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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 15:10:00 - [451]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/07/2010 16:29:33
(Begin of first part here)
--part eight "Safety First!"--

Darkness, when a sandstorm is eating away everything away like a white squall of knifes that cut through everything that is softer than… Everything. No visual for quite a time. Just the roaring of the storm. After the storm calms down a bit a small thump can be heard by the group in the bunker. The moment the visual clears, some large rocks are impacted all around. An edge of the bunker is hit and broken, where the bunker door opens and the girls storm out and spread, searching if there is anything remaining of their late customer. »She had it comin', she had it comin'«, Nuky repeats.

After a while they dig her out from one of the trenches, Samantha lies, faced down, in the trench, the suit still glowing brightly. A few minutes pass, everybody just standing there. »She had it comin', no?« Gleamy carefully comes near Sam and touches her with a finger. From distance the sound of turbines can be heared coming rapidly nearer. When the girl touches her, the suit brightens up a bit more on, but then shimmers down back to it's formal light cyan color.

Alicas voice can be heard, coughing. »Okay, girls. Take her in«, while the visual is very static and noisy. The landing sound of a vertical turbine lifter can be heared in the landing approach.
»Lets get out of here. Go! Go! Go!« Some of the girls carry her from where she is still on the ground, running towards the lifter. A doc trying to get life signs from her, while the rest of the girls is seating around and fastening the safety belts, »Safety, girl, fasten the belts«, the machine lifts up and darts back to the facility.

The doc examines her, then states: »Alive, unconcious. I think you have lost the only customer anyway, don't you?« Over the sound of the turbine lifter Alicas voice can be heared: »Isn't it cool, girls, that we may operate on planets?!« »Ya, but that's a real crazy ***** over there«, one of the girls yells. »She's mad as a hatter.«

The transmission ends. Alica can be seen on screen, holding thumbs up.

Dear Log,

today over hundred of my cores got sold at Jita, while I arranged a network of anonymizing transfer over a ombudsman trader at Heimatar, who was launching contracts for logistic corporations, who finally delivered the stuff at the destination, where one of my business partners was able to sell them without exposure among hundreds of others.

It's so cool that my cores are now part of many many unknown space stations and laboratories out there, anchored in space and doing their work, spending energy.

They do not go BOOM! Promise! Mostly!

And don't forget, dear Log, safety first! Don't mess around with nanobots, so ka?

Her thumb is growing bigger on the cam until she blacks it out with it.


(Begin of first part here)

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.08 09:46:00 - [452]

Dear Log,

the Minmatar Milita has begun to fight back successful what has begun as a large scale assault of the 24th Crusaders. But still the list of lost systems was getting longer. Avenod, Eytjangard, Aset, Isbrabata, Vimeini, Turnur, Uisper, Ardar. The Hed constellation is still heavy contested and stretches with attack from 1st Praetorian Guards even over Amamake, Gulm, Bosboger and Lulm direct to the frontdoor to Rens.

This assault can only be beaten if everybody pulls together. This is not over. But we are defending. I was forced planetside for the last days, so I was of little help, but will do what I can to stop this.

There are some recoverys. First of all some security personal that was part of my test of softdrinks has finally left the medical tanks, the bottich, where they were put for regeneration. The security personal was the part of the testees that were drinking Amarr Victor. There state of health was very critical after the test and we are lucky that we didn't lose one of them.

Second my client and guest has again concious but is still very weak. I called for help for this from my own doctor who was stationed at Hek. Trouble with this doc is, that he's a very tough man who said that he will charge me for this so high that he can maintain his clinic in the lower decks of Hek for an other year.

I aleady took action to sue the corporation that sold me the broken radiation detector stripes. But my laywer told me not to, because such thing would take a long time. Instead I bought the corporation, because it was one that is planetside and added it to the corporations that I already own. It was a cheap one.

You read the full clarification why those strips were badly manufactured and who was responsible for this mess on my subidiarys site Matar Radium Ltd., which is the planetbound corporation who is doing most of the stuff that is needed to produce Self-Harmonizing Power Cores.

All this money stuff is way over my head. I was asked how much money my corporations do a day and I honestly have no idea. Money is going out, is coming in, is vanishing, loot is sold, buyorders eating away my cash, suddenly a big chunk of money comes on my account and I have no idea from which source.

Don't take me wrong, dear Log, I'm no rich capsuleer and will not be a rich one for quite a time but I was always trying to keep track what happend. And I admit that I lost track a bit. This one day I was losing to enemy action two Republic Fleet Firetail frigates, a Rupture, a Hurricane and a Mammoth industrial vessel and my cash was going up during that time.

I'm definitely not rich, if I see how much some capsuleers have in assets and money - I am honestly still quite poor. But I don't feel the losses on the battlefield anymore as I did when I was a few months old as a capsuleer. Not with the ships that I fly. This might be no big deal for the usual capsuleer but for a warrior like myself - it's quite an achievement I think.

A lot of my liquid assets are at the moment bound into wares that I got from the cartel tradegoods before they closed service. It'll need a bit of time until this is liquid again. But I think I already made quite a bit profit by that.

It was not much, because where you don't have much money but just a good idea, you can only make profit what you are able to gamble on such a high risc investment but no risc - no fun. It's war out there on the markets and I really like to fire with bursts of ISK around me.

The rest of my corporation is more or less ignoring my planetary expeditions so that I have all freedom a small and sleeky enterpreneur like me likes and needs to make her profits. Free markets! I love it. I wonder if anywhere some people are thinking about if it was wrong to let the dogs out - means us capsuleers.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.13 23:24:00 - [453]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 13/07/2010 23:42:03
Dear Log,

Hulkageddon is now running for a few days. While I was pondering for a long time which side of the fight I should take I decided it should be a fun part. I already said that the overproduction of ore and stuff is causing a deflation of the economy. And deflation means the rich get richer, the poor have it harder to get rich.

And I'm strongly opposing this.

So I'm backing the Hulkageddon as a thing that is good for economy. But of cause I can't sit still as a Milita member and watch as Matari get ganked in ships in hisec and do nothing.

So I equiped a Bellicose class cruiser for this job to make the thing a bit harder for the gankers but not to stop the fun. And besides this I'm "whoring" killmails by this.

As a almost permanent observer of the things that are going on I found out an interesting thing. After the first days of huge packs of CONCORD vessels in the Abudban Ice belt they were getting smaller and smaller even if the belt is full of miners.

There has been organized resistance on side of the miners. They are protected by a phalanx of range fitted battleships that wait on range to fire on criminals and they placed Falcon class jammer cruisers all around that decloak and jam any aggressor as soon as he fires his first shot.

This is unexpected.

There has been a lot of emotional disput about this event. Some say that the government should do something, other say that there is no making money without a risc for a capsuleer and that this is not the problem of the government, who should better spare their money to reintegrate the newly freed Minmatar from the Ammatar mandate swift and unbureaucratic. Because there has been news that more are coming now. Not just newly freed slaves but high ranked Ammatar that leave their space for the Republic to gain real freedom.

Rumors tell that even infamous Chribba has been thinking about taking steps and moving himself to the Republic space, but those news are unconfirmed.

Back to Hulkageddon. "We can't do anything" - this is just not true. The proud Republic miners of Abudban seem to have put up a neighborhood guard to protect their common assets. If it works, I can't say. I just see no more CONCORD vessels hanging around and scanning everybody for hidden doughnuts in their cargohold.

And I in my humble Bellicose are a bit sitting between the chairs with this. For me the destruction of the overproduction is an act of heroism and an effective way to fight the ongoing deflation. But I can not act against my fellow Matari capsuleers, even if I went to an Amarr hisec patrol today to disrupt the ongonig warmachine that is shipping weapons after weapons through the Amarr Empire to wage war - against us, against freedom.

But while I was reporting this to you, dear Log, another miner had to bite the dust. And me just as a mere eye witness. Unable to change much about that and where where those Falcons I was talking about? Well, that Hyperion went down pretty fast, this is for sure with all those target painters on him.

And with CONCORD showing presence in the belt I can close my report for today.

Safety first!, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.16 12:45:00 - [454]

Dear Log,

our Milita is doing a hell of a job to keep our systems clean. Sasawong returned into duty and we're seeing some light. I do my share with prohibiting Amarrian traffic from Bleak Lands into Metropolis by joining small border patrols at the bottleneck systems.

