself.

It's not that we didn't lose ships at that fight, of cause we did. But we had a lot of fun, it was just that kind of dance on the battlefield I love most and the pirates were extraordinary fair and honorable enemies that were really worth a fight, for they did well.

But this time we did better and that was a good thing to have, because I really sucked on a personal level. Warped to the wrong spot and missed the whole fight. Gosh!

I am still far away from beeing effective in a cruiser, dear Log, so ya don't lose me for the frigs. But never mind, I love our small vessels. And maybe I found a good way to kill off a Punisher with a Rifter. But still I think, I'm not good enough for that and Lotty Granat will be the first and a very special solokill for me but I will have to wait for the next one for some time again, I think.

Prices for Rifters exploded at Rens, they were climbing in two days from 200k to 400k and up to a million. That's crazy. If this price is staying for longer than a week I will have to flood the market with my own production lines for a reasonable price. For this price is really harming our efficiency at war.

Indignant Assault
Uranus Assault Team
Posted - 2008.12.25 09:37:00 - [100]

Thank you so much Alicia!!

My Fiance Ferocious Fear and I sat on comms reading your logs.... I nearly wet myself laughing and it was well worth reading..

He was busy fitting up his Faction Battleship class Rattlesnake and I am quite sure he needed the laughs as the strain of choices fell upon him heavily.

I personally couldnt stop reading and continued to annoy him with your antics..

Finally he said "Sounds like the kid is having a blast"

And then it dawned on me. You are perhaps one of the only Pilots I have seen frequenting IGS that actually fully understands and appreciates Faction War for what it is. Congratulations and well done.

The Militias certainly need more people like you in their ranks..

Keep up the good work..

Next time you meet a few Bastards.....

Be grateful it isn't The Final Stand WinkYARRRR!!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.29 11:08:00 - [101]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/12/2008 11:21:36
Dear Log,

thanks that we mostly meet The Bastards and not the Final Stand. For the battle with The Bastards is always a nice challenge, that we can make. I was ordered from the fighting front for some days now while my corpmates were again fighting the pirates at Evati as a nice abstraction from daily duty. After three of their battleships were drifting as wrecks through space, they began patroling their gates in Dreadnoughts to be safe of our raiding fleet. It's just funny how the things go, no offence meant, for The Bastards are fighting well. It's just a natural progress to number blob or to size blob in all fights when a fight fails.

I think it won't be different for my little corp if we could. While we can't we try to compensate with tactics up to the time we can do it like all other.

By the way Lotty Granat is still roaming our hisec and Merdaneth from PIE was joining this fight behind the enemy lines in a Crusader recently. So watch your step, fellow tribal!

When I saw that PIE entering the space at Abudban yesterday I just undocked instantly and took a course to intercept the invader. I was sitting in a very old Rifter which was leaking a bit fuel into my cabin and the worst thing was the background noise and that damn ships computer. I was not fitted for fight, but duty comes first. So I awaited the Amarr at the Rens gate and shortly after he arrived.

I needed full twenty seconds to convince my ships computer to take a lock on his interceptor, which was a bit frustrating. The normal computer-console I use is much better, and I only got updated from what happend outside every few seconds. But I never docked off to win. I just docked off for duty and for the hope that the Navy would arrive in time to take Merdaneth down for me while I am sitting in a pod on my hopefully save way to the next station.

The crusader was through his armor, I was through my structure and the Navy was still sitting on their fat asses doing nothing. Bummer. There is 0.7 or 0.8 security at Abudban...

But this short fight was just the beginning. I instantly jumped into a Reaper and was on my way back to my wreck. I don't know if I mentioned it, dear Log, but I am no rich pilot. My wallet is down to less than a few millions and there were hopefully some parts to rescue. But the PIE was still around! How!? Where was that damn Navy?! I turned my vessel and returned again. This time a low down punk was plundering my wreck in an assault frigate.

Of cause I attacked him on sight in my standard-fitted Reaper.

