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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.16 11:41:00 - [361]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 16/01/2010 12:19:06
Dear Log,

yesterday at 23:22 an other war started. What some of us think is a campaign of paid interest, interest of an anonymous large and mighty faction, that easily can pay a whole alliance and cover their losses in this war to get Minmatar sovereignty of Derelik and push back the Amarrian cultural invasion at the borders to Heimatar, I know better.

I am of cause not taking part in alliance politics, for I am a very simple warrior that only real achievments are the production and bringing on the market of some humble advanced technology ship, like some Claws, Stilettos, Hyenas, Hounds that hit the market yesterday, but I try to tell you, dear Log, what is going on.

We were watching the efforts of cultural invasion of Minmatar Republic space by Abel Jarek and his minions. This war was launched covert from the Ammatar Mandate. The Ammatar, who were tought by their blood to be proud and honour their culture. The culture that was destroyed by Amarrian slavecollars. Now they honour an anti-culture by rubbing their knees on the stony floor of cathedrals and begging for remission of beeing Matar.

The Ammatar are suffering. They may be enemies to the Republic by deed, but they are our brothers and sisters by heart and blood. And the only thing they need is a helping hand and a little push on the back to go into the right direction.

And now this Derelik campaign started. It started by aggressing one of the heavy industrial forces that where launched as capsuleer entrepreneurs. The name of this alliance is Brotherhood of Armed Traders.

»Wir suchen auch weiterhin Mining und Produktioncorps aus dem Amarrraum oder die die auch dahin ziehen würden.« - Sha'Dam

They are drawing together industrial and fighting forces from Amarr Empire to grab the ressources of the Derelik region. This they do with all methods, inclusive slavetrade and violent actions. We will stop this.

Derelik is Matar. And it will be free. We come for our people. We come for our blood. And we do not just crack the chains of slavery we also crack the chains of cultural slavery for our people. And the religious Brotherhood of Amarrian springoff is the first, that we have to stop for their influence has become huge in Derelik.

Our first light scout patrol started the minute our war began. Their central sphere of influence seems to be around Dysa, but we have to recon all movement of assets. Many sightings of traffic between Amarr prime and their Derelik outpost could be spotted and when our scout patrol hit Dysa we were engaged in our first conflict with our light patrol against battleship forces.

But I think we took them by surprise. Now we expect heavy resistance for the close down of all industrial activity is the next step of the campaign and the Brotherhood will summon their forces to defend their logistic lines to the Empire. But as always, Matar will prevail.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.17 12:07:00 - [362]

Dear Log,

the last days we were scouting our enemy and estimating their forces and their staging points. While it was no big deal to find their headquarter at Dysa it was indeed interesting to find out why they were choosing this system.

On the one hand the systems were low populated which was no big surprise for Derelik is one of the least developed regions inside the Empire. But it is a system with just one station, the only station in few jumps around and it is the spot where regulary CONCORD forces show up to protect one of their officers.

Many capsuleers who try to fulfill their mission find this station camped by our cartel, Brotherhood of Armed Traders, and kill the mission objective to steal the valuable parts.

If someone poor steals from the rich, it is something that I can understand. Sometimes famine and poverty leaves no other option. But if the rich do this to the poor... this is something completely different. So our scouts report of the locals hating these people.

But to be honest they have huge fleets up, forces that are more than a match for ours at the moment. So this war will begin slowly and I think it will take a long time to take them down. For their rich income of money is almost unstoppable at the moment.

We established major staging points in Derelik to fight them and wear them down a bit. We will strike when they are not prepared and not when they want. A direct confrontation can just have one result: our defeat.

But to fight an inferior enemy is nothing that brings honor. To fight superior, evil forces is something I like. And which makes people grow over themselves.

I was talking to one of their pilots over com. In fact she was a Matar, of Vherokhior origin, but she said she was a slave and executing tasks for her master at the Rens market hub. I was sadly not in a ship that was able to match her in a direct confrontation at the first time we met, but she denied a fight after that for she was forbidden to fight the enemy alone anyway.

So we will have to wait. Wait until the fruit is ripe. They will become careless as they were on the first day of war. We are there. Everywhere.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.18 18:03:00 - [363]

Dear Log,

the next day of war is going on. While we had some problems with corps in our alliance, so we lost two of them, our numbers are reduced a bit but it doesn't matter anyway for the leaving forces didn't fight in our fleets, but a few that we sadly lost to our numbers.

The war is going well. I was just idly searching around with my Stabber, for my crew pushed me into this. To be honest the tight discipline that my Stabbercrew normally was showing eased a bit too much down.

Relativly spoken.

So I was patroling some mission-hubs in the Heimatar region because I noticed on Concord lists that many of the members of BOAT-people (Brothers of Armed Traders) were working for agents nearby. After some disappointing non-sightings and a crewmember that was dead drunk maintaining my 220mm Autocannons my sensors screamed.

Red flashing a wartarget passed by. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I followed him and on the next gate his Hulk Exhumer was idlely activating his subwarp drive and approaching the gate.

Like an autopilot would.

Some of my crew were staring out of the window of my Stabber. There is a fashion on my ship that they wear a cloth around their heads. A fashion that was introduced by my Reactor Girlz, I think, who were loosing some of their hair lately.

I followed the hulk to the next gate but it was too large to tackle it and because I didn't know exactly how long it would take to destroy a hulk with it I didn't dare to engage him in front of the gate. But the next gate was a small one. And so I waited.

The minutes were passing like hours. Had he realised that he's beeing hunted? I have long ago called my comrades but they were all some jumps out. Then the majestetic ship decloaked in front of me.

An empty bottle of bear rolled across the floor of the bridge when I engaged the warp-jammer and my subwarp-drive to get him under tight control. The autocannons began to rattle and my ship was thrown in a steep dive around my target.

He was already halve in armor before I have begun to shoot him, so there must have been an engagement before this and he didn't care to repair his ship. The gate was coming nearer and I thought: »Bugger! He's reaproaching!« But it was only my own spin around the target. In overheat my guns began to howl when I say parts of the intestines and a mining laser pass his left flank. One of the projectiles hit maliciously his subwarpdrive and I could see the flash of explosions from the reactor. Then slowly, like a fist hits a walnut on a plate the bulkheads bursts and the back broke under the explosion. A pod appeared and was hanging above the wreck.

The autopilot disengages when the ship is destroyed. Target lock. I waited a second. »Don't show mercy«, was the alliance order. Hm. I'm a warrior and I do what I'm told. Fire.

My crew entered the wreck, yahooing and galumphing to plunder what was left after I opened the boarding bridge. I couldn't believe what I saw. Millions and millions of booty. This was not just loot. This was booty and nothing else. It was more than I lost in value over the last whole wars.

Some skillbooks, a faction shieldbooster, lots of crap. Asariasha was cursing me that I didn't wait for her when she finally was falling out of warp. "Take all you can carry! Take what you can! I'm so full!", I yelled through the com. His men stormed the wreck when I hauled away what my Stabber could carry.

The first time I'm captain on this ship my crew was actually saluting me. It was no great battle but... hey! Booty!

I don't want to be in the poor guys new clon. If I would be alliance leader and someone would give our enemy such a gift, I don't know what I'd do. I'd possibly let decide my crew and get off board. Because I have seen bad things in universe but this...

Gosh. I call it a good day.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.18 19:14:00 - [364]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/01/2010 19:18:47
-- continue --

I just was called by one of the Alliance leader. To be called by a leader always means something bad - for me. Because normally I have the impression everything I do was wrong.

