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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.30 01:19:00 - [61]

third part

There is a small story that I know about this. A mouse was sitting in the cold and it was shivering so badly. So an elephant went by, seeing the poor mouse and how she was suffering and so he smiled, his tail went up and a big heap of elephant dung was falling on her. It was warm but not really good smelling. The mouse was covered only her tail was hanging out.

So a cat came by and saw the mouse. She said: "Oh your poor, poor thing." And she catched her tail, pulled her out and cleaned her carefully. Then she opened her mouth and haps swallowed the mouse.

So, the moral of this story, the moral of this song is simply, if someone is shitting you, he is not always meaning bad to you. Second not everyone that is pulling you out of deep shit is always meaning good with you.
And third: if you are in deep shit you should pull your tail in. - oh this one is not easy to translate from my Sebiestor dialect "den Schwanz einziehen", means to be be better humbly and silent and don't use fourletter words to those who try to help you.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.10.30 11:27:00 - [62]

I am reminded of a day a few weeks ago where our pilots lost lots of small ships. They did it attempting to bait and trap a target for our allies to destroy. They get no glory for being in on the kill. They get no credit. The only people who know what they did, and the sacrifices they made, are the pilots in battle with them.

And try not to feel bad about the pod. With their attitude they were just as likely to go get a ship and come back to kill you. There may not be much honour in blowing up a defenseless pod, but, you killed an enemy of our people. There is always honour in that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.31 22:52:00 - [63]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/11/2008 00:19:27
Dear Log,

today was very exiting, ya know that I don't mine neither well nor like it. But as a workingclass daughter I sometime do it to remind me of my roots. This time we were out in Kourmonen and found some hidden deadspaces with Gneiss. I tried to mine that but my little Burst mining frigate "Nickel in Gutter" was much too small to exploit the rare asteroids. But I loved to explore and it was the first time for me and my wingman that we did that. We were searching for that lost Amarr bones but found nothing that was leading there.

Nevermind. The adventure was fun but I really hope that someone just grabs that cause to leave that treasure there in space hurts a bit.

I am nearly ready with the construction of my new Anti-Nano frigate, dear Log. That'll be fun. It's of cause a Vigil-class ship, called the 'Prince' of all frigates, and I like it for her speed.

If ya have the same problems with those ugly kind of ships you can find here an interesting article about it and how to deal with the issue.

I tell ya more about what happend today, but something seems to begin to burn on the new overdrive of my vigil. It is not ready yet, I think, I still need to read a bit about the energy-grid of that ship, for it's quite a complicated little thing.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.01 00:59:00 - [64]

Dear Log,

this 'Prince' has some allures. But an other thing was going through my mind today. We were in Kourmonen and had some encounters with PIE Inc., one of the best fighters of the Amarr. One of them, Tasha Khell, had an interesting discussion on the local comchannel with me. While the Khanid were once fighting the invasive and evil Amarr Empire they are now one of their worst slavers and followers. I asked her why the Khanid are conspiring with the enemy, who take away all cultural identity so that most people can't see any difference anymore between Khanid and Amarr.

It strucks me somehow that those who once were fighting this evil are now their masters best servants, denying everything once was important and giving them a cultural identity.

I try to see the future of Minmatar in this. If we begin to think and act like the Amarr, if we join in their game on their conditions we will end up like the Khanid, losing identity and culture. This is not the Mitar way and maybe because the Khanid see their own failure in our successful uprising, our successful resistance they fight us this hard, sometimes even harder than the Amarr, are enslaving with more brutal force and a near to religious devotion to the twisted god of the Amarr.

We Mitar can learn from this, that fighting against something will in the end make us just like some of them. But fighting for something gives a perspective. That's why I'll never fight against the Amarr. I just fight for freedom. I fight for a better future.

For this better future we were exploring most of the day the Kourmonen system, searching for remains of this old prophet. We found some kind of church in deep space but there was nothing to get but some lost asteroids.

For I am a warrior, not a soldier. I may follow orders most of the time, but I take my destiny in my own hands and don't wait for someone who is telling me what to do. Fighting for Kourmonen was important but the Amarr were pushed back to their docking stations most of the day, so we had free hand to use the free space the fighters were giving us.

To enter unknown deadspaces, without knowing what will happen, without an bureaucratic agent that is telling you what to do and what not and ripping you sometimes off in the end, is more the kind I like to work. Someday, when I get better in flying in space I will be an explorer too. But before I can try this, I will have still a lot to learn.

My little Rifter was doing so well in this adventure! I'm so proud of it. It's a shame I lost it again, while being in an infight with one of the Amarr elite warrior corporation PIE Inc.

I respect their style of fighting so well! For I find them doing things I never see on other Amarr pilots, working with tactics and beeing well trained. It's a shame they are fighting for the wrong cause, that will in the end destroy them.

And even if we are enemies in this war I find some good respect for them. For you can only get a shining hero when there is a strong villain that he has to vanquish.

But even if they are better trained, better equiped, I can feel on battlefield that something is going to change. We are starting to win. The PIE was the flagbearer of the Amarr, but they seem to wear down and burn out. For there is no fire in the god of Amarr, it's just the coldness of death this god stands for. You don't get warm by their ideas you just begin to shiver of this coldness.

Flying my Rifter through all this, with hammering Autocannons and spitting lead and steal is the way we form the future for Mitar. Entering daring the deadspaces and telling passionate our friends in hisec about the things to gain here. Telling about the future! And they come!

