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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.28 12:23:00 - [481]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/08/2010 12:43:15
Dear Log,

our small corporation project that is at the moment drafting a lot of new pilots for training purpose is going in their next phase. The first pilots begin to join for their theoretical schooling phase is over. We hava two week training program of learning basic manoevering, autocannon handling, basic use of EWAR and the things you need if you are going to fight capsuleer organizations and not something like mundane Pirates or merceneries.

All in all that's a two week session in our training center and after that we go directly into battle. At the moment there are four empire wars active, two against Caldari milita members, where one wardec was initiated from the other side and the rest of the wardecs going on valid targets.

Still there are not more than a hand full of pilots in the ranks of this corp who all attack with nothing more than plain tech fitted Ruptures, throwing themselves into battle against advanced tech fitted battlecruisers, battleships or yesterday even a strategic cruiser.

Of cause the low power this corp is using causes some losses too but let's face it: the Rupture is cheaper than ever and with me as one of the major Rupture providers on the Rens market there is a reason for this.

After paying the insurance the cost of this fine cruiser is not weighting more than 800k ISK at the moment - no price for such a ship-, with the cheap weapons and modules not more worth than maybe two to three millions over all.

Yesterday battle alone was feeding our small corporation with more than five times the value of their assets in ships and modules by the loot they got. So it is not just fun and good for combat training but indeed profitable.

We had some neutral observers on the yesterday battle and people were instantly asking: »Gosh! How can I join?«

The ranks are filling up at the moment and the only pilot that has a reputation at all - if you can call that a reputation - would be, I guess, Boadiccea Iceni, who once was at war with the space nuns from the infamous Louella Dougans' Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine and to whom I have a long lasting friendship.

We will see where this goes. I will call this the big "Matar Toughen Up Rugby".

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.02 08:32:00 - [482]

Dear Log,

the war in Bleak Lands an the disputed systems is going on. Which is nothing new. But you know, dear Log, that the fight was getting harder over the last months. Big corporations join the one or the other side and the balance of power is disturbed.

With The Star Fraction joining the theater an other change is coming to happen. While pirate problems still exist but never went back to the level the threat once was I'd carefully say that the time of the big lowsec pirate gangs seems to be over. If they show up, the two militias even arrange a cease fire to deal with the threat. Because a serious war can not happen with civilians on the field.

I think, dear Log, the key to victory over the slavers is the huge non-combatant base of pilots that are active in the Heimatar and Metropolis region. For this our operation "Turn Ploughshares Into Swords" has begun. If you analyze the situation on the battlefield you easily find out that most pilots in the Militia are not older than six month. The majority of capsuleer pilots flying around is not older than that, if I call the implant of the capsuleer interface into the human flesh the birth of a pilot.

After that age many capsuleers retire or fall into dementia and are not usable for combat anymore. So the key for Militia warfare are in my opinion the cruisers. To support cruisers as the main vessel for warfare in milita I have put hundreds over hundreds of cruisers, mostly Minmatar ones on the Rens market to prices lower than anybody could have imagined a year ago.

Additional there are available very very cheap cruiser cannons and modules to make that work. All in all to waste a Rupture costs about less than 800k ISK for the cruiser now and about two millions for all modules. That's less than a well fitted Rifter costs. And while a Rifter can't do even halve, not even a third of the damage and has not third of a tank, there is no much reason to fly it in the current situation, if you have two or three tacklers already in the fleet.

To proof the whole concept that a pilot with less than two weeks learning can fly a very effective Rupture in battle Qipchak has founded the "Your Advertise here" corporation. We are at the moment recruiting a lot of young -VERY- young pilots directly from the Republic Military School to throw them into battle in cruisers. For this we use the commonly known toughen up "Autumn! Make Matar Ready For The Winter" campaign of a series of hisec wardecs to not only train our own pilots but also to inject the interest to battle into people that are not used to that kind of flying.

If people lose their expensive fitted battleships to minimal pilots in cheap T1 fitted cruisers they might understand that freedom is nothing you gain with a Hulk in the next belt and the Pax Amarrian using as a shield. A Pax Amarrian is a truely weak armor against Fusion warheads that are shot on you from Matar Autocannons.

I'm exited to see the oncoming battles with our new recruits. I hope that some of them will after that join the FIA. To battle is something you can actually learn. If you put down the stupid idea that losing a ship is something you have to fear. Losing a ship means a trade. You trade hardware against knowledge and experience. And this was never so cheap as now.

To talk about cheap things. Isogen is not cheap at the moment. From all minerals it is one of the minerals that is going up in prices. I would never invest into this because in the end Minerals are nothing like sand, like dirt. I buy the crap because It's the only way to provide the warzone with stuff that is needed.

Yesterday I had a trainee on my marketinterface. I told him about the way market is working. I told him about minerals and prices and what I told you about isogen. I was distracted from him for a minute and when I returned he asked: »Where can I see how many Isogen I have just bought?«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.02 08:45:00 - [483]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/09/2010 08:58:11

I had a bad feeling about this question. I showed him. I stared on the numbers on that display. »YOU HAVE DONE WHAT?!«

My wallet was down by nearly two billion ISK every bit of it sunk into the stinking dirt of Isogen. He had just stripped the Heimatar market off that crap. Through my hard earned money. Enough Isogen to build -say- nearly 600 Hurricane battlecruisers.

This was a major blow to my cause. Because not only that nearly two billion of my hard earned ISK are now frozen into something that needs months to liquidize again, I never was buying that mineral for the price he did. One of the reasons my Ruptures are so cheap was that I have a knack to get hand on ressources cheaper than offered on the market and one of the key elements in this was Isogen.

Now my hangars are full of that crap and I really am not able anymore to buy the cheap stuff I was used to. I hit him hard for this. Very hard. And many times.

And this while everybody knows that I'm a very well tempered and peaceful young Sebiestor. But there are things that are… beyond stupid.

I do not know if I can now under the new situation afford to hold the Rupture price down as it is. I will try but this fight is something like fighting a battlecruiser with a Rupture when all your cannons are burned through overheat. The fight will go on, but it's feeling like I have broken my leg.

And my fist is hurting too, because his bones were actually hurting when I hit him. Not at first. But after a while, when the skin on my knuckles was cracking on his face.

»But you said Isogen is going up!«

Yes I think this is the case and there's a reason for that. But it's not going up more than 7% a month and that's not enough profit to live from. To fire our war I need to have profit of at least 10% the money I use a week.

War is not only about fighting. It is also about logistic. Every general that ignored this simple fact failed in the history of battles. Every general that was aware of this ended his fight in victory.

And victory shall be ours. But beware of Trainees, comrades. Beware of Trainees. They are worse than the enemy.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.08 23:58:00 - [484]

Dear Log,

not much happened today if you are not interested in the effort to get rid of that insane amount of isogen crap. But indeed that tasks has as a result some titanious efforts of my poor industrial capabilities. All in all there is 26 million units isogen that need to be processed into tradewares and sold to people who know not much about the desperate measures my engineers and me are taking to shortcut production times.

Just to get rid of that stuff. One of the more funny events about this tasks was that I was more or less buying off all available minerals from Heimatar, Metropolis and other surrounding markets to feed the mass production. And I was bargaining the whole day with individual miners and whole mining alliances about sane prices of minerals.

I have programmed a calculator for this to help me find good deals and not so good ones. And sucked away over 150 million Tritanium from the markets this morning and the same amount this evening. Tomorrow I will need the same amounts, I think. I am curious when I will drain the local markets and reach an end to my production capabilities by that.

That Tritanium alone is about a quarter of all Tritanium that is moved across Heimatar alone. So you can say that my efforts today was binding more or less a majority of the miners in the whole region under my command. And additional to that a lot of miners in the nearby Regions too.

