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Eliza Velvetpaw
Posted - 2010.06.06 09:41:00 - [421]

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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.06 09:49:00 - [422]

Dear Log,

we were called to the headquarters of the Tribal Liberation Force today. Gar Orga himself had an assignment for the F.I.A. There has been murder reported by Minmatar Alliances on active TLF pilots our task is to investigate those cases.

For the Gar Orga dispensed us from active duty for the time of this investigation. The Alliance Pinch Harmonics United is accused to be involved in this case of murder, while the TLF noted their standings to one of their member corporations Pinch Harmonics Elements as -7.5 "Terrible".

To get such a rating for the TLF you have to commit serious crimes against the Tribal Milita, means attacks on lots of industrial vessels that belong to that corporation or shooting even escape pods of active pilots. We have given them less than 24 hours to come up with explanations for this incident, such a short time is needed to prevent deception and cover-ups as well as secretly removing the criminals from the active rooster of the accused corporation.

We don't like this kind of action, but someone has to stand for the law and help to investigate issues like this. We all hope that we find full cooperation from the leadership of Pinch Harmonics so that this can be settled peaceful.

Gar Orga wasn't that nice. He really was hitting the table several times with his fist and I can say a lot about him but not that he's a man of cool temper. And I don't want to repeat the words he used when he expained us how he feels when corporations and alliances on Minmatar ground prosper of our stations and riches and then and then go kill active TLF pilots.

I can't repeat his words here, because CONCORD will just put them in ***** **** **** **** and that. Yes, you might all know the nice Gar Orga when he goes to give medals to deserved milita pilots but -hell- I'm happy to be still in the same clone after that meeting with him.

The pressure on our corporation is huge and he expects results. Fast and firm. If not...

I don't like the formulation of "if not". We do everything we can now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.06 19:19:00 - [423]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 06/06/2010 19:29:51
Dear Log,

we tried a diplomatic solution of the conflict but the Pinch Harmonics Alliance was not taking the case serious enough. So a diplomatic solution in name of the TLF can be considered as failed.

At 1800 New Eden Standardtime the wardeclaration against the Alliance was going active. We have to act fast under the pressure of the TLF and its CEO Gar Orga made perfectly clear that there has to be made an example.

It is unacceptable that civilian corporations take active militia members as target practice and kill their pods for fun. Fly around proudly for some time with an open -7.5 of the TLF in Minmatar space like if no Matari would care that they are actively destroying the lives of ship crews and capsuleers that are urgently needed to defend the front. We decided under the pressure of TLF to declare the war before Gar Orga could have the impression that the FIA is not taking the case deadly serious.

We all know well what Gar Orga could do if his ill tempered rage is fully turning against this renegade alliance. We hope if we deal with the case determined enough that the TLF will not go after those targets by themselves.

Besides this ugly business we found our contacts friendly and polite. A standing order for all our pilots is out to keep on that level.

We might kill but we keep the killing civilised. We are Matari. We kill politely. This is one of the virtues of a warrior ethic. Even in the most unfriendly circumstances culture catches the worst situations and defines rules how to deal with each other.

There are things that are worse than get killed. To live without a culture like the Ammatar do. This is worse than dying. And that's the reason we are fighting the Amarr so hard and determined. And that's maybe the reason why the leadership of the TLF is so annoyed if an alliance that is living under their protection is stabbing a dagger into their back. For practice. For training. For fun.

There is no joy in a Minmatar Republic that has fallen to the whip of slavery again. This might be the fire of anger that is burning inside the leader of the TLF right now. And we have to carry out his wreathe. No not wreathe. Justice.

I hope the oncoming war will make perfectly clear how the Minmatar Republic, the Tribal Liberation Force and the Matar society is handling backstabbers.

I learned in an early mission, long ago, that I was flying for Boundless Creation at Hek station how justice works in the Minmatar Republic. A traitor that I was able to catch simply vanished into an airlock and got wasted into space.

No big deal. Justice works without much fuzz and frills in the Republic. People might call us barbarians but the clean way we are handling such things speaks for us. No show processes, no video life streams and technical tricks like the Gallente justice works.

Just an airlock and gone.

Cronos Titan
Posted - 2010.06.06 21:43:00 - [424]

Edited by: Luteros on 06/06/2010 21:46:23
Edited by: Luteros on 06/06/2010 21:43:51

I can only refer to logs about the conversations but as far as I see it a TLF Pilot attacked a group of Frigates from my Alliance but they left. Later they met him again and attacked him pre-emptively and destroyed his vessel. This seems to me like a legitimate act of selfdefense and I am sure they where not aware that this Pilot is one of the defenders of the Minmatar Republic. We are loyal citizens and regularly support the Republic fleet in combat Operations to hold piracy at bay and to get rid of enemies of our beloved Republic.

They also destroyed his escape Pod and this I have to admit was an overreaction. But as a combat pilot I'm sure you understand the pressure that builds during a fight and that finally lead to this misjudgement of the situation.

Your so called diplomatic solution was a farce. You asked for prove you know we couldn't provide in the given time because the incident lies too long in the past. After that we where asked for compensation that was way too much for such an small incident

16:33:19 Bigfood reicht ein Datasheet an Corban* Eine reparationszahlung von insgesamt 20 flett schlachtschiffen, hälfte tempests hälfte Typhoon klasse, 50 Firetail Fregatten und 10 Fleet Stabber kreuzer.

So it seems you are just looking for a cause to bring war on anyone you find and our Alliance provided a target. You pretend this would help the Republic but the only thing you will achieve with your actions is the bloodshed of more of our Minmatar Brothers and Sisters that serve in the shipcrews. Shame on you and your associates!


Luteros - PHU Diplomat

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.07 07:27:00 - [425]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/06/2010 07:41:21
Dear Log,

now the time of preparation of war is ticking. The F.I.A. is all very busy to fill up their hangars, for this end of our investigation came very surprisingly for everybody of us.

That our targets would chose the war on us instead of just talking them out of this misery was not what we expected, well we are ready to continue on the battlefield what the diplomats were not able to solve at the table. Finally, that is what we are for, we warriors, no?

Indeed the compensation that Gar Orga demanded for this murder was one that should hurt an alliance of 100 capsuleer pilots a bit, doing some billions a day but was easily payable. So he decided to demand 10 Tempest Fleet Issue, 10 Typhoon Fleet Issue, 10 Stabber Fleet Issue and 50 Republic Fleet Firetail vessels that should be given to the most deserved TLF pilots, chosen from the official killboard of our militia, who over the last years lost billions and billions for the fight against the Amarr. Most of those vessels can be earned just by flying for the TLF agents an afternoon long. But it will teach them a lesson to mock and have fun with a solo of our TLF pilots. Because to fly those missions will cost them a lot of lives, the Amarr are vigilant out there.

The FIA will get nothing of this for themselves. We just have the difficult task to fight with a few against the many.

And while it might look like a price that is high, it also is a public statement of Gar Orga how high he values his fellow capsuleers and that medals should not be the only thing that he is willing to give his Milita. To strengthen them and motivate the Milita is one of the most important tasks.

While you may ask: »Why is the price put on this Alliance for "just" one podkill so high?« I will ask back: »How does it come that in an Alliance of 100 pilots over halve a year not ONE had the will to fight for our Republic behalve of the TLF? Or that the alliance had given home to one of our deserved TLF veterans that are coming back from the front, maimed and shattered by the battle for freedom? That would have repaired the shame of their standing within short time.

But they didn't share their riches with those in the trenches. They even didn't give them work for ONE week, which would have been enough to compensate the shame of their standing towards the TLF. No. They stuff their pockets and kill TLF pilots, shoot as civilians on our pilots and kill of fun their helpless escape capsules.«

I can understand Gar Orga and his reaction to this and even most of our enemies in the Amarr milita would understand this.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.09 07:34:00 - [426]

Dear Log,

the justice of Minmatar is straight, I already said this. While on the first day of war we were searching the battle for hours long with devided and small fleets which were an easy match for our opponents, they preferred to stayed docked in this critical time.

I don't say that they were cowards, but they didn't undock. They were disciplined enough to not let us find industrials and miners spread all around during war, so after, I think, three hours of waiting the time had come to enhance the pressure on our wartargets.

We found their large POS in Nakugard and after some discussion we decided to use it to enhance the pressure. The POS had been undefended before the war started and had been made something like a "deathstar", or what they thought a deathstar would be. In short it was poorly defended, which was the reason we were able to take it down in an appropriate time.

If you decide a thing like this you put huge level of work and stress on your pilots base. After you begin to do a thing like this there is not much leeway left. Either you bring this to an end after you have begun this or there has to be an acceptable sign of defeat on the other side which is not just gestures and promises but hard ISK.