Not just warriors, but miners and explorers and industrials and all other kind of pioneers. To take the worlds, get a hand on the future, while the Amarr are building Armortanks and retreat. Future Mitar!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.07 10:10:00 - [65]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/11/2008 10:33:16
Dear Log,

our offensive under general Sasawong is going well. We have set many Amarr systems on fire these days and the Amarr can do nothing but to let them burn. While all these last days my new ship, the Vigil, is doing very fine. It is no big damagedealer, alas, but it is daring and dashing and it's swift speed impersonates the most valueable virtues of our fleet.

The Amarr are laughing at me for they think it's just speed to run away. But in fact it's as our offensive an unstoppable rush forward to freedom! For the Amarr are quite funny; we outrun them in our small fast ships while they put on more armor to counter our advantage.

For not all Amarr are like this, of cause. Some of the Amarr are like some of their ships. Look at the Executioner, dear Log. This might be the smallest of their frigates, but it's build with negligible armor, lightweight and swift. I really like that small, fast vessel, for it's cheap, it's very fast and it even outruns most of our vessels. In compare to the Slasher it is a bit faster, for they have more space to install overdrives injectors into their engine, and beats him everywhere else but firepower, which is considerably greater on a Slasher. Even our Prince of all frigates, the Vigil, has to be fitted for speed to counter the Executioner.

But the weak spot is of cause its firepower and the small capacitor. The Executioner is the one ship I respect most on the Amarr side, while I would not say that the other ships are bad. But the executioner is no turtle like the rest of their ships -while even having decent armor for its size- and can get very dangerous. While we normally can evade fleets with more fighting capability just by outrunning them the executioner is the most dangerous one for it's the only one that can catch up with us and bind us.

So while our offensive is going well I just hope that the Amarr are not remembering the times they were constructing this fine vessel, that would go well in our own fleet if it would have some better support for autocannons. In fact we use this vessel for we are able to adept and take the best the enemy has for ourself and we have much fun for I prefer the Vigil and we are competing who is faster, who is swifter with it. For the Amarr are able to adept and they are able to fight as we do with Hit and Run, but it's a rare tactic for them.

The PIE's are often like this. We have been fighting with one of them yesterday and he did throw himself in battle even knowing that he had no chance of survival. This fervour to the fight we find on many of the Pies and also we did find a Pax Amarria in his wreck as we looted it. I have been reading some of it now. On first sight it is just one of those religiously devout laudatio to peace. But on second sight I found the failure of values in it.

There is no peace with the individuum destroyed. There is no peace in slavery and submission. There is no peace under the sword of Amarr. This is what I say. This is no peace, it's just the dead silence of the battlefield or the muteness of despair. Do not mix this up.

I found a Sebiestor song in our archives that is fitting well:


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.07 10:16:00 - [66]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/11/2008 17:06:39
second part

This is the story of Hezekiah Jones...

Hezekiah Jones lived in a place... in Huola.
He never had too much, except he had some land,
An' he had a couple of hogs and things like that.
He never had much money
But he'd spend what he did make as fast as he made it,
So it never really mattered that he had much money.

But in a cupboard there, He kept in the cupboard... he kept in the cupboard books,
He called the books his "rainy season."

The Amarr folks around the county there talked about Hezekiah...
They... said, "Well... old Hezekiah, he's harmless enough,
but the way I see it he better put down them goddam books,
Readin' ain't no good, for Mitar is Mitar."

One day the Amarr man's preacher came around
Knockin' on doors, knockin' on all the doors in the county,
He knocked on Hezekiah's door.

He says, "Hezekiah, you believe in the Lord?"
Hezekiah says, "Well, I don't know, I never really SEEN the Lord,
I can't say, yes, I do..."

He says, "Hezekiah, you believe in the Church?"
Hezekiah says, "Well, the Church is divided, ain't they,
And... they can't make up their minds.
I'm just like them, I can't make up mine either."

He says, "Hezekiah, you believe that if a man is good Heaven is his last reward?"
Hezekiah says, "I'm good... good as my neighbor."
"You don't believe in nothin'," said the Amarr man's preacher,
You don't believe in nothin'!"

"Oh yes, I do," says Hezekiah,
"I believe that a man should be indebted to his neighbors
Not for the reward of Heaven or fear of hellfire."
"But you don't understand," said the Amarr man's preacher,
"There's a lot of good ways for a man to be wicked..."

Then they hung Hezekiah high as a pigeon.
Amarr folks around there said, "Well... he had it comin'
'Cause the son-of-a-bitch never had no religion!"

Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2008.11.10 14:39:00 - [67]

Edited by: Eliza Velvetpaw on 10/11/2008 14:39:35
wrong channel

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.10 14:40:00 - [68]

Deah Log,

The vision of Alica is a bit blurred and smeared from the cam she is speaking to. She has dark and red rendered eyes and a bruise on her eyebrow. Her language is slurring a bit as she is beginning to speak.

Damn the Amarr!

She is pulling up the snot noisy and not caring about, wiping her right eye with her palm.

Tha' shitty attack te hav' don' to the Gallente space, dat Kador swine, shou' eat fedopoo. No' mi damich PoI, he's Gallente, is leavin' me fo' fightn' do' tha'.

She sniffs again and takes a deep draught from a waterglas with some clear liquid in it, blangs it on the console, with some drops hitting the cam.