While this happened I arranged a network of subcontractor that were shipping the products to profitable markets all over New Eden. With exception of Amarr Prime, which I do not provide with war material and Dodixie in Gallente space, which I find a too boring and small market to waste my effort on it.

But everywhere else the products were shipped. Just a tiny part of it was actually sold in Rens and Heimatar, where I keep the prices for Matari technology intentionally on a very very low level to feed our well oiled war machinery and Milita Fleets with ships, cannons and ammunition.

I was always dreaming of this, dear Log. That Heimatar is expanding into something so profitable that we actually do not import from Jita anymore, we start exporting and putting the Jita market on pressure by that.

But the stream of minerals is vital for this entrepreneur. I was in negotiation with a couple of mining corporations and logistics corporations to work on this task. And I'm quite proud that I can feel that I already touched the effective limit of the local markets with this.

While I did this, I was not even moving from my station. Everything was done remotely or I was delegating things to others. And everyone who was taking part was actually profiting by that. I hope I can drain more than three hundred million units of Tritanium from the local markets tomorrow.

While the trade is done by traders in hisec my team and me were establishing traderoutes to warzones in zerosec too. And a huge part of the production of materials at the moment are sold deep there.

This is of cause something completely different to the job of a warrior so it was something new for me. And for someone who does this, just to get the losses paid it is something big. Something new. Something that is expanding my state of mind about being a capsuleer.

Ancient Matari warriors had not just to train the sword. They had to train arts: writing, poetry, painting and music. To understand the way of a warrior you have not just to touch the war, you have to embrace the whole thing.

A true warrior, I think, has to be a meek and humble mind. One who does not have fear to make his hands dirty. One that has no bias against the one or other kind of work, as long as he is not losing his goal. Look at the moon and point your finger to him. But neither concentrate too much on the moon or you will forget about your own hand neither concentrate on the finger or you miss the beauty of the greater thing by that.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.09 00:17:00 - [485]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/09/2010 00:28:25

But I was trying to tell you about the funny part. While I was waiting for a delivery I was scrounging the market for a rest of Tritanium and found some very cheap in a nearby station in lowsec in the system Ebodold. That's a pocket system, so you can not reach it from lowsec, the only gate to it is from hisec. Olfeim near Rens is one of these "newbie" lowsec systems.

This kind of lowsec is usually quite calm. So have given it a try. "Pirates" in such systems are newbies or are people that never learned to really pirate and fear to enter the bigger battlegrounds. Or are those kind of pirates that you'll find with a pegleg in the shady bar nearby, dreaming of gone and rougher times.

I personally find those systems harmless and was thinking nothing bad when I entered it with that Bestower industrial that I already told you was my Grand Theft Ship about one year ago when I was fighting as a military advisor for the Fish 'n' Fun corporation.

I had that thing since then and never saw the need to refit it or change it in any way. And after I loaded myself full with cheap Tritanium I undocked and saw myself camped in by a Pirate Broadsword.

This kind of ship, a HIC they call it, has a special. If it scrambles you with it's special module you can not warpstab against it. Alas I wasn't stabbed anyway so I waited a bit until my redock was near and tried it. You never know if you can get away if you don't try it.

Of cause I was caught. Got some damage on shields, friendly asked the local Kaaliokota station for a docking clearance and was pulled in. I tried it a second time. This times there were two of them out there. A Megatron, the HIC and a T3 cruiser who was just watching the show and enjoyed the fireworks.

I undocked the small station - where you normally would drift out of docking range, but never mind. I don't do this the first time, so I tried it, they began to fire on me, they missed me which I didn't expect, I expected to be blown up, to be honest, as a good pirate would easily do it with a simple hauler, but… they needed so much time to even hit me, I think, a target as large as a barn door, that I managed to redock without my armor even scratched.

How many tries do you give pirates to blow you up? I think I had given them already one more than they deserved.

Over local coms I had a nice talk with them, told them how much I enjoyed this and that the laugh clearly was on my side for this. I really can't say that I have much respect for station hugging "Pirates" in pocketsystems that are capusleers since five and six years and can't do anything better than to scare off newbies from lowsec. And even don't get down a defenseless Hauler doing that. A Hauler that has given them a fair chance twice.

I don't wish them anything bad. No bad feelings at all. I think, they already live in hell. And I don't think they deserve to be mentioned by name here. Maybe if they come to Amamake and learn to fight for real.

Pirates. Pah. I've seen better. Really. There are pirates out there that I respect. So much about tinpot pirates. A bit after that they missed my next undock and I safely left the system with proud 1.3 million units of cheap Tritanium on board. Not worth any effort to be taken down but with a friendly kiss thrown at the local.

I always try to be gentle. Even to capsuleers that have fallen and really have an unlucky streak. They need it most I think. Some love. A good hug. And a thrown kiss on local. So be friendly if you encounter kids like that, dear Log.

Don't be rude. Hug them. They are not that bad as an Amarr.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.09 22:52:00 - [486]

Dear Log,

I already told you that the Minmatar Militia is vastly outnumbered most of the time by Amarrian fleets. Outnumbered, outclassed, outgunned. But I am proud on my Militia - they dock off and fight. Other milita might stay docked and cry for the next fleetcommander, not so our daring fighters.

I was joining a fleet like that today. It is one thing if you are fighting against a superior enemy. But it is an other thing when they have set their spies not only into the milita channel, this is a fact that is hard to ignore. No. They had their spies in our fleet. Were reacting on every word our FC was telling us.

This can always be coincidences. If your FC says: fly there - and the Amarr are waiting for us with full fleet. Or - fly there. And again. Or that they do not move until the FC declares that he just have to make a quick break for something and in that second the enemy rushes in. Or if we try to undock, check if it's clear over fleet - the enemy warps in just in time to catch us. And this happens three times in a row. And then. After avoiding fleet communication - suddenly it's easy.

It could all be just coincidences. Alas, I'm a person that is suspicious to coincidences. Especially if they happen in this frequency. On one day. On one fleet.

It was astounding that we were not all wiped out. But I strongly suspect - among others - a spy among us. Talking about things like that might be something an other milita would avoid. For it might "destroy" morale or something. But ya know how we are - we undock and fight anyway.

But the fights that are coming out of this situation are just lame. They are bad. And I don't understand the motivation of the Amarr. I know that many of them are straight and honest warriors. That would not want it to be like this. But sadly it is.

In zerosec this all might be part of the war. But in Militia I personally expect something better. Not because people are better here than over there, but the cause of the fight is something better. We do not fight for personal gain. We fight for our country. For our race. For our brothers and sisters. Or the Empress or whatever.

And we are meant to be heros. I know not all Minmatar are heros in heart. There are spies in Amarr Militia too. But I have the feeling that there is something wrong with the Militia. While we on paper have very much more numbers we do not see those numbers on the field. And now is the question - is for every Amarr Militia member a spy put into our militia to report to their masters.

Of cause this is exaggerated, dear Log. But sometimes I have the feeling it is like this. It was like this from the beginning on. And I didn't know personally any spies that were working for us. But after some time I recognized that our Militia began to work with such methods too.

But it is something different to have someone in the open milita channel or inside their fleet that is eavesdropping every word.

It's like trying to play chess with somebody that is changing pieces when you are shortly distracted. It is just immature. Because it destroys the respect. The own victory. Makes the whole thing pointless.

It is this "ftw" attitude. This white trash clueless teeny attitude that is really annoying. Because what they actually destroy with it is not the Minmatar Milita. They destroy the war. They destroy respect for each other. And be honest, dear Log, if I take a ship and go out to fight I really want to fight. I do not go out there because somebody forces me to. So when I show up on the battlefield I meet my enemies with something like silent consensus.

