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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:30:00 - [571]

Dear Log,

our wartargets show slightly traces of attrition. Another two corporations have left the alliance. Acrux Holdings and Independence Mining surrendered to the Federal Investigation Agency after Crossfire Angels Ressurrection, Boomer Inc, Brotherhood of the Dark Assassins, Royal Guardians, Piranha Engineering and Lost-Mining-Souls that is a lot of impact on that alliance.

We consider the war won in all aspects and hope they are smart enough and offer us their capitulation before nothing is left of them. Pride is one thing that may give you the power to build up great things. But pride if understood wrong can make you destroy those things that are worth fighting for.

Like a community. A home.

The pirating of this alliance in Metropolis can be considered over. They do not dock off anymore but a few, rare times a day when we usually catch them and grind what they try to move outside the security of their stations.

But we are on a personal good term with them. It was a very clean war with almost no smack talk on local coms, mostly with fair and even fights, with losses and sacrifices on both sides but with a clear advantage to our side.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.16 21:31:00 - [572]

Dear Log,

we have a few relaxed days dripping by in this war. With many of our wartarget corps left their alliance the number of possible targets is even smaller than before. Still we hold up the pressure the internal dissolution of the alliance is no issue for us for the war.

You may think this is mercyless, dear Log, but it is not. A war is a war and you have to accept certain rules and going ons. It's serious business that we try to deal in a very professional way.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.17 14:02:00 - [573]

Dear Log,

while a lot of corporations have left the alliance they do not understand why we still attack them. Of cause they are not going to be neutral for us if they go into belts to mine for their former friends to produce the warships they are throwing against us.

So the first "neutral" Hulk was removed from rooster yesterday. Until this point is not perfectly made clear with diplomatic relations this will not change. Everything that is set red to us is stays fair game. We do not care about CONCORD rules if it's a war. CONCORD can not protect the enemies of Minmatar and never will.

If you don't believe, dear Log, just go and check Yulai. And no - it's not Hulkageddon, it's war.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.19 13:46:00 - [574]

Dear Log,

war is over, done, out. Caipiranha Alliance defeated and we stopped before they are completely gone. We parted from the battlefield without bad words and sick minds. We parted as warriors. One side carrying away the sweet goblet of victory, the other side the bitter drink of defeat. But all fought well and done what was in their abilities.

But however you like to see it, even a defeat is something precious if you take the opportunity and learn something from it. And next time you will be harder, will be tougher and maybe you will get a nip from this oh so sweet goblet.

Numbers don't count. Everybody tells you this, so I won't repeat it here. But what counts, and that is interesting dear Log, is the kind of community you are in. How the people with whom you fly react on stress that is put upon them and how they deal with it. How they deal with a lost battle, with a won battle, with someone who was making a mistake and "made them look bad" and all those things.

Greatness in personality, greatness in spirit can not be defeated by a lost war. Because the community will go from this stronger than before. Maybe the numbers will smaller but the quality is higher. And this is what Matar warriorethics is all about and what an Empirelist might never understand. The spirit of a warrior is the strength. Not the numbers.

And to show you this and to show it ourselves we go out on battle every day. After the war is before the war. As always. Until the 220mm Vulcan Autocannons of our ships stop spinning, until Matar itself stops spinning the Matari warriorspirit will probe on competition, will test in battle where it really stands.

Call us violent but we are not. We are a part of nature and as this we understand ourselves. Not above it but be in the middle of it. Survival of the fittest does not mean survival of the strongest or the smartest. We are all survivors over thousands of generations now. And not all of us are strong. Not all of us are smart.

But no animal is born as a slave. And this should be true for humans at last. For the sake of his great heart.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.21 08:45:00 - [575]

Dear Log,

back to the battlefield. While we fullfilled our assignment to stop illegal trading action with the enemy, pirating in Metropolis and exploiting Minmatar riches for Caldari State we join back into the ranks of the Tribal Liberation Force today.

Some of our enemies, confronted with the true nature of their former employer were shocked. An uprising inside the Alliance has started a process of reforming and rebuilding, with less numbers but with more strength and dedication, with the goal to strengthen the front against slavery and not to collaborate again with our enemies. Providing the Minmatar and Gallente markets with materials of war. We left some of our tribal guides as teachers, a shaman and an inspector behind to check that the new Caipiranha Alliance is not going to get in conflict with the Minmatar Republic again and help to find the path into the new future. Now with the fire of freedom from inside. Built on the ashes like a great mythical dragon from our tribal tales.

Some of the pilots joined the Tribal Liberation Force with us, now aware of the real enemy of all free Matar - the Amarrian Crusaders. And we welcome them in the ranks of the Militia.

Now back to duty.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.24 15:37:00 - [576]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 24/02/2011 15:41:03
Dear Log,

I overworked my portrait again. This time without shooting my photographer in his kneecap with buckshot.

Just a minute after I updated the CONCORD database I got contacted by people: "What the hell?! You changed your old portrait!? It was one of the best…" and so on.

Maybe my old portrait was more pleasing the eye. But a true Matari warrior should not go to smile that she is liked by the picture she leaves. She should be determined, face into the future light of our kind, leaving the shadows of the dark times behind.

Proudly she should show her side to the photographer and focus on the task that she has to achieve. Tight and firm her looks, with deadly determination of the things she has to do to gain the freedom for the two thirds of her kin that still live under the Amarrian shackles.

Proud and bolt that's what we should be like. And that's why I changed my portrait. Not pleasing the eye. Not accepting a compromise to bow to fashion. Not wearing fancy stuff from designer shops. A combat vest should be enough.

You won't see me smile for CONCORD that still allows slavery of our kind in the Empire and the State. Just determination. And who does not understand can hang on my old portrait here.

We started our missions in lowsec again. Blocking the path to Metropolis for Crusaders. Nothing is coming through. Not shuttles not heavy stabbed battlecruisers. We control entrance.

I have caught a space flu recently. Many capsuleers do not leave their pod for a long time. But I was always the kind of captain that was among her crew and was trying to care for people on stations and on planets. You might have heared that there was a minor outbreak of space disease on Minmatar soil recently. Nothing our medics can't handle but I'm not feeling too well at the moment.

Just yesterday I was falling from a chair and everything that was used to be white has some kind of yellow now. But lucky I'm Minmatar and most of the stuff around has the reddish color of Ferrogel so there's not much white anyway on my ships and I don't have serious problems. I ordered my technicians to find a way to adjust the targeting system for the germs. And I make them history.

I try to adjust my heating systems on my ship which are either too cold or too hot. Damn thing isn't working. Hope I don't have to do combat because I think it's not good to handle heavy gear with casual hallucinations. Well, I'm just idle flying around and setting a lot of buyorders at the moment.

It's just a thing that can't be that bad. Handling ISK is no heavy weapon, is it? Did I just order fiftythousand Janitors?!