Leavin' mi alon' with da fight to'a damn Amarr! We na hav' de mighty fleet o'de Gallente Navy, we just hav' a bunch o'frigs here to give'm wha' dey deserve. Da hold position, na fallin' back, I'd, I'd...

She sniffs again, rubs her eyes.

Bu' ey won't sto' fightn' de Amarr!

Hitting her fist hard on the console.

Dey hav' giv'n dem a bad beatin' up, nah? Beatin' up dem! Ey wha' no'? Leav'n me high 'n dry, I say! E'wha' shall'ei do no'? Can' do athin' cau' I ha' me, cau' I lov' em damn... Jus' damn 'im!

She sniffs again and something is blinking in her eyes, fast she hits the disconnect and the screen blacks out.

Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.12 19:14:00 - [69]

At the moment Alica is not able to write a log entry so she asked me to do so.

First off for the reason why she cant write: She was assaulted on a low level deck in the station where we live and is currently recovering from the knife wounds and alcoholic poisoning in a medical center.

We dont know anything about the attackers or the reason. Maybe it was an argument she had with them in a bar shortly before, i cant tell anything about it and she doesn't remember much of it too.

Somehow this is my fault, we had an argument the evening this happened and it all started with the news from the Gallente/Amarr border and the sneaky attack. It was all about duty, 'cause I told her I may leave the front at Matar borders and join the Gallente forces to defend the Federation and secure the freedom of the Gallente citizens. The Minmatar deserve their freedom too but if i have to choose which freedom values more? I dont know the answer I just know that the Minmatar can use every single hand to help them.

She ran off as i didnt listen to her reasoning which was about the strong and swift Gallente reaction crushing the Kador fleet.
I understand she felt left alone at this moment but it was my duty at least to ask if further help was needed for the Federation.

Well it looks like they dont need much help so I already decided to stay with her and the Minmatar militia 10 minutes after she left, it was too late I guess. I searched for her until I got the message from the med-center.

I hope these bastards have someone to prey to when I get my hands on them, they'll need it.

Orion GUardian
Posted - 2008.11.12 23:31:00 - [70]

Even though I cannot comply with Ms Wildfires opinion in some cases I feel somehow that I at least have to leave her my best wishes and hopes that the attackers will get swift retribution as it can't be that a capsuleer is victim of such a lowly crime.

Mr Bigfoot, I hope that you can find them as I am sure you can provide such. Concerning the Kador Attack on the Federation: I am sad that it came to this. Although I am happy to have caldari Prime back into the State I do not however support this war or the attacks. and I am angry that the leader of the Kador family attacked the Federation without a reason aggrevating the war even further and leading to a situation where we really might find a war between each of thefour Nations. I really hope that there will be no incidents happening betwen Caldari and Matari citizens as that is the only aggression that did not come up until now.

In best hopes

Posted - 2008.11.12 23:56:00 - [71]

All I see is a bunch of text, but no actual log. And without the logs, how are Minmaters supposed to make fire?

Posted - 2008.11.13 00:26:00 - [72]

Originally by: EnslaverOfMinmatar
All I see is a bunch of text, but no actual log. And without the logs, how are Minmaters supposed to make fire?

Hah, I thought only my old 2nd Aunt Halga told jokes that bad.

My best wishes to one of the best of us... get well Alicia, and if you need a new knife to repay them... well, I have a good collection, you only have to ask.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.11.13 04:10:00 - [73]

Alica, my thoughts are with you. I pray for a speedy recovery.

Bigfood, I do not know Alica well, but I do know she would not normally have such a reaction to you needing to leave to fight for your people. Perhaps there was a special reason she felt she needed you to stay?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.13 10:15:00 - [74]

Dear Log,

I'm back again. The medicineman of that medcenter that take cared of me said, I'll be allright and that I can go. Modern medical treatments are that effective even on our worst medic centers on the poor and rundown lower stationdecks that it amazes me.

The nanite treatment leaves an itch on my skin and I feel still sick like I have a flu. But the knifewounds have closed, even left no visible scars, the bruises are gone and the broken arm is working as ever. Today veterans don't have scars. They have the soft and smooth skin of babies with no sign of fight or injury, even death is an existential problem that is something we hardly remember.

I was shaken by the fall of Kourmonen which was the news of the day. But I don't want to talk about that. Most people tell me the war is about fighting ships, but that's wrong. The war is about freeing or defending systems. If the enemy is trying to prevent this, a fight is a result and the loss of ships the outcome. So many Mitar are enlisted to our militia but when it matters all the responsibility lie on the shoulders of around twenty capsuleers and their crews. Most of the very green.

I don't trust in numbers. I trust in people. The enemy is standing at our borders now. The next thing we see is the fall of Auga or Aset, for we few give what we can but the load is too heavy for a small Sebiestor girl and her few comrades. Please don't blame us for this, we have given all we can, some even more. Blame those who don't care.

But we never give up, we continue fighting. For some think the Amarr are weak and slow but that's not true. They are fighting with a rabbit religious fanatism that is not unlike our urge to freedom but twisted and evil in its cause. And they are more. I think around forty to fifty well organized, skillful and well equiped milita capsuleers. They can be beaten. But not by us alone. And not with gatecamps and roaming fleets.

The price for gatecamps and roaming to kill is Ezzara, is Kourmonen and will be Auga or Aset. Not just names, not just systems. People. Billions of Mitar women and children and men and history and culture. The Amarr leave nothing but suffering and burned earth where they invade. Don't forget why they are coming. They do not fight our system, they fight to enslave everyone of us, not to take some academic freedom of a Nation but the very personal freedom from each of us.

