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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.18 07:57:00 - [391]

Dear Log,

after I slept over this for a night and my crew got sober again I had a serious talk with them at todays morning appell. About the reason of all this.

You might see it as vengeance and I won't deny it, for one of our most famous chiefs once asked: »What's so bad about vengeance?«

But I am personally not following this path. I'm following the path of justice. There is not much of justice in New Eden, especially if you are a capsuleer, if you are not willing to take it into your own hand.

What I try to achieve is compensation on a personal level, just by the way I was hurt against the laws of CONCORD regulation at that day when I was mobbed by more than thirty battleships and battlecruisers and lost my ship without much to do against this.

Are all those pilots criminals? No, I don't think so. Most of them were just soldiers, I assume they were even drafted into this fleet and did what they were told to do.

And their fleetcommander, I think, was White Horse on this day. He decided to break the peace regulations with his fleet and all his people were just following orders.

Orders that would have consequences for all of them. The soldiers were left alone in this and the community that was ordering this assault on CONCORD laws is now not taking responsibility about the wrongdoings of this day.

They should compensate this poor fellow that lost a huge sum of money to their cause. And they should compensate me. I'm not asking for compensation of any other losses that were done in this war, I am just asking for compensation for this one.

On our killboard my Tempest was valued 110 millions worth. I ask for this, no cent more, to comensate the families of the late crew of it.

But they don't talk to us, don't talk to me. And where the cold void out there in space will not carry words, it will of cause carry my ammunition. And they may close their ears to my pledge but can't close their shields.

I am not happy about all this situation, but I have responsibility. Respensibility for my crew. About the lost ones as well as the moral of the current one. And moral is exceptionally good at the moment. I think I have really seen one of my Stabber crew salute me today.

Which never happend before.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.19 01:52:00 - [392]

Dear Log,

woooooh! Today was real fun. I was flying idly around on my little crusade for justice and ya know in a war this means lots of legwork and then waiting.

After I checked my open bill with BSK Druide and this was cleared, so that CONCORD sent me a letter "well done", I got no rights on him anymore. Of cause. But I was then going after White Horse, which I was assuming was the FC of that incident that cost me a Tempest crew.

I found him in Metro in a far out system named Freatlidur, which was housing one of the finest Republic agents you can find for the Republic. And there behind a gate I parked my tiny and a bit rusty Tempest and waited for him.

After a few hours of waiting he finally showed up - in a Golem.

Dear log, I really hate Golems for they have a crazy tank and with my gimp abilities to fly a decent battleship I was very very hard trying to get that damn thing down. In fact I got him down to zero shields when a gang of friends showed up and remote repaired him like mad in a Dominix and a Nightmare, I think.

So sadly he managed to get back to the gate even with all that webs on him and escaped. Just in time. Yes, I know it's a tough job for a girl to get her little justice nowadays, but I really tried hard.

Next time I'll be able to do it. But I don't think I'll get another shot on him, now that he's been warned. Bummer.

I was contacted by Fekihr from BOAT. It was a nice little chat about all those things that happend the last two days, especially that funny Orca incident. And he explained to me that he was in fact the fleet commander that day. But he didn't got on that can kill list.

The things in this world sometimes turn out funny. That those that just follow orders in the end have to pay for it or go through a lot of trouble and adrenaline and those who give the commands do not. But of cause it was not intentional. Things like this just happen. Nobody wants them to happen like this but even if nobody wants, they actually do.

And young warriors like me try to find their way through this maze to justice and peace, with almost no assets to spend on that task but a small and a bit shabby, cheap fitted and halvewit piloted Tempest.

But whatever happens on days like this leaves their trace on my mind and the mind of others. I have indeed learned a lot today. Maybe the next time I fly my big bulky shooting thingy I will perform better.

Maybe one time I'll get a Golem down. But this day was not today.

But it's not about the things you succeed. Life is about the things you try and you learn to do better next time. Life is about growing. Not about losing or winning. If you don't try, you'll never learn.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.20 11:28:00 - [393]

Dear Log,

today I tried to excuse the taking down of that Orca to BSK Druide, but it seems that I'm on his black list for communication, which is something I do not quite understand. Because every communication I do is decent and polite. Like a real warrior should do the language at the most polite level and keep the mess on the battlefield, where it belongs.

It's just that I feel sorry for his loss and that he should not take this personally, which, I fear, he most likely is. If you have done wrong and you committed a crime then you have to pay for it. It is just easy as this. Maybe you are lucky and you get away with it, but if you do wrong, prepare to pay and act accordingly. I told ya, dear Log, some time ago a small story about a mouse, an elephant and a cat. And that's still the story I would tell for situations like that.

So I still had no chance to transfer his rescued crew to him and am no longer willing to hold them captive, because we are not at war. Most of the crew is not able to pay for the expensive interstellar transport but I shipped them to mining systems nearby and took care that they all got a chance for a job.

Some of them were complaining and rousing about "Minmatar slavework", can you dig that? I just left them on the station and turned my back on that ungrateful crew. I offered a helping hand and they have the nerve to call me slaver? If they think they are better with hunger and without pay, they can try that. Nobody can expect that I go into expenses to fly them on holiday trips around the galaxy. It was their employer that was committing a crime and his fault that they had to pay the price for it.

Yes, the wages here near Rens are not the best, but I personally was living on a very low standard most of my life. But to be poor and have to work for low wages as I did does not mean that you are a slave. If you have no choice left you are. I have given them the opportunity to communicate with their employer but as long as communications are blocked, I don't think they will come through. This is not my problem.

To block communication is stupid. Really it is. It doesn't hurt the one you block, it just is doing harm to the one who blocks. Communication is an asset and to block someone is only an option if you are spammed, means someone is abusing the communication.

But I think the Brotherhood of Armed Traders have much more pressing problems than a lost Orca now. I was cursing about what I found out today: they are again at war. I don't know if they declared a war or the other way round but I have waited for so long for a time of peace to collect my "can kill" that I'm very disappointed by that and was cursing very much. But it looks like this alliance has a knack in making enemies.

My chances to get one of them now under these conditions are zero. So I stopped trying it, there is anyway just a day left that CONCORD would allow me to do so.

The problem with this revenge-job is that it takes a lot of time and effort. Time that you can spend in making money or going to hunt easier targets somewhere else. Still, I get a story to tell, dear Log, that is -I think- worth to listen.

It's a funny thing about humans. There have been an experiment. In a neighbourhood a team of scientists were going from house to house and offered money to the inhabitants. Either they get full money and their neighbours get double of that or they get halve money and their neighbours nothing. Most people were deciding for the second option.

Envy is a very strong social behaviour in most societies. So it does not count how much you get as long as it is more than your neighbour gets. And this is, I think, the nature of CONCORD laws. It would be much more profitable to spend the time and effort in making money, but it is more satisfying for most humans to see your neighbour suffer and they are even willing to pay for this than to just live in peace and do him good.

Am I a bad person now? I really loved that kill.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.22 07:50:00 - [394]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 22/02/2010 08:17:53
Dear Log,

still I'm thinking about good and bad. Someone in a bar told me that I'm a bad girl doing all this justice thing and to take down an Orca is wrong. It is true that an eye for an eye just leaves the world blind after some time. But what I was striving for was not a kill and destruction but compensation that I never got.

What is justice if nobody is willing to fight for it? Of cause justice leaves the guilty suffering. But this envy concept this "What's so bad about vengeance" concept is not wrong in it's core.

Because if everybody who is doing a crime knows, that he will suffer for this more than he had benefit then crime will be no option. But I also know that scaring people of crime by punishment does not work. People murder even if they know that they will face a life in prison for that. And this does not change when the prison is inhumane and the inmates are encouraged to rape him every day or something even more unspeakable.

You can judge the level of a society at the way they treat their lowest, their criminals or, do not forget their slaves.

