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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.10 08:56:00 - [331]

Dear Log,

Ualkin and Arnstur. The 1st Praetorian Guards do not take part at this farce and have widthdrawn their operations from Metropolis and Heimatar bunker and system takeover farce. Other Amarr loyalist corporations see their chance to 'win' something.

Whatever they are winning, it is not respect.

Still I did not intervene with this Caldari operation. And seeing my people fighting out there for the honour of Minmatar against a cheating and exploiting and weaseling enemy - I can only have my greatest respect for this fight against all odds.

Electus Matari, one of the greatest Minmatar Republic loyalist alliances have joined parts of their corporations into the factional warfare. We Minmatar stand together tighter than ever at these dark days. While I was supporting the local station of Tribal Liberation Force with my hot bean soup for our warriors I can't do much at the moment to directly intervene with the war.

It is hard for me to hold my feet still and don't know how long I can stand the ongoing stuff out there. I'm so in rage about this. And I hope the things destroyed now can heal when all this is over. Some of the respect that is lost by this will need long times to heal, I fear.

This is the real loss of this ongoing war.

The people on the planet are under protection. TLF forces have brought in explosives and weapons and the systems are ready to fight the invasion. Nobody will go into barges until the last shot is fired here. Until the last of our ships in Metropolis is destroyed and the last of our gatecamps between this and the Empire is shot to pieces.

I delivered thousounds of cubic meters of small arms out to the planets in metropolis.

But *sigh* these are hard times.

Riso Makaan
Posted - 2009.12.10 12:11:00 - [332]

Miss Wildfire

I hope this public response is not intruding on your musings, but to have an open log is to invite such commentry, and I have seen others leave small thoughts also, albeit not often an Amarrian (though when it has been, I notice my Corp-mates, for the most part).

Whatever the case I just wanted to point out that you mention that 'We are winning, but not winning your respect', it is as though you suggest that we would have the respect of your people if we did not take advantage of the unfortunate situation with the Caldari Capsuleers and rebublic fleet.
I understand you yourself are not blind with flailing rage, and despite what you often allude to, are much more intelligent than you give yourself credit for, I understand you know you can still give respect to your enemy while fighting with all due valliance.
But not the Majority of your countrymen, no. Even had we held up out hands and said "No, we shall not assail these bunkers, for there was no Honor in their being brought vulnerable" your people would still not respect us, in fact, they might even give to loathe us further for our aloof behavior on the matter. Whatever the case, there is no point in trying to win the Respect of the TLF and the Matari, they would never give it; because most of them seek not just for liberation, but to scour every Amarrian world from the face of New Eden.

I apologise, this message went a little longer than expected, but I am loathe to rewrite it, as it states my points.

Your Enemy
Ensign Riso Makaan

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2009.12.10 13:32:00 - [333]

Mr. Makaan,

I must admit that there is a lot of truth in your words, it is indeed hard for a lot of Matari and Star Fraction pilots to honor and respect you and your (or should i say my?) kind, because many aspects of your lifestyle and culture stand in direct conflict with what we see as honorable and rightful.

But besides that, i and many others still knew how to respect you for your combat abilities, regardless of how many slaves served under the lashes of your whips or the crushing influence of Vitoc, and regardless of how many innocent lifes your kind took in the name of their god.

No longer.

The decision of your leaders to exploit this situation has taken the last bits of respect i had for my kind, and seeing some of you proudly announcing "glorious victories over the Minmatar" makes me sick.

In such moments, i bless the malfunction of the cloning facility that has caused my memory to be purged, and let me see the world through the eyes of an innocent child, unimpaired by preset stereotypes or delusions of a god sanctioning slavery and the spreading of war and death al over New Eden.

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.10 14:19:00 - [334]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

But *sigh* these are hard times.

Ms. Wildire,

It seems that only now the realization has sunk in that we are at war and not just playing at war.

You were living in a world where pod pilots were akin to valiant knights riding their ships and challenging each other to duels of honor.

You were living in a world where opponents might have called each other 'vile slaver' or 'bloodthirsty terrorist' in public while secretly respecting each other and exchanging kind words in private, the insults just being for show.

Suddenly you find yourself fighting for the very survival of the Matari instead of fighting for honor, and it scares you, it reviles you. Suddenly you seem to have realized, *really realized*, what is at stake. The Republic can only hope sufficient of your pilots learn this too and instead stand up and fight instead of gathering in Auga to perform their space jousts while their systems are falling all around them.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.12.10 18:12:00 - [335]

Originally by: Merdaneth

You were living in a world where opponents might have called each other 'vile slaver' or 'bloodthirsty terrorist' in public while secretly respecting each other and exchanging kind words in private, the insults just being for show.

You have demonstrated quite clearly that you have no standards of behaviour and action and no petty act of nbsi mallice, ransoming, piracy, infiltration, sabotage and theft is beneath you. Thank you for making that clear. It will make some issues of policy decision in the future far easier to make.

Defensores Fidei
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.10 18:55:00 - [336]

Ms. Constantine, I kindly request that you only respond to ms. Wildfire in this particular diary thread.

Ms. Wildfire, I prefer any posts here to be responses to your diary entries rather than debates between other pod pilots.

Your diary entries have given me a good insight in the workings of the psyche of free-roaming heathen Matari youngsters and I appreciate them. I would dislike this thread turning into yet another typical debate we see often on the IGS.

Empress Shai
Posted - 2009.12.11 14:46:00 - [337]

Edited by: Empress Shai on 11/12/2009 14:48:25
Edited by: Empress Shai on 11/12/2009 14:47:03
Ms. Wildfire,
While I am not involved in the war of my kinsmen and women, for I have long ago given into practicality, I find your logs interesting. Please, whether it be accidental or intended that they go public, keep us informed of the struggle of the Matari people. I have found friends in the Matari, and while I hold to my faith, I am not blind to their plight for freedom. While I love the people of Amarr, I find our method of implementing this faith inexcusable.

I am of no consequence in war, and never wish to be. I do not condone slavery, but I love our ways short of this major issue. May we all be free.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.11 20:09:00 - [338]

Dear Log,

today Auna and Resbroko. This are the two systems directly at the border to the Hek main tradehub of Metropolis, which can be seen as the dirty little sister of Rens. The low CONCORD presence makes it to the last hisec tradehub that can be used by the lowsec pirates and it is also the home of many Matar militia pilots.