Hope. I got hope. For in the middle of all this the medicineman told me that I'm pregnant. It's not important to be pregnant for a capsuleer, because most of us are warriors and our enemy don't think twice before they open fire on our pods. Most of them don't. And even if I will survive in a clone, my child will be lost. So I try not to expect too much for eight months from now is a long time for a warrior like me.

I don't think I'm a good mother anyway. So much trouble I have, so much I have to take care of and every day I'm out there in the middle of laserbeams yelling our warcries and attacking battleships in pathetic little frigates that turn to exploding shrapnell several times an hour during a battle.

And in all this I carry a child? What's that? A child? It's a new Mitar that will see the world if its lucky - very lucky. And what world will it see? Most likely a world of chains and suffering, whips and hard labor forever, even life with a crippled mind as a True Slave defaced by evil implants. Serving with all his power the masters who done that to him.

I'm a warrior, not a mother. I'm used to give death, not life. So this is a new experience for me I still can't handle. I'm happy somehow but I'm also fearing the future that we will see. But I will not be the one that give death to this child. Most likely the Amarr will. But I have hope. Eight months... That'll be a long time.

But I'm not alone. Bigfood is caring well and doing what he can. He loves me. And this gives me the power to face the times that come.

Father Siddig
Posted - 2008.11.13 11:57:00 - [75]

Congratulations Ms Wildfire, from all of the pilots at 0RDINAL

Orion GUardian
Posted - 2008.11.13 13:45:00 - [76]

Edited by: Orion GUardian on 13/11/2008 13:50:15
Congratulations is perhaps a good thing, but I am not sure if it is fitting in times like these. Although I heard of a experimntal treatment using secondary clones to keep a child save while the mother is out in the void fighting.

I know that fighting means alot to you Ms Wildfire, but giving life is far more "divine" than taking it. If you were interested I could investigate further into that matter for you, or jsut give you the contact data of some friend of mine wwho is specialised in medical matters for Capsuleers. Because it is a traumatic incident if a mother loses her child,no matter how prepared she was.

My former wife was prepared as well, knowing the dangers of space. But when a rogue group of Pirates in Solitude destroyed her capsule tehy did not only tke her ship and body....she could not cope with it even as she was a veteran that fought bigger wars I ever have been in. Our relationship broke soon as she did not remain the same and ot even love could prevent it. So Please think well if you really want to risk an unborn life.

Greetings OG

Kathryn Dougans
Posted - 2008.11.13 16:16:00 - [77]

Alica, do you have a sister? or another female relative? or maybe another member of your clan or tribe? Someone in a safe place?
Maybe the doctors could operate on you, and transfer your child to one of them?

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.11.14 11:33:00 - [78]

Alica, I would love to congratulate you, but, well, it just sounds like you may be saying your preferred method of birth-control is Amarrian lasers. Please reconsider. If you raise your child to fight for our people, you will still be giving death. If the child does not survive 8 months on the battlefield, we have lost a future warrior. As you yourself have said in a thread about my corp, there are many ways to fight.

Whatever you and Bigfood decide, I will offer you any support you require, even if you just want to talk. You know you and I are too alike on these things, so you're safe with me :)

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.14 12:24:00 - [79]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/11/2008 12:29:44
Dear Log,

many thanks for all that congratulation for beeing pregnant. To give life to a new being is a mysterious thing but I am still a warrior. This changes nothing for me, for the cause of our fight, for the things I believe in. I do not fight stronger, I do not fight weaker, for I have always given everything and will give everything. Thousands out there in Kourmonen of our brothers and sisters are tortured at the moment, slaughtered, deported or suffering unspeakable evil from our enemy forces. And I am here to protect them. I shall say: "Sorry you millions, I got to save one life first, that even has not proved itself for anything other than just beeing barely alive?" And back off the fight? That would be a kind of treason how I see it.

I am not an important warrior. The war will go on without me. But we are losing this fight at the moment and I shall go and stab a dagger into the backs of my comrades in TLF just because I was bugged? And take away my pathetic small cannons from the armor of Amarr? How often was it this cannon that made the difference between agonizing defeat and dancing victory? Many times.

No. I don't back away from the fight, cause I am warrior first, mother second. No, I am not backing away just because I am a woman. Instead I will try to fight harder than any man out there, just to show my sisters that we are not the weak gender. We are the strong, cause we accept losses, we dare to put our existence into this. This is why we will win the fight in the end.

I really don't know what there is so much fuss about this, to be true. It was not planned and if some humans are having sex, this kind of event may happen. So what?

I will protect the child with my life. But I will not stop living my life and sacrifice million of civilian lives for it. I will not store the child away into the coma-dead body of a mindless jumpclone where it grows up. This idea nearly makes me vomit. In fact it prevents me to use a jumpclone anymore. No big deal for me, cause I did not use one anyway.

To bug my family with this? Even if I would have an idea where they are at the moment, first of all I got pregnant not them. To be true it seems like a good idea but it is a bit twisted to be true. I'm just a plain person, and I try to live myself and don't let other live my life for me.

But to value life you have to dare it everyday. That's what I believe. Those who hide in safe places and don't dare what they have to reach out for something bigger, those wont inherit the universe. Those who are willing to give life in the turmoil of war, in the middle of battlefield, yelling the warcries of their ancestors and with both thumbs on the trigger, those will. For I have something to fight for and I will protect it as I protect my own body. But I do not put it over myself nor over the body of the unknown miner out in the belt or the unknown man down below on the planet that is seeding the earth and feeding his family.