You might call us pirates if you like but this is the one truth I have learned after beeing a capsuleer over two years. You don't mess up your own pilot base by stabbing a dagger into their back just because of hollow diplomacy.

The diplomatic effort of Pinch Harmonics United was honorable and we valued it high. Yes, some of us were deeply impressed by their gestures. To promise to not kill TLF pilots again, to offer to execute the one left pilot who was involved in that killing in front of our eyes and many more words.

Nothing to satisfy twenty hardcore capsuleer warriors that have been standing and firing on a large POS in hisec for hours and that would compensate them for this. Nice but not enough. Our demands of compensation with Fleet Issue vessels or money were not even taken into discussion with a compromise.

Our enemies had a good POS on their side of defense. They didn't use the place of fight at this position, they preferred to fight at the docking spot of their headquarters in Nakugard. They fought bravely and they owned our respect for their effort. And besides most of their battleships were fitted with Metaclass T1 weapons they were not fitted bad. We have seen much worse than their Megatron.

And they managed to get down some of our vessels. So, yes, they fought bravely. But not by a third put out the potential they had. Our fleet was beatable and I don't say this because I want to make us weaker than we were. But as a warrior I know perfectly well the weaknesses of a fleet that is divided into a small station camp brigade and some battleships that are designed to take out a large POS in Hisec.

They had more pilots and by far the F.I.A. is a corporation with exclusively veteran pilots. Most of the brigade that was under my command at the docking spot were pilots that were in their first empire war. The pods that were killed were the first some of our tacklers ever had.

And every tackler knows that tacklers should have had a lot of pods.

The ships we lost so far was a catalyst destroyer to their fire after he had a crash of his Gallente computer system, a Vagabond vessel that was parking in space for halve a day without the pilot knowing that it was, while he was planetside and a frigate and an interceptor that were lost because I as a wingcommander decided to play with a canthieving neutral Rupture without having setups on our ships that were able to really catch him (we had a special dockingspot setup, were too slow and had only short points on our battlecruisers.)

Whatever. The POS and moon at Nakugard is on sale.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.09 08:15:00 - [427]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/06/2010 08:26:13

Let's anaylse the situation. What's so bad about losing a ship? All in all the whole idea of being a capsuleer is to be able to sacrifice a ship without sacrificing the core crew and the captain.

If people can't fly ships above cruisers well, they don't do it. I was sitting in a Hurricane at the docking spot because I have concentrated in my life as a capsuleer on small ships. I am not allowed to fly battleships for FIA as long as I do not show up with certain skills and am able to fly certain setups.

By no way you have to give up a fight against an enemy, if he is superior or not. The Star Fraction fougth bravely against a huge fleet of battleships with nothing but cruisers in defense of their assets once. They considered the thing fun and called it a victory, even if they sacrificed a hundred cruisers for this and I go absolutely confirm with them. It was one of their brightest hours and hell of a fight. With a few cruisers against the many of battleship and take them out in a shipratio of 1:20 but an ISK ratio of 80% or something.

A large POS with five labs on it make with each lab around 30-50 million ISK a day. I know that well because I just dismantled my own with a laughing and a sorrow eye. My own T2 production on the Rens market will come to a hold now, that I'm not able anymore to get hand on BPC. But nevermind, I have of cause a backup plan.

For to be able to not just destroy ships but to build some, I sacrificed some time of learning as a capsuleer. I do not regret this time for I learned a lot about how an industrialist is thinking by that. And I am now able to get in rage to kill people for underbidding prices on the market not by cents but by millions.

I would suicidegank such an idiot even in hisec, sitting in an uninsured battleship.

But to come back to the situation we are. A POS has huge value for his owner, same with the position of the POS. If you put something up, dear Log, like an asset like this you would be a fool to not be able to defend it.

So if you put so much ISK into something and we are talking about more than a billion ISK for the POS and a lot more ISK for it's location, you should defend such an asset with everything you have. If this means you storm with wave after wave of T1 fitted and full insured cruisers against us to kill our support or do whatever you think is showing that you are actually fighting for it.

And you earn respect by this.

And this respect is in a war more worth than money, more worth than everything and has a value that is much higher than the count of ISK put into this.

Sadly truth is that many pilots don't like to lose their ships. And of cause I always am sorry for the lives of crewmen lost in a battle. But this is what being a capsuleer is all about. To be able to sacrifice a ship for a higher gain. Survive the loss, come back and do it again.

We have medals at FIA. Some are medals that value the kill of ships, others value the loss of ships. The medals with the loss are those with the higher image. People are really after the medals for losses. And I think it was a good idea to put something up like this. The will to give everything in a battle, to fight on the edge and to go beyond this is something that is making a capsuleer a pro. And of cause it means that he is trading ships for experience. To be willing to do this should be honored.

At the fight on the docking spot 80% of their fleet simply docked when our defense showed up. So the rest was quickly slaughtered. But I hope that those who were standing there and were losing their ships can feel that it was not a bad thing to do. It was the damn right thing but you all should have stayed together. Together you are strong, divided you will fall.

Those who fought earned our respect.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.10 08:20:00 - [428]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/06/2010 08:51:32
Dear Log,

the second POS was found. And now they were fiercely fighting back. While on their own blog they suspected some paranoid conspiracy, the first POS was just the result of a bit overeager information gathering about them. »Alica do you have nothing better to do but fly a trillion moons, looking for a POS?« The Gulfonodi POS they hid from me with a trick. »Alica, I already checked Gulfonodi. No POS.« »Sure? But... Headquarter, they sell lines and all that...« »Doublechecked.« Goroo is a Schlitzohr. I think they tried to hide the fact of a second POS because they only wanted to attack it if needed. Not because of my overeager digging.

As a scout they sent me in front of the fleet. Scout? Can you dig that? My proud Hurricane nothing but an oversized Rifter for them? Grrr. At the gate I found a guard in a Drake. Before I was able to finish him the rest of the gang showed up. I consider the Drake the superior battlecruiser but I fly a good Hurricane. Some things I must have learned in all this time. And I love the Hurricane and will attack a Drake when I see one in it. As I attack a Punisher in my Rifter when I see one.

I was tanking him on shield during the fight which I found amazingly funny for I was an armor tank.

They were fighting bravely and pilots like Fel Massa, Morthem Tha, Frel Dent will not be forgotten. I was engaging the Armageddon of Mortem Tha at the Teonosude gate where we had orders to stop traffic and I think our small camp of tacklers really disrupted their movement of vessels to assemble a defense force.

Then orders came to stop the Haulers that had begun to evacuate the POS stuff. So we went on their docking spot but missed three haulers that were already gone. We were cursing. But that failure of us tacklers should lead to the most victorious point in that battle. In their eager attempt to safe everything from the POS they saved the Strontium as well as the fuel and shortly after the lights went out on that thing.

And without that the POS was easy prey, no reinforce nothing. There was a short phase of cease weapon where our guests friendly delivered Quafe for everybody but finally they didn't want to pay to safe their lost POS. So the cease fire was canceled and with that the fight for the day was over and we nearly had to shoot down the friendly Hauler that was bringing us the Quafe. Luckily he managed to dock in time.

Another POS down. It was way better set up than the last one. But could have been better. And again they didn't use the advantage to fight at their POS against us. We almost lost a ship to their POS even without them.

But I think the relationship in this war is on a good level besides the hostilities and the fighting. While there is some teasing on local coms it's not that bad and keeps on a civil level. You can't completely stop it, even if you try.

The loss of their POS was way too easy. I hope the fighting will go on today, while there was offered a cruiser fight which I would enjoy very much. Cruisers don't cost too much and even if much of their pilot base is young, you can fly a cruiser even after a few days of being a capsuleer. So their numbers should come into more value, for they can fight near their level of competence. The Drake and the Armageddon was way too easy. I should not have been able to bring both down in my Hurricane. The Geddon was well fitted.

I keep you informed, dear Log. The morning is calm just a kill this day and that...

Wait. What the fragg is that?! That poor Rifter! My beloved Rifter doesn't deserve that! Ouch. Hurts.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.12 11:53:00 - [429]

Dear Log,

how do I kill a Dramiel? Besides the fact that the killmail is not clean, it was done by a Meta T1 fitted Thrasher.

We were discussing how to down that thing with something that is dirt cheap and available for everybody. To counter a ship worth 80 millions and with modules for another that price with something that is worth almost nothing.

Since this vessel of Pinch Harmonics showed up on the battlefield, we went after this like a sport. In milita we had a lot of trouble with the pirate faction frigate from the Space Pervs and finally found a weapon against it.

But since I was not the lucky pilot who was engaging him with a Thrasher I can only enjoy the success of a plan from the distance of a spectator.

Of cause there are no rules in a war. It can happen anything anytime and a fool is, who is not prepared for that. But one should always honor his own words.

