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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.29 13:23:00 - [541]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/01/2011 13:34:08
Dear Log,

besides the fact that the Amarr incursion and the second Gallente incursion was successfully fought back I will for a moment stick to the issue of my last entrys: speed tanking.

I was doing a bit math and now that I have the numbers, I won't bother you with them just jump to the conclusions. It is not a good idea to try and speed tank a weapon class below yours so to speed tank frigate class weapons with a cruiser is no good idea, but a very few ships like the Scythe Fleet Issue or the Stabber Fleet Issue. But the higher the class the better the speedtanking will work.

On average speed tanking with an Afterburner reduces the incoming damage of the same class of weapons by 50% or more compared to just flying without an afterburner, and moving alone should reduce damage from 70% to 50% instead of standing still.

And this result is the reason why I hate Drakes and Ravens. Those bulky things do not move at all. They might be able to tank a lot by their resistances but never so much as a Matari ship can do with simple movement.

I have seen a lot of Matari fleets standing still in battle. I consider this a major failure and ignorance of one of the most important virtues of our ships. How often did I hear: "Alica, you can not speed tank in a Tempest!" That is simply wrong. You can, you should, you must if you want to survive against the other Empires.

Movement by afterburner reduces the incoming damage of missiles of the same size by 75% and more. If the attacker is very high skilled, if he's not, the advantage is even higher.

And movement also allows you to get into your optimal range of combat, which is for Minmatar a bit inside the first falloff of your artillery when movement is involved.

We are not best on point blank. We are performing best -on average situations- on medium range, dear Log. But you have to check the truth of this in your special situation. Like for example with a Rifter against a Punisher you best be in his face.

If you ask me which Minmatar ship is the best speedtank I'd guess for plain tech ships it's the Stabber Fleet Issue and the Scythe Fleet Issue. Both are so small and fast that they even can speed tank frigate class weapons. But all ships of Minmatar are in their heart speed tank design. And to understand this is very important, dear Log. Else you will say: "Meh, Minmatar tank sucks!" But you have to see the speed as a way to add a kind of resistance to your armor. And then recalculate your durability with this effect and you will outclass most other ships.

Of cause this "resistance" is something that can be taken down and made ineffective, not the kind of permanent and easy tank that can be put on a Drake.

I once encountered a high skilled Kestrel in a Minmatar Minor Outpost. He was microwarp fitted and had a disruptor with him. So my afterburner fitted Rifter was not able to take him out. But I simply tanked him for quite a while. Until his energy ran out and I was able to escape his disruption. I just was flying straight for this, to maximize my speed, for I couldn't get him inside my scramble range. This kind of "tank" is the positional advantage that the Kestrel was playing out with his microwarp. But it didn't help him.

Missiles you speed tank with optimizing your speed while getting in a perfect range for your weapons. Gunnery weapons you speed tank by keeping up high transversal and choice of weapon that is not prone to the disadvantages of the transversal yourself. Remember, transversal is always for both. So that's why we Minmatar have specialized on Targetpainting, yes?

Carefully check out on your design, if an Overdrive module for your thrusters might work better for your design than an other stacking resistance module. You may be surprised by the result.

So this is what you can do with a speed tank. This is how we engaged the Sansha threat. Fly smart, dear Log, always fly smart. Be like Athena, not like Mars or Ares.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.30 09:08:00 - [542]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 30/01/2011 09:08:17
Dear Log,

all my ships are ready for fight. More ready than any day before. My crew is gathering in small groups and whispering in secret. Something is coming. They can feel it, because they know me. Know that I vote with 'yes' always when it's… important. And something has to be done.

There have been used enough words. Time for deeds is coming. I check my appointment pad and nod with a smile.

Hundreds of Rifters in my hangars. Rifters, cruisers of all Minmatar kinds, battlecruisers and battleships. The crews are waiting, some of them nag on their nails. Some play cool. But everybody can feel it. The air is breathing sharp and fresh and I smell a metallic scent in it. The scent of blood.

Amarr will pay for the insults of the past. For the slavery. For our history. For the present. For the future.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.30 22:43:00 - [543]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 30/01/2011 22:56:47
Dear Log,

tonight the F.I.A. was attending the memorial ceremony for the Ushra'Khan pilot Poreuomai with a small detachment of a Guard of Honor. We were standing a few kilometers off the center of the warpin point of planet IV, Matar to listen to the speach of Ugleb and Neridah Tanz.

There are people that say that life is just a game. But I say there is no game. There is just one life that we can live. And there is nothing unreal of it anywhere.

We are capsuleers and sometimes our interface may make us think that the world around us does not really exist but is just the illusion that is projected on our minds by the pod interface. And some might say that we are living forever as capsuleers.

I say: you surely fail if you think so. Our life will end. As everything will end. We just have the grace to live on after we made a deadly mistake and try a second time.

But life is not like that. You have no second try. It is one sketch. You can't correct it, you have to take it as it is the first time. Every line you have drawn is forever, can not be made unseen. And this is why people like Poreuomai will live on in our hearts. Because people like him understood this and lived their one life so that it was a beautiful picture in the end.

As if it was planned like that from the beginning on. But it was not. He was one of us, a capsuleer. And his life ended. There is nothing like eternal life. And this is an other reason why life is so precious. Why every living human is unique. Why everybody should have the chance to be the full person he could be.

Not held down by shackles, not restricted by the rules of others. Not made mute by the censors, not blinded by preoccupation.

He was fighting for freedom all his life. And when I say 'there is no game' you all know what I mean. You are living for real, dear Log, you are a capsuleer. But why?

Not because you fight for some moons. Or to get riches. You are because you learn to become a better self. To learn that you are inside a community that is caring for you. To understand that there are humans all around you.

Community this is what Matar stands for. This was what Ushra'Khan was giving him. A clan, a tribe of friends, a home. I know well what this means because if you are part of a corporation like mine you quickly find out that it is more than just some people joining together.

And since I personally lost a couple of friends already I can feel the pain of those friends when one beloved in their midst is suddenly missing. This is a wound that will never heal. Never can it be forgotten. The wound that is left by the Scythe of the Reaper is for eternal. He takes the last shot. He gets the final loot.

And we - we just remember.

Fly proud and free, Ushra'Khan. Fly for him. Fly for us. Fly! And all those fine people that came to join this celebration - are with you. You are not alone in your pain. We stand behind you.

Freedom, sisters.
Freedom, brothers.

And death to Amarr that wants to take this from us.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.31 10:48:00 - [544]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/01/2011 12:39:21
Dear Log,

with the hour of prayers today the F.I.A. drops out of Militia. We have been ordered by the Republic to investigate some ongoings in the Caipiranha Allianz which build a major weapons cartel between Minmatar Republic and Caldari State, where they support Amarr and Caldari Militia forces with weapons that they have build from Republic Ressources. As well as we have to investigate pirate activity inside Republic space. Their first member, the corporation "Lost-Mining-Souls", already surrendered the war, which is at this state of war not acceptable. They will get some special attention for this.

The first blood was already taken from Asariasha yesterday. Shortly after the formal declaration of war a wartarget Noctis was crossing the path of his Hurricane class battlecruiser. The Noctis was taken out and CONCORD took out our battlecruiser for that. Rens was listening to this event.