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.24 18:36:00 - [577]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

Maybe my old portrait was more pleasing the eye. But a true Matari warrior should not go to smile that she is liked by the picture she leaves. She should be determined, face into the future light of our kind, leaving the shadows of the dark times behind.

So, your old portrait represented who you really are, while your new one represents what you want to be, or rather the image you feel you need to project?

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Proudly she should show her side to the photographer and focus on the task that she has to achieve. Tight and firm her looks, with deadly determination of the things she has to do to gain the freedom for the two thirds of her kin that still live under the Amarrian shackles.

It seems more like indecision than focus. More anxiety than determination. I prefer something like this to show hope, focus and determination.

Innocent Mind
Posted - 2011.02.24 18:47:00 - [578]

*Snort* Atleast she got to choose hers

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.24 22:36:00 - [579]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/03/2011 12:51:01
Darn Log,

I just throw a second look on my new portrait and it's right. I messed it all up. That's the result when you make photos while you barley are able to stand straight yourself. My flu is getting worse and I was not only put under quarantine by my corpmates, after I was messing up buyorders with corporate money billions worth they canceled my access for the time of my sickness and stopped my access to production slots too after they found that I ordered to produce 200 million units of Exterminator F.O.F. Light Missiles. My companion was staring at me over his display: "WHAT? Exterminator F.O.F. light missiles!? 200 Million units?! Who the f*ck will buy that?" - "Hey, they are cool, they are Minmatar missiles… Explosive damage, the -ehr- Breacher is really doing awesome with them… Hurting Angels? If you are jammed? Ehr…" - "Who really needs this stupid kind of missiles, where the f*ck you even get this blueprint from, don't tell my it's one of our new investments! Where is your healthy spirit for profit, Alica?" I pointed on my fiber curve and he canceled my access instantly and ordered me to go to bed. But a Minmatar warrior will not get overwhelmed by some sh*tty germs, I can tell ya!

So, well, I think I messed up the day completely. But it's a damn hard thing for a person like me to be bound at station and not allowed to move at all. I really could jump from wall to wall right now if I finally find out where is up and where is down. You might think I tell you this, dear Log, because I want to make a joke or something. But this really happened today.

Well, maybe my portrait is not that bad. I got now three "BAD" and two "GOOD" for it. While the three are from a member of stranger, a Wartarget and a friend and the goods are from two female corpmates. The total stranger was crying out loud when she saw my picture changed in local and begged me to give her access to my old one because she thinks, she said, it was one of the best she has seen this far.

Damn, this was my last free shot I was allowed to do. And I totally messed it up, I think. What am I? Am I a friendly talkative Matari from the neighborhood or am I the tough warrior with a vision, ehr, maybe a bit blurred vision from my looks, into the future? Am I the intellectual writer (or whatever near that a Matari like me can be) or am I the glass eating Matari warrior bitch?

And even if I'm not really that tough warrior, shouldn't I at least try to go forward with the right example for my kin? Because we have a damn hard job to do and to fight free our people from slavery? Should a person like me smile on a photo when billions of Matari are held behind bars, when billions of Matari feel the whip every day and die a horrible death under the cruel fist of the Empire?

A death without seeing Matar again? They will see Matar again, yes, after they traveled home on the low road. The Matari road of the dead. And on their way on the high road we work in the Militia. Oyeman has been freed.

Did I really messed up, darn Log? I mean besides the F.O.F.'s…

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.25 03:19:00 - [580]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/02/2011 04:24:33
Dear Log,

it's in the middle of the night and I awoke from a dream. It was dream of fever a dream of questionable sane but this is the kind of dream sometimes visions are made of - if you try to take the weird stuff serious and try to give it some meaning, make sense of it.

This is one of the things that our shamans sometimes do for us. Most people think that they take drugs to get these visions but that is wrong. It is not about drugs, it's about state of mind. I will explain.

There is a story in our mythology about a warrior that tried to get invincible. So he summoned a demon. You might say a demon is something like a devil if you are Amarrian, but it is not like that. They are more like gods that cheat. Well, gods cheat anyway, but these one do it the bad way. Anyway…

So to get invincible he had to deal something to the demon that was very important for him. He dealt his first born to him. You might say he dealt his ability to have sex, if you like. It's like using steroids, so ka? Well the demon said: "The deal is this, I never make a deal without an exception and I will accept your price if you accept yours. You are invincible in battle but you will be slain by a red door." In our language "red door" pronounces "Rote Tür", dear Log. Well, the warrior accepted and went out into battle.

He was fighting as if he couldn't die and therefor he didn't. This is the funny part in battle. If you don't fear death, death will not come to you. Usually. He never stepped near a red door and made all red doors painted black.

But one day he suddenly in his wild slaying and slashing felt something warm in his stomach. He stared at the tip of a sword that was sticking out of his body, his knees bent and he knew he was slain. The warrior that has slain him stood above him and our demon-gifted hero did not understand. "Who are you, warrior?", he asked. "That you can slay me that can not be defeated in battle by a man." "My name is Rode Tyr", this warrior answered. Funny that it is pronounced like "Rote Tür". And also Tyr is a Matari god of war so this story leaves the question if this was really a human or a god himself. But this aside, the demon cheated.

Rode Tyr could also mean, when we are on it, bloody war. And it could be the fear of every soldier not of the bullet with his name on it, but the fear of the unnamed shrapnel that will kill him. But I think this is not the interesting part of the myth. This kind of deal is named a geas.

If you make a deal with a demon you will always deal something of value and get something without value in return. Like me dealing my voice for a peace that I would have had anyway when I dealt with Revan Neferis. Like the happiness and "fun" you get when you drink yourself into oblivion or drug yourself with boosters to be "cool". You do not get a better human by that. You do not have real fun. You just get weak. But weakness is something people like. Because they can see themselves in it. They more often identify with the failing hero but with the prevailing one. So it may happen that people like you more for what you are.

But I found out that it is a better way to live your normal life and make normal mistakes instead of drug yourself down to the level of an ape. Because when you admit that you made a failure this might be the moment when people love you for that. When you learn from that. Well, if it's not about billions of ISK or F.O.F. missiles of cause. There is no need to artificially make yourself weak. You are. Just don't try to be a god and claim to be something that you are not. And even gods fail. (Really they do in our myths, not in the Amarrians. They have a god that never fails and therefor will not be loved but only feared for that.)


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.25 03:35:00 - [581]


But back to my dream, dear Log. I used a lot of words as a pretext for a simple dream. A simple dream of fever, a dream that is coming from weakness and sickness. But still I think it has the quality of a vision and that's the reason that I'm up in the middle of the night and tell you about it before I forget it again.

I dreamed I was in the cellar of a demon. I have broken in. It was a cellar full of bottles of bear, a large storage hangar you might say full of alcohol. And I bypassed the security measures. One of the friends that were with me put his hands on my shoulder. "Alica", he said, "don't go and steal from a demon. Make a deal about it if you want to have it." "A demon has never something that you need. A demon has never something of use. But if you deal with a demon you always will lose something of value."