Pinch Harmonics were not showing up on the battlefield with much. We were teasing them with some small ships in Gulfonodi and Nakugard, they didn't accept even fights of battlecruisers against frigates but once. He managed to get down some of our small ships (mainly a baiting Thorax), then lost his. Mortem Tha is one of their pilots that actually is learning on a steep curve and isn't afraid to cash some ships in for the experience. It is a pity, that most don't use the opportunity, because we actually show up and try to give them some training which is urgently needed.

Alone they might not be able to pull themselves out of this. Even if they begin to train that inside their own corporation. They need real competition.

What's all so bad about fighting for your freedom and stand your man after all? If you are Minmatar you have to learn this from the first day of your existence. If not, if we all are not vigilant and armed to the teeth, prepared for battle every day, then the Empire will come again and get us down on our knees and put us under the whip.

Never again.

Not from the Empire, not from the State, neither the Nation. If you are Minmatar, you fight. You don't hide. You don't keep away from the battle. You simply go out and do what your nature is.

You might see this war as something that maybe could have been avoided. But I ask - why? In your own body there's always a fight going on, always a battle. Even if you are not sick the body is preparing for defense every day. And he is armed to the teeth, so heavily armed that some even get a lergics when they do not have enough real enemies left in the clean world we are living in.

Space is not like this. We have no clean world, where we can take a space vacuum cleaner and get rid of the parasites from Amarr Empire or the virus from the Nation. We have to be prepared for them.

Keep the fight up!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.14 06:57:00 - [430]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/06/2010 07:05:37
Dear Log,

the war is still going on, but after we have taken down the two towers of Pinch Harmonics United that were anchored in space, which permission was cancelled by Gar Orga as a strafe action for killing an active militia pilot, there are no large encounters any more. Just a skirmish here and there.

It is a problem, so Gar Orga, that so many capsuleer organisations that should be vigilant and armed to the teeth to be ready to defend the freedom they are living in are just not willing to harden themselves up.

He invites every Matari capsuleer corporation that still has issues with their ability of defence to join the Militia and train their skills shoulder to shoulder with comrades in the fight for freedom against our enemies in the Empire.

In our internal meeting we decided, that if the mountain is not coming to the prophet the prophet has to find the mountain. So our assignment to toughen up the Matari defence against Slavers of all kind, including the late Sansha raiders, the F.I.A. is checking the vigilance of Matari capsuleer corporations.

For example The Dark Shadow Light was declining the offer for free training exercise under a CONCORD empire war and stopped their diplomatic relationship with our agents. Minutes later we discovered that they were looking for a Merc-corp in certain channels to wage war against us.

This was not the training for them that was intended for to pay someone for fighting doesn't harden you up. We were lucky to have a new capsuleer who was member of one of the capsuleer starter corps inside that channel that was reporting to duty at Delenn Minbar, the CEO of that alliance.

She bartered a contract with our agent to have a merc fight for two weeks against us and paid him 1.5 billions. We of cause showed up in that channel and thanked for the grateful gift.

Now of cause we're concerned how to wage war against ourselves for we are willing to fulfil this contract. How do you do that? Shall I undock and self-destruct my ships? If I do that, our contract says, I get 10 million for each battleship I destroy.

If they will pay me for that? I think I will go and ask.

This is the reason we Matari have to toughen ourselves. Sheeps were growing among the lions. You can't defend the Republic with a herd of sheeps, can you?

Act, comrades! Toughen up!

You may question the need of this campaign, dear Log. But ask yourself, when you read this: it has to be done or we are doomed. Someone has to. Weakness grows where no competition is. Decadence spreads. Living in peace does not mean you can lay down your weapons and go and pick flowers, throw your vigilance over board.

For this there can be just one result: slavery. This has to stop.

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.06.14 07:17:00 - [431]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

This is the reason we Matari have to toughen ourselves. Sheeps were growing among the lions. You can't defend the Republic with a herd of sheeps, can you?

Act, comrades! Toughen up!

Merdaneth stands before a group slaves on Kor-Azor Prime and addresses them:

I have heard some of you volunteered for a course to learn more about popular Matari culture. I have heard you want to learn because you hope to live in the Republic once you are released and become a free Amarr citizen. Experts on Matari popular culture have created a special course made out of recently available material. The course is called 'Toughening Up'

Overseers will inspect each of you and select the weakest among you. Those will be designated 'the sheep'. Overseers will the start beating and whipping the sheep. This beating will be known as 'free training exercise'. Experts tell me that Matari culture believes that by beating the sheep, they will turn into lions, ready and willing to stand should to shoulder with their abusers.

The course will last one week. Next week you can volunteer for another course on Matari popular culture through the normal channels. That is all.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.15 08:11:00 - [432]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 15/06/2010 08:18:54
Dear Log,

some people may think that the sheep are not willing to get a shave but they are wrong. We got a wardec from friends of those who were so friendly to give us 1.5 billion isk to wage war against ourselves.

There are dogs that ask to be kicked and sheeps that are eager to be sheared. Believe it or not, dear Log. Maybe its because it is getting summer and they feel too comfortable in all their new ships and the ISK on their wallet is pressing on their credstick.

It is not that we do not leave a choice. But if somebody like The Dark Shadow Light so intensly ask for getting some toughen up from us, we can not deny our service. You will hear more of that coming. We hope to dive in a long, bloody and dirty war with lot of petitions to write against our enemies who already are forgetting their manners even before the war started. But I don't think they ever had manners.

Yes, this is Matari culture. Competition is the heart of it. Because competition is freedom and freedom is competition. It is a process of learning and getting better in the things that are needed for survival. It is not slavery and the willfare of overseers that do not leave their contrahents a fair choice neither chance. You might find it brutal, dear Log, but it is nesessary. We are a warriors culture. Competition means to face reality. To make a reality check. It might also be that we just lose a lot of ships on our enemies who are 250 against us 25? Ten to one is the fight and I don't know any kind of ship that is able to win against a group of any other ships that are fielded in this ratio and is able to win.

So all chances are against us.

But an other thing. To the idiot at Rens that is poisoning the Hound market with almost 200 (now 136) ships at a laughable price of 16.4 millions. You will die for that. Die, die, die! If I get your name, you can enjoy a never ending wreathe coming from me.

Between your price and the next are TWO MILLIONS GAP YOU JERK!

I gonna kill you! Kill! Kill! Kill!

You **** ***** ******* **** I **** ***** ******* mother **** ****** ****** foot into *** ****** ****** ***** and ***** ***** **** wait until you **** **** ***** see what I do with your ***** ******* *** ****** and finally I will ********* **** ******* ****** oh and after that I will ******* ****** **** and your eyeballs with ***** ****** ******* **<CONNECTION LOST>

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.19 13:23:00 - [433]

Dear Log,

the last war is over, the next is going on. This time we fight against the Zeitgeist alliance and their defense corps. I'll tell ya later, dear Log, more about this war because all this is too young to tell ya about is a matter of security.

But many things happened. The planetary borders opened to capsuleers and of cause some comrades and I were trying to help the people on the planets with some infrastructure. Most Empire companies have given up this because the competition with the capsuleer economy wasn't giving them enough profit, I guess.

Whatever. They had quite effecitve productions running down there and I was able to pump some huge investions into these trade goods before they were taken off the market. Not huge for a real rich capsuleer but a lot for a part time entrepreneur like me. To be honest it was more a kind of gambling and it seems that I have won some billions on that game.

Those goods will not flow back to the market, they are my entry to the world of industrial expansion on the planets. Which is, to be honest, not my favorite way to make money but to let all that profit pass by just because you wear your nose too high is not my style. Pilots with loss rates like me really need every source of income that they can get and if they get it like this -by real work- it's okay with me.

Of cause I'm not good at this, but I always had a nose for profit. And to buy off days over days of production from Empire trade goods was a good idea I think. And funny - I was doing this on the stuff that will be most rare soon.

Like Silicon for example. I don't know if someone has tried to get their hands on that by real work, but it's a *****, you can believe me. I just tried it to find out if it is easy or difficult and it is even worse than Industrial Fibers or Oxidizing Compounds, which is concidered rare in Empire. You can't imagine how I danced on my pile of silicon goo -for my level- getting insanely rich by that. Rich -ya- still I think a million is a damn bunch of money, ya know.

Without work. Just with showing a bit smarts at the right time and place. But that's life in New Eden. Money lies on the streets, you just have to bend down for it. No! I didn't meant that of cause! Just... whatever.

I'm just happy. Still I want to kill the guy with 136 Hounds on the Rens market who is selling them for a stupid price of 16.4 millions but besides that I'm happy happy joy.