All in all our enemy is able with over 350 pilots in their ranks and fleet sizes that should be a real challenge.

Gar Orga, the CEO of the Tribal Liberation Force has wished us well for our assignment. We do not know what we will discover and of cause as good soldiers to the Republic we do not question our assignment. If the Republic orders an investigation we will execute them. I'd personally preferred to investigate the ongoings in the above mentioned slavers alliance, but they we were sadly not assigned to them.

Instead I hope some other loyalist will handle their case instead.

WAR. Campaign name "Caipi vs Single Malt"

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.01 00:41:00 - [545]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/02/2011 00:54:39
Dear Log,

we were attacking the weapon dealer and pirate Alliance in their home system Mateber, Inkelm constellation in the Metropolis region, where they massed a fleet of about 30 battlecruisers, with part of their pilots ready to jump into battleships, halve of them Minmatar halve of them Caldari with some exceptions.

Additional they were using several cloaked spotters, Force Recons and a Loki.

With our fleet of ten more than enough to be careful. So we were beginning with taktical movements around their system to make them move a bit. After some time we got our whole fleet in system. After first trying to use battlecruisers they shipped up, then battleships they outgunned us by three or four. So that we finally have chosen fast ships like Vagabonds to test their agility and play with them a bit.

The enemy stayed massed with infight setups and afterburner fit. After executing some of their neutral spotters we finally lost one Cynabal cruiser to their fire, after we camped them in their station and got a bit careless after some hours. Can't call it a win but on the other side we are now highly motivated to get as much in value down on the other side. The daring and dashing clearly was ours. And because I know the motivation of our pilots and that they all live for the battle, I know this will be a long lasting war.

If we need months for that we will take our time. But this pirate Alliance has to be removed from Minmatar space.

Halve of their fleet was rated -5 by Concord halve of the rest was still not outlawed. To approach this massive fleet will be difficult. But we have achieved victory in situations more serious than this. But this can not be achieved without some losses, especially at the beginning of the fight, where we are learning and adapting to our new enemy. The difficult part is clearly on our side.

We were listening to an old Matari folk song, "Whiskey in the Jar", when we took off to face the threat, Single Malt.

Well our old "friend" Delenn Minbar is member of that alliance, this we discovered. And because she once has transfered 1.5 billion isk to F.I.A. in the erroneous attempt to hire mercenaries against us, we still have a lot of leeway on the ISK side of this war anyway.

But there is no doubt about the goal of this war inside of F.I.A. This is not about ISK or any killboard bullshit. This is about safety of Minmatar space. And there is no price high enough to get this done. And I am certain that we will be at the laughing end of this war. Traitors of the Minmatar have to die.

Already another two corporations have quit the war and surrendered. Inacceptable.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.01 14:18:00 - [546]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/02/2011 14:55:29
Dear Log,

the second day is starting good for us. Their unskilled pilots are moving assets through hisec to Mateber, easy prey for our roaming gangs that take those helpless clueless targets out without mercy. A Drake down, not much achieved by that but a kill is a kill and I am sure this lost battlecruiser did hurt the pilot more than the lost Cynabal did our pilot. Our pilot just shrugged his shoulders and bought another couple of them. Nobody said more to the pilot than: "next time you better keep moving." On the other side I don't want to be in the skin of this poor Drake pilot now, that has given us good motivation to fight on. It will get worse for them.

Some pilots are dangerous when they fly alone. Some only show strength in numbers. These two philosophies begin to fight with each other now. And it's looking as if we begin to get them handled properly. The idea of the Minmatar is to have great warrior personalities that are fighting in freedom for freedom shoulder to shoulder. Nobody will tell one of our pilots what he shall fly. Everybody just expects from the other that he knows what he's doing. We cooperate but if you shall meet anyone of us alone we are still dangerous. The Empire and the State has a different philosophy. They do not want to have strong personalities. They do not like warriors, they want soldiers, that follow orders without questioning them and sacrifice themselves on demand. Just because it's their duty to die for the Empire or the State.

We Minmatar have not the plan to die for our community. We have the assignment to protect our community, to kill the enemies of freedom and if we die in the process this is something we do of free will. Our sacrifice is never commanded from above, it is always the product of free will. We go into the fight not expecting to return at all. We are dead when we undock. But we are not dead because we are told to die, we are dead because our conviction reaches further than our life.

Numbers do not count. The legend of a Matari clanleader tells this story. He was asked by a friendly clan to send an army. He sent ten warriors. The other clan leader was enraged and pointed to his army of threehundred. "What is this?", he demanded in rage. "I'm sending three hundred, you are just sending ten?"

The chief answered: "Better ten lions then three hundred sheep, don't you think?"

Numbers don't count if they do not contain great personalities. If they are not made from the stuff warriors are made of. Numbers can protect for a while. But sheep are sheep. They fall apart if you let lose the hounds.

21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2011.02.01 22:46:00 - [547]

I find your logs inspiring, Alica.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.02 09:30:00 - [548]

Dear Log,

the third day of war against Caipiranha Allianz. Due to some problems with burocrats at CONCORD some of our pilots were not able to authenticate to their pod interface yesterday. So our numbers that are small compared to our enemy was about halved. Still we executed the takedown of modules on their POS in Traun, which is placed in the Ani Constellation in the Metropolis region.

After some testshots on their POS they finally began to move their fleet around. Still we try to find out their modus operandi, their skill in movement and their organisation and fleet composition. It was no serious attack on their POS.

On the retreat the enemy sadly got a tackle on one of our battleship which was ganked by 26 of their ships. Well they move if they have to.

I'm not talking bad about our enemies, dear Log, I never will. But I have to report you how I judge what I see. What I have seen so far is very few initiative, is a pure defensive strategy and this from a position of power with superior numbers. We do not fear them even if they outnumber us by far. We still want to know what to expect from them and we get a better and better impression. Their members are not skilled in combat but their fleetcommander is doing a good job inside his capabilities with the material he has. His approach is maybe a bit too defensive for our taste we have seen more aggressive strategies and with the numbers they have they could try that. Of cause this would spit their forces and leave new vectors of engagement for us and he would have to command two or three fleets. Without skilled wing leaders this would certainly fail.

Still we had no major engagement but the reason for this is quite clear: we do not suicide into their numbers. You should not expect a fast and violent strike against them and a moral crushing battle. It will be a slow war with a lot of attrition on both sides. But while we were well prepared for this war they are not. While on our fleets nearly everybody can take fleetcommand they have only one commander. And this is what I mean when I say that Minmatar is only strong with warrior personalities that are not just dangerous in numbers but also dangerous in every fleet composition we chose.

The Minmatar main style of warfare was always the dashing strike and run. Guerilla tactics need a complete different kind of warrior. Soldiers will not work here. You need Partisans. People that will not just fight to follow orders but people who have an idea of about what has to be done to achieve a certain more abstract goal.

If the mountain is not moving, it will slowly washed to the sea.

