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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.01 08:57:00 - [31]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:00:48
Dear Log,

»Ach wie glücklich sind die Toten!« - unknown Sebiestor poet

I am happy and proud. I have shared the destiny of my brave crewmen who died in the battles before, fighting to the last bullet, not leaving their station, holding the autocannons running - up to the last minute.

It was a silent gate on the way to my fleet in the Tvzi system. The warpgate did spit me into existence and the two small blips on my ladar were waiting for me. I do not fear battleships I know, the only thing that can kill me is a ceptor. And luring in the dark were two of them. As fast as I could I did all the veterans told me. Hit warp, hithithit, scrambled, microwarp, turn, try to lock, armor repair, damn, waaaarp, okay, make sure you targeted something to warp and hammer as fast as you can on the button. Exploding ship around and the damn pod did not move - what? But they said it would!

It did not. And silently I awoke. Good thing: I lost my hangover. And even better, I felt free. It did not hurt, I was not regretting but I was silent for a moment.

Am I still who I am? Who am I? Just the atoms that are the image of my body? What do they store in the cloning stations? Souls? No. They store data. So there is no soul. I felt releaved. No god, no creator, you are not born as an atheist. It's a long hard way to become one and it is so easy to get confused and the virus always waits to reinfect your body. The Sebiestor poets and scolars did write many books about death and soul and the Amarr god of death and I am still so young. But if the Amarr, which I fight, would be right then I would not be here. But I am, feeling right, I'm even hungry as I used to be all my life. Who can they ignore it?

I do not hate the Amarr slaver dog for that. I uploaded the data of my death to the Minmatar killboard and was taking a smiling goodbye to the positive points there. I am not fighting for points. They mean nothing. But I was stronger now. I was the most dangerous enemy that one can have - someone that has nothing to lose anymore.

And with contemplation I felt to the side of my head, above the ear where I had that datajack before. It was gone. I did not check the market, I did know that I'm in deep dept for that Tand and I can't buy it again. That I first have to pay back the fifty millions I owe before I can think about new ones. And the moment I buy them will be the moment I lose something, so I just smiled. Deadlier than ever, more dangerous than ever. I would not start do contaminate this pure condition of mine. First I would go and blow up ships with it.

My mother was a strong women. We never had money and when we traveled to the planets and needed something, she went from door to door, throw a stone or something against it and was turning halve away, showing her proud side and said nothing. Some did put things on their doorstep, some did not. But head high in the sky! Oh I adore her so much! Bad thing is I am not that kind of a proud women, I am always a bit ashamed of myself that I can't do more. I'm just doing what I have to with no bitterness, with no hate, just with determination. Fighting the god of the Amarr, fighting their fleet. But I am not fighting their people.

Where is my dead body now? Did someone pick it up and brought it to this cemetry that was raided by the GoonSwarm recently? I hope not. Cause I don't want my dead body to be presented by the cult of deathgods. Someday I will travel there and take a look myself. And if I find it, I will blow it up to dust.

I don't like the GoonSwarm cause they did the right thing out of the wrong reasons. They just did it, because they could, I think. And some of them said, they would like to bury the dead bodies turned to some other false god somewhere. That's really sad. But I would blow up my own remains if I see them there! My body should not be remembered anyway. It is gone today, it will go tomorrow, it is nothing important anyway. I'm a warrior, I live to die.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.01 09:24:00 - [32]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/10/2008 09:50:00
But stop talking about the silly GoonSwarm. I do not think they are important and one should make a fuss about their follies. They are weak, they need a god.

I lost my "No Pasaran!" and turned home where a proud long line of new rifters were awaiting for me. A little present of my friend Kai. I touched their rough armorplates and checked the name, Kai had painted on them: "Tempered Passion I" up to X. I smiled. This was my first setup that I used when I lost my first ship. And I will use it again, it was not a bad one but an unusual I think. I changed very few before takeoff, just one port and that one was not important anyway. I knew this kind of ship will bring me luck.

A minute later I was entering losec and drove towards our fleet. I regretted my death now. Not regretting to have died. Not regretting to have been podded. But I regretted that I died without rattling autocannons and that the killer was not perforated by my anger. I will not try to flee again, I will fight! I will throw myself in battle now. Nothing to lose anymore. I feel releaved.

And this time I went through the field of flowers that a Minmatar warrior knows, the blooming of Amarr battleships. In fast succession I throwed myself into fight, not avoiding death but looking for it. I will not brag with victorys cause in truth I do not count much. But it was the first time my autocannons were running through. It was the first time, my little Rifter was giving enough percentage damage, that I was on the lists. Later I waited the evening to show up my targets. And I looked who they were and what I could find out about them in their bio. Three major vessels and a victory for Mitar!
The rest of the fleet really did better as I did, to be true. We were outnumbered and outgunned twice. But those who count for the battle did their part better than those on the side of the Amarr. I'm proud to be allowed fly with them side by side! I saw all of them. The 17th, the Tribal Liberation Force, the Kaminjosvig, the The Wings of Maak and so many more. And I was allowed to tackle their targets, Gee! I'm so proud to serve them all.

I wished I could have helped more. But funny - this was the first time I did not die. And I really was reaching out for someone to blow me up. I nearly begged but it did not happen. They ran away, the tried to flee, they docked in fear. Maybe today I was born. I was born as a Mitar warrior. Maybe it's a bit early for me to think like that. I have so much to learn.

One thing left to talk about. They told me to lock the pods and finish them off. And I failed badly doing this. It is not that I do not kill. I do and I have done before, will do again. It is not that I feel sorrow and think that I should not do this because they will not do it to me. No. Thats not the way a warrior is thinking.

I locked them. I scrambled them, I held my fingers over the buttons, I let them go, with a smile on my face. Cause I am a warrior, I do fight any fight I have to. I will blow up villages of children and women when I have to. But this would be wrong. If I kill them, they would grow as strong as I am now. And I won't do them this favor. They will run away with fear in their heart and with expensive implants in their heads, hitting anxiously their warpbuttons to run away like rabbits. They know a little Mitar warrior had all of them on her lock and scrambled their pods and finally let them go.

This I learned today. This is my ethic. Don't make you an enemy that has nothing to lose left. You'll pay for it. My points are in good positive now. Thank you, Amarr slaver dogs, to give me this lesson. I really appreciated it. And you paid. Ten times.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.02 12:01:00 - [33]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:01:14
Dear Log,

something personal. I was wondering what would happen if I fell in love? If I get pregnant and someone is killing my capsule, he will kill...

But let's concentrate on something different: sex.

Recently this is one of the things that is running a bit through my mind. And while I don't like to post details of it into my log cause I know this Amarr spyware will post it on Galnet, I am a bit worried about myself. Ya know, I'm not a traditionalist and I usually do not follow the path of our tribe I cannot deny that it is important for me, especially on this topic, to follow them.

Bad thing is, that my object of interest is not a Mitar and especially not a Sebiestor, so he does not know anything of our rituals. Alas, there are as many tribal rituals as there are stars in the sky, but I only follow a few. Most of them are tests of loyality and integrity but I am a bit anxious that I scare him away with that. Some must be quite savage in his eyes, I think.

The ritual of temptation he did quite well. He refused to touch me and follow his desires like an animal and break his honour with it but was acting like a man. And I admit that this makes me quite proud of him, cause he is only Gallente and is missing so much culture and strength. But I think the fact that he had no idea what was coming over him didn't make it easier, so I'm quite proud.

My ritual of running was going well, but it was really hard to do for me cause I love running anyway and train on the stairwell of our station every day. We got eighty levels and I think I gave what I could. Some people don't understand it but if you try you can run away your feelings, if you really try. But I did not run fast enough, I could not escape. So I have to accept and surrender. Quite easy you say? Some of us die on this ritual.

