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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.10 10:35:00 - [511]

Dear Log,

the days pass by where the need of me being a mother and available for my child 24/7 is coming slowly to an end. So I first find time again to log something beyond: »Dear Log, was getting up at 04:00 o'clock in the morning to feed the baby. I'm so tired, man!« and that stuff. And I do not remember any parents that do not look back at those times with romantic and nostalgic feelings but definitely had not that feelings when they were actually in it.

Well let's talk about freedom, dear Log. People always talk about that and in fact we're having a war going on about that. At minimum two wars, the war against the Empire and the war against the Nation. Is it worth it?

Well, beyond the fact that there is besides religious fanatism not one thing more blood was shedded about in history, this should be something important. And even those religous wars were in fact fightings of freedom. Freedom to keep the own religion or to take the freedom of religion and everything from others. It is about might you may say or about money.

But it is not. Freedom is a mans right. But what is freedom then? Freedom is always a process. Some societies are in process of gaining freedom, those are the growing ones, some are in the process to give up their freedom. Those are in decay and regression.

But what does it mean to give up your freedom? There is a difference between the freedom you theoretically have -on paper- and which you actually have. The actual freedom is the so called positive freedom. It is the freedom that is left after your neighbors did everything possible to restrict your -on paper- guaranteed freedom.

So freedom does not only exist in the constitution of states (like a cards game, where you can trump out other states because you have a "better" freedom than they have) but the freedom that you are able to live in those communities. And this is something that has much to do with the interpretation of laws, with tolerance and acceptance and with the intellectual consciousness that every freedom you take from your neighbor you actually take from yourself.

»I don't care about that, I'm not doing what my ******* ***** of a neighbor does. I do not such thing. Instead I do ********.«

See? It may not be something that is quite visible and the result of the destroyed freedom in society may be feelable only after a decade or even more but then you'll see it. I have first found out about the decay of freedom in our society -even the Matari one- when I tried to make music. Which is still something I do very frequently, often and extensive.

And I do not talk about listening to music but about making it. On the paper there is even in the smallest bothy the right of man to practice at least three hours a day on an instrument. And practicing on instruments is not always fun to listen. Can you dig that? But that's the freedom you have on paper. Not the freedom your neighbors will give you.

The actual freedom you have in modern society is to play an electric violin in a well silenced flat all day, if you do not turn it on and play it silent. The freedom on paper says you can go where ever you want, the freedom you actually have is restricted to move freely on the upper decks of space stations cause on the lower decks where security doesn't show up, you usually get mugged and robbed and often enough killed for that.

Some people say: but every freedom you take you take from an other! I say: no. This is not the way modern society works. The laws on paper do guarantee a room of freedom where everybody can move and so it is given freedom by society. Everybody that goes and destroys this room of freedom is in fact an enemy of freedom. Public freedom is the only one that counts. The freedom that actually is given by constitution and that is enforced by security units so everybody can use it. It is Allmende, I don't know if you know this word from Sebiestor dialect it means 'free land'.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.18 11:03:00 - [512]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/12/2010 11:17:31
Dear Log,

slowly I'm getting up operations after my time of break that I needed for becoming a mother. Yesterday I reconnected my business network and was motivating my partners to not hang around and idle but to work hard.

I ordered some of them to learn to fly this new ORE industrial vessel, which will be quite useful in the rare cirumstances I'll fly missions for agents. Will it be useful to invest into a blueprint of that thing? I don't think so. The market will soon be satisfied, even if the profit at the moment should be about 20 millions per ship. This will collapse soon and break down to even a worse profit than you get for a Hulk.

In the time of my break I had a lot of hours to spend thinking about what we are doing out here. To fight for freedom is not enough. You have to build it up too. And this means you have to spread the culture behind it.

Most of the time I really was excercising to play the Vherokior fiddle, which is quite infamous but really hard to play. Some of my men don't abandon the ship when I start playing and I really got the feedback of "getting better", whatever this means.

To fly a spacecraft is a difficult thing. But to even get down on an apprentice level on that instrument needed me five years of casual study and now the last three months to put all spare time in it that I had, about four to five hours a day. And maybe I will seed some haywire and mayhem through recording this in a few months and give you a sample.

I just want to show you, dear Log, how much work people have to put into a thing like that to even get to the lowest acceptable level of doing it. How much effort do have real artists, real musicians and not a barebone idleclub fiddler like me to put into this?

And if we can allow the Amarr Empire to invade our lands and put those musicians against the next wall? Or worse, enslave them and use them in the next Tritanium mine? Or make them play their chorals instead of the living, emotional melodies of our tribal culture?

Is it worth to waste a fleet to rescue just one of those real musicians? Is it worth to waste hundreds of capsuleers for that and get podded so often that you can walk between the stars on the frozen bodies?

I think yes.

Is it worth to waste a whole Empire for that? Yes, yes, yes, yes. Definitely.

I think it's worth to waste this Empire for even the shortest line of poetry that comes from our artists. For the flattest kind of joke that a drunken writer is splurting out in the time he's sliding from his barchair.

It is worth for even the smallest cell of culture that has evolved among our people. Because this is, what we really are. This is what we really do. This is what really defines us. Without this - we never can be free. Without this we could have stayed slaves for eternity.

On ancient Matar battles the pipers were marching in front of their troups. »They are shooting our pipers! Chaaaaarge!« This is the real motivation. Because when the heart of culture stops beating a volk dies. We would be without this. It is better to die fighting than to let happen this.

I tell you this, dear Log, because you can see why we are fighting these Amarrians so much. And why the Sansha threat is as dangerous. To make us fit into their machinery of society, to make us a small cog wheel in their labor instead of the great beings that we really are. The ingenius, the individuals, the loving, the singing, dancing, fighting and swearing, the growing, the learning and the becoming something greater than we are - Minmatar.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.19 02:54:00 - [513]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/12/2010 03:15:29
Dear Log,

it is as if I waited for things like this to announce. Okay, it's nothing special but it's just the kind of thing I am telling you about at this time.

Cultural war. Not that this event means it, it is it. It is the kind that I see as one of the biggest threats to our society besides missioning priests and rabbit Empresses that set their hounds of war loose, seeking to destroy us.

Why is this corporate "culture" such a threat? I mean, if it's something ignorable worthless why should we feel threatend by them? Because they use the warmachine of corporate propaganda against us. The commercials, the broadcasting newsmachinery, the ads, the spam on every media they can get hold on.

And what do we have? Who does now about the music session around the corner? Who does know about the next vernisage, the next poetry reading, the next real cultural meeting next door?

Nobody. You only get to this information when you dig. When you already know that it is there. When you are involved, when you are already part of it. Culture has no broadcasting channel. Has no PR agent, has no industial backbone. Because it is no industry. It has no marketing directors.

But this corporate poor excuse for culture is actually catching the eyes. I taking those who do not know. Is taking those who might know, who could do better, is taking those powerless masses under control under cultural enslavement. And with the culture lost, the reason for freedom is lost too. The reason for identity, for community and strength.

And this means we are easy to manipulate, easier to catch from those agents to buy their stuff. To work for them and get nothing in return. To live for nothing. To be nothing. To be slaves. And a consumer is just an euphenism for slave.