See, dear Log, the F.I.A. is not flying with veteran only pilots. There is always a part of our pilots that are in training. And this is why we see that most of their fleet is unskilled. Well, they would perform a lot better if they would put their huge numbers in smaller ships I guess like frigates and cruisers but this also would leave their fleets an opportunity to attack. We would of cause concentrate our attacks on those weak armored ships and take them out and this would cost them a couple of pods too, I guess.

And the list of kills would be longer on their side. But on the other they would kill more of us for that. I can't tell you details, dear Log, I can't tell you the full scale of our analysis nor about our mistakes - which we also make. I simply can't because this would provide too much information about the ongoing war on tactical and strategical basis. This is the reason why my report might look a bit colored, which I try not to. I try to judge fair.

But the question of fleet composition is something general enough to have you share it with me. The enemy is not flying anything "weaker" than a battlecruiser at the moment. I can not tell you for sure but I think the Vagabonds in their fleet that take the role of heavy tacklers are still lousy skilled. Which does not mean that they can't be dangerous.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.02 10:23:00 - [549]


So there is a book of war that is written by one of those great warriors of ancient times. And it says if you have to fortify, then you have to leave a small gap in the walls where the enemy can attack. To give away a small point of seaming weakness that gives the enemy a spot to attack.

This point of attack are frigates in a fleet. You of cause risk to lose the the small ships but you make the enemy move and movement makes mistakes.

Well whatever. While I'm writing this I found the Alliance Leader sitting near a station uncloaked in a Hound. Killed and podded. But small mistakes happen. I will report later, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.02 11:18:00 - [550]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/02/2011 13:45:12

Well, dear Log, we got down a Raven at their station with ten pilots in local. While my job was to take out their support Aerowen was taking their fleet at the docking spot.

What was I talking about before I got interrupted? Ah. Yes the book of war. You should leave a gap in your defense to make the enemy attack there before he gets some ideas himself where you might have your weak spot and so engages this.

So they began to fleet frigates, I attacked a Punisher this morning but he docked before I could take him out. I lost a Warrior II drone during this engagement. Well, the salvage of the Hound got me salvage loot for 45 millions value. Nothing that you should expect when you salvage a stealth bomber but some days you are lucky some days you are not.

This morning was lucky for us, I think. We add the neutral spies that we kill at their station to our kills in this campaign. I just say this because they make heavy use of them for scouting, scanning for our setups and so on.

We prefer to analyze their wreckage and shoot them on sight.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.02 15:56:00 - [551]

Dear Log,

we are now camping their base system and most of the logistic lines to that system. We are just a very few pilots, so that the blockade can not set up for all day and night but we have successfully reduced their abilities to move assets to their system.

While all this is going on we keep a very strict "no smack" policy if you do not count a bit teasing from time to time. The total communication blockade on local from their side is weakening a bit up. We don't know how this alliance will internally handle this war, but we assume they are put mildly on stress. Under those circumstances the few communication we have is on a professional level.

I don't know if this situation will hold if their first major losses occur and if our pilots will keep the peace. Pilots are free in our corporation to keep the things like they want and the corporation policy can be considered like a rule of thumb which all try to follow the best they can. But it is not a strict order, where breaking the policy would result in serious consequences for a pilot. Our side knows that smack is leading nowhere. We are all here on a professional assignment. Teasing may happen, that's part of the 'game'.

While we control Mateber most of the time of day we are beginning to establish a base of operation around that system and secure that area, while roaming gangs are looking for war target free runners all around the traffic lines.

We have absolutely no idea why they have chosen this system as their base but we can live with it. Slowly we are moving into a position of siege, while their attempts to break the siege are halve hearted up to date.

We expect some major resistance to follow while we do not know if we can stand the pressure. We will see. Either they fight or they fall.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.02 21:26:00 - [552]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/02/2011 22:09:49
Dear Log,

the first great battle has been battered. We camped their station the whole day but they summoned their soldiers. After a few hours of waiting suddenly they undocked. I didn't count but it must be something like 45 of them, including two carriers. A battleship heavy fleet with at least 10 battleships and a lot of support, mainly battlecruisers. We were around 15 to 20 warriors a hand full of battleships and support.

After we got the first few of their battleships down we again lost Edelgren like we did yesterday. And while their ships were going down suddenly a flashy Dreadnought group joined in on the other side. Three Moros, a Revelation and a Naglfar dreadnought from Lone Starr Corporation, all deep outlawed pirates. This was of cause too much for our small fleet so we disengaged from the fight and pulled back. At the point of retreat we lost a Damnation command ship.

So this first heavy engagement had an outcome of 5:2 losses to our advantage. Against this huge number heavy superior fleet and with five enemy dreadnoughts and two carriers on the field we can be satisfied with the outcome of this battle and call it a humble victory. Of cause this was just one battle and the war will go on for a long time. In the first days of war we were uncertain if we can fight this enemy but I think we found a way to break them even if we are heavy outnumbered.

Even the help of this pirate corporation didn't help them to turn the tide in this fight. But this event of cause hardens our charges against them about piracy in Minmatar space and weapon trade to Caldari and Amarr space from their hidden lowsec base in Mateber.

To fight this enemy is like fighting a hydra. If you slay off one head an other will grow at it's place and showing an other declared enemy of the Minmatar cause. To destroy a hydra you have to cut off all their heads in a dashing strike. This will be the next step of our assault. We have officially petitioned to the Minmatar Republic to purge them from their host station at Minmatar Mining Corporation Mining Outpost, but the time the official purging of such an alliance through legal affairs would take years. We have been advised to take further military action for this matter instead.

Our whole fleet was saluting for the good fight. More of that on an other day, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.03 13:51:00 - [553]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 03/02/2011 13:54:06
Dear Log,

after our enemies have hired external forces, we have tightened our grip of siege of Mateber to strangle them. At the same moment we rented a corporation hangar inside their station. It is a very run down station and the hangars are desolate. So I have set a buy-order to hire 30 Janitors to clean up the mess on that station at nice wages. Neutral targets that deliver these Janitors shall not be attacked by us.

We intercepted an other of their pilots that was trying to replace a lost battle cruiser at the Eram system. After a logoff from capsuleer interface we destroyed his ship and his capsule. A moment later we discovered his affiliation to the alliance was canceled. I don't think this is the goal of this war to destroy the future of single pilots.

Mistakes happen. Mistakes are not a bad thing - if you get a chance to learn.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.04 14:11:00 - [554]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/02/2011 14:28:31
Dear Log,

another uneventful day of war was passing by. Uneventful? Ah, not completely, dear Log. After the destruction of the battlecruiser we killed a Caracal cruiser which tried to explore an anomaly and was fighting local non-capsuleer pirates there. Dohle lost a Rupture in the attempt to take out a pirate Megatron of their allies, but a quarter hour later the same Megatron was a burned out wreck at the dockingspot of their station, where they also left a Guardian that tried to repair it wrecked behind.

Later that evening they lost a Pilgrim Force Recon to our Arazu and me in my Hound, and some reinforcements of our fleet took it out before it got a chance to approach their force field. They got all podded too.