I got a long long letter from an Amarr loyalist named Veron Daerth and it was not so easy for me to react apropriate on this the recent days for I was covered in work for my first P4 productions that just hit the markets. Work, work, work. Damn my Sebiestor family that is mostly of scientific nature and has just a very few warriors in them. I would just go to kill, kill, kill all day and have fun if it was not for me to honor them by this. But that's life: you can't have the fun all day. Good thing to have this Eau de Nichup at hand that keeps me awake and turned on and tuned in.

This letter from Veron Daerth said, in short that the Ammatar have culture. And that even the Matari who worship the god of slavery have religion and identity.

In short. While the letter was a bit longer, I will take my time to disput this for I have a completely different opinion on that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.19 13:57:00 - [434]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/06/2010 14:05:36
-- continue --

»The slaves of the Empire have a culture, although it is admittedly not the one their ancestors had. Yes, they have lost much (I say this as one that knows somewhat of what they have had taken from them), but they have also gained much. We could debate the merits of the Enlightenment and not gain anything from it, so I will refrain from referring to that. What I DO refer to is the strength of the culture that has grown and evolved from themselves and their condition.« - Veron Daerth

What is culture?

There has been a lot of disput about what culture is and what not. Culture is the bone of a civilisation that gives their citizens something common. Some fundament to build on, some rules, some principles, ethics and showing a way to enhance yourself, to grow above yourself. Culture is not about limits. It's about showing the way over the personal horizon.

I don't see this in a world of KNEE DOWN SLAVE AND RECEIVE OUR WREATHE. I don't see it by going to church, rubbing holes into your trousers and begging an invisible friend for a mercyful death and that for forgiveness for the shame that you have been born as a Matari. This is just no culture. This is less than nothing. It is the downfall of personality. The destruction of the bold spirit that is living inside each of my brothers and sisters.

You must not kill.

Is that so? If my brothers and sisters die under the whip of the Empire, if they are maimed, tortured, exploited, yes, even if all that would not happen, if their freedom is taken away and they are not concidered human. Subhumans the Amarr call us. That's what their "culture" is trying to give us: shame for beeing what we are.

This is no culture. Culture is a sisterhood and brotherhood that stand together. That fight together and dance together, that sing the songs of their heros and vicitories. That remember their anchestry and honor what we are. Who we are. A warriors nation. A free nation.

Is there a Popculture at all? Some people believe that Pop can be culture. But it's in fact not a culture. It has no history. It is not transmitting values. It's just music done by entertainment megacons that really like the idea that their crappy stuff that people should buy is "culture". But there is no bone in it, it is just flesh and gore.

It bends to everybody that is coming near it. It is offering itself to everyone. It's like a girl on the streets that is offering her body. It is like a once proud Matari that is stripped down by a slaver and does everything for survival.

This is where culture has gone. And you have to nerve to all this culture? Culture should be something we are looking up to. Something that makes us grow. Something with bones and *******. Something that is proud. We Matar don't find culture in the Amarr Empire. We don't find it in the Gallente or Caldari entertainment industry. We find it in ourselves. When we find our greatest moments.

This is culture. The greatest moment. And our greatest moment was the moment when we all were rising, with the fists above our heads and we were kicking the tormentors to the ground, we were burning the bastions of injustice and even our children were taking on a weapon to fight the slavers.


We are a warriors nation. And our culture is our strength. It is not the soft flesh of Popculture nor the insult of Amarr religious culture. No. The Ammatar, and even if I see them as brothers and sisters, the Ammatar have lost their culture. They do not have any. But it's not too late, it never is. All Matari can find back to their heart, back to their culture, back to their pride and strength.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.19 14:25:00 - [435]


»So, in closing I would propose to you that the slaves actually do have a culture. The Ammatar certainly do as well. I will also agree that it might not be one you and your cohorts like much, but it does exist. I would also think that your denial of the heritage and the cultural memories that is entailed by the slaves culture is, in a way, somewhat disrespectful of them and their efforts to make and to bring some comfort into their lives. It belittles the great sacrifices on their own part that have gone into the creation of their culture and heritage. It demeans the efforts they have made to create something good out of a lot of bad. I do not deny that the actions of my ancestors was perhaps not as wonderful as we are taught to believe, however well intentioned they were. I do not deny that many of the slaves of the past suffered greatly, and that some do today. But that need not always be so. Imagine the changes in our culture and society that my grandchildren will see (hopefully for the better, though we likely differ in our idea of what that is, Pilot) and what might those changes bring.« - Veron Daerth

Slaves do not have a culture. Since they didn't rise yet they didn't have their great moment, which is the point of pride and freedom. All they do is living a compromise under the whip. But they do not life the life of choice.

And still when they are freed and move into Derelik, the Ammatar Mandate, they are not free until they found their culture. Until they raise their fist against those who made them suffer. Until they burned away the anticulture of shame that was laid upon them with violence.

There is no freedom if it is given you as a present. Freedom is never for free. You always have to fight for it the one or the other way. So when Jamyl Sarum released the slaves of the ninth generation a year ago she didn't free them. She just changed the way of whipping them.

Those who understood this were leaving behind everything that they had built up and were moving into the Republic. The didn't stay for the "goods" they had. Not for the "home" and shelter of the Amarr Empire. They simply left. After nine generations.

Many of those joined our Milita and went to the front to kill the Amarr who still enslave the other eight generations of our people. This is freedom. Freedom is not a gift. You have to fight for it. You have to fight for yourself and for your brothers and sisters and with this you get your great moment.

You get your culture as a reward for the fight. Culture and freedom. You can't have the one without the other.

This is true.

»I personally hope and believe that one day, there will be no slaves in the Empire. That all of the inhabitants of the Empire will stand proudly before God and Emperor and the Universe as full Imperial Citizens. That we will at last be united in our hope and belief of a better future for Mankind where cruelty and hate and suffering and the petty foolishness of our times will no longer hold sway. When we can look upon one another with respect and stand before God (by whatever name we call Him) and do justice to our great potential as a species.« - Veron Daerth, Holder of House Daerth

I believe that we all will see the moment when slavery ends in the Empire. And I believe the only way to break free is fighting for it, the one or other way. I do not wish to see the bloodshed that Amarr has deserved. I hope that the day will come without us dancing on the ashes.

But it will not come without a fight. Freedom is not for free.
And our culture gives us the strength. It will be interesting to see if the Amarr will ever free themselves or if they remain slaves to their Empire forever. Without a great moment in history.

We'll see. I just hope they have the power too.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.28 07:44:00 - [436]

Dear Log,

war against Eych Four Eks Zero Ahr is over, which is next? It wasn't one of the glorious ones, we had a bit bad luck with the last wars I think. And I begin to hate stations and that I can't go in with a nice little handgranade and blast them out of their seats in there.

So while I am waiting for wartargets to undock I had a lot of idle time these weeks. I experimented with excavation of planetary ressources a bit, build up some infrastructure and made a couple of millions with it. There are people who say: "there's no money in this." "Not worth the effort." blah blah blah. In fact it's about 150 to 200 millions a day for me just by this. For the moment.

The jerks already begin to poison the market, destroy the profits and make easy money something that is not worth the effort. But still if you're sharp, it's worth it.

The guy with 140 Hounds for a laughable price is still on the market and still hasn't been killed by an tragical traffic accident, so I have to reconfigure most of my industrial capacity. During war - and when are the FIA not at war - this is the most stable income for me that I have found. And since I do this, my wallet is never empty again. So I do something right, I think.

Yes, I did a couple of hundreds of millions speculating with Hulks, buying early when the Hulkageddon was announced, selling now, when the price was raised by 40+ millions per Hulk, but this is over now too. The mineral bucket sinks, sinks, sinks, as the tech one ships do in general, like I predicted. The deflation has started, slowly but it started.

I'm really gung ho at the moment, dear Log. The masses of Eau du Nichup that I am consuming lately don't make it better though. So - what to kill next, I ask?

The Sansha threat is on everybodys mind and media lately and I was there in time on some occasions. On most occasions I'm not sadly and show up, when all is done. To fight them is not a question for me. Because Sansha is a slaver. He's an enemy of freedom and maybe weaker than the Amarr but -can you dig it?- more radical.

To take a way the freedom of mind is drastic and makes him my favorite target above everyone else. But...

How can I join the forces that are fighting Sansha if slavers are among them? Are the enemies of my enemies my friend? I think not. But I have priorities when calling targets of cause. The fight for freedom is one thing, an other is personal affiliation.

We Matari have a simple rule of loyality. The smaller loyality overwrites the larger, more abstract one. The loyality to family overwrites the to the clan, the clan the one to the tribe, the tribe the one to the nation. It's simple. It's working. On Matari court you never have to testify against family members for example.

So now there is a witchhunt on the way, where black lists are made for people who support the Sansha. I really dislike black lists to be honest. There was never coming something good from them. And this time it's the same. They put someone on it that I consider a personal friend, even if I do not really know her personal, Jade Constantine was always a freedom fighter.

