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Tigerfish Torpedo
Underworld Protection Agency
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.03.25 09:55:00 - [601]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Knock-Knock. Who's there? Freedom for my kin. Freedom who? Free-Doom.

*Groans, rubbing his temples*

Dear Alica,

Please don't do that again!


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.28 07:41:00 - [602]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/03/2011 07:57:04
Dear Log,

the war we are fighting is going on. But unlike the last enemies these try to outdock us. So it's a lot of waiting. Many of their active pilots have fled into wormhole space and are not reachable for our patrols at all. We know of at least twenty of them that don't show up. We know that they have such a system under their control where they also have some logistics in with POS and all that.

So what can we do here? We show permanent presence and killed a solo flying Armageddon that tried to hide from us through logging off the capsuleer interface. Waiting… after some hours his ship was showing up on scanners again and we killed it. His corpse was a present to Frigg. Don't know if she'll take it.

The Jaegermeister Alliance, 30 members, that is present at the same spot in Derelik has gotten our attention by neutral remote repairing our enemies ships, by neutral spying for them and by other collaborative works. Most of the war fleeing parts of the Smacked Alliance is in their ranks by the way. While they are no decent enemies for the Federal Investigation Agency we asked a befriended corporation of hotheaded Minmatar if they would like to do it. To remember the enemy that no "good deed" goes unpunished. They enthusiastically entered the battlefield.

Young warrior with names like Yiiallla Liloixayunicque, Boadiccea Iceni and other infamous Matari freedom fighters were entering this war-theater with their corporation "Your Advertise here". Boadiccea Iceni is maybe the most infamous Matari freedom figther because of her war against the space nun Louella Dougans, whom she podded. A war she denies to talk about for reasons she does not explain and she closed her corporation after that. But back to "Your Advertise here" - funny name for a corporation by the way. And while we sit and wait they get all the fun. Like Myrmidon battlecruisers that just were bought and undock without any installed weapons or modules, solofights of Rupture vs Caracal of Boadiccea Iceni and a heroic attempt of Dian Cainte to take on the fight against a Drake, Caracal, Condor with a solo Rupture, an attempt that he stopped when an other ship, and Arazu Force Recon also entered the scene. He deaggressed and managed to dock again - already entering structure.

While I was on a patrol out there I watched the awesome fight and listened to their communication. "Wie man sich bettet, so liegt man", Dian Cainte said, a brutal and determined looking young Vherokior. "If this is the way you want to fight, you can have it." Only an hour later they grilled one of the best fighters on the enemy side in a Drake with two Ruptures - with a dual Guardian support from F.I.A. Their small corporation of low skilled "Pirates" has seen a lot of young hotheads that were going to join their ranks since this has begun. Most of their pilots not able to fly a straight Rifter. But they compensate this by enthusiasm and lots of ammunition, they told me. They are poor and most of them even fly just plain tech fitted ships and while we don't pay them for this -they proudly rejected any money- they said, that this war can be paid with the rich booty.

Well, while all the fun and fame belongs to our friends at the moment we can be satisfied with this campaign against the Amarrian industrial backbone. Derelik is shaken by war from Thiara down to Yarizza. From Zemalu to Nirbhi the gates are crammed by Matari gatecamps and the wrecks of Amarrians and their collaborateurs, the Nefantar.

The mining around Thiarer has stopped. We checked the belts there yesterday and didn't found even a barge. So I guess our war is quite effective. The ship deliveries to Amarr should be seriously hampered and prices already are on the rise. No kidding, dude.

The Jaegermeisters show with their 30 members more than ten times the action that the 415, sorry 363 pilots strong Smacked Alliance. And I bet they get a hundred times the fun.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.29 09:58:00 - [603]

Dear Log,

we added a small wing of Rifterpilots to our alliance, about ten young pilots with best hopes to get a decent war. Our enemies still drive the tactic to stay docked all the time and hopelessly outblob us if we try to get some action going. This must be very boring.

Our young Rifter wing of the corporation Piranhas School did their job awesome. But a few Rifters are not enough against a ship of 16 battleships with heavy jamming, Guardian and neutral Guardian support.

Well they sacrificed their small ships willingly and shot down a couple of those ECM drones but it was not enough for us to take the fight. Bummer. We lost a battleship and a recon trying to achieve something. We killed a Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship for that. We could have achieved more but our new tacklers are still in training and still not fully operational. Well, this was all we could achieve this day.

Something different. Let's talk about gods. While I don't believe in the existence it is a very interesting thing to learn more about the ways of gods and why they exist. There are certain needs for a god from social structure, from culture and from point of technology that has been developed in a society.

Like for example the Matari anchient god of Thor. Thor's symbol, the hammer Mjollnir is a symbol for hard labor but also is has the power of restoring life to the dead. It is a symbol for fertility. "Ich zeig' dir wo der Hammer hängt", is a Sebiestor saying for someone showing off his superior power aka potence. So Thor is basically a god for the common people, for the farmers, the workers - the miners and industrialists. The world of weather is important for farmers. So Thor is one of the most loved and worshipped of the Matari gods who has more followers than most others. Odin indeed may be higher ranked, but his knack for knowledge and wisdom makes him more a god for the learned and nobles. Odin is a very common figure in Sebiestor and Vherokior tribes, while of cause there is much diversity and the thing about believes is not that easy.

But if you look for those traditionalists among us, you'll see that I'm statistically right. Some tribes of cause prefer to warship their ancestors or spirits of some kind. This is what I mean with diversity, so I don't want to claim: "This is Matar." But you get the idea.

There are two gods of technology in our ancient myths. The one and most known is Loki, which is also a gray god, means he's a wanderer between good and evil with most people seeing him as evil. Funny that, because in other mythologies the bringer of light, the bringer of technology and fire to the men is punished or outcast for that by his kin. Loki is not just bringing technology he's also bringing the change. The destruction of what is, he's a revolutionary. What you have to understand is that there is no real "good" or "evil" in those ideas. They are certain ways that have their dark and their light sides.

He loves Freya, or Frigg, and like in many mythologies, also the Gallente, Freya is rejecting him. But he always tries to get her love. Means she uses him but she is not letting him take her. As a goddess for war and battle she represents not only fertility but also death and change. She's protector of men and society, the armed vigilant courted by many gods but she's a *****. She's picky. The better halve of those who fall in battle become guests in her hall Folkvangr, the other halve goes to Odins Valhalla. Those who die by age and sickness go to Hel. The god of the underworld.

You have to understand that you do not achieve anything in life without a sacrifice to the underworld. A sacrifice to the battle. There is no endless fertility no "peaceful" mining without the sacrifice. I was sacrificing a child to the battle. Many said "tragic", but after I lost a second one to the battle they said "stupid". It was not. You have to sacrifice but you never give up.