You may tell me, dear Log, "but it's war, we are allowed to do everything". Yes it's war. We are allowed to do almost everything. But the question is if we do. The question is if we begin to bomb civilian settlements. Poison the wells of schools. Burn down cities with Napalm. Use biological agents and all those "warcrimes" that are unspoken.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.09 23:04:00 - [487]


Those actions just destroy one thing - the justification of the own cause. A murderous unethic regime is something nobody wants to see win. Even not the men on the own side. In the end everybody -even the Amarr- think they are fighting for the right thing. They are fighting for values. Think that their way is that right that they must force it on us Minmatar.

But really - we do not want your way, Amarr. Not if it is like this. And we are not like this. You may spy on us until our fleets dissolve because every jump, every movement becomes pointless. But you just will destroy yourself by this.

I do not complain about this, dear Log. I just tell you what it's like. We have to adapt and prevail. But about that consense I told ya - how many consense do you get if fleets end like that?

Amarr has already almost nothing to shoot left. We are outnumbered 1:2. If this goes on we are soon to 0:whocares? And I can't imagine this is what Amarr wants. And I think this whole affair is putting shame and dishonor on a whole Militia that can not seriously back this.

They fly ships they name "Paladin" and all that. But I ask you, dear Log, is this the way a Paladin is going to fight? Or was it the way they were fighting the Jovians. This glorious battle. Where they saw that they were fighting against a vastly outnumbered Jovian fleet but were ripped apart?

And they stood there. Nobody left the field. They faught. And they died. All of them.

This affair here is putting shame on those deaths, I say. Shame. And I ask the Amarr to put an end to this. The sooner the better. And you know what I mean.

But of cause I'm speculating. Of cause all those things that were happening today. That were happening the last days, weeks are just… coincidences. Make up your own mind about that, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.10 13:51:00 - [488]

Dear Log,

I am still asking myself - what can we do against this spying? I do not talk about the insecurity of the Milita channel, this is something we all have to live with. It is in fact an open communication that can and will be E(a)vesdropped.

But this infiltration of fleets is something that I never have seen in the Minmatar Milita fleets I was flying with. And this is a serious thing. If this is just the method to destroy the Minmatar Milita with unethical methods, I say it works in a kind.

Because the reaction to this is quite logical. No big fleets. No new or unknown pilots in the fleets. A suspicious mood among the pilots of the Militia. Nothing big of valuable of the Milita out on the battlefield besides the small roaming gangs that are defending the plexes. And many annoying and more subtle behaviour of the fleets and pilots.

Less fun. That's for sure.

After I slept the night over I was thinking about if it was right or wrong what Lotty Granat said: »We had no spies in your fleet.« I believe her. Not that there were no spies, but that most pilots have no idea about how the mechanism of intel gathering of the fleet command is working.

It could be just good, no, just perfect covering of our movement with CovOps ships or Stealthbombers. There were some Bombers among our enemies, in fact. And if this is the case the only thing to do is to respectful nod to this.

But I've never seen such a thing even in the best circumstances. It could of cause have been a cloaked observer at every gate, at every station, while one or two probers constantly were tracking us down in space. And a almost perfect cover of your fleet movement by a CovertOps that was reporting where our fleet was aligned to.

But if this was the case - why didn't they just jumped us on our safespots? Why did they picked as primary targets everytime our FC, even though we changed the position of the fleet commander during battle? We were about 30 targets and it's just highly implausible. Okay. Everything can be done with a high level of knowledge about us and the structure and organization of our fleets.

But where did they get this intel? Where do they know who is fleet commanding this evening? Militia fleets are usually not so well organized as a nulsec fleet and change in composition and leadership several times the evening.

Where do the Amarr get the intel from?

Maybe this is just a path that is leading into paranoia. And I find it sad that new pilots do not get invited to bigger fleets anymore in our Milita. Or only when somebody is speaking for them. This is simply not the spirit.

And because this is not the spirit, this spy thing is not the spirit. Must not be the spirit. This was different when I started as a Militia pilot.

In the end both sides just want to have kills. But if you kill the officer first, the only thing you get is a routing unit. Because - no commands just mean no chance to get a kill or focused fire. Means - bail out. Means - no kills.

There have been times -better times- where there were simple rules of honor. You might say, dear Log, how idiotic those rules of honor in a war are, and call me a savage that and our code of honor something that is not appropriate to our modern world. But I say that without this we won't get a war. We just get some solo ganks somewhere. No battles.

And battles - that's fun.
No honor - no fun. Just lol's and ftw's.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.12 15:26:00 - [489]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 12/09/2010 18:46:12
Dear Log,

you have known me not only as a warrior, but also as a host for some music clashes and other Matar orientated arts. There is the book of warriors that many Matari know and which is the book they try to align their life to. And while I'm no traditionalist, I have been reading this book, this Art of Matari Warrior, and try to live by it's concept.

That a real warrior should not only be master of his weapons but also master in tactics and strategy, that he should be fluent with rhetorik and speaches, with writing and at least a couple of arts.

For war is not about "foar tha wyn", like many might want to see it, it has a greater perspective. It is about life. And it touches every aspect of it.

Who is following the news like I do has seen this article about a disput about a classic play of Amarrian origin, "The plantage".

You might want to know, dear Log, what I think about that. While art like music and most other of the greater human achievements, as well as the thorn religion, needs freedom and tolerance and when it is coming like that it is an enrichment to culture.

Abel Jarek has misused this freedom to publish his propaganda for the Empire and was seeding violence and bad mood, quarrel and burnings among our people.

So every freedom can be misused. But art is just a mirror of the world that is. It is not the world. So if we see a piece of art that is enraging us we should not direct the rage against the artist that just show us how the world is wrong but instead against the world that is causing this sort of Art.

Against the Empire. And every Matari who is watching the piece of play and leaves his seat with anger, should directly go to the next Milita office, sign up and go and fight the Empire of Evil. Stop those who done this to us. Stop not those who show it.

That's my two cents on this issue.

By the way since I am working on my petty efforts to play the Matar flute and fiddle the rent of my hangars are again going up, up, up - the sky is the limit. Not even in Rens IV-8 Brutor Tribe Treasury you have so much to pay for a hangar than in my home station. I think that's a sign to move on. For most. I think I will stand and fight.

Right here. Right now. And if I leave this crappy station in ashes. It WILL be my home.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.12 19:22:00 - [490]

Dear Log,

what a strange world we live in. I told you that practicing music leads to some tensions with the station owners here in this Kaalakiota station.

There have been complaints about that.


You may think - hey this nosy Matari hoe is going on the nerves of everybody playing music. And I have to admit that practicing music is not without flaws in the play. But I've been doing this for quite a time in my life - besides I'm young, I'm Sebiestor, I'm capsuleer and no first class musician. Of cause.

There are no music skillbooks in Republic University or if there would be they would be worth not the silicon that the circuits were printed on. Because music is something now - for everybody.

But let's talk about what people think music is. What the "Music Industry" has made them believe what music is or should be. Music, they say, is the thing that is printed on datacores and sold in the shops. Music they say, can be heard from the electronic musicplayers they sell to us.

Music is just the stuff that is made be very few excellent musicians, that record that in closed studios or exorbitant expensive and costly stages, with light shows, fog cannons, lasers, towers of speakers that can rip apart the upper crust of some younger moons if you go on full volume.

But that's not music.

That's just noise. Really I don't want to talk bad about the musicians that do play at the other end of that money hose, but what is reaching us is not alive. It's just machines that are playing back some recordings, nothing but dead noise, nothing but death, noise packaged in tin cans with a printed label "music" on it that you can open everywhere when you need it. And that is squaking it's prerecorded noise out.

But be honest. Can a machine feel? Is the machine one of us? Is the machine or the datacore or anything of this recording hose alive? Is there anywhere even a spark of life in this that is talking to us? A spark of life that is touching me? That's telling me: he is one of us!

It is not music. It is just noise.