So if nobody is getting punished for crimes we will live in a world of crime. If the punishment just aims for destruction we will face a world of destruction. What we shall look for is a world of compensation. And re-socialisation of the culprits.

This doesn't sound too plausible from a Minmatar like me and I admit, that I love the roaring of my Autocannons and that there is nothing more beautiful than the blooming explosion of an enemy just a few hundred meters outside your bridge. But I'm Sebiestor, I am trying to do better than my instincts.

Okay, I make a lot of mistakes, for example when I asked for compensation when the Orca was nearly down and I stopped my cannons I asked for 500 millions. I didn't know that the Orca is so cheap as 420, I couldn't imagine that. I thought it was much more. So I'm sorry for that. I should have taken like 200 that would have been okay. But BSK Druide would not have paid me even those 200. Because he is living the life that I am trying to avoid. He is one of the people who would prefer to take less money in that experiment if his neighbor gets nothing at all. When I tried to ask for ransom I tried to do better. But without communication there will just be blood as an answer.

But, now my Minmatar heart is speaking: how much worth, all you warriors out there, is a solo Orca kill on your killboard? Isn't that worth more than someone can pay?

And my Minmatar heart says: »Forget about compensation, my child, go for the blood and enjoy the screams and mayham and teach them a lesson about our wrath. Money on your wallet will just come and go - but fame, fame lasts forever.«

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.22 19:08:00 - [395]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 22/02/2010 19:15:18
Dear Log,

I had a conversation over NavCom with one of my CanKills who was to my annoyance reading my logs. We had a nice chat about stealing, revenge, justice, dying and all that and I very politely made clear that I would be completely satisfied with payout of thirty millions for him and his friend and after that they woudn't be bothered anymore by my presence.

This was a fair deal and not too much, for they would easily together get that money in halve an hour. But instead, it seems, they both prefer to stay docked and do nothing. This is exactly the situation that I have written about. In a rational world, they would see that they have done wrong, pay my compensation and we would all go and be happy.

But they do not. Men are not rational.

This situation has a name. It's the Prisoner's Dilemma, which is exactly explaining the problem we have here. In a world with cooperative and rational people to be rational is the best way to be. But in a world of egoistic people it is not. Hm. Maybe it is. But you have to be sure what kind of people you are dealing with.

So in the end it is a question of society. If you read the article I linked to this log, which I can not repeat here, you will find at the end the rational evaluation about society and ethic behavior inside them. The not trusting society will in effect blow themselves kingdom come while the trusting society will survive.

Why is this so damn important?

It's about being Minmatar. The tribal ethics is an ethic of family, of clan, of tribe, always an ethic of community, living and acting together and depending on each other. With explicit personal freedom on each level but on a trusting base. The other societies have different values. We have honor.

And the concept of honor forbids to act against his own word. Of cause there are scoundrels also among Matari. But they are not inside the community. They are no tribals, no noble savages.

It is only the barbaric values that make people act rational. Concepts of honor, concept of loyalty and freedom. All other societies have to fail and destroy themselves. The only way to survive the Prisoner's Dilemma is to be a savage.

So, here I stand for my right of justice in front of their station. Ready to kill. Because if I don't ask for justice and am willing to fight for it, nobody will do it for me.

Justice is something that you have to fight for. It is nothing that is given as a present or as birth right. And while I am now showing discipline in fulfilling my task I make clear that it will cost you time and money if you mess with a savage.

I do it for myself, I do it for my family, for my clan, for my tribe and for all Matari. It's not important that I will lose a lot of money by this. It is important that I stand up for my rights.

This is my way out of Prisoner's Dilemma, the Matari way out. My Autocannons are running. I'm rational about this.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.24 12:10:00 - [396]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 24/02/2010 12:29:45
Dear Log,

the Federal Investigations Agency is back to business. We joined the Minmatar Milita again to push back the threat of Jamyl Sarums Crusaders, that try to accomplish the megalomaniac Amarrian dream of a world of slaves and themselves as the worlds masters.

While I have still not found a good Minmatar cannon to fire from Pator to Sarum Prime and do in that hoe with a clean shot to the head, we have to bounce around her pawns a bit to make sure this dream never comes true.

Or we'd live in a nightmare.

I have to excuse for my last kill, dear Log. A weapons malfunction took out one of my corpmates in a training exercise. Very sorry for that. But feeling good to kill again. I'm not triggerhappy! I'm not violent! I really try to go this Sebiestor way now. I have spent so much time in trying to get calm. And I made great progress in controlling my temper.

Really I do! I have joined an anti aggression training but sadly I have given the counselor a clean workover on the last meeting and was sacked. Bugger. But I really try hard, dear Log. I will try out some meditation next, a friend of mine told me that worked for him.

But I don't know what will happen if someone tells me to sit still for five minutes. And he said meditation can take a looong time, so I have prepaired myself even to go beyond that. I tried that on the mirror and almost got to ten. I hope there is some shortcut for meditation but - how hard can it be?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.27 14:18:00 - [397]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 27/02/2010 14:25:29
Dear Log,

being a capsuleer comes together with some problems most people do not think about very much. One of the problems is dying. Which is especially a problem when you are female and a warrior.

I'm again in a brand new clone, for I died two days ago on one of my first patrols out into Bleak Lands. It was a stupid death and a death that could have been easily avoided. But sometimes you are forced to do stupid things because a wingman of yours is doing a stupid things and you follow of loyalty.

To attack a Hurricane with nothing more than a Rupture and a Thrasher is nothing more than suicide. Even if that Hurricane wouldn't be a certain trap, sitting hundred kilometre from a gate with a bunch of hostiles in local.

And if things start to go wrong, they start to go very wrong and end up in a clone bay. This might be nothing to worry about too much but I am pregnant.

I'm looking down on that unconscious mother-thing that is my body with the child in it and don't know if this is the right thing to do. I have been discussing this with friends and maybe my child is alive - I am a horrible mother to leave it alone. To allow to be parted from my child by technology is something that hurts.

I am missing it's movements in my belly. It is for me now like it died. Even if it was my own body that died and I'm sitting in this new clone, watch my child grow up in something else. Something that is looking like me but that is not me.

And what will happen if I get pregnant again - in this body?..

I don't want to imagine this. And what to do now? Slip back into this body with the child inside? This body is already near the state of blow up that isn't very capable of fighting any more. So what shall I do?

I'm something like a horrible mother. Maybe I'm too young. Maybe I don't feel right about this. I feel miserable, more miserable even than I felt when I lost two children before.

So I watch this body and the artificial movement and the sound that is induced to simulate a life, to simulate noises and fake that it is alive to make the breed grow up healthy. But.. I really could cry and I feel very very depressed by this.

It may be that my child lives but I feel like I lost it. And this time I didn't pay with my life for it, I just paid some money to the clone facility.

And what will happen if I again get pregnant in my new body? I don't want to imagine. I'm already unhappy as it is. Death is something we Matari do not fear. But I think we are cheating him on a very dishonourable level. We -I- am cheating life and I am not certain if this "good" advice from friends is really such a good at all.

Is it funny to change your body like you change clothes? "What do I want to wear today? - Ah let's not take the pregnant one that is not fitting too well into my new mini."

We make a joke about life. This is what is making me sad. I wish I'd died with my child inside. But on the other hand, if you go on patrol in an interceptor class frigate you will be exposed easily to accelerations way beyond thirty or more 'g' which you only can survive in a pod environment, swimming in podgoo. A child will most certainly die.

I have duty to do and I can't with a bug inside. To be a good warrior or a good mother seems to be excluding. I wasn't crying ever as a warrior. But as a mother I do now.

I'm so sorry about all this, this.. undead motherthing I have to leave you with.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.08 21:08:00 - [398]

Dear Log,

who am I?

I asked myself this question recently because I didn't switch back into my pregnant clone. What have we become, what have I become? I have switched my body like a piece of clothing and now I ask myself - who am I? Am I pregnant or is just that undead, that comatose body in that tank with the belly and the baby inside me pregnant? And who am I? If I a not that person in that tank, then am I pregnant?