And called in the cavallery, that was just assembling near by; the rest of my corp, that will have fire rights on that thief of Custodis Silenti. While I was on my way back, again in a pod, my mates hunted down the thief to Rens, where he docked at the top station.

He called his mates too, but they never dared to fly free from the station, so even while we tried, we couldn't take down one of them in our small fleet. I nearly pumped threethousand bullets into their shields and armor during that fight.

On our way back we encountered them again at the Rens gate. Bummer, we lost a cruiser at that time, for our cruiserfleet has no big chances in a gatehugging fight against tech-2 level battleships while neutrals were remoterepairing them. Nevermind, it was a good fight, while I would prefer The Bastards.

The loot of my ship was worth 250k ISK, by the way.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.12.29 16:24:00 - [102]

Dear Log,

some corpmates an I were working on the supply shortening of Rifters and some other war-critical modules, like certain weapons and ammunition. This took a lot of time where we were absent to the front. But we done well and the markets have stabilized now a bit. Still the prices are way up from normal but the shortenings were more a result of some price manipulations than bad supply of material.

Worst thing was our supplyroute through Rancer, which was dangerous and not profitable over all. But we did not drop anything to the pirates that was worth more than halve a million and did our duty to fill up the supply. I hope someone is going up there is smoke out the whole lot of that useless, Amarr helping scum.

But never mind - our daring and dashing was better than the pirates did. And this is not our front anyway. I just think that the inefficient lot of them could do better things with their billions of worth of battleships at the gates than to smartbomb out fragile frigates, cause they don't own the skill to intercept them, they simply power them out of space with thirty battleships and constantly running smartbombs which costs each more than 400 times the frigates we use, not to speak of their costy material and their motherships and all that. Lame gatehuggers.

Its simply a shame how deep pirates can sink. And whenever they had a good name, the pirates that were worth that name, have left Rancer long ago. Left the mindless bullies that just do their job without smart, but just with a thousand times more firepower and million times more money. I don't want to talk of that scum anymore, I don't have the least respect for that. It's a shame, that's what it is. If I were a pirate I would blow that horde of scum to kingdom come and do it better.
Pod ******ed to quote the local: »P0wned ju loosa! Kill thpod kilthapod!«
They did not catch me. I was just passing by as a witness.

But enough of that scum and back to politics.

The freeing of the slaves in Amarr was rising much noise in public now and I think that the Empress is just doing a swift move of propaganda. I can't offer the protection of transports out of the Amarr Empire for those newly freed and many will stay there anyway. But I do feel like a Minmatar and I can feel not only the joy of beeing free but the anger about this. Nine and more generations under the electrowhip. Nine and more generations of suffering, of exploit, of rape of body and soul and destruction of culture.

They have to pay for this. Pay by the one or the other way. I will start to deliver masses of small arms to the Amarr territory soon. Small Mitar arms like honor daggers, cheap projectile based assault rifles, pistols and bodyarmor. For I can feel a revolution to come and I am not the cool tempered person that is just standing by and let a chance pass without take action.

It will not be for profit. It will be for freedom! Maybe it's wrong to do this, but I am angry and it's the only thing I can do anyway. From tomorrow on I will start the train of freedom. Even if I am the only one to do. I hope Amarr burns, burns, burns until our people are free again. All of them!


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.01 15:47:00 - [103]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/01/2009 18:55:57
Dear Log,

while the providing of Amarr uprising slaves with weapons is still going on we got an annoying distraction. We were forced to widthdraw from milita and the true fight for some scoundrels that try to press money from us. It is the corp Edath [EDATH].

It should be known that we are not having any money which we did not put into the war against the Evil Empire. So this will be a very boring time, I think. Instead of fighting real warriors we are forced to fight some hisec pirate corp with just four enemies available. Alica yawns.

I can't tell you how disappointed I am -we are- about this, dear Log. I hope they give us in return a bit more than the usual docking games that these sort of corps play and casual frigate showups.

But it might be that we have all earned a little vacation from war with the Evil Empire and go on some pigeonshooting and duckhunting on our homegrounds. I really really hope it will not be boring. For if it is, we are back on the front soon.