But clever brainwashing by a PR machine, by advertising, by commercials on every channel, by star cult and things like that produce something that the industry can actually sell, a product.

But music is no product. Music is the sound that we make when we live. That one of us is doing when he is among us. When he is feeling what we are feeling. And then it touches. And teaches us. And warms the heart. Let's us feel together. Let's us forget for a moment the gigantic nothing around us. The fire of life.

The machines can't give this to us. It is just noise.


But when today. And I really say today and I am a bit sad about that, somebody actually tries to make music. And nobody can more than try to do so. Because you can only try to express your feelings, you never can be sure that the audiance will understand. That you will touch them. Then somebody is coming, knocking at your door and threatening you to call the station authority.

And this while machines, turbines, cars, assembling lines, vent shafts and all other things in a station make so much noise that all people on Matar stations talk with a loud voice to be heard.

But noise is something nobody complains about. What people stop is music.

You know that I'm punk. And I understand myself as that. But don't think that I'm the kind of punk that trashes around with electric guitars. That's having a large amplifier and always noising the station with that.

I of cause have such a thing. I use it to learn from other musicians. As a sort of audio book. But I really try to do something. But I feel that I'm born in the wrong world.

And sometimes I think I should not go and kill the next Amarrian but I should go fly my Rifter into the next meeting of the Multimedia Entertainment Industry meeting and kill everything of those bloodsucking vampires that are sucking the life out of us. Distorting music.

That would be a good deed.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.12 19:49:00 - [491]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 12/09/2010 20:28:48

I thought about ending my log, dear Log, but there has something more to be said about that.

When I see people listening to those noise playbacking "musicmachines" most of them are not feeling good. They tend to become depressive, they feel alone. They feel that they are cheated. But they don't know what it is.

It is because they are just embracing a dead and cold machine. And that they have bargained their thirst for life to some clever marketing managers that sell them a cheap surrogate to what they really need, what they really feel.

They actually give salt water to those who are starving of thirst. And this can only drive them into madness. And madness I see when I watch "modern music" that is coming from the industry.

And instead of learning to play music, to express their feelings, the young people think what they really want is the music player of corporation Plume or Apple or Sunstar or whatever.

But the traditional way to learn to make music is not helpful too. The schools often just want to bring their own agenda. To "cultivate" the youth. To make them play the traditional music. Nothing against traditional music, I love traditional Matar music, but it is not the personal way of everybody. They try to teach them but they don't listen to the youth.

And that's also music. Not only to play a tune but to listen to the tune your neighbour is playing and adjusting your own to that. And that's the same with teaching and learning. There is no one way float of knowledge. While I am teaching something to a pupil I learn something from him. I adapt to him.

Maybe I'm seeing everything wrong and I'm just a distorted and crazy little redhaired spoiled capsuleer hussy. But that's just in me and I'm so angry. I really want to kill something. I really want to kill this world of ours, if ya ask me, dear Log. Kill it and build a new one, a better one. Give birth to it.

A warrior, I said, has to learn more than the "foar tha wyn". He has to learn a lesson about life. Understand life in it's deepest deaths. And see the parallels to the fighting on the battlefield. And vice versa.

I have this other clone. She is pregnant and wearing my child. I had fear to wear it. Until today. But really, I'm curious about the music it will make.

I want to hear it. And I don't want that substitute for life that we capsuleers live. This clonething. This will be something real. This I don't hope. This I know now.

And this is why I play music. I hope there is at least a little bit sanity in what I said, dear Log. Please excuse that I'm such a mess.

A toast to the unperfect! Raise your glasses to the flaw! I don't want to hear excellent musicians, I want the average musician, that is living next door. I want the bad tone here and there. I do not want what the commercials try to sell us, that unpersonal, meaningless and perfect produced and designed.

I want the mess. The mess that life is. With pure dosis, no surrogates. I want the real thing. I want the punk.

I'm going to switch my clone now.

Kuan Yida
Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2010.09.13 23:51:00 - [492]

Alica, persevere. Your log is an inspiration to many.

We all have our moments of quiet despair, I think. But please, continue.

With your permission, I'd like to profile you on my own journal, which can be found here:

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.14 13:01:00 - [493]

Dear Log,

thank you for feeling with me. Now I'm flying the pendant of a Fenrir of a body. I'm bulky as an Amarrian battleship and feel slow and ponderous. This pregnant body ain't no sexy, I say. Still, I wonder, why some of my comrades on the stations corridor whistle behind my back. Okay, I've seen worse bodies of pregnant women. I'm not that a marble on legs that I expected. My doc says this body is in perfect shape and tough and isn't poisoned by radiation. Don't know what he meant by that but it's feeling fine.

Well, no interceptors for me in this body and no combat for a few days is the doctors order. Argh! I don't know how I shall survive this.

Well, while I can't combat personally at the moment cause of obvious reasons I have a lot of fun watching some of our youngest recruits having their fun at war. I already told ya, dear Log, that I was helping to setup a small corporation that is going to "Toughen Up Matar for the Winterseason".

Our young friends were wardecing a couple of local corporations for training excersise and went out to hunt down the enemy. After a small defeat at Rens Brutor Treasury station where the fleet commanding hotshot was just darting into battle without thinking first, the small gang of Ruptures and frigates went hunting in Derelik. After a while the group finally found a Thorax that was patrolling the area.

The gang of pilots were all younger than two weeks in service. They were back on their patrol in Derelik when an incident happend at the Odatrik gate at Rens. A Caracal and two Ishkur was assaulting a lone pilot in a Rupture. Who was holding fast when the rest of the gang arrived. Result of battle - Caracal and Ishkur down. No losses at this fight (the lost Rupture was due to the battle at Rens station a bit before that).

A warpcore stabilized Stabber was able to escape.

For most of the pilots in this gang this was first blood ever. That's Minmatar spirit! I love this and follow the ongoing war with greatest interest. After that their gang of war was roaming around the mission hubs of Heimatar, and found some targets at Balginia. After some waiting a Tempest battleship undocked, willing to fight and instantly aggressing one of the waiting Rupture cruisers.

A fierce fighting blossomed at the docking spot when the rest of the gang was incoming. The Tempest pilot fighting for survival against the overwhelming numbers of plain fitted super cheap cruisers. Have I ever told ya, dear Log, how much I love Minmatar cruisers? And that you never find better vessels than that?

The fight was going clearly to the side of the young warriors, as well as the pilots pod. After that fight, they discovered something odd about that kill. It was worth much too much money on the CONCORD boards for a Tempest battleship.

After a while, unbelieving of their luck, the young pilots discovered the letters "Fleet Issue" behind the name of the ship. So, that's a nice first blood. If you ask me, if it is right or wrong to toughen up Matar for the Winterseason, just look at that kill. It's urgently needed, I say.

Why the heck did he do that?

You can clearly see that the process of bringing new pilots to the front for the fight against slavery is of cause costing some money - even money of those who not directly take part in this conflict. There is just no way to avoid this epic battle between freedom and oppression, nobody can pull himself out of this, can play the neutral.

In face of the darkness of the Empire freedom just needs every light it can get. No costs or efforts spared.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.16 20:41:00 - [494]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/09/2010 20:59:04
Dear Log,

the small corporation of young pilots found out that the corporation of their Fleet Issue target has joined a larger scale alliance for protection, which gives them a lot of new targets of opportunity. I think they made those people quite mad.

Whatever. The milita front on the nightshift is doing well, while on the dayshift the Minmatar are seeing some serious problems. Yesterday a large fleet of Amarrian Crusaders were camping Rens, a fleet of over 30 ships, most battlecruisers, but also smaller tacklers.

Why didn't the Republic Fleet Navy was going after them? They didn't. Why that?

The Amarr used a nice but effective trick to keep them busy. You of cause know, dear Log, that not more than ten gangs of Navy will show up in a system. This is the maximum. If those ten battlegroups are active no more will show up.