And if I am not pregnant myself but that body over there, would I steal the soul of that body by entering it, making the brainwave overwrite or whatever techystuff the clon-techs are talking about?

If it is a new clone I would not bother. There has never been life in it and it was never feeling. I think. No I hope that it is like that.

In science fiction literature on Pator prime you sometimes find books that tell stories about matter transfer by energy-ray, "beaming" and that. But this means in effect that your body is destroyed and you will live in a copy of yourself. But is this yourself then? And if not, would be there any way to find out?

I think not. If we are cloned we are living as a copy of ourselves. But the person that once was isn't it lost then? And this girl, this coma-body over there that has my face and has that baby inside, who was she? And who am I?

I can remember the movements inside me. I don't feel it anymore. I died. And now I know why I didn't want to switch my clone during my pregnancy and that it was a failure to do.

Today I stood outside that tank with my disruptor aimed at her. I didn't press the trigger. I am lost. This is one of the problems I was not prepared to deal with on the Republic Military School.

She has my child. Or maybe it's not my child but her and I have stolen her mind and I am just a copy of her living in this body. How could she ever do this to me?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.09 00:48:00 - [399]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/03/2010 00:57:01
The question that we all have to answer to ourselves is:

Who am I?

It's not an easy question, dear Log. Is there an eternal soul in us all what is what the Amarrians are permanently telling us? If this is, then does the cloning technology transfer my soul? No, it does not, it's just transfering brainwaves, it's not a spiritual mechanism, it's pure technical. But can the clonebays copy me? Can my left behind clone exist parallel to myself? Why does it not? Is it of technical matter or is it of ethical matter or do they indeed transfer the soul into the new body?

I believe not. I do believe that the truth of our existence is a much greater miracle than the priest tell us. Can the man understand the world? I doubt it. And he can never say who he exactly is.

Then our philosophy was in the beginning we thought that a man is a man because he can think: "I think therefor I am." But we have built machines that can think. We said: the man is a man when he can sing, or play or play chess or whatever we thought in history which was the one thing that divides us and makes us better than anything around was shortly after that done by a trick or a machine and this most times even better than we were able to do.

So we are nothing special in this universe. We have found animals on different planets that do not share one gene but they look so astoundingly equal that from first glance we would say: they are of the same race. But they are not. They are not even the same species.

Life is nothing special. You find it everywhere. You find life kilometers deep down below in the crust of planets, down in tiny little water inlets that are stored into salt crystals. Life that would even survive the impact of an asteroid of the size of a continent with a planet, which leaves the whole thing burning for dozen years with a temperature that is as hot as the yellow stars.

Life even there. And it all begins from the start after the planet has cooled down. It needs some time but it makes its way.

Life is nothing special. We are nothing special, but we are. Everybody of us is unique. We just live once. We never return. When we die it's all over.

And here I stand and stare at my own body, floating in that nutrition tank that are used to store the clones in. Life is nothing special. I am nothing special. And that child in my belly, in that belly of the body that once was mine.

It is special.

Why is this so damn complicated? Why am I a capsuleer and what is happening to me? I can't die. My body dies, but my brainwaves don't. I can change my body like dirty clothes if I like.

Am I not my body? Is body and mind not one? Can it be divided? If I would not be a capsuleer I would say: no. It can't but here are stand, stare and I understand that what is happening to me and to all other is beyond our scope. Beyond our imagine. We just do it but has anybody thought about this?

Living "forever"? Don't live at all. Isn't it like this? Either you know life and then you also know death or if you don't have one you don't have the other. It's not life. It's something artificial.

We are machines. We are dead. We made our bodies something that we can throw away and we annihilated every idea of spirit, of soul. We have proven that there is no soul.

But that child. Is not. I feel like I may not touch it, dear Log. Haven't I been proven unworthy of this gift? Haven't I personally spit as a capsuleer on the idea of life with my whole existence?

I still don't know the answer but I think this can't be found easily.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.09 10:26:00 - [400]

Dear Log,

always when I'm confused I retreat myself into my lab and begin to work on things. Since the days when I was meeting with musicians of all nations to a cultural clash on the Transstellar Shipping station at Abudban, which caused in effekt that the Federal Investigations Agency was banned from that station by raising the rent for our hangars into astronomic highs, since those days I have an electronic organ or synthesizer of quite impressive volume in my lab.

It might be a bit wierd for a Sebiestor female to sit and play mostly organ-sounding and wierd sounding pieces of music, but people who know me and my moods just put on their earprotections when I turn it on and play with music.

It's more loud than anything, I admit and I don't really think that I'm a good musician, but music is like mathematics and it's bringing me to ideas. So I begin to think about the world, and my thinking is quite loud.

I tried to reproduce the ethnic sounds of our tribes on my instrument and was studying the Amarrian tunes for their music too. And today most people just know the intergalactic twelve tone equal tuning. Means all twelve tones of a normal keyboard are distributed over the scale of a octave equal.

If you have grown up with string instruments and other Matari ethnic ways to produce music you have a different ear for scales. You hear natural sounds. And if you compare the 12tone tunings that everybody seems to use today with the ancient ones it just sounds like shit. On the way to try to be kind to every sort of music and every tune and every key a piece is played with it has lost everything that was beauty in music. Music has lost harmony by this. It's like no sun no rain no storm anymore just drizzling everywhere and all day.

Music is a great way to understand life. It begins with the typical rhythm, typical beat that is like 60 beats per minute which is like the beat of the heart. And the beat of the heart is the first thing a human being can hear as a fetus, inside its mother.

If you try to make it right for everybody, you lose everything. Like the tuning that we use today that is boring and sounds shitty for someone that is used to hear the difference. Someone that cares about beauty in music, tries to find something to hold fast when all the world is shaking around. No there is no god where I could flee to. For me that would be like closing the eyes.

But if you don't believe in god and a fairytale being that is watching you, where do you turn to when you need it? I'm a human and there is the need to turn to someone bigger, like a child is turning to his mother. And everybody needs this, and if there is nobody she can turn to, they invent a god.

As a human I need something to turn to. I turn to music.

And the louder I play the more shitty the tuning of our world sounds. Can't you hear it? It's all wrong!

Du'uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics
Posted - 2010.03.09 11:00:00 - [401]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
And the louder I play the more shitty the tuning of our world sounds. Can't you hear it? It's all wrong!

You're not going to change it by pretending to be a Gallente in a Gallente corporation with Caldari pilots who long for a return to the days when our entire race was enslaved by their Amarrian friends.

Originally by: Asariasha
Stop staring at the stars and start salvaging my anomalies... Damn sometimes i wish the good oldtimes of slavery back... now we have to discuss financial security and minimum income with our "free" minmatarians... and they still stare only at stars... *sighs deeply

When you're ready to learn about being a real Minmatar, Du'uma Fiisi will be waiting.

Sophie Starsparrow
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2010.03.10 03:39:00 - [402]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
It's more loud than anything, I admit and I don't really think that I'm a good musician, but music is like mathematics and it's bringing me to ideas. So I begin to think about the world, and my thinking is quite loud...As a human I need something to turn to. I turn to music. And the louder I play the more shitty the tuning of our world sounds. Can't you hear it? It's all wrong!

Alica, your log does the same to me...because it makes me think about the world, and my thoughts ramble. I don't play the music myself, but I also like it loud, and yes, I listen for those natural sounds, a rising woosh, a lifting hush, a soaring note. And always what rises falls. Always.