I don't think that this is a scheme of any Amarr militia organisation. For I know they are fighting for the wrong cause but I respect them as warriors and this is not their way of fight - I hope.

I am going to deliver my next load of weapons that will be the last for the ongoing of the silly war. Because I find it unethical to be protected by Concord and don't give the Amarr milita a chance to fight the delivery.

But I hope some active tribals can take on the job during my absence.

Update: interesting that the market for small arms is completely wiped at Kor-Azor. The need for the arms there is at maximum I think. No weapons on sell or buy left. Just mine now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.02 06:35:00 - [104]

Dear Log,

our first day in a corpwar was nothing special. We lost one of our rookie pilots several times and a lot of smacktalk was on local about that, which I dislike. Much ado about downing and podding a month old pilot, who does not even care himself about that very much. But we didn't talk much in response. The Edath kept docked most of the time.

Not much to tellya, dear Log. This can't be everything they have. Dockinggames? Rookiepodding? Smacktalking? Eh?!!

I want the Amarr back to my crosshairs!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.06 09:22:00 - [105]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/01/2009 09:34:43
Dear Log,

we got the Amarr back to our crosshairs now. This corpwar is funny for some time but always to wreck the targets when they show up or to camp their station at Rens is not what the FIA is for. So we decided that we proceed with our patrols and after everybody has calmed down a bit and sees the thread at the level it really is - a bit annoying for our new pilots but nothing more, we are back to the front.

We had the opportunity to give one of our green pilots his first kill and this was a good thing after some losses on his first days on duty.

We met Scagga Laebetrovo at Ualkin and decided to hold the position with our two frigates against his cruiser. Two frigates against a cruiser means normally two shot down frigates, but time was on our side.

So we played a while around with him and my wingman got caught. But the timer to close the complex was run down before his frigate was fragged. So the outcome was a lost T2 drone for Scagga, a lost Tristan on our side and a victorious plex. I think the plex counts and on the polite question from Scagga: "Amarr victor?", I answered: "The defending of our military complex is the mission. Our frigates are just the tool, not the mission." Or something like that, maybe a bit shorter.

I love this kind of fights with this kind of enemies. And I surely hate that damn drones. May they all die.

I don't want to say something against our wartargets, for they were fighting quite brave with the two or three of them against our whole corp. But that's no fun. You lure behind a gate, wait until kingdom come and gank away some lone cruiser. The war against the Amarr is a complete different dance. It's comparable with a slow walz on the community eve in an almshouse compared with a hot salsa or tango when you are halve drunk.

We met The Bastards again and changed some fire. But this time it was not too successful for they stayed at their station and guarded it with a capital. Next time we meet again in free space.

We lost between three and ten times the value of ships in faction war on a day than in a week corporate war. And still we won more than we lost. So who's talking about corporate wars with extortionists?

Have fun! Go and kill the Amarr!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.11 17:59:00 - [106]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 11/01/2009 19:24:13
Dear Log,

I was thinking lately about what is a warriorscorp and what is a tradingcorp or a minerscorp. There are silly people out there that know nothing and go and tell the one or the other what they are and what not. While I do not give a damn on what others think of me or my corporation, especially after we had no serious problems with the thread, I am still thinking over this question.

What are we?

Even if we would be on boosters and were going to kill-kill-kill everything that was passing through our crosshairs we still would need money. And how do warriors get to money? Sometimes I have the impression that some people think, war and fighting is all for free. But it is not, everyone knows.

You need some income. Is there a honorable way to get money as a warrior? If you let other pay for your service you are a mercenery. If you try to live from the loot and the wreckage, you are nothing more than a pirate. And everybody that is not living by robbery or beeing payed is no warrior?


I think this whole way of thinking is folly. A war needs money. And I will do everything for to be able to continue the fight against Amarr that is needed. I will go mining, when I want, I go and trade a bit when I want and I go and do some missions for agents when I want.