It was my first home and I know Hek very well. You can reach Hek from those two systems just by jumping through Hror from Resbroko. Amarr begins to show up at Hek as it is raiding sporadicly Rens and now is just two jumps away from one of our main tradehubs that is weak defended by our Republic Fleet.

I worry about the traders there. From Hek the traderoute is running up to our allies in Dodixie and up towards Jita, if you do not chose the deathroad through the Rancer pirate infested and gate camped space. Which I personally find less evil than a year ago to be honest.

Our enemies have begun to camp those traderoutes and are closing especially the systems Aufay and Balle, which I can only highly warn every Minmatar Militia to pass in something bigger than a frigate class ship. The perfectly tanked Drakes that rot around those gates there like alligators near the waterholes in the swamps on the Hek settlement.

FIA and parts of the Gallente Defense Union have started a blockade of the Amarr-Jita traderoute and a second blockade between Jita and the Caldari entry to the warzones. Yesterday we were able to stop a Golem marauder class battleship. To hurt the enemy at his wallet is one of the important lessons in a war. It might not be the most respected part of the war but it is something that has to be done.

With this strike we were able to hurt the wallet of the Amarr warmachine more than a whole week of war and fighting between Amamake and Huola. As our patrols through CVA space will not only hit CVA members but also the "neutral" collaborators that are using their space.

No, the war is not always riding on a white horse and beeing the shiny knight in armor that knows nothing but honour and is dueling himself with his enemy in clean fights. War is never clean and I know best. Only two third of the victims of our raid in CVA space were actually members of Sev3rance and CVA. And we killed "innocent" bystanders as well.

But we have no choice. Because either we kill everything or the members will hide as neutrals in that space to avoid our patrols. We declared to raid this space and everyone that is using it know that he indirectly supports the slavers and their Empire.


There is a line over which a warrior is not wandering. Or should not. Or if he stares at this line he should think. Because if he crosses it, he becomes what he is fighting. I am staring at our losses in Metropolis and the heroic fight of the Minmatar Militia that are trying to stop it. Against the odds. Against the weasleing of our enemy there. Against the breaking of rules. The lack of ethics. And all that.

And this morning I crossed to borders of Metropolis and just stopped myself on the Aset gate. No. I can't. I can't take part in the war that is going on here. Because if I do, I will need to use the tactics our enemy uses. I will become a warrior like him. And this, I don't want.

So I turned and was flying back to Bleak Lands. And found a gang where we set the Amarr space on fire. By the way I am willing to fight. By the way I can respect. With respect for rules and mechanics of war. And a fair chance for our enemy to counter this attack.

I am no shiny knight in armour. I am a very angry young women and I know that my decision will lead to suffering on the systems that are lost.

I was flying a Wreathe class industrial to the warzone this night. And left secret Minmatar Weapon Caches in the orbit of the planets under siege. With wheat, water, medicine, explosives and small arms for the resistance fighters.

We come for our people. But we come as Minmatar. Not as Amarr. By our rules and ethics. Not by theirs.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.11 21:27:00 - [339]

-- continue --

Ethics. Not halve a year ago the big BoB alliance was defeated. I am very sure that many members of BoB were honourable warriors and capsuleers that worked hard together to build something up. And many of the pilots that were once flying under the banner of BoB now are flying for Minmatar Militia. Or other Militias.

But the one unfailable giant finally fell. Why? Because they lost as an entity the respect of their enemies, I think. I might not know enough about what was behind all this war but I certainly know that many many people were angry because they were convinced that BoB was cheating. Again and again bending and breaking the rules that everybody respected. And this people hate. And so enemies sum up until you can not stand against them anymore.

This is of cause not about BoB. This is about our own ethics. We are Minmatar and we are no knights in shiny armor. We use dirty tricks and we try to cheat a bit here and there. I do. I think everybody does. But the cheating and bending rules and breaking them has an ethical limit.

We were twelve pilots that met this morning at around eight o'clock. And until around 16:00, some even longer than that, we were fighting for plexes in Amarr. We were teaming up, we were scanning for them, we were running them down and we were fighting for them.

The end of the day was this: we got some nice burning spots on the map of the Amarr side. Then I took a look at Metropolis space were even more of us were fighting the cheaters: a furnace. Two systems lost. PIE Inc. proclaiming glamorous victory for the Empire on the IGS.

And just a few of those weasles done that what were, I don't know how many but I estimate fourty to fifty Minmatar tried to counter.

We are without doubt "losing" this war. But I don't think that we really are. Because what we gain is respect. Respect for us as a Militia, each other knows what his wingman is doing. And we know what we are fighting. We are fighting the idea that someone has to let go all ethics if he wants to conquer the world. Our worlds. New Eden.

But truth is -as I see it- that the conquering of system is of no importance in the hearts of people. Those who conquer the hearts will inherit the earth. And for this we are actually fighting here. Against the Caldari weasels, against the Amarr loyalist turncoats. Against CONCORD rules.

And between us and our extinction, of our people and culture, there are only a hand full of capsuleers. That are fighting without gaining anything for that in return. But still we don't cheat and we don't use the tactics our enemy does. I am not sure if it will stay like this. If we are able to keep our honour to prevent what seems now unpreventable; our defeat.

But the defeat will be a glorious victory for our culture. And the Empire will with his methods and way of war be shattered to pieces. Because they will lose support. Wil lose respect. This is the anti-culture we Minmatar are fighting. I speak the truth I know. And we are losing on the battlefield. "In war everything is allowed." Yes, this might be. But a warrior will not use anything that is allowed.

He is fighting for something not against something. And this we don't betray.

Electus Matari is joining the fight since todays hour of prayers. They were taking a look at the map of war and I am sure they gulped. Like I did. But they've seen what Ni Nee and the other were achieving.

By our way. Not by theirs.

I now know their tricks. Some of them. And when I had to warp out of one of the military compounds in Kourmonen today I fearfully looked back if that damn timer would stop. It did. I was lucky.