You may wonder why a capsuleer like me is fighting on a front like this. Maybe I'm wrong and the way I'm thinking is mad. The way that I see the things happening around us. Maybe we Minmatar are too focused on trying to get free that we do not see that we already are.

But maybe we Minmatar are so much focused on fighting slavery from outside that we do not see the silent slavery that is coming from inside. Like the inside job Abel Jarek tried to pull off. And while we do of cause have allies in the war outside, we have no one that is backing us on this front.

The Amarr Empire priests, the Caldari State and Gallente Federation entertainment industry is going at our throat without mercy.

Are we supposed to fight back? No. We are supposed to buy their shit. We are supposed to buy their religion, their "music" their poor excuse for play which they call "movie" or the ill stuff they do on their daily soaps. Their "shows" and the timewaste they call "entertainment".

Do we Minmatar just take the whip and do not fight back? Do we powerless give up what our anchestors were shedding their blood for so fiercely? Are we a toothless, spineless bunch of consumers… of slaves?

I don't know what you are, dear Log, But I will think about how I can show my teeth to this enemy. How to say "no" to this threat and how to help our people to fight this from inside.

Aria Jenneth
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2010.12.19 08:20:00 - [514]

Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 19/12/2010 08:20:46
Originally by: Alica Wildfire
I don't know what you are, dear Log, But I will think about how I can show my teeth to this enemy. How to say "no" to this threat and how to help our people to fight this from inside.

The Caldari had problems with this, too: it's how the Gallente tried to subvert the State's culture. The Gallente succeeded to a degree, but only at the highest levels (the opposite of what they apparently hoped for), so the individualistic corruption could be purged through a popular revolt.

Unfortunately, about the only way to block such attempts at subversion by cultural influence is to ban the influence, which probably means a Tibus Heth-style purge of foreign expatriates and heavy restrictions on trade.

Alternatively, I suppose you can try to foment a massive "traditionalist" movement. That could work, maybe, for a generation or two.

Leana Suchong
Posted - 2010.12.20 07:26:00 - [515]

is that REALLY necessary?

music is supposed to be a peaceful thing. life is supposed to be a peaceful thing.

forming armed revolts and political insurrections of ANY kind with ANY intentions good or bad is just.... making more problems.

this will go nowhere, in either case. id suggest ignorance is your best option. its just the beurocrats being beurocrats.

ignore them. the'll get over it.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.20 12:10:00 - [516]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/12/2010 12:10:19
Dear Log,

is music and culture a peaceful thing?

I think it's the heart of a society and while it's of cause the place of love and community, it's also the most vulnerable place, the heart literally. And when in anchient battles the pipers were marching in front of our warriors, they were not marching with armor they were not marching as warriors. They were marching as musicians.

"They are shooting our pipers! Chaaaarge!", was the natural reaction for all warriors behind them. The heart of the society - that's the culture. In peace as in battle. And to put this in front of everything is making clear what's this all about. This battle, this fight. It is giving the warrior clear and plain, visibly and in a way everybody understands it whats happening - it's about them killing our culture. It's about them shooting our pipers, musicians, artists, writers, dancers, actors, philosophers and painters.

It's them killing our women and children, it's them killing those who we vowed to protect. And that's why we warriors fight. Plain and simple.

That's how we Matari are - plain and simple. We do not need a lot of frills and trills about what we are and what we should do. We can plainly see it - when they shoot our pipers.

The war we are in is a war of culture. But we do not have made our artists to warriors. The do not wear armor, our culture is not industrialized. We do not use marketing -Propaganda- weapons to support them. They are what they are - from the midsts of us. Part of us, our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and children. And they do not hide in a war. They face as we face the enemy. But their armor their protection - that's us - the warriors.

And while the civilians of other cultures hide in bunkers ours are at our side. To remind us, to give us strength. To let us know that we are not a folk of cowards but are Matari - brave and strong in their heart - every one of us.

It is not about fighting. No. It is. It's about nothing else. We are at war. But different to all other States, Empires or Federations we do not make our culture to a weapon. We do not arm them. We do not put them in bunkers, we do not hide them, we do not boost them with the information weapon of propaganda.

They are in our midst as they are. Vulnerable, noncombatant, friends and brothers. And we fight. For them. And with this for ourselves and our identity, our pride as a warrior, our ethics and our culture.

Culture is no peaceful thing. Not for us Matari. Ask the billions of Matari slaves that still suffer under the Amarrian lash. It's a question of survival or extinction.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.21 11:04:00 - [517]

Dear Log,

yesterday I was the first time since I'm a mother again in battle. What a feeling! And also I was the first time in my line of duty allowed to fly a battleship. Allowed means that I satisfied the high standards that my corporation has for someone flying a battleship in fleet. My role as a warrior was always supportive. I have been trained for the role of a special ops in Republic Military School once. And I never have seen myself in the battleline with other great warriors but always tried to support in any possible way.

This was the reason that so many other things were coming first to learn. But now the gap between me and the other warriors is closing. Slowly but it is.

Besides a destroyed Archon and a couple of other ships of the enemy we lost few on our side. It was all in all a very satisfying battle, which is easy to find if you are looking for the most expensive loss on Amarr side yesterday.

But back to the important things. I was involved in some talk with friends about culture and I have been called a traditionalist. I was a bit surprised to see someone call me that, can ya dig that?

Cause I'm not a conservative kind of person, I'm progressive, I'm aggressive, contenance is not my strong side of personality to put it friendly. I always saw myself as being a revolutionary, a rebell which I am. But how does rebell and tradionalist fit?

I really still don't think that I am that. It would make the mess of myself much too easy to understand, I think. But let's say I have a lot in common with a person like that. I really promote the Matari culture, not just the anchient one but also the experimental, the revolutionary, the modern. That's why I don't only visit the traditional performances to make music, theatre, dance but also the modern. But it was always important that this modern ways have their roots in our anchient ways and are bringing them to the next step. That our culture is evolving and not just standing still. That also some people have to find out how it was done before the Amarr tried to destroy our culture.

I told ya a lot of invasive culture, culture imperialism and how we suffer under this threat as a community. Because it's splitting, it's parting us and driving us into individualism where we should be joined by our common culture.

A friend of mine argued that tribal culture is also invasive. Tribal tatoos show up on the skin of Gallente youngsters, because they find it "cool" to have some was the argument. Your culture is indeed spreading she said.

But I doubt that. What's spreading is just the fashion not the meaning. And what they do if they copy our tattoos is indeed not us invading them but them invading us. Because the meaningless fashion tattoo bounces back to our society and twists our traditional ways.

It is not that I want to lock up cultures or something. This is always the danger if you try to keep the things together that define a culture, neither would I be able to. But I think there is a big difference between culture and fashion. Between music and entertainment. What the Gallente call "haute couture" is indeed flat and meaningless fashion.

Where comes the meaning from in a culture you may ask, dear Log? The meaning is coming from the moment where you actually are part of it. Where you are not doomed to be the consumer of it like in industrial "culture". Where your interaction with the artists - your own art - is changing the whole thing and expressing what's going on in your soul, your mind and the soul of the whole community. Where it's not important anymore that you are appreciated by a maximum number of consumers but where many people begin to understand your way. Because they feel the same. They relay to your expression and grow on that, so that it helps themselves to find their own way too.