And everything I get by this I will throw onto the battlefield. And I chose where I fight and when I fight. I don't go out to get shot down, I go out there to wreck mayham to the enemies of our freedom. This is what counts, I think. And I will not spend a minute more on what people think how I should be and what I should do. I do well, maybe I could do better but I do the best I can at the moment.

Anybody that fights a war without money or an economy backing that is an idiot. And is soon broke. That's what I say.

And I am sitting here in a captains chair of a Rupture, that I looted from a wreck at Abudban. It's smelling a bit from the fire it took, and it reminds me well what I am. I am Sebiestor, I am Minmatar and I am free. And everyone that is trying to tell me what to do or not can kiss my little ass.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.01.12 12:16:00 - [107]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
And everything I get by this I will throw onto the battlefield. And I chose where I fight and when I fight. I don't go out to get shot down, I go out there to wreck mayham to the enemies of our freedom. This is what counts, I think. And I will not spend a minute more on what people think how I should be and what I should do. I do well, maybe I could do better but I do the best I can at the moment.

Anybody that fights a war without money or an economy backing that is an idiot. And is soon broke. That's what I say.

And I am sitting here in a captains chair of a Rupture, that I looted from a wreck at Abudban. It's smelling a bit from the fire it took, and it reminds me well what I am. I am Sebiestor, I am Minmatar and I am free. And everyone that is trying to tell me what to do or not can kiss my little ass.

Ahaha, aye sister! These words are a reflection of our spirit. *grins* You always make me smile, cheers!

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2009.01.15 19:46:00 - [108]

Edited by: Eliza Velvetpaw on 15/01/2009 19:46:39
wrong channel

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.15 19:48:00 - [109]

Dear Log,

yesterday I lost some security status. First was a simple task of tackling where the fleetcommander demanded to point. It was a neutral Arazu. This incident was an accident but I just tried to do my duty. Sometimes fleetcommanders give commands you should not obey. And just a few hours later, a capital ship, a carrier was found in a belt at Kamela. »Get the kill! Get the kill!« I admit, even if I can almost all of the times control the pirate blood in my vains and fight it down, this was the moment I got under control of that feared Minmatar bloodlust.

Tell me what does a Carrier want in an asteroid belt? I tell ya: die. It is there to die. I was going there, shot a bit around, tackled a bit and after the things were going a bit too hot and more and more ships arrived I warped off to a savespot and licked my wounds.

They were negotiating about a ransom or something and I was thinking: »****, I'm so silly. My securitystanding for nothing.« Then suddenly it dropped a good part down. Oops! Concord is seeing everything. The negotiation seemed to have been failed.

Nevermind. You can say this was no real kill and I would admit that. So let's talk about something completely different.

I was shot down by PIE. Something that was happening in the past. And something I never could could give in return. But I tried. And was shot down. Lost many ships.

The ship I respect most of the Amarr is the Punisher. It's a mean little frigate with an incredible tank. A bit slow but it has mighty Lasers that really slice a Rifter in two parts in a few seconds. I tried to take down Veshta Yoshida, tried other. But I failed.

But I never gave up. I am no veteran and my skills are lacking the finesse of those of PIE Inc. I have not the money to fit my ships that expensive as they do. But I have to stand my girl every day out there. Defending our freedom, giving the Matari slaves under their knout hope. Driving their imperial invasion army back every day. Failed at Kourmonen, at Ezzara. But fight every day.

I tried to duel with them. They don't duel with Minmatar, no honor they say. They even don't talk to "subhumans" like us.

So today I was on patrol. After a long flight through enemy territory I finally got back to Amamake. One wartarget on the scanner: a PIE; Laerise. I found her on planet one, throw around my Rifter and fired the warpdrive. PIE always fights. I try to do the same. When I see a chance to win.

I had no real chance. I am still green, my Rifter is fitted with cheap T1 stuff, but the guns, but they do not cost more than hundred thousand ISK either. I had simple tech-1 ammunition loaded, have no expensive implants. Don't believe in that. I know what kind of ship is there just outside my targeting range.