There is music too in a fall, often jangly, discordant, arrythmic..perhaps. This is why I usually prefer the faster louder lifting than the sorrowful fall. I always felt it was more natural,

I have come to realize I was wrong. There is nothing more natural than the fall. I now believe that what rises, does so for no other reason than to fall. It is what life is after all, like walking, just a series of controlled falls. We think we climb our hopes and dreams like the branches of a tree, higher into our future. We don't. We fall through them. We crash through them. Always thinking they will break our fall. This is the music of humanity not the music of the rise, but the music of the fall. Jangley, discordant, arrythmic. It may not be natural to what is outside us, or even to our bodies...but it is natural to what is inside us.

A rise is nothing without the fall, it goes no where. Yet when you fall out of are falling into something else. Smacked by another branch on the tree of our future. A series of controlled falls.

And while there may be no rhythm, there is a kind of harmony there in the fall.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.19 09:56:00 - [403]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/03/2010 10:04:49
Dear Log,

time passes rapidly for a capsuleer. The last months were eaten by work. But while I was working with my business associated on the issue of profit and something is going on that is so important for New Eden that I can not leave it without comment.

There are rumors around that Pend Insurance will lower the possible fees for insurance on ships drastically. This just is bringing the market in uproar. Pend Insurance company is more or less known as a stabilizing, no the stabilizing factor behind ship production. And on ship production everything else is measured.

There is a simple mechanism on the market - where ever Pend Insurance puts its insurance fee the ship prices will settle after a while. It is of absolutely no importance where the mineral prices are at the moment - the insurance dictates the whole market.

For example the simple "Burst" frigate of our proud Minmatar production lines has a mineral value by production of about 25k isk, while the insurance by Pend is about 15k isk. Guess for how much it is sold on the market?

Right. 15k and below.

Prices are not rational, prices follow the guideline of Pend. Now what will happen if a price is falling below the insurance? Insurance fraud will happen. Like a friend of mine was yesterday informed by me that in Amarr Prime the Tyhoon was sold for 50 million, which is 2.5 million below insurance. He traveled there and made his first couple of huge profit by that.

And by making ships explode he indirectly feeded money to the chain of production which was going through the producers down to the miners in the belts, who will now, that everything is selling so fine, mine even more than before, and produce like mad.

There is just one way to stop this madness and this is to stop it at the beginning before whole New Eden is going down in an inferno of DEFLATION. To rescue the Minmatar economy the F.I.A. was calling in an emergency strikeforce that acted against overproduction and deflation by our ship seperation service.

In short the action taken is simple. We buy off the market the stuff that is sold below insurance price and use it against the cause of this insanity: overproduction in the belts. Of cause we have to sacrifice some CONCORD rating by this but if this is needed to safe the Republic we will do it joyfully without complaining.

You may laugh about this and just call it "Hisecganking", of cause. But honestly it is not. We just try to stop the deflation that is going on by this change and the only real way to achieve this is by massive destruction of production potential that fires this circle.

In fact we are seriously in economic trouble and this is going from Minmatar over Amarr Empire, Gallente Republic though Caldari State. This is a serious crisis which can just be mastered if all Loyal forces pull together and stand as a man on this new frontline.

Join now! Safe our economy before it is collapsing! Petition against the dramatic change in economy by Pend Insurance! Brothers! Sisters! Unite! Only together we will survive this!

I offer Ruptures at the Pend Insurance price to anybody who asks at Rens trade hub for this task. Also Typhoons, for I tried to catch the falling market by buying everything off that was going bonkers with the prices. But now I'm out of money and that stuff has to be used.


By doing this you safe the value of the stuff you have before it is all going to be worth rubbish, only thing you have to do -this is very rational- is making the overproduction stop.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.24 09:09:00 - [404]

Dear Log,

while the issue of deflation and Pend Insurance is discussed beyond my corporate and business associates and I have no easy task to make everybody understand how Pend Insurance is actually influencing the market and which consequences the change will have, most agree with me that the changes will be dramatic while not everybody goes confirm with my analysis.

But never mind, everybody has to draw his own conclusions about the oncoming change. And while I would like to talk about this issues in length here, I am quite sure, that you, dear Log, have no such thing like billions of worth of ships in your hangars and freighter loads full of minerals in your station vaults, ready for production.

It's always like this, those who have nothing have nothing to fear of the oncoming changes, those who have, have lot to lose. Me myself, I'm a bit in between those two. On the one hand I'm struck hard when I lose a Hound in zerosec and need days to recover from it.

Ships like this mean a lot to me. But here is coming the news update for me. We are at war - again. This time we decided in a corp meeting that we are going to defend our assets by supporting Ev0ke in their struggle against mighty enemies with what we can do. Like all wars we are fighting it is not just about money or assets, it's about friendship, comradeship and long lasting relationships. It's about family, clan, tribe, which is something I understand very much and can appreciate.

So while I have to stand back with my own plans of Matari domination and cultural return of Derelik to its roots, I am supporting with all my skills and assets those plans of our board of directors that have steered our small corporation against the storm blows of war in zerosec. Our enemies in Amarr have to wait a little bit longer before we drive them out.

My own days as a pure tackler seem to be over by now so that war actually means for myself: get the hell out there, and make money if you want to waste ships!

The face of war has changed in large. When I first joined Militia our fleets were mainly frigates with some huge and mighty cruisers in between. Today our fleets jump through Titan bridges into huge pirate gatecamps in Amamake, Huola, Rancer or where ever we like. And while the fight about Kourmonen was done in frigates and destroyers the last battle of my milita against a POS deployment of 1st Praetorian Guards, an important Amarrian militia corporation, we were flying with 80 or 90 battleships, and additional 50 support vessels into that fight in joined operation with our Gallente allied.

And while the Amarrian fleet was even, we were both hotdropped by Atlas Alliance with... 8 motherships, 25 capitals and so many battleships and support that the local system had more ships inside than Jita at "Faction ships for free"-day.

They spoiled something that could have been one of the most glorious days for militia. In effect they shot everything and downed the tower after that. The losses of Minmatar militia in that fight was minor and also the Amarrian losses were not as big as you would suspect on an event like that.

I mean Atlas didn't shot a bird with a cannon, they nuked it. Don't they have some important things to do out there in their own war? Whatever. We will fight the Amarrians an other day and even if our plan was to destroy this tower ourselves, I personally have written a letter of regret to Gangleri, the leader of 1st Praetorian Guards about this. This is not my way of war.

Me and my corpmates could have downed one of their Drakes at a spot near the sun, we were all in attack position but it was unclear who the heck called Atlas and if they were friendlies or hostiles or whatever. When we got intel that they were hostiles the target was gone. Bummer.

Now the FIA has become part of the Ew0ks. "Hoschiiimiiii!"

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.03.29 06:24:00 - [405]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/03/2010 06:41:26
Dear Log,

the endless void of free space is an adamant teacher. You fail for a second, you don't be there with all you can and you are forgotten, your dead clone is drifting through space.

Sometimes being in such an unhumanly condition reminds me better of what it means to be human than studying all the books we may read at our wonderful Pator Republic Library. And thoughts come that you don't get rid so easily.

Like the one thought that is haunting me since I first entered the free space and felt like just a spacetraveller can feel that he is alone out there. It is the disturbing feeling, that there is nothing like love.

Of cause we have some feelings to each other but do we feel love? Or is it with love just the same as it is with god, that we hope that there is something like that, so that we are not alone out here? Something that is bigger and that is holding us warm forever?

But if I look at the feelings that are played by actors on the Gallentean trideo and theatreshows I just look sharp at them and can feel, can see that they are lying. That they are lying as the priest on the pulpit that is pretending that there is a god high above the sky which is not.

Where is this great eternal feeling that is binding us people together? Where is it? Only thing I can see is murder, burning and destruction all around. And the process of construction comes together with exploitation of planets and minerals from asteroid belts.

Yes, of cause there is the feeling of romantic consumption, when we think if we don't get the love of this or that person we will have to die, and we cry and throw ourselves in such a drama that we are willing to accept that there is love where no love is.