All in all nothing special on the western front. I think the only special is, that they do seem to falter at the moment. To be honest I'm always a bit irritated when a few pilots like us can hold 350 pilots in check. I don't know what their fleet commander is doing but instead of ordering everybody to stay docked I would order everybody to jump into cheap ships and go out in small gangs to hunt targets.

There is nothing to lose in cheap fitted ships and you of cause will lose some of them but we are bound to use expensive advanced technology ships to counter the numbers. And with this superior numbers they could easily outnumber us and take a certain amount of losses without being hurt by that.

And I also would use this as an opportunity to let learn new fleet commanders how to deal with this threat. With three or four of such low class fleets they could easily break our blockade. But they do not.

I think this is a major failure. You can not learn anything without daring something. You have to trade ships for experience. Who never is accepting this trade will never become a warrior. There is a certain toll of ships that the process of learning will charge you. And this toll is unavoidable. So either you pay this toll or you never will have the chance of becoming a warrior. And never will be able to protect your assets and your friends, your family, your clan, your tribe, your Republic.

Pay this tax. And don't be ashamed that you might have losses. You have to learn to go with the sea, you can't demand it. You have to ride the waves. The storm of war is mighty, much more than you ever will be able to control.

By the way, I mentioned my last ship, the Hound stealthbomber. There are some things to say about this bomber. I was doing the maximum damage on the Pilgrim with it, even surrounded by battleships that were also firing on that ship. The stealthbomber is a marvelous little ship and you can for sure not put with anything so much damage on your enemy. Okay, it's made of paper and will pop as soon as you make a little mistake or you react too slow.

But it is a product that was constructed from the Breacher missile frigate, which is also something you soon fall in love with, dear Log, if you put some of the basic skills in it that this ship demands. It's fast, versatile and maybe one of the best frigates Minmatar has. You can fly it with missiles or rockets and I can't count the many different configurations that make it a dangerous enemy.

For new pilots I'd always advise to make them learn to fly frigates, interceptors, stealth bombers and cruisers on a basic level of competence. A good piloted Bellicose cruiser is not just a dangerous support vessel in capsuleer combat it is also a cheap moneymaker in tier four missions for agents for the young pilots.

Better fly something right that you have skills for than something that is too big for you. There is no shame in small ships. I just point on that Pilgrim and the maximum damage dealt on: the Hound.

Do not underestimate frigates, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.05 20:13:00 - [555]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 05/02/2011 20:41:13
Dear Log,

"nothing special on the western front" was not exactly what was going on. But I was not able to report our taking down of the large POS and ship production facility in Mateber. With the help of NibbleTek corporation from Pandemic Legion alliance we shot the thing into reinforce yesterday night and finished the thing this afternoon without resistance.

The Caipiranha Allianz is not giving up but they retreated from lowsec space for they were not able to compete with the powerplay inside it, I guess. To bring in external forces was not our idea, to be honest. We thought they should get a response on that move and I think they have understood the message. Better keep the war between our two forces and not involving third parties.

So now that their tower is laid to ashes and the remains reside in our hangars and sellorders the war is going on. We found some of their pilots flying missions in Caldari space and we moved there in a fast frigate fleet to get them back to the front.

Mission accomplished, one pilot does not need to fly himself anymore, he was given the low road by us, the other has to travel the weary high road home to defense. To try to fly missions and make money in a war is not a good idea, I think. I think we done their leadership a favor to get the pilots back to their front and away from playing games with us. To stand shoulder to shoulder with their comrades to face the threat of war.

We downed over a billion ISK with that and I have no idea how much the tower was worth all in all. But I am sure it hurt them a bit. At least it hurt their pride.

Now back to business, dear Log. I still think they are a dangerous enemy and we now have to fight them in hisec. Without external forces that quickly join, without capital fleets of pirates and the like.

Oh I had a small ninja kill at Eram today, where I shot down a pirate interceptor. I didn't know this was so easy with the Vagabond. The Stabber based Vagabond is one of the finest vessels I ever was sitting in and this thing is doing an awesome job. I can't imagine a vessel that is better in doing things like this roaming than this craft. If I'd been asked to make anything better at the Vagabond I would have no idea.

It's the incarnation of the Minmatar warfare. Fast and furious, daring and dashing.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.06 11:29:00 - [556]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/02/2011 11:41:28
Dear Log,

the war is calm at the moment because it seems that their outlawed pilots went to zerosec to get their security standing up to be able to fight our war in hisec. Since then I fear the enemy is not moving at all.

We have seen some frigate sized forces yesterday and it's looking as if they prepare to reship in smaller, more agile vessels to bind our forces by their superior numbers. I just hope this happens, for I was at the Finanar/Earwik gate yesterday in nothing but a Rifter with no enemy contact.

Today I transfered all the assets and loot from fighting with the enemy in an unprotected Mammoth industrial through their staging system Finanar as well as my Tempest class battleship. They did not undock. So we can move freely.

Originally we planned to intercept their movement of assets but there is no movement.

But of cause if I tell you these things I know exactly that you never, never, never must underestimate your enemy. And it's for sure that I don't do this kind of stupid things again.

An other corporation has quit the alliance, those guys which we hunted down in Caldari space yesterday, I think. The alliance is cooking in to a hot stew of those members that are willing and able to fight.

To fight a war is no question of skill, it's more a question of will. Even the least experienced pilots will have their kills if they dare their ships for it. And what do they dare in frigates and cruiser? Not much I say, everybody can afford that.

Interesting times will come. We wait on their leadership to regain standing and I do not assume we will have more than skirmishes today since that moment.

I'd say their new base has a very interesting tactical position. We'll see if we can work with that. Here a shot from camera drone when we were camping their Mateber station in a very small detachment while over thirty of them stayed docked.

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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.07 21:27:00 - [557]

Dear Log,

yesterday we camped them in Finanar, which is a system that I would call a mousetrap. Again they were outnumbering us by far but since they started to show certain activity through neutral haulers they were moving their base to Earwik. And we had to stop that. Some ships didn't make it, we killed a couple of them.

One kill, especially, was worth to report. You know, dear Log, that I have started to fly my Muninn heavy assault cruiser. Which is a perfect tool for example to control a docking spot. Together with an instalock interceptor, means an interceptor with a high skilled pilot and setup to almost instantanous lock any kind of target this is a deadly trap.

So Bigfood locked an undocking Slasher, got his warpdrive disrupted and I fired my guns with him at zero transversal speed. The Slasher was blasted to oblivion with one shot. All that was left behind was a wreck and a capsule that still was so baffled that he couldn't warp away before the second point and kill came. This, dear Log, doesn't sound like a real fight. It was none. It was more like an execution.

And a minute later, when I took a look of that Slasher setup I had a bad feeling about it. It was just this kind of Slasher setup that I was flying myself when I was a young pilot. One setup that was proving good and effective and that I really loved and still do. No tank, just gank, like we say.

To execute a pilot for being stupid is no thing I worry about. But to execute someone for being brave is. Dear Log, I am one of the pilots with most frigate losses all time in militia warfare and I know how it feels to get killed without a chance.

I salute the pilot for what he tried. It was not stupid. It was just something that was his duty. You die in frigates. Often and quickly. Simple like that. But someone has to take the job in the fleet. Because without dedicated frigate pilots the rest of the fleet will get no kills.