"Well", my friend said, "if you absolutely have to drink a bottle, just drink it. He will not go mad about a bottle. But when you drink a second he will get suspicious. If you drink a third he begins to suspect a habit. And he will come down with rage on you."

I took a crow bar and smashed it into one of the boxes, leaving a pool of beer on the ground. Then I hit an other box and an other. I pushed over a stack of boxes. The hangar was a mess. "What will he do now?"

"You didn't drink it", my friend shrugged. "What can he do?" Then I began to destroy the rest of the hangar and my friends helped me doing it. It was an orgy of destruction.

Yeah, I know fiber dreams are not always making sense, dear Log, don't blame me for that. But I felt much better doing it. Maybe there is some sense in this but if there is, you have to find it yourself.

The question that I ask myself why I do dream such things? Okay, I haven't touched a drop of alcohol or boosters since two years now. But I never had a problem with alcohol on the other hand. I'm not that addicted type of character. I do not hate alcohol neither.

I think it's a symbol that I see in it. And it's about something different but beer. Of cause it is. Maybe you find out yourself, dear Log. And please wish me best to get better. I'm really sick. And sorry that I bugger you with silly fever dreams. Another 200 million units of F.O.F. missiles I fear. Sorry.

But maybe it's a vision for us all. I don't know. It has the stuff.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.25 10:15:00 - [582]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/02/2011 22:17:05
Dear Log,

it's morning and I awoke with a headache as if a mothership has parked into my head. Too much beer, I think. While my dream last night could also be about fighting a cargo hangar full of bad things, means the germs inside me that have a damn hard to hit tracking, I want to tell you a bit more about Tyr.

This god of our ancient ways is not only the god of war, he's the god of justice and protector of the Thing, our tribal meetings.

In fact, many might not know, but our "tuesday" is coming from this god "Tyr" in the etymology. So we shall give him a bit more than a quick look, dear Log. Of cause this is all old tales and nobody knows what is exactly what this was all about but maybe we can catch the idea behind this god. The idea would be a nice one to protect the Cultural Gathering that I am preparing. I always preferred a god of protection above a god of war - say "Reclaiming"? And fighting for justice is no bad thing at all.

So this Free Culture Thing will come. I advise all participants to prepare. Like I am working on my fiddle since a while now. And that's almost the only thing I can do that is left. No heavy weapons, no heavy money, no hanging around with people.

There are many ways to play the fiddle. There is this wild, melodic gypsy style of the Vherokior. There is this blue and melancholic Brutor style with it's strong rhythm. And there is the fast dancing style of the Sebiestor fiddlers. But of cause there is much in between and not to forget the formal style of fiddling that was forced by the Amarrians to support their choral music and the formal dances on their courts, which we call "Classical" now.

There is nothing bad about classical music, I have to say. I do like those very much. But it is always the product of force, a product of limited freedom. It is not what the people want to make it short. It has not the heart and lightness, the swing of the folk music. And it is wrong that the classical music is harder to play. Most is not. Indeed a few pieces have their difficulties but that you'll find in many of our ancient folk pieces too. Most classical violinists have hard problems to play the speed our fiddlers play or to freely improvise around a melody which is common on our folk. Or just the simple thing of keeping the lilt.

But I will be happy to convinced being wrong on this from participants on that thing that is to come - even if it's an Amarrian.

And when I'm at music I come back to arts. And to my portrait that changed - maybe to the worse maybe to the better, I still don't know. But if you should once happen to find something of beauty around you, dear Log. Please leave a note about that. If you do not leave a note, you do not notice the beauty of the world, it will go away.

Like my old portrait. Maybe I would have kept it, if I would gotten just one feedback that it was something original. I didn't. And about writing this log too, dear Log. Do not take things like this for granted, do not think that things like this just happen. Normally if they don't get noticed, they once go away, they fade.

When I see someone delivering a nice piece of music on galnet, I write him a letter. When I find someone that is writing a nice piece of comic in one of my favorite magazines, I send him a mail. I just notice that I liked that. That he is seen. You can not imagine how few feedback the people get that try to make our world a better one. That feed their stuff into the stream and get nothing in return.

The musician that is playing a nice melody on the public place nearby will stop playing if nobody stops and drops a few coins in his hat. It is not about the money, dear Log. It's about the noticing. Beauty will fade without. And it is not much we all have to do to keep it. We just have to notice it. To leave a note.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.25 22:33:00 - [583]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/02/2011 22:35:07
Dear Log,

an other day went by. I wasn't able to undock or do anything. To my sneezing a bad cough has added and the headache has getting worse. I'm going to bed now and hope it doesn't spin again, which I avoided simply by staying up today. Playing fiddle, selling some stuff, making a billion with not messing up again.

White has turned to deep yellow again. I don't think I'm better than yesterday. But I'm definitely not in a condition for photo shooting anymore. People say about us Sebiestor girls that we look a bit like junky floozies from the next space haven where you can have them for a kick of crash or an ISK the hour. I don't think so but admit that I'm looking a bit run down at the moment and I would not try to lean at the entry bulkhead of the next space haven. I guess they would deal me for a halve.

Maybe I should send in my photo for the "Next ****ing New Edens Top Model"-trash entertainment now. Ich glaube es hackt. Sometimes I wish I could see how the spirits of people are looking like. We would have a lot of ugly faces around, I think. And some very nice that not many will notice at the moment.

And I would still have darkness around my eyes. Oh this headache! And I hope no new fever dreams tonight. Maybe I should call in a doc for this ****ing sickness before it kills me. Nah. I manage that. But first I have to find out if this is the floor or the wall.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.26 13:51:00 - [584]

Dear Log,

well it was the floor. I found out a little later when I awoke from my coma. This morning it's slowly getting better. I just checked station statistics and found out that whole decks are put under quarantine. We have several casualties even if here is medical help provided. But it's looking as if I'm coming through. The coughing was keeping me awake most of the night but finally I fell asleep. All public decks are closed and the authority has put a third level contamination alert on the station.

Means a mild alert. Nothing serious and there are not more than a few hundred stationary on the medbay. I was not making such a fuzz about being sick because I'm still bound on my zerosec clone which would be cheap to lose. But still I am convinced that I'll survive this damn little germs. Nothing a tough Sebiestor bride could do any harm.

In fact I used the time to show some presence on the IGS, did some profitable deals and ordered people to fly things around for me. I made a billion in a day by that. That's not too much because I was distracted from such moneymaking by the war and it summed up.

I got notice of a friend that a friendly capsuleer did about 250 billion ISK in the year since I started to do some serious business. That hit me like a lead-pipe. I was lamenting about how miserable I am and that I totally have no idea of business and that. Because I did not do more than a fraction of that in the same time.

I contacted him and frankly asked if that was true. It was of cause not. I made more money than he did or at least comparable. You know, dear Log, that I'm not a merchant. I'm not a miner. And I'm just a second rate industrialist. I was always a warrior. But if you want to be a warrior you need to get the ISK from somewhere. To buy yourself the ships. To cover losses. And to forget about that is something many capsuleers do.