This romantic love is selfish and it is just that we want to be loved but don't love ourselves. That we want somebody to be like the movies, like the stories told about love to us. And ourself we are unable to give the feeling that we are demanding from them. Because they don't exist.

Every afternoon sitcom with this drama full of "love" is making me vomit because you can see better than anywhere that love is just a lie, just another four letter word that is funny not censored by IGS.

It is how we would like the world to be but the world is not. There is neither god there is no love.

What we have are feelings. And we should take them like they are and don't try to make something of them that they are not. They are not eternal they are not shifting planets they are not lightening the darkness of space. The feelings are much much smaller than we like them to be. That's true.

Like we are much much smaller than we like to be if we see the endless of space, the huge emptyness that is around us.

There is no love. There is no god.

But what is between us humans must be preserved. Must be watched carefully and built up, must be maintained and I just try to be, try to grow to a better being than I am. I don't believe in love. Not in this kichy thing that is sold us by the professional liars from Gallentean or Caldari entertainment studios.

I know nothing about love. All I know is that there is hard work to be done to make space a degree warmer. And that what we reach with coming near to persons is never the love that we expect from sitcoms and other trival entertainment drama. If we expect something we will be disappointed. We will feel pain and get hurt.

But if we expect nothing, we have the first time the chance that we get surprised. That we actually feel something and that we can call love.

True love. Real love.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.04.14 22:34:00 - [406]

Dear Log,

some days went by since my last entry. But this is the nature of war that everything is falling behind schedule which is normal. We were fightin' against the Goon invasion in Cloud Ring where we as a corporation only were playing a small part but we did well enough to say we are a part of this.

We have no personal issues against our enemy so it is just a type of business we follow, to clean the space of the invaders. As it looks, they are retreating to other space like in the north. But who can tell what will happen?

On the home front the Amarr are trying to reconquer their lost systems, which are nine now but it doesn't look too good as far as I can say. But there are new dangers from inside like some diplomatic issues with the Republic Justice Department who were caught to be letting transport homeless that were stranded on their station to a near Amarrian facility from Imperial Armaments.

Voices raised that were shouting that this is selling those people into slavery and I went into a full investigation about this to find the truth behind this scandal.

True is that there is poverty everywhere in New Eden. Homeless and poor are loitering most stations on the lower levels. But on the other hand slavery is forbidden in Republic space so I doubt that poor people may be enslaved on an Amarrian space station. As far as I know there are very strict rules who may become in Empire Space a slave and who not. And the laws of the Republic absolutely forbid something like this.

So I took a ride in my Stiletto "Snoopy" to that station to take care about the homeless. And I found them hanging around unemployed badly nourished but free. Poverty is not slavery and vice versa. Poverty takes a lot of the personal freedom that an individual has but it does not make him a slave.

He still has rights. He can go to the election, he can protest at his tribal delegate about his condition, he can protest and demonstrate, he can assemble with people that suffer the same fate, he may become political active and candidate himself for a government position to take action against this.

Poverty is not slavery. But of cause poverty is something we have to fight. So I sent in on my own account some cargo container with frozen food and clean water, I helped them to organize and encouraged the foundation of a tribal community center.

Something that -indeed- was not liked by the Amarrian authorities on that station. As a result I have now a security rating of -4.99 for the Amarrian Empire, while some could argue this has more to do with a fleet that is missing and didn't come back from a patrol recently. A fleet that had the order to transport those people off to a different station. But of cause there was no proof about my involvement into this affair so they found no reason to kick me off the station.

But the founding of a community and a local workers union was not coming without trouble. The Imperial Armaments may love their lord as they hate the devil but a workers union they even dislike a bit more.

Whatever. So after some work I finally left the station unharmed. Barely.

Which is a good thing. Because in my spare time in Empire I found time to revisit my pregnant clone and slip inside it. It was a necessity for I was told by the vatdoc that there is no growing of the child inside the coma body for it is put into stasis as long as I do not live in it. This of cause stops the growing of the child as everything else.

So I assume I will not be nine month pregnant but some time longer.

UK and Electus Matari have been informed about this issue. But as myself they didn't see anyone enslaved inside the Republic. Poverty, of cause, is an enemy we have to fight.

Maybe I'll write a letter to Sister Louella Dougans about this and if she wants to give help to the people on that station while I have become a persona non grata which is something that hurts me deeply.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.04.17 16:54:00 - [407]

Dear Log,

lately the F.I.A. has grown some new members. So we were have to work hard with them to train combat. Hard enough to launch a special corporation event that was called 'Catch the hauler'.

While the FIA does not waste unnecessary crew for training exercises the only permitted shipclass was the frigate and to keep it cheap the plaintech frigate with plaintech setup, which are reasonable cheap on that size of vessel. Of cause I was fiddling enough around on my special ship that I was able to rig some extra power out of it.

So we divided into two teams and got a neutral Mammoth that we had to capture and bring into the enemy station. For it was training I got the job to be fleet commander of my group. Gosh, we wasted the enemy team! We wasted them twice before we got wasted.

Around Rens all gates finally were littered with cheap frigate wrecks, I think the game was going on for more than four hours of permanently wasting frigates.

I can only say one thing: I LOVE THE RIFTER.

Matar ships clearly rock on frigate sized battle. And to waste ships never was more fun but in this kind of game. The teams were of eight, with one destroyer allowed. Everything that was available plaintech was allowed but no ECM. For jamming kinda sucks.

The game did cost us around more than fifty frigates. And my team won both contests, with the second run with me supporting them from the near station by cheering at them.

But it was perfect training and I can't remember for a long time having so much fun. I simply love the roaring of my autocannons and if they waste enemy Amarrian militia or my own corpmates - who cares?

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.04.21 13:32:00 - [408]

Originally by: Havohej
Originally by: Alica Wildfire
And the louder I play the more shitty the tuning of our world sounds. Can't you hear it? It's all wrong!

You're not going to change it by pretending to be a Gallente in a Gallente corporation with Caldari pilots who long for a return to the days when our entire race was enslaved by their Amarrian friends.

Originally by: Asariasha
Stop staring at the stars and start salvaging my anomalies... Damn sometimes i wish the good oldtimes of slavery back... now we have to discuss financial security and minimum income with our "free" minmatarians... and they still stare only at stars... *sighs deeply

When you're ready to learn about being a real Minmatar, Du'uma Fiisi will be waiting.

Your recent behaviour demonstrates you have precisely nothing to teach anybody about being "a real Minatar" coward. Not unless the Matari spirit involves crawling on your hands and knees and seeking shelter under slippery stones that is!

Alica Wildfire needs no advice from you.

Tempus Iskander
Les Enfants de Gaia
Posted - 2010.04.24 14:34:00 - [409]

Excellent thread. Pleease keep writing Alica Wildfire. Thoroughly interesting.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.04.24 14:45:00 - [410]

Dear Log,

everybody in universe is somehow searching for the truth. Many search this truth inside. Like trying to be real. Trying to be true. A true Amarr, a real Minmatar, a real anything. Sadly if you disassemble the universe to the tiniest fractions of subparticles you still find no bit of truth. There is no truth.

It is a ghost. I don't say that there is no gain in searching for it, living for it, but if you come to a point where you can say: 'Here! I have the truth!', it will most certainly be wrong.

Truth is a construct that helps us to understand the universe a bit better, to find a point where we can put our imaginative lever in and try to change the world. To make it maybe a better place. The construct of truth is one that I adore very much, especially as a Sebiestor girl, for they say about us that we tend to be a bit intellectual, I would say we tend to look a bit scraggy and have not that big calibres that other girls have, especially the Brutor ones. Finding this strong point of standing where you actually can change something is one of the core elements of social evolution.

So the sad point about being true is that this will most likely annoy someone else that claims to be true himself. And this will lead to some clubs hitting heads if not worse.

So what I try to do all my life is finding the truth and if I do it right, I will hopefully never find it. I will never be true anything. Or be right about anything.