I am thinking about the next stage of rituals, but I think that would be too much for him. You know what I'm talking off, all that know the Sebiestor rituals. And he is no tribesman anyway. But I am thinking about it, may be some of the 17th warriors know them and test him. But I'm not sure if he will survive, so...

How far can I go with this? I'm no traditionalist anyway. I'm a modern Sebiestor girl, one of those that step free of it and don't let themself bind by ancient rules. But alas, I'm still Sebiestor. It's somehow not feeling right to ignore the rituals.

Those who say: "A Sebiestor that is not running is...", ya know? I hate this. They won't understand us and all the shit they tell about Sebiestor women. They don't understand the pride in following this ancient ways. The strength we take of them.

But really, I'd wish all this could be over, cause...

But funny thing happend yesterday. While we were fighting the Amarr we ended near their border and split off the warrior fleet we had joined. He was my leading wingman and wanted to travel "save" way home. "Alica", he said, "turn your autopilot to save route and follow." I did and Gee! The route was going through the "save" Amarr hisec back to Minmatar space. That's fun. I didn't know why he wanted to try this in a cruiser and while all our enemys were joining in Kamela to directly fly through them - but okaaaay. He's the wingleader. I would not do this trick in a cruiser, especially in such an expensive one like a Blackbird, but give it a try.

After we entered Amarr hisec he was beginning to shout and cursing in a way that even would make a Brutor veteran blush. And it was not going better while I was telling the Amarr on local what we are thinking of them and their firework-lasershow they call ships.

"karr Lancaster > dont mind me just doing some missions LoL"

We came through. The Amarr prefer doing missions.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.03 10:01:00 - [34]

Dear Log,

I got a brand new console! Somehow, I don't know why the damn things break. But anyway, the thing that I try to avoid at the moment is thinking of sex. Cause my idea to write a letter at the fleetcommander of the 17th Minmatar Tactical Wing was such a silly one! First I am really the smallest of the warriors at his side and a unit like this does not have pilots like me in their rank, I think. So silly! I could have written to Eran Mintor for I know that he knows me from Galnet, but -ouch- one of their leaders? I'm such an ignorant little brat. Cause for me somehow all people are equal and if I don't think about it, I offer a king a chewing-gum or ask an Empress if she could help me in my jacket.

Second, the idea I planted in the brain of my person of interest -his callsign is Bigfood, a quite silly one I think- to go the way of our tribes is that he insists now to wait. And waiting was not my intention to be true. I was even not trying to marry him or even to get enganged, I just want to sleep with that guy without being dishonoured. And exactly for this we have this tribal ritual. I don't know if he understands, but he understands that waiting is a little bit getting on my nerves now, so he seems to enjoy the show. Oh! How I hope the warrior-ritual would rip him in peaces for this! Say, nobody would know if we would bow the rules a bit, no? And take a little shortcut. But - no. Not this guy. Thats a bad thing.

To get this off my mind a bit I was out on duty, securing some systems. It was the first patrol I did alone at the frontline. And to be alone is a gnawing feeling. Sometimes one or two Amarr hunters entered the systems and tried to catch me. But Amarr are no good hunters. I think I would escape on nine of ten encounters, and mostly they don't find me anyway, for our ships are in the same colour as the darkness of deepspace and the corroded surfaces of asteroids.

I was hiding between slowly turning stones, big as a mountain and they passed by just the length of a shot away and did not see me. Sometimes I even let the scanner running to find the beacons that I had to pass. I got a promotion for that, am a Captain now. A sort of Captain, I think, not a real one. Can't be.

But after that I really wanted to have a fight, I really needed it. And while there was a call of duty on milita I signed in instantly and passed the last systems of my patrol with kicked in microwarp, don't mind the fuel.

An epic large fleet of Minmatar was docking off Amamake to patrol the Amarr infested bordersystems and I was with them. There had been a big big Amarr fleet that was daring to undock but when we arrived they were fleeing and finally docked somewhere and were not found again by our scouts. So we just killed off a Cruiser here and there and I think I am not the one with the fastest lock in fleet but I was often enough there to be part of it and not just a spectator. I don't mind the killboard too much, because you get nothing for numbers. Only thing that counts is: our systems are save.

But then the fleet disassembled and "Switch 4" was ordering an Amarr Hisec patrol. That was fun!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.03 10:19:00 - [35]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:01:40
These patrols are quite easy. You jump into small, fast ships and travel through Amarr hisec with all the navy and militia behind you and kill off every wartarget that is daring to show up. With fourty or something like that Slashers you can even blow up an Amarr Battleship before the Navy arrives. While all of us had volunteered to commit suicide for Republic I can say it is not so easy like that when the enemy does not show up. Okay, we scored here and there but it was not that slaughterfeast we had hoped to get.

Did I mention that 'Switch 4' had sponsored the whole fleet? I really am proud to fly with warriors that have the spirit. And the one of my interest said he supported the Switch's present with some ISK of his own which I find very noble of him and makes me proud.

So finally our fourty ships of doom docked at Amarr Prime and we all went shopping a bit. To be true we freed a lot of slaves. And everyone of us got some freed slaves in his cargo while the Amarr Militia Fleet was assembling in front of the station.

I found a conspiring Amarr women, she is a True Amarr and a quite proud one and while she would never betray her state she sure wants the best for the people. So I got contact to hidden militants and more freed slaves in Amarr Empire and got a bunch of paper with systems and planets where to get them. The next days I will have to go there, get them and bring them home, for they are so many that I can't do it in one run. The name of my contact I can't tell of cause. I don't want to endanger her.

But our free presses here are printing flyers and placards with calls for freedom like "GIVE THOSE A VOICE THAT HAVE NO CHOICE!", which I will deliver. And I will go shopping of cause. 'In cognito' I hope. Will be fun!

Our patrol ended not with a mass suicide but with a return to our homesystems where an other Amarr invasionfleet had been formed which we had to fight. Duty first! Fun has to wait... as always, man sometimes I hate that.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.10.03 17:40:00 - [36]

Thank the gods that there are still Minmatar like you Alica. Give them hell for us :)

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.04 09:27:00 - [37]

Dear Log,

I was flying my first patrol as a wing commander, found out that there are pilots that are even greener than I am and fear that the step from rookie to veteran is sometimes not a big one. I feel so aged. But I love the spirit of this new pilots that are no less in flames and heat and fire for freedom than I am.

But those securing Minmatar systems and fighting down Amarr ones was not the only thing that happend. I wrote a letter that I want just to post here without further comments.


Dear Leona Sinara (CEO),

I have to write an official compaint about unhonoureable behaviour of one of your members. Toad Lips uses to hang around with Minmatar Militia Fleet, follows our fleets and we assume he is spying. No we know it. Cause he is scanning our ships, our configuration and tracking position.

This is so dishonourable in a war that I do not think the Amarr, which I know are most honourable themself, but fight for the wrong cause, would support. And many Militia would be above to use intel that is gethered like this.

The bitterness and rage in our fleet is rising and the ones that will suffer of this will be the "neutrals", cause fleet will start killing them on sight. Please make it stop, cause this is not the way neither we nor the Amarr should do this. Honour should be the last standing not the first to fall.

If you want to fight, join the militia. But please stop your members befouling your honour and the honour of your state and milita.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.04 10:05:00 - [38]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:02:08
second part

I don't know if any Mitar think this is the way we fight, I myself will take action against anyone that does this in the name of our proud Militia and is Mitar, nor would I use intel that is collected like this. There are tricks of war that work. And some may be quite fine. But to erode the status of uninvolved civilians is to let other pay the price for the intel.

There were wars were soldiers were simply killing the left behind women and children to destroy the morale of the fighting man. But even if fighting without honour leads to a short boost in perfomance it has never in history led to victory. I leads to suffer and a world full of hatred and bad spirit, that's all.

But back to that what I wanted to tell you about, dear Log: tactics.