So they brought in ten Vigil pilots with microwarp drive, most of them neutral, even some were in our own Milita and Gallente Milita. They were pulling attention for the Navy by bringing in a valid wartarget, the Vigil was doing some remote repair on them, then was microwarping straight, the Amarr Crusader warping off, leaving the now aggroed Vigil with the Navy detachment.

While the Navy was unable to ever catch the Vigil it was hunting it until kingdom come. I ask myself why the Republic Navy is hunting ships that are fast enough and are no thread for them while thirty battlecruisers, cruisers and fast tacklers are camping the gates and the main docking spot of the Minmatar main trade hub.

And additional annoying it was that from over 400 milita pilots only eleven were actually trying to do something against the thread, while many "inactive" pilots were ganked at the gates, at the docking spots during the hours of camping in Minmatar high security space.

Instead of going to fight them.

To outsmart the Republic Navy is one thing. To do this with friendly milita pilots from Minmatar Milita and Gallente Milita and neutral ones is an other thing. We were not able to do anything against those tactics, even if we had been scanning out those "running rabbits" that were chased by the Navy. Which we actually did. But all we could do was sit there, standing. Those running rabbits were neutral to us. No way to hunt them without getting spanked by CONCORD for that.

Well. The space perverts might be "dead" but their pilots are still doing what they have done all the time. Under a new name, a new corporation: Draketrain. Whatever. I think it is funny to be on the other side doing this. In a way. Like people find it funny to kick away the crutches of old people and laugh off their asses. And everybody knows this kind of people, don't ya, dear Log? And the Republic Fleet is just looking BAD by this. Really bad. And I don't think it is funny if you are sitting on the neutral side and just try to make some sense into this.

To understand what this means. For the world we are living in. I think the world just gone mad. And I don't talk about some Demented Jokers. I mean the world has gone seriously mad with things happening like this.

Better not think about that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.17 09:25:00 - [495]

Dear Log,

you know me as a Matari who is not only reporting about what is happening, but also trying to explain the way she sees it. And after that, if I have a lucky streak, to transcendent the matter and bring it to a higher level, to try to see the greater horizon of what is happening.

This Rens incident is something serious. So I need to talk about that with you and just hope our gods will read my thoughts about that. While I'm not actually believing in gods, of cause, but ya know it's just a popular saying that expresses it.

So. I think there is no gray line between bending the rules of war and breaking them, it is a black line, so black that no light can make appear a shadow in them anymore.

The gray line is something that might be annoying, that you can argue about, and that every warrior in a war is using somewhere. We were speedtanking the Imperial Navy in plexes. The F.I.A. was operating in enemy hisec (0.5) and did actually tank the Navy, yes. We are at war and that means that we try to bend the rules.

And while our own efforts had limits and left easy to attack open vectors of attack, this Rens incident is not leaving anything like that. No limits, no possibility to do something against this. It just breaks the rules. Like some people broke the rules in plex warfare and did things that were beyond the line.


It is one thing that you might be in the inferior timezone of the war and have lots of difficulties to fight the enemy due to numbers. But still usually you can widthdraw to hisec, have to have an eye on local, but you are relatively safe by this. The Navy is not the smartest, but they are annoying enough that they can protect you in their limits.

To bend the rules is not my problem. If they would have brought in a lot of pilots and ten of them were actually speedtanking the Navy, even in this difficult way to counter like they did it, then I would be silent about this issue. Because all we would have needed to do is to scan those pilots, hunt them, kill them and the Navy would have been free to attack the rest of the gang.

And you don't want to mess with Navy units from a 0.9 security system, dear Log. Not in a Drake, not in a battleship.

We scanned them. We found their speed tankers. And only thing we were able to do is to watch them. Because they were some spy Minmatar Militia, some spy Gallente Militia, some neutrals that leave no attack vector at all.

We were experimenting with possibilities to get rid of the hisec Navy ourselves. We knew about the possibility to speedtank them. We never used it though. We decided to tank them. We used tricks for that too, of cause. Tricks that were bending the rules.

And I already reported of those F.I.A. campings of Njarnia. And on those reports you were able to find interceptors. Interceptors on our side, that were able to freely move in 0.5 enemy hisec.

But still - it was just a simple trick. That left a huge gap to attack us. And destroy the whole venture. We were not bringing in neutral pilots. Or pilots that were in enemy militia. All we used were F.I.A. members. And just them. And we were actually tanking them. We have been heavily weakened by them. Not on our interceptors. But yes.

And this may be seen as annoying for the enemy. And a cunning trick maybe. But it was no more but a trick. A trick of war to get ourselves into a position to hurt the enemy logistic.

But this new "trick". This is breaking the rules of war. It leaves no vector of attack on the speedtanking units. It brings in lots of neutral and friendly units to support this. Units that we are not allowed to attack.

This is the black line.

I was openly telling you, dear Log, what they did to outsmart our Navy. And I think I made clear the difference between bending and breaking the rules of war.

I just hope this stops and someone is talking to the Navy and bringing them to reason.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.18 08:36:00 - [496]

Dear Log,

Draketrain was ganking neutral missionrunners in Hisec. Nice loot. But that's what Caldari Militia are. Nothing. Just an other bunch of pirates going after the money. Stealing it from other people.

An honest pirate that is actually trying to live by his own standards is something that I respect. Okay, I do not think too good of the casual pirate that is blocking the docking spot of Pator Tech school with carriers to gank off new pilots that just try to get their "Destroyer" skillbook there.

I don't think too well about Industrial ganking gatecamps too. There is just no skill needed for that. And the rich take it from the poor. That's nothing I would be proud off.

No. I spit on that kind of "pirates". FTW.

Our militia spanks them on a regular basis and that is good. But now you see Caldari Militia going the same way. And it is not just "any" Caldari Militia corp who is doing this. It is one of the majors. So what is it what the Caldari State wants? They are just after your mummy.

That's all what their "war" is about. Just a bunch of pirates.

And that's why I'm proud to fight for freedom. The Amarr always call us "rebels" and rebellious we are. We are not accepting the hypocrite's way of war for their god. That has the goal to exploit all humans and make them to slaves. We are not accepting the Pirate States war that just want to take all of our money and assets and leave us poor for that which is the same result.

We are fighting for our freedom. For our culture.

May the Amarr go and embrace their Pirate State brothers. We go and embrace freedom and justice.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.22 08:47:00 - [497]

Dear Log,

the "Toughen up Matar for the Winter" campaign of "Your Advertise Here" corporation is going into a hot phase. While most of the target they had been choosing were not showing up at all or were giving some not mentionable fights, "THE-GOLDEN-PATH" seems to not only have the will to fight but also the fleet to do so.

Indeed they have so much fleet ready for fight that the small corporation full of Matar aggression, anger and will to survive will have their problems to deal with them. Still the motivation is good, they hope to lose a lot of ships during the fights and get down even more for that in return.

While the weak spots of Matar security are checked I am in good communication with some of their pilots and asked if those corporations that are not willing to fight can be made willing to trade. I got some grimace and sharp 'yes' as an answer. Since then one of their demands is either fighting or selling lots of Tritanium at 1.85 and Pyerite at 3.00 to "Your Advertise Here". From where it will be spread to our Matari net of production for the Militia warfare market.

The thing is, dear Log, that the net of industry that I'm involved in has run into some shortages of cheap -cheap!- easy minerals. Prices for ships are lower than ever on the market and you can not provide them anymore without taking great efforts to get the minerals cheap.

The profits are so down on ship market that many people have begun to drop out of it. Especially in Jita we are taking over more and more of the market with our cheap ships. The problem is we can't get our minerals from our nearest friends anymore because the money for which we can buy them is not friendly anymore. So we tell them to sell elsewhere and we try to go new ways.