To have a plan and a strategy to gain money with the least effort and the maximum profit. And at the moment it seems that this is done best by the things I do. And while I do that I support the Rens market, keep prices sane and help my militia comrades to get cheap vessels.

Don't take me wrong. I'm not altruistic in that. I do nothing without profit and to move goods and ISK on the market is some kind of battle for me. A battle that can be won and can be lost. A battle with high risk and expensive investments that can go up in a blooming explosion in a few seconds. And while I'm not in the condition to fly anymore I'm totally in condition to work with money.

And I'm sure that even my major fail in building F.O.F. missiles will end in profit for me. There are people I know who are much better in this than I am. Who do this much longer. Who have much more money. Who have connections and networks and that outclass my little enterprise by far. So I know where I stand. And you know that I'm just upper middle class when I'm not doing more than a billion a day, maybe halve a billion on average, I don't have the exact numbers.

Still many capsuleers regard me as "rich". Which I'm definitely not. See, if you want to buy yourself a mothership for example, you have to come up with about 45 to 50 billion ISK. This is way out of my league. I can not even remotely dream of that. You see what I mean, dear Log? Most ships of mission runners cover more ISK in their modules than I have if I put all together. And my seldom used mission ships are all just T2 fitted, just ordinary ships, nothing beyond a simple battleship. Nothing expensive. I'm a punk. But I'm a punk with ambitions.

I am still very sick but I try to use the time I have to stayed docked to work up something that will enhance the money I make. I'm not satisfied. And you, too, never should be. Always try to analyze your situation and enhance it. Learn, adapt, prevail.

Be a Minmatar.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.26 21:50:00 - [585]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 26/02/2011 22:23:15
Dear Log,

headache and cough. And a date. It's long ago since I last dated, it's a pirate captain but a girl like me can't be too picky after so much time. Hope I don't have to cut his throat. First things first, I have to recover from this plague. Would be not entertaining to puke over the table.

Well, dear Log, you of cause know better than me what's going on but I didn't mention Hulkageddon yet but everybody knows. The systems around Rens are almost evacuated after first losses and you rarely find a miner anywhere. Mineral prices are skyrocketing but there are still minerals available. How comes?

I tell ya, dear Log. Local miners have left the usual mining places and relocated to more remote places. It's looking like they moved a lot of action deep into Metropolis like systems around Maturat, systems around Tratogard and other systems like that. A brief check of traffic on the map will show you extraordinary gate movements around those usually very silent and backwater systems.

It is an interesting contest this time, where not just the pirates go for the Hulks but the miners work with scouts and gatecamps to catch the ships that come for destruction. Prices are put on both sides. I see myself neutral in this because I see the need in the destruction of ships to keep market flow going and as well see the need for income of minerals, where I try to support the local miners.

Last time I was out and killed a couple of ships that were coming into the Abudban belts to gank a Barge or Exhumer. This time I planned to do the same, but still I'm bound on station. The Hulkageddon is not less destructive than last time. But I think it's harder to do this time. There is heavy resistance, protection and countermeasures going on.

It is becoming more and more clear that you need protection as a miner. The competition is getting tougher and life in the belts is not that easy anymore like say two years ago. So I salute the brave miners out there. You are doing a fantastic job. Bite back.

Don't let them get ya, k?

I'm thinking about providing said mining constellations with cheap Ruptures, Catalysts and guns of all kind. As well as mining vessels and so on. But I fear before I recover and am able to undock again without messing up the warp destination because everything is spinning and shaking, this Hulkageddon will be over.

Last Hulkageddon there were 1719 exhumers destroyed and 717 barges. This year we only have 771 exhumers lost and 580 barges.

Two days left, am I right? I think the defense and the decentralized mining operations pay. You should quickly get rid of your hoarded minerals now before the prices will collapse again. The current prices are not natural. There has not been an impact on mining operations like last year. Not remotely. We have more miners in the belts than ever but less losses.

Just use your smarts. I suppose we have already hit the peak price for easy minerals now, for example Tritanium. Just watch the red line crossing the green line soon. And down we go… sell, sell, sell!

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Whatever, if you care about this stuff. If not keep the killing up. And the price rising. But I bet my money on the miners. It'll go down.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.27 08:16:00 - [586]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/02/2011 08:41:47
Dear Log,

ah, that's interesting. You know I do not only report from the battlezone and that, I try to report about everything I see. I do know that this is not a favorite issue -not mine for sure- but I keep a bit on that Tritanium issue for a moment.

I just was giving you the curves yesterday and it's a bit like my fever curve. The brokers normally sell when the short-time curve cuts the long-time curve from above. They buy if it cuts from below. The curve I posted yesterday showed a collapse or was very near to that.

Today I took a look and… destroyed. Somebody was moving low amounts of Tritanium for 55 isk the unit, so the curve is not plotted correctly anymore. You can not see what's going on. Call me paranoid but this means some rich people - and I don't call myself remotely rich - have been manipulating the Tritanium price. And to put sand in the eye of the casual observer they manipulated the curve by such a cheap measure.

Whatever you do, dear Log, if you are in the Tritanium market active, correct your buy orders down, even if you are not the highest bidder, throw out all Tritanium you have to the high buy orders, Sell the **** as long as it's something worth.

This are fantasy prices. This is a made hype. Made by some ultra rich. Tritanium is indeed an important material to keep the flow of ships going. But there is more than enough of it on the market. Let these ultra rich suffocate at their manipulation. Down the prices. I always was right with my analysis, even if I often enough am wrong in my judgement. But take a look at Pyerite - that's totally stable. Sell. Now. Not tomorrow. Today. Kick in the microwarp and throw around your ship.

But on the other hand my experience with people tells me that they usually act when it's too late. And the rich get richer by this. I bet my money on the bloody lethargy of people. And that those with the faster ships, the faster reaction will always prevail over those with the armored slowboats.

This is how I make my money. This is how I win my battles.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.28 11:28:00 - [587]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/02/2011 11:33:32
Dear Log,

you might sometimes wonder how a Matari like me that is supporting the Matari culture and traditions could be an atheist. And how an atheist can claim to follow the ways of the goddess Frigg, or you may say Freya, but I prefer the first one. It's anyway a goddess with changing faces and changing incarnations that loves to switch names and bodies.

I once said that I follow Athena, which would be the Caldari or Gallente incarnation of this aspect - the warrior girl. But of cause it's not the right name. As an atheist I do not believe in the existence of any higher being or goddess or anything. But of cause I accept certain mindsets that have proven right and working and that are logical and that represent certain aspects of being a human.

Values like justice, freedom, fairness and all that are constructs like that. I don't expect to meet "Freedom" one time in person and have a nice chat and drink with her. That would be childish. Just because we can name a thing doesn't mean that it exists. Like the unicorn. And man tend to expect this to happen. They tend to believe that something that has a name therefor has to exist.