We have a new member in the FIA, who is a True Amarr. We never had any Amarrians in our ranks and that leads to some trouble. Not only that he's a True Amarr, he is still believing in his god. But he came to different conclusions about the Empire and his own role in fulfilling the path of a believer. He said that the true promised land is the Minmatar Republic, because people here have built something that is bigger than anything he can get in the Empire: Freedom.

Or at least we try to be free, I have to add humbly, for I never would call our Republic the promised land. But he is fighting for the same cause as we all do. And if people do the right, is it important why they do it? And if they do wrong is it important that they do it for the right cause?

I defended him, for he is free to believe in what he wants, even if I of cause reject the idea of a god as the secular humanist I am. But he is free to search his own truth and if he thinks that living by the scriptures is it and believing in god, then who am I to tell him otherwise?

Freedom is something important that I respect. And I can see that he is working harder for the Minmatar cause than many Matar I know, I will respect that. Respect is something that is the core of our tribal culture.

And respect is something that you have to search for even harder than the truth. One of the words that are often used by people is 'carebear', which means someone who is going the easy path. No it is the word of those who think of themselves as 'true' warriors for those who they think are not.

In fact everybody I know is somehow a 'carebear'. When you pass through a gatecamp in zerosec and you come back hours after hours later and the same bunch of people is still hanging around that gate, they are carebearing. Because what they do, they do without real competition. They are so many and so safe in doing what they do that they could also go mining. The same is true for most pirate camps I have seen. And is true for most ways of earning money in zerosec or hisec.

I would not call them carebears for I do not call anybody this. But I know some miners that go mining in the most dangerous places and put a lot of energy and assets into this, aware of the level of danger. I know 'carebears' who regular fly with their freighter through low- and zerosec too.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.04.24 14:58:00 - [411]

-- continue --

For myself I can not say for sure what I am and what I am not. I have shot down a many ships, lost a many too. I have traded at the market and also have produced a lot of the stuff that you can buy at Rens. I tried to be an engineer as my line of ancestors were. But whatever I do, I am always somehow looking for the kick.

I am looking for competition, I'm looking for someone that capable and able to stop me or to make serious trouble. I never went the easy way. Or when I went the easy way I got bored soon.

If I have to fight pirate invasions for an agent that has given me a mission I always come into the situation that has no surprise for me. I know very well that the average pirate is inferior to my capsuleer weapons and ships and that if I do not botch I will go home with a lot of money without anyone going for real competition about that.

This is why I do not like to fly very many missions and soon get bored. This is the reason I do not like to hang around gates and wait for the average ship to pass through and get shot by thirty pirates on the Osoggur-Amamake gate. This is why I don't like to roam around with a fleet of hundred against single targets.

No competition. And no competition means no growth, no learning, no experience.

So, my personal truth about this is: never do the same too often in this New Eden. Always try to rise your personal horizon, always try something new. Always search the competition. It might be necessary for you to go through some 'carebearing' to reach the next stage of learning, but keep in mind what the goal for this is.

It is not money. It is not a better ship.

It is a better self. And a better community before that.

If something works well for you and you excel in it - it's time to move on. But of cause that's just my personal truth.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.16 18:57:00 - [412]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/05/2010 07:15:21
Dear Log,

some time has passed by since my last entry. Our campaign in Cloud Ring has come to a happy end to everyone that was part of it - besides our enemies, Goonswarm or what was left of it. We were just playing a very minor role in this war as a corp but from the Ewoks, which we joined we did well enough to say: we were part of it and we enjoyed it.

After the invasion was stopped and with much work the invaders were driven back, the FIA turned to a more pressing problem - the Amarrian presence that went stronger in the time of our absence. The divestiture of the CVA controlled Providence and neighbourhood and the freedom strike of Ushra K'han, Star Fraction, AAA and alliances was on the one hand freeing the enslaved people in the reign of terror of the CVA but also left marauding fleets that were doing harm where they met lesser resistance. The warzone of militia is more endangered than before.

Only a year ago all this would have been unthinkable. But I say that those who are not for the people but against them will fall earlier or later. In the end the CVA broke not at it's pro-slavery policy but on the diplomatic failure with it's neighbours and the result of aggressive expansion politics. The same agenda that made Jamyl Sarum drive it's minions in this war of madness against our peaceful Republic.

Now, more important than ever will be to secure our homelands against the left CVA hordes and also control Derelik to stop the cultural and commercial invasion.

Pend Insurance has great problems with insurance fraud about capsuleer ships lately, everybody is talking about this. And I have been asked about what will happen. My full explanation about this serious issue has been on the news and was broken down to a simple: Market will crash, poverty of the masses.

Of cause it's not simple like that and my analysis of this situation has been much more complex than this. For example if the overproduction from mining will threaten the Rens market, I will personally take action against this. A fieldtest was showing us that to destroy mining vessels of enemy corporations is an effective way to stop mining operations and overproduction. Violence is of cause always the last resort and not the first, but I will not accept poverty of the Minmatar Republic. Poverty may not be as bad as slavery, but it has in common that it takes options and with option takes freedom.

And if freedom is taken by greedy overproducing Amarrian or Caldari mining operations in our belts, I personally have few scruples to fight them with every measure I have available. But on the other hand the "Hulkageddon" has destroyed over 1000 Hulks and even more industrials and barges, but has not changed much but to drive the prices for Hulks for a short time on some heights. So what can just one corp - or not speaking of "us" but me - one person do? Most of this war would be done psychological, I think. We tested it against the Brotherhood of Armed Traders, who were invading Republic space from Amarr soil.

Psychology is a much better weapon than any fleet, in my opinion. So in the end the only thing I had to do was fly three times a day through their mining belts and most of the operations were coming to a grinding halt or were slowed down seriously.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.16 19:06:00 - [413]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/05/2010 07:18:31
An other issue. I already reported that the FIA, after some disput, decided to allow a True Amarrian in their ranks. Not only that this comrade was born as a slaver, he still believes in his god and in the destiny of his race, religion and culture. But freedom is nothing that is owned by Matari. He is deeply convinced that the true path to enlightenment goes through serving the cause of freedom and to repay for the harm and suffering of the Matar people from the Amarr by sacrificing himself to the lowest deeds.

Sometimes he's just that kind of guy that you want to punch in the face, but on the other hand - who am I to tell him his way of faith?

But while the FIA has been tolerant and accepted the multicultural line of warriors as everyone being equal his own kind was not. Even if he's some sort of old fart, he's too trustworthy to his own kind I think, so they tried to force him back to the Empire to stand trial in front of an inquisition show process, to show in public how the Empire deals with a traitor to his kind. And willing CONCORD arrested him for some wierd pleaded accusition.

Sometimes I ask myself, if we all do not fight the wrong enemy. This would have been a strike that no Amarr ever would have achieved. And I doubt that they really would have wanted this. Funny that today a killmail was showed around of a Concord Special Ops spaceship that got wasted in nullsec. That they got grinded in nullsec might be the true reason that they do not show up there at all and sometimes I ask myself, if we all would not live better without them.

But of cause the administrators I was talking to in my diplomatic mission were helping much to get my friend free. My corpmates were celebrating this with much booze, music and women. And the photo of my Amarrian friend when he was dead drunk after the party will be kept hidden in the securest safe I could find and never will see light again. A bit too compromising, I think. Whatever.

I was wearing my pregnant clone lately but stopped to wear her when the time of accouchement was coming near. For I was not sure if I'm ready for that. I switched my clone and visit my pregnant and put in stasis body every day, thinking about what to do next.

So, yes, pregnancy for a female capsuleer is a bit more complicated than for an ordinary person.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.22 12:15:00 - [414]

Dear Log,

a few weeks ago I found a nice present in my Hangar, a Vagabond Heavy Assault Cruiser. To train to fly this wonderful product of Minmatar technology and not to waste it senseless under the fire of our enemies guns I decided to fly mainly Stabber since this whenever I can.