Is New Eden not about all this? Is all war not about this economic war in the end? It is of cause about freedom first. About anti-slavery and cultural identity of Minmatar. But we need ships -cheap ships- to make this war running.

And now that we have toughened up our own production lines and cut short where ever we could we have to press down the mineral prices. I am encouraging the leadership of "Your Advertise Here" to give the opportunity to get out of war with daily deliveries of a freighter full of Tritanium and Pyerite.

The Matari ship production of our network is going over a couple of those freighters a day at the moment. We are moving more than a billion minerals at the time of this log a day. And already have not taken over the Rens market with many ships but already invading Jita which demand we can satisfy to 100% with some products.

The last "lazy" market we have not taken over yet is the Amarrian. We prepare for that.

I think hisec wars are just about two things. First thing is to bring people into the militia and teach them fighting. Bring them in contact with the idea of war. The second purpose is to get better prices.

You can get more of what you want with a nice word and a gun than just with a nice word.

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2010.09.22 11:19:00 - [498]

Killboard links removed as per the forum rules.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.23 12:47:00 - [499]

Loud background music is noising up the feed until her voice is barely audible.


Alica is screaming.

Excuse me for the party here but we just received a wardec from THE-GOLDEN-PATH which we find hilarious here. We got a forwarning of this a day ago when we got a note that an affiliation of some of our former corporation members with that "Toughen up Matar for the Winter" campaign might cause us some additional targets. Which we just thankful take with curtsey. I don't know if the F.I.A. at the moment will mount numbers but I think nobody will resist to cache some cheap kills en passant.

That what's this party is about. The background noise you can hear is about a reactor breach we have. The reactor crew went to take some cores out for their ritual hot core nuclear fire dance. I'm ordered by the doc to stay away from that or clone jump first. I think I'll take the latter option for this. Won't miss the party.

Alica out.

She's saluting with a big big smile. Like the smile of a cat who is caught in the fishbowl.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.25 00:25:00 - [500]

Dear Log,

we didn't expect the luck we had. But it seems that our wartargets "THE-GOLDEN-PATH" got an other war going active. The GOD SQUAD alliance had a war going online too. The joined fleets were able to go after their large POS that the Amarrian corporation working on Minmatar space has put up in the Abudban system.

We decided to retract the clearance to set up POSes with the "Golden Fleet" after those civilians decided to dec a militia corporation without any reason of aggression from our side.

Of cause some of the pilots in Your Advertise Here were former members but that's longer ago than a year. Maybe even two. While they were bringing up 30 ships to fight the T1 cruiserfleet of Your Advertise Here they complained about our joined fleet of 15 to 20 and that this was no real fighting - with a large POS on their side.

They didn't even try. Did not try to engage with a fleet of 7 battlecruiser and battleship class ships our one ship that had support of just two stealthbombers.

Whatever. The retraction of the POS clearance is a appropriate reaction I think.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.27 10:10:00 - [501]

Dear Log,

THE-GOLDEN-PATH retracted their war against us after we annihilated their POS in Abudban and shot it into reinforce. Though we lost some ships to combat they were fighting in superior numbers with an active POS while we brought down of them a good part more than our share. I call this a lesson.

Indeed, I would have expected them to defend their POS. But while our communication is blocked I was unable to get an official comment on this war and why they retrated it.

Due to lack of wartargets in hisec we camped the Hofjagund gate in Eszur most of the evening and nothing was passing through that was bigger than a pod or had the ability to cloak. The camp dissolved after hours and hours when the Amarr sent a vastly superior fleet to clear the camp.

Something completely different. Samantha Vosh offered me a present that should be able to help me with my little pregnancy problem. While all this construct is quite experimental I'm now able to fly my ship while being in my ninth month without risking the child anymore.

As a thankyou I offered her a violin that I bought from a flee market in the Krusal Tribe station at Hek yesterday. It's an old violin, quite shabby and dusty, but I really liked the sound of that thing so I found it appropriate.

Ya know, dear Log, that I'm much involved with music and that music is something that was guiding me my whole life. But did I ever notice that I've learned to play the Vherokior fiddle as a young girl, before I was going to be a capsuleer? Of cause we Sebiestor call it a violin and play a different tune on it but while learning the lessons I always was longing for the wild, for the emotional rich and passionate sound of the infamous Vherokior fiddlers most of the best were out in the Great Wildlands with Thukker caravans.

So while it sounds more like the roaring of autocannons when I play the violin I always tried to talk with the voice of music. To express my feelings. And the better I get the less I am satisfied.

Well while my neighbor are now interestingly not that angry anymore like they were when I tried to play the flute either my skills on the fiddle are better or they just have given up. Maybe it helped to bribe off the station security a bit with hard ISK.

The point I find interesting is, that very very few people actually learn to play classical instruments anymore. Sure you find a guitar here and there and a syntheziser when it's hip to have one. But when in the older days it was no problem for ever Matari school to bring on a little orchestra this is unthinkable today. They even don't get a Quartett running anymore. Music is actually dying.

It is. I think it's the loss of culture we suffer. In the days of the insugency, in the days of the great freedom fight of us Matari many people tought their childen the old ways and so a traditional musician was in every familiy. But now people begin to thing, that they should not torture their children anymore though the hard lessons for instruments.

And expensive and rare violins show up on cheap flee markets now for they are not played anymore. The music industry and their mechanism of star cult and aggressive PR to listen to what they produce and not to make music yourself is an other dagger in the back of music culture.

A machine never does music. Never. Only a human is. If he is there. If he is one of us. And only then it is culture. If his music is free. And living. Music is dying.

I found a band of young Matari girls of different tribes who adapted some music to the new e-violin. But I'm still indifferent about electric violins myself. Electric instrument just means that you play music into the machines. Helps making products.

A Sebiestor sister did something interesting with that. Enjoy. Think about that dear Log

CONCORD OOC censor applied to OOC website links. Zymurgist

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.27 15:50:00 - [502]


dear Log, after CONCORD censored some of the links that I provided you they do not leave me a choice but to describe the things I wanted to show you. Else it would be hard to understand.

String instruments have been in Matari culture since the beginning of our history writings. And I will explain why I think that those instruments are not only some of the oldest but also some of the most important ones for our kind.

First clip I wanted to show you was showing a young Vherokior musician who was playing the fiddle. The interesting part in Matari music is that you have some difficulties to write it down. Most of it is played by the heart not by the meter. This means our Amarr "masters" were trying to suppress our music like the rest of our culture because "the damn Matari can't keep the meter".

Music, the Amarr say, has to follow strict rules. So if you set up a certain meter this should be true for the whole piece of music. But that's not like we play it. We change the meter by our mood and feelings. And while our music is not composed mainly on paper or computer screens it is built by the musicians that are playing free with each other.

Music is a kind of language. And I say the way people "talk" this language tells us more about what kind of heart they have and how their community works. Within an Amarrian community everything is strict top-down. It is strongly hierachical. You don't have to listen to the next to you just what your superior is telling you.

In the music this is the same. Amarrian orchestras always have a director. Who tells people what to do and not. And how they should do it. And he keeps the meter. In a Matari jamsession the meter, the music, everything can change from one moment to the other. Because everybody is not just playing but listen to the people around.

And this means permanent change.

What is coming out of this is a highly rhythmic drive that you easily can dance to, or a slow emotional passage that brings up memories and sometimes tears. And the core of composition is a very flat one. Something like a skeleton of melody. The rest is done by the fiddlers and players.

The second gig I wanted to show you was about three girls while one was the drummer, the other two were playing electrified version of our traditional instruments. While it was much louder the sound was modern but lot more refreshing than the ever and ever again played music we are invaded by Gallentean and Caldari entertainment corporations on every station on every ether, on every occasion sound can be heared. Like the last one, which was a solo gig where a girl was accompaning some commercial tunes with an e-fiddle.