Culture is never invasive. Culture is never fashion. Culture is inpiring and culture is something that should be part of yourself.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.03 12:56:00 - [518]

Dear Log,

Ushra Khan has destroyed a container full of Book of Prayers and Pax Amarrian in front of the Yulai CONCORD station as a gesture of protest.

This is why I'm talking so much about the war of cultures that we are facing, dear Log. It is there. The Amarr invade us with their brainwashing books, their false peace under the whip and their Salvation Crusades. The Gallente come over to broadcast us dead with their meaningless Entertainment poor excuse for culture and the Caldari are no better.

What are we? Are we book burning barbarians? Are we broadcast towers shredding vandalists? Of cause there is beauty in a tower that is going nuke. But…

Don't get me wrong, I totally support the gesture that was done by UK and it was not just right to do it, it was a nessecity. But there has to be the next step after this not just to give our "No" but to state the way we want it to go from this.

You may ask this yourself and I know a few enemies of the Minmatar cause who think that this is what we are. But we are better I think. There are poems about the Rifter about Minmatar Warpoetry and others. But we are missing something substantial that is putting some real weight on the scale that was used one sided by Amarr with their mind destructive Book of Prayers.

So I will try to call for a cultural meeting thing soon. I still have no idea about the name of that 'thing', but I want all Minmatar to show up with everything they can contribute to our culture. Everything with a Creative Commons BY protection, so that it is free for everyone to use, free for everyone to share. Culture is about sharing something we have in common.

And this means we will need music, we will need poetry, literature, dance, play, painting, just everything. I don't ask for something 'perfect' like that fashist idea that you'll find in common media, that only those artist may show their culture that qualify for a certain level. There will be no qualify, cause you don't have to qualify yourself for being one of us. Culture is the expression of being one of us and there are no first class and second class citizens. There is no 'bad' or 'good', because the observer can judge himself if he likes the art or not. This is no marketing. This is no selling. This is no war and no competition. This shall be the coming together, the sharing and the showing what we really are; a community.

And what we are fighting for. Why we are fighting for it.

And I call every Minmatar to spread the word and think about what he can submit himself. Allowed are only submissions that are done by capsuleers and their crews. No relay linking. This is not the official announcement, dear Log, this is just what I plan to do.

So you may have some time to prepare, you may have some time to contact me so we can plan this together. Cause this is something I definitly can't do alone. This will be done by the community or not done at all. And if this is happening I will give my own submission to the thing by playing the Vherokior fiddle, which I know I'm not good at. I'm no professional musician and it will lack of everything. But I will do what I can cause I know that in a community even the most humble submission will earn respect. This is the reason why there will be no price, no judging, no first place, no competition cause I know no artist who is not giving the best he can when he's going into public. The first place will be to share it. To be one of them who dared. Who did it.

So I have no fear. And this is it what's culture about. And I call for a meeting. Please spread the word who is Minmatar and reads this, dear Log. We may even be open for foreign submission in their own culture but that's an other issue.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.08 12:17:00 - [519]

Dear Log,

there going on something on the western front. Uisper has been liberated from Amarr occupation yesterday. We were out on patrol later that evening but were heavily outnumbered, outclassed and outgunned. Still we sent a crusader back home to clonebay and his Maller to the junkyard. But we payed with two Battlecruisers when we tried to finish off the bait Sacrilege of Amarr before they could come to assist it at Auga/Kourmonen gate.

When they popped in with two or three lokis and at least three guardians and the rest of their fleet, we retreated but have to leave those two battlecruisers behind as a sacrifice for our proud attempt. The Sacrilege was already down to ten percent armor when we had to leave.

Not a glorious day but not more was to expect from us five against their full HAC and T3, guardian powered force of twenty. We had to try. And someday this blob will be cleaned and their pilots will receive fresh clones without the poison of Amarr Empire in it.

Those battlecruisers were lost under my command. It just hurts a bit of my pride. But you either have to dare and dash or to whimp and whine, dock up and wait for the blob to form and the Guardians to join. I prefer our style of hit and run.

Even if we do not always shine in victory with this. It's better than to smack from docked in station.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.12 16:02:00 - [520]

Dear Log,

the times of calm dawns to beautyful sunsets seem to come to an end. Today I met the capsuleer Sentencer Garottek from DeWolf Slavery Holding. They were announcing loudly that all they do is "repatriate" escaped slaves to their legal holders. While most of my crew consists of such "slaves" I contacted him friendly, for they got an recruitment announcement up for their alliance on the news.

I was very friendly to him but the conversation was not lasting for very long. My concerns about the future of my men was left with no illusions from this True Amarrian. "A slave always is a slave."

This also means that they are even against the freedom for the slaves of the 9th generation that were freed by Jamyl Sarums decret, I think. This is a very serious threat to many in the Republic. And not enough he called me a thief, a spy and was threatening us as a corporation.

While I just was asking what the situation was. Well, I call this a fu*ked up diplomatic situation, for I will not accept the holding of slaves in Amarr Empire and especially not accepting Amarrians coming over with a whole Alliance of slavers to Republic space to enslave those of us that already have escaped their shackles.

What really concerns me is their threatening against F.I.A. Well, they are a whole alliance of slavers.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.13 01:26:00 - [521]

Dear Log,

we recruited today an other pilot and were quite happy to welcome him in our ranks. Edelgren had been a long contact of F.I.A. and finally he came home.

On the evening we had the honor to escort the industrial vessel of Sakura Imoru from Yulai through Luminaire back over Hek to Illuin. On board more than 700 Freed Slaves and their families, that were rescued from Amarrian oppression.

We expected some resistance on our long way, but we didn't met anything dangerous. Just a short skirmish at Luminaire with some Caldari protection escorts for the Titan, but nothing serious from capsuleer side.

We had expected some resistance from Amarr loyalist side. Some of those Ex-Slaves prefered to live in Federation space but most of them returned to their homelands. Again we had to talk about the dangers that were coming from the threat of this Amarrian Alliance and their advertise, which I translate here to galnet standard:

Garotteks Interstellar Slave Repatriation Ltd.
Interstellar repatriation of fled or freed slaves

You lost slaves or the have fled?
No problem for Garotteks Interstellar Sklave Repatriation
We have the measures and experience to return them back
to your pit. Fast and reliable.
With a quota of 99,27%, of living repatriated ware are
we without competition on this market sector.

What do we do with that? I already have talked -inofficially- with members of Electus Matari who said that they usually do not operate outside of Minmatar space, but would keep an eye open for members of this Alliance that enter Minmatar space. At F.I.A. we see this threat for our new citizens and the freedom of many of us with great concern.

Maximum Kiely
Kiely and Son Salvage
Posted - 2011.01.14 16:50:00 - [522]

Originally by: Leana Suchong
music is supposed to be a peaceful thing.

Hmmm… you've obviously never heard any Caldari Dissenter music. I recommend you give the Corp-Slave Monkeys a listen. It may surprise you that music can be more than the soft tones of the Caldari pan-flute or some synthesized orchestra and the underlying subliminal messages played in Caldari corporate offices.