Slowly I advanced, waiting for a reaction. The Legatus Commodore Laerise was slowly coming nearer. Firing her afterburner, I could see her advancing faster and faster for the easy kill, turned my ship, pretended to try to get away, fired my afterburner, then throwed around that agile little Rifter and shot at maximum speed though the deadzone of her lasers.

The beaming weapons lightend and shockwaves were bursting the shield, that was down instant in this deathzone. Still I was holding fire. Then I turned it on a near circle and locked, started the fight. be continued

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.15 21:00:00 - [110]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 15/01/2009 21:36:03
For those who don't know the Punisher; it is mean machine. It's a devastating infighter. And the Rifter is in compare fragile. It's faster, agile and build for a fast circle with artillery and missiles. Not an infighter.

So what I was doing was a bit insane. Something the math says would not work. Not? Let's see.

The fire was awesome. But I trusted my Rifter. I was quick halve in armor. And then my circle stabilized. I activated the small armor repper and my cap was quickly running low. I activated the nosferatu to get some energy back. Energy is something very valuable for Amarr for they need it for weapons and armor repair, we Minmatar don't need it very much. And I was burning mine as fast as I could to get on the lowest possible level.

For now my autocannons were hammering on his armor, his shield was downed quick. And his lasers? Underrun. They are mighty, but they are slow. Not really slow. But too slow for a Rifter.

I carfully countered the efforts of the experienced pilot to escape the grip and to get in a better firing position. But my speed was higher. And the ship agile. Most people say that more plates are better in a fight than a repairer. And that is right. But as always it depends on the tactic. The Rifter was fitted like the one my friend Kai Zion gave me as a present on my first days in Milita. Many thanks to her for that. And she copied one of my first efforts to fit a Rifter, the "Tempered Passion".

Now this machine has been grown up, no I have. And I was able to fly it as it was meant. Three times I need to reload my 125mm guns. Ah - you might say the 200mm is better? Okay, go and take them, dear Log. I stick to the small ones and I have my reasons. I am a small person and really big guns don't my style.

Sometimes less is more.

I reloaded several times, took damage again, several times, but it was not enough. The Punisher was caught. And it was going down.. very very slowly. I really can't say it was easy.

But it can be done. Finally the explosion of the reactor was lightening up my senses - the reward for three months of training and losses. I don't know if anybody can do this, but for me it was a big step forward. And a big step for me is a small step for the Republic and a small step for freedom.

Victory! I let the PIE escape in her pod, for you know, dear Log, how I think about that. This Rifter was the same I used to down Lotty Granat earlier. No, it's not a good fitting. But it one that works. There are many arguments for or against something and all are right. But it is the tactic that makes a ship work.

The ship was fitted just equal to one of those of PIE. It was nothing special. And even the tactic was nothing special. It just worked together.

I am deeply honored by this fight and salute my opponent respectfully. Good fight, PIE!

And this is the way we fight, we "Tribals". We never give up. We come back when we lose a ship, after we learned, after we have grown. The possibility to grow and to be a better warrior, a better human is the gift that comes with freedom. And for this we fight. We do not fight to see the blood of Amarr wetting the grounds of all planets. We fight to be respected as equal. Not as their pets, their animals and their toys.

We have grown. We have grown so much that we can fight you wherever you want. Wherever you like. With less material, with less skill, just with the freedom in our hearts and the will to win.

Salute, PIE. Next time Vestha Yoshida. Anytime, Amarr, when I am ready. I will always fight you when I think I have a chance to win. My people have something to win.

Jake Dreadmore
JotunHeim Hird
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2009.01.16 01:51:00 - [111]

*grins with delight, offering a thumbs up* I love a good war story, for all my occational philosofical dable I never could shred my delight for a good war story, even when questioning the very purpose of my personal struggles, I've always found that reading about a well documented kill could exite me. I congraturlate you

Hevaka Agreement
Posted - 2009.01.16 07:18:00 - [112]

I'm sure you will get a rematch, tribal. Is a shame you waste your growing combat talent fighting for Shakor's thugs.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.16 11:58:00 - [113]

Dear Log,

yes, PIE will come again. As always. But this fight was not the start of the struggle. It was the well planned and long trained revenge. The revenge for my second patrol out in the warzone, side by side with Seraphine Keratuus. We encountered Laerise at Huola. And we lost both of our ship to her three months ago. Incredible, no?