But still - the problem remains about electrified instruments. You know, dear Log, that I'm punk in my heart. And "punk" many people think of ragged people with electric guitars that make a lot of noise. But that's not the core of it.

Of cause we love to have fun and we are full of joy and energy. And we do not like to
dance to the tunes of others. "Do it yourself" is one of our credo. This means we do not like compromises. And electrified instruments use electricity, are expensive, sold in shops by corporation that take our money. It's very commercial. And electrified music is not just "louder" than acoustics it's very efficient to entertain lots of people with it. So fewer musicians can entertain more people. It's rationalization. Plain as that. A Caldari couldn't have made that better.

In the beginning electric instruments were just the artists way to play with the modern world. But the industry had soon taken over and now musicians do not play notes anymore. They play streams of currents and in the end streams of data. Data that can be recorded, processed, made to a product and sold by one of the most powerful industries we have in New Eden - the entertainment industry.

The reason why I'm leaving electric instruments to behind is, that I'm punk. And this I wanted to show you.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.09.27 16:10:00 - [503]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/09/2010 16:19:49

There is nothing wrong with industrialization. In production. But there are places where this must not happen. Where it does not belong to. And one of the places is music. An other is friendship, family and all that.

Like rats in a lab we let us run through the maze that is set up by the major corporations, by the spirit they are spreading everywhere: be more efficient. Rationalize yourself! Be faster! Be more competitive.

Don't take me wrong. I'm not one of those "back to nature" kind girls. It's just that I wont let that happen to my music, to my world. The others may do with their worlds what they like but I don't want it around me. This spirit is toxic.

And this toxic spirit of our modern world has already invaded and infected arts and with arts it has infected music. And I just have begun to purge it.

Ya know what I like about the idea of "Folk music", dear Log? It's music from the people for the people. And the only organisation that is around that is their community and culture. Music is a gift. And it is free. It is the expression of life.

So burn the commercial music. Set the red cock on their roofs and let him cry out loud and clear: "House is on fire!" They have taken our lives, our feelings, our community and made a product of it that we have to buy. If we want to be a part of it.

I reject that loud and clear. I say: this is not my culture. This is not my community.

I'll share the things I make with my friends. And who isn't interested in what I do - doesn't interest me either. DO IT YOURSELF

That's the Matari spirit. We make our own ships. We have our own way. We have our own music. We are proud of it. The rest may burn, burn, burn if it tries to destroy us. They are invading us? They want to destroy our culture by this? You never have seen an angry Matari, tellya. I just hope it's not too late.

They bombed that theater. Which was playing "Plantation". While I don't like the idea of art putting under limits I understand why our people are so angry. We will stop this. I hope next time they blow up some of the major entertainment industry complexes around.

I'll throw a party if that happens.

The Scope
Posted - 2010.10.06 20:00:00 - [504]

Although i respect your traditions, beliefs and ideology, i dont condone these acts of terrorism. Legal or not. Justified or not. And that reminds me,

Hek V was recently Attacked by Sansha Terrorists. I honestly expected you to be the first one to arrive on the scene.

I am really sorry if im offending you or being rude, but with all you have said thus far.... Why werent you there? If you were in nullsec fighting militia id understand, but i was 20 jumps away and went anyway.

We lost 198000 souls that day. A tragic loss, but 200 Sansha Battleships and a carrier were destroyed.

Id think you should know, i have a Rifter. I used that during the attack. It was.... effective.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.10.08 07:32:00 - [505]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/10/2010 07:55:26
Dear Log,

I haven't much to report lately from the capsuleer front. My network of industry was providing the Rens and other markets with cheap ships. Around thirty battleships, same amount of battlecruisers and a shipload full of cruisers of all kind a day. Additional a couple of advanced modules and ships which skyrocketed my income to estimated three to five hundred millions ISK a day. This needs to move more than 250 million units of tritanium the day alone. I guess a major part of the Heimatar miners are actually working for me at the moment. With this I'm not where the infamous Chribba is but on the other hand I'm no industrialist at all. I'm Minmatar. It's just a way to get ISK for the great fight for freedom. Somebody has to do it. Provide our proud fleets with the material. I personally can't even fly a freighter or anything ORE provides, no not even a Retriever. Everything I do is delegate. So I'm not doing much but giving orders and organize things.

Personally I have not been able to do more than to supervise this because I'm now the proud mother of a little girl. She saw the light of this world in the medical facility of my doc at Hek. Just at the time I was busy becoming a mother the Sansha attacked, so all I could do about that was screaming of anger. Which I am ashamed of a bit. We Minmatar girls do not scream when we deliver life. We sing to welcome a new warrior to our tribes.

I'm sad that I was not able to fight the attack. But there are duties that go beyond this. I admit that I'm very exhausted and will need some days to recover. Due to the respect of tribal traditions I denied any form of pain killers or chirurgical intervention if life was not in danger. Besides the blood and the gore it was going well and there was no big trouble about this.

But it is a good feeling to see yourself how a Minmatar warrior is born. Covered in blood and screaming of anger. I hope she'll keep up the spirit. Now I'm a bit worried because while I was prepared well for the birth from the condition of my body I forgot to search for a name for her.

Gosh. I really had no idea that it's so complicated.

The Scope
Posted - 2010.10.08 08:41:00 - [506]

I am happy to know she made it through to birth. I hope shes happy and healthy as a newborn should be.

I apologise for my abrasiveness in my last post. These sansha attacks have me in extensive amounts of stress of late.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.10.15 07:42:00 - [507]

Dear Log,

the first week of motherhood didn't leave me much time to spare for logs. But now that there is coming some routine in the basics, which I was completely unprepared for, the things are going a bit smoother so that I'm able to write again. Did I mention she has green eyes?

While my duties as a capsuleer and a warrior had to step back a bit, I had some time to think things over. This music theme isn't going to go out of my mind. I think this is the key element for some things that are going on in our society. And that we have to fight if we want to change it.

It's a bit like the Amarrian - Minmatar conflict though. In it's heart it is the same. Culture is not a sellable good. It is a thing that is coming from the people and is for the people. You find culture inside of families, inside of clans, of tribes or inside of groups of friends. This sort of culture means that some people are coming together and start to do things they like.

The idea that culture -music- is something that you can sell is wierd. But we accept this. If you really think this over it is a very wrong idea. Think about this for a moment. Then look at the Amarr-Minmatar conflict.

It's a war about culture. Culture is a thing that is binding people together. It gives identiy and is the only thing that is getting people to move. It is about something they all like. Something they want to do and don't let anyone forbid them to do.

If you want to control a bunch of people you first have to control their culture. If you want to destroy their organisation, their coming together you have to destroy their culture.

There have been ancient tribesmen that were going into battles with their pipers marching on the front. "They are killing our musicians!", the soldiers where shouting and with a rage they were storming forward into the bloody mess a battle is - to protect them. To not let them die.

This same tribe saw later the serious effort to destroy their culture. Their musicians were slaughtered on the open street and their instruments were banned like weapons. Still inside the heart of the community their culture survived. This is exactly like us, Minmatar under the Amarrian knute of slavery.

Where it is plain and simple to go and kill musicians it is a lot more subtile how the modern entertainment industy is working. They are working with much more success. It is a lot about propaganda. Yes. Propaganda.

First they invent something like fashion, which is a tool to make traditional outfit and identity look bad. Because it is not changing. And with the permanent change of fashion the identity with the culture is going to fade. People who do not change are not 'cool' anymore. In truth this is a weapon of cultural destruction and replace it with an industry product.

Because only a "culture" industry is able to switch everything from season to season. They do that, they need that to sell their stuff. To make things that are fine look bad so people want to exchange them. This is happening with music, with theatre (or what they have left of that after TV took over), with dance, with clothings.