I do know I know nothing and those things I know are mostly of limited value but I learned that those few things are even not known to some others. I hope to change it a bit with telling you some things I learned.

If you are in a complex and try to conquer or defend a system and the enemy shows up and it is unsure who will win the fight - don't fly to him, fly to your members. Do not use your microwarpdrive to throw yourself on the enemy cause you force all other to do the same and use up the cap for this that all will need to fight.

The enemy is coming and he thinks he can win. So let him come and stand the place. But you can chose the place to fight and this should be the marker and not 60 km away from it.

If you are going down, my friend, go down. Don't bail out the fight when all depends on a single second. For maybe you save your ship but your comrade will lose his and the fight as well. And the enemy will not only win the fight, he will also win the loot and honour.
We stand together, we fight together, we win or lose together.

If you fight in a big battle and have a small ship, this is the way you fight - save yourself, recover, come back, because this way is how you help your fleet most. But in a small gang it is not. All go out or none goes out. That's the spirit. But never leave without permission.

In small gangs: spare your energy. Don't scramble an attacking enemy at start of fight. If you see that you win, start and scramble him but he wants the fight, he will not flee on first contact. If you scramble too early you will not have enough cap left for armor repair and other things.

Configure your ship well inside the abilities of your skills. Your ship is a weapon platform. Configure it the way it does do damage the best. If distance is important make it fast enough to hold the distance or use webber, if you have energyproblems do something against it, use capbooster or vampires or energytransmitter in a gang. But first thing you fit is the weapon, not the last thing. Cause your ship is a platform. It is a vessel to carry a bunch of weapons to the right place, the rest is serving this cause.

There is much more to know but at an other time when I am really sure what I am talking about. And if you can, avoid random gangs, fly with the same or those you know. For if you don't the Amarr will get the kills, not you.

In big fleetfight only advice I can give is: get better than me. Cause I'm a real helpless case at the moment. But even if you are, obey, try to do your best, try to lock as fast as you can, tackle and fit your ship right. Do use the small guns not the big ones if you don't have high skills, like I do. For the big ones use much more CPU and do not more damage. But even concidering this: your ship is a weapon platform. Always think like this and you will do good.

And try not to give the Amarr cheap points. Try to survive if you can, if you do not betray your gang doing this. For the first duty of the warrior is to win, if that is not possible the second is to help the other to win, if that is not possible to save himself to return as fast as possible to fight again.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.04 12:06:00 - [39]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/10/2008 12:18:57
third part

Some words to cheap points. If there is a dangerous enemy in your system and you can't stand a chance fighting him, them let him hunt you. For you will win this:

First of all you have fun playing cat and mice. We Mitar have fast sturdy ships that do almost ever get away. Don't play this game with Interceptors cause they are really dangerous for us low end warriors.

But if you manage to bind such an Amarr hunter for halve an hour or even an hour then you have won the fight. Cause the hunters sometimes are like sharks, biting into something that they can not swallow and don't let go. Sharks are mindless stupid animals and warriors that hunt the small are like this too, very often. Show your teeth and hiss, small warrior! If you, a small frigate warrior can bind someone in a T2 fighter, a cruiser or even bigger, even a whole gang, then you stop let them kill other, easier targets during this time.

If you stop them killing, you make Mitar win in this war. Winning by time and by moral and by making the other think only the cat can play with the mouse not the mouse with the cat. But there are stories in our tribal tales of running contests between the big and the small and always the smarter win, not those with bigger claws or faster legs or other big extremity. And smart is an attribute of a warrior, never of a ship.

It might not stand on your kill-list if you fight like this. But it is a good and quite funny thing to do, believe me. Sometimes you will make errors or so and get shot down. This is the way it goes, comrade. Get a new ship, start again.

If there is a really big fleet of your militia in your system, don't join it -they don't need you- but try to find a way to use it, to be useful, small warrior. Try to find plexes and secure the system and the systems around, don't hunt for points or kills or promotion, hunt for honour for our Republic. Hunt for defeat of the Evil Empire. Free systems if you can or die by doing this.

Much more I can't tell you at the moment. Only something about scanning and patrol, but that I will do another time.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.06 10:53:00 - [40]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/10/2008 11:25:59
Dear Log,

while I'm using up much of the stock of Rifters I own, there is no need to panic yet. But I really think about setting up hoards of them all over the Minmatar and Amarr losec so the reenter into battle is faster.

The number of used up ships are counting up fast and I could not tell how thankful I am my friend Kai for her present. Yesterday I went out with a new bunch of people, I'd call them veterans and even if that does not help much about the blowing up of my ships it was an impressive evening. Find, hunt, kill, find, hunt, kill and that in an endless stream. Again my way crossed those of the Pie Inc. who seem to be very active, cause every third kill I am involved is one of their ships. And on the other hand I lost three of my Rifters to them. I am happy about this. Cause to kill me means death. If someone has to waste his ammunition on my pathetic humbly cheap frigate, he is really in trouble. And normally you see everyone that has me on his killlist in truth be on mine.

And the exchange Rifter - Battleship, Rifter - Recon, Rifter - Interceptor or something like that looks like a good deal to me. "You do insure your small Rifters?", those veterans laughed, "that's cute." The Sebiestor word for it is "Vollkasko" which means that some insurance company has to pay, not me. I only pay the fittings, which I most often get back. So while I'm not able to bring endless victory to my tribe and my nation I try to bring down this war to the purse. Let the Amarr blood where it hurts them most: at ISK.

Speaking of purse in the end we lost three ships, my Rifter of cause and two other, to pirates in Amamake which which we tried to have fun with. A fight that was quite profitable for them I think, cause we were loaded up to the chin with all that expensive T2 loot from the poor Amarr milita. Alas - most of our loot was save but I lost mine which is a fact that I am a bit furious about cause I had docked before and had the chance to save it. Must have been worth millions.

And so war can be quite profitable if you don't let some pirates shoot down two Recon-cruiserclass ships at the end of the raid, something that was discussed on radio and valuated a bit suboptimal and was reducing slightly the profit we cut from the flesh of Amarr.

Talk about money. While I still have that sleek Slasher from Switch 4, I use it now for smuggling contraband to and from Amarr territory. I told you before, that I left behind freed slaves cause my cargo was full and found a group of militants that tried to get away from the supressing grasp of the Evil Empire. I had to travel several times deep into Amarr hisec and smuggled propaganda material, fertilizers to make bombs and of cause lots of small firearms into Amarr, which are official illegal cause they fear they could be handed to slaves and the rest of their empire might be washed away by the next revolt. Which is exactly which I aim at: Freedom for the people.

While doing this everything I do in Mitar is of cause legal. And now the funny thing: while doing this I made lots of profit. I can't explain why my arms were selling so good or I might something have missed. I looked at the people who did buy them and digged and it does not make any sense. Interesting stuff. I can not remember to have made such a profit with any other tradegoods before.

But maybe I just was lucky somehow.

Of cause I was singing our warsongs on local all the way from Mitar border to Amarr prime and deeper into Amarr territory and back and also told them that I will come back in a few minutes. But I got through.

And I still await the answer of our request to the 17th Tactical Wing.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.10 12:07:00 - [41]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/10/2008 12:13:47
Dear Log,

a lot has happend since I last time had found some minutes to tell you about my life. Again I changed my corp, this time to join some friends that take good care of me after my old corporation was forced out of the fight with the Amarr because of some corporation war or stuff like that.

I used the time to learn a lot and got some promotions for doing my duty for our cause. Those promotions come but I don't care much about them. Even if I hate the Evil Empire as much as I can for all it stands for and what they do to our people I have some respect for their pilots. Even if they are tools of the evil they are not easy prey. I'm happy about that because a real warrior should find someone that is worth fighting and that is a real danger for him. Most vessels around are very dangerous for me in my Rifta, but I learned a few tricks and survive alone, sometimes I even survive a battle and I am awaiting my first solo kill. Some weeks will pass up to this, I think or I will be very lucky. Most of our enemys are very skilled veterans and not easy to down by a young pilot as I am. And even if the numbers tell you that there are more pilots of Mitar enlisted in this war than Amarr I know that many many of our men are quite young and just left the academy.