Do I have more to lose now? Yes. Do I have more to fight for? Yes. Those who avoid losses avoid motivation, avoid life itself, I say. And I really worship life and freedom, I live for it, I am willing to die for it.

I'm pregnant, yes. I'm a warriorgirl, yes. I'm stronger now than ever. I believe in the future and I don't think anyone should avoid the kind of life I am living, the explosions, the fights, that's life in it's essence. I won't withheld this from my child. It will hear me singing it will feel how beautiful it is to let the Amarr explode in blooming bursts of fire and steel.

A miner rises his child in a mine, a worker on the conveyor, the farmer on the field and a warrior in battle. That's what life is all about. And I don't step back now, au contraire! I am a tackler in a frigate. We are those "Kamikazee" type of pilots that throw themself into the line of fire. And I am pregnant. It's even more beautiful now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.15 14:56:00 - [80]

Dear Log,

the waves about the fall of Kourmonen were calming these days, while a new storm is arising. We see more and more Amarr invaders around Aset and while we can hold the position for a while the old problem stays unsolved about that special hour after their daily prayers.

I was flying again as a tackler but after that change in hyperspace that was slowing down all engines there are some dangerous lags in time-space continuum that make more and more of us podded out there. So the war is getting more dangerous as ever and everytime I am losing an other ship and fly home I get calls from Bigfood who is asking fightend: "Alive?" There are hard months to come for us.

My success with the Prince of Battlefield, the Vigil is only slowly evolving for I do know the strengths of this ship and the weaknesses not good enough. While I'm never sure if the loss of the last ship was due to change in time-space or due to bad luck or bad tactic of myself or of the disadvantages of my new ship, I am only slowly learning, and losing a lot of that fine ships at the moment.

While my comrades are lucky these days I had some strains of bad luck. Was shot down senseless just before a great battle happend that we won or something like that. Even the conquering of 'plexes is not going too well for me.

And most of the people still do not understand what the war is about. That this war does not mean to down Amarr ships but to conquer territory and free systems and that downing the ships is just a sideeffect of this task.

I'd hope there would be more reward in this for we are still not many pilots at this front and our ships are almost pathetic. The pilots in bigger ships just laugh and call us "pathetic frigate fleets that mean nothing". But they are wrong.

I heard rumors of bad things to happen when Aset falls. I even heard rumors about taxes that will come for those in the Empire when systems get lost and that this tax-money will be given to those who defend and conquer enemy systems as a day-income for victory-points as a share. The more systems owned the less the taxes, the less the pay, the less systems owned the more money to gain.

I am quite sure we are on the edge of a war on greater scale. And the future of Minmatar is in our hands. Pity few hands to be true. And again while we are dominating the lowsec on most hours of the day, this one hour is still the key to victory at the moment. And I have few hope for our Republic, especially for Aset where the decisive battle is slowly moving above the horizon. The battle that is driving us Minmatar back in the defence and putting billions after billions of free Mitar people under the knout of an enslaving, cruel and imperialistic monstrum of an Evil Empire that is praising the love of their twisted god while slashing off the heads of those who try to withstand.

Our despaired struggle against the Amarr Empire had been broadcasted in the Gallente Federation and some of their warriors have chosen to come for help. One of those is Frank Monkey and I had the honor to fly with him yesterday and who was the top pilot in the Gallente Militia before he chose to help us against the Amarr. The war here, all say, is very different from the war against Caldari.

There you have three or four fleets of 30 or 40 big ships that are roaming the systems at any time. Here you have one or two fleets of ten or twenty at cruisersize best. So the war is on a much faster level and most is achieved with frigate gangs. While hardly anybody is trying to conquer systems over there here this is in the middle of everything. It's clearly the thing that matters -not for all- but it's where the decision is made about win or lose.

And what we need are fleetcommanders that take care of this, not just of destroying enemy vessels, which is rare but which is evolving at the moment. I simply hope the best for Aset and for our people there.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.15 19:12:00 - [81]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/11/2008 09:48:19
Dear Log, something that was going through my mind to maybe cheer up some of the beaten down militia pilots for Ezzara and Kourmonen that nevertheless fight with everything they have - maybe I need a little cheering up myself:


These are the Tribal Milita,
of pilots and rebels of war!
Do not stay for long in hospitia,
these are the Tribal Militia!
They dress not like a Pudicitia,
they don't hang around in a store!
These are the Tribal Militia,
of pilots and rebels of war:

They do not look like a dapper,
have neither a credit nor shoe,
who cares will know them as scrapper.
They do not look like a dapper,
their best friend is ever the tapper,
or maybe on lowdeck a hoe,
They do not look like a dapper,
have neither a credit nor shoe.

If they deserve any nickname,
it would be a ruffian or basher,
their weapons wear medal and fame!
They dare an they dash all the same,
you find them for systems reclaim,
flying a Rifter or Slasher.
If they deserve any nickname,
it would be a ruffian or basher.

Here stands the Tribal Militia,
the cowardly hubby abhor,
ya lassie, ya laddie, we tag ya!
Here stands the Tribal Militia!
They boggle no lamer the laser,
accepting the chains nevermore!
Here stands the Tribal Militia,
the cowardly hubby abhor!