The second step you need to do is to make people dependent of your stuff. No it's more. Addicted would be a better world. Because people really can't live without culture. So you have to make them stop making their own culture. How do you do that? You present them every day and every night and everywhere where you can examples of the thing you like to promote. Your "kind of culture" until they get used to it and replace their own culture with that.

Present muscicians that are "better" than the ones that live among them. How can they be better? Make them look good, they really don't need to be able to play their instruments at all and in fact they most likely don't. You find good musicians in the cultural hearts of a society, but you don't find them in entertainment industry. Not one.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.10.15 08:05:00 - [508]


In fact it's only important that they look good doing their stuff. Quality is of no importance. And because it's not important industry is not doing it. It's expenses without payout. To produce cheap is the goal of industry, to sell expensive. Optimize the profit.

And profit is all that is about. Like the Amarr empire. It is not about community. Not about quality. Identity. Freedom. Family. Friendship.

You can not demand people to care about culture. You have to live it. And tell them. Show them an alternative to the exanimate industry culture that is. And this is not replacing it with some other industry product what is often done. By some "national" culture that are going to do some "Volks" stuff. But -yes- it is about folk in a way. But this national thing is not coming from the heart of the people. This is not what they are doing when they are sitting together and enjoying the evening of a hard day of labor.

Communities are smaller than nations. Cultural communities are often just a region. A clan. Sometimes they stretch to a tribe. Not further. You can enjoy the culture of other people. But then you are just a guest. It is not your way.

Culture unites. But culture also divides people. Into those who are inside and those who are not. This is not wanted in an industrial society. Because this can lead to conflict, this can lead to problems. Because what you order to do the one can be tabu for the other in the worst case. And the translucancy of society is going down.

It is very very hard for a Brutor to make his career in the Sebiestor tribe. Because he might be Minmatar, but he's not 'inside'. While culture is making your tougher and better inside it is weakening the work with others.

So that's the reason why we Minmatar have huge cultural exchange program. Happenings where we exchange the things we make with other tribes in a free give away and taking in. So that we can work together.

But this differencies in culture also is a good thing for our society. We have competition inside our tribal structure. Cultural identity is making you think wider than your own person. You think in "we", and what that "we" is is in fact culture.

Now let's take a look at the Amarrian way or the Gallentean. They both heavily control culture. And while they both in effect destroy culture they produce a community of individuals. That are not able to think as a "we". Or even better - where you control their culture substitute and can define what their culture is from day to day new. And they will follow that. Industry culture is the carrot that is used to make the masses do what you want.

Thats so dangerous about Amarr and other empires. So dangerous about this cultural war.

Because culture there is not something that is coming from us. And therefore is something we have control about. Is not anymore something that we have in power. That is coming from our hearts. It is made by those who want to rule.

And want to exploit us.

This is why I say: brother, sister! Go and do it yourself. Become free. Fight for your own culture. Be your own master. Build a community of free people coming together about something that they all really want, something from their hearts. And not like lambs to the slaughterer.

Make yourself look good. Believe in yourself and your kind. Become free. By culture.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.11.23 10:53:00 - [509]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/11/2010 11:30:24
Dear Log,

since the birth of my child there has not been much time left. But I'm still using the time and money I can for the Minmatar cause. I have started a walkabout through the Minmatar colonized systems which are many, looking for stems of Minmatar culture.

I have chosen a Bellicose class cruiser for this with an enhanced automatication so I got more space for musicians, poets, dancers, instrument makers and freedom fighters taking with me to visit the worlds. I have founded with some hundred million credits and support of many followers the "Community and Hold of Minmatar Culture", COMHOMIN.

We are setting up branches in every system we visit, trying to organize and strenthen the Minmatar culture on those places, even far out in the space of Great Wildlands. During all this time, my little Bellicose cruiser "Redfire Tune" is like a battlestation. We have engaged some rogue pirates on our way as well as we destroyed two enemy broadcasting towers on our way that belonged to some entertainment companys and which were launching attacks on us.

The Bellicose is a very proud little ship that is known by too few and underestimated. A Sebiestor sister of mine is flying a ship of this class doing tier four missions for the Republic. She says it takes some time, but the ship never have left her high and dry in any situations. With my "Redfire Tune" are flying some other cruiser class vessels, even a couple of frigates have joined our march.

On some planets with strong Amarrian presence we face some trouble from time to time. But that's why I added some freedom fighters to my crew, who were capapable in handling such critical situations with souvereignity of firepower. I'm of cause talking about Derelik and the slavers structures that are still active from Amarr, which is where we face most trouble.

Where we rest we build outposts for the cause and do a few gigs and concert, spread among the locals, join their pubs and community centers. We are not spreading the word. We are going to spread the music and dance. Which is usually in conflict with those trying to spread the word, to be honest.

I have been learning to play my part in this, while I have taken some books of learning with me to enhance my ability in starship operations as a capsuleer, gunnery and most other fighting issues, my little Minmatar red fiddle is a faithful companion, since I really have learned to play it. Well, depends on how you want to look at it, dear Log. I like it, that must be enough for now.

I'm lucky to have enough people around that really can play their instruments so my own insufficient skill in this isn't spoiling the whole act. But I learned that anybody can do that. It's not something that is owned by few gifted persons, like the media stars that are propagated by the entertainment industries. Everybody can learn to play the fiddle, the flute, the accordeon, the pipes, the drums, guitars, the banjo, harp and any other of the ancient instruments or at least can dance. Anybody can do it. If they are not crippled by the Sansha.

Most of our gigs are fielded on the ground of public houses, means "Pubs". On some good places we get free drinks and food for that, can ya dig it?! Which is where we really reach people instead of yelling from a stage over an electronic system of amplifiers. That's not on the same eye level. It's from the people for the people and no stuff from above. No aristocratic culture where you have to raise your eyes to. You are part of it, if you like. If I can learn to play the fiddle anybody can. Cause my instrument is usually the autocannon.

We offer people to be part of it. And many join. It's a bit early to say but I think COMHOMIN is the start of a little movement. A few million creds do the rest.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.12.09 09:34:00 - [510]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/12/2010 09:45:33
Dear Log,

I killed the Spirit of the holy days. It was a tough fight, but that Amarrian swine has in the end proven inferior in his sledge to my Claw Interceptor. Warpscrambled he had no chance to get away when he dared to enter Matari territory through a gate and finally I got his pod too. Nice loot by the way.

Hello Log, now that the muckrakers have again stuff for their front page where they can photograph the wrecked sledge and again a wild Matari that was executing him, most of you will think that I'm just doing fun. Or that I'm a savage. Or both. But I'm dead serious. Maybe it was no fight like that but as a declared atheist I always have seen my duty in defending the Matari way to celebrate the oncoming new years days, which are the twisted way of celebrating love and devotion to their god by Amarrian culture.

Don't take me wrong, dear Log, there's nothing wrong with a bit of love, harmony and that kind of childish stuff, but the Matari way to prepare for the new year is to burn the old one. And that means maximum carnage. The bad spirits have to be driven out, hunted down and killed. And this is by no means an act of love, do you understand me?

Usually the Matari society is just standing by when the lovebringing cultural invadors from the Evil Empire enter our systems and flood our news channels with their message of love, their chorals and prayers. We are standing by and watch how they laser down our bold warriors culture that is celebrating these days in a completely different way.

The days of the new year are the shortest days in our year. The days of death, famine and suffering. So we Matari begin our days of fast, grep our weapons and go to make our anchestors proud of us, proud that we follow the true Matari way.

I will keep my eyes open to find again the bloody remains of the victims of this cultural clash to report from, like every year. And I hope this year I'll see some true Matari spirit those days.

Merry maximum carnage everyone! Hoooorrrwww Hoooorrwww Hooooooorrrwww!

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