I had some problems with disconnection of my pod interface lately and while I first thought it might be coming from sun radiation, my engineers found out that most of my ships have a radiation contamination inside. I can't explain where this is coming from but radiation seems to be harmful for electronics. Many parts have to be exchanged due to radiation corrosion and so most of my ships are on dock and staff is working on maintanance and repair at the moment.

I only got a very few ships left to fly which don't suffer radiation problems or if they suffer, a connection loss of the pod interface is not too lethal for ship, crew and myself. Like my "Seawolf" Hound class stealthbomber for example. So I sadly have to keep away from most militia engagements at the moment.

One of the ships I have used only sparsely was the Bellicose class cruiser, dear Log. I got a cheap Bellicose CL-R from a sellout auction from our Republic Fleet. It's old, it's used but it's mine. And I love the ship.

It's not so modern like the Stabber or Rupture class cruiser but it's more versitile. And this means it can surprise, people tend to underestimate it. No it's not as strong a drone boat like the Amarrian Arbitrator that I respect very much but it has some amasing advantages that you have to love to learn to use.

It is not a "cheap and old" Boundless Creation Huginn or Core Complexion Rapier Force Recon cruiser. It is a class of its own. Like the older models of Minmatar design like the Typhoon battleship it is unreplaceble and I wonder why so few people do fly it.

It is light, fast, small and the target painter is one of the things that people really, really underestimate.

Amarr fleets tend to be bulky, with masses of ships, heavy with logistic support from Guardians and all that. So new tactics are arising from Militia fleets. The zerosec may be the herd of new tactics and strategy for battleships and capital fights, but if you want to fly smaller than that you have to fly milita.

And the Bellicose is beginning to play her part in this. It's a surprise, a bad one if you are a 24th Crusader. And more and more pilots begin to fly this ship while our fleets change their composition.

I really like the ship. My Stabber crew found the design of the crew quarters comfortable because it's the same setup like in a Stabber. Just that you have more people stacked in the same space. And the Stabber never was known to be comfortable at all.

But I like the ship. It's a hell of a design.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.07.16 22:59:00 - [455]

I like your taste in space-craft.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.17 11:34:00 - [456]

Dear Log,

the last day was more or less what I said what it will be. We were closing down traffic from Bleak Lands into Metropolis region by a small attachment of border patrol vessels. Mostly frigate and cruisersized, small and fast.

As our main tackler Prety Zinta in her Crow was unavailable I was ordered to drop my role in a Hound and move my tiny booty into a Stiletto interceptor. One of the vessels I'm very used to fly and love very much. There are people that don't like to be a tackler and prefer to deal damage or do whatever they like in a fleet. I am always on adrenaline and love this job.

Even if I show up in the end with zero damage dealt. But if an experienced pilot sits in a vessel like this the outcome can surprise even the pilot. I never was caught but once in a frigate on a gatecamp in lowsec myself. But that day was a day of ripe fruit. I can't say why, because it's restricted tactical intel but there was nothing coming through this gate.

It is good to work in a team of experienced pilots that are well coordinated and know what they do and you know that everybody is working well inside his level of competence. So even a very fast turning, nanofitted Executioner frigate was caught in our camp. Nothing was coming through alive. Nothing.

We were even catching pods. Not always but sometimes.

Of cause the Amarr sent a fleet to disrupt our task, but when you are just a very small group of pilots and face a detachment of 20+ Drake class battlecruisers, Scimitar class shield logistics and a swarm of frigates, tacklers and support cruisers they can not do much more than to storm in, yell 'come out and fight like men' and after a while go away again - disappointed that we're not going to fight with a small detachment against a major milita fleet.

But that tactic didn't change anything on the situation. Metropolis is almost closed for Amarrian traffic. Sorry, 24th Crusaders.

I really don't know why the Amarr Militia is responding to our minor threat in such a inappropriate way but the result of this is just that they get nothing to shoot at. We were gone long before they even were able to spot a subspace wake of our warpdrives.

This is not a question of cowardness or braveness, this is just a clean logical result. You don't go and fight a fight that you are unable to win, no, where you are unable to even get down one of the enemy ships with the firepower you field with your fleet, while you get massacred trying to. And this is true for both sides. And while I know my own militia well enough I know that this can be dealt smarter than this.

We Minmatar adapt and prevail, adapt and prevail. It's the equation of life. And I'm quite proud to be on this side of the war. Not only that we are fighting the aggressors and we are fighting for a best cause you can think of, we have a way to deal with problems.

Problems with Amarr fleet is, that they do not engage anymore with at least a couple of logistic in their fleet. And this forces to change tactics on our side. Either we do it the same -which is just not our style and we don't have the typical Amarrian fleet composition needed for this- or we find ways to change our tactics so that those setups can be rendered void and useless.

And this is happening right now, dear Log. You know that I try to get you a picture of what is going on in this war and it is changing very fast and often. I think there is going to happen something to render Amarrian fleet setups useless or at least inefficient. We'll see if Minmatar prevails again - not that we can't deal with their fleets, we do. But to break them would be nice. To really break them. It is of cause not an easy task. Never said that. But we did it in past, we do it again.

For freedom is the only way to go. The other way leads into the past not the future. And leads to enslavement of whole New Eden, not just Minmatar as a result.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.18 08:23:00 - [457]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/07/2010 08:33:24
Dear Log,

Metropolis traffic is closed so far. Yesterday our patrol -I was planetbound and could not take part- was catching around twenty Amarrian vessels, most of frigate size and even an interceptor was among them, but also cruisers, destroyers and a battlecruiser.

Electus Matari has started a campaign to help the patrols in Metropolis region, there were fights going on defending attacked compounds in the constellation around the mining system Aset, known by most outsiders by the terrible mining accident that has happend there a couple of months ago and that never was fully cleared up.

Planetside I had an interesting interaction with one of my neighbors. I was sitting under a tree in the arboretum of a small village when he showed up, complaining about that I was playing a flute. Man, I may not be the best flute player of the universe, but I don't play too bad either.

It was the kind of guy that is usually getting on everybodys nerves by mowing the lawn on sunday afternoons and doing insanely loud machinery noises all over the rest days of the week. I never complained about that, because deep in my heart I feel that nobody should be stopped to find his freedom and his peace in heart if it is not really urgently needed.

And for this I simply punched on his nose.

There is nothing more to say to such things. I don't know if you ever have seen a more absurd situation that has no words left to say. Because from all sounds that you can hear in universe, music is the most sacred. And I don't call that machinery noise that comes from radios and amplifiers music. That's just recordings. Music is made by man. Not by machines.

But there is something terrible wrong with the world around when people come to complain about music. Even if it's way away from being perfect, it is music. Recordings are not. Even if they are perfect.

See, dear Log, being out there in space leaves you in solitude and insane silence most of the time. Of cause there is crew, there are machinery noises around you but still you can hear the silence of the void around you. And I don't know how you react to this but I myself I urge for music after a long journey through space. I really urge. It's the sound of your soul.

It's soul music.

And what is funny about this world is that those are complaining most about things that have the least respect for it. Loud neighbors complain about music, pirate gatecampers complain about not getting fair fights anymore, Amarrians complain about Matari that are fighting for freedom, fleetcommanders that lead large fleets complain about blobs.

It's a sick world.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.20 06:32:00 - [458]

D&ar L///////////
&&& 7/) )))666 $$$$%%°^^^

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.20 12:39:00 - [459]

Dear Log,

Gremlins. It occurred that some of my subsystems suffer of gremlins. I'm talking about bad tempered ghosts that live in the earth and that haunt those who do not work respectfully with Gaia. And we have to remorse for the deeds against Gaia.

That's what a shaman says that is part of my crew. He ordered a cleansing rite for my whole crew and for the whole ship, systems and subsystems by a very specific cleaning ritual.

As a scientist I am skeptical about this but it is largely accepted better than my theory that it has something to do with radiation contamination of ship and crew. Radiation, is the conviction of most of my crew and also myself, is a minor threat to a Matari. I have the idea, that it can be harmful to electronic systems, who are a bit *****y if you put them in a high energy gamma radiation environment, especially if some gamma particles shoot themselves through some levels of nanomechanical transistors and leave a trace behind like a 125mm bullet in the puny armor of a Punisher. The first I had to do is find a complete replacement for the Galnet subsystems of my electronics environment. Still I suffer some connection losses because many of the transmitters, of the network and the broadcast nodes have been… haunted by gremlins.