- Alica Wildfire

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.18 14:07:00 - [82]

Dear Log,

war is going on and while other capsuleers do not talk the the enemy I frequently open a channel, for I know the Amarr are human like we are just fighting for the wrong cause. And maybe where weapons don't change things sometimes words do.

But this aside some of the Amarr are not only able fighters, they are fair too. You all know that recent changes in warp technology and scrambler technology hardend the resistance of our drives against stasis webifiers but on the other hand opened a vulnerability to the attack with scramblers to the microwarpdrives.

While the second change is of questionable value the PIE Inc. informed me that they stop using the webbers on their ships and the fight will grow harder for us. For all that don't know: the Amarr frigates have low medium power slots and have to chose between scrambler or webber-devices.

I don't know if they are right with their decision, for I am experimenting with several fittings too and do not find the webifier void now. For the cheap stuff I am using did not change that much anyway. But they said -inofficially- that the pilots are adviced now to use scramblers. So the danger of getting podded by PIE will rise.

The discussion about humanity in fighting was quite interesting. For people that support the cruel slavery of their empire they have quite humanistic tendencies that I am not sure are in consense with their politic.

I do not love killing, I just love the fight on the battlefield and the exploding warmachines of our enemies. When I got hand on a pod, I usually do not find any good motivation to finish an unarmed off. This of different reasons and most are not humanistic, for I got no problem to kill. I'm a warrior.

But the benefit is questionable, I think. So if I can, I try to give a chance of ransom their life. While some Amarr may think of this as pirate practice it was a common practice in all wars I know to ransom prisoners for money. The truth is, we are not fighting the man, we are fighting the machine and with the machine we fight the empire and economy that is producing it.

With a fair ransom we get money in our war-accounts and can buy new ships and that is weighting more for us than a pilot on the other side stripped of some implants of questionable value for the fight for their cause.

So I'm not talking about "give us 60 millions or ya die!", I talk about a ransom that they think is fair, we look at it, if it is enough we let go, if he is trying to shit us, we shoot and give back the money. So we to not extort, we give a hand to help getting out alive. Not less, not more. For they are still our enemy. And I am only speaking for myself, not for anybody of the milita.

For our job is to clear the systems of Amarr ships, not to kill them. While I do not expect to be given this opportunity in a fight, and to be true do not care if it was not for the life of my child, which makes me think about it. But I won't let anyone make a hostage of that unborn and a weapon of war. So I ignore it and will ignore it when our enemy thinks this way. If something happens, that's fate and for me to be pregnant or not has nothing to do with my person as a warrior.

Who did ask any questions about the lives of the Mitar on Kourmonen or Ezzara when the systems fell? Right.

Why are people following ethics? Cause the enemy does? No. Someone is following ethics because he is convinced that this way is right. May the reason be logic, as for me, or believe, as for other, or because it is written in some books, that are holy, like some Amarr.

But in the end, ethics is a personal thing. And values of ethics may change upon situations. For I do follow a slightly existentialistic ethic, that is a little bit softer than the ethic of a -say for example- paladin. You may call it weak, for I am a bit flexible depending on the situation, but I found out, that a weapon that is bending sometimes is harder to break, lives longer and is the better.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.19 12:25:00 - [83]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/11/2008 12:27:09
Dear Log,

again I learned a lot. Yesterday I left the empire systems for a trainy mission with my corpmates. The adventure zerosec. While I was all way a bit jumpy about this the veterans were making jokes about my first encounters of the new.

To be true I was two times in zerosec, but while the first one was as a scout -to my luck in some very lone systems- the second with a militia patrol that nearly ended in a disaster but all came out alive.

This time it was a very caution procedure. We avoided some pirate camps on the way to the entry and got lucky through, the pirates missed our ships only by seconds.

The zerosec is a lonesome and violent place. But it's also a still wide and open place where everything seems possible. To imagine that this was the space humankind found and conquered makes me awe to our ancestors. Riches were lying for anyone who cares to pick them up or finding death trying it.

So speak of death. In my cargo I carried a small warp disruptor bubble, which filled up almost my whole cargospace. We were not entering this space in a mission of peace. We were entering it in a mission of pirate - to be true in a mission of training. Learn what the other side does, Bigfood told me, and this we were trying.

The second system I was commanded as a scout and the wonderful way of how I was describing the beauty of the bubble I was in made my comrades laugh. »I see lights, oh! quite nice ones. Are gate fitted with some sort of lasershow here? Oh, there is a big light! I think... oh. It's called warp disruptor probe, that means I'm deep in shit, yeah?« Giggling over com. »Damn we have to work on your status-reports, Alica. Are there any ships around?«

So to be in deep in shit can sometimes be pretty to view. I was lucky. The camp was gone, no ships were around. But it was my first bubble anyway. I would have been dead-dead-dead if they were still waiting.

We were patrolling some systems and checking for rich pirates in the asteroid belts, then my next task was to place my first own bubble. Quite a difficult task that need some experience. After a few corrective instructions by our camp expert the bubble was sitting in position and was quite beautiful to view. Beautiful and deadly.

Alas nobody is flying the zero-sec, don't know why. Only ship that was flying through our camp was a CovertOps frigate and that thing was unstoppable for me.