The Amarr are less, but they almost all seem to be veterans.

So it's not like the fight of the many against the few it's more like the desperate fight of the suppressed against the skilled and deadly slaver dogs of the empire.

We suffered of some friendly fire, my wing and I, it was all a big misunderstanding and in the heat of the fight I was the lonely surviver - funny, cause in a real battle I'm always the first to bite the dust. Fighting on side of Mitar is not that easy cause some of our troops are not regular enlisted and I will try to take very much care. I think I even downed one of our friendlys some days ago which I deeply regret. But alas I was downed too by a friendly, so it's something like even match.

I had my first escapade into the zerosec yesterday. Tried to scout for my old corp and I think I didn't mess completely up. I am not fit for flying a real scout ship now but done it in a Probe. That's very dangerous you may say, but it was very exciting too. But I know I'm still not ready to enter the systems without names.

Ah, let's say it's not advisable to scan for compounds there, warp in just to have a look what's going on. Hope you kick in your warpdrive as fast as I do or they will pop you instant.

My friend Jeboa Jeboa, who enlisted a few days ago had her first clone-experience. Some Amarr don't think twice before they fire on a capsule, so I try to tell people how to avoid it. Usually that's working but sometimes, yes, sometimes you have to harden yourself with a bath in your own blood. Thats the initiation to be a real warrior. It's not our friends but our enemies that take care of this lesson.

So, now she is free of the crap that is called implants and a more dangerous weapon. Cause she has no fear to lose something anymore. This is a good start. The Amarr are making us deadly warriors.

And the silence after the bursting and burning and exploding of steel and fire in the clonebay is something like a shock.

We lost our whole patrol some days ago -all but me, funny again- and had some podlosses on our side too. So even veterans sometimes fail in getting away. I heard this podding is some illness of lowsec and in the zerosec it's sometimes seen as dishonourable if it is not necessary.

A pod can be dangerous, yes. It can be a spy or a point where a fleet will warp in. But a warrior has the knowledge to differ when a pod has to be shot even if this means to shoot a defenseless enemy and when not.

But I told you before, dear Log, what I think about podding. It is making better warriors of us, if they do it to us. So I don't complain. It's just sometimes I feel sorrow for my friends. But that's good for my morale on the other hand. So...

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.11 20:31:00 - [42]

Dear Log,

"The Caine Mutiny", this means to get shredded lots of frigates in the war with the Amarr puts me back to the place where all began: salvaging wrecks for hours and hours. If you think that I did trade in my sleek, fast "Splash of Red Fury" for a highly impressive warship of even greater dimensions then you are nearly right but totally wrong.

I did trade it in to a huge an bulky farce of a sleek and mighty Cane: an old, run down and not frontable veteran of this battlecruiser-class that is used in the backyards of our Republic to fly from wreck to wreck, salvage and collect the remains and usable part that were left behind in the wake of some real ships of war. So my fingers are targeting hundreds and hundreds of drifting wrecks now, tractorbeams are pulling it near to the crewman that are salvaging the usable parts of it.

My ship might be the biggest I ever had the honour to fly, but it's bulky and turning like a bugged donkey, Every place on board is scratched out to give more room for the heavy cargoexpanders, thick lines of energy transmissions support the salvaging blowtorches with energy.

It's hot in here, sometimes more than fifty degrees celsius, codensed oil is dripping from the frames and the smell of burning rubber is all over. Sometimes I stand on the bridge that must have been a mighty warship many years ago and touch it caressing while the hammering noises of the wrecking crews are shaking the deeply scratched armorplates. She might be not ready for war anymore but is serving well. Only if I try to bring her into warp I can go and make me a coffee. When I'm back I can see how she has turned, her thrusters are coughing roughly and then, slowly, slowly she begins to take up speed, her belly full with scrap and recovered goods, aching and moaning while she tries to break off the restrains of normal space and enter the warpbubble and its spheric sound.

I just paid back all my depts and now I'm dry on my account as a lone bottle of vodka after a Minmatar veterans meeting. But when I'm lucky I will be able to buy me one of these mighty ships myself. Some day...

But it's a good feeling to be free of depts. Even if that means that I can't buy me more than thousend units of ammo for my Rifters anymore cause I have to watch out for the money.

Life is cheap for a warrior, you just need a Rifter, a good spirit thousand bullets and some guns. And of cause an insurance company that is silly enough to give you a contract for your ship.

But I started with a new draft for a ship. I hope in the next few weeks I am able to get me an Amarr solo. All I need is some luck...

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.14 11:55:00 - [43]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/10/2008 12:06:52
Dear Log,

the luck was not on my side this time, cause the first of my new Anti-Vesta Rifters went down in flames under her heavy fire in a few seconds. Light can not only blind it can kill I just learned. Damn, next time I look first if it's a Punisher or an Amarr Navy Slicer what I am up against but I was so happy to be able to test my new design that I wrecked it. Not a new experience for me to be true.

Gee! That thing is evil. But back to more serious matters but to spoil her morning trying to claim free and happy Minmatar owned systems to the arthrosic hands of the enslaving Evil Empire was my revenge. To hunt her is a bit like to take down the Red Baron or something, the flying dragon of one of our tribal tales which was slain by Siegfried or so. I'm not good in tales, so it's possible that I mix something up here. But I think to prevent the most successful pilot of Amarr to gain victories is a victory in itself. For she was the one that prevented one of our fighters to be on the top list last week. It's like jamming the most evil battleship of the enemy. You do not need much skill for that or be a great warrior, you just have to be determined for that. And it's out of question that she is something like a diamond on the other side where I am someone of the lowest end of our enlisted warriors.

It's all about setting goals. If you reach low you maybe successful but you don't grow. I set my goals high and fail many times. But I grow with them, I hope. So it's no personal thing I follow it's just that she is on the top and I am on the bottom. If it's another name, my target will change.

To come back to what happend, dear Log, yesterday was a quite successful day. You might be not an important fighter in a Rifter but you are useful in many way for our comrades. So my usual role was up to now to tackle and web our targets, but it slightly changed. I am now salvaging the wrecks behind and -funny but true- I was downing more ships by doing this than before. Sometimes war is a really funny thing, yes.

The terrible thing that happend to the 17th Minmatar Tactical Wing is hanging over the days like a black cloud but you can see the first rays of a new sun that is coming up behind it. Treachery is a nasty business and even if that is part of the "game" of corporations when fighting for profit in a war this is something other. It's about life and death of those we try to protect and this is weighting heavy like the blade of a guillotine. Some day this might be forgotten, but that will be a long time. It was not like the one of the rotten spies that hang around our militia channel or that are camping the gates as neutrals or following our fleets to report it to the enemy.

This is more. This is about destruction of our freedom.

But to close the report for you, my Log, with something joyful, I got message from Eran and Telemicus about the warrior ordeal for my person of interest. I'm not a very traditional girl, but to start a relationship has to be something serious. Something I can be proud of and don't have to hide. And I really hope the test(s) for him will be hard and that on the other hand he will survive. Cause the initiation rutuals for a Minmatar Warrior are not easy for a young pilot, but for a veteran? I really have no idea what will come, but I fear it as well as I await it eagerly. For patience is not one of my greatest virtues.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.17 01:29:00 - [44]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/10/2008 01:52:44
Dear Log,

I killed a man.
I shot down an unarmed.
I podded.

But first I try to tell you the story and maybe you can understand why I did that. There was no tactical need to do it. But I think I was doing right.