Yes. We are winning this. But maybe you have to be a crazy Minmatar savage like me to understand why. Subhuman they call us. Veshta Yoshida calls me "Bigmouth Alica". We get spanked badly.

But still. We are winning.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.14 16:21:00 - [340]

Dear Log,

the war is going on. During the last days the Minmatar systems have been fallen a bit slower while the Gallente liberate one system after an other in fast progress. I dare not say that the Minmatar front is stable at the moment for I just need to take a look at the map that shows the endangered systems for our Republic, but it is not lighted as it was a few days ago.

Nihil Magnus and General Sasawong have begun to involve in this conflict as far as I can see as the rest of the Tribal Militia forces give the best they can to stop the assault. With all the weasleing on our enemies side their march forward is stopped by the passion for freedom of those who throw themselves against this enemy.

This fight against more or less one man - Damar Rocarion. I do not know what he want's to show with this farce, but people here don't play games. They fight hard for survival and to mock about this is something that I would not do.

Much of the shame of this situation can be put on CONCORDS rules here but to misuse them is always a personal decision that has personal consequences for the warrior who executes them. I would not like to be in the skin of our enemy at this moment. Because if you cheat the rules and follow the dirty path of "in war everything is allowed" you should be able to smash your enemy on the battlefield. Even if you destroy every credibility of your cause by that.

I am proud of the people out there that actually have taken on the fight. Against all odds. Against CONCORD, Caldari and Amarr. Amarr space is burning bright. First time CONCORD has stated inofficially that the used bribing of our Republic officers is not in agreement with Yulai treaties. The bureaucrats act slow but hopefully this time they act.

During the last days there had been a big battle about one of our fortresses in Auga, a POS was attacked by combined Amarr and Caldari forces. I am a bit surprised to see it still online. No. Minmatar is not beaten. The fight is going on.

To keep up the spirits of our Militia the F.I.A. has been given away free Thrashers to our militia pilots yesterday, an initiative that was executed and lead by Asariasha, one of our senior officers.

The changing of things is changing a lot about the people I fly with too. And it changed me too. I was entering a wormhole system lately with a friend of mine and first thing I did was scanning the system for enemies and trying to track them down and fight them out of our perimeter.

My friend asked me: »What have you become?«

And I can't say for sure but if you go into the unknown space of wormholes you can't expect anything but death. And while I tried to protect my wingman from the dangers inside, he denied this help from my side. »If we don't attack them, they'll don't attack us.« Okay. I let go the chance to clean the hole of enemies and halve an hour later I had to leave.

My friend came back in a pod, his ship destroyed by one of those friendly capsuleers.

What have I become? I have not become a dreamer. This for sure. A dreamer would hope that freedom will prevail and the wish of a civilisation to live in peace and freedom would be enough. But I have learned that you need some good piloted Rifters, Ruptures and Tempests to make sure this message is understood by the enemy too.

I'm not much of a militarist. To be honest I got some issues with command structures and orders. And my uniform is hardly one that can be shown on a parade. But New Eden is just no place where everyone is living in peace and harmony.

If you want to be free, you have to take this freedom out of the cold, stiff hands of your oppressors. But by going this way, you always have to respect the way of your people, you have to keep up your believes, your convictions and your ethics.

And I hope the best for my friend in zerosec, that everybody will be nice to him as long as he is nice to them. I really hope that he's right. But I don't think so.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.15 17:31:00 - [341]

Dear Log,

Arnher was the next Minmatar system.

There are rumors going around the Militia that the Jovians have agents out there that infiltrate our defensive systems and allow Caldari to take our military compounds without resistance.

It has been no official announcement from the Republic Government of this. And even the news channels are keeping silent about this matter. Only thing we can hear are bits of information that you'll get over the IGS channel or if you are talking with the involved officers or fight yourself.

The Star Fraction has declared the treason of the Republic officers futile. But I know my Navy and you can't get to a high position like this, betray our Republic and don't end up in an airlock with a free walk in space after that.

The Minmatar justice works simple maybe, but it works swift. And we do not tolerate traitors of this dimension in our ranks.

So either I'd had to come up with a conspiracy of an epic dimension now and I admit that I like conspiracy theories but they all are cut by occams razor. Like occams razor normally cuts the throat of god also.

But we know that the Jovians often interfere with the Empires and they have their own goals. And if they decide it is time for the Caldari to take the military installations for the Amarr, then it exactly happens. And there is not much we can do about that.

Whatever. The duty in my corp covers the usual things. We are patrolling Minmatar space to look for slave-trade and drug production and for espionage outposts of the Amarr Empire. This also covers the frequent check of wormholes for conspiracy activity.

We followed a hole in a small gang yesterday that spit us out in the Fade region where we found nothing suspicious. Then we proceeded to a wormhole and found a Loki cruiser inside that was not answering to our request to lower the shields and prepare to be searched. This is the normal procedure. Instead he opened fire on our ships which lead to his destruction. We found nothing suspicious in his wreck and so I wonder why he didn't lower his shields?! It was looking just like a normal wormhole expedition cruiser. Maybe his NavCom didn't work? I don't know. That was a stupid death.

I think people that fly these Loki cruisers feel invulnerable inside wormhole space and above the law of the Minmatar Republic. But they are not as you clearly can see. Why do people fly these sort of cruisers anyway? I always found a normal battlecruiser much more fitting for this sort of excursion. And they are cheaper. A lot cheaper.

The Caldari and Amarr have begun to organize the defending of their trade-route recently. So I blankly can say: they are safe now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.16 19:56:00 - [342]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 17/12/2009 01:01:47
Dear Log,

today Klogori, Auner. Alica sighs. Moment - just a second. Captured by Minmatar! Ah! That's looking better. While Gallente is liberating Esesier and Vlillirier.

Still the fight is going on. But you don't beat Minmatar like this.

I was covered in a lot of paperwork today and wasn't able to go fighting so far. Hopefully this changes during the next hours...

I found a wild weasle in the woods around one of the suburbs of Pator - ah, there are not many woods left to be true, and what survives here has some gift to do so. Actually I bought a bag with that weasle inside. And brought it to a near bar where some friends were wating. They were a bored, I think and I just let that beast go as some distraction.