I admit that I do not like her lover too much, for she's a slaver, ever was. But to blame someone for her loving, that's something I can not back. So I'm in a confict here. Friendship is a very personal loyality, quite a small one.

How can I fight together with people that put my friends on the same list of targets as the Sanshas? Without any acceptable reason. She was always fighting for freedom. She's fighting the Sansha slaver for sure.

This damn black list is beginning to split the defending forces, and it's beginning with me. Even if I'm still fighting against it, for I want to fight Sansha, they almost have lost me with this.

I do not follow a witchhunt I do not support injustice and those who misuse the trust that is put on them for a greater cause who use it for personal vendetta.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.28 08:09:00 - [437]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/06/2010 08:13:50

What I dislike most on a witchhunt is that people are found guilty without a trial. That no justice is used to put someone on this list but just if somebody points to someone and yelling: "She's a witch", all join in, yelling: "Burn her, burn her, burn her!"

On our courts, if somebody is accused for a crime, do we put his family in prison with him, because they are -even while he has committed a crime- still loyal, still loving him? We do not. In this direction is the Amarrian world of injustice we are fighting so much.

We do not punish with kin liability.

And the bad thing with black lists is, that everybody should put on it that is speaking up for somebody who is already on it. Because he is showing loyalty to a villain. Yeah, easy thing, no?

So everybody shuts up and nobody has the courage to stand up anymore. And the list gets longer and longer and lives get destroyed. This is exactly the thing I'm fighting. This is just the opposite of freedom.

If they list the people that officially claimed their loyalty to Sansha it's an other thing. But to put everybody on it they like - without trial - without evidence, they more or less become the people they claim to fight.

In doubt for the suspect. That's one of the laws on our courts.

I really hate black lists. Nothing good comes from them. They are the weapon of the weak, the weapon of injustice.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.29 14:23:00 - [438]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/06/2010 14:46:51
Dear Log,

we're back enlisted to the Minmatar Militia and killed nine slavers on the first day. But the backside of the coin is, that Minmatar is burning. From Hed constellation up to Hadozeko almost all systems are burning white stars, yelling 'help, we are falling' on the onmarching of the Crusaders and their helpful minions, the Caldari.

I do not know if anyone in the Militia is left to fight for the falling systems but it's not looking like it. Sasawong has quit duty and on the first day I already got insulted for have been fighting on this front.

I think I'll pass down the torch the the next generation and until someone comes up to me with the same rank on defending our front against the slavers, I'll simply go and enjoy the happy fighting against the Amarr, the fun part of the war.

For I know this will hurt Minmatar a lot and when I think of the people on the planets that will soon be overrun I feel the urge to vomit. But this is not my mess and I don't let anyone call me a coward for not fighting on the front. Even if I accepted the apology this has consequences. For myself.

I will not move a finger for this. Until someone comes with the same rank on milita that I have, that has done as many of those mindbogging, stupid and boring plexruns that I already have done for the Minmatar.

If such a man comes and asks me to join the fight, I will. But for now, those who caused this mess should be those who get the reward for it. I only pity those brave men out there who were always fighting to keep the systems under control.

Milita is not for fun. It is for duty.

But I have done more than my share of this. I'll pass the torch now. It is not as if one pilot can do anything about this. He can't, I can't. But I really, really don't let anybody call me a coward just because I didn't jump into the fun to kill slavers all day but instead turned away from Auga and did my duty for the Republic.

I will fly boldly and I will sacrifice my ships happily for the cause. There are many who think the fighting is more important than the systems. We will see. Really, we will soon see what happens when our Milita will get humiliated by the days to come.

Fine. Most of Milita may think this is unimportant, so may it be. I follow the majority now and go happy happy fighting and collect meaningless trophies on my killboard.

And I will enjoy it. Really I will do. Because this is what the Republic seems to demand from us, this is what I will happily give. And as long as collecting trophies for the own pride counts more than hard work for your reputation in our milita, I will be a humble servant to our cause - and follow the orders those give who think that they know which way we all should go in this hard times.

For I am nothing.
I give a damn on my killboard.
I give a damn on my rank.
I just serve our cause. And our cause are our people.
And I can't hear them scream. Instead they seem to demand kills and battles about dockingspots and gates? I will deliver them as much as I am able to and sacrifice what I can give. It is not important that I find those battles moot. If this is what people demand I'll give the best I can. May the fighting begin. And I will really enjoy this. I love the killing more than anything, the dance on the battlefield. It's so much better than the hard work. And I dare anybody to come and tell me to do something else who did not the same share I did.

I believe that my current assignment is wrong. And that we will all suffer for this decision. But if that's the spirit that is driving my Milita, I will do my duty. I just hope that I can stand the oncoming pain and that I am tough enough to bear the screaming of our people.

For Freedom. I serve.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.02 11:37:00 - [439]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 02/07/2010 12:09:46
Dear Log,

it's now some weeks ago that CONCORD has put down the planetary limit for us capsuleers. Not just this, but even ORE has tried to use this event for a nice PR stunt when they delivered the Primae Planetary Industrial vessel to a huge part of the capsuleer population.

While there is much disput about the profits that you can make with the planetary ressources, I took my own shot at the market. Not so much driven by the search of profit but of curiosity and because this was a dream that I started to dream since a long time ago.

While my choice was not the best from the point of view of profit it is representing my special knowledge and style of business best, so I have chosen to do in reactor technology. We Minmatar have a special... knack... with everything that is able to go nuke, and we are not wearing our nose so high that we deny to work with highly toxic and radioactive materials. May be it is from the breed of our time as Amarrian slaves, may be because most of our kind who had weak defenses to radioactive poisoning died in Amarrian mines generations ago.

But the uranium market was always in our hands since then. So I decided to aim for the best product that I could deliver from my production network an that's the infamous and mostly reliable, very seldom going critical, Matari Self-Harmonizing Power core.

You find that thing in the core structure of everything that needs energy all over New Eden and since I have a large team of competent nuclear specialists at my hand - most of them are a bit crazy, I admit, but they are so easily working with the dangerous technology that besides some losing teeth from time to time and a lost bush of hair I still lose a lot more people to combat action than on the production lines.

Of cause our health care standards are high and I started to provide free Eau du Nichup® from Black Necris Enterprise for my workers, because it is guaranteed to burn away radiation poisoning as well as tasting marvelous. And the reason of losing teeth and hair is not due to the poisoning but more due to the aftermath of brawl and rumble that seem to launch regular now among my workers, while the drink is burning away their radiation levels.

I tried to enforce stronger work safety measures to keep the radiation levels low but some of the girls really love to paint their teeth with radium paint as a sort of ghostly-night-gag for their boyfriends and it's hard to stop this, cause every law that you try to put on a Matar is causing rabble and violent resistance. So I try my best to keep them from killing themselves with the stuff, but I also don't want to spoil all the fun.

We just nuked some of our powercores in a desert near our production facility. For we mostly build up our facilities on barren and unpopulated area. Which have anyway a high radiation level so nobody is interested if a small and unimportant 22 GW reactor goes nuke or not.

It was much fun to have a romantic picnic in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. But we had all to leave when the rain of ashes began. Some of my people went to point zero and collected some green radiating sand and sculptures of molten veldspar.

My business network started to grind into gear to sell the things now all over New Eden. It's not so much of profit, it's all about fun. Just ask my reactor crew, who were mainly the driving force behind this enterprise and talked me into this.

And it's paying out some nice black numbers under the line that are spent mostly to buy more Eau du Nichup®. To fight radiation poisoning has never been so much fun!

So: buy Alica's Gleaming Self-Harmonizing Power Cores!

It has real reactors in it!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.03 14:56:00 - [440]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 03/07/2010 15:11:12
Dear Log,


This is the sound if a reactor is going nuke.

Originally by: Merdaneth

Ms. Wildfire, let me be clear:
We are at war, I'm not accepting radiated power cores from a war enemy, however charming they may be.

I have some sales issues with my Self-Harmonizing Power Cores. To sit on one of my reactors is one thing. To sit on a stockpile of hundreds of them a thing that is totally different. I do not sleep too well at the moment.

I offered Merdanth a free sample of my reactors to test them under neutral cirumstances like I did it with his "Amarr Victor" beer. But he refused. I think many of my customers or better -not customers- seem to doubt my level of competence working on nuclear reactor devices, which is of cause out of question.

You'll not find any Matar that has more passion for small frigates and hot reactors. And more experience with things going nuke.

But of cause I'm not speaking about reactors. I'm speaking about politics.

If you pull out the moderator from a hypercritical reaction the chain reaction is not stopped anymore and things go boom. I tried to hinder the critical mass when the FIA got attacked on the IGS. Of cause I informed my superiors about the things going on but the chain reaction takes some time to start.