But it's like software, I once said, that is just a state of configuration. It is a mindset, it is non-existent. Still it's working and it's useful. I believe that nobody should be able to own an idea or a mindset, that's something different. It just leads to pain in the ass if someone claims to know what God wants. Or that some idea is his and everybody has to pay for that. Basically it's the same sort of madness.

So now that we accepted that there are certain aspects of humanity that can be personified in a god or in an idol, they get idolized, I can claim to follow that way. It's a bit like a non-existent hero you take as your personal guide, a spiritual guide that begins to lead with his example your own decisions.

And if you want to communicate with somebody else you can either explain in length what you are striving for and why you do that and why you think that's a good way to live and to fight for or you take a whole mindset and tell someone: 'I follow Frigg.' or 'I follow the way of Frigg.'

It's much shorter and you might be misunderstood in certain aspects but all in all you can communicate what you strive for. And the other can begin to understand you and try to estimate your decisions in certain situations and all that is a good base for a friendship, for a familiy, for a clan, tribe or any other type of community.

And while I say that I follow the one way I make also a statement that I deny to follow an other. Like the dichotomy and battle between Athena and Ares, the smart and cunning warrior girl that is protecting and the raging, mad and rapeing, blood-lust driven god Ares that is going to fight with brute force.

Frigg is no "good" goddess. She has her ways but she can be revengeful, she can be dangerous, she uses tricks and technology and tries to outsmart her blood- and muscle-driven counterpart - Thor or Wotan in this case. But the dichotomy between these two aspects is better set in the stories that remain about Athena and Ares. Many of our history is lost due to Amarrian occupation. They burned our temples and all in all destructed much of our past.

So my advise is: look for your own spiritual guide. Look for some example, use it but don't begin to believe in it's existence. Don't make pictures of your guide. Because it will take away the living idea and replace it with something static.

Frigg is getting halve of the fallen on the battlefields. All heros hope they will among the chosen. The rest belong to Odin. And I will go in and bring them home to her, the bodies strapped over my saddle -or cargohold you might say- and with a Matari warcry on my lips.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.05 11:50:00 - [588]

Dear Log,

I recovered from this space-flu thing, still my nose has some scab on it. I'm not looking too good at the moment but better than a week ago, that's for sure. I was able to get into ships and do my duty again. While camping the entrance to Metropolis might not be the most thrilling thing to do it is something that has to be done to keep the Slavers out of our backwaters.

They die like flies on that gates. I do not exaggerate this, two days ago they attacked with not less than fourteen frigate to destroyer class ships to fight the entrance free. My comrades were defending the gate with just a tackler and some cruisers. We lost a cruiser to that battle and the tackler while the whole enemy fleet was wiped. I don't know how they did it because I was not on duty at that hour but it was impressive. And also a fair move from side of the Crusaders. Such things can work out or can end in a catastrophe. But it's way better than their huge fleets with guardians and all that. And it shows much more initiative from their side which I will respect well. I think that gang was daring and dashing, something which is rare to see from the Amarr side.

I can say this was causing some good mood among our men for a day or two. Incidents like this show the will to fight on the Tribal side. And while we try to do our share the plex fighting gangs are doing an incredible job to get Amarr into defense.

My industrial backbone has fully recovered from my pause, so all lines are running and some of the stations I visit are humming like a bee hive, launching ship after ship for the Rens market and providing our frontier with fresh material.

I had some old orders that I never delivered, like huge stocks of rigs and advanced rigs that I found in my hangars. I have thrown everything I had in stock on the market and so I made more than two billions in a week. Next week that money will be lost again for new materials but that's the way it works. I call it the money pump.

First time in my career I'm not just providing plain tech ships and advanced modules but some amounts of advanced ships too. Well, I first started with production of Minmatar Shuttles and Rifters and then started to provide Hound class stealth bombers to the Rens market. This time of limited production palette is over. Ship like Vagabonds, Muninns, Wolfs, Jaguars, Hyenas and Vargurs are on the market together with a my infamous POS modules that are powered by the reliable and easy to handle Wildfire Self-Harmonizing Powercores. No ****in' guarantee given to any of those things.

If you are looking at that you might think that I'm an industrialist. But I'm not. There is very very few work to put into the skill to learn to do this. But it's a good thing to know to do if you want to afford losing ships in battle. We capsuleers are always both - warriors and industrialists. And I know only very very few that just do one thing. And if they do I see them failing. Because an industrialist that can't fight is helpless if you force him to something. A warrior without income is helpless if he loses some ships and becomes anxious about the next loss and with that an inefficient warrior.

My corpmates say about me that I'm not just ripping the skin of our enemies and carry often enough the cargo of my Stiletto full with bodies for Frigg home but that I also plunder the briefcases of whole Alliances by my marketing and stuffing the skinbags I bring home with Ferrogel.

Well I started to love to eat Long Limbed Roes, but that's the only decadent spoiling that I let happen to me. The rest of my money is going back into the pump. You are never rich. If you are rich you do something wrong, dear Log. You have to give your money away to make it work for you. So next week I will be poor again and hit the bottom of my briefcase when I fill up the magazines of my Rifter.

We are having about 50% inflation per anno at the moment. Don't keep money. Spend it.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.06 11:35:00 - [589]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/03/2011 21:55:51
Dear Log,

what's bad about inflation? In fact inflation is not a bad thing at all. In a way it motivates people to move their money. To buy goods. But galloping inflation is a bad thing. And this is what we have in the actual economy.

Well, on the summer month the inflation is almost collapsing to a deflation and there is something bad about that too. But if you watch prices for goods over some years it's getting clear that we have galloping inflation. Means also that those who have money will lose value of that like nothing. But those who own stuff gain money by doing nothing.

Every economy needs a scale about goods and money. Money has to be more or less in balance to that. But while goods are shredded by Militia war, Nulsec battles and Incursion catastrophes all the ISK involved is kept in economy plus insurance payout. ISK is printed by bounty ticks and by mission reward. And there are not coming enough new capsuleers on the field of battle to suck up the money.

So everything is getting more and more expensive. The last deflation was coming from the payment change of Pend Insurance but this was just a short time fix. Money is not going away.

You might argue that the CONCORD 30-day plexcard for capsuleer licence is a money sink. But it is not. Because the money stays in economy. It's just reassigned to a new owner by that. It's not going away. So money sums up and sums up.

And this is causing this inflation. And this is a serious threat to our economy I say. There is very little money taken out. Like by taxes and broker fees for example. By contract prices and all that.

The only thing that is putting more goods into the market than ISK is mining. But mining was getting less and less lucrative over the years. The days are over when you were able to order freighter loads of minerals in hisec. Even Chribba was finally stopping to deal with that as a backbone industry.