Originally by: Leana Suchong
forming armed revolts and political insurrections of ANY kind with ANY intentions good or bad is just.... making more problems.

Acting like a passive dog lying at the feet of your oppressor will accomplish nothing. Or is that what you're hoping for?

Keep up the fight Ms. Wildfire… I only wish I could summon the same conviction.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.17 23:54:00 - [523]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/01/2011 10:31:14
Dear Log,

today was a proud day for the Minmatar Militia. Not only that F.I.A. was able to strike deep into their territory at Sathogas and Harras with a small detachment of battleship and leave the flag of the Republic on the moons and gates of that planets, we had a fight against a massive Amarrian fleet.

Others may have bailed if they encounter a fleet of 62 with a small detacement of 16. But that's not Minmatar spirit. The free man will stand straight with his fist risen to the sky and the infamous Minmatar warcry of our warriors: "Lewwer duad üs Slaav!"

Which would translate to galstandard as: "better dead as slave!"

"Thy are outnumbering us six to one.
Shall tha battle really began?"

"Lewwer duad üs Slaav!"

"Thy block our way from Sathogas to Rens,
shall we avoid them and run like hens?"

"Lewwer duad üs Slaav!"

"We will lose our ships, our men our lives,
will have orphans and widows that were our wifes!"

"Lewwer duad üs Slaav!"

"So shall this battle begin and we kill them and kill them
until nothing will stand."

"Lewwer duad üs Slaav!"

A fierce battle began. The Amarr not willing to enter battle at the gate for they COULD still not have the superior position.

Laughing in our ranks. Laughing and laughing.

FINALLY they engaged.


And the battle bagan. Our carriers dropped and their ships exploded around us. One after the other Slaver was biting the dust. But for every second enemy we were taking out one of us had to pay the price. So that finally the last of their battleships went to dust and only three of us were left to get it down. Fighting literally until the last man standing.

No Amarrian kind of retreat with minor losses. No halvehearted: "We tried it but we had to leave because…" This is the way of the Empire. For a free man there is no retreat to slavery. There can be only the fight for freedom or death. We had a equal bash of battleships on both sides 16 against 61 with the two carriers left without our defense as their price.

A price we paid with pride. Damn, we'd wish the Amarr were giving us fights like this. The Amarr would fight like they fought back those days when they were still great, their battle against the Jovians. Back in those times we Minmatar were rising against their Empire of slavery.

16 against 61


Good fight Amarr. We would wish you more often would dare for your Empress what we dare for our freedom.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.20 12:29:00 - [524]

Dear Log,

the Sansha threat is getting more serious as ever. We now lost over four million inhabitants to their raids and CONCORD is standing by and doing nothing. Even worse. Two days ago at Seyllin they raided again. While the system is not inhabited at the moment, I think they tried to establish something like a beachhead in the Empire for their further attacks.

We should have hacked their code is what I've heard. Without our attempt was futile.

F.I.A. was on the battlefield together with a couple of hundred other battleships but we were only able to take out their support. The mothership ignored our fire so that we didn't do much more than to scratch their shields. We had to leave the field at a certain time. I think a full scale war like that is not a thing that can be countered without a massive capital fleet. It's a new epic threat for all inhabitants of New Eden. Kuvakai must be stopped.

No Pasaran.

To talk about epic battles, yesterday the biggest Minmatar Militia fleet formed that I ever was taking part of. In a joint operation we faced the Amarrian fleet at Huola and - were hit by the biggest "Lag" phenomenon that I ever encountered. Well, we won on a big scale but I personally was not able to fire a single shot. The ememy Guardians were shredded helplessly and many died and got podded without even knowing if their computers were showing up the fleet already.

I can not remember to have suffered under such worse case scenario for a long time. And last time it was that bad it was a battle with more than thousand ships engaging. Not a battle of a hundred against a hundred. Is Sansha warping the subspace with his wormhole technology so that our navigation computers can't handle the "Lag" anymore?

Whatever, the Minmatar Militia left the field victoriously with the Amarrian fleet left shredded behind like the Elders did, like the Jovians proceeded with them. But even the lag had an epic dimension and was of a new, unknown type it is a good feeling to be part of the Minmatar Militia that is not backing down to the Amarrian battleship heavy enforcer gangs.

We are proud, we are Minmatar.

Lewwer duad üs slaav!

By the way the new set of photos that were ordered by CONCORD for Galnet use caused some trouble. My photographer was such a dilettante that I had to put him to the wall. I fed his intestines to my fedo and dumped the rest of him in airlock three.

I hope the new photographer will work better and is not ****ing up the light so that I look older than I am. No I'm not conceited. This is a matter of PR. And PR means war. And a treason like the one my old photographer did is legally to handle by court martial. And should be handled like high treason.

Well bad photographers die out. We have only the best left here in Minmatar space.

Which reminds me of a story that I heard from an old Brutor warchief who wanted a painter to paint a picture of him. But he was one legged, his left eye was wooden and he had a hunch. So the first painter was painting him very naturalistic, just as he was.

He looked at the picture and the painter was executed on the spot. For painting him so ugly.

The next painter thought that he could do this better and made him pretty like a young warrior. With both legs, both eyes and a straight back.

He looked at the picture and the painter was executed on the spot. For lying to him and mocking about his body. Making him look like a ****in' Gallente entertainer.

The third painter was a Sebiestor. She painted him sitting on a horse, the wooden leg was on the side of the horse that you were not able to see. He was holding a rifle and had closed his left eye for aiming, and the hunch was the natural position where he was taking aim.

The picture can be seen in the Pator arts gallery. The Sebiestor is now a famous painter of our history. She of cause survived and was heaped over with gold and fame.

I do not expect nothing less than this from a photographer. Art.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.22 17:16:00 - [525]

Dear Log,

after spending over eight hours in a photosession I'm satisfied with my new photo. CONCORD had censored my tribal marks away for some Amarrian fundamentals have sued that those markings and tattoos are forbidden in the Empire. But I'm sure this case will settle to our satisfaction. I can't imagine CONCORD wants to lose an other station to Minmatar.

My second photographer will recover soon from an accident he had with my monkeywrench. And for this small burst of rage I suffered I have already compensated him. After eight hours of shots my smile -as you can see- is already a bit twitchy. He talked me into taking some shots in underwear which is something a warrior girl like me has no problem.

I often have to undress when other soldiers are in the same room to put on weapons and armor. So - no big deal. But when I saw my own photos in this condition there was coming some burst of rage over me, which I am not proud of.

I was lucky to leave enough of him alive so the medical team was able to bring him back. This is completely my fault and today I totally understand that a nude photo is… **** it. That swine deserved a good beating for that and I won't apologize for that for the sake of public relations.

Damn, he deserved it and it was getting me over my twitch.

So. Now that this is settled in a way that my PR agent has most likely hung himself at the next double T-girder I can go on with the important things.

We have again recruited new pilots which is pimping up our fleet in case of battle. My personal agenda is to pull the Ammatar space towards the Minmatar while some nasty incidents with Amarrian battleship fleets have now made me an outlaw for Amarr space even if I'm not part of the militia. But it was a sacriface I had to make for the sake of our new pilots, who learned how to kill them best.