With my person taken out of the reaction by The Star Fraction I can't control the thing anymore and just sit and watch the thing go boom. And this is why we Matari are good in reactor technology. Of cause we are passionate and have a hypercritical heart. But we always have a moderator that can stop us going critical. Our smarts.

If they let us. If we have enough time and space for manoever. Even if we have a hot hypercritical core, we Sebiestor, we have enough intellectual moderate power to control our energy. But if too many reactors are included in the reaction I can nothing but fail to control all of them.

Over hundred reactors in my hangar on stock. And the FIA with a lot of hotheaded and proud warriors that just have discovered the insults that were vocalised against them by ROSS. And of cause the Sansha raids against Matar systems like Teonosude, Auga and other with hundreds of thousands if not millions of Matari victims leave very few appreciation for public attacks. Very few tolerance for individums that draw not a very clear line against the Sansha cause.

Of cause. A slaver is a slaver. If Sansha raids the Empire it is weakening our arch enemy. But still enslavement is enslavement and not better on the one or the other side of the border. If we are fighting slavery we fight it everywhere. There is no tolerance. There is no acceptance to cooperate with them in the way "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". A slaver can never be a friend. Can never be an ally.

And Sansha is a too dangerous threat that you may give him room for manoever. Room to grow. Slaves to aquire. Slavery is wrong. It is wrong to enslave a Matari it is wrong to enslave an Amarr.

So we face a common enemy here. And this critical mix just goes BOOOOOM.

Today I inspected all my reactors in my hangars. I discovered a blueish liquid that was dripping down from somewhere. I don't know which of the storage containers is it's source. I just hope it is not one of the reactors. If one of them goes nuke, all of them will go nuke.

And that's a kind of firework I'm not too keen on to see. But sadly I'm out of the equation, taken out by The Star Fraction and now the only thing I can do is watch. I did all I could. Nasty result.

I just hope they have some moderators left and bring down the core temperature a bit. And if a reactor is leak you sometimes have to dearm the bad thing and take it out, if you don't want to make the whole stock go boom.

Does anybody need Self-Harmonizing Power Cores? They harmonize themselves. Promise.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.04 08:27:00 - [441]

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Dear Log,


Avenod, Eytangard, Aset, Isbrabata, Turnur are not burning white stars on our map.

Now the bad news: they don't belong to us anymore.

And I don't see anybody that is going to stop this at the moment. I don't have much joy left for you, dear Log, to tell you other things. I just say you might remember the recent Sansha raids? What do you think is the Amarr Empire doing right now?

But of cause defending the system is a job for cowards when I believe some of our militia. Ignoring the fact that we lose more ships on the plexfront than anywhere else.

But that's the way our militia works at the moment. We go and fight big Amarrian fleets with six or more Guardians or equal logistics support while they take our systems behind our back. Many say that they don't care.

And I already have done more than my share of this and am tired to preach what things are important or not. I am flying very enthusiastic at the moment, helping to kill Amarr at gates and docking spots. Which seems to be more important than those systems.

And those who will follow.

Damn. This is not Sasawongs job and not mine. This should be... ah. I'm tempted to preach again. No. Everything is okay. I have a lot of kills on my board recently. Fighting for the cause and all that. I should be proud.

Why am I not?

Joe Skellington
Matari Legion Holding
Matari Legion
Posted - 2010.07.05 00:05:00 - [442]

Wow, nice thread. How did I miss out on this part of the forum.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.07.05 07:03:00 - [443]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/07/2010 08:32:34
Dear Log,


Avenod, Eytangard, Aset, Isbrabata, Turnur are not burning white stars on our map.

Now the bad news: they don't belong to us anymore.

And I don't see anybody that is going to stop this at the moment. I don't have much joy left for you, dear Log, to tell you other things. I just say you might remember the recent Sansha raids? What do you think is the Amarr Empire doing right now?

But of cause defending the system is a job for cowards when I believe some of our militia. Ignoring the fact that we lose more ships on the plexfront than anywhere else.

But that's the way our militia works at the moment. We go and fight big Amarrian fleets with six or more Guardians or equal logistics support while they take our systems behind our back. Many say that they don't care.

And I already have done more than my share of this and am tired to preach what things are important or not. I am flying very enthusiastic at the moment, helping to kill Amarr at gates and docking spots. Which seems to be more important than those systems.

And those who will follow.

Damn. This is not Sasawongs job and not mine. This should be... ah. I'm tempted to preach again. No. Everything is okay. I have a lot of kills on my board recently. Fighting for the cause and all that. I should be proud.

Why am I not?

Are you beginning to see, Alica? Most of the militia don't give a damn about the Minmatar people.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:27:00 - [444]

Safety First!, dear Log

Yesterday I got a visitor at the Kaalakiota Station where my lab is. A young Sebiestor named Samatha Vosh was showing up, willing to buy some of my Self-Harmonizing Power Cores, which, I admit, sell very bad. So I decided to sell it for a 50% off discount to anybody who is willing to test them and give a fair rating without prejustice.

I'll give you the objective vidlink from that afternoon, which will show you undoubtly the high quality of my products and the professional care my team and I are taking. Don't get me wrong. Nuclear technology is no big deal. It's not as if we would be playing around with antimatter here. It's simple. It's straight. It's safe. It's Minmatar. There was a minor accident and I want to prove that it was not my fault to you, dear Log.

The recording blends in through a noisy background.

Samantha Vosh was wearing a nice dress, standing in the foyer of the corporate office, the F.I.A. logo painted big and bright over the floor. »H-ello, i'm here to pick up the two Power cores i ordered«, when Alica came around the corner from the lifts, inviting her in. Some Kaalakiota security personal was looking angry at her and the guest as if everything that has to do with Alica Wildfire has the status of a persona non grata, but it's like Cockroaches what you can't get rid once you have it on your station so easily.

»Welcome, come in!« Samantha was shaking her hand very shy: »Oh o-k« and slowly follows her.
»You look awful shy? Why that? You should not. Everything's cool. I'm cool, everything's cool. Ignore those idiots over there. They are Caldari.«

Her guast smiles widely, yet trying to hide it away by looking around.
»They are not too good to speak on me and my personal. I think they will drive up the rent for the station to insane sums soon.«
»Can you dig that? I have to pay 32 millions per month. They don't like me. No. BUT I PAY WELL! Hard ISK!«, she's yelling to one of the guards.
»They must have a reason… I guess…«

Alica waves her hand. »They say I'm dangerous. And that I play around with nuclear technology which I should not. they simply think a girl can't do this.« She nods to emphasize this. »Damn chauvinism.«
»Od-d, one such as you shouldn't be billed with such rents, because of being too dangerous.«
The red-headed Sebiestor whispered to her guest: »And there have been some nasty brawls down on the main galley. Yeah! That's what I say. The bill is much too high. It's insane. But that happens everytime I rent me in somewhere. Has been on Transstellar Shipping, has been on that CBD Station.« She falls silent for a small time, while both were walking down the hallway, the buzzing of the cameradrone around them.

Samantha asked: »Why you r-rent anyway?«
Her hosts waves with her hand. »Labs need a corporate hangar and that.« She was leading her through some rooms for administration, desks, cubicles, busy corporate staff buzzing around. The rooms were quite messy everywhere and it was looking that there was neither a clothing order nor anything like a corporate identity or uniform around. Most people don't work, just hang around, smoke or drink openly. The cam catches a very relaxed if not anything but completely leisure way to lead her subsidiary here.

»We arrived I show you now my scientific sanctum. Be prepared!« After have typed some numbers on a security lock a lock unlocks with a click and a hiss and a large blast shutter door opens.
Samantha nods unsure. »You will see how safe everything is here.«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:33:00 - [445]

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--part two--

The first thing that catches the eye is an old, open reactor in a corner of the room where someone had put a can of coffee on the open core to keep it hot. Some punkish girls hang around and drink coffee. Some wear bandanas.
»My reactor crew, they were called "Reactor Girlz". Hey Nuky! Samantha is curiously looking around, giving all the details enough time to settle in her own mind, while Alica gives a high five to Nuky. A young Sebiestor with dark clouded eyelids and a red mohawk haircut, a cigarette in one corner of ther mouth, in one hand a steaming cup of coffee.

Alica Wildfire was putting on a white coat. »Here. Take this. You have to wear that. Looking hell of professional. Have you radioation strips with you?«
»Radiation strips?« Alica nods. »Safety measure. Everybody here has to wear one. So we can control and take measures if anybody is exposed to that.« Nuky is opening a cardboard box on the table. But the strips she pulls out are all black. »Damn.«

After cursing filthy over the cheap and unreliable Caldari stuff, Nuky opens a sealed leaden safe right under one of the desks and takes out new ones. They are white, then hands them over.
»Ya hava put them on and got to scaper if'ats going black«, she's explaining in the deep accented dialect from the lower decks. Where Nuky had touched the strips they are already grey.
Samantha nods: »I guess so.« She shakingly accepts the strip, and puts it on.