The Pator weasle has some... teeth to be honest and I don't like to get in trouble with one of them. So I stepped back and watched the trouble. Finally the weasle attacked something that was actually not screaming and kicking back - the sofa. And it bit her way inside it, after it cutted the steel springs inside it.

Now the sofa hisses from time to time and is always vacant.

Funny thing is, that you can feed these weasles with catfood cans without the need to open the can actually. Hope the people there have fun. I'm not good with animals anyway and prefered to leave the place before somebody noticed the reason for this trouble.

But I asked if they like to have some action! And they didn't say: no!

P.S.: The Amarr tried to take Brin today, but that battle was not going too well for them. Still they outgun and outman us but this doesn't mean we are not giving them a hell of fight. Minmatar is losing this battle. So how will it be if we win one then?! The efficiency of Amarr is down to 30 maybe 40 percent on kills and their assault comes to a grinding halt. While Damar has maybe found his master in the Minmatar Militia the Gallente are beating the crap out of Caldari lately.

Still we are fighting with our back to the wall and a fool is, who thinks "this battle is won". It is not. We are still losing it. But the burning fire of freedom is beginning to activate our full potential. But we have a lot of power that is asleep and needs to be woken up. "Wreathe" is just one of our industrials. If we are really in anger there are no words for this anymore.

Raise Minmatar!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.18 11:39:00 - [343]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/12/2009 13:19:28
Dear Log,

two further systems are regained by Matari forces, Helgatid and Flosseswin. This is hard work. It is not that Damar and his Caldari weasles are not fighting for expansion anymore. They do. Harder than ever. But the Matari resistance forces are fighting him with everything they can give.

And togehter with the joined forces of Electus Matari the Minmatar Militia has the power to throw back assaults on bunkers that still happen every day. So the fight in Metropolis is not faught just by cheating codes on defensive systems by Caldari infiltrators but also by hard projectiles from Tempests, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Ruptures or even Rifters.

While I have pulled myself out of this war as some Amarr loyalist corporations did too, there are enough Amarr corporations that are willing to exploit the results of Caldari intervention to take over the systems that are vulnerable to attacks.

That this war with claws and teeth is going on during the most peaceful time of the year tells us that war has no holy days. The capsuleers of New Eden received their holy day present, a new exploration vessel, the "Zephyr".

It's special design makes it invisible for sleeper drone sensors, so I asked myself: will it be invisible for normal belt rats or other non-capsuleer enemies too? I accepted a tier-4 mission from one of my agents and jumped in.

First it was looking good. Nobody was locking my vessel. Then the locks came. And with it some heavy impacts that were shredding my tiny ship that fast that I nearly didn't made it out.

Yeah. »Why the hell, Alica are you testing this in a tier-four mission?« Of cause I asnwered: »Because only there I can speedtank the enemy. The smaller ships are able to..« ..hit me. Yes. This vessel can be destroyed. So be careful with it!

I got out deep in structure with mine. I tried to fit an autocannon on that thing too, but I found absolutely no way to fit weapons. You may ask: »Why the heck do you try to fit weapons on a vessel like the Ziphyr?!« Man - I'm Matari. We have weapons even on our industrials. And I am deeply disapointed by the fact that there is no way to fit afterburners on the Ziphyr too.

These two things make a vessel. Afterburners or microwarp drives and autocannons. Believe me or not. The rest are just targets.

I wonder how many of those will still exist a week after they were delivered? But - yes. To travel into wormhole space with this will be funny. And dangerous of cause.

But anyway - I found it a nice gift! Besides that there must be a way to fit an 125 mm autocannon on that thing... must must must...

Who is the first to get shot down in his?

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.12.18 15:21:00 - [344]

I am massively impressed by the spirit being shown being shown by the Matari resistance at the moment Alicia. That you are beginning to overturn the advantage delivered by caldari-junior officers hoodwinking republican naval assets sold down the river by their commanding officers is nothing short of astonishing.

For the 24th Crusade this must be a terrible time. It is bad enough to "cheat to win" but to be remembered as "cheating to lose" that thought must chill their bones and send unquiet dreams to ruin their sleep.

Still, the war continues for the Matari and with confirmation that some of the most significant Amarrian corporations are preparing to flee the warzone this must be considered a vital time. The light of hope is beginning to illuminate the future just beyond the horizon.

Know that the Star Fraction is not going to be too far away. You can always call on our friendship in times to come.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.18 19:44:00 - [345]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 18/12/2009 20:58:36
Dear Log,

Isbrabata is free again. And the Space Perverts have retreated - home. For whatever reason they are going, for whatever reason they were coming.

Now there are the rest of our lost systems to retake and when we are at it, the rest of Amarr. I think whatever Damar wanted us to show, whatever damage he wanted to do, it is over.

I'd like to say it was the Matari spirit that broke his attack. But I don't know for true. I just have the feeling it was. And that should be enough. What I do know is that he had brought us together. And that we Matari are standing tight in times like this.

And I also have seen Matari warriors with foam on their mouth and bloodshot eyes.
Matari have friends.


This is not over. It is over when we say it's over.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.19 14:52:00 - [346]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/12/2009 15:09:39
Dear Log,

today Turnur. Liberated. Forty to go until Amarr Prime.

There is not much to report today, dear Log. Just that the F.I.A. is bursting with activity again. Recruits pass by almost every day, some have to be declined, some are taken. It seems that we are one of the very few active militia corporations, that actually have that strange Sebiestor dialect that I learned as a child as their official language.

But I am working most of the time on ideas and campaigns for the future of our small "gang"; a lot of paperwork that does not fit me well as a warrior. And when things happen like Turnur I'm planet-side bound and can't join the fight. Damn!

My experiments are going on to build up my own productions. I just don't want to destroy, destroy, destroy. I have an urge to give back some of the things I have taken. Like I have given back most of the Rifters I had taken from the market. I admit that there was no profit in doing this for me, it was just a way to serve our society.

War is going on and I am thinking: »What comes next?« I mean after we have thrown the Amarr out and liberated all systems of their occupation? We will have to build up something.