While I'm okay in a Rifter and most other small Minmatar frigates as a Pilot my Stabber Crew doesn't think about me as a Cruiser captain too well. So I always have to proof something to them. Many of other capsuleers would just say: "We are semigods, I do not care about what my crew may think of me." But I'm not like that. Maybe I'm not that kind of selfconfident warrior that I should be, maybe I have so many people to look up to that I feel still very small.

Whatever. I decided to fly my Stabber and my crew was halve happy to have to kill something, halve sure that I will waste the ship senseless and kill all of them in enemy fire without any achievement.

Most of you may have noticed the Sancha raids on planets in all Empire space, especially the tragic loss of 150.000 civilians from Teonsosude was a tragic strike against freedom. The fate of those who got captured - I don't want to imagine. So at Teon I was too late. When I arrived the Sancha already had left a few minutes before. Of cause nowhere else their losses are so heavy like in Minmatar space.

But still every free Matari life counts. So yesterday they attacked at the same time at five different locations. I had reported to the Minmatar and Gallente protection channels and was ready for fight. The Auga raid was nearest so I set flight to that system.

When I arrived most of the Slaves vessels were already destroyed and their raid had cost them more than they gained, I think, still a few valid targets remained on the battlefield. After I for some time fulfilled my role as a heavy tackler in my Stabber we downed two of their Carriers.

Sadly I had a third kill, a valid blinking Jaguar of the pilot Harri Bar. It was a mess of vessels and quickly I checked if he was Gallente or Minmatar milita but he wasn't, so I set my point and opened fire. The Jaguar is a fine vessel of our technology, maybe one of the finest there is, but the Stabber is not bad either.

And my a bit triggerhappy crew really enjoyed this vessel going down, most of them are girls that I rescued from pleasure hubs to be honest and they do not react too well to slavery. "Kill Kill Kill!" they shouted when the 180mm Autocannons ripped the Assault Frigate apart.

Finally - victory! I wasn't able to recover loot for this was such a mess that I only tried to survive the rest of the fight. Then I was contacted by sad pilot:

»Since when do you fire on vessels of Ushra'Khan warriors?«


Of cause I do not! I offered him to replace his loss and quickly paid twenty millions. I reported the incident to my superiors and they really nailed me to that. That I must not pay reparation on ships that aren't blue to us. But.. but.. but I said.

Nah, I'm really bad in diplomatics. I don't regret to have paid the loss but I was dispraised for that by my superiors. I tried to arrange a mutal blue, but Stoogie, who was my contact didn't have the rights to coordinate this and I think that F.I.A. will not beg for it.

They just blamed me to have paid for something they count as a valid kill. Which I do not approve. Really. Fragg that damn blue point, Ushra'Khan is fighting for the same cause, if they are not allied, who is then?

Bugger. I just hope the big heads arrange that soon. For I hate to have kills like that. It's a damn shame on my killboard. And I was so proud of that Jaguar kill before I recognized who it was! Damn! And my crew, who first were celebrating now are blaming me for this mess.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.22 12:24:00 - [415]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 22/05/2010 16:10:40
And to rub salt into my wounds, I was contacted by Merdaneth, one of the best Amarr milita pilots, who is not in Milita at the moment, asking why I just shot down one of UK?!

Gosh. This is humiliating. And the two fine carrierkills of that Sancha scum don't count as plus in the view of my crew. Sadly I lost my Stabber just a few hours later and many of those who were unhappy with me died.

But this hard core crew of mine, those who make most trouble survived surprisingly. Maybe they are training behind my back "abandon ship" on a very very professional manner, for they all know my usual chance of survival in battle.

Well I got two Sancha carriers - doesn't that count a bit? Okay. I really wasn't important. I leached those kills, for I was just the heavy tackler. And if I would not have killed the other tackler there would really have been no need for me on that battlefield.

I feel a bit depressed about this.

By writing this article I suddenly noticed an other kill that I got in this battle. What the fragg?!

Okay. I killed an Amarrian titan. I didn't know that I did, but it's looking like that. It was really a messy fight. Yay! A TITAN!

I don't remember how I got on that to be honest. Maybe a stray bullet that found it's way to this big big target, that you really can't miss, even if you are on my poor level of gunnery. But's looking fine on my killboard.

Maybe it's a small reparation for my little regrettable weapons malfunction.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.23 08:16:00 - [416]

Dear Log,

the Summit is today flooded with messages about the Sancha threat. And while the tragic loss of millions on the planets all over the empires is without doubt the most important news to hear, there are other wars going on.

Since I have begun militia warfare has changed it's face. Yes, the idea of Titans involved in milita warfare is something that was unspeakable of before. While the size of the usual Amarr blob has not changed much over the time, they are about thirty to fourty normally, the setup of their fleets has changed. Logistic support you see as often, neutral or not neutral as the fleeting of expensive T2 ships. The bold fearless and proud Punisher is on the retreat, while still you meet him.

Capital ship support from carriers are to expect whenever you fly out in a battleship fleet, I think this might be something that we have to thank CVA for, but this has been the usual way of war for both sides.

To take part in a militia fleet is a bit more complicated than before, because fleetmembers without available voice communications are often enough kicked. Voice communication was seldom in the old days. I can remember to work as a scout in my Rifter, typing all intel, not speaking.

It may be not so efficient but -hey- that's militia. Only thing we do efficient is dying - on both sides of the border.

The F.I.A. is regrouping. We are in the middle of training new recruits who are doing quite well. I've seen a first solo Rifter vs Punisher kill on our killboard by one of them and I'm very proud. Most of my industrial capacity of the days is put into my corporation at the current time, which is not much, but I do what I can to catch up with building stuff against my well ability to destroy stuff.

We are revolving our fleet commanders for schooling and learning, while much sleeping potential is going to awake here and many promising leaders are forming from the dust. »We are still not ready«, Bigfood, our CEO said. Ready for what?

For Militia warfare we are, okay, if you don't count a wrecked fleet of eight at a friday evening flying from Amamake to Auga in the middle of an Amarrian blob. Which was the thing to expect. »What shall we do now?« - we decided to stop fleeting against an enemy that was outnumbering us 10:1, but my own idea was to jump into cheap unrigged plaintech one fitted Ruptures and other cruisers, go out and wreck one T2 class ship after an other, sacrificing fleet after fleet.

My experience is this: if something hurts your pride, that's a good thing to learn from and you should do it as often as you can. And win the war on the ISK level.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.25 00:09:00 - [417]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/05/2010 00:18:35
Dear Log,

an other day - an other fight. Today the F.I.A. officially started their presence on the Amarrian-Minmatar theatre of war. Interesting that the attacker is in a war always named first, by the way. There are cultures that do this the other way round, but nevermind.

We entered with a medium heavy combat fleet, with a couple of battleships, me in a suport destroyer battlecruiser and some other support. So comes that the one-eyed is the king under the blind, and this was my excuse to command a battlecruiser this day. Someone had to do this and I was the one-eyed who was ordered to this position.

First we only encountered light Amarrian battlegroups mainly of frigates and assault frigates with some support in Auga. After they dared a brave attack, they were beaten to dust on their approach, so they retreated.

But from the great times of Amarrian warfare against the Jovians we know that Amarr warriors do not give up. They ship up and come back with more ships, bigger ships.

While we were waiting on Auga third for them, I can tell you the funny story about the faked killmail that was surprising me on my last log. It was a fake, but one that was hoaxing a lot of people around New Eden. The pilot was not in an Avatar, he had been in a Minmatar vessel, I think it was a Rifter, but I'm not sure. Whatever.

The Amarr didn't seem to come back, so we prepaired to reship ourselves. But just when we entered Hisec again Militia com channels were exploding with enemy spottings. Battleship heavy fleet approaching Auga from Kourmonen, fourty or more vessels warping in on Auga third!