Alica continues to explain: »The laboratory is a mess, we were not prepared for visitors, I admit, I thought I would never sell one of these things. And I admit that I don't like the idea to give them out of my hands. People have no idea how to take care about them. But look - we put everywhere nice white paint on everything. That's hell of professional, man. The labs in the action strips on the movies are always white.«
Samantha nods: »I see you have your own way of designing a lab.«
While they walk through the first hangar, there is some labratory personal in the background handling a can of greenish radiating fluid. »Take care of that! Thats plutonium!« Alica shouts. »It's hell of expensive, kids!« She shakes her head. »They do not care about the costs of all this. Really. But hell, yeah. Its important that everything is white. See? BANG - Professional - BANG - we got sticks in our asses. Isn't it? Don't you think?«
»Depends, every scientist has his or her own way.« »Ya, was hell of work to take down all those graffiti from the walls.«
Alica nods, kicking a barrel with the yellow 'danger radioactive' sign out of their way. The barrel rolls down the corridor, then nods with a serious look on her face. »Here you see our main production line for packaging the product. I deliver it from planet and store it in the main hangar. Do you like a coffee?«
Her guest shakes her head. »No, thank you.«
Her host takes a cup of coffee from the warm plate. »Maybe Eau du Nichup®? It's good against radiation poisoning but makes you a bit gung ho. Nothing serious. Black Necris guarantees that. He's from Ushra'Khan, ya know?«
»I've read about that water, I prefer to stay away from it, for now.«
»Fair. I hope you are not pregnant at the moment?«
»No, I'm not.«
»Very well. Then there is nothign to worry about. Our clones don't last that long anyway.« She shrugs, then pushes open the next door to the main hangar.
A shy Samantha still follows Alica, adding: »Depends.«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:39:00 - [446]

--part three--

Proudly she begins to illustrate her achievements in nuclear technology: »Over hundreds of Self-Harmonizing Power Cores are stored here. Each in an own container. See? Don't step into that bluish stuff. I think it might be dangerous. But our geigercounter broke somehow last time we tried to measure it. It was Amarrian… I ordered a new one from Core Complexion, they are usually the top producer in nuketech. I don't know where it's coming from. but its harmless. I guess.«
»That... Blue-ish stuff does interest me.«
»Do you like to take a sample? Do you have a hankerchief?«
»Yes a sample would be great, but no, i don't have one.« She gives a moments' look at Alica, before looking around again.
The redhaired hazard in white labratory gown is searching her pockets. »Ah. Well!« She dips the thing into the bluish liquid and puts the hankerchief touching it only with the tips of her fingers into her now empty cup. Here you have.« Samantha accepts the cup, smiling.
»You can keep the cup,. It has a nice logo of the FIA on it.« Samantha then holds it close, as a green stream pass over her arm and into the cup. Her host asks curiously: »Where is coming that green stream from?« She is looking up to the ceiling if again stuff is dripping from above.
»My dress.« »Oh.« She is looking worried. The streams then retracts back into her dress. »Here, you can have your cup back.« She takes the cup, asking surprised. »What was that?«
»Nanobots, which have collected the molecules of the blue stuff your powercores are leaking.«
»Ah! Great! I'm interested in informations about that. I have no idea where it is coming from.«
»Yes, will analyze it, along with the reactors.«

»But here:« She points to the stock of power cores. »Take your pick.«
The girl in the wierd dress takes a moment to look at every core there is. Then, she picks one obviously not leaking, and one from the bottom.
»Ignore the containers with the parts and all that. That's just not assembled right now. And that heap over there is enriched uranium. Of cause less than the critical mass of 15 kilogram. I told the people not to put the heaps together but you know how people are. We sometimes have funny accidents with this here. But very few heating costs since we store it like this.«

She checks the ones her customer has picked: »Great! they have a serial number. So you can be sure which is which.« »Serial numbers? What for?« »In the case of they go boom you can check them and tell me. And I can find out from which production series it was from. Some of my Uranium is of Amarrian origin, a Hauler that popped in lowsec and which I found patroling there. You can never trust those Amarrians. But it would have been a waste to throw the stuff away.«
Her order to make them ready can be heared for shipping over the small communication device, that she's wearing at her head and declares: »Ah, to identify them. Every product is numbered. I am proud to have met the minimum security for power core production and have a clearance for shipment. We are taking care very much that we don't waste some of the expensive stuff.«

»Yes, but these two are different in more ways then that number.«
»They are different?« »Yes. You didn't see it?« »No. Looking quite okayish.«
She addresses some young Brutor workers who are arranging some stuff at a few meters away. »Could you please clean up that bluish stuff over there? Put it in a bucket at the entry, I'll take care of it.« Then after solved the mess with the liquid in an orderly manner she turns again to Samantha. »No I don't. What is the difference?«
»One has one more camera drone monitoring. The other seems to lack a back up cooling system.«
»One more drone? Damn that things are expensive. I'll have to take a word with some of my engineers. Things like that must not happen. We have very tight competition on the market. Things like that can break a young and driven company like mine.«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:45:00 - [447]

--part four--

»Probably, although, I suggest you should check if you use multiple blueprints.«
»No.« Alica shakes her head. »But I have two different facilities, the first one is a bit...suboptimal. I built it for testing purposes only but they are now going productive anyway with it. It's a bit rig ragged, but working. It's not no professional like here.«
She suddenly points on the black stripe on Samatha dress. »Damn. You got a broken stripe.« She throws away her own black stripe. »I ordered them from Caldari space, they don't work.«
Samantha shrugs, then takes the strip off and throws it away.
»Damn Caldari corporations«, Alica goes into length, »they are making everything so cheap that finally it's not working at all. See under which circumstances and low quality material we capsuleers are supposed to work?« Her guest blinks, but decides not to comment.

»If you like I show you the cafeteria and the crew quarters. My people really get everything they need. I didn't avoid costs or troubles. Especially troubles.« »Yes, that would be nice.« She taking her out of the main storage and into the decontamination chamber.
»I suggest you close your eyes. It's burning a bit if you don't.«
Samantha closes her eyes. »And don't gargle with the stuff. It's not healthy. Always try to tell the people.« »Hmmm?«
They got sprayed with a white liquid then with a second then they get sprayed clean and dried.
»I got this from the TLF. It's milgrade. They mustered it out of some reasons but it was cheap enough so I took it.« Samantha opens her eyes, looking down, seeing the nanobots are rushing to reconstruct back into her dress.

The redhaired leads her out to the lift that drives them up to the crews quarters.
»That nanobot stuff is cool. I don't deal in nanobots. Too dangerous. I only deal with stuff that is harmless enough.« »Too dangerous?« Alica nods seriously. »Why?« »Nanobot technology can break the blood-cellular membranes. You really could die of that. Or go mad.« She turns her eyes in a wierd comic way and sticks out her tougue to demonstrate. »True, but I've built my lab with nanobots, and…« She starts to whisper: »I would be dead without them.«
»Ah, those Nanobot labs I heard of them. You would be dead? Why that?«
»A certain permanent disease.« Samantha talks back at normal tones. »Nothing to worry about.«
»Ah. Not infective?« Alica is looking a bit worried. »No, it's a very rare one, I'm one of the twenty who have it.« »So you're kind of lucky, eh? Gosh I'm sorry. Did you ever try a radium cure?«
»It's… A bit different. It's a body made disease.«
»Ouch. So no chance the switch the body and burn the old, no?« »Yes, will be 'suffering' from it for the rest of my life. Anyhow, lets not get all wind up because of this.«
Alica nods: »Capsuleer lives… that can be a long time. I'm sorry.«
»No need to apologize.« Sam then smiles friendly at Alica.