After some hours of waiting I collected the bubble and we were on our way home. What an adventure! But to be true, more action can be found in the warzone of our lowsec. For me the zerosec remains quite deadly alone. Lonesome with nothing to find but death.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.21 09:48:00 - [84]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/11/2008 10:02:56
Dear Log,

the warriors ordeal for Eran Mintor, who is touting for Sophie Starsparrow has happend. We called it the "Eve Walkabout". Such a walkabout is an important thing for us Mitar warriors. It is not only proving our boldness and abilities to fight and face certain death without hesitation, it also has to show smartness and ability to face the future, to face something that is greater than our small world is.

We rose up very early in the morning, it was about three o'clock in Eve-Standard, just a bunch of frigs of us. Two covert-ops, an interceptor and my little Slasher. Eran had been giving a bookmark that was leading him to the concord headquarter, which was an impressive structure that still needed some "paint" on the smoldering remains. In the drifting wrecks of the battlefield Eran found the first container.

In each container was hidden the next bookmark as some gifts from one of us three, that should be useful for the rest of his way. I think the one of mine was at the beginning, as he found some good "Spirts" in it in form of moonshine-vodka of one of the best Sebiestor distilleries I could find as well as "Small Arms" in form of two Mitar honour-vibrodaggers. To open the container he had to solve a small riddle, which was found painted on the surface of the container and which was the password to open it. Sometimes an arnt minor task. Lucky for him, Sophie was showing some smarts helping him.

The route lead us four through the Amarr hisec, while the Empire Navy tried to catch the three of us that were enlisted in militia. After a long journey we finally arrived at the next spot: The Eve Gate in New Eden.

Parrotwises Pharos was leading us to Phoenix. Which means a constellation in Fountain, a long journey through lawless space and dangers everywhere. But Fountain is a sector of the universe with much history and we four began to travel all the way long.

We drank some Quafe Ultra to refresh us, while traveling down. To be true on the whole journey we met only one bubblecamp and this was easy to avoid. The space down there was nearly empty but it was a thrilling one nevertheless.

In Fountain we followed the trace of containers while Eran was growing better and adopting to show smarts for this. Just exactly what was part of the ordeal, which must have made Sophie very proud of him.

We traveled through space with much history, learned about a stolen Titan that was defended here, an escort of Drugs that was convoyed to the empire long time ago and finally entered Serpentis Prime, where the journey found an end. Eran found himself gifted with some nice Gallentean planetary vehicles and the guns of Sophies father.

The travel back to empire started. I only log without all that details that happend on our journey, but I think that it was either fun and thrill and worth a warrior like Eran Mintor is.

Both are encouraged to tell about our journey with their own words, for I only did a very global journal of it and left out the beauties and personal impressions of this journey, because I think it is not my part to tell of them.

Long live Mitar! Love for both of them.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.21 14:42:00 - [85]

Dear Log,

while the joy of the successful walkabout of Eran Mintor is still keeping my spirits up -even if I'd wish we had some ordeal that is worth a warrior like him, my first idea was to hunt and shoot down a great and able Amarr warrior with a Reaper singlehanded, like general Yoshida for example- but the walkabout was a better one, for you should not cover your future with blood.

While my spirits are up I received a letter from one of our enemies, member of PIE Inc, that was not so easy to answer. I'm sure I found the right way to respond on it, cause between the phrases that my unborn child should drift in my frozen corps through space if I dare to bring it to life without submissing myself in the slavequarters of her production facility and praising the Amarr god for the salvation of my soul, I see that this letter was just the best wishes an Amarr can give a Mitar after all.

Of cause I have to say that I politely had to reject the invitation to her slavequarters and that my reporting there is as unplausible as the existence of any god around, especially the Amarr one. Even more unplausible for me to rub my knees on the stones of an Amarr chapel while worship their god and betray all values I live and fight for.

But of cause I see the good wishes in the letter and don't find it insulting. My personal relationship with several Amarr warriors are good and respectful, may be even friendly, even if we are fighting for a mutal exclusive cause and I can't imagine that PIE is beginning to declare war on unborn Mitar children. So there is only left to interpret it as a good wish and I thank for that.

It's a bit sad, that some members of PIE deny to talk with me. I'm keeping good enough relations to parts of Amarr militia that I am casually bringing their slaves to freedom here in Mitar. By the way, it's not that easy to free slaves like that, cause the customs would stop me doing that and accusing me of slavery, which is absurd.

And I still found no way to make the "Slaves" that are still unregistered legal Mitar citizen without doing a crime. I thought about bringing them to Pator, but what then? It's quite complicated and if anyone has an idea how I should handle that, I'd appreciate that. As long as this is unsolved they are living on my station as free people. They are of cause still not free, cause they can't move legally around in our space. Not my fault, but I'm working on that. Quite paradox, isn't it?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.11.23 18:15:00 - [86]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/11/2008 18:34:07
Dear Log,

we have been reading about the assault on gallente sovereign space the last days, while the Amarr Navy was holding still. You would normally assume a Navy is going to destroy an attacker, that's what a Navy is for.

But they didn't move.

Funny, isn't it? Maybe Kador was such a traitor that the Amarr found it an lucky incident to get rid of him this easy?

I am thinking that even if the strike was most successful for the Gallente the Amarr had more to win than to lose. Kador was known as a man of moderate politics. He even had an affair with a Gallente media-star. So, what's happening in Amarr?

I think they tricked Kador into this to get rid of a reformational backbone that was trying to reduce the Empirean Attitude of Amarr and was trying to give more freedom to the individuum, maybe a reformation of that crusted industrial structure that is still relying heavy on slave-workers.