Our patrols have brought us again down to Sahtogas and Haras to show our presence in those for Minmatar important historical systems. Our fleets now again show daily presence in the disputed systems.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.24 13:40:00 - [526]

Dear Log,

Kuvakai tried to invade Yulai. A massive force of capsuleer fleet was awaiting him, so that the computer counted as much as over 1600 capsuleers in space on the peek of the battle.

I was among the forces that had defended Yulai system, while Kuvakai threatend to blow up the sun or something. Very wierd experience to see the beams of the sun going out in all directions from its core.

Most of our Amarrian wartargets kept peace with us just a few Caldari renegades were actually engaging even facing the destruction of Yulai system. I can't express how I feel about this. Okay, it was hard to not target PIE Inc. Rodj Blake in his battleship when he crossed my screen but you have to set priorities.

While we were all experiencing an epic form of lag phenomenon which is known to scientists of the cause of subspace distortion due to heavy warpdrive activities in a sector, I wasn't able to activate any important modules on my ship for a long long time.

So most of the Sansha capitals in system were not touched by our weapons for a long long time. After thirty minutes or so we had a short relieve of pressure and some guns began to work. Sansha was beaten back, ship by ship.

I don't know how it all ended cause my sturdy Hurricane was destroyed in the event by said Caldari renegades, while we were unable to put any repair on my armor and the incoming damage was about ten to fifteen times what you are used to a Drake.

I can't say if this was an effect of the Sansha incursion or an effect of the subspace distortion. I guess the latter. And the only thing I was able to do is to see my ship wrecked.

Death to the Caldari idiots. May they suffer from Sansha in future and all get enslaved. I spit on their State with all despite I can bring up. Their lame Drakes are no match to our Hurricanes but in the situation of heavy, soul-crushin' lag and the exploit of certain lag features.

May they suffocate on their lame tactics. And I fully understand why those cowardly bastards have to suffer and to die. Go Gallente, go! Just lay them in ashes for this.

Amarr -most of them- still have something that I respect in a way. But to fly a Drake needs no skill. Just… nothing.

I can say that I never bothered about ship losses. But this kind of loss is frustrating. It is even better to see nothing at all but in the end a fresh clone in the bay but this.

Well. Caldari just suffocate.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.25 18:47:00 - [527]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/01/2011 21:10:04
Dear Log,

Kuvakeis half breed lackeys started a big offensive on the Algintal constellation. The F.I.A. engaged the threat today with a small fleet. The region lost a big part over 2000 ships due to the warsituation with many opportunists trying to steal -ehm- search and rescue the destroyed ship parts of the involved crafts.

Where fleets of 30-40 mixed remote repair setup battleships failed miserably (lot's of wreckage!) our fleet succeeded. But on the first encounter we lost a logistics and heavy assault cruiser class ship due to massive ECM. The other fleets had to count heavy losses in Sansha Vanguard and Assault sites. The defence fleets are seriously concerned about the heavy losses taken. Whole fleets. Whole fleets lost.

After this first experience we didn't lose any other ships. No we don't fly Drakes. I'm sure you can walk from one stargate to the next on the wrecks of this shiptype by now. Did I mention that I hate with all my despite Drakes and hope all Drakes in New Eden will get destroyed by this incident and all blueprints are lost so that those lame ships never come back? I won't miss them. A ship for those who can't navigate a ship. Who can't do anything just press "fire". I have the strong urge to vomit.

We didn't dare the toughest of the sites yet. We'll see.

My new ship of choice is an enhanced tech Rupture, a Muninn class heavy assault cruiser. A very fine vessel with insane tank, damage and everything you might already love on the Rupture but never dared to ask for more of it.

I invested in this vessel today and hope it will see the sun go down with my brand new crew on board. It was an easy to fit, easy to fly vessel with a lot of tactical manoeverability and perfect to counter the Sansha zombies and reprocess them back to the meat and silicon they are made of.

The superior human? Nah. Alas, I have to admit that the new Sansha breed is much smarter than anything you might know from usual non-capsuleer pirates. In fact they are smart, adaptive, tactical, evil and -yes I admit- a bit cunning. So that if you don't have any training in actual capsuleer combat you will be lost and forgotten. Instantly destroyed.

Like the 30-40 ship fleets that got grinded miserably by them in the sites we have seen. Guess what will this do to the ship prices in Hek, Rens and Dodixie. Guess who is the largest provider of ships in the regions Heimatar and Metropolis? Hek is booming at the moment for it's the nearest trade hub available.

War is wonderful!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.26 02:29:00 - [528]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 26/01/2011 02:31:15
Dear Log,

I was asked by young pilots: "What can we fly to fight the Sansha? We are not able to fly HAC and that."

In effect the enhanced tech ships that are known as heavy assault cruisers are just better versions of the plain tech variants. Let's take my new ship the Muninn. The engineers of that ship took a Rupture and asked themselves: how can we enhance this ship to make it better? They enhanced the resistances of the armor plates a bit, enhanced the grid so that it was able to fit the artilleries, enhanced the artillery range on that ship - and that's the Muninn.

But if you gear down a bit you get a very cheap plain tech variant of this ship that is perfect against those Sansha fleets. Of cause you need two or better three logistic ships, but you can also try to setup a spider variant.

I discussed this issue with my engineering team and they came up with a layout that I want to show you, dear Log. Of cause you have certain limitations on the Rupture so that you can't make an aHAC of it but you will get near.

First the layout for 650mm artillery. Mount four of them on the hardpoints, enhance the range with a Tracking Computer and range scripts as well as a Gyrostabilizer for some punch. For to hit the small targets you will like to use one of those fine Minmatar target painters which will -when skilled- help you to actually hit the targets while you are self moving fast. Better than a Tracking Enhancer or Tracking Script. Much better and it will help the whole fleet too.

To move fast you have of cause to fit an Afterburner. Many people have no idea about how the famous speed tank of Minmatar work and take a microwarp. But this will make you an easy target. It does not work as a speedtank for it's making you as big as fast. This would be a fine method to get yourself killed.

So for the tank you will fit 800mm plates, Kinetic and Explosive Hardeners as a Damage Control. To finalize the thing you will need two Anti-Thermic and a Anti-EM armor rig.

Fill your drone bay with Warrior drones and there you are. Cheap and expendable, together with a logistic hard to destroy vessel for the low skilled pilot. With 66 to 76% resistance and a speed of about 500 meters per second you are hard to hit, if you circle around a member of your fleet at a range of say 15 kilometers. Don't get webbed.

If you prefer to dive into the infight, you might prefer to go for autocannon setup. This will be the same but with 220mm autocannons and 1600mm plate. With this setup you have enough room left to even fill the last two hardpoints of your ship with assault missile launchers - which are helpful if you are fighting down the smaller frigates. By this you have around 25 to 30 percent more damage over the artillery variant but you will have massive problems to deal with targets that stay on range. And you will need time to engage.

This Rupture setup is the best I can come up with. It should be enough to stand Vanguards.

Do not fly fraggin' Drakes. Drakes are sitting ducks. They are the choice of the capsuleer that has no idea about what he's doing and just likes to press "fire" and thinks he has "tank" which will the Sansha just laugh about and shred you for that, dear Log.