Hulkageddon as a regular event was driving off miners from belts and dis-encouraging this way to earn money. The belts in hisec are almost empty now. You of cause see a Hulk here and there but take a look at the mission hubs and it's like a bee hive there. It is not in any comparison. And the money you "make" is in no relation to the goods that are coming from the belts.

The economy in zerosec is almost remaining in zerosec but the moon mining which is coming back to Jita and other trade hubs. Moon mining is of cause mining in a way. But it's a stable factor. It's not getting more because it's limited to available moons. This is why moon goo is skyrocketing with a world flooded by ISK.

And this is in fact the reason why minerals are getting expensive. It's not that they are rare. It's that they are totally outnumbered by the ISK makers from missions, from complex runners in zerosec and incursion fighters.

The launch of the salvage ship Noctis was throwing back the prices for salvage goods for a small time. But that will not be lasting long. Salvage already is going up.

So, what is happening next? I guess people with riches will start to look for rare items that have a stable rate of coming into the economy like faction modules and that. Take a look at the Gistii B-Type Shield Booster. When I started my career as a capsuleer I earned 20 millions per booster. Now it's worth almost 50 millions. And it's not getting cheaper.

Because ISK is not taken out of economy, those rare modules are destroyed almost on the rate they drop and the rate of drop can not be pushed any further. The places you can get them are already camped full time. And if you think this is the worst case - not in your dreams. The more expensive the modules get the faster the prices are rising.

But it is not the rare items that's the problem. It's that ISK is thrown on the market to "make everybody rich" with no real value production on the other arm of the scale. And this will cause inflation and this inflation will get faster and faster.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.08 12:34:00 - [590]

Dear Log,

the militia battle is going on. Over the time I am an active pilot in the TLF forces the battle changed and invented itself new from time to time. At the moment the determined fight of TLF warriors about plexes es kicking Minmatar in a superior position but the presence of Amarr militia on the rest of the battlefield has been stronger, too.

I guess some major forces on the Amarr side are inactive or have turned to different aspect of their fight like whipping their slaves or something, so we have just less power left than usual. The forces that are usually clinch together in one fleet, which we call the "Amarr blob", and is camping one of the major gates normally.

But that would simplify the situation. Militia is never a homogeneous structure, we have a lot of freerunners doing their stuff all around and of cause small gangs showing up here or there.

I might be wrong about my analysis but I think the Amarr militia is suffering some sickness at the moment and is way below their usual presence and efficiency. It's not that their fleetcommanders do bad or that they are not enough numbers. It's more some kind of lack of motivation, lack of initiative.

The heart of this is never coming from the 24th Imperial Crusade like the Tribal Liberation Force is too never the point where a militia breaks. I think it's about the involved corporations. And the reason for this is if one is concentrating too much on just one aspect of war and being a warrior the rate of attrition is high.

On every frontier soldiers are sent to holidays, especially after some heavy fighting was going on. What is true for the single soldier is true for the company. This is like we at the Federal Investigation Agency handle it. From time to time we switch our frontier, try something new, walk away for a few weeks and return refreshed and motivated.

This is something that major corporations on the Amarr side never do. Like PIE Inc. for example. And while I do not like to give advice to our enemy to get their attrition under control it is a good example for everyone in the Minmatar Militia for how to not do it. War is no pony farm, you can not expect fun and win all day. But worse than defeat is getting bored. And this is not the fault of the single soldier, it is also a thing which the leadership has to deal with. Change the topic from time to time, change the tactics, change the fleet composition, change the vector of attack, try something new.

The "Amarr blob" is the death of the Amarr militia. Not because it's a gatecamp. Not because there is waiting involved. But because there is no change.

But of cause our enemies are not stupid. This is why battle changes from time to time. And yesterday we engaged a different fleet composition. And they were coming in smaller ships than usual. Bad thing was, that they didn't use their gain in agility for their advantage and so they got beaten.

The question about winning and losing a fight is not about who has the bigger ship. I try to teach that at the moment to some of our pilots myself. Was challenging their Drakes in my Rupture and have beaten them. It is not a question of size so to dock up and ship up, which is the usual response on fleet engagements is no real solution. To find a fleet composition with seemingly inferior ships but a superior tactic is the better way.

You can easily estimate the value of a ship by it's size. But to estimate the value of a tactic is almost impossible. The Matari warrior always tries to keep their advantage of tactics. Because you can't measure cunning. Often after a fight like this the defeated just fly home in their pods and ask themself: "What the f*ck just happend? We were the many, we had the bigger ships?!"

The answer is diversity. That's the weapon of nature to make things change. We should all take this as an example.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.10 10:19:00 - [591]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/03/2011 10:22:36
Dear Log,

how much is peace worth?

Silly question you might say but this question is asked a lot around the cluster. Most industrial and mining corporations have to deal with wardecs from time to time and while those pilots indeed can fight for their freedom they are most often not willing to.

So they sit docked and wait. Or they claim that someone else is flying for them and be happy with that. But of cause that's a plain lie. Nobody likes to sit docked in a station. And while I have seen this from both sides of a war, more often on the side outside, I of cause never stayed docked when I was camped in.

But many pilots are inapt to deal with this with weapons. Even if even a two weeks old pilot can fight. Then they sit and wait - or buy them out of the war.

You might argue that "nobody ever will extract money from me like that". But this is an illusion. This is the way it's working. If you don't bargain for your freedom, you don't fight for freedom you can only watch the traffic outside from inside of your station. And that's it. All the ISK you could have made - gone.

Most often the ISK to buy yourself out of a war is not more than a days income. Consider this the next time you are in this situation. Of cause you "don't want to give those swines out there money". Of cause. But consider what they are looking for and what they are getting. They are looking for fights but they get money instead. They do not get what they come for.

For the inferior party that just wants to make money they can buy with some money the ability to get some money. You have to pay taxes to make deals. You have to buy ships to be able to fly missions, you have to buy a Hulk if you want to mine. And you need to get rid of wardecs if you want to do that too.

The reason why I think that everybody has to learn to fight is, that you either learn to fight yourself or you pay for it with freedom. That's the reason that in Minmatar space the property of small arms and weapons is a free right for everyone. And you should use this right.

It is not a shame to pay for something that you get in return. It's not a scam. Freedom is actually worth something. And freedom is a gift that never comes for free. Either you have to pay with time for it, time to learn fighting for it. Or you have to sacrifice a part of your income for it, see it like taxes.

Every corporation that is going out into zerosec has to pay for the space it wants to rent. They do not pay for any service at all. They just pay for not to be destroyed by the next gang of the neighborhood. Usually they pay a lot of millions for it, depending on the space they rent, up to a billion or something. It's not always like that but space never comes for free. Maybe you get a CTA for it, a "Call to Arms", so you have to join your militia if there is a fight going on.

However you try to see it - you pay for your freedom. You have to pay or fight. So if you are weak try to get stronger. If you are weak, don't destroy yourself just because you are too proud to pay. Money makes the world go round.