Like the CVA tries to do their operation deliverance, which I will not permit if I can do anything about this. Providence is rightful Matari space, not Amarrian. And this means us, as Matari, have to do something. If we want to claim our rights on a space we have to build up something in it, that is ours. We have to use that space.

So, we have heard a lot about going ons in the Ammatar Mandate and I think while the Mandate is neutral ground between the Empire and the Republic, it is our move to offer our hands there. It is our move to actually use this place. And make it ours.

And not words do this, deeds will. Electus Matari had begun to move into Derelik a few months ago and I am thinking, that this was a smart move that was ahead of it's time. But we at FIA are nothing more than warriors. We have to watch what is going on. learn and then make our moves.

The Amarrian campaign is stuck in the Matari winter now. On the systems that are retaken, our troups find halve frozen, malnourished and halve dead assault troops. The Matari systems that have been taken are indeed very poor and the ongoing war has destroyed some of it's most valuable infrastructure.

To let survive their inhabitants is one thing, to sustain an occupying army that is cut off their supply lines through the bottleneck of Hofjalgund is something different. Minmatar industrial corporations have begun to move goods down from Hek into the war-zone and help to cushion the worst cases of famine. At some places disease are spreading and plaques. Before we recapture our systems capsules are released from orbit at the Amarr storm-troopers on ground to surrender. Many of them do, because their choice is to fight and die and to die most likely not by our bullets but by their circumstances of life.

We have now much to rebuilt on the systems that were covered by war. Let's do this first and think about the future next.

For the future that is coming from CVA for people like us, Matari, is dark. To serve as slaves in their production facilities. A friend of mine, a very young pilot that critizised me and my FIA comrades for raiding the slavers in Providence, was taking a ride there. To watch with his own eyes. He was in a tiny Rifter, in a neutral and very young corporation and he was hunting in the belts. A CVA member passed by and killed him without mercy.

The reason was: he was Matari. That's enough. So either you help the enslavement of your own kind and are "respected" inside the CVA when you are Matari or you are KOS.

This is the reason why we fight. And this is why we are coming for our people. Get Metropolis back, then Bleak Lands, Derelik, then Providence.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.12.21 12:51:00 - [347]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

This is the reason why we fight. And this is why we are coming for our people. Get Metropolis back, then Bleak Lands, Derelik, then Providence.

I salute your ambition Alica Wildfire. You are the best of your people. And the cluster is fortunate such heroes walk amongst us. Fight on and fight well and know you have more allies than most realize.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.21 23:53:00 - [348]

Dear Log,

Turnur, Uisper, Aset are free again. And while one person is weak and can easliy overwhelmend, if enough people focus their powers together they are able to change the world.

I am a warrior for the TLF for one and a halve year now. And never was I with the people who were actually shooting down the bunker. I never have tasted of the sweet fruit of victory. I only had the work that lead to it.

So this day was special for me. I was shooting on two of the bunkers. Saw going down one of them before I had to leave for planetside duties at the second.

There is nothing to report today that has any importance for me besides this moment. Thank you, all that helped to free our people down there. Thank you in the name of billions. Thank you in the name of one very humble warrior among this huge fleet that is fighting for freedom.

Thank you. Friends.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.28 10:22:00 - [349]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 28/12/2009 10:57:47
Dear Log,

the war has turned into an offensive now. While Metropolis is saved the only systems remaining in Amarr occupancy of Minmatar origin are Siseide and Lantorn. They try hard to keep them. So hard that the Tribal Liberation Force and their militia corporations have Saidusairos, Iesa and just a few minutes ago Kurniainen liberated.

The first time in the long history of me in the militia wars I was part of a fleet that actually could take an enemy system. Now the medical personal and human rights activist are eager to get down on the planets. On those Amarr system not everybody is a slave, even not every Minmatar. But those who are slaves are free now.

With three systems to evacuate the slave population this is a huge logistic tasks for our industrial corporations.

I have been witness of one of the many family rejoinments. A crew member of a Tempest found his surviving relatives on a Kurnainen slave colony list.

But besides this our guards have begun to arrest some of the slave guards. You might think that we just put every slaver up to the wall, but it is not like this. We investigate their crimes, there is a trial, witnesses and then there is a wall for them.

But don't worry. We are not so inhumane to let wait them for their death for long. I'm sorry for the deaths this takes. But crimes to humanity have to get an answer. I thought about what we could do else. But I see no way how to handle a man that has the blood of so many people on his hands that you could paint a moon in red with that. What is the correct answer to genocide?

Not just vengeance.

It's justice. We prepaired a request to Jamyl Sarum for to compensate the families for their enslavement over generations. If this gets no answer we will liquidate the assets of slaver corporations and transfer the money as compensation to the newly freed.

The announcement of liquidation of corporate assets have brought up some movement into the Rens and Hek stock market. Many corporations try to move into the vacuum that is left by those liquidations on the systems in question. And of cause the war profiteer of all sides gather like sharks around a pool of blood.

This is the really and truly ugly side of the war. That on all this suffering and fighting some corporations try to make their fortune. But to compensate those families for generations of unpaid work is the right thing to do. It gives them a new start in the Republic.

But not everything is going as intended. On a settlement on Kurniainen X we found a slavecamp of a small mining colony with all inhabitants slaughtered and the Amarr of that facility all fled. Republic Freedom Fighters found 1425 slain slaves. Witnesses have seen them shuttle off to the 24th Imperial Crusade station in system to seek for asylum.

Our request to the 24th Imperial Crusade got no answer yet. We requested their handing over of the murderers. But even if the whole system is falling into Republic Sovereignty, the station of the 24th is exterritorial and not under our command. There has been put up a blockade of that station to prevent their escape to Empire space.

Lucius Vindictus
East Khanid Trading
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2009.12.28 17:31:00 - [350]

Edited by: Lucius Vindictus on 28/12/2009 17:39:24
Miss Wildfire,

It seems you misunderstand the nature of this CONCORD proxy-war we are in. Also you grossly overestimate the role of us capsuleers. Minmatar capsuleers can not free slaves from a planet any more than Amarrians can enslave them. We are so highly bound by CONCORD's legislative restrictions that I go so far as not calling this a true "war" at all. In addition to that, even if we could, and that is a big IF, a planetary invasion takes many, many weeks to prepare and properly execute. And I assure you that it would make headlines in the news if such an invasion as of which you speak of was underway. In short: everyone would have heard about it.