This is the only way to prosperity.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.29 10:29:00 - [604]


To sacrifice to the underworld means that you always have to spend a part of your life to prepare for war, for defense of what you achieved. To protect your family, your clan, tribe, your Republic. If you do not, you will go to Hel and those misers that just want to grab the money but don't share it, don't dare to sacrifice a part of it to the underworld are those who are hated by everyone. Are those who will never get to the top.

You have to dare to win. There is no gain in "playing" safe. If someone is just playing docking games and hiding from the fight his doom will come sooner than later. If somebody is only accepting the gank and is bailing the real competition. Because the hatred of the gods will come down on him. And with this I don't mean that some nonexistent being will really come down on him but his own psychology and his own regard in society will get him what he's longing for. The anchient symbols are symbols of wisdom.

There is an old poetry "Der Ring des Polykrates" which is telling the story about a man who is getting much fortune in life. And he tries to sacrifice something for it, a ring. But the gods do not take this as his sacrifice. They chose to take him his best friend.

So if you do not sacrifice, life will find a solution. You may be lucky, yes. Luck is nothing to worry about. But if you never never fail, you are not pushing hard enough. Your sacrifice will not be taken by the gods and they will turn on you and take that what you were not willing to give as their price.

Please understand this is not a story about the fear of luck. It is the story about a man that does not seriously sacrifice those things that are most important to his heart. A fleet commander that is not willing to sacrifice a part of his fleet will never achieve great victories. There is no gain in gank. There is nothing to achieve with superior fleets and 250 jamming drones on an enemy with clearly inferior numbers. You will pay for that. This is not a curse. It's just like it is. This is the wisdom of our cultural heritage.

Our young tacklers sacrificed their full fleet of Rifters to achieve this: each of them killed about four jamming drones before he got destroyed (halve of them bailed in time I guess). All in all this means there has been 40-50 drones destroyed, about a fifth of the drones on the battlefield.

And this happened even when our order was to dock up. And I salute for this. This is the spirit that will bear greatness. Only the will to sacrifice will get you to Folkvangr. Only if you spend a time for war you will be able to build something up. Only if you die in battle you will come to heaven. Those who never dared, never sacrificed will go to Hel. The underworld will take the last sacrifice then - your death.

Keep that in mind, dear Log. Carpe diem, use the day.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.31 09:18:00 - [605]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/03/2011 10:16:09
Dear Log,

the war with Smacked Alliance is over. We ended it - not with bad feelings but just because it didn't really was a war. It was a long waiting and while we waited for enemies all the time of the last three wars after two month of this it's enough. After our retraction finally they showed up. I was one of the last of our fleets on the field, in a Rupture and had a Rifter from our tackler-wing to cover a gate when they responded to the threat of my Rupture with not less than eight battlecruisers, a mix of Hurricanes and Drakes and additional a neutral spy and an unknown cloaked vessel, guess it was a Force Recon.

Yeah. Guess what you think of that, dear Log. They were not looking for a fight. They were looking for an easy gank. Our pilots were all already back to base so there was no chance for us to get anything up to counter this. I of cause was long time warned about their fleet and have withdrawn from my position. So they got nothing. If they engaged me in a fleet of fast frigates I would have been in high danger with my cruiser. Dare something sacrifice to the underworld to gain something. They did not.

I told them that I appreciate this initiative but that the war is already in the cooldown phase and we have widthdrawn our ships from the theater. Too late. A good chance for a nice war was wasted, I think.

We did maximum damage to them that was possible. Say those four-hundred people make about 50 to 150 millions a day and they didn't docked off for the two weeks. Count that together and you know what that means. Then add to that the loss of market-share at Rens and other tradehubs by that that we were ready to take over and that's another bit in our pockets.

The defense of their freedom should have been like the initiative they showed on that last day. To deny our fleet movement and allow their members their own movement. This would have given us something to attack and them something to defend. This would have cost them maybe a hauler here and there maybe a Hulk in a belt but on the other hand they would have kept up their members income while we would have been forced to sacrifice our ships.

This I would have called a war. This I would have called our defeat, if you ask me. Well, we didn't get down much -it was not bad what we got, sure- but I don't care about killboards too much anyway. Never did. It is nice to show some percentage but I always try to see the greater perspective of a war.

And this perspective would have been to bring the Amarrian initiative in Derelik to a grinding halt or if not a halt then at least sabotage them. Most of their active members left the battlefield and fled into a wormhole somewhere for the whole duration of the war. It is in effect what we were asking for: leave Derelik, Amarr.

And it showed that when we Minmatar fight them in front of our porch they flee. They leave Derelik to us. So, fellow tribals, just do what we did. Work further on sweeping the Amarr out of Derelik. And send their collaborators, the Nefantar back to Empire too.

So we have to make a pause from this campaign for the moment and use the time to get back to the militia front, where we will stand the fight against the Amarr 24th Crusaders again and protect the sovereignty of our systems from their attacks.

I would not call this war exactly a victory. It was not, besides some kills we got and a tower that we removed we lost the two major battles due to being outnumbered three to one or something. But we achieved what we came for. We stopped the Amarr to exploit our space for two weeks. And I wonder why no milita corporations from the Empire stops us doing things like that.

We really left a trail of destroyed ships and shattered alliances behind us these two months of war. Nobody came to protect them. Nobody came to stop our rampage on them.

The key in this war about freedom is community, dear Log. I hope you understand now a bit better what we were trying to show: Amarr is weak

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.01 08:59:00 - [606]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/04/2011 09:15:25
Dear Log,

the art of war, written down in the book "Vom Kriege". It's maybe not so famous as that old book "Art of War" for most of you, but it's covering everything modern warfare is about. It's an old Matari book of one of our Sebiestor generals and I strongly advise you to read it. Everything that you will need for your strategy you will find there.

For example if you are in defense, I may may repeat myself here, you have to leave your enemy a weak spot for the attack. If you don't allow him to do so he will find a weak spot you don't know about and you can't prepare to defend. So if you are attacked by small, strong force and you want to fight them off, don't do like our last enemies did. Don't go to build up an impenetrable wall "docked up" or start any engagement with such outnumbering that a fight will not happen.

Leave him a spot he can attack and which you can easily defend. Leave a gap in your defense to make him fight. Or you will even if you outnumber him and have any advantage at your hand lose the fight in the end.

Our enemy lost about 20% of their members during this war. They lost most of the income they had. They lost their market share at the major trade hubs. They were forced to do what the attacker wanted them to do. This is not freedom.

If you are besieging the enemy, leave him space and air to do something. Leave him a chance to make a mistake. If you just start to camp his docking spot you will only waste your time. Nothing will happen. Leave him a space where he can "safely" act. Or give him the impression that you do not care about something. Like his planetary interaction income or some transport path you don't cover. Then in a guerrilla way of war strike there when he feels safe.

This will give him the opportunity to either come to defense and bring in more ships or to lose something he is not sacrificing intentional to your fleet. If you are besieging an enemy, it is sometimes a good idea not to be there for days. To make him think that this siege is over, that you lost your interest in the war.

So the enemy has left two choices. To stay docked and don't do anything. This means you deny his income even without doing something. Or he starts to do something, which is exactly the thing you want him to do.