May all Drakes die. They deserve this. I love Drake wrecks. Did I mention, dear Log, that I also provide several markets with a big output of Drakes? I build them but I hate them. Okay. Yeah. I'm getting rich by them. That's the best what I can say.

Drakes, die, die, die. But the Rupture - yeah. That's an other thing.

Rek Jaiga
Crimson Path
Posted - 2011.01.26 02:51:00 - [529]

Edited by: Rek Jaiga on 26/01/2011 02:51:32
In terms of raw shield regenerated over time, a Hurricane fit with battleship-rated shield extenders and many shield power relays is superior to the Drake. Of course one couldn't harden the Hurricane's shields against various damage types as well as the Drake, but in many combat situations you won't know which types of damage are being thrown at you, so raw regenerating could be best.

Besides, the Hurricane looks better than the Drake.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.26 09:55:00 - [530]

Dear Log,

please excuse me that I have to log at a very high frequency at the moment. The things happen so fast and I feel that the information can't be provided fast enough to slow down the insane losses in this war.

If you encounter this new threat you must not think like you are accustomed to. Do not think you can tank this threat alone. You simply can't. You need to teamwork in means of tank and damage you can do.

Do not fly with simple self sustained tank. You need either dedicated logistics or you need spider tank. It is one thing that I hate the lame Drake and always would prefer the Hurricane over it. Always. But the problem with battlecruisers at this kind of threat is that it will get hit. The bigger you are - and shields do make you large - the easier you are to hit. Of cause the more armor you have the slower you are. And this might come to the same result. But on average you better tank this on armor, I think. Well you might argue about this but never forget the free medium power slots on your ship.

This is not about earning money. This is war. Okay, it's of cause about earning a lot of money too because CONCORD is paying huge rewards to the able. But -well- just to the able. They don't pay to the fail. If you do it right it's no problem to earn a hundred millions and more an hour and additional to that a lot of loyalty to CONCORD. A lot. I mean, yeah, a lot.

The problem that you will have with plain tech ships like the Rupture is not your tank. The problem you will have is the damage output you have compared to the Muninn. There is nothing compared to tanking capabilities to damage ratio than a HAC. If you chose the battleship never forget that the enemies you engage are small and fast. And that battleship class weapons will not help against the smaller targets - which are very dangerous.

But if you try to do those sites with a group of people, you should also have some real damage output for you will not be able to get them down without serious damage. It is completely doable with plain tech, but then you have to compose your fleet. About two battleship, means heavy damage dealers against the enemy battleships, and a lot of anti support like cruisers. You might try to use battlecruisers but be prepared for the insane repair.


For some sites it is good to have a simple tackler or two with you. Because enemy tend to disengage and are fast, between 500 to 800 meters per second. With enough damage output on the field the tacklers might not get too much aggression and survive this. Well. "Survive" is of cause a word with a limited date of expiry. You will go pop. But you are cheap, you are a tackler. Go and get the next ship.

Primary the jammers then the logistics if you can. If you fly with artillery you should have short range ammo like Phased Plasma or Fusion with you for about 15-20 kilometer distance (doesn't matter which one because the enemy has no resistance wholes) and Depleted Uranium or Titanium ammo for the ranged attacks which should be up to 50 kilometers.

There are groups who try this in T3 cruisers and not in HAC. This should work too but if you pop this is a hard to compensate loss. I don't think this is a good choice for it's too expensive for the threat you'll face. But try.

We watched the people get into headquarters from our pods. 17 seconds for a Tengu was best.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.26 10:41:00 - [531]

Short update, dear Log. Incredible.

8000 ships lost in the incursion constellation in Gallente space during the last 24 hours. Gosh. ECM drones, white noise jammer Scorpions shall work well against the Sansha. Drakes, Tengus, Ravens, the ships of choice for the usual mission runner miserably fail. This is no mission, dear Log. This is a war. Go in like you would engage a capsuleer fleet.

Take a look at this nice shot from an entry point. Dig it?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.26 14:39:00 - [532]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 26/01/2011 15:16:45
Another update, dear Log.

Over 9600 ships lost in the last 24 hours in the Gallente constellation. Well Drakes sell like mad in Sinq/Dodixie to horrified prices while the Hek market, not further away than Dodixie is still comparable stable.

People are so… Drakes, Abbadons, Ravens, Launchers… Oh yeah. They still try to tank solo. How… adaptive. The nightshift totally failed to push back the Sansha incursion so that those of us who watched the status of the systems today were shocked with full 100% Sansha regained power, which got pushed back during the day shift to 40%. Well, I hope this doesn't tell us anything about the quality of the nightshift pilots.

Alica facepalms but when her wallet again starts to blink, she smiles.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.27 00:11:00 - [533]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/01/2011 00:30:39
Dear Log,

I'm sitting here at Audaerne in the Modern Finances Station and looking out into space from the docking spot lounge. The god rays of the far sun peek into space like needles from the Sansha ships and I nip my coffee extract that is served by Caldari State in case of system blockade. Ragged pilots everywhere, uniforms, weapons and the sirens are singing their song of war.

We just returned from fight which was not that hard today, cleaning Vanguards and Assault sites in our small fleet. We had no serious problems with them but still it was a lot of ammunition that we used up for them. I have given the evening off for my crew and I can hear them behind me wreaking havoc over the bar and breaking lose a small brawl to let off some steam.

It's about Caldari sort of… whatever. Meals served, sort of drinks way how they slapped the booty of one of my reactor girls and how he spit some of his teeth in return. Well…

She turns around when some loud noise can be heard like breaking glass and splintering plastcrete and security personal is storming into the bar from all sides.

Whatever when we started our patrols the constellation was at 100% Sansha control, we stopped our work now a few hours later at 64%. We have found lots and lots of wrecks in the sites we entered. So many still sadly failed.

There have been headquarters done yet, especially in Drakes and Ravens I think, but I can't imagine that it was so relaxed to fight the Sansha in those fights as we did. We had a pilot that joined us in a battlecruiser today and he really was nearly the only one ever we lost. Did I mention that I hate Drakes?

Instead I reworked my Muninn a bit and I can say that I'm very very satisfied with the ship, which was taken also by other pilots in our fleet. And a younger of our pilots in F.I.A. was flying the Rupture I set up earlier and it was working well in Vanguards and Assaults - if you accept the lack of offensive capabilities to the Muninn. It was working nearly perfect to be true. The feeling of satisfaction that I have is more due to the wonderful design of Minmatar ships than of my abilities to fit them, to be honest. There is still room for improvement I think, but at the moment I'm too tired to think of one, dear Log.

I left my child back in Minmatar space and a friend of mine is looking after it. We are a tribe, we are a family. I do it for him. Not for money or any reward.

A more joyfull issue. With a bit luck another pilot will join our ranks now. And with each new pilot the capabilities of F.I.A. is growing. When we should once go out into factional warfare battle with a fleet composition like we had here, the Amarr will have some problems with us, I think.

We'll see.