Quickly we turned our vessels into a steep 180° breakturn and returned. They were coming! We were sixteen, they were outnumbering us what? Two or three to one. This was the kind of battle we were waiting for. If honour can be gained, then in a fight like this - honrour or defeat! Honour or death - if death would exist for Capsuleers like us.

Milita members were grouping around us. »Are you going to attack them?« »I hope so«, was my answer. Really I hoped so. A few fast jumps, the moment when the fleet is in warp on the enemy, where no turning back is possible, the second when the warpbubble is collapsing and your ship is spit out among the huge fleet of the enemy.

This is where my Minmatar heart is beating the drums of war! This is the moment I'm living for and with my Hurricane gliding out of the warpspace I was steering it into a dive around the first target. Fast and precise targets were coming over the com, steady and selfconfident like the numbers of a broker in Jita that he is reading down from the stream of stock tickers. With the difference that the names were doomed to death that this voice was reading.

The ship sounded by the 425mm Autocannons, rattle and shake. This is rock'n roll, baby, this is rock'n roll! »If you die, die silent«, was the standing order. With us a bunch of other Milita free captains were dropping out of warp or darting their machines of war inmidst the fierce enemy force. No fear. No hesitation. Just determination. Payback.

And they payed. Boldly like in the good old times, when they were fighting the Jovians. And in face of defeat they fought to their last man. Only a dozen of them were darting off at the end of battle, when the fight was clearly lost and nothing to gain anymore. Darting off to tell the tale. Home to their Empress.

The shackles are broken forever.
Good to be back.

Fearless Minmatar Militia! We're singings songs of you on our camp fires!

Of cause my Hurricane was lost. Of cause. We lost also a battleship and two Rifters. Thirteen Amarrian battleships pounded, so many lives lost. Of cause we felt beaten up badly.

Amarr Victor!

Honestly - what a fight! Salute, Amarr.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.28 06:54:00 - [418]

Dear Log,

I'm patrolling daily the frontzone now, mostly flying my new ship, which was given to me by our Republic Fleet as a small courtesy, and which I appreciate very much: The Republic Fleet Firetail.

Of all frigates that I was sitting in, this is maybe the best ever. Okay, the Dramiel is of cause better, without any doubt but it's unbelievable expensive. For me as a militia member the Firetail is insanely cheap. I just see it as a bad ass Rifter. And I always tried to do everything as cheap as possible. Keep it simple, keep it cheap.

But let's not talk about money, money that we capsuleers are meant to have en masse. 'Living like semigods with the money to spend that can outclass the income of planets'. Well, if this is so than I'd be happy if someone is paying my drinks next time I'm sitting in a pub.

True is, that I might be good in autocannons but I'm definitely not good with money. Not that I'm not having some to spend but I'm losing it faster than I can get it in.

Whatever. Firetail. I just like to talk about this insanely wonderful craft. A badass Rifter, which means that it has the same strength, but is faster, has more firepower and has an additional medium power slot. Which is -like I say- an additional weapons slot.

Most people just see this and say: "Hey! This is looking like a tech one version of the Jaguar!" Wrong. It's not. The Jaguar has insanely good shield recharge and the better damage resistance. You can't make it a Jaguar. If you do, you **** the design. It's a Rifter.

I was flying on patrol in the pirate infested system of Evati when an enemy Claw was showing up on the gate with -10 security status. To keep our systems clear is our order. So I attacked. It may be insane to attack a Claw with a Firetail because you'll have problems with the T2 stuff on that design (I love the Claw very much), but if you don't try you'll never know.

What can I say? It was going hot. A few seconds after the fight had begun a pirate Purifier and a Pilgrim decloaked. While the Purifier was keeping still because of the gate guns, the Pilgrim attacked with drones, guns, and energy suckers.

I had huge problems to break the armor of the Claw with my lousy gunnery skills, but slowly it was going down. But know, without energy the fight was going to be interesting. Especially with a bunch of drones that were killing me fast. With all my modules failing. With a fierce Claw, one of the most dangerous interceptors that are just 700 meters away, guns ablazing on me.

I was aligning to get away, firing warp off - an explosion! Damn, I though, this was me. Hope I get my pod out. I went into warp in a second, then fell out of it midspace because I was without energy. Just a few thousand kilometers away from the gate. I was so dry as a martini I needed know. But - what the heck? My pod has modules? What? My ship is still intact? Then - the explosion must have been.. the Claw.

Without doubt this was the toughest fight I've ever had - the toughest solo kill and the best damn frigate I was ever had the honor to fly. Thank you my little Firetail! I'll kiss your little autocannons. You were just performing great.

In a short chat on coms I talked to the pirates about this. The Claw pilot was going to buy himself a Firetail now. And why I didn't get a warp disrupt off the Pilgrim. And got away - in 20% struct. He said he was neuting me so badly that he was empty too and missed to turn on his module again after it failed.

I never was fighting with so few energy. And so much sweat.
Thank you, Republic Fleet for this great vessel!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.05.28 17:01:00 - [419]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/05/2010 17:07:00
Dear Log,

the announcement that certain big players like CBD and others will widthdraw from the Starbase and Starbase Structure market has cause a lot of trouble on the market. In effect most of the modules available all over New Eden has been already bought off the market by investment strong capsuleer corporations and alliances. The fall of the monopoly about those tradegoods is causing masses of speculations all around.

While the F.I.A. was holding an emergency meeting the conclusion about this was: profit that was in this deal is already made and what we can expect now is the burning and freezing of a lot of money. On the Heimatar market alone buyorders on certain structures could be seen that were bursting any imagination about how much money is lying around.

Speculation is about building Outposts for a price of around five billion ISK, and for this one of the most asked modules was the System Scanning Array. From the sellorder of 22.205 Arrays, each 2.750.000 isk, each 61 billion heavy is not one available of the six stacks that were in Heimatar. Instead new buy orders were put for tomorrow production.

This, without any doubt, exceeds my own captital by.. by.. by scales like a worm will be able to build a warpdrive. In green, with pink stars on it. And this did not just happen in Heimatar. It happend all over New Eden.

My own forecast for the oncoming period of economy since the breakdown of Pend Insurance stabilizing market effect was, that we will suffer a huge deflation. Now enormous sums of money have been bound, which will put additional fuel into this furnace. Deflation, I said means the rich get richer, the poor stay poor beyond imagine and never get up again.

Thinning out of the middleclass, who will be hurt worst.

Still the market does not know exactly what to do. So mineral prices go slightly up. But T2 ships already crashed. The Claw interceptor is on an low price of about eight millions, which is a record that hits the bottom, I think.

So. I just hope that my predictions are wrong. But it's not looking like.

We'll see in the next weeks, I keep you informed, dear Log.

Chaos. Stock brokers can be seen jumping out of their windows and slowly drifting off through the void towards the nearest stellar object, burning in the upper athmosphere.

All in all a nice and happy firework. I'd hope we get more of that.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.06.01 05:50:00 - [420]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/06/2010 05:51:47
Dear Log,

happy happy joy. Yesterday the F.I.A. helped to clean up Amarr hisec. The big cleaning up is going on all over New Eden and you can not imagine who many people leave their valueable ships flying AFK in space.


While we closed down the trade route between Amarr and Jita for enemy militia pilots for hours, we were able to get hand on most of the stuff that was confiscated by our most busy agent - Agent Autocannon.

Some of us didn't have enough of this and decided to join a Milita Thrasher fleet that was roaming Amarr hisec after that. I have no easy link to the list of destroyed ships but the Matari killboard was long yesterday. With just a very few, a very very few own losses.

Yes they tried to stop us. In battleships and battlecruisers.

I have to congratulate the Amarr militia to this wise choice of counterfleet. It was enabling us to completely ignore them. Okay, to safe their reputation, they first had a bunch of frigates and tacklers in that fleet. But -funny- they all popped suddenly.

That was fun!

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