Also, the majority of the space we contest is relatively devoid of life. Most of the planets are lifeless orbs that may have some material wealth to offer in the form of untapped resources, but they are hardly major population centres even if they do have colonies. If they were more valuable our empires would have upgraded their system's security levels to make them High Security systems. Now, if we could contest eachother's highsec systems things would get interesting fast! But such is not the case, so I'm affraid that our efforts are largely meaningless. Occupancy flips between sides, sometimes on a weekly basis, and our unruly militia's are hardly trusted enough to be the ones to execute any kind of planetary invasion on behalf of our respective navies. CONCORD has seen to it that our roles are as limited as they possibly can be.

I'm not saying that either side isn't eventually going to touch the planets in the systems we take, but such titanic undertakings take time. It will be the groundforces of our nations, not capsuleers and their crews, who will try to conquer a planet. I'm not trying to downplay your role in the resistance against the righteous reclaiming of your people, I merely try to point out what our place is as capsuleers. We should not attribute abilities to ourselves that aren't ours. We certainly are powerful, but we are nowhere near omnipotent.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.29 11:42:00 - [351]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/12/2009 11:52:38
Dear Log,

the militia war is going on now for two years. More than one hundred thousands ships destroyed, this means losses of millions of lives. And all this, I was told recently, for the on and off's of lamps on the map of CONCORD?

No. Don't mix up your pod interface with the real life.

Of cause it's not our crews who go and invade the planets below and take over the government. We are the Navy. We do the flying. Others do the dying who are better skilled for this. But it doesn't mean that we can't go down there and see it with our own eyes.

The takeover of planets is a difficult thing and is not a military grand-scale invasion of every hut. It is about communication lines, about space sovereignty and the enforcement of government structures. And with this the local laws.

Most of the positions keep in place. Like the barber at the shopping mall will be the same and even the major of the small village may be stay the same. He grew up there, he lived there and he was chosen (or not) by the people. The change of things will go slowly. But if space sovereignty changes the government has no way but to surrender. There will be even no way of secure communication left with the other systems. Because most of the security codes and communications gear are stored in the bunker, which you can call the informational headquarter of a system.

But there are people down on the planets. And if the planets are inhabitable they live on moons in small settlements and outposts, they have built colonies everywhere. Even on the worst nightmares of asteroids you'll find them.

And with them are industrial complexes, farms, mines and all that.

With a system comes the way people are living there. I said before, that an Amarr invasion does not mean that every Matar on the planet is put into slave barges and carried off to the Empire. This would be insane to do. Because it would break the exploitation of that system. No workers, no work.

And the laws of the Empire do not make everybody automatically a slave that is living on such a planet or system. There are rules by which new slaves may be taken. And invasion is not one of them.

But you will see new laws in this systems that will make people outlaws that were no outlaws before. And so the Empire will take more or less with arbitrariness new slaves from the people that don't want to cooperate with the slaver system.

In return if the Republic gains control over an Amarrian system from that day on all slaves are free. This is a much more drastic change than the change vice versa. Because many of them want to leave. And this destroys some of the infrastructure on that planet, because workers that leave, can't work anymore. The Republic tries to keep the workers in the systems and offer jobs.

But. And here comes the problem. The assets on the planets are often owned by corporations. And the Republic may not take these assets away. Many of the New Eden Mega-Corporations have ex-territorial status on colonies and so an invasion is more like a hostile takeover that everybody knows from corporate wars. It's complicated and it takes some time. And opens chances for new corporations to move in. The new order of thinks give space for changes, for competitiors to move in and all in all is good for economy. And this is the reason, I think, CONCORD accepts it. Some corporations that don't cooperate have to move on. And are replaces by others. No Amarrian corporation on Republic space is allowed to use slaves. But that is not as easy that I can summerized it in a log like this, dear Log.

The head changes, not the body. The rules change, not the system. But this means much for us. And our people. Enough to fight for.

And -no- not our crews do this. We just open the (bunker)doors for that and bring in the troops. We do the flying. The grunts do the dying.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.29 16:23:00 - [352]

-- continued --

Siseide is liberated. This means the last occupied Minmatar system is Lantorn. Lantorn where a fierce resistance fight was going on, other than in Siseide that was surrendering without notable resistance from the inhabitants. We didn't hear anything from Lantorn for a long time now.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.30 12:31:00 - [353]

Dear Log,

today the FIA withdraws from the factional warfare. We have sadly to do so for a while but will come back soon. Friends requested help for a battle of an Empire War. And while I personally really turn my back with much reluctance to the successful campaign of our forces at this special time, friendship is on the other hand a value that is equal. And it might even be an important move for the FIA to do for their future.

Of cause we are still fighting for the Minmatar cause but I was involved into several corporate wars too in past. I remember the defending of Fish 'n Fun well. And freedom is a gift that you have to fight for. That nobody gets with his mother milk for free.

I can't tell at this time who will be the target of our move and who we will assist in their fight but you can be sure that this will be a surprise for everyone involved. Hopefully.

The dropping of travel restrictions for our corporation will allow us also to prepare our next move for the fight against the empiricists. Our corporation is growing and prospering recently, our recruiting is working well enough, so we are preparing us for a greater scale of war. The war against our new targets is planned as a short vacation from the front and gives us the opportunity to test new tactics on a greater scale.

First time in their history the FIA will join an alliance for that cause. And with Alliance forces you can fly much more coordinated than with militia rogue fleets. Hopefully. While this is nothing new for my comrades for me this is a new scale of operation that I will enjoy much.


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.01 15:27:00 - [354]

Dear Log,

the Federal Investigation Agency has joined EVE-Union, planned for the duration of this war. I call the war the "Days of Glory". Hopefully this doesn't explode back into my face and that the glory is ours after all.

If you should not remember, dear Log, who exactly was EVE-Union, it was the alliance that was fighting a war some months ago against the "One Man" corporation ho hitori, which most of us joined to help this one man in his struggle for survival.