I feel a bit sad now. I have seen the destroyed wrecks of so many Sansha ships today. The in space drifting distorted bodies and bodyparts of their crews. Where the Sansha implants deface the once human beings that were enslaved and converted to mechanicals - abominations.

Is this the fate of humanity? Is the technology in the end our end? Or will the living, the feeling, the free mind win this battle? This is the worst case of enslavement. When the humanity itself is laid in chains, by that tool that once was invented to improve life - by technology.

I just hope Kuvakei will suffer for this as many many times as possible and suffer for eternity. Now I have to take a stroll to the security quarters to bail out my crew, dear Log.

See you tomorrow. When the nightshift again will have failed miserably and Sansha regained control over the system. Maybe the nightshift is not able to do what we do? I can't imagine that. Maybe they life in a different mindset and are easier to accept a world that is controlled by machines, not by humanity anymore.

We Minmatar are definitely not accepting that.

Lewwer duad üs Slaav!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.27 15:32:00 - [534]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/01/2011 16:09:31
Dear Log,

the night shift have at least stopped the Sansha to regain too much power in the constellation we were fighting. Their influence was going up from 60 to around 70 percent, not to 100 percent like yesterday.

I read on the Incursion channel people who try to join fleet with their Drakes. 'Forget the Drake, get into a serious ship', was the answer and I laughed.

No, the Drake is no bad vessel besides it's Caldari crap. As the Raven is no crap ship. But I hate everything about them because they follow the way of Mars. I don't believe in gods, ya know, but I understand the ideas behind the myths. Mars is an ancient god of war, violence, madness and rape. He is the symbol for the bloody way of war. Athena is the goddess of smart warfare, evasive manoevering, of using tricks and smarts. She is the protector while Mars is the destroyer.

Caldari ships like Drake and Raven are build after the idea of Mars. They simply fly on the battlefield, heavy tanking, heavy hitting, not having any electronic warfare active, not evading, large, bulky, slow targets.

This is the way that usually will fail if you try to fight Sansha with it. Of cause you can just compensate lack of smarts, lack of imagination and lack of tactics with numbers. As it always is done by Mars. Straight forward direct approach, chaaaaarge! Count the losses. We lost less than the other side? We have won. Mars.

His wake is a sea of blood. 10000 ships lost every day. A war of attrition, a bloodshed.

Athena would never fly ships like that. She is not a bulky, muscle packed warrior with finger thick armor. She's just a fragile girl. She is carrying a bow and a shield, a helmet. She is a light warrior, fast, swift, cunning.

And what she does she does with the least possible effort. With the least possible bloodshed. Because she hates bloodshed.

Her natural enemy is always Mars. And Mars always loses the fight against her in the old tales. She had a liason with the god of blacksmith, which means in those tales the god of hitech, who once was leghumping her, for she didn't let her "have". She is "Pallas" Athena, the girl Athena.

I named my Muninn after her: "Pallas Athena." And I'm selling a lot of Drakes and Ravens in that region at the moment, getting rich like **** by that. Like Athena would always profit from the stupid approach of Mars. Like she always will win.

And that's why they didn't classify me as a soldier when I started my career as a capsuleer. I'm a Minmatar Special Ops. I'm Sebiestor, and we are -they say- proud and cunning. Yeah, I follow Athena.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 00:22:00 - [535]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/01/2011 01:10:58
Dear Log,

one day later in this war. We have fought Vanguards and Assaults most of the evening today and I think were responsible for 15% downing the influence alone. After testing all Vanguards and Assaults the constellation wide Sansha influence is now down to 2%.

This means we will see the final assault soon. And that will be tough for most of my comrades are already off duty. I hope I'm still able to fly straight at that time when the final assault will come.

My crew is too tired for a brawl today. Most are already in their bunks and sleep, who do not have duty on bridge while I'm sitting in my seat here and watch out to the hangar where my 'Pallas Athena' is held in position by graviton fields.

Will she see the daylight when the final fight will come?

I wish I could have done this with my Stabber. But this is just not a job for a light cruiser I think. This is too tough.

UPDATE: during my time of writing the HQ is spottet!
UPDATE: we downed him

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 01:30:00 - [536]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/01/2011 01:31:13
Dear Log,

an epic battle against the Sansha abominations had come to an end. My brave Muninn 'Pallas Athena' survived as my crew, who are incredible happy celebrating after we downed the Sansha mothership 'Revenant Manifest'.

As a anti support cruiser I concentrated very effectively in taking out the Sansha support, was targeted once and took a couple of hits. But a fast moving, small heavy assault cruiser like this is tanking like hell in a situation like that.

Our fleet was of about 80 when all available pilots in the constellation joined for the endfight. First there was a moment of uncertain but then the massive firepower took over.

A very few ships lost, one of our Guardians got hit by a single volley, but not one more loss on our side of F.I.A. Bert Oil got on the CONCORD mail with the most effective fighters and was rewarded with a medal for that.

Algintal has been freed from the invading Sansha forces. Your efforts in this matter have not gone unnoticed and we are awarding you loyalty points. More details can be found in the Journal.

In addition, we wish to honor the following pilots, whose individual contribution exceeded everyone else:

1 Wedgetail 85170
2 5cott 78541
3 artheh 71416
4 Lakut 66491
5 Ferritos 64021
6 Asaface 62301
7 Zaphiem 60291
8 Mikkaras 55093
9 Bert Oil 50876


But more details tomorrow, dear Log. Today I have to celebrate with my crew. Hope I don't waste my clone doing that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 10:47:00 - [537]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/01/2011 11:46:14
Dear Log,


Okay, let's summarize. We took out The Kundalini Manifest" mothership of the Sansha, which is something that will not look good on their killboard. We already moved our assets from the region now or if we didn't we are doing that at the moment.

My crew is totally grinded and I'm suffering a major headache from yesterdays celebration. We lost totally one Guardian to alpha strike and an other at the begin of the campaign as well as a Daimos. On the other hand each of us earned about two hundred million ISK and a couple of loyalty for CONCORD.

For those of us with CONCORD standing issues those are over.

But that's just money and reward that you can count. The real reward of such a battle is to be there, to see it, to live it - the dance on the battlefield, the screaming of your shield, the crushing sound of armor, the yelling and the smoke and thunder.

For those of you that were not there I try to give you an impression what happend. This is of cause no news service, dear Log, and I don't have any intention to be always right or precise. I just tell you what I have seen.

So in the moment the mothership was spotted we assembled in the fast forming fleet that was organized over the CONCORD incursion channel. We joined our wing where we were flying with the rest of our F.I.A. gang. When the fleet warped into the site we joined with our wing and were spit out in the middle of this epic battle.

A lot of people were flying in cheap salvage ships with us, vultures and bystanders. But the main fleet was consisting of about 80 pilots of all kinds of ships and ship classes. First there was a moment of uncertainty. When a couple of ships were hopelessly pulverized by the primary focused fire of the Sansha invasion fleet. One of those was our Guardian, which was so fast down that we couldn't do nothing for it anymore.

Our wing thought about retreat, reform and reengage. We got targeted and without a working Guardian network and a second Guardian neutered dead we left. I warped out with a bit of armor left, repaired, returned to the gate. Those of us in battleships told us that the situation stabilizes and so I warped in again over activating the gate.