I have informations at hand that some of the royal family in Amarr are buying weapons on the black market to even insane high prices that slipped through the border-custom-patrols. For what purpose?

Those cheap weapons are no use to fit in an ordiary army, those would prefer expensive high-tech weapons of cause. The cheap Mitar small arms are best serving in the hands of rising slaves and workers, in the arms of rebels and the rising crowds, that want changes.

So, the insane buyouts of small weapons fall in the same time of the takedown of one of the most progressive forces of the Amarr, the heir of the Kador clan.

All this can only mean one thing: there is a heavy fight behind the curtains about the leading position in the Empire and about the sort of politics they are going to do. Conservative or progressive? The progressive forces had beaten up badly by the Federal Navy, his fleet was dissolved and put under the Empires command.

For this stike not one Amarr had to rise his weapon against one of them. So -I ask, you, dear Log- who has won this fight?

I do not celebrate this, cause I think there is coming something dark and bad onto us. Something evil from the very darkest part of convervative Amarr that has gained power now to act. Without the progressive forces they have no opposition for whatever they plan inside. In fact their fleet is larger than ever, after assimilating the rest of Kadors fleet.

I can resist to celebrate this "victory" cause whatever I have learned in my fight against the Amarr - never underestimate them. I don't think the target will be the Federation, I think the target is the Minmatar Republic. Long enough have they waited on this and after the assault on Kourmonen their fleet have gained much power and confidence. The big strike is on its way and this while the Amarr are standing on our borders.

I heared rumors about several big Amarr corporations that will join the fight when the time of defense is over and they begin their great offensive to smash our forces.

The milita numbers don't count that much but even the numbers are falling down and down and with every week our forces are weakend while the Amarr stay or even rise their presence. Still we got the power to hold them docked most of the time - most but the one hour, that matters after their prayers. But how long? How long?

With the progressive forces destroyed it's now just a matter of weeks, maybe days. But I am sure, the storm is rising. There is nothing to celebrate yet. Nothing!

Next step that I am awaiting is the further takedown of progressive forces inside the Empire. Some of the more progressive warriors have been talking to me and asked informal if there would be a possibility for them to come to our side - exile? For the repressions against them are getting worse. Nightly arrests and deportion of family members are rising and the arch-conservative inquisition is stepping out of the shadows.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.11.23 21:53:00 - [87]

Alica, I am sorry this has taken so long...I was...waiting for something, but, been waiting too long.

You and Bigfood worked very hard designing Eran's walkabout. I didn't really know what to expect, but, was very caught off-guard by three things. The first was how 'new' I would feel. Every process of birth involves a 'casting-off' so, it was appropriate I guess.

Bigfood answered all of my stupid questions about how to refit my ship for null sec, before I went planetside to take care of some errands. When got back, we we're off. I felt very uncomfortable not really knowing what my role was, or when I was supposed to jump or wait. It didn't help that Alica and Eran have been my hero's since I entered Republic University.

We made it to the eve gate and Eran's trial began. It was sometime around here that I realized the gifts inside the containers were not the true gifts. I figured out what the clue was, but not really what it meant, my knowledge of systems is sorely lacking. Luckily, Eran's is better, and our first gift was the knowledge that we could work together.

That was the second thing that caught me off-guard : This was not a test of Eran, but of us. Not a test of strenght or wisom, or skill, but, a test of love. Wether your love and desire is strong enough, and, wether or not that's enough.

The second clue would have been the easiest, if I had not convinced myself it was another system and spent 10 minutes looking at my map browser. Once I realized that's not what it was, it was easy. I felt untethered again. The next two clues, Eran got instantly. I'm not even sure what the last one was. This keeps nagging at me. When the trip ended, I felt, still a little lost, but, better, somehow. I felt it brought Erana dn I closer. the days go by, it nags at me more. I know my love and desire for Eran are strong enough. At the completion of our trip, I felt his was too. Now...I wonder. I wonder if that is enough. The third thing I was unprepared for was this. The way a simple journey could play with my emotions so easily. I was not prepared for how close it would make me feel to Eran. I was less prepared for how that would highlight the distance between us afterwards.

Alica and Bigfood : Thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond. Thank you for showing me the beauty and purpose of one of our traditions I was a little disdainful of. Now despite my initial reservations about the usefulness of this tradition, I would highly recommend it as a necessary step to any relationship. Regardless of what happens, the seeds of my future were planted on the beginning of this journey, at the eve gate, where everything we know of began. Now the only question is wether it grows strong and vibrant, or into a frail, pathetic thing.

The walkabout tells you only if growth is possible, not wether or not it will grow.

Marduk Kilrathi
Veritas Immortalis
Posted - 2008.11.26 03:40:00 - [88]

I was a little disappointed that you guys didn't drop by for a visit on the way home. From what Sophie tells me, you were only 2 jumps away. However, if you should need to re-venture out to that area of space, I do suggest you go back via TXW and Stacmon. PF-346 will never be a safe trip in or out of Orvolle.

Deus Imperiosus Acies
Posted - 2008.11.26 13:31:00 - [89]

Ah, a fine specimen of Sebiestor womanhood here. 'Tis a pity, Ms. Wildfire. If not for the finest specimen of the Sebiestor woman belonging to me already, you would've made quite the candidate.

Scagga Laebetrovo
Failure Assured
Posted - 2008.11.26 14:38:00 - [90]

A specimen, yes, how appropriate.

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