When I was traveling from Rens to Eram later that evening our fleet reported movement of their fleet. A quick search of one of them on a locater agent showed his position on the top station.

Quickly I was ordered to get eyes on them and I took off in my Stiletto interceptor. When I was arriving they were just undocking and warping off to the Frarn gate, a group of thirty cruisers, mostly Ruptures and Mallers with a Thorax if I remember right.

I followed them carefully up to the point until Asariasha was able to takeover contact. We were ordered to reship and assembled in Eram. So our wartargets finally decided that the values of the Republic are worth fighting. Their choice of ships is a good one but of cause if we have to counter thirty cruisers we can't do that in frigates. So we shipped into battlecruisers and tried to engage them at Earwik.

They retreated after first contact and no further engagement was taken place that evening but a Harbinger battlecruiser traveling at Adalgolf.

Today the enemy didn't engage our inferior numbers. They would of cause have losses but we either. But they didn't engage. We were taking out a undocking Rupture at their new base in Earwik. A tackling Crow was killed by one of our moving Drakes. Sadly that pilot earlier rejected my offer to fight him in my Claw interceptor.

I would have preferred his loss in a fair fight. But that's war. Sometimes I have the feeling I am a strange warrior. Or the world is strange, I don't know. I know of cause that the battlefield has no space for honor but even if this is true, I try to keep up some personal feeling for that.

Nothing new on the western front.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.08 11:37:00 - [558]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/02/2011 13:23:23
Dear Log,

our wartargets are estimated 300 pilots. We camp at their main station in Earwik with nothing but a Thrasher and an Arbitrator.


No I don't mock about them. But this is an example of what happens when people do not fight and decide to stay docked. When freedom dies an alliance will not stand. I give them not more than a week and they break if it's going on like that. Without freedom and without the will to fight for it no community can survive. The result is that all people of the community begin to individualize, lose the feeling for community and decide that they would do better alone than inside this community.

Nobody likes to join the weak.

So I say it's better to go out and fight, even if you see no chance to win the battle than to stay docked. This will get you self respect, will wield the community together as a team and you begin to identify with your comrades. You will have the thrill of battle and you will learn that you can trust your fellow corp- and alliance friends. And it's really unimportant if you go out and win or you go out and lose a fight. The imporant thing is that you fight at all.

Theoretically no fight can be won and no fight can be lost - depending if you are pessimist or optimist. In reality both sides make mistakes. And this results in losses. With thirty or more in fleet a gang is dangerous enough that something will go wrong on the other side so that the enemy fleet will break. Maybe not. It all depends on the situation.

And without trying you'll never find out, dear Log. So I am talking to you, dear Log, and please take it seriously. Do not stay docked in a war. And if your leaders tell you that you all must stay docked join together and say: no. We can fight, we will fight. We do not fear death.

If you engage a group of destroyers in a frigate gang you will have losses. If you engage a group of battlecruisers in a cruisergang you will have losses. If you only engage an enemy when you impossibly will have losses, the enemy will avoid the fight. You have to dare something when you want to gain something. And the only way to really lose a fight like this is to not fight it at all.

If you don't fight, you will lose your freedom, you will lose your pride, you will use your selfrespect and the respect for all others in the community and in the end the community will be destroyed. There is nothing more frustrating than dying alone outside the station when thirty of your friends are docked inside.

You do not fly alone. You do not die alone. And together you shall celebrate even the tiniest little victory. And you will even laugh together about the grief of a total wipeout. Because you all suffered that. Share it. To share this is the spirit of a community. Whatever you do - share it, dear Log. Don't single out. Don't reject life. Don't dock up and wait…
for death. Fight. Live.

And this is not just a basic truth for a time of war. As all basic truth it is true for all situations in life. Everywhere. A warrior touches every aspect of it and only if he understands the aspects he will understand war. And with this understand life and will be true.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.08 23:51:00 - [559]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/02/2011 23:53:07
Dear Log,

another day of war has passed by. Our wartargets prefer to stay docked but a very few pilots who come out and fly. Sadly if they are all alone this is a brave move but they do not gain anything by that.

At the end of day I sadly had to kill a brave pilot in a Kestrel that was flying around and keeping enough distance to us so we were not able to catch him before he was getting off. Finally we scanned out his safespot and I had nothing but a Thrasher at hand so I waited on that spot. He came, he died. And the death was so instant that also the pod was lost a second later.

Gosh I hated to do that. I offered frigate fights to this pilot whenever he wishes to. But it's my duty to hunt and kill in a war. That's it. But inside your duty there is enough space left for chivalry. I just hope next time I get a frigate fight with him that he'll enjoy a bit more.

I prefer a good fight and not a one shot kill. Sadly I had no other ship at hand. Darn.

A new corporation moved inside the Alliance. And we found an unprepared pilot in Amarr space - he lost his Raven to our small gang. Someone shall tell him how to fit a Raven and that a Raven is doing perfectly well when you try to tank a tier three mission with it. But a dual tank layout with both booster and buffer is fine - if it works. Which it does not. We had to stop fire and even thought about remote repping him for the few rats were already taking him down.

The moment his ship exploded my capsuleer interface stopped working for a few seconds. So I was either not able to get on his pod neither to read his request for mercy on local coms. In the moment of battle it is not the time to ask for mercy when locking a pod and finishing him is usually a matter of split seconds. Nobody will read local coms on that time.

So his request was denied. "R U ok Kane?", asked a friend in local when he suddenly had disappeared. "He's dead, Jim", I answered for him. Well, anyway, it was not his fault that is alliance leaders didn't bargain about pod shooting or something. We really had a pod grill party up to this time. Almost every ship we take out we kill the pod too. It's nothing great to do, dear Log, and you know well about my scruples about killing but for someone who does not like this I have darn long list of killed pods in the history of my career as a capsuleer. And young pilots like Prety Zinta rapidly rush towards my killed pods on our killboard so that my pride in holding this 'sad' record tempts me to rush forward faster and faster and to prefer to fly fast locking ships to get that damn green pilots off my tail.

Sad that others have to pay for my ambitions. I won't say this is a strength of mine. But on the other hand we are at war. And death is a result of that. We should face the brutal reality of this and not pretend that this is something noble and chivalric and that. I'm no noble red baroness or something. I'm just a very simple, plain warrior that tries to find her way and that does not think too much about such things.

But still - I have a bad feeling when killing. Maybe for me it's just a sort of game. And no war. And I try to be fair somehow. Maybe I'm wrong.

Rek Jaiga
Crimson Path
Posted - 2011.02.08 23:57:00 - [560]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

But still - I have a bad feeling when killing. Maybe for me it's just a sort of game. And no war. And I try to be fair somehow. Maybe I'm wrong.

Well, as far as podding goes I'd hardly regard that as killing; they'll just come back in a new clone. It's the crew on their destroyed ship I'd be worried about.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.10 09:40:00 - [561]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/02/2011 11:03:44
Dear Log,

a blockade is not the most thrilling thing on earth. I can imagine how it was like to blockade havens in the old times of wooden ships and iron men. When the floozies were shipped out to the tall ships on siege and rum and sin were eroding the morale of the crew. Sounds fun, if you ask me.
But while blockade means that you always have to be up on adrenaline and always to be ready to jump into a fight within minutes this is what I love to do.