Now fleet was holding the Sansha in check. My afterburners were howling when I took a five thousand meter orbit around one of our Guardians to speed tank with my Muninn. Command was for the support to kill frigates and cruisers and to keep the tacklers off the field.

This we did perfectly. Every new wave of frigates and cruisers only survived a few seconds it was even not necessary to focus fire, for the major part of the fleet was of frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battlecruiser size. I got focused again by the Sansha fleet, a few battleships targeted me and some of the still living support.

The moment I got targeted I hit the "need armor" broadcast button. But even before my armor got hit someone repaired me on my shields. So the shield support did a perfect job. On my armor tanked Muninn. Thank you unknown support. It was very very easy to keep me alive on my setup and so the Sansha quickly chose a better target the next Drake that was standing still a few kilometers from my position and got blasted to kingdom come by that.

My wallet blinked a few seconds later. Another Drake sold.

Earlier this evening my fleet commander ordered me to refit my Muninn to 425mm autocannons which I did but with concerning resistance. The autocannon setup totally failed in an Assault site, so I was turning back to the very well working artillery setup. Which was working perfect under the conditions we found here.

After our antisupport totally wiped the Sansha support we began to focus our fire on the mothership, which was going down quickly from the moment we switched. Sansha are tanking on shield because once they hit armor they are going down like a Rifter on a couple of Thrashers.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 11:00:00 - [538]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/01/2011 12:02:50

The vultures already massed around the mothership and when it died in a flaming, screaming and burning death, the rest of their fleet hasty left the field with their tails between their legs.

Superior humans - toasters I say. There is nothing men can do to make a better humankind. It would need better men to do that. We have to leave this to evolution. And evolution was extincting the Sansha presence in Gallente Federation space with the mark: "NOT FIT - RETURN TO REPROCESS"

Well they have given us a good fight, that's what I say. And they made me rich. Not just the two hundred million reward, not just the CONCORD loyalty but my plan to support the battlefield with ships and stuff of need.

Sutlers are the only ones that really profit from wars. Warriors most often just lose money or lives to them. If you combine both you can afford this. So this is how you deal with a situation like this. Don't be dumb and just follow orders. Use your imagination to not just have fun with a situation like this - the dance on the battlefield - but also see the opportunity for profit.

New Eden is both. A capsuleer is both. Warrior and industrialist. Especially if you are Sebiestor you can't hide this fact. Either you have to work for an agent or beg for bounty ticks like… or you chose the path I did, to take your fate into the own hand and earn the money you need by real competition with the market. High risc, high profit.

With a nose for profit. With a nose for battle. With a nose for fun.

War is good for business
Peace is good for business.

Two hundred Millions gain by fighting. About a billion gain by Drake selling (pure profit not just sold), I guess - if not more. I hate Drakes, the choice of weapon of Mars or Ares. May they pop like popcorn in a pan. Their pilots don't deserve better.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 18:52:00 - [539]

Dear Log,

I have to switch the issue a bit for a moment. We have met a pilot, during this war who was joining our fleet and talking a lot. I have much tolerance for talking people cause I'm myself quite talkative. But either it is right what I say or if I'm wrong I'm listening to what others say.

If you never listen to others, you will never learn. Never adapt. Never prevail. Just fail.

Finally he began to talk about speed tanking, which is also known as signature tanking. Most people have problems in understanding this, but after seven years of being a capsuleer the principles of it should be understood.

It is very very important that you understand this, dear Log, cause it's the difference of death in combat or not. Basically the idea of speed tanking is to be so near and so fast to an enemy that his tracking will be too slow to hit you. But not only this. It is also the most effective tank against all kinds of missiles.

Everything about this is not speed. Everything is about the ratio of speed to signature. The higher this ratio is the better is the speed tank. If you take a look at the microwarp technic you will see that the gain of speed is the same as the gain of signature. Just your acceleration control skill will enhance this ratio over one. Therefore no speedtank.

With afterburners there is no signature penalty, no warp bubble that is enlargen your ship. So the gain of speed will help you actually to tank. You can also enhance your speed with overdrive modules or nanofibers of cause.

The only ship that can speedtank with a microwarp is an Interceptor class frigate, which is able to reduce the microwarp-bubble and enhance the speed to signature ratio by this. And only if you fully have learned the Interceptor to the highest level it will better speedtank than an afterburner.

All other ships will use microwarp just for one thing: to gain a positional advantage. May it be to maintain and dictate fighting distance or to kite the enemy, means to pull them behind you and reduce the transversal speed to your guns so you can better hit them.

People totally underestimate speed tank. This kind of tank will work against all possible attacks. Against guns of all kind, against missiles of all kind and against drones. And it will tank so well that you can really measure it as if you have put up some additional resistances to your ship.

And this will not work just on frigates. It works on cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships too. Take this in account, dear Log, when you again try to fit for battle. But don't forget that a ship with microwarp still will be able to have a positional advantage over you. You have to be prepared for that.

An other thing people often don't know is about orbiting someone. The tighter the orbit is, the more speed you will lose to turning, which you can reduce by evasive manoevering for example, which is therefore one of the important skills to learn if you try to speed tank. If you orbit with a microwarp your speed loss will be even bigger than with an afterburner. Because it adds a lot of mass to your ship, burning. So the 1:1 ratio will even drop below one, which makes you a worse speed tank using it than without.

To destroy a speedtank you have two methods. Either use a web to reduce his speed and with this his ratio, or using a target painter and enhancing his signature. To target paint is even more effective than to fit a Tracking Computer with a tracking script. Especially if you have bonus from the ship or bonus from your skill with target painting which you can find in the skill book Signature Focusing. And additionally your bonus to the signature will help everybody in your fleet.

Keep that always in mind if you are Minmatar, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2011.01.28 21:46:00 - [540]


A bit more about speed tanking, dear Log. If you look at ships and you want to build a speed tank you have either to look at the signature and take a look at the available low slots and how many you may sacrifice for speed.

Most people think that the Vigil - the 'Prince of the Battlefield' must be the best speedtank of all, but that's not true. The signature to speed ratio is worse than the ratio of the Rifter with the same capabilities for low power slots and rigging. But the best of all frigates is the Slasher, if you include rigging.

But you have to sacrifice everything for that and you will be bound to be exclusively a sigtank. Which is maybe not the best idea. There has to be something to catch the still incoming damage like some buffer and/or repair. So you will find some of the best available speed and signature tanks on frigate class in the Claw interceptor, which is no wonder an advanced Slasher frigate.

Take a look at the Stabber, the Scythe Fleet Issue, the Stabber Fleet Issue and some of the advanced tech ships of Minmatar if you are looking for a good speed tank and do not forget the Typhoon class battleship.

Every shield extender you fit on a ship makes it larger, every armor plating makes it slower. Every shield rig makes it larger, ever armor rig makes it slower. So be careful if you design an armor sigtanking Heavy Assault Cruiser, dear Log, that you don't destroy the sigtank with wrong understood resistance rigs. Sometimes less is more. You really have to check it and calculate that in. The loss of speed often exceeds the partial gain of resistance and destroys the speedtank more than it helps.

Like I did on that Muninn. More about that next time.

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