We were in a small wing on our way to defending the systems that were contested and would have fallen into the hands of Amarr and their slaverdogs. We do not fly expensive stuff, nobody of us can afford. So that's mostly cheapest unnamed T1 stuff in frigates and biggest we fly is usually a cruiser.

If a pirate is just looking for money, for me it's just an extended form of corpwar that is a part of the game that the people name life. And I have no real problem with that. But some of those pirates have no real goal anymore. There is nothing to win for them. They just want blood.

So he entered our plex, bloodthirsty as a rabbit dog. He could run. He was not. He had his ten seconds to think it over. Then we took him out with everything we got, fighting for survival, for honour and for our enslaved people down in the camps of the Amarr. And we were fighting for the one next to us, for the brother or sister.

He lost his ship fast, I don't know who had the first lock, but his capsule was there and I was the only one in reach. So I took some time to think about this red flashy -9.4 podkiller. I had seen the people defending their life, his bounty. He was still there when my lock went through. I gave him another second, then activated without feelings the scrambler and nailed his coffin with that.

Noone in the group was not firing on him. I don't really know why there is so much anger in our lines. Was it anger? It was just a thing that had to be done. We all felt it somehow.

The bounty was not that high after all.

We were not saying a word about that. No laughing, no joy, nothing. It was just a thing that had to be done. After the whole thing was over I took a look to his statistics and found 21 podkills that he had done. But that was not the point.

The point is, that the world had changed. The time of pirates is over but they still didn't got it. Like the old saurier did not get it, that they had to make way for small rodents and those rodents extinguished them.

Why do they lose this fight? They try to gank someone that has nothing to lose anymore. A small group of warriors that try not to get rich, instead just want to drive back the Amarr to their last system and free the people on the planets where slaves suffer.

What's driving the gankers, the killers, the bloodthirsty? Nothing. There is nothing that drives them, just boredom and lost imagination. What do they gain fighting us? Nothing. No money to get in their rich fittet ganker-ships, Interdictors, that only serve their ego of beeing the meanest killer of universe. All this power wasted for nothing. No cause.

The Heretics worked together with us and I really have problems to fire on someone that was leading our fight like Mirrorgod. I feel there is honour, there is something I respect. But all those wannabe pirates, cruising out there just pissing on the next tree like a dog and wanting to "own" the systems we fight for, that is nothing. There is nothing they can do with those systems. No goals to reach, just to present power. Power that is running wild, that is wasted for nothing, for a killboard on some hidden galnet sites.

Really, I understand a pirate that is fighting to be free. Who is fighting for survival, to feed his people. This is not so different from what we do. But those who just fight for the blood, yes, those who are killing innocent and bragging with the killed pods without posting their own losses on their boards, those I don't respect.

To kill him was a very good feeling. It is the beginning of a new age. We don't "own" any systems there. We will never "own" any system. How can someone own a void space? No. We use the systems, build something new.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2008.10.17 06:06:00 - [45]

That... murderer seemed like just another casualty of war at the time. After all, I knew he would live on, waking up in some vat light-years away. I didn't look into his demise very deeply at all... in fact I was quite pleased that he would be delayed from causing more harm.

He made the tactical error of engaging a largely superior force; he was a novice to be frank. One of those men who risk the lives of their entire crew just to get that rush of adrenaline pumping for a moment or two. Three if they manage to escape with their life.

But your writing's struck close to home and got me thinking. I realized how lost those men and women really are. These capsuleers cloak the murder and assault on their victims as their profession by calling themselves "pirates." Yet they fight for no gain but the thrill, and it's the crew who pay dearly for the pilot's wrecklessness.

They are, in truth, murderers. But what bothers me most was not their crimes, but the resurfacing of my own actions in the past... I am thankful I have finally found something to fight for. I've transported the slaves freed in the first weeks of war, and I've conversed with my kin back home; but my brothers and sisters all seem so unreal when I'm stuck in the front for months at a time. I must remind myself that it's they who I fight for... but when one's own sister-in-arms draws their dagger from your side and burrows it into your heart... I had lost sight of my goals.

Allah has continued to guide my path further from the life of sin; He is All-Mighty and Most Wise. Yet my heart was burning cold until I was blessed to have met a kind heart and soul...

And she has a name,

Sophie Starsparrow

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.18 10:47:00 - [46]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/10/2008 16:07:14
Dear Log,

it's all about love and future. And the way to reach this is through a ocean of blood and fire. This is true for the one I love, Bigfood and maybe it will be true for Eran Mintor too. For I don't think a Mitar woman gives herself easily especially if she is a warriorgirl that is born in the blood of our anchestors.

But future means also fighting for something. We are fighting the Amarr and even if they have better ships, better pilots, better coordination, we do quite good. We have learned to fight from the losses we got from Pie Inc and pay back our depts with high interest now.

It's not important that I found my name on some toplists today, which I find very amusing, cause what I do is not much and someone like me should not be in the same lists like fighters like Sasawong or Veshta Yoshida, cause they are both able fighters where I am still quite green and even can't recognize the most basic ships that I find in space. Something to work on.

I tried to get Yoshida when we were defending Ezzara, but as the last Rifter against an army of overpowering quality, skill and number my chances of survival or success were not that high. But I found it my duty to scratch my name into the armorplates of her Coercer.

On a patrol later the day we had a nice hunting down of a single wartarget and finally we got him and he went down so easily that I had problems to get a shot before he exploded. We were wondering a minute why it had been so easy and discovered that he was traveling in a civilan Amarr Rookieship in our space. I'm still wondering why? If he'd asked for mercy we may have let him go. So even if I love the Reaper and have great respect for the Galletean Rookieship, the Velator which I find quite evil for a ship of that class, I do not understand why someone is using the Amarr ship to go on a fight?

All this entertaining stuff aside, there is a serious conflict evolving. A conflict about the future of our lowsec sectors. I told you earlier, dear Log, that the pirates are claiming the lowsec as "theirs" and trying to disturb our operations. I told you that they are like dinosauriers that still do not understand why some small, fast and agile rodents are beginning to destroy them.

We had a lot of pirate encounters now. Most times we just evade and move on. In their fat and ego-fitted gankerships of past times they are no match for us. We dictate when we fight and when not and so we downed their expensive stuff with small, cheap, tech-1 fitted rifters and other cheap ships. I wonder what those pirates want? We give no money, we give no kill, we don't attack neutrals, only thing they get from us is certain death. Cause if we stand and fight, we win.

The times they are a-changin'!

So, The Python Cartel is beginning to understand, I hope. If not and they repeat the attacks on our small ships they will be out of money. Cause pirates are neutrals for us, even a bit helpful cause they keep the large Amarr ships from entering the battlefield. But when they attack, there is nothing to win. And to be true, most of them are just sparetime wannabies that do not fight like us. Most of the militia pilots fight for a higher cause and without looking for kills or loot. And they have much more battle experience than those poor gankers that only know much about hanging around at gates and blowing Hoarders to pieces. They are no warriors at all. Just triggerhappy civilians.

The times they are a-changin'!

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.10.20 19:53:00 - [47]

I was going to put something here that I had hoped would be a reasonably intelligent thought on the nature of people who call themselves pirates while giving true pirates a bad name, but...I'm...ah...Im a little um...

Best of luck Alica!

*sophie turns red as the screen goes black.

Nova Foundry
Posted - 2008.10.20 20:54:00 - [48]

Edited by: BloodBird on 20/10/2008 21:22:43
Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Dear Leona Sinara (CEO),

I have to write an official compaint about unhonoureable behaviour of one of your members. Toad Lips uses to hang around with Minmatar Militia Fleet, follows our fleets and we assume he is spying. No we know it. Cause he is scanning our ships, our configuration and tracking position.