The war of Your Advertise Here has just begun. Two days ago Dian Cainte was taking down a Raven with his Rupture, a fight that is unthinkable because all pilots in this corporations are lowly skilled and his prey was a high skilled well fitted battleship. To attack a battleship with a cruiser is a stupid idea on average.

I wish I was there.

The ship crawled back to the gate the first time but the young warrior waited because he is always trying to do the unsuspected. And if you are camping a gate where the enemy is flying through he has a reason to do that. So he will come back again to that gate later if he didn't get through the first time. But this time the enemy came but just five minutes later. Most likely he refitted his ship for battle. So Dian had no big hope to win this fight.

But he did. Epic battle.

The war against the Jaegermeister Alliance is going on.

If you attack the enemy do surprise him. Attack in a mad but not stupid way. You have to prepare a tactic that will work but that will leave the enemy unprepared. Like a Rupture against a Raven. If you always suspect your enemy to make everything right you will never win if you are outnumbered and outgunned. Don't be stupid, but give your enemy the opportunity to make mistakes. Wait for that failure and use it for your advantage.

A perfect enemy can not be defeated. Good for us that there is no perfection. There can be made so many errors in a battle. Attack and hope that your enemy is so in panic that he's falling for one of them. And then you can win a fight that is impossible.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.07 13:16:00 - [607]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/04/2011 13:23:39
Dear Log,

peace is a relative thing to have. We have relative peace at the moment, just killing Amarrian 24th crusaders out in the lowsec that's belonging to the Minmatar Republic outside Rens.

Our last wartargets are slowly recovering from the war and actually showing up in the systems our pilots have just left. I have finally some time to read the last quarterly economic report and make my people work on the upgrade of the capsuleer interface on my ships. This grounds me for a while and gives a few days rest.

The economy is indeed suffering heavy inflation at the moment for ISK is pressing in higher and higher speeds into the capsuleer economy and I am thinking about how I can deal with that threat. While I have not the capabilites to make work all the money I have, I have given credit to friends and make them make profit with my money. Make money work for you. It's nothing worse than money that is lying lazy around in your wallet and the next war is of cause coming soon™.

What do you do if you want to make profit in New Eden? And this is a task I have to deal with at the moment. I do only have very few time to do this and the more profit I am able to make the longer lasts the wallet for the next war.

Mining in hisec without the boost of an Orca in a Hulk will get you best case about ten to fifteen million ISK. Even with the mineral prices rising this is not much. To fly missions for agents will get you about twenty to sixty million ISK an hour. Trading will get you about the same amount of income but you have to be sharp doing this of cause. Production of ships and that will give you about two hundred million ISK a day if you get hand on the needed materials. And the production of materials on planets has a nice daily income too. I still didn't check that out completely.

I do not know what I will do, but I guess it will be a mix of this. Because I do have a personal patience on those things that is very very short. If there are no Amarr that I can blast out of the sky, things can make me jumpy and unpredictable in a very short time.

There are some things that I always asked myself. It's very long time ago that I shot an Angel Cartel non-capsuleer from the sky. Am I better than say a year ago? How will that work now? Will it be fun? What is about the many things I always wanted to know about New Eden but never had the time to do? The only time I was successfully doing an exploration I botched the last part of it and wasted the true reward.

So whatever I will do now, I will not care too much about if it's efficient or not. I will care about if it's fun or not. Always fly smart. Always try to do something new. That's my motto.

My small Wildfire corporation is doing fine all the time along. My products constantly hit the Minmatar markets and some even the Gallente. It's about a billion up to three in ships every day I guess.

Something different. The recent change in CONCORD policy allows us to show off our tribal markings on our official portraits. So finally we can be proud and Minmatar again. I do know some Minmatar people who were not submitting any portrait because the refused to submit something without their marking. I'm curious what they will look like.

I didn't change much myself. You can see my humble Sebiestor warriors marking. It's not that aggressive like those of my Brutor brothers and sisters, but I wear it with pride. My family always were rebels. Starting with the original rebellion the path to this day was a long one for my kin.

And it will be long until we truly shall be free again. Meanwhile I'm practicing on my fiddle. I am working up the steep ladder of competence, still on the first steps but I manage to play a dozen or so of our ancient tunes now so that people who dare to listen can identify them.

It's a long march.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.07 13:45:00 - [608]


I started to name my ships after the songs I learned to play. I guess that's a good idea after the time I named them from alcoholic drinks or infamous and famous freedom fighters before that.

So if you ever see a Rifter that is named Maid behind the Bar or a Stabber that is called Julia Delany, a Maelstrom called Cooley's Reel, a Bellicose with the name Morrison's Jig, a Stiletto that is called Miss Monaghan or any other Matari ships called Musical Priest, Otter's Holt, Whiskey before Breakfast, My Darling Asleep, Cup of Tea, King of the Fairies or Off to Dodixie, think of me, think of our proud traditions.

If you listen to pieces like Chief O'Neill or Vherokhior Lady, like Molly Mallone, like Loch Lomond, hear tunes like Red Haired Lass, think of me. Think of the Tribal Liberation Force and how they are all fighting for the cause.

So much will to freedom. So much struggle and fight. So much will to survive. So much power coming up from the buttom of society, culture from the working classes, for the those Brutors that are still singing Cotton needs a' pickin' while the slash is going down on their backs, that you feel proud of what you are.

It's good to be home again.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.10 06:57:00 - [609]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/04/2011 07:24:17
Dear Log,

I have thought long about this culture thing and talked to other Matari about this. While some are oblivious to the issue other are highly interested. But that's the thing about culture. Most take it for granted, don't even see it, because they don't understand the true nature of it, don't see the full potential and the importance for a society.

When we all speak GalStandard through our capsuleer interface for example, we begin to lose a lot of words that our natural language would have. A word like freedom for example is just a combination of louds that are put together. And without a cultural background behind it, there will be no understanding of the meaning and the concept.

This I think is the reason why the Amarr react on us Matari if we talk about freedom so aggressive and not understanding. They do not understand the concept of freedom, the capsuleer interface is translating our word into something that sounds ridiculous in their language. A language that does not cover the concept of freedom.

If you want to emphasize something in Galactic Standard you double the word. This is very very simplified and limited method of expression. It does not cover all the disgust I'd like to express how I feel about that and the way I would use my words in Matari language to express my feelings about that can not be translated. The concept of this is missing, the culture is missing.

It is like a couple that is driving through the streets of a city and he asks, "Which direction? Left or right?" and she answers: "That way." "Left or right?" "THAT WAY!". See what I mean? The repeating of words doesn't put any better meaning to them even if you repeat them louder. It does not feed the needed information.

I am sure that the Newspeak of GalStandard doesn't cover the concept of freedom. It's all about ISK and war. That's the language we are talking. Freedom is just a combination of sounds in GalStandard. Most do not understand the concept and it just sounds ridiculous for them.

What is culture?