It's maybe not a nice "game" but that's the fact. And if you see it from a different angle try to pay those gangs that offer the best deal and tell them that you can only pay one gang and not two. So they have to care about that they are the strongest in the region. And keep off other predators for you.

It's a game of diplomacy and smarts. Nature is not about the survival of the strongest. It's the survival of the fittest. Be fit. Be smart. Do not fight against the simple facts of live, play with them, turn the forces around in a way that they help your cause. Ride the wave don't get buried by it.

Have fun. Be free.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.14 00:23:00 - [592]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/03/2011 00:29:52
Dear Log,

war, war, war. We got wardeced by an Amarrian corporation and two Amarrian alliances, Invaders of Space Alliance (95 member), Honor and Glory Alliance (94) and Legion of Krauts corporation (41). While the latter retracted the war to join one of the alliances - we guess. One corporation, House of the black Stars has left the alliance and surrendered the war before it started and reduced the numbers by nine.

The first blood was on our side when we killed three hauler, a frigate and two capsules near Rens today.

With this I got my 100 podkills today. Celebration!

Yeah, I know. Killing was never a thing I did for fun. But I can't say that I'm too sorry about this. And we got a lucky strike on a Caldari Militia Heron frigate at Rens today which was worth about 1 billion ISK, because it was full of high value loot and a Machariel blueprint. Thanks to my instalock Stiletto, one of the finest Minmatar interceptor class frigates I can say.

Niarja was camped through the last days and we got down billions worth in ships, a Tengu strategic cruiser, a Widow Black Ops and a lot of other fun stuff, ships full of weapon deliveries for the warzone of our enemies. Ships that will miss in the ranks now.

I do not know what will happen with our war, that's all in all 250 pilots, we have not a fifth of that. But the start today was promising. Amarr always was pressing into Minmatar space to get their hands on our riches. So we will stand and fight.

More of that war in the days to come.

I had a talk about culture with representatives of the empires and we talked about schools. One teacher told me he had a pupil that was writing a long text without any point. Just three pages of text, highly structured. The Caldari teacher said: "This is a failure. He wouldn't have passed my test." The Amarr nodded. "Quite right. I would have punished him for this." And I said: "The pupil was playing with words. He was trying what he was able to do with them, leaving the things behind he was told to do with them and was highly creative. Okay, it's not easy to read such a thing. But the fun in writing and language that's the stuff poets are made of. And a poet does not start writing short and precise rhymes. He starts playing with language. He does not obey the usual rules. That's creativity in it's source. And you would punish him for that? You would discourage this boy because you are too lazy to read something that is more difficult than just a few main clauses that are put together?"

That's wrong. Freedom means respect. And the seed of this you will find at school. It's not good to tell the boy: "Hell, that was fun to read." That would be a lie. But to tell him that this was highly creative and well done but that things can be made shorter and easier and that he shall work on that, that would be my advice to him.

I think much of the ideology differences that are between Minmatar and the Empire starts at school. Either you respect the individual and the original or your want to produce standardized human parts for the gear of society. But those limited gears will never be creative. Will never be submitting into society. They will just do what you tell them. And that's all.

We have already too many of those, I think.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.14 22:00:00 - [593]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/03/2011 22:01:31
Dear Log,

well, after the first day of active war we can carefully be optimistic. A faint light on the horizon allows us to hope that we can deal with those 250 pilots. Alas, we suffered some severe losses on the early afternoon, when we lost an expensive Incursus frigate that was tackling three of their ships. But after we grinded their fleets and their pilots that were flying around without any organisation we have a 99.18% efficiency just 20 kills later that is painting red their alliances board.

Of cause they just try to shock us with this so that we begin to get careless. So it is a cunning feint that they retracted their wars this afternoon, but were threatening us with: "Wait until we are done with you! You can close your corporation down when we are."

1.06 billion ISK damage done and I carried a lot of corpses back home to Frigg to see if she will accept my gifts.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.16 07:52:00 - [594]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/03/2011 08:41:42
Dear Log,

the second day was like the first day. The carnage was going on. And after our enemies lost ships worth an other billion, they all quickly had withdrawn their declaration of war.

But while their threat was still active we arranged a war declaration from our side that was following their retract fast enough to only leave them a bit less than an hour time for rest. We founded the Alliance "Section 42" under this star of war, in the hour of Frigg. Celebrate the birth of a new alliance and we all salute the banner of Section 42.
After that the carnage was going on, with us the only member of that alliance besides the Bureau of Administration.

"This is like drowning little kittens, after you have gotten down the feeling of guilt", Cetegus said. But to be honest the enemy pilots showed guts, they actually tried to get us down with everything they had. At the end of the day we were contacted by one of their leader that offered their total capitulation.

"There is nothing left here, we would fight, but there is just no ship left. We started the war, you ended it."

If you do something, dear Log, that was a fault, if you overestimated yourself and underestimated the enemy, it's no sense in letting this go on until you are totally destroyed like our last enemy. You surrender and you try to safe what is left. You are bold enough to carry the consequences of your deeds. That's what's it about being mature. There is no shame in defeat. In a world of conflict there are at least 50% defeated. There is just shame in not fighting for your cause, in not daring what you have, in not trying to fight for freedom.

You have to. Or you will fade away and nobody will notice.

I guess the enemy alliances at least could have a future. But they have a lot to learn in this world of violence. There is no strength in numbers, dear Log.

At the end of this conflict we had one frigate lost, value 8 million ISK and downed 48 ships with summarized value of 2.03 billion ISK at an efficiency of 99.57%. And we taught a lesson. And if this lesson was learned there is no shame in it. Learn, adapt, prevail. That's the Minmatar way.

We salute our enemies.

Kuan Yida
Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2011.03.16 22:46:00 - [595]

I salute your victory, Alica.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.17 08:58:00 - [596]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/03/2011 09:46:27
Dear Log,

the war is over. During the cool-down phase of the war there have been unnecessary losses on side of our enemy. A Tengu for 2.5 billion ISK went down where our pilots looted modules for 1.3 billions. So the final count is 53 ships with 4.72 billion losses.

Well, after this very short incident and a lot of assets moved into Amarr space we called this the start of a campaign to rampage on the Amarrian industrial backbone. So just a few hours after finalizing the condition of capitulation on our last targets the next war goes online.

While there it is very difficult to target Minmatar corporations for crimes against our Republic the Amarrian and Caldari corporations do not see any mercy from our side. The last war was not exactly what we call "challenging" but we were not the ones who started this. We just ended it.

Section 42 declares war on Smacked Alliance, 403 members at the beginning of the war. Reason of the war, yeah man, for having 36 member corps with just not one intelligent or funny corporation description that I could cite here and giving as a good reason. This is annoying. This is so totally without anything, man. I hate flowers, if they are not those wonderful space flowers that bloom in Amamake belt one and that just everybody should see once in his life.

They support Amarr. This is the heart of the Enemy Empire. They are here. We are here. All this logistic for nothing? "But you can't fire on women an children!" - "Yes you can, you just don't aim so much in advance."
Grind them, boys. For being total Smackheads.