To sit in station and stare at your ship, inspect it again and again from all sides and angles and try to stop the rust, count the units of rotting tritanium in your hangar is the bad end of the blockade. We actually deny them to do anything with their main assets. This means on average a loss of at least 50 million per member per day. They have been very busy so I think it's not overestimated. I guess with estimated at least 50 very active pilots in their ranks this means a loss of 2.5 billion ISK a day. Seriously I guess it's more. And that sounds fun! While we move unhindered around, which we do. It will be even more fun during Hulkageddon, when their network of miners have to stay docked too.

Yesterday we camped their full fleet with just two frigates and me in a Hurricane battlecruiser. Finally they tried to escape and undocked with three battlecruisers, a Tempest battleship, two Rapier Force Recon and other stuff. We opened fire but had to withdraw and came back two minutes later. With still an inferior fleet but they docked again.

You may think, dear Log, "why does the F.I.A. do this?"

First of all we have our assignment. Duty is duty. But then we discovered some dark secrets about this alliance that I can not discover in this log. And these dark secrets make it a personal thing. We had an emergency meeting. All assembled pilots stared at each other at the moment the dark secret was liftet. Even the leadership did not know.


We have real motivation. You can be deadly sure of this. No they can't sit out this war. This is no option. It will not go away like a cloud covering the sun. We will be there. Always. Like an everlasting thunderstorm and blackened sky with occasional flashes of lightening that destroy those who try to get out into the open.

It's a strafe.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.10 15:00:00 - [562]

Dear Log,

we begin to expand our wars. The BLACKWATER. Alliance has been added to the list of our hostiles where many of the former members of this war have fled to.

Two other corporations have been added to our watchlist for further investigations but without declaring an open war yet.

Traffic has closed down to none at the moment.

The Scope
Posted - 2011.02.10 16:50:00 - [563]

Alica..... be careful.

dont shoot too many people at once....

even you run out of ammunition.

know what i mean?

be safe, be quick, be deadly, but dont be unnecessary.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.10 23:26:00 - [564]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 11/02/2011 09:13:42
Dear Log,

another day of war was passing by. The enemy did not show up but once where they baited our small group of blockade ships, two battlecruiser a battleship and two frigates with five ships into a "fair" fight, where they logged in over 10 other ships and ganked our fleet in the process. Including Scorpion jammers. We still took a frigate and a battlecruiser with us with just an other battlecruiser and the battleship more losses then they had. The rest of our fleet was able to escape. They lost an other pod. Damn Zinta, she's got an other pod nearer to my score. Damn her!

We do not see any reason to keep the fight fair at this point of war anymore. It will now be just a war of total destruction and attrition. When we come with equal fleets and equal numbers they call us a "blob" but they are using all dirty tricks they can to compensate their totally lack of skill and ability - their will to fight. We do not play dirty. But we will stop playing nice. Their miners become fair game now. We said we'd do this. And now it's the time. I don't think there will be left anything of this alliance when we are done with it.

During the time of Hulkageddon their mining comrades in alt-corps will also be unable to do something in the belts, even if they now run for their lives. So their logistics will come to massive slowdown or even a grinding halt. We can not accept their miners to work anymore since they support the docked in station majority of their alliance. This is just nothing else but slave labor. In-acceptable on Minmatar soil. A single killed Hulk is worth a week of mining in hisec.

Running missions for agents has stopped too. Their income of money has massively reduced by now. Most of them stay planetside. The only thing we can not stop at the moment is their income from planetary fabrication which is something that CONCORD does not allow by this time. Their tower in Traun has already been taken down by themselves. Which is a good thing, so he is shut down and not making money anymore.

We petitioned this to CONCORD. Their planet-side industry has to be destroyed. Alas it's minor income. We can deal with that. Their tower in

As I said. This thing has become something personal. And their leadership is inapt to find an acceptable bargain for their capitulation. You adapt and survive or you fail to adapt and extinct. This is nature.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.11 11:38:00 - [565]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 11/02/2011 11:44:15
Dear Log,

activity on the other side is still stable at zero. So there's nothing to report but that we wait for our next wars going active. Still you may ask yourself: what does a modern fleet do on a blockade to keep the moral alive?

Well, first of all we all can move freely in Minmatar space with our wartargets docked up. So it's business like usual. So my own network of industry still provides Minmatar and Gallente space with huge deliveries of ships of all classes and kinds. I use the time to get up my inactive network and also my advanced tech ships drop out of production with ten or more ships daily. I provided the warzone with everything our enemy will use - to "fair" prices. This all in all means I do some hundred million ISK a day during this war. I have no idea what the others do but they don't get poor. I may be the only one of F.I.A. that is doing money like this but somewhere the money is coming from. And as long as our wartargets dock up they do not harm our income.

Simple like that.

When it's my turn of schedule to camp their base I often play the fiddle while I'm waiting for something to happen. To drop the fiddle and get on the fire button usually costs no time. And while I'm playing most of the stuff without the need of notes anymore it's perfect combination of war and culture I think. I just started to work on something like the "Rifters Dance", that will be a Jig or maybe a Hornpipe or Reel maybe? Have no idea what to do with that but I find something that will work. Guess I'll go for a Hornpipe with that or I go in a different direction more song orientated. Well, at the moment I'm just playing around with some phrases. I have no idea where this will lead. My crew has accepted my Spleen with fiddling so far. Fiddling and commanding ships has a long tradition for some of our Matari ancestors. There have some in our history. But I'm not a good fiddler, alas, I do my best and it's fun. Fiddling has something diabolical some say, I say it has something very wild and emotional. It's an alien voice that you play from your subconsciousness. It's the sound of your soul.

An other song could be "All my ships are docked", which sounds more song-like slow ballade for me and is no stuff for dancing. More the chilling type of song for our war-targets, hanging around in station, doing nothing and that. Maybe when I find a text for that I'll show it to you, dear Log.

Playing fiddle and being a warrior is fitting strangely well for me. I have no idea why this is but most people think the fiddle players are all a bit crazy and maybe mad and dark and a bit dangerous. Maybe this is the reason the fiddle -or violin- has caught me in her slipstream.

It's of cause not boring to take them out. Sometimes we make jokes on the coms about the situation and the mood is up and fine.

Someone delivered the thirty Janitors to their station in Mateber. I ordered them to clean the place up, for I don't think they will come back so soon. The place is deserted and their offices are left in hurry. Papers lying around, halve finished breakfasts on the tables and that. Much work to do.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:44:00 - [566]

Dear Log,

40000 readers. While the war with BLACKWATER. alliance is running out for now - it was a inherited war by one of the split off corporations - there has not been happening much. So nothing special to report.

But there is a contest about beauty where I submitted, dear Log. And about this I want to tell you something. Not about the sickening title, not about the shallow strive for vanity and all that.

It is about blood.