So I collected the best parts of the uniforms I have and reported to the HQ. Militia I'm used, but Alliance headquarters?

»Come in!« It's the sound of a voice that tells what comes. And his face was stone cold. "****", I thought. "This is going to be bad. »You shot down an unarmed civilian vessel of our enemy. You plundered the remains and you even didn't show any mercy on the escape pod?« »Gee, I mean, yes, SIR!« I'm not very good in standing in attention. It's normally the moment when I get a hickup.

Like now.

But then he smiled. »This war will not end too soon. I was wondering about if we would be able to fulfill our assignment with two of our corporations leaving but now I'm in a good mood. Stand at ease. You done perfectly well. Champaigne?« I rejected, because I didn't drink alkohol since... »No. Thank you, sIr! But I'd like to have a fruitcocktail, if you have. The only drink that is censored by IGS.«

So. Our war extends. All because of my Stabber. Gosh. I'm so proud of them. They might not be the most sober and clean crew, but they are my crew. And now... I think I am on the right path. This is what I can do best.


And damn. That poor bastard that was the reason for all this. I don't wanna be in his skin. No. How many are they? 350 something? And nobody can mine roids anymore. Nobody can hauler things, nobody can run missions for a long time.

This costs lots of money. And to be true we thought we would fight an able enemy. But now... No. Just because one man fails doesn't mean the Alliance does. We have to be cautious and never underestimate our enemy.

I'm just a very small warriorgirl and I just try to do my duty. I'm a pale kind of warrior besides Asariasha or Qipchak. And I can contribute so few to this war. My ships are small and cheap. My skills are lacking far from completion but...

I salute to my enemy with my fruitcocktail. Prost!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.19 00:40:00 - [365]

-- continue --

The war was getting hotter this evening. We faced a fleet of staggered thirty to forty ships in parts of three of mixed size. We tried to hunt them down especially those who were seperated from the main but the enemy was careful. For the forces were much too large for us for direct engagement.

But time is on our side. We have prepared for a long war and are not dependent from assets or making money. Yeah, okay. I'm making money here and there but just casually and more for the fun than for need. The FIA has always been a warriors corporation where everybody was ordered to have enough money for his ships.

Asariasha had a bit of bad luck at the Rens hub station, where she was killed in her stealthbomber by the whole enemy fleet. Her bomber missed going in warp fast enough and she lost her combat clone. She just laughed. I wonder if the Hulk pilot today was also just laughing about his loss.

But our enemy has bunkered in those lowsec systems wisely down there. There are a lot of high quality level four agents on their station and they are indeed running missions there.

But what is income in money or goods if you can't bring them to the market I ask? And if they want to do, we will be there. As you can see, dear Log, the Empire War is not so much different from the war I was fighting against the Amarr Empire for so long. If the enemy is too strong for direct engagement, you have to ship down and begin a war of attrition. Something that I like very much, it is the Matari way of war, the hit-and-run and the guerilla and skirmish tactics.

Those are also much harder to counter than a simple fleet. And it is the result of an enemy that is not trusting his fleets enough to scale down a bit to make fights possible. We can not scale up, so will they scale down? I don't think they will and why should they? Hm. Maybe we just avoid their main forces. Like we got behind their back today to hit their base while they were hunting us at Rens. Sadly there were too few targets available. But it was a good plan, that will give fruits in the future.

If you count our enemies they are around 280. You can not protect all of them. For us it is so much easier. We are just a hand full of pilots. It's the old David and Goliath story.

But it was a good day of war. I am sure we had much more fun than they had. Our spirits are up and there was much laughing on the communication lines. I never was fighting a joyful war like this. Maybe this enemy is so much better to fight than the last one. And it seems that they are so much more worth beeing killed. Almost as worthy as an Amarr militia. And this you can take as a compliment, dear Log.

No action on their side for today. So I close for now and give over to the nightshift.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.20 01:20:00 - [366]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 20/01/2010 01:28:55
Dear Log,

another day of war went by. We were waiting for them the whole day to show up and they actually did. In a much too big fleet for us, again, to fight a decent fight. It was smaller this time than the days before, not thirty ships but thirteen.

Yes. We were three.

So only thing we could do today was to tease them a bit, try to get some of their smaller ships down before they can get away, but with just three pilots against so many this is a very dangerous game which I enjoyed much but which I had to pay with one of my hounds. A fairly cheap ship that I sacrificed with greatness to the moment of war.

It is always the moment of duty where you have to decide for safety or for aggression. The fleet consists of only two cruisersized targets that were possible to fight for us under these conditions, a Muninn and a Thorax. First we tried to attack the Muninn just from thrity kilometers away with our stealthbombers, but after we hunted their fleet over several gates back from Lustrevik to their base in Dysa we dared the engagement.

This kind of attack is quite suicidal I'd say but if you don't dare anything in a war you don't get any successes either. So sometimes you have to dare it. After the Muninn left I was already aligned to warp off, because I could see the Thorax darting towards my ship but I got command to fire on the Thorax.

After thinking about it you always know better. I should simply have warped off. But what is a stealthbomber? It is a cheap and disposable ship that I will always sacrifice before I leave a comrade alone in a fight against an overwhelming enemy. So I began to fire on the Thorax, which was able to scram and web me and then I died fast under the slavers guns.

No, those enemy don't accept any kind of fights that are nothing but safe ganks, one of my wingmen said. They don't dare nothing. They keep all ships on a spot wait for us to attack even if we are laughable outgunned and outmanned and think that kind of victory is something to sing about?

No. We sing about that we keep attacking. And we sing about that their fleets of fifteen scare away from three of our battleships. This is something to sing about. I don't sing about easy ganks. That's nothing to worry about, because it happens every day out there. I lost over hundred ships on duty. This was my first stealthbomber and I can say, I like it. But it is no easy ship and I think I will refit it for the next engagement.

The Hulk I found so easily was something to sing about. Because it was something so insanely stupid that we laugh for a long time about that. And I pay my ships from the money I got from the loot. Many more stealthbombers to be true.

But is it about money to fight a war? No. It is not. Not for a warrior, maybe for a merchant. For a warrior the fight is about honor. And honor you don't get if you steal the lollipop of a little girl. Honor you gain when you try the impossible. To beat an enemy that seems to be unbreakable for us.

But the day will come, I hope, when we see them in shatters. Mind my words. Because forty sheeps might be no easy game for a pack of wolves when they herd together. But the herd parts. And at that moment the wolves strike, and get their prey.

I'm a bit sad that we can't fleet better at the moment, to be honest. It was not planned like this and I have to say I'm sorry. But we do our best, even if this was not our fault, the fault of FIA. But of cause we will win. Numbers don't count, the right spirit and braveness does and in a war you fight like you can. And the day when the Empire will understand this, why we fight, how we fight. I lost my ship attacking an unbreakable enemy where I could also kept in safe cloak.

When they understand this, they will understand why they are losing this war. And why this ship was not their, but our win. Not a win of the board, but a win where it counts; in the heart.

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.20 10:12:00 - [367]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

I don't sing about easy ganks. That's nothing to worry about, because it happens every day out there.

Originally by: Alica Wildfire
The Hulk I found so easily was something to sing about. Because it was something so insanely stupid that we laugh for a long time about that.

Ms. Wildfire, you are getting close to the SF brand of hypocrisy. You revel in easy ganks yet you deny that its something worth reveling about. If you catch an outgunned enemy, you declare that enemy tactically poor but if the enemy doesn't let itself be caught outgunned you suggest they are the cowards.