From the people for the people. Simple like that. It is the common expression of a community. And with this there is building up something that is much more impressive and expressive after some time. The language is becoming richer, new ways of thinking are introduced and concepts of living together are invented by that. I am not talking about most of the "culture" we have. The "culture" done by big megacorporations that sell us media and call it for example music. It is not. Culture is only the stuff that is done by ourselves. And nothing else. Stuff that is evolving from our daily life, from our community.

"If I want to see culture, I go planetside", a fellow Matari told to me. "There is rich culture all around." I say there is not. What we find there is just media. For us capsuleers, we are no part of it. Because when we go down there we are not part, we are just visitors. We can pretend to be part of it and I want to be part of it, but I am not.

Because I am not submitting.

Once I tried to link media in this log to show some of our Matari culture. It was censored by IGS/CONCORD as material not linked to us and our life.

I would like to make a pause at this moment and people shall think about that. True is: they are right.

Do it yourself or it never happened.

We have no culture. Capsuleer society is without culture. And I do not call the "New Edens Top Model" as a great cultural submit. Indeed it is the poor excuse for culture that we have. Even if the media that is playing to present the event makes me vomit in a way where I need my zero-g science skills to calculate long range trajectories and could use it as a kind of overdrive for my ships thrusters.

So, there has to be done something. I plan this cultural thing, this cultural gathering but where do I start when there is just nothing to start with?

I guess start small and see where it goes.

Daemeon Fyral
Posted - 2011.04.11 12:44:00 - [610]

Ahh, Mrs Wildfire its been far far too long since we had that quite memorable (at least for me it was) dance at the tribal sins launch party. I hope you've been well, I'll need to go back and review these public journals of yours they seem quite interesting. Anyways I look forward to seeing you again, and may I personally extend an invitation to the grand opening of my own establishment. Contact me if your interested and I will have you added to the VIP list. Take care.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.13 09:15:00 - [611]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 13/04/2011 09:16:13
Dear Log,

it's long ago since I danced last time.

Yesterday there has been an ionic storm over the Alakgur system and the authority was advising to stay docked until the rare sun effect was over. Everytime there is an ionic storm you can't stop me from undocking.

The scientist tell you that highly energized particles were projected from the sun from the collapse of a corona arm or boring things like that. Truth is that the particles are a lot of fun. They begin to strike your shields in a very spherical musical way that it begins to sing in your interface. The faster you travel the more shaky the ride begins to be and after you passed the projection velocity you begin to ride on the effect of the waves.

That's the time your control of the ship begins to soften, the steering is going to get wishy-washy, the shaking and rattling of the cabin begins to smoothen out and if you manage to ride just in front of one of the waves, it begins you to push forward faster and faster even if you turn off your thrusters.

This is all interesting and challenging if you are a pilot but it is like making love if you are the ship, dear Log. If you are a ship you can feel the tickling on your shields, the heavy pushes from the waves, the loving caressing of the universe when the projecting beams touch you everywhere.

I never miss the opportunity. I close my eyes -my sensors- on the peak of the event and just breathe the space, the speed and the gravimetric forces that are coming over me.

I crashed my ship into an asteroid belt again. Bummer. That was not nice. That was like a coitus interruptus. ****!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.19 07:22:00 - [612]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/04/2011 07:31:49
Dear Log,

we are having some slow days which we are using for recreation and fun. Like the slaughtering of Amarrian vessels in Niarja yesterday. That bottleneck system is infamous for being camped by suicide commandos and we closed the traffic for enemy weapons trade. A bit over halve a billion destroyed, fifteen ships with cargo worth millions. Funny about that was that one of the deliveries we have blown up was initiated by a member of my own business network. A bit over-insured, I guess I made 300 million ISK by that accident. I was having a good laughter when I discovered the fact this morning. Sadly the delivery was destroyed, the stuff needed for my production will not reach the facility anymore and this means: Wildfire Idleclub Celebration!

This is nothing more than just a needleprick into the soft underbelly of the Empires but I'm sure it hurts. The summertime is nearing and with that many capsuleers are taking a time off duty. So the demand on the markets go back and the rapid inflation comes slowly to a grinding halt.

When the summer-deflation will start many industrialists will face a hard time selling stuff, which also makes them drop the issue. Which means fewer pilots are active and so on. We have seen this many times before and it's not looking different this time.

Well the FIA is looking good anyway. Our corporation has it's ups and downs but it's a stable community. I don't worry too much about that. I just see friendly corporations dropping down on their knees as enemy corporations too.


On the other hand maybe I can manage to get laid in a field somewhere. Or take a bath in a warm reactor cool-down pool.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.21 08:39:00 - [613]

Dear Log,

can you tell me what is the soul?

People talk about that thing a lot. Religions write about that in books that fill whole libraries. Some people claim that they can see it. Some say they can hear it, feel it, some say the soul will exist forever. The soul is even able to come back from the death and can exist after the body died. Some people believe in ghosts.

I died five times now as a capsuleer. Five or six or seven, who cares? Five times since I'm a member of the FIA that's for sure.

So when my body died and myself was resurrected by clone technology my soul is living on in new flesh? Is a computer with a connected database with the configuration of my brain a ghost storage?

Or do we make a mistake?

Is it possible to divide the software from the hardware? Is there something like "the soul"? Can the configuration of hardware stored into a harddrive and restored into new hardware? Into a new clone? Or is "the soul" not the configuration of our hardware, not software but the symbiose of both?

Is this dualism between soul and flesh wrong? If this dualism is wrong am I still the person that I was before I died… the first time, the second, the…

And if there is no life, no living without hardware, without the mundane component of our existance, without the sweat, the body fluids, the sex, the love, the failure, the shaking if you are nervous, the strain of hair that is not fitting in the place where it should and the wrong picture that that damn mirror is daring to throw back every morning which is the reason that you have become the best friend of the salesman that is selling the bath accessoires on deck 132.

So. Am I still the person that I have been before I was killed the first, the second, the third… or am I just thinking that I'm the same person. Because I do not see any difference, the whole process of cloning is making me think I'm the same without actually being it. Like a good conman is making you believe in the trick he uses on you to strip away the best of yourself. No I don't mean money, I just lost a great part of that because I have given it to a friend who was speculating with it and now went bust and…

Back to the issue. How can I know that I'm the same person after cloning? Where can I know that I'm the same person when I wake up in the morning and have slept overnight? Am I the same person after I close my eyes? Am I the same person even the next second after a blink of an eye?

To be honest, I do not know for sure. But I guess I'm not. I change all the way all day long every time a moment passes which is quite often on an average day.

The only thing that is keeping the same is the way other people see you. And if they were not seeing you and giving feedback on you, who would you be? It's this Zen-thing: "How does a falling tree sound that nobody hears?" How am I if I'm not in a community? Who am I when nobody sees me?

And when I'm on that issue, while everybody can see me, everybody is changing too. So the way I am seen changes like I change. It is not a way to find out who I am, or is it?