Gremlins are nasty little buggers and most of my crew do indeed fear them. They have no respect for radiation though. But the wreathe of Gaia is something that you should not take lightly.

In the meantime the Minmatar Milita has taken back a couple of Metropolis systems. Left are Avenod, Eytjangard, Aset and Isbrabata in the Eugidi constellation. You can see the flashes of exploding Amarrian spaceships on a clear sky even from the planet surfaces.

We try to close entry to Metropolis for 24th Imperial Crusaders further and are quite successful with that. Seldom a frigate can pass through but nobody is perfect. We will fix that. Yesterday we did camp the gates in industrials to show how soft the Amarrian targets are and that the Matari warrior doesn't need better ships to prevail over the fighters for slavery, it is the will and the cause that is helping us too.

Amarr is just sitting and watching as "their" systems fall.

The only loss I suffered was from "friendly fire" while a -10 pirate with the name of Lady Shaniqua attacked and got me down.

Actually we don't need this kind of "friends". Who needs enemies with friends like this?

If you are a pirate by security status and you are not blue you should keep yourself out of trouble, I say. Or announce clear in local that you are blue. Which she didn't. Yes, she did. After she attacked.

Effectively she disrupted our operation and left the frontline open after her attack for the enemy. To be stabbed in the back by a "friend" is worse than be attacked by an enemy. And really -I respect our allies in Gallente Federation very much- but they should not mess with our war.

People that kill more of our side than of the enemy are - enemies. So I just warn people of this pirate that comes under the flag of friendship and kills in a row 18 Minmatar Milita,5 neutrals or pirates and just ONE Amarr.

That's treason. I hope my milita will go and kill her on sight in future. I checked her board and this kind of "friend" is not wanted here. We have a swift way to deal with traitors here in Matari space.

Kill her. Kill her. Kill her.

Also the cleaning of Amamake is going on. I would still say the Milita is far away to call Amamake "safe" but there are showing up less and less pirates in belt 3-1. And the station camps with carrier support that are usually aiming to gank young pilots that come to buy skillbooks also are losing some major hanks of hair lately.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.23 09:21:00 - [460]

Dear Log,

we have found some of the gremlins that were haunting the ships. Some say that those gremlins that the shaman made visible and huntable for us just were some marten like beings that he smuggled from a near planet surface and presented by a sleigh of hand but you never know.

We killed them with quite a joy it was quite fun doing it. And a bit messy. Some of my crew got hurt, some of bites and scratches, those animals were quite vicious, some by friendly fire, which was worse.

But the systems now seem to be back to normal.

I don't know what the Matari shamans actually do. I think it's a bit of technological magic, a bit of psychology and a bit of scam. As a scientist I am always sceptical but it worked, so I don't complain. And shamanism is a better way to teach some specific parts of my crew that it is not cool to mix radium into their wall color to make the walls glow in the dark.

The liquid borium that we discoverd in my cargo storage was a perfect cure for most of the cases of radiation poisoning we had among our crew and I established some wierd rite to ingest it. It's glowing blue and that's quite cool. So it was not hard for me to do.

Some of my crew have begun to look a bit unhealthy recently. This is the reason I was taking action too. But mainly because of failures of electronic systems. My crew was always looking a bit unhealthy anyways. And if not they worked on each other to look like that.

Dark eyes, needles and pins in the face and glowing tatoos were always a style element of my men. I never told them to be like that or tried to stop it. It's just a thing of style, you know? Yesterday I again wasted a good part of my crew by letting pirates blow up one of my Hurricane class battlecruisers.

Most of them made it because it took them a lot of time to take me down.

Those pirates were fielding six or so Guardian class logistic ships and we were not remotely able to take down even one ship of such a fleet with ours. Why our fleetcommander had ordered to jump our sniper fitted fleet on zero on the gate against this fleet I don't know. But I was, I think, one of the few who were daft enough to follow his orders to engage one of the guardians.

I had of cause to pay for that with my ship.

After that something funny happend. The Amarr and Milita fleets were joining together to beat the crap out of those pirates. See, if both militas have one thing in common then that we hate people who spoil our party.

Six Guardians. Yeah. That's like having a fleet with ten Blackbird class jammer cruisers. It lacks fun.

Die, die, die for that.

1st Praetorian Guard
Posted - 2010.07.23 12:38:00 - [461]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Dear Log,
After that something funny happend. The Amarr and Milita fleets were joining together to beat the crap out of those pirates.

That is not funny, that is treason. No one under the command of the 24th Imperial Crusade can make any business dealings or work together with organizations that have declared war on the Amarr Empire without committing treason to the Empire they serve. The 1st Praetorian Guard has this incident under investigation.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.25 18:20:00 - [462]

Dear Log,

sometimes in battle you have to decide which target to chose for there are usually more than one. Normally you chose the soft targets first. This happens if you have to decide to either engage the Sansha or the 24th Imperial Crusade. Yeah, okay, dear Log, not all crusaders are hard targets. But you know what I mean.

If there is a roque fleet of pirates active on the battlefield, this actually makes a normal engagement of war impossible. Because they will join in and finish both parties if the point of time is good.

So I see a pirate group on the battlefield that has not set standings for one side blue as a primary target. It is like a rabbit dog that is jumping into your men. You have to kill it first. It is not that I have much bias against pirates or something like that. It is just that you can not accept "neutrals" acting hostile on a battlefield. You do know what you can expect from Amarrians. You know what you can expect from your own comrades. So let's first sort out the chaos in the equation.

If this does not happen those scavengers and opportunists will become more and more and making the war impossible for both sides. I like when pirates actually do what they do best: hunt for unarmed traders at gates, gank solo ships and all in all behave rude and from time to time throw a stunning good party. I really like pirates in a way. They are part of our world and I respect them for what they are. For the freedom they stand for, the freedom they are living. And I chose to try to keep my stuff. Usually I don't engage pirates just because they are outlaws. I'm no moralist, dear Log.

But to hell with them when they come on our battlefield. And this even means that I accept to join forces with the enemy for this task. Besides this, pirates are good kills. Some are scum, like that pirate that was offering a duel with frigates a year ago and lured me into a trap where he tried to gank me with two friends who were in battlecruisers, which I already told you. And failed. I never will forget that.

Pirates are no on the battlefield because they want fair fights. Or interesting fights. Else they would not gank haulers at gates. They just want to kill. With nothing in mind but their own profit. They are in a way carebears, who go for maximum profit with minimum risc. Not all of them of cause. There is no thing like "the pirate". But many.

So I shoot them when they cross my line of duty.

But pirates have helped the Minmatar Militia in times of need. And this also I won't forget.

A soldier for the Militia is different. He has an assignment. And he does what is needed for this. If this means to sacrifice wave after wave of cheap ships this is the way he will do it. A pirate is no warrior. A pirate is a profiteer.

And I hope some day our enemies in Amarr understand the difference between us Tribal Liberation Force and those who can be called pirates and "terrorists".

An other thing.

Ushra'Khan alliance fell to the scheme of pirates. A pirate spy arranged a hostile takeover of the alliance structure and it can be considered lost at this moment. This is a dark day for the Matar cause. But a name can be destroyed by the rabid dogs, the people still exist. The idea can't defeated. The idea is something bigger than a name. Freedom will come. Freedom can not be stopped by a name taken.

We are with you, comrades, in these hard times.
We come for our people.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.27 12:12:00 - [463]

Dear Log,

the war is going on. Funny that I was the one of two survivors of our fleet yesterday. The curse of my name, beginning with "A", was this time in my favour. No, the Amarr didn't call targets from back to front, but they jammed me down in my Hurricane that I tried to avoid that jammer that much and the incoming damage that I got out of their tackle, who did not move away from their Guardians protection and didn't suffer the fate of the rest of our fleet. Still, we got down more than we lost, so I call it a win. And an other Stiletto class interceptor went down the drain today while I was trying to secure a military complex in upper Metropolis while I was distracted for a minute from pod interface and got back seeing a pirate Curse at zero disassembling my brave little frigate.

But things like this happen.

Today I want to tell you about my last visit of a friendly miner that is of Amarrian origin and helping the cause of Minmatar by building up industry here. The Hulkageddon is over and many Hulks were destroyed, but I have never seen a vessel like that, I can't fly it and will most likely never be able to.