So this fight was well planned. I was not fighting Laerise. I was fighting the Amarr and training this every day out. And now, finally, I managed not only to gain victory over my enemy. It is the demontage of the image. Not of the image of PIE. They just lost a fight and will deny that this was anything important, even if I know that a little bit pride was hurt. No, it is the demontage of the Punisher. The Punisher has been punished. The seemingly inferior vessel, the cheap, fragile and thin armored Rifter with its pathetic little guns gains victory. And it is not my personal victory that I enjoy. To be true I think other pilots can do better than I do.

But I enjoy the victory of one of my best friends, I love very much: The Rifter.

And the victory of the vessel is more important than my personal. Because it can be reproduced all over the battlefield - now. And this means that the Amarr will either be forced to bring more manpower to counter our attacks or much more expensive ships. Even the Rifter I used cost around a million, while the Punisher was around seven milllions. And the victory can be gained even by the most basic Brutor Soldier from Republic Military School against the most skilled pilots of the best corporation the enemy has.

This is the victory that counts. And this is what I enjoy and celebrate. So the poisoning of the killmail by Laerise just before the fight was a strike that was aimed far away from my heart. I find it amusing, to be true and smile a bit about her sly, while we both know what this fight means; the beginning of a new age.

And this new age begins by demontage of the base. Punisher today, Empire tomorrow.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.18 15:25:00 - [114]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/01/2009 15:27:41
Dear Log,

the celebration of the win over PIE was dampend a bit by our loss of a carrier lately at Kourmonen where I was sadly not able to defend and sacrifice my ship for it. The Amarr have been incredibly present lately in our space. With huge fleets and with high firepower, battleships en masse. They are preparing for the takeover of Lantorn or something like that and those fleets are not the usual stuff, but really dangerous, well skilled and good prepared.

So the things are not easy for us Minmatar.

But we celebrate what we have. Jade Constantine has gilded the Rifter, that and fitted it richly up to a T2 ship for the vanquish of the Punisher and I think I will call that awesome vessel "The Vanquisher" for that. But still I am not worthy enough to fly that vessel, even if I dared to take a seat once and very humbly yet. Additionally I got a price from the Jericho Fraction which I enjoy very much. For reasons of security I am not able go into details, but that price was more worth than all the ships I have in the hangars together, which I am very very thankful for. Thank you very much, Jericho Fraction!

I will train more and will try to prove worthy by downing some Amarr ships with it.

So it is not unnoticed what has happend in our ranks, au contraire. I got a lot of mails for that kill and I am really astonished about the echo this fight found in and beyond our ranks. There have been very few losses of Punishers against Rifters in the history of the war. Not for PIE. Most of the losses were due to ranged combat by highly skilled pilots like Nasty1, khufo and a few others. Even Veshta lost one of her Punishers to a Rifter - once and that was torgat's kill, but it was no standard Punisher anyway but one where she lowered herself by using our "crappy and subhuman" autocannons.

You can match those PIE Punishers with high skilled piloting by brute force with a little bit of luck, but that a still green pilot like me can do it was yet unheard. So maybe I have found a way to counter it. If this would be true this would be more price for me than anything money can buy.

If PIE begins to change its Punisher setup, this would also be a kind of victory over them I'd enjoy very very much, to be true. For they would have to admit that one of that Matari "subhumans", those mindless, chaotic "tribals" was able to finish off one of their most prideful vessels; not outgunning, but outsmarting it.

So I watch the losses of PIE very closely now.