After all the war was won and we gained not just respect but also the one or other friendship by this. Because a war might be a hard time but business is business and has nothing to do with personal feelings and friendships. We were fighting for the freedom of that lone corporation and after we done this we parted in good spirit. Even if one of the aftermaths of this war did cost one of the corporations over 12 billions of isk that were transfered, not destroyed. Isk that FIA didn't profit from and no of our pilots, this was a thing between no hitory and the CEO Asariasha and this one corporation.

But never mind. We transfered our ships to the warzone and prepair for the battle to come. Many of the corporations in EVE-Union are of Minmatar and Gallente origin and their official native language is the strange Sebiestor dialect that I speak myself.

So we have more in common than you might think. The enemy has assembled already near the base of operation and the war will be fought in Caldari space. The attackers are members of a Caladari Cartel that tries to fight EVE-Union about some unsolved logistic questions. I think the reason of the war was the destruction of a high value industrial vessel that was caught by a custom patrol and tried to escape instead of lowering their shields or something.

I'm not quite in this but our board of directors had a clear majority to help our friends and don't ask twice. Because you might fight about differences in politics on the battlefield but a war is one thing, a possible future another. And this cooperation can be much more fruitful than a war and is done by diplomatics.

The FIA tries to endure freedom, free trade and stabilize the Regions of the Republic and the Federation and is assigned to execute tasks even beyond the borders, in times of need. The time of need is now and the war against EVE-Union has left more bonds of friendship and respect but wounds.

So we are there and try to do our best.

Let the war begin.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.03 10:06:00 - [355]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 03/01/2010 10:32:39
Dear Log,

our polite and humble enemies seem to be guests from vulgaria. We have some problems to understand their language cause they are using quite funny words on the local channel. But nevermind. While I'm still planetbound until tomorrow and only was able to take part in a short Heimatar and Metropolis roaming -why the heck did I fly my ships though halve the galaxy?- I'm curious if they are really that strange like everybody reports.

A war is a serious thing. And while I can understand the using of funny words if you are the victim of a wardeclaration, this sometimes happens if the victims don't feel able to fight, I really can't understand such behaviour from those who have actually declared the war.

They should be the strong, the superior, they should be those who are actually killing us.

Which seems not to happen, if you are following the local texts or the statistics. But the war has not even started yet. This fight is nothing special as far as I can say. It is the old story of those claiming to be of purer blood and ancestry going to suppress an other group for extortion or for certain victory and something. I don't know what they really want. Money? I don't think so? Honor? Not with this language and behavior.

I think they are just like little kids that drive things as far as they can to finally get a spank and learn where the story ends. Then they will push their underjaw in front and silently whine. Or they will screem how unfair the world is and that they never can be defeated. That they "won" everything. Even if they win nothing. For here there is nothing to win. Just honor.

So, dear Log, if you are once in the same situation, watch your language. Or you lose on local coms what could have been won in battle. And now - let's fight, Filthy Few.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.04 09:10:00 - [356]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 04/01/2010 09:58:10
Dear Log,

I'd like to tell you more about our war, but there is not much to tell. Our enemies excellent in hiding in station and when they come out they fly Force Recons as if all of us would hang around in industrials and just fly into their way to get ganked.

They do not change into decent ships while we are waiting for them for hours to fight. We didn't declare a war on them, they did on us. This is just.. lame. I normally don't say things like that, dear Log, and you know it. But they are. I am normally not saying things like that because when you find twentyfive or twentysix or whoever knows how many they really are with all that neutral remote repair stuff they let fly around. You just normally can't say about such a bunch of people "they are lame". But in this case... I just don't know what to say else.

Our fleet was smaller than theirs. After a while they all returned to their base and let us know that they invite us to enjoy a boring station-hug by them. They even invited one of us to a one-on-one. But you know what? We considered them not at least trustworthy for anything. Because what was happening on local coms by them would have been issue for a day at court. Even if it would have happened in the most shabby Minmatar bar.

If somebody neither respects language nor rules of engagement, is just pitifully losing every ship he is bringing into a fight, is trying to cheat around every engagement and basically not understanding anything about war, then, what should you do, dear Log?

You will not have any fun neither downing their ships and kicking the crap out of them, nor losing anything to them. You can not trust their words for any arrangement like duels, because who is treating his language like -a whore?- no, a whore would not accept treatment like that. Someone like that won't respect his own word too.

Dear Log, I heard a lot of "smack talk" on local and planet side in my life. But things like that - gosh. That's epic. And it's the only thing they do. I can't repeat it here for you because every moderator would rightfully ban me instantly, but some of the words make even no sense to me so I just repeat them so you might guess the level of their smack: "nazi, jews, gas." Don't expect them to be able to write any word syntactically correct not speaking of grammar.

I think the war is over soon. They don't understand the workings of it. It's about respect.

I hope I can delete their list of names from my addressbook soon, because it is a list of shame. I never talked like that about an enemy and hopefully never will have to again. But when you once should invite a pilot into your corp, into your gang, into your chatroom, dear Log, that has been member of Filthy Few, mind my words.

Pax Amarr
Posted - 2010.01.06 09:44:00 - [357]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

This is the reason why we fight. And this is why we are coming for our people. Get Metropolis back, then Bleak Lands, Derelik, then Providence.

You cannot take what was never yours in the first place. You and your kind belongs under the protective umbrella of the Amarr empire. You are unfit to rule yourself.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.08 10:00:00 - [358]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/01/2010 10:28:18
Dear Log,

while the march of freedom is going on and system after system is freed, the FIA is still engaged in duty. While the war against the Filthy Few is not so interesting as thought first, we took the opportunity to strike into the moneymaking heart of the Amarr's allied, the Caldari.

It is not unknown that I stand for the right to salvage every loot that is left in space, and so I can often be found in system with heavy combat in space with a Probe and a salvager to help the rig manufacturing economy and take my share. Over the time I got quite proficient in that and even if I am not doing it on a daily base I try to wet my roots sporaticly. To scan ship in a deadspace just takes a minute or sometimes even less with a Probe and if you know what you are doing.

On corporate channels I chatted idley about that and after I by the way was mentioning that people in this deadspaces tend to shoot you, yes, really they do, I got some intrest of one of our pilots.