But serious. We protect Minmatar space. We are stranded in the middle of the Empire after the last war. You just don't throw the torch of freedom into the barn full of slavery and straw and expect nothing to happen. Even if the torch is very very peaceful and does not want to burn it down, it is his nature to do it. The Elder fleet was just the beginning.

Burn Amarr, burn, burn, burn.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.19 09:29:00 - [597]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/03/2011 15:41:39
Dear Log,

one of the main forces of Smacked Alliance we have located in the Derelik Region around Thiarer system. This region of space is very run down and you rarely find a station put up by one of the great mega corporations, for they don't care about this crap of space.

But this lack of infrastructure is a kind of bonanza for miners, an El Dorado. They "own" the only station down here and the local miners hate them, so much we do know now. Because we have been supported by locals in our fight.

We got the first blood, a Drake that was standing without reaction to anything outside at a planet. After that a failed gate trap did cost them a Purifier stealthbomber, that was easy prey for my Stiletto interceptor. A Punisher frigate was killed at Amarr while we were after them.

This alliance is distributed all over New Eden so that we easily can roam and hunt them. Their main forces at Derelik was trying to do the old "superior" trick of tactics to bore us to death and them lure us into a trap because it is the only thing happening all day. Either nothing or blobs.

It worked this day but it made sure this war will go on for many many weeks. We lost a faction fitted Sleipnir to that tactic worth 1.5 billion. Most of the faction stuff destroyed and I was nearly thirty kilometers away from the wreck to give it a final shot to prevent looting which made it impossible with their four battleships with heavy energy neutralizing Dominix, Rapier Force Recon, Hurricane Battlecruiser and Sacrilege HAC against us - Sleipnir, Jaguar, Rifter (me). The loss doesn't hurt us but - unnecessary and we lost it knowing it was a trap, but alas, we lost that Cynabal in the war before the last. "Making an Eisstar", we called it.

We will see how this tactic will help them after a month or two of war. I estimate this tactic will lead this alliance on the path of death. We have seen the same thing before. This tactic leads to self-destruction as sure as hitting your hand with a hammer leads to pain.

My advice to you, dear Log, if you ever are at war is to avoid this situation at all costs. Do not drive this "strategy" if you can call it such a thing. There is nothing worse than tell your pilots to stay docked until… anything.

Let your people go. That's the Minmatar way and that's why we always carry home the victory and the dead bodies for Frigg. I collected two of them but had to share one of the corpses to a higher ranking corpmate that demanded it for his own rituals. Bugger. I hope I got the better one and the other will go to Odin anyway. Well… Frigg doesn't want blobbers.

The Smacked is not smacking at all. We neither of cause. Well, some pilots are a bit talkative but I won't call it smacking. The problem with "will they behave or not" can not be judged when communication of any kind is forbidden. You only find out about the true nature of pilots if you give them freedom. When they are allowed to make their own choice you find out about their nature. You never find out about one persons nature if he is kept a slave.

This Ammatar Alliance is very hierarchical, that's my impression. It's very strict and leaves pilot very few freedom to make own choices, to make failures of cause but to achieve great victories on the other hand too. There is no greatness without freedom. The mind of a slave, the mind in shackles is a restricted mind that never will gain anything. Desperation and the feeling of inferiority is the result and the restriction to make anything to avoid someone to make a failure is also keeping them from learning. From growing, to becoming self-confident - to become free.

This is what this war is about. I fly free - often in nothing but a Rifter. I am very few killed plain tech frigates away from the medal for 100 lost plain tech frigates in my corporation that I aim for.

But sadly most times I fly the Rifter I bring home another gift for Frigg. I really do not fly to come back. But I do. 85 lost frigates, 15 to go.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.20 12:59:00 - [598]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/03/2011 13:36:29
Dear Log,

while I'm off duty for the weekend our enemy lost a large tower this night and has an other one getting killed soon.
Surprise! I was cursing like a street-junkie needing a kick when I saw it and seeing myself put off duty. Meh.

The enemy begins to camp the road to Rens with more than a dozen battleships, battlecruisers and a couple of tacklers. What for?

They are going to go down and there is nothing they can do to prevent this. Ammatar space will be freed.

17 members left, 386 to go. Normal. But that's just the beginning.

I set up a transport contract for my 30 Janitors that I left in Mateber to clean up our station here a bit as well as a buyorder over 10000 units (5000 tons) Quafe, for we are thirsty camping them here at Kiereend.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.22 07:57:00 - [599]

Dear Log,

yesterday we assembled to take finally down two of their towers. But we were intercepted by their full fleet, which were at first around 50 ships, with around 30 battleships and heavy support of jamming and six Guardians. With our fleet of fifteen we finally took on the fight. While to tell exact numbers is difficult for me, I estimate that around four additional neutral Guardians were coming into the fight so that we were outnumbered, outrepped, outjammed from all of their jamming drones that additionally to their Falcon and Scorpions were fielded.

With six of our battleships lost we retreated, not able to take anything down but a Purifier Stealthbomber one of those support, which I did not count in the numbers above.

Not a bad battle for some carebear Alliance. We had to give up to take down the reinforced towers for this day. Later that evening we got a industrial down with a fast roaming gang just at a gate to Amarr.

On our public channel we got a visit from one of their combat leaders, a well known veteran from old times. So our enemies do not only know -in large- how to fit their ships they also have some people who know how to fly them. Asked why we are fighting them it quickly became clear that we deal with a hardcore Amarr alliance that use the Ammatar as a cheap source of labor and that fill their hangars with slaves workers they got from Minmatar Republic to process their ores and fire their towers.

The proof that we Minmatar are weak and inferior, he said, is that we are so vulnerable to Vitoc. Which they apparently use to make their workers submissive.

I answered, this is going to be a long and destructive war that can only have one outcome: freedom for our kin. The treason of the Nefantar is not forgotten. Derelik is ours.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.03.25 09:49:00 - [600]

Dear Log,

the war against the Amarrian industrial backbone is going on. While we didn't get so many kills like in the last war we brought their industrial activity to a grinding halt. They stopped to undock in large and we keep it like that.

Our patrols cover whole Derelik and Empire space so that they do not dare to move because they get smacked everywhere they dare to move their assets. They got some help from neutrals in that sector but I don't think those neutrals have much fun doing this in near future.

I met Chribba in our Region and politely reminded him that he is just a guest in our space. While everyone respects him for the major industrialist he is I can not allow those big sharps to carnivor in my pool of minerals. This is of cause not a war about minerals, but the mineral aspect is a side effect I personally enjoy on the wallet side of life. We block a major production chain for the Empire with this.

And with Derelik falling the gates to the Empire get open for our fleets. It's just a three jump from Republic Space to the Empire from Heimatar.

Knock-Knock. Who's there? Freedom for my kin. Freedom who? Free-Doom.

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