And because people have fear to see the truth that they are constantly changing, they are like foam on the sea and nothing about them is for eternity, is this the reason they believe in a paradise when they die? That their "soul" is forever and will live on? That they believe in a god? Something that is not changing, that is not fading? Something they dream of that is not natural. And not facing death and end of existence?

Something that is not real.

Reality is painful. And you lose more to it than a couple of mirrors.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.23 09:22:00 - [614]

Dear Log,

I tell you a bit about feeling good. Because this is the mundane expression for gathering spiritual energy, which is the other way to express it. It is important that you understand the principle of spiritual energy. It does not exist. You can not touch it, you can not extract it from matter, like you can't do with braveness, loyalty, boldness or many other concepts. Those concepts are all very simple sets of behaviours that as a set give you a bit more than the sum of it. So I want you to understand, that I try to express something that is very basic for everyone and you don't get caught by the words I use to express it. I could use other words, but I think "spiritual energy" is the word most people will understand and have it in common.

Most people just fight about that like a bunch of hungry rats that fight about a crumb of bread that has fallen from the table.

They try to gain it, get it from the other people, try not to lose it like a miser. The method they try to gain it is the drama.

There are a couple of drama to gain this. The most common drama is the "I'm better than you" and it's counterpart "I adore you, you are so much better than I am". Every drama is a game and if you begin to play the game it's very hard to quit. While the one who tries to raise himself over the others, by sucking their energy, tries to get attention by this the others begin to suck energy by raising expectations that the one "on top" is harder and harder able to comply.

That's the first basic drama. You see it by popstars and fans, by many couples, by aristocracy, middleclass and working class of any kind, by friends where one is picking on the other. "My poor self" is also the name for the submissive part of this. It is important that drama never produces energy, it's just an endless fight about the energy that is there.

The second, more brutal aspect of basically the same drama is the same but more destructive. Like the master and the slave pit. While the one is raising himself by violence and total control above the other the defensive drama is the total submission under him, putting all responsibility about everything on the master.

These two methods to suck energy are the two basic forms that you see everywhere. You see it in different shades of the one or the other between parents and children, between husbands and wives, between bosses and workers, just everywhere. No energy is gained. They just fight like rats.

You can not really see what is going on because this fight about energy is happening by concepts of psychology. Mind that.

Now the few methods to gain energy from yourself, to actually produce it. People who can do this are very rarely found.

One way it the devotion to a god. While gods do not exist it is in a way like the first or the second drama, just because the other part is imaginative no energy is drawn from a person. And while no god exist you burn yourself up by that in a way like a nuclear reactor core. You change, you lose your self and become more and more dependant from that imaginative friend. But it works. People feel enlightened, gain on a higher spiritual level by this without the destruction of others. It's a bit like an autodrama I would say. Way better than the ratfights anyway.

You have just the problem with radiation and nuclear waste disposal by burning your own core up.

The next method up the ladder to gain energy is, if you like to say so, the opening to the natural source of energy. The perception of beauty. Like climbing on a mountain and looking all around, like watching arts, like listening to a singing bird. If you learn to open yourself to those natural resources, you get on a higher spiritual level without drawing energy from anywhere. But this method takes a lot of time. People that go fishing for example know what I'm talking about. People that have learned to meditate.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.23 09:46:00 - [615]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/04/2011 11:22:16

Now that I'm talking about beauty and about the way of learning to fill your spiritual tanks with energy the ways are getting higher because they get more and more efficient but need more and more skill and knowledge, more and more know-how.

The highest level to gain energy, to produce it is through working with the natural beauty in a creative way. To be creative, to sculpt the world under your hands. This might start with building something as simple as a table and end on the final stage with something where you start playing with the natural sources of spiritual energy in the form of arts. Like a musician, that is first listening to the singing of a bird, takes the melody and is starting to playing a whistle to finally become the bird himself.

That's why I find it so important for everybody to learn to express himself, to learn to play an instrument, writing poems, gather knowledge because only a spiritual rich warrior is a strong warrior. Is a warrior that can pull himself out of drama and can act in a surprising and creative way. The dance on the battlefield is still a dance. But it is no dance if he has not opened his sense to what he is doing. Just to kill someone at a gatecamp has nothing to do with this.

Most times people use mixes of those five methods to gain energy. For example at a rock concert it's often a mix from the highest way, when the musicians gain it from making and manipulating beauty and the first or the second ratfight depending of the craziness of their fans and the show they do to produce themselves.

The highest way of such a concert would be, I think, when all people taking part in it would use the forth and final stage to gather energy. But that way isn't very popular nowadays any more. The important thing in this process is, I think, that all that come together are equal. And nobody is made "a star". Because if this happens, the ratfight begins.

This is very hard. And maybe it's utopic. But it's the way I try go. When I see the dance of a warrior like Merdaneth on the battlefield, I enjoy it. It fills me with strength to see it.

And for him it will be very difficult to destroy his opponents on the field without using the second way to gain energy, gain energy by violence. And if he achieves this, he is just dancing. He would be playing with beauty and everybody that sees it, fills his heart with energy. When we learn to respect our enemy we learn to respect ourselves.

A strong heart. This is what we Minmatar try to get. This is the heart of the Minmatar warrior. And this is what I try to make you understand, dear Log.

And where is love? Love I didn't mention, because it has so many faces. It can be vampiric like the first way, it can be destructive like the second, it can be enlightening like the third, it can be a natural force like the forth way to enlightening or it can be a creative firework if you are lucky.

Learn to know your heart, warrior. And fill yourself with the beauty that is around you. Do not fight like a rat. Try to be brave and educated and dare the step above this.

Learn to make music. Learn to dance. Have a strong heart. Have joy. Freude!

Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
Tochter aus Elysium!
Wir betreten feuertrunken,
Himmlische, Dein Heiligtum.
Deine Zauber binden wieder,
was die Mode streng geteilt,
alle Menschen werden Brüder,
wo Dein sanfter Flügel weilt.
Seid umschlungen, Millionen!

If you kill or get killed - smile, enjoy. Dance to the tune, do not fall for the drama. The drama dies if you uncover it. And this is the first step you have to achieve on this long path to enlightening. Freude.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.04.30 09:13:00 - [616]

Dear Log,

Aristocracy. What's that?

It's the institution of blood. That blood weighs more than deed. That birth is valued over labor. That everything that a man owns just depends on who he is not on how hard he is working for it. That it's more important that you are famous and popular than crafty. That you are high born and established with privileges than that you are skilled and cunning.

There are many examples for aristocracy in New Eden. Beginning with the blood-proud Amarrians and their hierarchical structured society, with their most hated counterpart, the Blood Raiders but they are pulling in basic the same strings. There are the V.I.P. of Gallente media megacon, film diva, pop stars, and many more.

Even in the realm of industry where deed should be valued over old blood you find aristocracy. Those who own T2 bluprint Originals and the many that don't. Yes, also this is aristocracy. Because some very few people have an advantage from money, from name, from power over the rest of us. While you can not control the market of New Eden with a blueprint for Ammo for example you can well do it with a BPO about a ship that is seldom sold. Like a HAC for example.