While all this celebrations are good for the spirit we may not forget the incredible offensive of Amarr Militia at the moment and the state where they have put Lantorn at the moment. I will try to get through the blockade gates with humanitarian goods for the people on the planets down below. The Amarr presence is high and they try to force a takeover. Lantorn has been a Matari system forever I can remember and people there have been born free. The takeover by the slavers will be a bloodbath and will cost incredible losses under the civil population; who survives will most certainly be enslaved.

The last battles were going bad for us and the Amarr, that normally do not dare to dock off, show aggression on an unknown level at the moment, especially after that special hour after their daily prayers. So for us there is much to lose and very few to celebrate.

There will be a Tournament among the warriors soon and some of the most dedicated and experienced warriors are trying to show their skills there. I hope we get the price for that, but prices are not what we are fighting for. But however you might see it, to be recognized and rewarded for the dedication we fight for our Republic would be good for morale. And good for the respect we get for our work and efforts; and the losses. All the dead crews...

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.21 10:04:00 - [115]

Dear Log,

this is about spirit. Spirit of the Minmatar and spirit of the Amarr. There is a difference that has to be noted. It is not the spirit of fight. I have seen something incredible from an Amarr warrior that has to be noted and that I admire very much.

At Isbrabata I was patrolling with General Sasawong, when I pointed to a minor compound that was showing up on my overview. The generals ship was not able to fit through the gate, so scanned a Thrasher inside. You know, this Frigate-Eating-Thrasher that is possibly the most dangerous vessels for us frigates around, besides the Coercer? I activated the gate and enjoyed the ride on the hot stream of plasmalized magnetic field and was thrown inside.

Captain Munky was sitting in his Thrasher and enjoying to let our people here die. Something that I can not tolerate. So I attacked. Carefully, but I managed to survive the approach and finally got him. Man, that ship was hard. He was tanking heavy with a shieldboost and resistances. Something normal Thrasher setups do not. But it broke after some while, where he seems to have problems to hit me, for I was only slowly taking damage. Never mind why but finally the ship exploded. I pity those brave crewmen of his.

I was luckily able to catch his pod, no ransom? He laughed. Okay. I killed him.

All this is quite normal on the front and nothing I would tellya, dear Log. But now the thing was going bonkers. After I docked at the next station, repaired me and reentered the compound, I registered that his presence in local was not vanishing. He made this his homesystem, which was explaining why he was doing us so much trouble lately here.

He was coming back! I was just a minute on the button when he entered in a Punsiher. Which I destroyed after a hard fight, got his pod, killed him, repaired, entered the plex, he entered, this time in a Rifter, I attacked him, destroyed his ship singlehanded -no Navy was helping-, caught his pod, killed him, repaired, entered the plex, he was coming in a Punisher -again-, was fighting it down -this time a second plex and the general was with me-, caught his pod, killed him.

This is sounding quite easy, of cause it was not. And he was a veteran which skills should be much higher than mine. What I adore very much about this, and why I mention the fight, is this incredible spirit to fight. To fight to the death, to wake up in the clonevet, switch to a new Amarr black piloting uniform, jump the next ship to die again.

This is the most remarkable idiosyncracy of Amarr militia - their sense for duty.

But I didn't want to tell ya, dear Log, just about this fight. I wanted to tellya about the spirit of fight. And I'll continue with this soon, have to stop for a moment, some duty...

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2009.01.21 11:27:00 - [116]

Hrrr so you have experienced the Primals.

Captain Munky is the leaders of the Primal Directive 7-b. They do not forget the living watchwords of Delictum 23216: Devotion, Fanaticism, Tenacity.

Kade Jeekin
Posted - 2009.01.21 14:31:00 - [117]

Edited by: Kade Jeekin on 21/01/2009 14:32:04
That Republic stations allow an Amarrian militiaman to dock and keep a clone station is just another example of CONCORD interference.