I realize combat excites you, and that you are disappointed when you don't get 'a good fight'. Bloodlust can take over easily and is addictive. However, blaming your lack of a hit of your favorite addictive substance on your enemy and trying to paint them in a negative light because of that is unbecoming.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.20 12:44:00 - [368]

Dear Log,

the nature of war.

It is all about the goals that the one or the other party has. There is no shame in hunting and destroying haulers or mining vessels in a war. To hurt the industrial capacity of your enemy and destroy assets of value is one of the things to achieve.

To fly out in a single ship without backup and look for a target is very dangerous, because if you encounter an outnumbering enemy or a patrol you most certainly are dead. And with you your crew.

Is the submarine tactic the cowards tactic? What is the cruiser for a kind of ship? Both target the industrial vessels everywhere and to any times. While the cruisers were the common vessel to do this and with great success on the wide oceans, there even have been Hilfskreuzer on sea to do this job, ships that were disguided as merchants but were armed and ready to take down enemy vessels.

A cruiser or submarine is a very vulnerable vessel. It will be destroyed by most other ships of war and it's primary purpose is to take down the industrials. To target the industrial and trade capacity of the enemy. And it is quite risky to fly those kind of ships. If they in the end do what they are constructed for, I think it is a thing they can be proud of.

A cruiser that takes down an enemy hauler or industrial can be proud of. He is operating without support behind enemy lines and strikes swift and fast. It is something -the whole idea I think- that I like.

A hunting fleet or a merchant escort targets those hunters. They will operate with some fast frigates or destroyers. If they achieve what they are constructed to do, they can be proud. As the battlecruiser would be a nice protection of merchants against such attacks.

But a fleet targets other fleets. If they are taking down ships that are daring the impossible it is nothing special. It is no skill, no daring. I admit it was stupid to attack them with those vessels on the other hand but there is pride among us and honor. They come with a fleet, we show up on the battlefield. Even if we can't match. And we still attack.

Our daring attack could have been victorious when we indeed have been able to down an enemy ship. We were not. And I admit that I made a small mistake, I took a suggestion of my wingleader as an order, knowing I was already locked by the whole fleet I helped to attack his target instead of bringing my ship into safety. Which was indeed the thing I just started when he announced the new target. So I stayed.

The will to sacrifice can be held against me. But I think it is a virtue and nothing to be ashamed of. I love flying these small ships and already my production workers are assembling the next Hound ready for action.

I took the advice of Merdaneth, to learn and begin to produce my own advanced technology ships earlier and now it begins to pay out. It doesn't hurt me that bad to loose a Hound. It's indeed not much more money than a well fitted Rifter. Believe it or not. And I think it was well worth it, even if the Hound is a bit more expensive than a normal cruiser all in all.

I'm sick of losing Rifter after Rifter and that those ships are showing on my losslist makes me proud somehow. Not just flying them but daring them in attacks was a thing I always tried to do.

If you fly in bigger fleets, dear Log, you don't learn, you don't dare, you ain't gonna gain nothing. It's just cheap kills. This is why I respect the Rifterpilots of our militia. They seach for targets, they go in to tackle, they try to survive until the fleet shows up and normally they get destroyed doing this. It's of great spirit.

If you never play the game of war on the edge, you don't play it. Who dares nothing gains nothing in return. I am aiming for something. I love doing what I do. And this will not be the last Hound I will dare, will sacrifice for the cause.

I'm gung ho and more motivated than ever by this. Some hounds whimper if you kick them and hide under the closet, some attack.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.22 01:30:00 - [369]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 22/01/2010 01:54:18
Dear Log,

yesterday our patrols got some of their ships. After that we launched an assault with six battleships and a bit support to get them fight. After we arrived at Dysa we saw sixteen of their battleships docked and ready. But they fielded the first carrier, then then second and we retreated back from their station to the next gate. Sixteen battleships and two carriers against us six? Hm. Then there was docking another carrier and an other and even a fifth was showing up.

We retreated behind the next hisec gate for we were offering an uneven fight but not our suicide. Six to sixteen was more than sane already. But they denied the fight.

We discussed the issue, asked their diplomat if this are their terms and after he said yes, we simply and without any comment retracted the war.

We won the war in every meaning of how a war can be won. We killed a bunch of ships, laid dead their trade and income and they didn't fight us 16 to 6. I give a damn on efficiency but this is the end of the war.

I won't talk bad of our gone enemies now but the only thing that can come after such a moral sellout is the decay and defeat of this Alliance. There is nothing to do for us what they did not already do to theirself. There are enemies and there are enemies. The one you have to fight, the others shoot themselves at the cleaning of their weapons at home.

We were flying back and killing some pirates in Molden Heat after that to shred our ships. But funny - we didn't. We came home with some pirate ships less on the field a bit frustrated that we didn't lose our ships. Maybe I have to blow my Typhoon up now myself.

They will get their war. In the future. And they will lose it like they lost this one. Just the next time it will hurt badly I think because they were not fighting. And fighting you only learn by fighting.

Don't ever mistake mercy as weakness, dear Log. Take mercy humble and thankful. Our discussion about this was lasting for the time we were waiting for them. And the wise decision was to retract a war where no enemy is showing up. Just autopilot flying Hulks, unskilled Caracal pilots with a solo ship that have nothing to fly after they lost the one which rescue escord we hunted down from Sinq Liason to their base and a Deimos that was left behind by their fleet as easy fodder for our killboard.

And an overwhelming fleet that doesn't fight. Twohunderedeighty against six.

Alas. I thought we would lose this fight after EVE-Union more or less was falling apart from internal quarrels. I never thought that we could win. But we did. Funny and a bit strange. I never thought Amarr could be that weak. I never saw something like this before.

But - I salute my enemy. And no bad feelings. Everybody does what he can and better avoids the things he can not. And like this we should leave it. Do we?

They were showing up and were not hiding in stations. They were bringing numbers, they sucessfully defended their homesystem. It could have been worse.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.23 11:58:00 - [370]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 23/01/2010 12:35:23
Dear Log,

the days of peace and harmony are passing by with idle scientific experiments and I got some letters of friends. To maintain the social net is something we Minmatar like and this is why our community is so strong. Cooperation with mining and production companies is quite fun, even if I am not in the position to do much for them as a warrior.

I again have some trouble with my Stabber crew. Everybody is a bit concerned about Beamy, the youngest member of my reactor crew who call themselves Reactor Girlz and all wear that piratelike headcloth, which was a fashion change for their punky mohawk. Some say the cloth is fashion because some of them are loosing their hair, but I think it's just attitude.

Beamy is sick, she has a cold at the moment, so I put her off duty for a few days, which she was arguing against, because she said there will be a party on Sunday which she doesn't want to miss. So everybody is concerned about that flu and if it is spreading. Flu is quite a dangerous disease and many underestimate the importance and impact on a crew. It's much more dangerous than something like radiation poisoning which -the Reactor Girlz says- is just a kind of hell of a hangover which is cured best with lots of vodka.

I don't know if that little incident that happend with that uranium core recently is serious for her health or not. The doc says it's deadly, but he is promising the death of all the girls since months and they still mock and tease him with it. I think one of them made him drunk and had sex instead and put fotos of that up their trophy wall. After that night, all say, the doc was vomiting for days cause of the radiation or either the alcohol they put him on. I can't say which is worse.

The doc is Gallente and not so tough with radiation as us Minmatar. But all that is quite crazy and I still don't know what's true about all that. I don't believe we Minmatar are more resistant to that than the other races, even if some scientists say that the Amarrians were breeding this resistance for generations to make us able to work in the most toxic environments as slaves.