Old blood holds privileges and controls the market in a way that is most often unfair, monopolistic and not giving the average entrepreneur a chance to compete.

While I could say: let's behead those bluebloods or destroy their BPOs it's not what I'm thinking of. I say let's put some serious work of science into the progress of BPC so that they do come out of the costing and straining process of invention with a better result for their efficiency. Without the need of extremely expensive and therefore counterproductive prototypes and datafiles.

Let's go and fight the industrial aristocracy. I say they have stuffed their pockets full enough with cheap and easy money that they made from money not from work. That they made from privilege, from long lasting membership as a capsuleer and not from hard work like the younger of us, like myself.

Like my kin who are fighting against the stagnation of process by privilege and aristocracy and that really believe that hard labor can make you someone and that it's not important to be born old or born in the lucky old days.

Behead the aristocrats. All of them. Not by the Guillotine (which is of cause an alternative that showed to work well enough in the old days), let's do it by competition.

Free the market. Go home old farts! Here comes the revolution.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.01 10:09:00 - [617]

Dear Log,

what's the basic of freedom? Equity. Which means that all men are equal in their birth. That not a name, a race, a family, a bloodline is telling you the story about who he is and what he can become but only his life. His deeds, his decisions, the choices he makes.

The eternal question of mankind is: is fate in our hand or is it in the hand of a superior being? Or is the universe determination? Is there no fate at all because all that can happen has already happened and everything is planned by a god or already done?

In a static universe where the decision of a man has no influence where fate is static because it already has happened has already be done by god the almighty and all planning superior being the man himself and his choices are becoming meaningless.

Because whatever he does had god planned and done before him. This is the determined universe that leaves no choices, leaves no freedom, leaves no hope for those who are suffering and is despair for those on the bottom with just the hope that in heaven the meek will be the first.

But this is not my universe.

In my universe there is hope. In my universe the deed of men can change things and only they can change things. So it's up to you and me, dear Log, if we live in hell or in heaven - on earth. And we only have this one life. And it's not the praying for forgiveness to a god that is changing the thing or making peace with the injustice that is but our fate is in our hands. And when we want to behead the tyrants, aristocrats and privileged we take our weapons in our own hands.

My the weapon be the word, may it be the embrace or may it be the Rupture. Important is that it is in our hands to make a better world. To make the world a best possible world of all for everyone. And for everyone means that we handle all people equal. And the differences we make are the differences of their deeds.

Work ennobles.

And the only noble I will ever accept is the noble of labor. The noble of deed which is the one that I'll respect and that I will bow my head to.

Not to a name. Not to a bloodline. Not to a inherited title. Not to a god and his kind of world.

Ours the world. Not his.

This is the basic of the Minmatar rebellion. This is the freedom we are fighting for. Behead the aristocracy. Slit the throat of a determined god. Reject the almighty creator. We are the creators of our own fate. And nobody is allowed to take this from us.

And those who try to stop us, try to stop an army of Rifters, Ruptures, Hurricanes and Tempests. Stop our tales. Stop the gods and spirits on our sides, that are showing us our path but are not walking it for us. The spirits and gods that leave us free and do not enslave us under an unchangeable deterministic world that has no fate, no hope, no future for the Minmatar. A static world that is just keeping the status quo, is keeping the things how they are - forever. That's what the Empire wants.

But we are here for the change. We are the rebellion. We are the freedom. We are the equity of mankind. We are the noblesse of labor. The nobles of deed. The spirit warriors. The true hearts.

Try to stop this and perish.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.03 20:36:00 - [618]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 03/05/2011 20:39:26
Dear Log,

on Matar spring is coming. I was planetside to visit one of our big spring celebrations. While down there to take some vacations I went to one of those rare remote wilderness locations while most of the planet is devasted and exploited by Amarrian occupation, nature has taken back what the Amarrians were only able to control for a while but never were able to own.

We won this war. The Amarrians are gone. We are still here. This is the reason why most invasions are lost earlier or later. They leave but the locals still stay. They love the place, they live there. Gaia recovers.

So I sat myself under one of those large spreading oaks, his old branches stretching over me and the birds singing their song. It was a small wilderness trip up a small ravine, uphill at the side of a creek until I was alone on a small plateau in those highlands. Peaceful while most places are not peaceful at the current times but those lands are sacred to my people.

I sat under that tree and played the fiddle. I after a while I was noticing the birds stopped to sing. While they were singing all the time because it's spring and they were singing to get a mate they stopped and listend.

Well, I'm no good fiddler at all but it seems that I'm good enough for those birds. But something wierd happened after a while. They started to sing again. They started to imitate the singing of my fiddle, especially the high pitched parts of the old melodies I was playing. They imitated it, they tried to play with me and echoed some of the parts I was playing.

After two hours I was done and sat there in silence, just listened to the world around me. The world had changed. The sound around me had changed. While I was not sure what it was, the music of the birds changed, I was quite sure.

While I'm doing those trips sporadically I usually try to focus and get myself aligned again. This is something a warrior has to do from time to time. If he forgets about taking a step back he begins to concentrate so much on his finger, pointing to the moon that he forgets about the moon. About the larger thing he is fighting for. About the spiritual war we are fighting out here.

I was going asleep that night, only the cicadas were chirping their endless song. I tried to ignore the blood sucking midges that tried to eat me alive and went asleep early, for it was no good idea to make light to draw more attentions from the bloodsuckers than necessary.

On the rising sun the birds were beginning to sing and I awoke on a clear audible variation to that "My darling asleep" tune I was fiddling the evening before. And a second bird was repeating a nice part from an other melody that was part of "Otter's Holt" and I fairly recognized the one or other short phrase from other pieces I played the day before.

They were not just repeating them, they had worked on those melodies in a creative way. They were singing them in a way to try to get the attention of female birds I guess. Or because they loved them. I don't know.

True story.

What's the moral behind this, I can't say. I was just so stunned by this, that it left me speechless and I had to tell you, dear Log. It was a damn good morning. I guess you have to be there to feel what I try to express. You have to do this yourself to understand what it means to become a bird for a blink of an eye.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.06 18:02:00 - [619]

Dear Log,

why, you may ask yourself, does this little scrubber of a Matari girl-warrior makes so much noise about things like music, arts and culture? Why doesn't she just come here to kill and get killed?

Soldiers of all times have asked this question when they were told to learn to to recite poems, work on their calligraphy and study their cultural inheritance. "Why not just grab my weapon, go out to meet some interesting people and kill them? Why this nonsense about culture and arts and things like that?"

You're right, dear Log. A soldier should not learn these things. A soldier is just a little cog in the gear that has to do what he's told that has to obey commands go and kill or go and die. He is not part of the society he's protecting, he's just a hound. He's the monster that is guarding the entry he's not allowed to come in and see what he's fighting for. He is not free. He must not be free. Because if he would be he would be able to say 'no'. Which is something a soldier must not do. A soldier is outside the community he's protecting. He's a slave.