This is so dishonourable in a war that I do not think the Amarr, which I know are most honourable themself, but fight for the wrong cause, would support. And many Militia would be above to use intel that is gethered like this.

The bitterness and rage in our fleet is rising and the ones that will suffer of this will be the "neutrals", cause fleet will start killing them on sight. Please make it stop, cause this is not the way neither we nor the Amarr should do this. Honour should be the last standing not the first to fall.

If you want to fight, join the militia. But please stop your members befouling your honour and the honour of your state and milita.


Dear miss. Wildfire, I do not know if this behavious have stopped or if the entire issue is out-dated at this time, but I'd like to inform you a little bit about individual "Toad Lips" and what I know of him. However...

Because I don't want to possibly slander a man's name in public I will send you a private mail with what I know of him. I agree on your feelings that his behaviour is dishonourable, but then, knowing of him like I do, I'm not surprized by his actions, as you report them. Out-dated or not I hope that the information in my mail for you will be of use.

Slight addition: Congratulations on your first pirate kill. You podded him too, good on you. These things will become easier with time as I see you are starting to understand, in the ned, a pirate will be nothing but a dangerous, but "legal" kill for you, and one that proves to be needed time and again.

I'll stop here though before I start on some rant. Best of luck to you, I hope the rest of the TLF follow your example as best they can, because you clearly have the right attitude.

- BloodBird

Zenith Affinity
Posted - 2008.10.20 22:00:00 - [49]

Dear Alica,

times have changed. You have grown up from the shy girl keeping a point on my tempest and you drew blood. You have killed, have died and been rebon and watched thousands others die. And you are searching for God.

Time have changed on a grander scale too. Don't judge the Dogma, for it is the Dogma that keeps people from hearing Gods Voice.

I hope you will read our exchange again and find truth in my statements on the irelevance of troubles of the flesh.

humble servant of God
Paladin of Her Empress Jamyl I

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.23 19:32:00 - [50]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/10/2008 19:39:32

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.23 19:33:00 - [51]

Dear Log,

today is a happy day. I did not write for some days for I am quite happy cause my person of interest had proved himself to be a honourable Mitar warrior, while Eran Mintor tested him. I am not quite that enthusiastic about the test itself, cause to face some pirates at a gate and got shot down by them, flying home in a pod all but my person of interest is not just exactly the sort of heroic warriortest for a hero I had in mind.

But I don't doubt any second that Eran found Bigfood worthy to fly with us and to be my PoI. The days after this event were long awaited but not without trouble. To be podded has some nasty sideeffects for a girl, that I don't want to go in detail.

But I contacted him yesterday, chitchatting about some plans for our militia and asking how it is going on with his courting for Sophie Starsparrow that is without question one of our best. I asked him if he was taking advantage of her affection for him, but as a man of honour of cause he did not.

So Bigfood would be very honoured to take care of the test for him, now that he is official part of our clan. I ordered him to do but of cause it all depends on Sophie and how she wants to handle this and if she is chosing an other warrior for this.

For I promised Eran that I wont let Bigfood give Eran a test like he did, for it may be enough for a small warriorgirl like me but for Sophie the bar should be raised much higher or she can't be proud of her hero.

The plan of mine which I was working on this morning will not work, so I can tell ya, dear Log, what I planned. I planned to contest all inner systems of the Amarr, the lowsec systems inside the realm where usually no Mitar warrior is going.

So I jumped into my "Freedom Falcon!"-Slasher, don't mind the exclamation mark, and searched the whole morning for plexes. But I only found a lot of hidden stuff, pirate nests and other interesting places. The hidden military bases seem only to be hidden in the warzones. So, never mind, it will not work. But I have met a lot of friendly pirates there that just hugged me when I entered local with a friendly "Yarr!".

The Amarr pirates are very friendly and helpful, I wonder why no Amarr is showing up in their own lowsec sectors. They seem to be not daring like our people that use the lowsecs quite frequently as I can see on my daily patrols.

I was flying past the boss of The Python Cartel, Andrea Skye, on his head set a bounty of 250 million isk, but I don't think I can take on someone like that in my Rifter. But of cause it would not be surprising if you meet him too somewhere around Ardar.

But I really don't have problems with those guys, they are nice, hanging around the gates, greeting me friendly with a lock and letting me pass. I don't think they could harm anyone and wonder who sets such a high price on the head of such nice people. A friendly "Yarr!" to them, the nice pirateguys from neighborhood.

Also a friendly "Yarrr!" to my piratefriends at Haras, who really did us the favor to down some of the Amarr slavedogs that were chasing us through their gatecamp. One of them was entering our plex and I got my first one on one duel with him, which he fled and repeated this two other times. Sorry for being so shy not to down you. I am still learning to hold you in my lock, chummer!

Very eventful days! Next to come. And thanks to all the people that replied.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.24 08:03:00 - [52]

Dear Log,

»Der Krieger Horden,
toben und morden,
mit Blut und mit Wut.
Der Schlachtlärm verklungen,
die Helden besungen,
nimmt man den Toten das Gut.«
- 'Den Schakalen', unknown Sebiestor Poet

The battlefield jackals. Following the path of war and pocketing the stuff the dead leave on the battlefield. Women in rags, the poorest of the poor, the suffering and the moaning. But what I could see yesterday was a Imicus, fitted with rich T2 stuff. That's like a king in crown and mink, walking the field and plundering the dead.

Makes no sense to me. I do fly the battlefields myself sometimes. And collect the stuff that is too small for most people even to bother. Cause five or six of that worthless wrecks make me a new Rifter.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.10.24 18:58:00 - [53]

Ms Wildfire

I remember our first encounter very well. I had just left Pator Tech, and you had read a thesis of mine. When we first met, it was not in agreement, but you treated me like an equal. I have never forgotten that. We did come to agreement, and, to the best of my knowledge, have not diverged from that since. Until today.

Your words flatter me and do me too much justice. I have not done anything to deserve them. As for Eran...He had proven himself to me well before I had ever even spoken to him. What he has done for the Republic is proof enough. I would be loathe for him to be removed from the front lines for this, seems his attention has been shifted home anyway for other reasons.

I am not worthy of having guides such as you, and Bigfood, but I am honoured. If you are both willing, and Eran is willing, I would be humbled, and would accept with good grace, and reverence for our traditions.

I am glad for Minmatar like you Alica. When some of our peoples actions get me down, I look to you, to remind myself of the fire and determination, and love of freedom, that runs in our veins. Look forward to hearing more about your travels in Amarr space.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.25 14:59:00 - [54]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:02:35
Dear Log,

we are deeply honored to take care of the warriors ordeal for Eran Mintor. Even if Sophie Starsparrow is very humbly about her own position is one of the big differences between her and me, that I do not lead people inside a family, a clan or a corporation like she does. Even through hard times of a corporate war.

This is a great burden and a good chance for people to grow. And she did grow and done things that she can be proud of and that many other Mitar women did not.

So, be modest is a virtue, but one should not forget who one is; a leader and a person of respect for many young Mitar pilots in her corp.

And this is the reason, dear Log, Bigfood came up with an idea that I find a worthy ordeal for a warrior of the size of Eran Mintor, who surely has not to prove himself as a warrior anymore, not his honor, not his integrity, not his love. But he has to show to himself, that he is able to grow and take Sophie and himself higher than they are now.

We studied some Mitar legends in our historic libraries at Pator and found an inituation ritual of former times, that is looking good for this purpose and what we will call:

The EVE Walkabout

I can't tell ya more, dear Log, about this walkabout cause on the one hand the trials have still to be worked out and on the other hand the aspirant should not know what is awaiting him.

But of cause he should shiver and shake about it. It should initiate him to a higher understanding of himself and the world he is living in and give him the power to grow even bigger than he is today.