So I don't know. But I know that space flu is a danger for a crew and can be quite harmful. So put her off duty against her loud protest was a matter of security.

Talking of stupid things that happen. One of my corpmates got shot by a Nightmare because he was salvaging stuff the aggressor was thinking belongs to him. But everybody knows that salvage in space belongs to everybody. So CONCORD was showing up and teaching a lesson. Four and a halve billion isk going down the drain. Quite a lesson. How come people with this low level of experience to so much money I ask? I have to outsmart myself every day to keep up with my profit to loss ratio.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.24 09:48:00 - [371]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 24/01/2010 11:22:39
Dear Log,

I quote myself:

But - I salute my enemy. And no bad feelings. Everybody does what he can and better avoids the things he can not. And like this we should leave it. Do we?

They didn't. The miners and traders that we communicated yesterday were in truth more warriors and fighters. And the party that is starting today is the victory party over Brotherhood of Armed Traders.

I said that an enemy should take mercy as it is and should not mistake it as weakness. So after the signs were showing that BOAT was still having aggressive feelings against us, the FIA was assembling a battleship heavy enforcer gang with support to check if this was true.

BOAT has received a second war declaration of a heavy fighting group. While I can't tell you anything about the motive of this war, we were indeed interested to find out the true nature of their feelings against us.

So we traveled down to Dysa and warped into their defending forces that were waiting at Arena in front of the Dysa gate. It was an uneven fight where the enemy showed up with a much larger fleet. They opened fire without hesitate.

And they all went flashy by this act of piracy. We of cause returned fire and brought in our support fleet. Before our support was able to help my Tempest, my ship was going down. "Alica Wildfire" is at the beginning of the alphabet and as long as targets are called by their beginning letters I do not have any illusion of my span of life in a battle like this. In a Tempest. And funny, but the three ships that I was shooting at were three of the few we didn't take down.

After our support came in my ship was the only one that was lost. But I did what I could to give them a hell of a fight! In fact we were taking down three of their ships before they were able to take me down, even if they were outnumbering us three to one. Evasive manoevering is something most people think is stupid on a battleship, but I'm a Rifter pilot. I always fly the Rifter somehow. And a Rifter keeps moving. I was fighting a good fight. Not in damage given, but in punishment taken by a whole fleet. I survived insanely long. In fact I nearly made it. I think it was a matter of a second or something.

At the end of the battle the skies were covered with their wrecks. We destroyed estimated 1.5 billion worth in ships and after this an other Raven was taken down. There was the one or other faction item among this wreckage that is not included into the calculation. The battlereport does not report their full fleet of thirty for we didn't take any severe losses to show them on the report, this just leaves our takedowns on their side. Still a bit obscure list from the numbers they were showing up with.

On the other hand stands my cheap fittet "I'll die first anyway"-Tempest for a price of 100 millions and that was worth it (most of it covered by Pend Insurance anyway). The crew was evacuated after the battle was beginning because I didn't believe in my survival. By battleships are cheaper than my usual Rifter.

I don't know what you see, dear Log, but when I try to think of battleship battles I can only see the cheap sacrifice ships of Alica Wildfire. I don't see a battle with losses where I am not among them. Damn my name. With me only a Scorpion died, but Scorpions are the only ships that will die faster than Alica Wildfire. I hope I fly in fleets of Scorpions for the future.

Or back into support. I really fly nice cruisers. So. I mentioned something earlier. Something important? Ah! Party! Let's party!

And like this we should leave it. Do we?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.25 03:01:00 - [372]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/01/2010 09:11:09
Dear Log,

tonight I had a dream. It was about music and I was a lost note, that didn't belong to a score. To any score. And there I recognized the heart of music. There is music that is alive and that is talking. Where every melody has a counter, like every question has an answer or every thesis has an antithesis.

And from the living melodies of the world I entered a cathedral. And there all melodies were repeating themself. Some were just one tone, that was chanted again and again. There was no dialog anymore, the dialog of music died.

You'll find this kind of music everywhere where people are just commanded. Where no answers are granted. Where no questions are allowed. Where you have to follow orders or a religious or political dogma. Where people don't dream anymore.

Is that so?

I don't know. I just see that music gets simpler and simpler where the people are commanded. It gets repeatative and boring. But it is tempting to fall in. It is tempting to make all notes equal until there is the great resonance, the absence of chaos, of life, just...


So. Ya know that I'm always fighting the Empire. And that I reject homogenous structures, hierarchies. I reject them personally and cultural.

And beeing that note in that church. I was the false note. I was the last question. And I was loud. And I sounded. And the whole structure of the cathedral began to swing, began to get rifts. And slowly it collapsed. The walls came tumbling down.

Just one note.
One question.

And the tone was a mighty one, one that would bring down walls. It was the question. The one question that...

..I woke up.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.28 01:51:00 - [373]

Dear Log,

the war is going on. BOAT has launched a counter-war on us by hireing mercs. Something like eighty well skilled and seeming professional pilots, organized in an alliance, that bring in much more pilots than we can fleet.

We tried to measure them and paid a small toll for it. There are enemies like BOAT which you can face 1:6 and there are people who know how to fight and if you try them with 5:7 (battleships) or something, you can't win the fight.

Qipchack today squeezed a careless interceptor today but from the first fight there is still a lot to destroy to equal the scale. We love how they fight and like the kind of war and presence they show to us. And of cause we salute with respect.

But we have to wait until we equalize the numbers a bit, then we will prevail. You can fight vastly outnumbered against an enemy that is fighting bad but if you have to fight an enemy under these conditions that is even mediocre or better, then numbers count. And our enemy will understand that we need some time to react to their fight accordingly.

But I recognized today that we have much more friends and much tighter friends than anybody of us could possibly have imagined.

The fight against the slavers of Derelik have brought us some sympathy that was as unexpected as gratifying. There is an other group of warriors that have a quarrel with the slavers of Dysa and so they went from the war against us into a war against them.

I'd prefer to fight those merceneries around Rens if you ask me, for I want to make them blood a bit. It's of cause not personal, just that they have taken money from those who maim and enslave humans for generation and are willing to act by their will. For money.

I don't fight for money. I never did. But besides the respect for the fighting experience of those high trained capsuleers, I have no idea why someone could sell his weapon for something so worthless as money.

Not that I don't like money or take it or burn it when it happens to be in my pocket. I just don't... Ah. Whatever. The BOAT people pay us a nice war.

That's okay from them. I didn't expect this to be honest. It's like giving us a present. It's a pity that those mercs show up in those numbers so that we can not fight them without acting insane and reckless against our crews.

They are camping Rens. Camping the station. The gates. Gosh. That must be boring. I hope they do this long enough until we are in the position to take their asses and wipe the next asteroid fields with them. All we need are equal numbers. But outnumbered 2:1 and worse... But, but, but... That'll be fun!

I was informed about the health of Beamy. She recovered from her drug and alkohol abuse on that party slowly. The space flu she had is gone. The doc told us that he thinks, that the flu died of radiation poisoning.

Today Beamy again was on medical care. She was involved in a brawl and broke her left arm by that and got a black eye. Nobody tells a Brutor that he's a sissy. What did she think? Especially if it is not one Brutor but a gang of them that is playing Street Slug and to make assumptions over the length of their genitals was not a wise one either.

I asked her if she was suicidal and she denied vehemently. »There are candles that shine double bright but just halve long. And I'm shining like a floodlight.« Beamy. Ya guess where she got her name.