Blood is for me the icky stuff that is left behind when a warrior in a battle fails and gets hurt. It is the mark of the loser. Sometimes it is the price for heroism when someone is sacrificing his life for a greater goal. But if it is dripping on the earth life is lost. It's nothing but the oil of the machine of our body.

It is never blue. It is always red. My bloodtype is one of the most rare ones. Zero negative. It means that I can share it with everybody. Universal donator. That I can make everybody live in the case they got wounded. It also means that I will die when I get wounded because I will only accept my own rare type of blood. Else I will die.

But aside this use blood is always the same. No blood is better than the other. There is nothing like a better race. There is nothing like a better blood. There is nothing like aristocracy. Nobody is given the right to rule above the other. There is no superior being. No superior race. What is superior and inferior will show by it's deeds. And not always the strongest will be the survivor. It is the fittest that is surviving. Not the blueeyed. Not the sleek. Not the smartest. Not the fastest.

A contest about beauty is a contest about the better birth. It is the contest about being the better human. The more beautiful human. The better race. The better gender. The contest of being above the others.

This is wrong. I despite this. And it only can lead to suffering. It can only lead to the rulership of those who can judge over those who let themselves judged by them. It is the death of freedom. It is the death of the right of equal birth. It is the flaw of the feudal. It is the door to the insane. The beginning of slavery.

We must not judge people by how they look. By how they are born. The only thing we may judge is what they dare, what they have done, what they stand for. The looks are without importance. Looks decay over time. Beauty is just on the surface. The only thing that counts is the spirit.

And I have seen a lot of ugly spirit in nice wrappings. I spit on this. This is where slavery is born.

I submitted myself there because I strive for the last place. This is where I would see myself. Not above the others. Not below the others. I'm not better. I am not too good to take part. Not too bad. I'm one of them. I'm human. I'm free.

And I'm proud enough to not let me buy.

In Matari history we had some likedeelers which was a group of privateers of ancient times that shared everything equal among the crew. This is what I do on my ships. I am a likedeeler. Because I might be a capsuleer but I'm not better than anyone of my crew. I am one of them. And I do not deserve a bigger share than they get. If I'd take that I would misuse my position. My position is to command them. Not to make them my slaves.

And this is why I committed myself to this sickening contest about beauty. This contest about the better birth. Someone has to say it. Someone has to be there to say: "No. This is wrong."

I promised not to interfere directly with ongoings of certain people. And I keep my promise. Instead I committed myself in this contest. Not to win. But to show how absurd this is.

And we all live in a world where this happens all day. And nobody is rising his fist. Nobody is fighting this ****. I do. Maybe you follow, dear Log. Maybe not. It is your decision. Always be free.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.12 09:49:00 - [567]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 12/02/2011 12:38:50
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Dear Log,

I think the contest I submitted to is a farce. And I'm perfectly sure that they will find a way to disqualify my submit. Like for example the simple thing that I have not submitted the official CONCORD photo of me. But they can easily get that photograph from official databases if they like. It is still not what I can post there because even a wierd smile is a smile. And I do prefer to not smile at all on a photo that I submit to a contest like that.

Free men have no number. Only slaves get numbers. Tattooed on their underarm or as machine readable barcodes on their neck. As semacode on the shoulder or as an RFID capsule under the skin. With their number and the name of their holder.

The trap in contests like that is that you think that you are the top. But just one can be on the top. The others are inferior. And the idea that certain breeds, certain looks of humans are inferior to others have led to the worst case scenarios in human history. Have led to slavery to oppression to global suffering.

It is about the value of Blood.

Which means the value of birth. The value of race. The value of breed. I reject this from deep in my heart and if you want to start fight slavery, start fight at this point. This is the beginning. This sort of contest is not harmless. It is not innocent.

Of 100 participents it will produce one holder and 99 slaves. One superior human and 99 inferior. And this will be placed inside the minds. This is the message that is given. This is the manipulation, the assault to your mind.

I reject this number. Always will. Beauty must die.

I believe in a different kind of beauty.

I have promised to not direct interfere with certain people. To not use their names. The reason for this promise was of diplomatic reasons. Reasons that still are true and that I still respect. But it will not stop me to place myself in the path of slavery. Blocking it.

With bullets on my tongue and weapons in my hands.

I just can't. And while I promised not to use two names in any way if the other side keeps is doing the same I never promised to stand aside when things like this happen. I have watched for a long time and I swallowed a couple of insults. For diplomacy. And still I hold back.

And all I can do at the moment without breaking my promise is to submit myself as a living 'No' to this contest. You may say: "But Alica, it's harmless enough", dear Log.

But it isn't. And people let it happen. And I'm the only one that is standing up. And I don't understand why I'm the only one. I'm enraged, really you can see flames flickering from inside my eyes. And the only thing that is holding me back is a word I have given.

For all I stand for: this is wrong.

And the sad thing is: I will again lose this fight. Because I'm alone. Standing in the line of what is going on. And this will run over me like an Amarr blob is running over my Rifter.

But this is the way it goes in history. Really bad things just happen because a lot of good people stand by, watch and do nothing. They do not happen because the bad side is strong. It's just that the good guys don't want to get in trouble and hope that the bad thing is harmless enough. Seen that.

UPDATE: I got rejected for the reason that I thought - I do not smile. Indeed it is the same session of photographs. And one of the four photos that were sent in to CONCORD. Just not the one that was chosen. But I think I have stated my message.

I refuse rating. I'm no ****ing number. I don't play by any rules but my own. Proud and Minmatar. But enough of this folly. This show will go on. Always. And people will let it happen. It's harmless enough.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.13 10:42:00 - [568]

Dear Log,

oh happy day!

I will explain that, dear Log, after the notice that an other battle has taken place with Caipiranha alliance where we were in smaller numbers but they were almost equal, just outclassing us a bit. It costs us as much as them. I just hope they understand that they are able to fight us if they really try. This station bunkering is not what any capsuleer deserves. We are made to fly free.

And now to my happy day. For reasons of diplomacy I promised to keep the name of Revan Neferis out of what I write. I called her a "slaver *****" and she let her minions march against us. For the sake of unity among the Minmatar militia I apologized for that and she had widthdrawn her minions. The deal was that she does not use my name as I do not hers and we keep a bilateral weapon silence.

This silence was broken unilateral by her -using a minor insult- which happily invalides this treaty. I have given her a day to apologize. But of cause this stupid ***** is too proud to bow her neck for her own stupidity. Yay! Free from this sick shackles.

I admit I provoked her to do this a bit. But still she broke the treaty. And now like a boiler of a steam engine that has been heated up for a long time there is a lot of pressure that wants to get out and a lot of things have to be said.

First of all she is not important. She is a very sad and lonesome and weak stereotype of personality that I do not fear or respect at all. And you may say: "But Alica, she's harmless enough." And for the attention ***** she is I should not talk about her anyway.

She is not harmless. She is as a person not important and I'd take her anywhere anytime in a battle. A minor warrior, the kind that breaks like a little girl, "Lady" I have to s******. But the joy of my freedom aside, I will tell you why she and her kind is important enough to warn about. I'm no psychologist but from distance I would render her a borderline personality. Not important if she is really a case of that or just have similarities. A person that is dangerous inside any community because she is so weak inside that she begins to split communities, that she is sitting inside a network of connections, pulling strings and let puppets dance to her pulls.