But still I was curious how life is in such a thing. You know me, dear Log, I sometimes come back to the dirty work because it's grouding me as a warrior to see how things look from the dirty side of living. That I sometimes hang around belts in my Scythe class cruiser, hoping that a canflipper would steal my ore so I can kill him. Which sadly never happens of cause because most canflippers are not that daft.

Not that daft as the Rifter that attacked me today at a lowsec gate. When I saw him aggressing I tersely said on local: »One Rifter less.« And with these words the hammer of justice in form of gate fire was coming on him. He was so overwhelmed about the sudden firepower of my Mammoth of Doom that he did a logoffski, which means he disconnected his pod interface to safe his life. Daft. How hard can it be to bring down an industrial? It's a task for the "challenged". So much about pirates.

No I'm not telling you about daftness, I'm telling you about life in a Hulk. The lone Hulk in hisec today makes about four to five million ISK in ore an hour, deflation already hit those people most, as I predicted. Miners are poor and hard working. The live in close quarters with the dust of Veldspar and Plagioclase lying on every surface. There is no clean room anywhere. The stomping of the ore compressors in the lower decks are shaking the ship as the ever humming mighty Strip Miners are over this deep bass like the melody of a flute. People are yelling commands and the yellow overall of the mining worker is a thing you see everywhere. You chew on sand if you take your meal, you feel it on your skin, you breathe it.

The mighty Hulk is still a bit tidier than my old Scythe cruiser that still exists and was never popped since my first days as a capsuleer, but it is not a clean ship. In the crew quarters you find a small staffroom with access to entertainment electronic systems, some books in a small libarary for those out of shift. But most go for sports anyway.

I'll tell you more about this later.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.27 13:14:00 - [464]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/07/2010 13:15:03

The noisy background sound of a Hulk can be heared, the corridor lights shine through dusty air, bluecollar workers pass left and right, where the focus is on an elderly bald Amarrian with dark shadows under his eyes.

»Captain, my address you like that? You said you like your name out of this?«
The Amarrian nods. »So, what's your story?«

The Amarrian in the grey color of an Viziam transporter captain nods, clears his throat and begins in a low and a bit singing voice: »Yes, I'd like that my name is not known for my own sake and the sake of my men. We have been coming from Ammatar space with so many others of our kind. I am born as a True Amarrian and never will deny my god nor my roots. But the direction in which the Empire is evolving is wrong. It is wrong to wage war against the Minmatar and so when I was allowed to free my slaves I packed my things and went to the Republic. Most of my men are former slaves, now they are free and are also free to leave.

Some did, but most stayed with me. We had riches in Ammatar space but here we have to start from the bottom up. So we do. We started mining in belts, do all the dirty work, we deliver our goods to the Rens market. To support the fight of freedom of the Tribal Militia, for we think this is the best way that a non combatant as I am can serve the cause of freedom.

The way to enlightment can only be the way of the free man. That is my creed, dear child. And I will never serve those again who block this way. It is not the path of my kind.«

Alica nods, while two workers pass by, calling themselves "bubba" and "hick". She asks: »Do you see yourself as a warrior or as an industrialist?« The Amarrian thinks about this. »I see myself as a warrior. The way of industry is not the way of singing Autocannons like your's and those of the FIA, but it is a way where you have to be on the edge every day. Where you have to be smart, where you have to react fast. A battlefield of ISK, of demand and delivery.«

He pauses and shouts some commands to people that can't be seen to get back to work and don't hang around idle. Alica turns around to take a look, then addresses him again: »Are you a miner then?« The Amarrian laughs. »No, child, I'm not. Like Chribba already found out Veldspar is not what it once was. We can't just go mining. The real task to make the Rens market work is to cover the whole thing. Logistics, ressources, trade and production. You can't do it like in the old times. Of cause I fly my Hulk. But it's not the base of the whole operation. We have agents all over New Eden, some covert ones even in enemy space, means Amarr Prime and Jita, where we get things that are not cheap enough here at Heimatar.

The way it goes is the same as on the battlefield. You don't go for a battle alone. You get together a fleet, join together, you specialize on roles, you decide who commands and then you go for your target. And the target is to make Minmatar win this war. And this war can not only be won on the battlefield but also on the attempt to bring down the available ships and material for the war to affordable prices.

Yes, we Ammatar are not loved by everybody. But we do our share.«

»Thank you for the interview. Thank you very much. And good luck with your operations, Captain.«

The camera drone goes static.

CONCORD OOC censor applied. Zymurgist

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.29 12:21:00 - [465]

Dear Log,

I am still on the trail of this story: "What's being a miner?" And while I was personally very very seldom involved in mining operations, besides blasting them out of their ships, I am known to have no fear of battle, not to wince from enemy fire or destruction of my own ships. So, dear Log, I did it. I joined a mining OP as an experiment. How hard can that be?

The camera drones blend in their feed. The ships computer can be heard:

»Sixty seconds to self-destruct…«

Someone can be heard hammering at the door of the ladies room.

»Alica! It's not that bad! Stop the damn self-destruct! You have owned this Scythe cruiser since your first days as a capsuleer. There is no need to blast us all to kingdome come!«

More fists begin to hammer on the door. From the sink a grey dustcovered redhead tries to wash out the dirt.

»It is. It really is. I will take this ship out of his misery. Promise.«

Hammering on the door.

»Just calm down! Get yourself a hot shower, but calm down. Stop the damn self-destruct! That was not more than seven hours of mining! Others do that too!«

Alica is looking like a mess. Her hair hanging down, a dripping brown-grey liquid floating down her body and cloathing, leaving her in the middle of a mudpit. With not much enthusiasm she declares:

»We have to end this. Here and now.« »Fifty seconds to self-destruct…«

»Alica, we all know and respect why you try to do this. Why you try to promote mining in the Minmatar Republic. It's for the sake of the Rens market and…«

»Ooooooh shutup!«, she screams.

»Okay, it's because you invested over a billion in materials to build Hulks and now that the prices of Hulks have crashed after Hulkageddon, nobody could have expected this, so you are desperate and try to promote…«


»Fourty seconds to self-destruct…«

»Alica, I'm sure that for what you did, that you really went out there and have mined Veldspar and other…«


»I'm sure Chribba himself will give you a medal or something for this…«

Alica begins to scream unarticulated and kicks wildly against the door of the ladies room. Mud flying all around the room and spots hitting the lense of the camera drone.

»Thirty seconds to self-destruct…«

»Alica! It was quite profitable. We did at least 33% of the yield that a Hulk can do in…«


»We did four million ISK an hour, Alica! In a Scythe cruiser! ALICA! Open the door! Stop the countdown!«

Fists hammer on the door. Hart beatings can be heard when people try to break it.

»Twenty seconds to selfdestruct…«

»We promise we do something good with the ORE! We…«


»NO! Alica! We…«

»Ten seconds to self-destruct…«

»…we go and build Ruptures from it. Ruptures that have a special enhancement to the firepower of autocannons! Alica! Fifty percent bonus!«


»…and 425mm Autocannons that are best to hit big targets in hisec!«


»…Gyrostabilizers that will cast havoc and mayham on mining vessels…«


»Gankruptures, Alica! Think about that! Cheap Gankruptures!!!«


»Man give it a try, Alica! Ammunition! Lot's of ammo!«


»Warpscramblers! Target painters! You love the Bellicose? We build Bellicose from this!«


»To target paint the victims! So no bullet is wasted!«


Still uncertain, her voice sniffs from crying: »Really, we'll do that?«

»Yes of cause, but…«




»Computer. Abort self-destruct.«

»Self-destruct aborted. Have a nice day.«

She opens the door. »What are you standing around here?«, she shouts at the people. »We have work to do! Go! Someone get me my Rupture BPO, we have to work in the special ganking bonus for autocannons!«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.31 12:25:00 - [466]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/07/2010 13:08:25
Dear Log,

time to summarize my entrepreneur into the building of Self-Harmonizing Power Cores. While I did not just built them, shipped them and sold them on the Heimatar, Metropolis and The Forge market, I had them in production for many POS modules.

The prices of the market are now down to a level that I will soon have to seize operations, but I produced over 1000 Power Cores and sold them over this time. With this I can say that I have been a major factor of Matari producers for this product and want by this to tell you, dear Log, that I thank very much all the people who have been happy customers to SAFE AND SANE WILDFIRE SELF-HARMONIZING POWER CORE®, all the corporations and alliances.

By this I want to name the major buyers of my products by alliances only. For it would be a way too long list to mention all of them. And I only will mention the Heimatar customers because the Jita traffic was much too large to be analysed in an appropriate time.