»If this is true, Alica, you'll get a million by me«, said Qipchak who was eager to try that out. He never did that too and was not relying his main income on this profession like I do.

After a while I just saw the incoming million and the order to pronto vivace come to Motsu. Our fleet was assembling and I was happy to teach one of our oldest pilots how to do scanning, which I am skilled badly but used to very much. I transfered a fighting vessel, my might Rupture "Revenge" and my beloved but cheapo and not so long living Probe "Find and Keep" to that system to just arrive in time to join an epic fight against a corporation that has declared to protect the rich moneymakers of Motsu against the poor freelancer Salvagers like us, that just take what belongs to everyone.

NOIR. is infamous for their Motsu presence, as they are promoting their escort service on their corporate description and after they thought they were tricking a stupid "Ninja" into a trap the fight was rapidly escalating. On the one hand we had halve of our corp in that system anyway for they all had joined their comrades for some humble income by earnest work, the others were darting towards the system eager to join a bit havoc.

The battlereport shows just five of us in clearly inferior ships against six of them (while the trick to stage CONCORD aggression rules show them falsly on our side). Another heavily tanked strategic cruiser going down the gutter.

After twenty minutes of epic fighting we finally left victorious the field, just letting one of them fly off to bard about the battle. How rich our enemy in Caldari space can get you easily find out if you take a look at their ships. Every one of them was as expensive as our whole fleet, I think.

So. In the end a lot of people died for the right of the common man to take his chance and salvage what belongs to everybody. I pity that so many lives had to be wasted for it but on the other hand - the freedom is worth it.

While this is my duty for FIA I still have duty to fulfill for my anchestry. I am Sebiestor and should honor my elders with showing up with some great inventions and skill in science. I worked on that lately and can now present the first fruit. The advanced technology blueprints that come from my labs sum up in my office at the moment. I am just waiting to get my masters degree as an engineer, which was sponsored by Sebiestor Tribe and the products will hit the market.

Of cause I am not keen on this as I am fond on 125mm Autocannons but it is not my way to deny the greatness of my Tribe by ignoring their greatest strength. It is the duty to adapt every aspect of greatness of the tribal culture for a warrior.

My first interceptors and electronic attackships will hit the market in a few days, not so much for the money, which is not that high, but for the pride of Minmatar.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.10 11:30:00 - [359]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 10/01/2010 11:33:09
Dear Log,

there is nothing that I can report but the freedom of the long lasting occupation of Lantorn. While those have already reported this that worked the hardest this is an event that I have to tell you too, dear Log. Because after 382 days of suffering the fresh air of freedom has returned to the breath of the brave people that were fighting a desperate struggle for freedom down below.

Nobody has counted the losses of that fight yet, dear log but the once blossoming mining colony on that icy surface is now a life in ruins. Many of the freedom fighters have been caught and put under the whip, for this planet is a planet of hero for the Republic.

Most of the resistance groups still do not believe that Lantorn is free again and think it is just another of the disinformation campaigns of the Amarr occupancy psychological warfare units. Cities shattered and industrial complexes destroyed.

There is no family that has no losses in their own ranks.

We as Matari have to stand shoulder to shoulder now that Lantorn is free and deliver the suffering survivors with medical help, food, fresh water and industrial good to build up what the civil war has destroyed.

I know that this was a war that was not covered by the mainstream media and I do not know why. Oh, yes, maybe I know too well. For Lantorn was the first Matari system that fell in this war and the last that was freed again.

When Matari unite everything can be achieved.

Is it futile to resist Amarr occupancy? Is it illegal? I think it's a human right to be free, fight for your freedom and deny collaboration with those who treat you as slaves and exploit your home, your land, your tribe, your clan, your family. There is a right to fight this and it is unlawful to take those who do it as slaves.

For me the heroes of this war were those in white fur that were fighting in the ice of Lantorn. Against the Imperialists and their machine of exploitation with nothing but a Matari assault rifle and home-brew explosives.

I think of the many deaths on this soil. May they never be forgotten. And the heroes of Lantorn. May their spirit live forever!

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2010.01.12 22:00:00 - [360]

Dear Log,

the war went silently by like he came. All in all they lost this war in every meaning of to "loose" a war. But they got a lucky kill. I'm glad that it's over even if you know me, dear Log, that I love fighting, I don't love to do it with everybody.

The work on scientific issues is an interesting one, especially if you are of Sebiestor anchestry and the world around you is talking with the ghosts and spirits of your tribe.

When I was in my first week beeing a capsuleer I was flying some missions for Boundless Creation. I was living at Hek at that time and two things were catching my eye. First of all I really wanted to fight for the Tribal Liberation Force that had a station there to serve my people and the second was the fact that one of the agents at the Boundless Creation station in that system was not willing to talk to me.

This had been a Research and Development agent and he told me that I was not skilled enough in scientific matters to match him. One day, I promised him, I would return and prove that I'm a true Sebiestor.

Today I did. And I worked for that corporation for the whole day to prove that I'm not just able but also willing enough to take part in the great adventure of development of Minmatar hitek products. Of cause I'm no match for a real scientist, but I try to compensate my lack of ability with diligence. A few days ago I did the same for Core Complexion to get access to the best labratory equipment the Republic can make available.

And so this adventure begins. I was always producing some of the stuff that I used, but I never spend much time with those books. But it is amasing. I've been capsuleer for way over a year now and I didn't know that there was still so much to discover.

I'm proud of this, even if this is nothing I can pin on my chest or that will count on my list of kills in the war against the Empire. But I think to understand my people, to live their lives is one of the ordeals that a true warrior has to do. Anchient societies were teaching their warriors art and writing and poetry. Modern warriors have to learn about the beauty of science and industry to understand the world they are living in, to be a complete human.

There is something about this. The feeling of value. I begin to understand how large our world really is and not just to live my little life of fighting. And I think this was the reason that anchient Matar warriors had to learn so much about culture. To understand who they are. To understand the people they were figthing with, fighting against and all that.

You might call it "carebearing", dear Log and you might be right. But for me this is more than this.

I begin to understand the world much better now. And how I can fight my enemy better.

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