They arrive at the crew quarters. Everything is easy and relaxed. People hang around, listen to music. A sport studio can be watched from outside where they are training. »I do take care very much about good food. All from Native Freshfood. All Matari. Sebiestor, Brutor kitchen, Krusal, Vherokior and some of the specialities from the minor clans. Hot and spicy. Food is hell of important for people to be healthy. Especially if they have to work hard.«
Samantha looks around, still hiding the wide smile she had all along when not facing Alica.
»Most of the people here are from my crews when they are off duty from the ships. Some are scientific personal. Can I offer you something to eat? Something hot?«
»No, thank you, I've just had dinner.«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:52:00 - [448]

--part five--

»Ah okay. Ya, the Caldari stations are have no arboretum like the Matari ones, so I can't show you the trees and that. It's all very spartanic. Damn militarists. And the furnuture…«
Alica kicks a chair that is sailing though the room as if made of nothing but air.
»Cheap trash from nanofactories. See it's made of so few material that it has almost no weight. Bad for brawls.«
Samantha nods slightly, looking around.
»It's stable and safe to sit on, but it's like you are living in a world made of… of… ghosts. And I think this nanostuff is a bit unhealthy. I'm thinking about exchanging the stuff for something real.«
»Just increase the density, same result.« »Yeah. Tell that the Caldari who delivered that! More density, more material - more costs. Ha! But on the other hand if there is again a brawl it's good to have not too heavy stuff standing around… Reducing medic costs on the aftermath… And we have some issues with brawls lately here. Especially since we become one of the major customers for Eau du Nichup®.«
»You are odd indeed.«
»Ah call me a bit old fashioned, ya. I like to have real things around me.« »Fair enough, you should look for some steel furnuture then, or wooden.« »Yeah wooden would be nice. Steel not so good.« »I think I know why.«

Some girls assemble around their table.
»May I introduce my reactor crew? They are mostly behind this project. Talked me into it.«
»Yes, would love to.«
»You already know Nuky. Thats Bait. Trigger. Critical. Mess, Boozi, Boom and our youngest member: Gleamy. They're all experts on their subject.«
»Quite a group.«
Gleamy asks: »Shall we show you a core go boom? We have one prepared and we have a site down on the planet…«
»It's just a small one, sadly. For the next week we have prepared the demon core, which was the one late Beamie had an accident with. That thing killed one of my workers too, when it rolled from one of the boards in the storage, falling down and hit his head. The cores are those which had accidents and that we can not take responsibility for to deliver to customers. Those a bad cores and some here think they have a bad ghost in them. So we have some fun with them and make them nuke.«
Samantha smiles at Gleamy: »I'm always in for an explosion.«
»Fine!« Alica claps her hands. »Then let's go down on the next planet where our facility is. Shuttle is waiting.«

Samantha keeps following Alica, staying close. The Minmatar shuttle brings them down on a near, barren planet in the same system. The proud logo of Alicas corporation brand is on the shuttle. »I started my career building shuttles, did ya know that?« She laughs. »Still building them sometimes. People like my shuttles.« »Yes, I did know.«
»You did?« Alica was flattered. »Ya, this is one is the first from my production. I always fly it with pride.« »I understand.« »Was a hell of work to take it around through the whole galaxy.« »No doubt.«

The shuttle glides smoothly into a landing hangar on the planet, after the shaking ride through the thin athmosphere. The planet was near the sun and had about 1 'G' gravity. The sun was coming up over the horizon and just barren desert everywhere. The production facility was just a blinking ruby made of Matari redsteel in the middle of nowhere, cuddled into some huge rocks on the ground to take cover from the environment.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 14:59:00 - [449]

--part six--

Alica explains: »We had a facility of genitically enhanced lifestock a few kilometers away, but he stopped his production sometime after we moved in. So we're more or less alone here. We're using his left and abandoned structures for experiments now. The wind is usually blowing from here to there, so the fallout is not coming down here.«
»Odd, one would say your presence would increase his production.«
Alica shrugs. »I don't know. I think people have wrong impression of dangers that come from this clean technology. Yeah, it's not like we would do antimatter here, no?« »Depends, it's all opinion related.«

The huge buildings in her facility are impressive. Pipelines everywhere and radiation controls at every corner. Most of them are broken, eroded by sand storms or show signs of radiation corrosion.
»We have sandstorms here which do harm some of our technical environiment. We have to take care about that. Here, take this mask. There is a bit few oxygen in this athmosphere to breath. Don't take it off, don't breath in the dust. But the rest is okay. If you are not left alone outside when the sun is too high or down.« Samantha takes the mask, puts it on. »I'll survive.«

With a pack of offroaders the gang was driving out into the desert, some punk music is playing, the reactor crew is quite joyful. The ride is reckless, hard and dusty. No bump hole is missed. Samantha doesn't mind the ride, simply smiling and looking at the destination. With some of the girls screaming when the bump was hard enough to feel that they are alive. After a while they came near a bunker structure with some trenches around. »Do you like to be outside or inside when we nuke that thing, Sam?« »Outside, please.« »Yay«, the girls spread out. One of the girls hands Sam a pair of black sunglasses, while she takes them, puts it on, and keeps on smiling. »Sunblockers?« She gets a tube. »What for?«
The girls prepare for point zero and place themselves into sunchairs that are found on the bottom of the trenches. »Yeah for the flash.« Alica puts the sunglasses on and the creme.
»No, thank you.« Then she steps over the trench, standing on the edge.

The girls sit down on the chairs and watch the desert, one holding a remote control.
»Who wants this time?« »I think it's turn of our guest, what do ya think girls?«
Samantha turns around, letting her back face the just in a moment going nuke power core far away.

A white flash of light shines over them. The white bubble on the horizon is slowly lifting, while a fist rises to the sky as the fist of freedom of the spirit of Minmatar. It needs a few seconds before the first pressure wave reaches the watching girls, through the speed of sound is about four kilometers per second in earth. The earth begins to tremble and a deep roaring can be heared.


Alica stares at the flash and the building mushroom. »How far this time?« »Fifty clicks«, one of the girls answered. »Fifty? Isn't that a bit too close to be cool? Girls«, she claps her hands. »Time for cover I can see the shockwave commin'.« The girls laugh. »Yeah. Hell of. We better go duck and cover now. The pressure wave will arrive soon. Don't forget the chairs, 'kay?«

As the the shockwave rides nearer with the speed of sound she remains standing, swaying abit back and forth, her eyes closed, preparing for the coming storm. One of the girls pulls her back into the trench, then some of the cameras blind off and vanish that were not yet in cover.
Sam opens her eyes, looking at the one who pulled her in: »What the hell are you thinking!?«


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.07.06 15:04:00 - [450]

--part seven--

The noise is impressive. Hm. No impressive is the wrong word for it. Deafening would be better. Over them a storm of sand is ripping apart everything that is still standing. The rush of sand is over then it's coming back from the other direction after the peek of the pressure wave has passed, taking one of the buggies with them.
Samantha Vosh remains looking angry at the girl. Gleamy is looking at her and yelling: »We would never put you in danger, m'kay?« »Danger!? There was no danger to begin with!« A part of one of the buggies is crashing a few meters from the trench. »How the hell could I test my new nanobots then!?«

The black cloud of the mushroom expands in the upper athmosphere of the planet. Gleamy is staring at Samatha. »You're crazy, are you?« »Understatement, really.« Samantha sighs, letting her anger fare in the breath she exhaled. Gleamy is scratching her head. »Sorry mam. I didn't want to cause any trouble. It's just that this sand would have ripped you down to your bones…«
The angry girl closes her eyes, then her dress becomes glowing green, changing into a combat armor/enviroment suit, which then turns lighty cyan. All eyes are on her. She slowly rises, then jumps out of the trench, back on the edge, where she stood before.

»Ah…«, Alica didn't know what to say. But she's a customer. »Do you like an other test? But the fallout will come down soon…« Samantha opens her eyes, then smiles: »Another test?« »Girls, do we have a core left?« The redhaired is checking it with her main engineer. »One left for testing. Demon core. But that's a main one. We should take cover in the bunker for that…«
Alica Wildfire is looking at Samatha. Samantha Vosh is looking back serious, then stating with no emotion: »I stay here.« »But after that we have to get out of here. The wind is not good for that.«
»Ok, fair enough…« »You are really sure?« The girls watch her in terror. »M'kay girls, we make the demon core test now. Sedule shortened by one week, you are really really sure to stand there when we pop the core?«

»Yes, it's time for me to face the edge, the Twilight.«
The girl who has been by name primary target in so many battles scratches her head. Then let give the trigger from one of her girls, hands it to Samatha and runs for cover as fast as she could. Rest of her gang following.

Samantha lets her back face the core, closing her eyes again, concentrating.
Just the wind can be heared and the first cloud is darkening the sky, blocking the sun and coldness is creaping over the surface of the barren planet like the cold hand of death over a roadkill.

»T.N.T. for the brain!«, then Sam pushes the button.

Pulsing light on the horizon like the first time. But this time it's larger. It's kind of slow compared to the first detonation until the fist of Minmatar again is raising it's wreathe to the sky, putting everything around into the red fire of vengeance, leaving the sky burning.
The earth begins to shake and rattle like an major earthquake where the roaring of the suffering slaves under the Amarrian whip and the hauling of the millions that died shakes the surface of the planet; the blazing torch of freedom, the furnace of justice.

Samantha Vosh's suit imidiatly begins to glow bright cyan. She can see the pressure wave running over ground with the speed of sound towards her. The burning heat is smolderng the wrecks of the buggies when the hammer of the presssure wave arrives. The glow of the suit increases exponentially, when hit by the pressure wave, glowing blinding light, absorbs the particles, redirecting them as they use the energy of the kinetic and heat of the explosion.


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