I thank Cursed Alliance, Gentlemen's Club, Intergalactic Export Group, Tau Ceti Federation, Pioneer Alliance, X-Nom, True Reign, Shadow of xxDeathxx, Sang do Oligarchic Democracy, Order of the Unforgiving, Test Alliance please ignore, Intrepd Crossing, X Lucian Alliance, Sleepless Knights Alliance.

I just wish you good luck with your POS structures and reliable, safe Matari technology from my production that is ticking in their hearts. I would be happy to receive customer feedback about my great products and how they changed your lives out there.

And dear Log, don't forget! Safety first! Don't feed the gremlins! Drink Eau du Nichup® and enjoy mixing it with WILDFIRE LIQUID BORIUM®, which can be gained by collect it from the leaking reactors. And be nice to Gaia when excavating the mother.

WILDFIRE LIQUID BORIUM®! It's good against gremlins!

<Jingle>Wiiiiildfire Liiiiiquid Boooorium - enjoy life!

And if the things go nuke,
be happy don't worry, dude,
don't bite into a uranium core,
be happy don't be sore,
wear sunglasses and enjoy!

Alica's reactors are Treu!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.01 09:59:00 - [467]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/08/2010 12:59:34
Dear Log,

yesterday I got unannounced visit on my reactors facilities. An independent team of scientist of the Universal Atomic Commission was showing up to make sure that my facilities are on the intergalactic standard of safety and quality.

It was a very nice and friendly meeting. But their team somewhat disappeared on their way back from lowsec to hisec. I have been busy to launch a full scale search patrol but haven't found a trace of them yet.

It is a sad fact that my production lines are not in safe space and to be honest it's very pirate infested there. I lost several ships in that region already and I am a well skilled capsuleer pilot.

My people are very concerned about the missing team of scientists. They were coming from the Republic University station at Gerek. But still I have hope that they just had a communication breakdown and an emergency landing on one of the planets they were passing by.

I have hope that my patrols will find them, but fear the worst. The search is made even more difficult by the fact that they didn't tell were willing to tell my staff their route back to Gerek 'out of security reasons'. Bugger, this kind of 'security' will possibly result in their death.

They have not much time left for their oxygen is running out soon if they hadn't landed on a temperate planet. I also tried to contact the owners of local POS structures if the scientists may have taken a wrong warp and ended in the devasting batteries of on of those heavy defended structures, but people are not too cooperative if you ask them questions about their POS structures in space.

So this is a dead end. The only hope are the patrols. I will personally try to locate their shuttle with a Cheetah class scout frigate.

I just hope for the best.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.07 22:38:00 - [468]

Dear Log,

it is some days ago that I last have written my log. For I had to keep silent for a while to do not give away easy information. While today Sansha again launched a raid against the system of Raa and a huge battle around that evolved where many Matari were protecting their Ammatar brothers and sisters from the threat, while a huge pirate fleet was camping the Bosena gate to Teonosude with motherships and a force that usually can only be found in zerosec -it is said that those were former forces of CoW who were driven out of zerosec recently, but this was not my task for today. I was dealing an other cause: justice.

A few days ago I was encountered by a small gatecamp by two battlecruisers and two cruisers in a lowsec system in the Metropolis region.

Me and my crew were able to abondon ship in time, while we had nearly been able to get out of the camp alive, cloaked and slowly getting on distance when a single drone nearby decloaked the ship and sealed our fate.

It was a cheap ship. It was expendable. But why was I whistling an Sebiestor dancing tune for the day of the dead when I was flying back in my pod?

Justice. CONCORD killrights allow you to take down the ships of the pirates that were illegally destroying your ship. And they were four.

I let a few days pass by because revenge is a dish that is best served cold. All of them were not pirating usually and seemed to be quite nice, if they would not be so frank to gank my brave little Mammoth that was my companion for such a long time. I was flying this ship even back at those days when we had to fight the small pirate gang that declared war on us and we decided to attack them in industrial vessels over a year ago.

But ships are made to be destroyed some day.

I gave one of my agents the task to search for the first of the gang. He found him at Odatrik, near Rens in the region of Heimatar. I traveled to Rens, then asked my agent a second time and said he was last seen entering a wormhole system. What is going away to get money will come back. So I placed my humble little Hurricane battlecruiser on the Odatrik gate at Rens and waited.

After halve an hour he entered the system at the point where I suspected him. He was flying a Hurricane like me, I attacked on sight. He was tanked on shields and first didn't fire back, tried to make it back to the gate but webbed down I knew he would not make it. When his point of maximum shield recharge broke he started to fire on me. And when his ships was exploding into those beautiful blossoms of justice I was not through my shields.

What he didn't know was that I was not tanked on shield.

It was not a hard fight. But it was a start for my little crusade. The next day I awoke still in my brave little Hurricane battlecruiser. I can say that I really begin to love this little ship who was fighting so well. The people in my corporation call it a "tackler" and for me it's a really big and mean version of the Rifter to be honest. Just with a lot of people on board and more autocannons and bigger autocannons. And this is speaking for it.

So when I entered my cockpit I let glide the ship from it's hangar out into the wild to hunt the rest of them down. I was already prepared where to find them, in a system in Metropolis. I had entered that systems two days before, a Hulk getting away from me on the last split second and a Maelstrom battleship that engaged me, was gotten through it's shields but was stabbed and got away.

So I set my course to that system. When I passed through Aversber I saw one of them on the local channels. Bugger. If he has seen me, I thought, they'd be warned. Silently my sleek ship was gliding towards the target system like a shark in bloody water. Justice in it's wake.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.07 22:59:00 - [469]

I was in warp to the Erindur gate when one of them entered the system. Arriving at the gate my ship already was completely ready for combat. The moment I arrived a Tengu decloaked and was ready to warp off.

Not that fast. I ordered to activate the warp disruptor and in the same second activated every weapon system on the ship. You might say with a Hurricane against a Tengu that's suicide? May be. But I was driven by the strong force of justice which makes you a bit more resistant to pain and suffering. The sword of the rightreous is the sharpest and his armor is invincible.

So under heavy fire of my 425mm projetiles the shields of the Tengu were melting, when a second target decloaked in a Minmatar Typhoon class battleship just a few kilometers away. And a third, a Blackbird class ECM cruiser of Caldari origin. For I was fighting in hisec I didn't have fear that they would open fire, when the shield of the Tengu was breaking where my own shields were down too and that was the moment that he painfully discovered that I was not a shield tank.

The shields of my target broke but the next moment my locks were gone, he warped of. »WHATTHEHECK?!« A sabotage of my ships systems? A trick I didn't know of? A…

An explosion near me discoverd what had happend. The Blackbird cruiser had jammed my systems to sacrifice himself to safe the Tengu strategic cruiser, which would have been a nice trophy I admit.


I directed my ship to the next station for urgent repairs. I already checked the ammunition on board which had gotten on a critical level for I was not prepared for heavy combat just to take out a quick Hulk or something like that.

After some quick repairs I was again in space, then left the system and waited until the combat rights for the Tengu were over. Then returned.

The Typhoon battleship was standing very near to the station when I came back. Would he fight me? Of cause he would if I started. But a Typhoon is an evil target. Something that should be impossible to take down with a Hurricane battlecruiser. I slowly approached the fierce ship, with my crew waiting for commands.

On local com I was talking: »Sorry people, but I think the moment of surpise is over. I don't think I can engage three of you…« To my men I commanded: »Open fire on the Typhoon with everything we have. Even throw the breakfast at them that I made for you and that most of you just avoided to eat.«

Their last meal. Some stated that they better die in combat but by breakfast from my hands.

The shields of the Typhoon were quickly going down where Minilar, his captain, started to rain torpedos on my. Damage was coming in but not too… damn. Ogre drones out and the damage was getting critical, warning sounds from my shields collapsing. I was already eating slowly oh so slowly through his armor.

I commanded to kill his drones to get down the incoming damage. Weapons overheated until near break a heavy strike shake my ship. »Did he hit the reactor?«, I shouted. But of cause not. I had rammed the near station for he was so near this damn thing that I wasn't able to fly a stable circle around him. The standing ship was hit by torpedoes. A very bad salvo was rapidly eathing through the armor.

I set a new course, watched all weapon systems to not overheat too much, message from reactor: heavy energy loss through neutralizing attack from the Phoon. What I expected. Good that Minmatar guns fire until they fall off the ship, energy not needed. But my scrambers needed them.