That's why the Minmatar Republic does not have soldiers.

What we have are warriors. And a warrior is something different. We are part of the community we protect. We understand the values we protect, we learn our own culture, we are not only consuming them as spectators, we are the community. Not a child, not a woman, not a girl or boy is taught to be something different than being a warrior in our society. We live for the war. We die for the war. Not because we are told to, but because we are the war.

And this is the reason why we learn to play instruments, paint, rhyme, dance and do science. But whatever we do our primary purpose is the war. Because freedom is never given to you. Freedom has to be taken from the cold dead hands of our oppressors. And if you shoot our officers we chose an other one from our midst. We do not fight because we are told to. We do not kill because we are told to. We do not die because we are told to. We live the whole thing.

We are the community.

And there is no one outside. We learn to fight. We learn to be free. We learn to express ourselves. And this makes us better warriors than the puppets that you call soldiers. So the structure in our forces is not a command-execute structure like those you may know from the Empire. Our structure is the assignment-responsibility. And this can not be executed by soldiers. We do not wait for orders. We do what has to be done.

When we salute we know that we turn the ventail of our helmet up to honor our enemy with a clear look in his eyes. When we shake hands we know that we take our sword arm to do it and shake it to show that we do not have daggers up our sleeves. When we drink to the other we bang our mugs together and look our friend in the eye so we can't see if our drinks are mixing up because we know we can trust each other and there is no poison involved.

This is the kind of life we are living. This is the codex of a warrior nation. Nobody is standing outside. Nobody is a civilian because to fight for your rights, to fight for your freedom is the first and most important duty for yourself and for your community to do.

And nobody needs to tell us. We are freedom.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.09 08:45:00 - [620]

Dear Log,

we're dancing.

What does that mean that we 'dance on the battlefield' and that? It's about dancing, it's about the one true truth of life that everything that you do is in it's core a kind of melody. A melody that you should try to listen to and that you should try to dance to. And if you do manage that you will feel good, joyful and will better understand the world around you.

What's that for a melody of the battlefield I'm talking about? Maybe you have discovered in battle that when you do not follow the melody, you do not play the tune the things are getting awful fast and that your reaction to events are getting stressful.

Look at the melody when fiddling. The tune needs a certain speed to 'work' so try to get faster with everything you do. The dance needs a certain rhythm or you only are waltzing through the events like sitting in a big fat flying brick like that crappy Drake-thingies. Hard to dance in that thing if ya ask me. But back the the idea of dancing. Everything in life has his melody. If you prepare the breakfast there is a melody, a tune, a certain rhythm in which you are working and many of our Matari tunes have names that are related to specific tasks we are doing. Ancient slow Brutor slave-working songs like 'Cotton needs a picking' to more joyful Sebiestor tunes like 'Maid behind the Bar' or 'I Buried my Wife and Danced on Top of Her Grave'.

Why do you need a melody? Because it's very very hard to play the fast notes of our tunes, but it's getting really easy if you begin to understand the tune, begin to have insight in it. And when that happens the single extremely fast notes will come to you without effort. Because there is a system in everything, because melodies are natural.

If somebody just tries to play fast without this insight, his tunes will be ragged and falling apart, the single notes will not be pronounced and the whole thing will sound crappy. Because it's not possible to force your fingers to play that fast. Your fingers have to follow the rhythm of the beat themselves. Rhythm is a way of understanding the world in a way that makes you extremely fast with everybody watching you looking as if it was just moderate fast and natural maneuvering.

This is what you have to learn in battle. Find your rhythm. And dictate this rhythm on your enemy so he isn't able to find his own rhythm himself and with this fails.

It has been said often that sword-fighters are dancing and that they only get really fast, when they learn to dance with the sword. This is true. But it's the same with everything. It's the same if you fly a Rifter or a Rupture, it's the same when you prepare a 'Cup of Tea', it's the same when you write a poem or do your daily work.

You have to find the melody of the thing you do. And after you got that tune, you practice to play it faster. And then you start to play with the rhythm a bit to play a bit groovy and you try to find variations of that tune. That you start to variate some parts of the tunes with ornaments, with small changes without disruption of the whole tune.

And if you do this right no battle can be lost. Because even you enemy will be stunned by the beauty of your tune.

Dance, warrior. Learn to dance.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.14 09:19:00 - [621]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/05/2011 10:44:15
Dear Log,

living means breathing. And even music that isn't breathing isn't music. Life is breathing because it's the exchange of essentials. Like the cycle of water that is sustaining life on the planet, it's the sharing, the knowledge of dependency of symbiosis of all living creatures.

When I'm alone floating in my tank that is inside my pod melt together with my ship to one being I sometimes listen to the sensors. Not only to the sensors that are directed to the outside of the ship but also to those to the inside. I listen to my breath. I listen to the noise of the engines, to the noise of the oilbath that are smearing the cogs and the gears of those heavy machinery inside. I listen to the crew sitting in the mess and laughing, to the crew in their quarters, sleeping, making love and at the central air shafts and the air that is blowing through it like a storm of life.

I'm listening to my breath and to my heart. And I know that I'm not selfsustained. That others are around me which interact with me. Interact on the market with goods, interact at the docking spots, in the belts or in a battle.

And everywhere where life is there is air. And where air is there is music. And where music is there is air.

It's a bit cryptic, dear Log, do you understand what's the meaning of this? Send me a mail when you got it, cause that would help me a lot.

I just don't see life in dead things. Like media that is just repeating recorded sounds. Like keyboards that are playing prerecorded sounds on the press of a button. There is no air in that, no life. It's the dead space. Cyberspace and the black space around us that's more or less the same. It's death. No music, no sound.

The sound we hear is always coming from the crew, from them interacting with machinery or with themselves. Interact with me and me, the ship. Touching my buttons. Maintaining my machinery. Working inside myself. Breathing my air and filling it with their music. My body the ship, my ship the body. It's a hull that is supporting my soul. I can not live without it. I listen to my breath. To the heartbeat of my machinery. To the noise of the blood pumping through my veins. The bacteria in my guts, the cells and nerves and all the parts that are keeping me together, making me myself. An this is what we are. Alica Wildfire, the girl-warrior. The Rupture class cruiser 'Revenge'. The Claw interceptor class 'Red Baroness'. We change our bodies several times a day.

A wierd thing to feel like a ship, I say. And when I fail all this stops in the sudden of a moment and gets replaced by a crash of an explosion, the cacophony of the hullbreach, screaming and then space enters the hull and replaces everything with silence. Sucks the air out of it. Takes life. Takes the music.

This is maybe why I'm so focused on music and culture. Maybe. Because when this is gone nothing is left, just silence and death. No god will caress you in the cold space. For there are no gods. They don't breath.

Just us. And the music we make - and share.

Who am I? Who are you?