»There are brushes that rot away and never are used. And there are some that shed their hair after heavy usage, and those are the best.«

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.28 20:50:00 - [374]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/01/2010 20:50:46
Dear Log,

I was more or less doing my business today as usual while Rens and surrounding systems were camped by that mercenaries. On that first day they were striking hard, they were striking with many people and they wanted to kill as fast as possible.

But there are tactics in a war. If you want a fight, you have to tease your enemy. You have to show up with fightable fleets. Else they prefer to stay docked. And of cause my people don't like fights at docking spots. Most of our fights were fought out in free space. Maybe at a gate. But almost never at a docking spot.

There are many reasons for this and I don't need to go in detail for them, because all that can fight know why fights at docking spots should be avoided. And why they are boring.

I do not got a clear answer from my people why they decided not to fight this war but in effect it's the way it is. And they decided more from the belly than from the mind I think. So everything I can say is just speculation. Maybe that nobody wants to play the pawn or the play-ball of the Brotherhood of Armed Traders alliance that should have been pretty well capable to fight this war against us themselves. But instead chose to fight with money. If they waste their money and get no kills in return, that is a win.

Clearly a win. All I can say is that this merceneries were acting quite professional doing their stuff. And we were more or less ignoring them. But you know me, dear Log, I am sometimes a bit trigger happy.

So when I undocked there was a Crusader waiting outside the docking spot (dockingspot, I mentioned?). And I was thinking about this situation when I was slowly drifting away from the station. Yeah. He will call his friends, but this can be interesting. And it's so long ago I really got a fight with a Crusader!

So I stayed. He circled me at thirteen kilometers while I was ignoring the damage of his lasers. There will be a friend coming, I thought. And there was. A Cynabal warped in. And in the second where I had to decide to dock again or fight the Crusader dared under the protection of that heavy 425mm Autocannons of his friend to engage me.

It was a short work for my 150mm Autocannons. Autocannons will always rip apart Amarrian slavework products. And I was already halve in his pod when the Cynabal finally managed to finish my Claw off.

You might say it's mad to fight against a Crusader and a Cynabal with nothing under your seat but a halve skilled Claw. But it's just not about winning or losing. It's about spirit. You always are fighting for respect. Respect for yourself and respect for your enemy.

If you are not fighting for pure destruction.

If you take a look into my cargohold on my loss you see me flying around with stuff and I actually was going to buy me new ammunition when I was accepting this uneven fight.

I'd like to see this: an enemy that is attacking on vastly uneven engagements. And still gots out of it "winning". While I can't say that a lost Claw is a win, there was more damage done then received. I don't know why a Crusader is more expensive than my Claw but it is. My two enemies were a lot higher trained than I am in my halve breed Claw. I should have been no match.

But never mind. Things like that happen even to the best. I do not like at our enemies that they are looking for cheap ganks instead of good fights. This might be practical if you are searching destruction but... but Merdaneth, the Amarrian Crusader and my enemy, already told me that we Minmatar tend to focus too much on honor and warrior ethics and that this would be the reason why we will lose the fight against the Empire. Because the Empire is always fighting with numbers -if they have them- or don't fight at all.

Their goal is destruction. And this is maybe the difference between a Matar -a warrior- and a mundane soldier; he fights for destruction.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.28 21:13:00 - [375]

-- continue --

But speaking of ethics. I was thinking about how such a mercenery contract works. They are paid for the war. They are paid for losses, of cause and they get a bonus for destroyed ships.

So. When Pend Insurance is paying for normal losses, why can't I offer my enemy to let them blow up my cheap fitted ship and then share the pay with them?

Of cause a mercenery that has left halve of his brain would not do this. Ethics, you might think. But it is of cause not about ethics, it is about reputation. Because if they begin to scam their employer with kills that are not real, they will never get a contract again.

Now I'm going to think this a step further. If everybody knows, that I am the person that is not fighting for damn statistics on killboards but that I am fighting for my cause, which is the freedom of my people and I am willing to sacrifice much for that, then I could just pretend that I have a deal with our enemies that I get a share for the cheap kills I give without actually receiving any money from them.

Because nobody can actually track back the way my income comes from until I let him see it. Which in case of my enemies I of cause will not. So. This is just a thought experiment, dear Log, because I asked this question on corporate channels today and got the order not to do this.

So of cause I'm not doing this.

But, but, but, but the way I am fighting is exactly like this: I fight in cheap ships against enemies that are so much bigger, stronger and better skilled that I for most certain will lose my ship. I'm a tackler, dear Log. And it's not that I'm a tackler on the battlefield, I was a tackler the first moment I was connected to a capsule interface. It's my way of war.

So. I, I can admit, that I'm tempted, dear Log. Just to go out and do, what I'm used to do and burn some of my ships under the fire of insanely superior enemies. And by that put up the question if all this is just a setup between me and the mercs as a scam to get kill-bill from their employer and my enemies.

See where this leads to?

It leads to the point where they can not destroy my willingly sacrificed ships without losing reputation. They will destroy themselves by killing enemies that are no match for them.

And here comes the story around to an end, dear Log. This is why everybody that is doing this for money has really to watch out that he is not ganking the enemy but really fighting them. Because the other way round will destroy reputation. Reputation that brings in money and that once destroyed will never return.

I have an order from my corp. Not to sacrifice ships on this idea. A strict order.

Hm. I was never good in obeying orders, dear Log. Especially if I get paid for that. Or not. Or whatever. The thing is that if somebody is going this way, this means trouble. It makes people think.

Did I mention that I got medals for lost Rifters? And the 100th lost Rifter is not that far away. Ahhhhhhh! DAMN! I wish I never was thinking in that direction, dear Log!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.29 00:27:00 - [376]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/01/2010 00:29:24
-- continue --

I give you a short overview about the political constallation we are in at the moment, because I was informed that some people lost track.

  • EVE-Union declared war against Brotherhood of Armed Traders alliance (BOAT)
    retracted after a week, 1.5 billion losses on BOAT side

  • NibbleTek corporation declares war against Brotherhood of Armed Traders
    Heavy losses on BOAT side

  • BOAT hires mercs to fight EVE-Union (Underworld Excavators alliance), who declare war against EVE-Union

  • As a result of this aggressive act Passion of War declares war on Underworld Excavators and BOAT

  • As a result of this EVE-Union redeclares war on BOAT

War reasons:

  • First E-U vs BOAT: fighting of slavery in Derelik, revenge for Ammatar cultural invasion by Abel Jarek and the Salvation Crusade, pushing back of Amarrian trade cartels from Minmatar borders, spread Minmatar culture in Derelik

  • NibbleTek vs BOAT: corporate territorial fight about Dysa; two additional wars from NibbleTek without information from my side

  • Underworld Excavators vs E-U: paid mercenery work by BOAT

  • Passion of War vs BOAT and Passion of War vs U-E
    allied pact of war, I guess

At the same time the great invasion of U'K and AAA forces into CVA space in Providence started and The Star Fraction annouces their campaign against the slavers of S3verance, which are minor allies to CVA in Providence/Catch.

GoonSwarm who were supporting CVA forces in Providence is at the same time on retreat from IT forces.

Am I right so far, dear Log? We'll see where this goes. I can only say that the war about Derelik to Rens includes directly estimated 400 to 500 pilots, while not all are showing up on the battlefield actually.