Carefully I watched this, corrected cause, maintained maximum speed, avoided his gunfire, tried to dodge the torpedoes when he hit structure. My armor was going on the last quarter by that time.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.07 23:10:00 - [470]

Energylevel critical! My points were collapsing. »Noooo!«, I shouted. Quickly I reactivated the points, the ship was getting slower, the torpedo hits were getting nasty, the drones were almost all taken out when a huge explosion was covering my screens. I checked a second time. This can't be.

The Typhoon gone. Wreckage was drifting nearby. I really did it. I really, really did that.

I killed a lot of ships out there in the borderzone. But this fight was something remarkable. Something important for me. And I am sure that the surviving crew of my brave little Mammoth industrial vessel will celebrate this joyfully.

It was a good fight. It was the best I ever had.
Two more to go.

I am thinking about getting hands on one of those Mammoth blueprints. I think I will waste a lot more of that ships in future. Maybe I just hang around with them at dangerous places and let me blow up for fun.

Yes, dear Log, this is the way justice works in New Eden. You have to take it into your own hands. And if you go out there into lowsec to pirate, know that some of your "targets" are just sitting in the wrong ship at the wrong time and place and that they might come back. And a cheap kill can be expensive in the end.

I think this story might be a warning for everybody out there that is just going to kill ships for fun. If you do it, be prepared that this can has consequences.

With my cankill, I can say, I have quite friendly conversation so far, for they fully understand what I do and accept my right in doing it. And I hope I even earned a bit of respect for me fighting the Typhoon. Really, I didn't expected to survive that.

But I did. And you never know how a fight is going if you don't try it. And you never will get justice in New Eden if you are not willing to fight for it. Freedom is not a gift. You have to take it from the hands of your dead oppressors like we Minmatar have take it from the Amarr.

They might call us violent for this. They may be right. But it's hell of fun beeing violent, tellya that, dear Log! Hell of fun!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.08 19:24:00 - [471]

Dear Log,

when I today woke up and took a short look out of the window of my cabin in my station I was able to spot all my "cankill" docked on my station or outside.

All for me? I think they were up here to fight some pirates in a near lowsec system and I thought about if I should engage them or not. Ah - not really. You know me dear Log. I engage anyway.

So I jumped my brave Hurricane and undocked. After a short chase of a Rupture outside she docked so I did. When I undocked to camp the station there was a big chance that my can kills were going to remote repair each other and I get ganked.

See, dear Log, it's not that I don't expect things like that but people you engage chose their own way of fighting. I often talk of honor and that and there are many that think this approach to war is stupid. Merdaneth, one of those Amarrian warriors said that, I think. He said it's about war. Everything should be allowed.

Yes. Everything is possible in a war but it is your choice of which option you take, which kind of warrior you want to be. Is it all just about winning? Is life just about winning? Or is it, too, about the way you reach your goal?

I believe it is much more about the spirit of fighting than the actual winning. If I would want just winning I would not attack Typhoon class battleships in a Hurricane battlecruiser. I would take out easy ganks like Hulks, haulers, barges, you name it.

But one of the great books that were written by one of our Matari war heros has the title: "The Way of the Warrior". It has not the title: "The Way to the Win". And I find that important. It is not the win. It is the way to get there that really counts.

Think about that, dear Log. Think about competition in every aspect of life. About war, about sports, about business. About friendship and love.

It's about the way to get to "the win".

So I engaged Cpt Ares in his Caldari Drake class battlecruiser who was undocking just behind me. A Drake alone is a very tough, a very very tough competition to take out in a Hurricane. I started to fire, he started. Then a Dominix undocked and I was aware that she went aggro for me. Which can only mean one thing if the ship is not wiped by CONCORD: remote repair on the Drake. I think a second ship to that one went aggro too, but I'm not sure, it doesn't matter anyway.

So now you go out and fight. It is a fight for justice that I do and if he didn't want to fight he could have easily docked again, for the station was a big one. His tank was not moving at all.

Yes, dear Log, I could have deaggressed and docked up. But see, a warrior makes a decision. And this decision was calculating in that they would remote repair. There are warriors that go and retreat and spoil a fight that has begun. But you know me, dear Log, I hate station huggers. I hate those lame tactics. And my corpmates already have suicided unwelcome "friendly" remote repairers at Rens. We fight by our terms. We do not weasle our wins.

This means sometimes you have to take a loss. Finally this is of no value. It is just a gank. For me it would be worthless. In fact I would really kick my corpmates ass until the tip of my shoe is sticking in his throat. But I'm talking about my ethics. I'm not talking about "how things should be".

I know perfectly well how things are. Cpt Ares excused himself for this incident, because he said he wasn't aware what was happening. I don't want to smack him for this. It was a kill and so it is.

I am a minor warrior of my corporation and find myself small aside pilots like Qipchak, who suicided this unwelcome remote repair in front of the Rens station. An action that got his loss paid by the guy he was fighting at that time.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.08 19:41:00 - [472]


"I really hate this remote repair bastards", he just said about that incident. When seeing he was remote repaired, he opened fire on the repper, got tagged as a criminal by CONCORD for this and they took out him and everybody that remote repairs him.

It is an other thing if two fleets fight each other.

We as warriors make the rules by which we are fighting. We act by our own standards and get judged by our friends and by our enemies by that standards. It is not about what others should do. And this is the concept of honor by which we Matari live.

This is the thing I always try to explain to people and that many do not understand. They do not understand why a couple of thousand kills on a board where you ganked people are worthless deeds that nobody has interest in. That those kind of statistics do not interest nobody beyond maturity. Not a warrior for sure.

I was ganked very often in my career as a pilot. And I would not fly ships into battle if I didn't want to waste them. I always hope to survive a battle alive with my men. But in the morning when I stand up and I look into the mirror and see my sleepy face, there is nobody but myself to lie to. And if you start to hate the person in the mirror for what she is or if you can say about her, that she maybe not perfect but she tries to live by certain standards, then I think it is something of more value… than statistics.

And I think there is not more to learn for a warrior in a war than this. Many come back and begin drinking. Many hate themselves for what they are. Many have lot of "wins" but in the end they just have destroyed themselves. And thats sad.

Of cause war knows no rules. And I don't complain about things that happen. It is war, so what? But I hope I can give you something to think about, dear Log. Find your own answer on that. What is more important for you? The win? The way?

A slight change of topic.
Annwn Matari a friendly alliance of Matari loyalist capsuleers are going to break possibly. This is dark day. Sophie Starsparrow who was always a friend of mine decided to go planetside. I mourn about this loss. It is sad to lose a friend.

Elysia Eagleclaw
Posted - 2010.08.09 09:28:00 - [473]

Thanks for the sympathy here and it's really a great loss to us but in the faith of the Matari we're not breaking up. VLKG the Faction warfare corp is leaving the field not the Annwn Matar as a whole.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.09 11:20:00 - [474]

Dear Log,

while I'm hearing with joy that the alliance Annwn Matar is not breaking and going to continue their great work, I will miss Sophie. Even if we were sadly not in the same corporation and alliance and so not flying together I always kept her close to my heart.

And I wish that we may hear great things to happen from Annwn Matar soon again.

Back to business. Today I let glide the next Hurricane from my production lines. This ship has become awesome cheap for me, for all of it's part are from my own lines of production. In fact if it pops my wallet will go up. Or nearly will do.

There are people that fear the losses of ships out there in battle. I can say that the most expensive part of warfare was my time as a tackler pilot. With every frigate I wasted I lost up to nine million, nothing of which was covered by any insurance. The reason that flying bigger ships is mostly a lot cheaper is not that the ship itself is cheaper. But the lossrate is much muss less than the lossrate in a tackler frigate.

So as a matter of fact if I'm not going to waste battlecruisers by the rate I did with Rifters it is quite cheap. Additionally the Pend Insurance rate for this kind of shipclass is quite nice to your wallet.

But still I am thinking about this problem of honor that you face if you fly against an enemy. Honorable behaviour is all in all the best way you get through everything. But of cause to fly "fair" against an enemy that is not leads to losses.

This is a problem known from formal logic, the Prisoner's dilemma. I already told you about this, dear Log, and may come in danger to repeat myself, but I hope you are as interested in this problem as I am.