And at last my final question to you is this Zen-like question: which sound makes an asteroid that hits a moon when nobody is listening? Think about this, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.21 08:32:00 - [622]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/05/2011 08:37:06
Dear Log,

about one of our virtues, that many Amarr do not understand: honor.

This is a barbaric virtue that is often misunderstood. Honor is not about what people may or may not think of you. It's the set of values that ensure that you keep to your own standards. It's nothing that can be judged from outside, because it's a thing that is inside yourself.

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Someone that is keeping to his standards, to his convictions even if it may be to his disadvantage. All in all to keep your honor is something that makes you a better human. You can look at yourself in the mirror. You can be trusted. Even if you are the enemy you will keep your word. You won't do something to someone that you don't want him to do with yourself.

Honor is quite a simple virtue but still many people have no idea of it. Even if they claim to "kill their sister because to keep the honor of the family" and such madness where they mock about our virtues. Things like that happen in Amarr propaganda sitcoms about Minmatar tribals. But that's not how it works.

The concept of honor is something that should be achieved and kept high by every Minmatar warrior. But to have honor and act with honor does not mean that you should behave like an idiot and do stupid things just because your enemy expects you to do. Do what you say. Say what you do. If you want to keep a secret, shut your mouth. But don't lie. Keep up a simple moral and ethics standard for yourself and for others. The same. And not two kinds of standards like a hypocrite. If you don't want to be a slave don't keep some.

No knifes in the sleeves no poison in the wine. Be true. Strive for the truth. Honor is not a condition. Honor is our way. That's Minmatar spirit.

Every other way is doomed and always has been doomed in history.

John Revenent
Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.05.21 09:25:00 - [623]

Your last log was very insightful. Good work.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.05.28 08:37:00 - [624]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/05/2011 09:27:47
Dear Log,

these days I was down on Matar in the Pator system to stroll the dirty streets and do some shadow business which I consider uninteresting for this log. Again the FIA went at war with some old, old enemies of ours.

But there's not happening much, it's more a sign to them that we don't forget unsettled business.

What I want to talk about is something simple. Walking the dirty and smoky streets I met ragged street artist that was selling paintings in a shadow mall. It's this kind of bazaar you all know from Matari space stations but this one was bigger, more crowded and you got everything you can imagine.

This street artist was painting angels.

To do this he was taking printed pictures of porn and painted them with wings, radiating light everywhere and in the end he got stunning wonderful angels as a result.

Now my question is this: is the profane spiritual or is the spiritual profane? There is clearly a bridge between those two, a bridge that every artist easily can wonder and only the inquisitors don't see.

Is it banal to paint the holy or is the idea of something as holy in it's core banal?

I would be pleased to hear what you think about this, dear Log. I think the banal truth is, that things are never as easy as they look. There is no "good" or "evil" in this world. There are just paintings that show that when you try to declare the world as something easy and black and white any street artist can come along and show you, that you are wrong.

This is what art is for. Maybe I'm just Matari and see things a bit too simple but I guess I'm near the truth. To make us see where we fail.

Isn't it like this?

I put this painting up the wall of my quarters to remember this. And to annoy any Amarr that sees it. It's a provocation, yes, but still it's art. It doesn't please if you are shown that you fail. Art should not please.

Just products want to please.

It's the same with music. Media are products. Music is something different. Music is no product. No artist is producing himself on the stage. Or producing something to sell. He is evolving, learning, trying to achieve something that he never will. And if you are lucky to watch this, you even might pay money for it to see. But you don't buy it. You take part.

What is sold to us isn't art. Maybe I'm a bit radical about this but I guess I just touched the truth with a fingertip. Art is not about selling.

Posted - 2011.06.21 14:05:00 - [625]

*transmision start*
This is the capsuleer Chromestriker, fighter for freedom, and prosocutor of those found wanting.
I am sending this comunication to you Alica in the hope it finds you well, i have been following your public journal for a long tyme and it has been a true insperation and guide to what being a true minmitar is.
Because of this, your lack of update has caused me to ask if there is anything i can do to help? If there is nothing wrong then i apologise for wasting your tyme however if there is a reason behind your lack of transcribing and there is anyway i can be of assistance let me know... especially if it means improving minmitar/slaver bastard relations.....
Fly safe
*transmision ends*

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.08.29 19:48:00 - [626]

Dear Log,

sorry that I've been absent for so long time now. But I've been trapped. Still I'm trapped - in my own body. On Arzad it happend that I was bitten by a tick which may have the chance to carry a seldom disease. Well I've been the lucky one and so after some weeks of feeling sick I suddenly got downed by the bacteria. There are several strains of these bacteria. Some attack the lymphatic system, some attack the lungs and usually death follows. Well I was lucky and got the strain that attacked my joints so that I was unable to move without a lot of pain.

Even the smallest tiniest little movement had to be paid in the land of pain. And to make the thing more funny for a capsuleer that I am the clonetechs told me that the bacteria had already disrupted the brainscanners that could have saved me in a healthy clone. So no jumping. I have to go through this the hard way.

My once muscular running legs have been atrophied to a comical matchstick caricature so that I'm not able to stand on them anymore without keeping myself up on crutches. Painfully. And the infection is all over my system so that thinking brightly or dealing with billion of ISK was strongly discouraged by my doctor. The interface is not working too well at the moment anyway, it's all snowy and contaminated.

So please stand by until I'm back up again, dear Log. Don't pray for me. Put some ISK into medicine science instead. It's the only thing that helps beside my will not to die miserably. Which is exactly how I feel at the moment. I will update if I should be able to run my interface again, which was for this entry already an agonizing pain.

Half Cocked Jack
Posted - 2011.08.29 21:04:00 - [627]

I am sorry you are suffering such a malady. I have missed your contributions to the channel, and I look forward to your recovery.

Rockets ponies and rainbows
Posted - 2011.08.30 11:54:00 - [628]

I have been wondering where you were miss Wildfire.

Glad too see you are still among us, I hope you get better.

Kuan Yida
Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2011.08.31 17:35:00 - [629]

Recover soon pilot Wildfire, you are missed on the Front.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.09.06 18:38:00 - [630]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/09/2011 18:39:13
Dear Log,

it's a hard time to recover from this sickness, but my interface is getting better, my joints slowly begin to move. It's not that I can see the recover from day to day but it's feelable from week to week. Still writing hurts, but I am reading a lot during this time.

And I read something interesting. An Amarr and a Minmatar were disputing about who was first with the invention of great technologies and the Amarr began to brag about their first modern subwave transmitter. "When the great Amarrian Empire build this subwave transmitter, one of our priests were transmitting the first chapter of 'Pax Amarrian' over the ether."
The Minmatar waved off. "That's nothing. We discovered this kind of technology earlier than you. When the first Minmatar water toilet was invented we flushed down the whole book as a test to get rid of it. Even before you tried to do it with that subwave transmitter. And we managed to flush down the whole book, not just the first lines."

The F.I.A. is back at the Warfront of factional warfare. First blood done already.

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