Amanda Wanderer
Republic University
Posted - 2010.01.29 10:25:00 - [377]

Edited by: Amanda Wanderer on 29/01/2010 10:25:37
Hi Alica,

my name is Amanda and I follow your log since a few days, 'cause you're fighting against BOAT.
And I think, you and your corp have wrong informations about BOAT.

BOAT was and is never AMARR. Sure, their headquarter is there, but that's all.

This alliance follows own higher and noble targets and own rules.
They are at home in every part of the free space.
Many pilots don't want these racial conflicts any longer and those pilots come to BOAT.
BOAT unites all pilots, regardless of which ethnic background, in our all free space.

The aggression of BOAT against your corp and you results only from the wardec of your corp and their partners against BOAT.

So, you can believe me or not, but that's the truth.
Your corp starts the war against BOAT based on wrong informations.
BOAT is not the aggressor, so it's yours to stop this.

Sincerely yours,

Amanda Wanderer

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.29 12:44:00 - [378]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/01/2010 12:59:42
Dear Log,

the war is going into the next day. Out there in Providence the CVA alliance has lost over hundred capitals in one epic battle which are news we follow with great interest.

Where did that all start? It is not possible to take an objective point of view, but there are of cause subjective points where I would personally put a finger on.

Jamyl Sarum announced the "Great Reclaiming", means the aggessive war against Minmatar Republic lowsec systems at Hed constallation. I was the last ship that was going down on that day. In that installation. And it feels like eternity since then.


We were able to hold the Amarrian fleets back for a while, but at the point where they called in Caldari support the Minmatar side was almost lost and we were losing systems to the slavebarges in days which was normally the result of a week-long fighting.

The Star Fraction was fighting at this front and when they conquered Resbroko, I think, was the day when Electus Matari entered the war to fight back. It was also the day Minmatar was raising their fists and the freedom strike began. Damar Rocarion, the leader of the Caldari invasion forces was widthdrawing for his own reasons and with concerted force we were able to take back all Minmatar systems on the first days of the new year.

This was the moment the Matari rage was boiling most. And we stopped our assault. To take the Amarr lowsec system would be of no interest, but the CVA was announcing the extending of "Operation Deliverance" and went into an assault on AAA territory.

All these actions can be seen as disconnected. But things are connected in this universe. People are connected. And I see that all this is was called in by Jamyl Sarum, by Abel Jarek, by PIE Inc., by many of the assault the Empire launched on our soil. Many assaults, many sermons and cultural attacks.

Now the free strike back.

It's like tickling the dragons tail. It's a bit like what Beamy did with that uranium core. You can put together the Matari critical mass, but damn, ya should watch that you don't drop that damn screwdriver.

Our technology bases mostly on nuclear technology. Guess why.

I received a letter today from one of our wartargets that is claiming that they are no slavers at all. I have prove of the opposite. On 16.01 I had a short com-contact with one of our enemies at Osoggur, in that obscure Minmatar dialect that is my mother tongue, here an excerpt of it:

Alica Wildfire > Ihr betreibt Sklaverei?
(You are practicing slavery?)
Aravis Tarkheena > ich bin sklave
(I am a slave.)
Aravis Tarkheena > mein herr leitet mich
(My lord leads my way.)
Alica Wildfire > Dachte ich mir.
(I thought so.)
Aravis Tarkheena > und das mit stolz :)
(And I'm proud of it.)
Aravis Tarkheena > große kämpfe hat er geführt und manche verloren
(Great battles he did lead and some he has lost)
Alica Wildfire > Arme verwirrte minmatarrisch Kreatur.
(Poor deranged Minmatar creature.)

They are slavers.

And what happens now began with Lantorn. Maybe with Jamyl Sarums announcement. These are the consequences. In fact we were showing mercy when we retracted the war. A step that was questioned by some of my Minmatar brothers and sisters that insisted that mercy should not be the way we show the slavers. That too many of us are suffering. And that they didn't ask for it on their knees. With consessions. With trecks of freed slaves as a compensation.

But BOAT didn't accept our first free offer.

Amanda Wanderer
Republic University
Posted - 2010.01.30 15:59:00 - [379]

Edited by: Amanda Wanderer on 30/01/2010 15:59:34
Hi Alica,

really funny, this little 'talk' with your enemy, because his 'Lord CEO' is a minmatar and the home of his corp(Stoners Inc.) and their headquarter is on a Caldari station in the Gallente territory(Sinq Laison).
So...if I really understand, is your 'Minmatar-talk-partner' a slave of a Minmatar, ...or what?
I'm sorry, but that's not really reliable.

...and no lie can beat the truth...

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Wanderer

Jake Dreadmore
JotunHeim Hird
Ethereal Dawn
Posted - 2010.01.30 16:22:00 - [380]

i hate to say it, but all you've proven is that you've talked to a person who likes to play "top and bottom", there are lifestyle clubs for that kind of thing, Fire lady *grins*

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.31 09:30:00 - [381]

Dear Log,

"There Are No Docking Games In Zerosec", is one of the infamous Matari drinking songs, that I'll assume you all well know. So most of my people went off to do what the lauching of this mercenery war originally should prevent: making money for war and ships.

They smiled at me and said: "We are there, they can come if they want." So, now I'm almost the only one back in hisec, for I have things to do here at the moment. I asked people what they are doing in a situation like that and they answered: we relax and let friends do our stuff. This is something I never did.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of our wartargets on local. And while I'm ordered to avoid any fights, for there is nothing to win against an enemy that is only attacking in superior numbers and/or ships or staying at docking range, I decided to obey, hardhearted. For they are right.

Nevermind. But when I talk with wartargets on coms I always keep very professional and serious. For I know everything I say can be put into a cite and maybe will be turned against me or my corporation or alliance. To joke around on the serious matter of slavery in this situation is either stupid or even worse. So I will take the things said as they were and have no reason not to. If I had any interest to know of their sexual private games, I would have asked.

Irony is something that you can share with friends and when you have made perfectly clear what you mean from the content of the conversation. And even then it's pretty dangerous to use irony in war. This dangerous that this war will be going on, I think. Not my decision, but that's what I think.

Yesterday the Brotherhood of Armed Traders lost a POS in Warouh, while this was mostly the work of NibbleTek, who, I'm told, are blue to Underworld Excavators, the mercenery gang. So the POS kept undefended.

And this is too a problem with mercenery work, I think. You bring in complicated politics by that. Whatever, I think most of the merceneries don't know what is really going on at the moment and just do what they are told to do.

So back to the communications. I am positively surprised by com disciplin on every side and when there is talk it is personal chat of the sort of pilot to pilot, not covered with hate and bias. Just with BOAT there is simply no communication, because, I think, the alliance leadership simply blocked the whole EVE-Union alliance from their coms. This is something that was costing them a lot of ships. Because sometimes you can solve situations by talking, but if even your diplomats are blocked this is no option.

So we decided, if they are not interested in diplomatic solutions, we're neither and after getting the "blocked channel request" respond everybody just was shrugging their shoulders and never tried again.

"Lose lips sink ships", they say. That might be right sometimes. But closed ears do that for certain. And with this mercenery war the BOAT wasn't doing themself any good either.

So, if you are at war, dear Log, don't demonize your wartargets. Just see them as humans on the other side and try to arrange yourself with the situation like I do at the moment. I would prefer to fight, but I understand that fighting doesn't help anybody at the moment.

And we should not forget the target of our war: to break the commercial and cultural dominance of the Amarr Empire and their minions in the Derelik region. I was encouraging some of my friends to expand their operations into Derelik recently.