And as a personal sidenote: we got so much fun doing this! Man! I hope he'll piss his pants! A good war is a war where all warriors have pissed their pants at the beginning. All other are just slaughter or hubris. Both no virtue for a true Mitar warrior. For it is not our way to do what can be done, our way is to do what is considered impossible. For most of our enemies, I'm quite sure, will never piss their pants before they go to fight. Because they never try to do the impossible, and this is, why we will prevail.

Like to free ourself from the most oppressive, evil and mighty empire there is in the universe. Not to be freed but to free ourself of our oppressors while we were still their slaves. Attack their mighty warships with nothing but scrapmetal and duct-tape - and be successful with this.

And to feel this pride is a present we try to give Eran on his way.

To know how our enemy is thinking and working is an important information for planning a strategy. What I said about pants, just an example of yesterday, somewhere in the warzone.

After an unhappy hour of our fleet on an encounter with a much stronger pirate force there were many Mitar wrecks left behind on the Tararan battlefield. And my humbly job was to gather what was left and give it back to those who lost it. To seach the wrecks of ships with a overwhelming piratefleet just on the other side of the gate is not an easy job, but I did what I was told.

On the station in this system two Amarr warriors were camping. I passed several times, every time they tried to down me. Then some system anomaly was crippling my ships interface and I was unable to warp in time for a splitsecond and my ship was destroyed fast. I fled in my pod, came back to the station, docked, got a Reaper and undocked again, fullfilling my task.

After some dockings they got me again and blewed me up. This was the moment the piratefleet entered the system again. The Amarr, who were laughing about my pathetic Rifter and Reaper instantly docked and hid themself inside, while I undocked, warped to exactly this gate, passed the pirates and flew home in my Reaper.

This is why we will win the war. The Amarr only fight, only move when they are absolutly sure to win. We dare. Even against all odds. Nothing special, to be true, cause I am Mitar.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.26 13:22:00 - [55]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 26/10/2008 13:49:32
Dear Log,

I told ya that I sold my battlecruiser and dismissed most of the crew for my efforts to fight the Amarr. It's long ago that I was reporting to one of our mission agents and all money I get I get from loot that I salvage from unimportant wrecks and loot that is too damaged to give it back to their owners or just friedly people that find a almost unusable wreck of a small frigate class ship in their hangar that I try to reanimate in my workshop.

I stopped all my attempts to fly bigger ships some time ago and concentrate myself one getting the best out of the ships I can afford, that means the Rifter, the Slasher, the Vigil or the Probe. Ya, don't laugh about the probe. It's quite a useful little ship, and I don't let anyone make malicious remarks about it.

I am learning all the time to try to fit them more efficient and will reach master degree of engineering in a few days if I pass the final exam.

You might laugh about me and the work I set into these little heaps of scrap to make them run again, to make them breath the fire of freedom from their exhausts but I really love them, to be true.

For example most people see in the Slasher just the most cheap ship we Mitar have aside of the Reaper. I don't see its price, I see instead its worth. It may be that the Slasher has limited capabilities for fittings, but take a look at this little beauty: it has a signature that is only beaten by those of a much much more expensive Interceptor or a shuttle, also the sensor array is extraordinary for a ship of this class. It has a lot of power, is faster than everything that the Amarr have on the battlefield, has a manoeverability that makes it nearly turning on instant and has decent power on its reactor and cpu per available slot.

It might have limited defensive abilities but with such a small signature even most frigateclass-weapons are not hitting it with full power if you don't have a microwarp running.

So next week I will try to experiment with certain setups for this vessel that might be considered an extreme low cost interceptor class vessel. Ya, I know, dear Log, I'm a bit mad about my small ships but I think I might be able to fullfill my tasks in fleet better with those vessels than in the configurations that allow my Rifters, even if its smaller and cheaper does not mean its not doing well for this purpose.

And the new ranks in engineering and energy management will let me take some experiments with other vessels of my beloved frigateclass too and I'm quite looking forward for this with a certain longing.

Most vessels on the battlefield are fitted the same and are quite predictable, unimaginative. I don't think that I use good ones, but I try to find some that fit good to my style.

There were two ancient gods that some of our tribal libraries tell of. The one was Ares, the god of war, the other was a goddess named Athene, also named 'Pallas', means the girl. While Ares was always the god for blodshed and murder, for brutal force and manlike power, Pallas Athene was trying to fight the smart way. She always used tricks and deception, while fighting in a weaker body, she must have been Sebiestor, flying Mitar ships, and normally she was on the winning side.

So, I don't believe in gods, but I really like the way Pallas was fighting, to be true. And I take it as an example and try to live that. For the Amarr are mostly followers of Ares, their brutal god of slavery, of oppression, bloodshed, murder and death, and a mad grin, that comes the way with blood dripping of his sword and saying: 'Children, I bring you love.'

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.27 22:29:00 - [56]

Dear Log,

I'm back from patrol and I'm still shaking and sweating from it. Cause today it happend. We finally got our fight with that 'Red Baron', Divine Commodore Veshta Yoshida.

"The Matari spirit is an indomitable fire. Be sure when fanning those flames that you do not burn this world of ours down. Seeds cannot grow in a soil of ash."
- "The Elder’s Tome", Matari Chronicles

This is what I got from this. My promotion to Major of the Republic Fleet. We did not shot her down. But let's start at the beginning.

Todays mission was 'Alight Amarr!'. Which means to contest more systems that were ever burning in their homeland. We worked on that the whole day. Flying from system to system and deeply contesting it, fighting the minor fortifications, the strongholds and even the unrestricted big fortifications in space. All the way long from the Minmatar frontier to deep into their backlands. We changed teams for this, we splitted.

The Amarr asleep were not fighting back - at first. Then we even contested the homesystem of the best Pilot the Amarr have: Veshta Yoshida. We contested three other systems after that and then a left spydrone recognized her ship passing by in Halmah.

The Red Yoshida, the Bloody Yoshida we call her. Cause she has painted her hull in a deep red with certain religious Amarr insigna all over it. That Yoshida shot me down three times up to now.

And on one of our last systems she entered the system, after some of her minions had spied out our position. The system was filling up with Amarr. But only one ship entered through the warpgate: Divine Commodore Yoshida herself. She was flying a Maller, we had a Griffin, a Vigil, a Rifter and of cause my humbly Rifter as a tackler.

I do not know how it started, the first tackler just burst into flames while he was warping onto her ship only a few hundered meters before me and I really was awaiting the destruction of my ship, but the Griffin was finally getting a Jammerlock on her. The lock on my ship failed, I was in that second in target range, kicked instantly off my Microwarp, activated everything I had and called in the artillery. Did'nt we have a Missileboat with us. Sorry if I can't get it right, but this was a hell of a fight.

I had as the result of two shot down Rifters one of my oldest fitted Rifters with me. Some artefact from the first days of war as a reminder of the early day: the Tempered Passion series. Those Rifters were the gift of Kai Zion, fitted with nearly no defensive capabilities and everything I had on offensive.

It was the right place right time for this ship. I circled around her and we all were putting every bullet, every rocket we got into her Mallerclass cruiser and how she tanked it! Slowly, slowly we got her down. First the shield then for a long, long time the armor and finally we got into the hull. Sometimes the jammer was not locking fast enough and our ships were taking heavy damage. One shot hit me and did fragg away all my shields and half of my armor in a splitsecond.

This thing was evil. Then our ammo was going low, the navy ships were coming in and we could not sustain our fire. I rattered burst for burst for burst of my Autocannons into her armorplates, at the end over 1300; the fight lasted eight long minutes. Eight minutes of destruction and fire and commands and caprecharging and we changed the ships for scramble and my webber was running hot that I am cooking a nice rashta on it now.

And she did not break. After all this time, all this ammo, all what we were able to give, she did not break. We broke her shield, we broke her armortank, we even fragged away big heaps of her hull; she did not break.