There are three kind of encounters possible. The honorable fight the honorable. Both will have a good fight. One will lose but all will have fun. The honorable fights the scoundrel. The scoundrel will win. While the honorable is annoyed the scoundrel has nothing to gain but a simple gank. A worthless "win". The third is the scoundrel is figthing the scoundrel. Both screw up, nobody has fun, local coms get spammed by smacktalk and frustration. They call in more and more of their friends and the final result is blobbing and counterblobbing and no fun at all.

So, the article I linked above is disputing this issue. And on a single encounter the scoundrel usually gets the "win". But that's not the world where we live. We are capsuleers and we repeat encounters. And this is where in the end the honorable people on one hand get the most fun of all, second the most wins, third the most friends.

And to have a lot of friends is a good thing if you are going to fight scoundrels.

This dilemma has just one possible logical solution in a world where encounters repeat: keeping up a personal level of code of honor. But be flexible enough to get down from the high horse to deal scoundrels according to their "lame" tactics.

One of the best ways to deal with people is the strategy of "quid pro quo". So first you deal with everybody by your own standard and handle him with honor. If this doesn't work you have to adapt. Until he will change his tactics from scoundrel to honorable that's the point where you change back.

So this all is about pure logic. It is not about "revenge" or vindicative behavior. A good warrior is a logical one.

There is the possible way of always dealing by your own standards of honor, not adapting to those of your enemy. This is the "paladin" approach. It has a lot of disadvantages when dealing permanently with scoundrels but on the other hand you may get a reward for this that is counting a lot more than the loss of one fight may cost.

This is of cause not about me. It is about warrior ethics of us Matari. We were tought at school what the ethics of a warrior are and how we live by them. By this we get a culture. We have to find them in our heart.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.10 17:32:00 - [475]

Dear Log,

war is not all about fighting on the front. I is also about providing cheap ships and assets. And to do this with the least possible effort was always my goal, while I do not want to spend more time on this part of the assignment than I have to.

But over the months me and my business associates have gained control over the Rens market with a lot of plain tech and advanced tech products. On some segments we cover about one fourth to one third of the material provided, on ships like the Bellicose for example we come to halve the market share. Alas the Bellicose is a fine ship but many people prefer the Rupture so she it is more a question of duty to provide her than a question of profit.

But this kind of business is not that easy. The price of the Rupture has been going down since the Pend Insurance change and has hit an all-time low. And with it all other ship prices for plain tech, even most advanced tech products too. As I predicted hisec mineral prices are falling with them.

The price of the Rupture has hit almost the new Pend Insurance price so that the loss of the ship is finally just about one million ISK, if not less. As one of the major providers of this kind of ships on the Rens market I have to find a business strategy to keep up the profit. Because a versatile Rens market means good business, means that we can feed our warriors on the front with cheap material.

Since the Republic has rejected Empire copyright laws on their space the advancement of technology on our space is going forward with huge steps. While the profit margin on the cruiser front is collapsing into a nothing the fact of cheap cruisers at Rens has certain chances for profit on the other hand.

Instead of fighting with Destroyers the new suicide gank ship of choice is the Rupture class cruiser for all hisec activity as well as the Rupture is more and more replacing the Rifter and Thrasher on the milita front with all in all giving three times the volley that a Thrasher can provide.

I could have stopped the alltime low of my beloved Rupture, manipulate the price and push it up again. But I decided not to. Instead I was flooding the market with everything that was needed for cheap fleets and am speculating in a near rise of the Hulk price.

Hulks are hard to provide. So they are a limited ressource, much more limited than a Rupture. If I would concentrate in building Ruptures I could flood the market with about two hundred of them on a daily base. But I don't. If I'd try this with Hulks I could do two of them. If I'm lucky and cut some corners in the production. Means I bribe some quality controllers and cheat with some ORE patents.

So this is my new PR campaign for ships in Matar space: buy el cheapo Ruptures, which do not give much profit for me anymore, gank Hulks and Amarrians with them, waste the ships, push up the prices for Hulks with this, with this make ores rare, catch the economy destroying deflation by that, make the Hulk an expensive asset and all this will help to recover the economy here and win the war against the Amarr Empire.

The circulation of money by this helps everybody, especially the poor pilots and miners. For we do not have the insurance fraud anymore that helped the economy to survive, so now we have war and we have important tasks that have to be done to safe the Republic.

Gank for freedom!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.14 12:03:00 - [476]

Dear Log,

this log just passed it's 30000 readers. And this while the galactic summer heat is putting most action to a more easy going in most corporations I have been watching.

I have some trouble with the Galactic Atomic Commission lately and while they didn't managed to put down my production through legal issues they managed to stop the production of Enriched Uranium without I can't build more of the Self-Harmonizing Power Cores which were providing many POS structures with energy over the last months and where I can honestly say, I was a major provider for them in the Region, maybe even on the Jita market.

So I did some digging in this matter and decided the prices are so down to nothing that I have to quit this product. My facilities are already running dry and I will close production over the next days.

Many girls of my reactor crew are sad about that and I still have some official petitions to answer from crew and staff to keep up the production. But there is one thing that always divided me from most of the industrialists in New Eden, I do in fact react to prices and move on if something is going to be not worth the effort anymore.

Even if I like it. That's good for economy, that's good for the Republic, that's good for my own wallet and therefore for the time that is left for me to waste ISK and ships on the front for freedom.

Overproduction is not. Many people wonder why we are seeing the worst deflation about New Eden that ever was, because they think the change in certain political and economic structures over the last month should be the opposite to this, but people really, really underestimate the greed of those who just go and mine. And think that that stuff in the belts is for free. And overproduce it.

With this the hisec ores are going to be worthless soon, as well as the goo from the planets is. POS modules have reached an ever low and even the construction of full outposts is no big deal for any Alliance that has left the first month of founding.

Everything is getting dirt cheap. But on the other hand the possibilities to get to money if you are poor is harder than ever.

So I was already promoting to suicide gank the overproduction in hisec belts to prevent this and to encourage the miners to move on to better places to get better ores in lowsec, nullsec or w-space. And it's working. Rare minerals are rising. Even the Omber hisec ore is going up, an ore that was worthless for almost two years now. Why Because most ganks are going to happen in hisec that has this kind of ore, CONCORD 0.5 and 0.6 security, is my personal guess.

Now to safe economy we have to move to the next step. We have to put some stress on the missionrunners. Because they also provide, even more than miners and producers an insane amount of cheap, worthless modules (and with this minerals) on the market.

Only thing that can safe us from deflation is a WAR! A lot of that. War is good for the poor, peace is good for the rich.

So Qipchak has started a huge campaign of ship destruction in Caldari hisec where he got down many of our enemy ships, yesterday a 1.2 billion rigged Orca and a Hulk. A second Hulk was able to escape.

Many of my business associates have left their corps and joined new corporations that have the goal to safe economy. And so my production capacity is down to nothing at the moment. Personal profit has to step back for the greater good.

And this means we again waged war against the "Hardcoregilde". Me not personal involved, but I started to provide indirect help by many means.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.14 12:34:00 - [477]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/08/2010 12:59:19

We already have tried to wage war against the Hardcore-Gilde a while ago but they all fled into w-space and were not seen again. So the power of FIA is better left on the militia front and this task is left for new pilots who just want to get their first combat experience.

The corporation "Place your Advertize here" has now started to recruit new players who just want to discover their first blood experience to do their share for the Republic economy.

So they started the war a few days ago against the "Unknown Reality" protection Alliance of that corporation that is only founded to get prices of wardecs up. Something that does not matter to us, for we are fighting for something greater.

Three pilots started to wait for the perfect time of engagement at the Balginia station, where many missionrunners for Minmatar agents work, as the war targets of those three.

Yiiallla Liloixayunicque in a Rifter, who was so young that she was even not able to get a plate on her Rifter, Vingativo a young pilot was putting up the best experience of the group and Boadiccea Iceni that was only known to wage war against the space nuns of the order of Sainte Katherine once, where she podded Louella Dougans back to virginity, as she has stated. Old in days as a capsuleer, she was spending her time since that day planetside, now barely able to fly a Rupture straight, she did admit. Much worse than Vingativo for sure.

The wartargets of this alliance assembled at that station with eight ships of war. Raven, Hurricane, Sleipnir, Exequor, Ishkur, Scimitar, two of them didn't dare to undock.