We will see where this goes. BOAT already seems to be on the retreat and while we deny the fighting with the mercs we of cause stay on tail of our real targets when ever they move.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.31 09:48:00 - [382]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 31/01/2010 21:54:24
-- continue --

How seriouos the situation in Derelik is, you can see at this Fish 'n' Fun corporation that I already was telling you about. The miners that were at war and where I joined after the Tres Viri/EVE-Union war as a military consultant.

This small gang of dedicated miners set foot into Derelik, not so much of ideologic background, but I think if you ask a miner why he is mining that asteroid over there, he will answer: because it's there.

So they do this with humble innocence but they indeed work on the task that we try to accomplish at FIA and with our Republic politics: to get the Nefantar back to the cradle of our culture and strip off the evil of Amarr influence to give their Matari soul light and water from a clean source.

Fish 'n' Fun has it's own war at the moment and they are fighting it on their way; the way I taught them, the way they are fighting wars: as miners. And I'm sure they are laughing a lot more than we warriors do when we are fighting. And maybe we can learn a lot by that.

To fight a mining corporation must be a bit like fighting space nuns, I think.

Amanda Wanderer
Republic University
Posted - 2010.01.31 11:11:00 - [383]

Hi Alica,

yesterday I've talked with some of these Fish'n'Fun miners, how you are named them, and I think, you are right.
They are laughing much more in this war than their war opponents. They are amazed and possibly even proud, which extraordinary effort is expended to force them to their knees.
At least is their main war opponent NibbleTek, one of the very oldest and best PVP-Corps in the hole universe, who were fighting against almost all the great alliance names in space like Tau Ceti Federation, Razor Alliance, Mostly Harmless and so on.

"Viewed in this light it is a great honor for us(BOAT) to have NibbleTek as war opponent."
"In relation to NibbleTek are the wars against Passion of War and Eve-Union 'just small fry'"
, they told me further on.
Finally they said, "We don't negotiate with villains like EVE-Union who declares unprovoked war against harmless mining and trading alliances like us(BOAT)."

Sorry, Alica, but in this point I go conform with these proud miners and traders. It was a great mistake of your alliance to declare war against BOAT because they are not AMARR. BOAT is multicultural and for that spirit I admire them.
The only mistake they made was to stand in the line of fire between Ushra Khan and CVA. They've learned their lesson and have retired for deliberation.

Wish you a nice day and fly safe, Alica.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Wanderer

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.01 23:07:00 - [384]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 01/02/2010 23:08:56
Dear Log,

another day passing by. We were investigating the question if the alliance of Brotherhood of Armed Traders were indeed not guilty of slavery and were not spreading Amarrian culture and idiology to prepare the invasion of Minmatar Republic space. While these investigations are ongoing there was not much to do for me as a warrior.

So I was hanging around in station, doing a bit music and had to obey the order that no fighting should take place while outside of my station Paul Tibbets was standing in his Muninn. Yeah, dear Log, of cause I could have shipped up but that's not my style.

So I went to get me a brand new Stabber that was just coming from the lines. I named it "Doomed and Burned" for I knew how the chances of survival would be against a Muninn.

But a Muninn... Okay, I was disobeying orders. Strict orders to avoid any fighting. But I'm Minmatar.

I told the crew. There were a lot of volunteers. It was a hard decision and I told them, that a Muninn most likely will kill us instantly. But the wanted to fight as I wanted.

So we undocked. Gosh! The incoming damage was so extreme that I only managed to warp out as fast as I could. The lock was so fast that I got the first hits even before I was able to lock him myself. After a short stop I returned to the station and was hit again before I was able to dock. I'm Minmatar, it's normal to dock burning.

I refitted the ship and tried another time. But this time there would be no escape. I was going in hard and near for what was hitting me was 720mm Artillery with an insane damage.

Thirty seconds after undocking I was getting away from the wreck in my pod. I checked for survivors. Some made it but...

I asked over the coms to my wartarget if there was any survivor of the reactor crew. Because the damage was coming so insanly fast, that it was not very plausible that they made it. "No survivors", Paul Tibbets said.

Beamy. She insisted to be on board.

She died like a Minmatar should die, not of age and sickness. She was dying fighting a desperate fight for survival, for freedom. And she dared more than I did. I tried to convince her not to join this crew. But anybody who ever knew Beamy knows that nobody can stop her.

I was a bit astounded about the reaction of my men. They stopped working and are mourning for a day now. Just for one girl. But this is Minmatar. All of us are important. Even the doomed. We are all her brothers and sisters and a family member left the crew.

There is no afterlife, I think. There is no god where she has gone to. She would not like if we'd go and repeat those lies at her grave. She was fighting for her life, for her people. And she died in her shoes. Not of radiation. Not of sickness. Not of age.

She died like she lived - fighting with her fist raised. Beamy was seventeen years old. Her memory will live on.

And I admit, that I cried. Silently. I know I should'nt, for a warrior does not cry. Little girls cry. But I could not keep hiding my tears. I might look stupid like this, but I'm Minmatar. I'm emotional and I think this is nothing I should be ashamed off. But I am, a little, cause I feel weak, helpless.

So this is death. I mean real death. Not the thing we capsuleers make of it. She's gone.

Amanda Wanderer
Republic University
Posted - 2010.02.02 18:53:00 - [385]

Hi Alica,

what a sad day for the Minmatar people. Another young life of our sister Beamy is gone. I didn't know her, but I feel with you and your crew.

Again another death, so senseless in this wasteful war and there were so many more. But now, finally, the war will come to an end, so I've heard.
My cohabitant, who is a member of Brotherhood of Armed Traders(BOAT), told me that your alliance and Passion of War have retreated the wardec against BOAT.
And after that BOAT terminated immediately their contract with the hired merc-corp Underworld Excavators.
So finally this will come to a good end but with this little bittersweet taste of so many senseless dead and wounded souls.

Alica, I'll hope that the forthcoming days of peace will bring us all a little bit closer, because we all have only our own single life for a glitch of time in this big big universe.

Tainted with sadness my thoughts are with you and your crew.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Wanderer

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.05 21:33:00 - [386]

Dear Log,

a view days were passing by since my last report and much did happen which I was unable to report. The war against BOAT and their merc corp ended, while they did not understand our real motivation for this war and why it as not necessary to maintain it further.

We left EVE-Union on good terms and much friendship, because our joining was from the beginning planned as a help in their war. After this some meetings were taking place, diplomats were going in and out and finally we joined the Matari loyalist alliance Annwn Matari with the proud logo "[MATAR]".

The reason for this fast changing was our next movement. We got an assignment to maintain a small system out in the zerosec space of the Gallente Federation. To maintain a system is something new for the FIA, especially new for me, while most of the veterans were living in zerosec space for years, but not under the conditions we are doing it now.

We were lucky to discover a wormhole that was leading from near Hek to that system just passing by a wormhole system on the way. So most of the logistics that had to be done was quite unproblematic.

While I was living most of my life in the lowsec regions of Heimatar, Metropolis and Bleak Lands, my experience with zerosec space is quite limited, if you don't count my short and very very minor guest appearance in the great BoB war.

So I assigned a Hurricane for that task and studied the pirates out there in the wild, which strengths and weaknesses they have and how you can fight them. After I was presenting my ship I was told to refit it. I did. But I took with me my original setup, which I refitted after we had the first fight, for the ordered setup was not working.

So, I think to give me an order must be not so easy. Because I am no good soldier that is just following them, I am always thinking myself, trying to come up with ideas and do it. I will have to learn to enforce myself more against my friends, I think, without hurting their pride, for I was always thankful for advice but I was always, too, trying to work on the things I was given and think about how it can be made better.