I look forward to the day that the Republic grows the balls to do something about this.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.01.21 17:40:00 - [118]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/01/2009 17:43:58
Dear Log,

yes I try to tell you something of the spirit of fight. It is not only the devotion the Amarr militia fights with. There is an other idiosyncracy. Later this evening I took part in a fleet operation near Kourmonen. A simple gatecamp, where we were a joined fleet ops with about twenty to thirty vessels. The call was around that the Amarr are having a similar fleet up and that a "great mexican shootout" will happen. This sort of shootout is much fun.

But the Amarr don't do this. I think it has something to do with the mindset that you grow up with. An Amarr always tries to outgun you or to outtank you if the first can't be done. The Minmatar instead tries to outrun you or to outsmart you, for he normally is not able to outgun or outtank you.

So, the Amarr called for help from the CVA, the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, I guess. To help them to outgun us. And when the CVA opened the cynofields to drop their capitals on us, we began to react the way, we Minmatar do: outsmart and outrun them.

We shipped to Rifters, Slashers and other cheap frigates, fitted them rich with firepower and went off for a little visit in 0.0 to shake a little bit at the financial roots of the CVA that enables them to use their capitals against us.

So about thirty of us went some minutes later off to adventure. And that was fast, as fast as we could change the ships. Some jumps later the slaughter began. I never had seen before a list of kills from just one Raid fill up a whole page in our corporate board before. And our little fleet wrecked mayham and haywire on the Amarr.

I can't tell ya the fun this was, dear Log, so I just sum up the outcome and the long trail of smoldering wrecks of miners, ratters and moneymakers that are the backbone of Amarr militia capital fleet.

I don't know how much we really destroyed there but it was worth over 3.5 billion isk, which means several cruisers(4), covert ops(3), ceptors(1), battleships(~15 or so), battlecruisers(~4 or so), logistics and and and. Many pods were falling in our hands, I counted estimated ten of them.

What did we lose? About ten simple frigates and a ceptor, I think. So I call it a win. Most came out alive. I, of cause, lost my Rifter while I destroyed about five T2 meddrones that were on me, before I popped. So most of the fighting I just could watch from the sound of it and I pity that I couldn't see the crush of the gatecamp that was meant to destroy us.

But back to the spirit of war, that I was telling you about, dear Log. There are fighting two different kinds of warriors on this battlefield. The one trust on pure firepower or tanking ability, the other have always to change tactics and have the choice of weapon, time and place where the fight happens.

It is the way of the old legends, where there were fighting two sorts of warriors. Ares as the bloodthirsty, mad and violent god of war, on the other hand Athena, the godess of swift and smart fighting, defender of the weak which had Hercules as her protegé. Pallas Athene, the girl Athene, that's the way we Minmatar fight.

That's the way we were bringing down the PIE Punisher with our Rifter, as Lebaneur has brought down Laerise with my special setup recently. Not by outgunning them, not by outtanking them. By outrunning them, by outsmarting them. And this is the way, I love to fight; to wreck mayham and distress over the CVA by a fleet of simple, cheap frigates. You can count the ships, you can count the possible damage, you can count the possible tank. But you can't count an idea.

This is the answer of our militia for dropping capitals to help the Amarr in an otherway intresting and challenging fight; far over 3.5 billion isk loss. And you will always get the fight, we want, not the fight you want, Amarr.

When Ares has to fight Athena, I bet my life on Athena.

Hevaka Agreement
Posted - 2009.01.21 20:07:00 - [119]

Originally by: Scagga Laebetrovo
Hrrr so you have experienced the Primals.

Captain Munky is the leaders of the Primal Directive 7-b. They do not forget the living watchwords of Delictum 23216: Devotion, Fanaticism, Tenacity.

The Captain never forgets and never gives up.

The Mandate and the Empire endure.

Dame Death
Core Impulse
Posted - 2009.01.21 22:28:00 - [120]

Edited by: dame death on 21/01/2009 22:28:34
Hmm seems so far when ever weve met youve had freinds and came out on top *Eliza grins* even if it did take you 4 frigs and 4 crusiers for my little desty I see you eairler wrote about wanting a duel but being denied I would welcome the chance to show you how to fly a rifter properly if your game?

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