You can not hold such a fight for longer than eight minutes. After this time the local was full of Amarr that really wanted to see blood. They did not enter, don't know why but when we broke off the hunt was really evil. Every gate from there to Amamake full of Amarr hunters.

I got my first encounter with her.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.27 23:38:00 - [57]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/11/2008 18:04:08
Dear Log,

I just found a note where all people and their ships were shooting on Veshta:

    [*] 2x Rifter (1 blown up at start of encounter)
    [*] Griffin
    [*] Kestrel
    [*] Vigil

But I am not quite sure about that. On an earlier encounter my Rifter did 21% of all damage, so I assume all were T1 fitted like mine. And I'm still quite a green pilot. Time will come when we break the Amarr and they are not be able anymore to tank us. And of cause we need more ammo, more Autocannons. Lot's o' Autocannons to be true. I ordered another shipload full of them to produce in a near factory. I got now over 80 on storage, growing more every day. With enough Autocannons on our side, the Amarr will fall. We need more people that bring them to their borders and fire them now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.28 09:51:00 - [58]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/10/2008 10:14:26
Dear Log,

I'm still analysing this glorious fight. For I do not know how she did it. Now I think, I know. She lost that Maller of her yesterday at 22:05 and so we are able to study the specification of that evil thing from our friendly Wings of Maak.

First thing is, that she shurly was overheating her modules a lot. We were able to see how the armor was repping up again when we reached her hull. Second is, that she had a capbooster fitted, a thing that I like to use very much too. Third thing every part that was used as offensive was of the tech-2 series. Forth she fitted two gyrostabs in her ship so when she was hitting, it was really evil. Fifth, she was using autocannons instead of those crappy Amarr lasers that was the reason she had all her cap for her armorrepair and did not burn it for a lightshow. Man she even rigged a Projectile Collision Accelerator for more damage! And of cause she was using our finest Republic Fleet Ammo for her autocannons.

This is a good lesson to learn. I really wondered where she had all that fraggin power of. She must have been low to the ground when we were breaking off. Anyway, it was not possible to hold fire on her any longer. We tried, we did give what was possible but it just seems that she had the right ship at the right place exactly as I did with my Tempered Passion. But her ship was bringing in around ten times as much isk than our whole fleet.

All this for a god. I sometimes wonder what the Amarr are suffering from. Cause what is so damn important that you believe in some very obscure stories from the past times, that are not told very well neither are very believable anyway? Why can't they just respect if someone is saying: "God is dead", like some of our Sebiestor philosophers do? Why is it so important for them?

I think the reason is about control. Who controls the believes controls the masses. Who controls the masses controls the grade of freedom to give them. And this means the exploitation of every individuum. So in the end the Amarr Empire is fighting for nothing but for to exploit everyone beyond their realm and especially in their realm. While some of the Amarr are privileged and some are slaves. Even some of those who think of themself as beeing free.

But with an inquisitor bursting your door at five o'clock in the morning and entering in his black leather suit and his hightop hat, his insignias of church and the tormentors and cruicifiers that follow this is a very twisted freedom they try to establish.

I think our freedom is the better cause. And even if they have an Army of Red Yoshidas we will prevail!

Freedom! Viva Mitar!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.30 00:40:00 - [59]

Dear Log,

»Wo Licht ist, ist auch Schatten« - old Sebiestor saying.

I told you about how we really have to fight with some of the best warriors of the Amarr and how we often do not win even if everything should have worked. But still -I can't deny it- we are unexperienced and our militiaforces are neither well organized nor well coordinated at the moment. So we often have to retreat from the forces of PIE Inc. or other well organized teams.

On the other hand we are fighting in very cheap ships, we know that and some of our counterparts do not. We encountered one of our first "Nanos". If you, dear Log, don't have heard of this kind of fleet it's not a fleet of interceptors or other frigateclass ships but ships of cruiser or battlecruisersize that are made so lightweight that they can travel with 7 km/s or more and are a challenging but extremly expensive enemy.

So we were bothered by a Sacrilege today in Metropolis which had 4 to 6 km/s speed. This is far more than anyone of us can do. At his side was a Taranis interceptor, which was quite slower.

To get such a ship is very nasty. Even with a web on it it is fast and slips you away like a dead fish. I was prepared for this - theoretically and did know what to do: do not hunt them, do not go too far from your buddys, try to get a tackle and web and prepare to be blown up in your 200k Rifter. Cause you need a lot of people with small and cheap ships to get such a illness of battlefield down. But what for a trophy! I'd really like to have one of this illness-ships under my guns. More than a Navy-Issue Battleship or something.

This is the real thing, not just prestige, that's prey. So, trying this I lost three Rifters which I do not miss one second. For I can blow up 500 and more of them and when I get one of these ships down I still have won.

So, I'm now second of the Top-Losers of Minmatar Militia but I don't feel like that.

I lost two other ships today to pirate battleships while I was trying to carry out sucidal orders. I am following orders but maybe in future I let other try to carry them out when I think they are impossible. To try the impossible is my job as a Rifter pilot but we need to be more than one to succeed with that. Ten Rifters that start, two come through, that's okay. But when just one starts... - I'm just not that good.

Some may say it's my new Rifter design. But I believe not. I think it's the best design I ever had. Not the fastest of cause, but versatile and fits good to my abilities. The result of this is that some people are now thinking about a better coordinated group of small ships. We'll see, we just don't have such organization in the miliita. I really learned a lot by all this, even if my pride is hurt a little with every of my brave small vessels blowing up and not getting the kill of my target after that.

I don't want to hold my little maschines back, the Rifter wants to kill, that's what she's for, that's what she likes.

And about killing I have to tell ya now, dear Log.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2008.10.30 01:12:00 - [60]

second part

I killed again, I podded. And this time it was a militia pilot. I told ya, dear Log, that I don't like doing this. Because it makes our enemys stronger as strong as I am since the day of myself beeing podded.

We caught a faction missionrunner in her Punisher. I do not know what she was thinking, to be true? That we just watch her killing our fleetships with our friends and the fathers of sons and daughters and lovers of Mitar women? Just stand there, watch and do nothing. Of cause not.

I checked her first, reading she was much older than I am and we were teaming together anyway and I was the less experienced pilot. So Sasawong lead this. On frist encounter she was fleeing but we simply waited at the entrygate that she'll come back and thirty seconds later her Punisher slid into my scram and webber. With two of us with a plan she did not have a big chance to be true. The Amarr ships are sturdy and I am used the hard armortanks of the Amarr like that nice ship of Veshta Yoshida that was not going down and which I respekt very much, oh yes. But this one melted under our Mitar autocannons and mehrwertumverteilten Caldari missiles like butter in the sun.

I checked back about pod, got order to catch. No problem, I did not have any chance. There it comes, lock, scram, web, circle. So easy, I was baffled. Something was not going well. It should have not been that easy. It should not have happend at all.

So, I was circling there. Time was running out, for my cap does not stay forever, for I had been fighting before.

I'm not bloodthirsty but just to let her go would be treacherous and against order, so I asked: "ransom?" But nothing happend. I waited. Cap running low. "3" I typed, "2", waited "1". She was writing "f*** y**" or something like that. I think that was the wrong answer.

So I now got a podmail in my inbox, which makes me not happy at all. But in that situation you really need something to let her go. Like money or begging for mercy. Anything. It was not my fault that she was hanging in my web.

But I tried to learn something about this. To feel yourself into your enemy is a good thing. Not to shut up when you're in deep trouble is not just undiplomatic, it is really silly, cause it is not leaving any options for your enemy.

I am not greedy. I did not want to get huge amount of money from her. I just wanted that she leaves me an option. But she did not. So I had to kill her off. I did know that this would happen one day but I am a bit unprepared that it is coming so fast and so easy. It is not about pride of the Amarr, I think this one was a bit suicidal and she misused me as the tool to kill herself.

I do not like to be used.


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