And my style of fighting is just very different from theirs. I was always a Rifterpilot and I am still. So my best tank is speed. And always will be.

While our new claiming of the system shows up on Cloud Ring region with a pround MATAR, to make this all work will be a lot of effort. I will report how this will evolve. We had someone in our system that had put up a tower himself, but it had no clearance wit Evoke so it was cleared today.

Now the big adventure begins.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.06 09:49:00 - [387]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/02/2010 08:43:46
Dear Log,

the first day out in zerosec passed by for me. While I'm not a good soldier, I always was seeing myself as a warrior. The difference between these two is that the first one follows orders, the second one is living for the war, given an assignment and is trying his best to get the thing done.

This might be the reason why I always was prefering small engagements and guerilla tactics in warfare. This is very Matari and very me.

Most of the time out here it is very lonely. Not as lonely as in a wormhole of cause but the only guests we got were a few times the former inhabitant of the small POS tower that suffered a sudden explosion and a roaming gang one time a day. Two of our ships were lost in fights, one in an surprisingly strong trap of Serpentis pirates, one fighting a capsuleer pirate, that was getting backup too fast.

We are a fighting gang and always were and while we have the order to keep the peace with our neighbors we have to keep up our fighting skills. Beeing here is besides the Guristas problem the most peaceful time of my life as a capsuleer. There might be no law out in the wilds but -ya know- most of our values only count in a community if you are alone for yourself you can not be free anymore. I have of cause the freedom to do anything I want, but freedom defines itself not in beeing alone. Freedom is something you achieve when other people are around, people that try to reduce this.

Freedom is a community problem between those who oppress it and those who are oppressed. A lone wolf can not be free. I follow the fighting in Providence closely where my brothers and sisters, Matari freedomfighters and their allies are going to fight for that freedom.

On the front of Amarr-Minmatar war not only Ezzara has been taken back, the system where our fight for freedom began, but also Sathogas.

Amarr is burning.

While all this is happening I feel myself something inbetween. One part of me is bound to Matar where all my production lines are running off at the moment and this was my main source of income to be honest, while I don't see that the pure moneymaking here in zerosec is coming even near this. I know that T2 producers are rare enough to be honored with some courtesy and I heared that Evoke is looking for those too.

I'm living in a very difficult time at the moment and I feel something like a teenager. I'm not fully grown up and I know that well because out here it is most likely that I will lose my ship if I go solo those plexes around. But on the other hand I have learned so much during this year that I am doing very many things on my own, finding things out which my corpmates have not. I'm fitting my ships in a special way that fit my style of fighting best and I think that I know them better than they do it. Of cause my ears are always open for advice, but I'm not willing to take orders anymore that I know are wrong. It is the same thing why I stopped losing frigates en masse as a militia member for I was not blindly following suicidal orders anymore.

Orders that I were impossible to execute.

There is a song, it's called "Father and Son", I don't know where it was coming from and I feel like that right now. Of cause I don't want to "go away", but I reached a point where I feel that I'm ripped apart.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.09 22:48:00 - [388]

Dear Log,

the feeling of beeing ripped apart slowly is exchanged by a feeling of beeing home. Or maybe not home but beeing.. at the right place at the right time.

I was always wondering what all the people out there in zerosec space are doing all day long. For there are no government politics, there are no agents who give you more or less wicked missions, there are no markets and stock trading brokers, there is just the endless void of space and beyond that.. just our imagine.

You sit there, stare into the black and very very far away, unreachable, are they?, are blinking the stars. Like needlepins in the black cloak of the night that is covering our world.

And all these things that are not, that are missing, may be we are here just because we don't need them. To learn that we do not need them, for we are capsuleers. We live and we die in space. Maybe our bodies are bound to the earth, into hitek built pieces of earth, but our minds are not. Our minds belong to the stars. And I think this is something every capsuleer has to learn, someday.

We are not alone out here. We build a community. We have friends. We have hostiles. We have dreams and we have our fate. When the great Empires crumble and fall, what is left is family. What is left are communities, are tribes.

And every change we live, every experience we make, brings us nearer to our dreams, brings us nearer to the stars. The problems we face are the seed of new ideas, of new opportunities we discover.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.02.13 14:11:00 - [389]

Stop staring at the stars and start salvaging my anomalies... Damn sometimes i wish the good oldtimes of slavery back... now we have to discuss financial security and minimum income with our "free" minmatarians... and they still stare only at stars... *sighs deeply

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.02.18 00:43:00 - [390]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/02/2010 09:44:32
Dear Log,

it's true that building up a system is a lot of work. But of cause it's not the slaves work that makes a better world, it is the work of free men and women who try to build their future.

But during all that working I never forgot what I really am by heart: a warrior. No great one, just a small, humble and I do my daily fighting without much ado if I can.

So, I already told you, dear Log, that during that war against BOAT we were attacked by their forces outside a CONCORD sanctioned war. So this is literally piracy. For this the poor victim -me- (even if I don't see me as a victim more like some vicious animal that you have stepped on her tail) gets a list. The infamous "can kill". I was waiting for weeks now to cash this right in.

Everyday I checked what BOAT was doing. If they are at war or not. And did my work, bearing it knowing that a fight will come.

Today it happened all of a sudden and without warning. I was trying to dock at a Minmatar station and ya know, dear Log, I'm not that good flying a battleship and my brand new Tempest was slowly bobbing on the waves of the ether that was floating around that station.

Funny that the Tempest always reminds me at an anchient sailboat with cannons on each side. But nevermind. So bobbing suddenly undocked BSK Druide, marked as "can kill". He was sitting in an Orca subcapital industrial vessel, undocking and flying from the station.

I don't think he was seeing what was coming next. My parking Tempest was crashing into that vessel and that sudden shock must have activated most offensive modules of my poor ship. I was trying to convince my ship to stop shooting but the bullets of EMP "Revenge" were piercing deep into the shields of that Orca.

I could see how the pilot tried to safe his costly ship by firing his shield boosters but sadly also my neutralizer modules had activated and sucked him dry before it was doing the third cycle. The death of his invulnerability fields was showing by the collapse of that certain glow of the shields and this was when a swarm of angry drones that were shaken out of their hold by the accident were deciding to add on this.

The Orca slowly turned to try to make it back to safe haven. 7500 meters to go, but with the second X5 webifier module deadening his subwarp drive - there was no movement to make.

The ship was going down. In the heat of action I offered a fair maintaining fee to stop weapons, which would have also allowed me to buy back my poor lost ship, but I got no answer. Not one word.

In a situation like this talking is an option. And might safe you from painful losses.

It was silence. An irritated pod in the middle of the wreck was bobbing like a cork for a moment. The loot was transfered to my ship and after a short refit of my ship I removed the sad wrecked hull of an late proud industrial subcapital that was in dead silence drifting in front of the station with a cleaning salvager.

I am no dirty girl. I keep the things clean and straight. And I mourn about the lost lives of this incident but this was a personal matter. No thing of my corporation or alliance. So the alliance took steps for taking distance on us which is understandable.

I can happy announce that my Tempest was not taking any serious harm if you don't want to count the bad scratches from the crash of that two vessels.

Most of the module crews that I was able to rescue from the smoldering wreck survived the incident and I will try to escort them back to their employer. With all those people on board it was very crowded on the flight home, but the people were not exactly as joyful as my crew was.

I was looking at this whole incident like a professional with some neutral and analytic evaluation of the situation.

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