And it is not so much her stereotype of personality that is enraging me because you can find twelve on a dozen of that in the next Angel Cartel S/M brothel that claim to be your "Domina" or something. No. What is enraging me is that people like her find enough weak souls that bow to her games. That accept her sick way of manipulation and that even I myself was for a short time under her influence, bound by my own word, by my own promise, for the sake of unity in Minmatar militia.

But unity will not come from slavery. So I'm happy that I'm out of this.

People like her will always be "stronger" than people like me. Because her kind is summoning the weak souls around her, she addresses the lowest possible ways of culture and emotions. The kind of drama queen that usually is writing dime novels about romantic soft core for housewives and that you can find in every morning talk show on Gallente media broadcasts.

Instead I address people not to follow but to follow their own heart. To find the own strength, not the strength of the "right" leader. To search for true culture and not for a cheap replacement for the substitute. "Why do you want to be on the top?", is her question.

My question would be: "What do you think what you can do for your community?" Striving for the top to be on the top is something worthless. You get respect for deeds. Not for what you are born.

And "Lady" Revan Neferis has done nothing for the Minmatar cause but killing some neutral Orcas in Kourmonen and seeding discord among us for the sake of her own ego.

And this has to be said. We are not your playtools, Lady. We are free of your kind.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.13 15:14:00 - [569]

Dear Log,

more about culture and freedom.

The contemporary sort of "culture" is something that is just aiming for the quick satisfaction of the basic instincts. While I don't think people that present us this sort of entertainment are that dumb as the people that consume it. Ah maybe dumb is the wrong word but it's a cheap trick for what they fall. Money or a quick fame or something disgusting, some drama or whatever.

And they might think: whatever? Nobody will remember this in a year or so. But that's wrong. It will be on you forever. And fame is nothing. It is just the kind of thing that people see in you, want to see in your person.

To make that happen you must not be yourself but a white sheet of paper that can project all hopes and imagination of the audience on your person. They will in the end love themselves, their own projection on that image. You are nothing but a white sheet of paper.

So that's the reason why people should be average that gain this kind of fame. Because most people can project themselves on you. So it is in the end not about you. It is about the audience. And about an ego trip.

Why is that bad? Because you do move nothing with that. You change nothing. You just look on your own bellybutton and there is an eroding of values with this. Values that really are important in this world. Like the deeds of person. Personal sacrifice. Spiritual achievements. Poetry and the way to distort the world through your own subjectivism to something that is enriching the world of others. Real art.

And all this is eroded. Not because the shallow entertainment is actively destroying this. It is just taking away the eyes from it and replacing it with worthless stuff. Stuff that is loud enough that everybody can hear it.

And if you ask me what I think - I think someone should burn down those entertainment temples. To give back the view on that what counts.

Yes. But of cause you will say: "But Alica, it's harmless enough and who you are that you tell people what they shall put their eyes on and what they shall ignore."

That's right, dear Log. People's choice is free. And I can't do anything about this and I don't want to force it, true is I must not. So I just try to build something up that is a real alternative. But when I see those shows I urge to vomit directly over my monitor.

When I see for how few money people let themselves buy for that craze. Just the "winner" will get a reward. The rest will just do this for free. This is how the world is and it makes me a bit sad.

A wise shaman I know once said to me: "Alica, if you want that the world is getting worse, treat people like they are. If you want to build a better world, you have to treat them how they could be."

Revan Neferis is treating them how they are. With much success. She is a poisoning snake in our midst, a corrupter, a manipulator that has nothing in mind but her own agenda, her own ego. She gives a damn about people. She will care about the people she directly knows because her mental disorder needs their love. And she will bind them.

The rest of the people she just uses.

Is what I want something different? To be true I don't care if people like me or not. If I'm alone or not. True is that I'm not alone at all. But people come to me, like me, not because I please them. Not because I need them. Just because they respect who I am, that I stand up for what I think.

For my heart and my spirit. And the only thing that I want to achieve is to help the Matari to find their heart and their spirit and make them strong. Strong enough to see and judge on-goings like that. See that those things are in their heart the core of slavery and find the power to stand up against it.

And destroy it. Yes we Minmatar have to power to destroy what is harming us. Don' tell me that this is a weakness. It's our strength. As we create a new world. A better world without slavery.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.02.14 08:23:00 - [570]

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Dear Log,

there is no light without shadow, there is no shadow without light.

To all those negative things that have to be said about contests like the one I'm telling you about, there is still something positive. Something we can learn of and that we still can use - after we have gotten down the urge to vomit.

The only thing we have to do is to take a second look at it. The second look is something that has been getting rare in our times. People judge things from first sight, judge the book by it's cover and drop the issue. We can easily be like that. But when we try to live our lives intense, we try to do everything right. We always look a second time. Everything has the right to be judged a second time because even in the darkest shadow there is a light.

First of all there is a lot of creativity in that. All this is just addressing those parts of the human nature that are easy. All this is preparing their minds to accept the idea of the better blood. All this is producing slaveminds but still - take a look at it. There is put a lot of preparation in this and work. Initiative and people have no big choice if they are searching for something like culture on the IGS.

And it is indeed a cheap substitute for it and all, but people in that contest are actually searching for something different. Over 100 capsuleers, I can't believe that everybody in there just is looking for the two billion price money. They are looking for culture - for community.

And even if there is nothing coming from this event, it is indeed forming a community. People assemble around an issue and forming some kind of 'us'. They are taking part.

That all this positive is just used for the own agenda of Revan is an other thing. But I can't hold all this against the community. Because if we are true - there is not much choice.

I have already told you, dear Log, that I am planning to call out a cultural gathering. Something where people can submit their art. In a free pool of art that everybody can refer to and everyone can take part. That is not rated by judges because the only one that should be the judge about which art is enriching your world should be yourself. For the one goal I have, to build strong minds with healthy and vivid spirits, great hearts, better humans.

The question of if a human is better than the other is a pointless one when not one of us has developed his spiritual strength to at least a fraction of what his potential is. People in ancient times were speaking naturally six to ten languages. We are happy and called intellectuals, if we talk two fluently nowadays. Potential - lost. People in ancient times were taught to paint, to write, to recite halve a hundred of poems memorized. They were taught to use our language in a creative way.

We are living in a poor, culture-less and decadent time. We think we are at the height of human history, being capsuleers and that. But we still did not use most of our potential. Even the most basic farmer of ancient times would outclass our wits by far. We are living in the age of Ideocracy.

But I believe this is not true, this is not unchangeable. That potential can be lifted. That we just need a forum that where we can submit. Where we can relay. Where everything on it is not covered with a damn copyright, where everything is free - "free" as free to use. This is what is missing in or world. Free culture. We just have this fast-food replacement for it or the chains of copyrights over them that take away the freedom. The referabilitiy. The usability. The community.

So, while I myself do not think that my own cultural work that I can submit has sufficient quality for my own standards, I will give a damn on this.

It is the time to start this project. Not only for us Minmatar but for all capsuleers.

The Free Culture Library Project.

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