When they started to try to take down the Rifter, the two Ruptures undocked and instantly aggressed the Ishkur, took it down very fast. The Rifter had already sacrificed himself when the two Ruptures turned on the Raven. With a little help of Qipchaks Dominix that had gained aggression on the Raven the expensive rigged thing quickly went down under the fire of the plain tech fitted Ruptures with evil 180mm Dual Autocannons I. The two Ruptures warped off, leaving some pods behind, which they didn't engage.

Most of the pilots of that day left their corp now and joined a corporation outside the alliance, that was founded by the founder of the Alliance.

The young corporation is expanding their memberbase at the moment to cover the task that is coming upon them. To hunt down those of the pilots who were fleeing the conflict.

War must happen. For the greater good of the Republic and the rest of New Eden. I think they are recruiting, if you are young enough.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.21 06:21:00 - [478]

Dear Log,

after much disput in an other thread if followed a new way of applied technology. The prices for robotics have been skyrocketing since the opening of the market for capsuleer enterprises. So we Matari, always a race of innovative thinkers and engineers, as usual try to find a way around this shortage.

My approach for this is to experiment with a cheap replacement for expensive robotics by using dead tissue from clones, dead animals and that, which me and my team managed to reanimate by electric stimuli, controlled by an array of nanomechanic microprocessors, that also control a micropump that is injecting a nutrient solution into the capilars of the muscle and nerve tissue.

Still we have not solved the nekrosis problem, but we have an expected "lifetime" of our products to up to some months now, for we can not stop the nekrosis, but we managed to stall it and buy us some time.

This new and innovative technology is one of the best examples of Matari way of thinking. There is a shortage - we find a solution. And -yes- it is a new technology in a way but mankind always used parts of dead bodies as machinery or tools, like bones, skin to wear as clothes, not to speak of eating dead animals.

So I can't find any ethic argument that is speaking against this appliance.

We try to depersonalize human remains, so nobody can see which kind of body we salvaged for this. But we are clearly not building an army of "zombies" or something like that. We are just doing some clean science and engineering and I'm very proud of our success.

Today we had a major setback on our dream to construct a better autopilot from dead capsuleer clones, using their cortecal nervous structure and implants, because after I opened some of the heads of Amarrian pilots that happend to come under my autocannons during the Amarr-Minmatar borderconflict over the last two years, which are quite a bit, I didn't find anything useful in there. It was just a goo of liquified mass.

I was not sure if that was the normal configuration of an Amarrian brain or the result of clone technology, but it would explain some things that I was asking me privately over the past years. Finally I was given a hint to read this article which explains the goo in the heads of Amarrian milita pilots I have in stock, but leaves other questions.

So I dropped the dream of building a better autopilot with this discovery but did some great steps forward in controlling the dead tissue. After my first experiments with frogs were successful and I was able to control it in a complex way, I still try to manage to make them dance to music.

The question we have to solve now is: what is music. For us as humans this is no question. We just listen to it and sponanously dance. But a dead corpse without life in it does not understand what this is. And neither the nanomechanical microprocessors that control the microvoltage currents that control the muscles have any idea what music is. Back to the problem.

Every setback in science has on the other hand an opportunity. We emptied the heads of our puppets and put the control electronics in them as well as the micro powercell that is powering the whole construction. Most of the intestines we had to remove, because the thing does not have a normal metabolism anymore and most of biological beings is about food processing. We bypassed the nervous systems of the spine which didn't serve well enough for the information transfer to control the muscles.

We are using nanowires that we distributed through the body and tissue with the help of nanites. A technology that was called to my attention recently by Samantha Vosh, a friend of mine.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.21 06:42:00 - [479]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 21/08/2010 06:56:40

I can now present you the next step of my experiments with the reanimation and recycling of dead tissue. While I am still in the first steps of building a cybernetic chimera, assembled from different species, I can present you the organ playing Amarrian.

The cam is swinging over to her juryrigged organ she uses to play with. On the bench is sitting a very stiff Amarrian, most likely a True Amarr, who has a smiling mask over his head. His hands are ready to play and rest a few centimeters above the keyboards.

As you all can see, this puppet here is without any active nervous system, it is just bones and muscle tissue, you can see that this is nothing but the mortal coil that was left behind by a breached capsuleer pod. A thing without any value. But see…

She lifts a remote control and presses the "play" button.

The body begins to move a bit robotic but very precise and begins to play one of those beloved organ pieces that were written by Matari slaves that were allowed to write chorals and sacral music for the Empire. The hands rush up and down the keyboard with the precision of a robot. Notes fly by in a most wonderful way. Alica stands by and waits until the choral ends in a very dramatic and emotionful crecendo. She presses the "stop" button and the puppet stops his movement.

The piece my puppet was playing is named "We do not see without the Lord", which reminds me that eyes work perfectly well on the puppets. I didn't have to replace them with cameras, I just have to process the outgoing stream of data that was coming from the dead eyes and feed it to the cognitive matrix of the controller.

Wasn't the piece wonderfully played? I must credit one of the Matari organ masters for this, which play I have taken for this, when he performed it a few years ago. To record to playing of notes instead of the sound of the instrument was one of the genious steps the sound engineers did that time. So his play can be repeated on other instruments. Isn't that pretty?

Now after I was able to present you the current stage of my experiment, I will work on building a full cybernetic chimera. I have promising results from the muscle tissue of slaver hounds. Of cause I stay completly ethical with my experiments, I will only use dead tissue that would otherwise be wasted, no life will be taken for this.

I keep you informed, dear Log.

She holds a thumb up into the cam, then the feed stops.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.08.27 09:20:00 - [480]

Dear Log,

the war at Bleak Lands is escalating again. We have seen an Amarrian superiority over the last month which is about to change now. And maybe forever.

Since The Star Fraction is moving in forces into the battle zone the Amarrian losses again begin to rise.

I am occupied at the moment with two things. First one is the support of a small training corp, where we have begun to move a lot of young pilots in that just are going to join the fight. But before we can throw them on the enemy we will start training on local corps that need some good Matari toughen up as an exercise. I know many Amarrian loyalists that do not understand the importance of this training inside the own ranks. They simply think that going after the weak is just a Matari way of bullying people around. But this is simply wrong.

Many of our new recruits in fact come from those "weak" corporations and alliances that we have been training with for the last months. It all depends on the way you do it. And most important it depend on your targets what happens after that.

For some of them we are just "red" now and I think they handle us as enemies. But the majority was seeing the point we made and not just willingly were joining forces but I'd say they were gung ho and real bloodthirsty doing it. I never have seen a bunch of pilots that were so eager to kill pods than this bunch.

So we have at the moment fifteen new recruits in training by this method. All pilots from corporations that originally never would have thought about joining a fight intentionally. And I am sure they will do well. It is a lot to learn and my own occupation is with some advice for battle while I myself have my role in FIA and stay here.

The line that many people draw between "Carebears" and "Warriors" is one that I think is not a true one. It is more something like a line between those who have no knowledge about fighting and those who have. And those who have not can learn if they are trained well.

In New Eden you can not reach anything without being ready at your weapons. If you are not ready to defend your rights you don't have rights at all. And you learn about fighting by your community, by your brothers and sisters. And side by side you will strive for future and for victory of the cause.

This we do.

In the meantime my team of scientists and engineers are working on my "puppet" technology, that cheap robotic replacement by organic tissue. After the organ playing demo we turned to some more practical appliances like slaverhound muscle driven race mounts which are a lot of fun driving through the rough terrain on some of the outer worlds in the lower Metropolis region where we have put up some race tracks.

A vidclip flickers over the console where on a dusty and rough barren planet a couple of halve robotic halve organic mounts driven by heavy armored Brutor warriors are following a wild hunt over a racetrack. The mounts viciously claw and bite their competitors, their riders in mortal danger doing this. Some cheering can be heard when two mounts begin to fight each other and some muscle and blood-surrogate is splattering around while their riders try to hit each other with a vibroblade sword and an electro whip.

This sports are just on a non promotion level and are quite underground at the moment. Well, I think this has some future, we call it "The Wild Hunt" and it's a good thing to have this to test new innovative constructs for our young technology. Technology has always to be tested. And what better test environment ya can have but a race?

To put it there is a good choice I think, because it's good to reach for Matari, Gallentean and Amarrians the like. Most of the money we make there by bets we put back into the research at the moment. Well, it all just has begun. We had our first race with very hastily cobbled together mounts. We'll see where this goes.

I myself am waiting with a beating heart for the oncoming battles.

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