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Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.08 01:25:00 - [301]

Dear Log,

after we lost one battlecruiser to an enemy hisec gang the operation "Revenge" was continued. After the successful destruction of a Legion T3 cruiser his fate followed a list of 18 ships, mostly warships with some victims of regrettable weapons malfunctions between them.

The goal is to cut off the supply route between Amarr Prime and the main trade hub of the Caldari State, the infamous fortress of scam and filth - Jita.

This important task was executed by a planned operation under the aegis of the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Repubiic. To lauch an operation like this was raising some diplomatic issues with the Federation which was argueing against warfare against Amarr Militia members that needed a passage of Minmatar Militia warships through Gallente sovereignity.

But after renewing the spirit of the alliance of the Federation and the Republic those obstacles were quickly and unbureacratic removed. The numbers tell better about the margin of success that this operation produced in the end.

During the operation an other warrior was joining the FIA forces who will be welcomed with a celebration during the next days.

The only way to bring the enemies of freedom to fall is through solidarity. Solidarity, braveness and swift daring and dashing against the enemy militia and the protecting Navy forces.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.09 10:30:00 - [302]

Dear Log,

I killed a lot of men. I lost some crews. I lost parts of my Rupture crew, but I didn't have a personal relationship to them as to my Stabber crew. But I miss them. Everywhere I go I leave traces of blood behind me. As a warrior does, this is his fate.

I failed miserably at bringing life into this world through the birth of children. Both of them are gone now. And I am still here. I will not give up to give back just one life. Even when I killed so many that I lost count. But maybe this is not my fate. Maybe it should not be that I gonna be a mother.

So I concentrate on the things I actually can do now. I lost nearly 100 Rifters. I have destroyed as many. And now I have produced more than 1000 of them and given them back to New Eden. As I have given back many of the modules that I destroyed or lost.

A month ago something happend in the aftermath of my last death which I didn't tell ya, dear Log. I was beginning to study at the Pator Tech School again and got my diploma in applied science. I might not be a mother of men. But damn it I will be a mother of ships.

Of cause you may think this is not the way of a warrior. But I am no normal warrior. I am a Sebiestor warrior. We all are deep in our heart scientists and engineers. I was actually building the third Rifter I was flying those days back. Building it from scratch. I even mined most of the minerals for it out of belts. Even if I hate mining one has to do this to really feel the worth of a ship. I did.

And you can have two kind of fighters. A soldier or a warrior. The soldier will obey a command and if he does not get a command he will toddle away to the next pleasure hub and spend his money on flesh and enjoyment. Or you have a warrior. He believes in the things he is fighting for and does not need a command to do something. He will do everything he does help his cause. A warrior is a war by himself. He will try to carry that war to every aspect of his life. And everything he does will be a part of this war.

And I started to build my first Claw now. I was thinking about building a Stiletto or a Claw but I always adored the straight and strong path the Brutor are daring to go and even if it never was really mine, I fly their ships with joy. And they have given me so much. So I humbly will build that one and not the more Sebiestor like Stiletto.

I was talking to one of our enemies. In the aftermath of a battle some months ago. It was Merdaneth, one of the best interceptor pilots I know and who I missed to fight for so long time now. But he told me that he is actually building the ships by himself. And this is something that impressed me.

You may say about our enemies what you want, but their determination to fight for their cause is not much weaker than our own. It's only their cause that is lacking real power, not their will to fight for it. And the idea to gain a self sufficient and autonome state of being is something that also The Star Fraction tries to accomplish. It is the way of a warrior.

To build up a strong Rens is as important as to cut off the supply route Jita-Amarr. So we Minmatar are not vulnerable to this kind of attack as the weak Empires are. And this means: we need mothers of ships more urgent than mothers of men.

Maybe we need mothers of men more than those for ships, yes. But I fail so miserably at this, that I will try to do what I can, so I maybe can compensate this lack of ability a bit. This not beeing a mother. And give something back of the things I take. Just a bit.

A tiny Claw would be a start. A compensation for all the lives that were taken. For the two babies I have lost and that never were allowed to live. I will call it "Two Stars" when it's ready.

Posted - 2009.11.10 07:46:00 - [303]

I see now, her own market is unable to compete with ours so she has taken to acts of piracy. It is a shame that it will have little effect on the market since the cost of piracy are already sown into the bottom line.

Perhaps you should contact the Caldari on a business venture in the improvement of Rens instead of just trying to blow up traders who have nothing to do with your war. But perhaps it is already too late for this act, you have done nothing but destroy the very bridges that could bring prosperity.

We are interested in branching our business into any space possible, with our hard work and dedication prosperity could come quickly. Please change your current view before irreparable harm comes to your name in the Caldari markets. Until then you are just a market loss, and a minor one at that, it would be far more profitable for Rens for Caldari traders and producers to know they have a safe market in your area instead of knowing that bringing their goods and services to Minmatar space is filled with high operation cost.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.10 09:55:00 - [304]

Dear Log,

I received note about our military operation at the main trade route Jita-Amarr under the label of "piracy". I thought everybody is able to see that these targets exclusively were militia wartargets and actually no civilians. A pure militia operation and only one of the targets was an industrial. On the last mission F.I.A. even was helping CONCORD to destroy the rabit Ravens of some of those mentioned hisec-pirates that were attacking a civilian trader.

But the Caldari helping Rens? I don't think so. At Rens Caldari traders are a minority, dear Log.

I was reading an old Sebiestor book recently about which I want to tell ya, "Brave New World". It's a book of an Amarrian author and is telling a story about a perfect Amarrian society. Which the inquisition has obviously not seen is, that this story is a dystopia and the Author has silently left the Empire and is working now on Republican space.

He is writing about the big fight of civilisation against barbarians, without explicitly writing about Amarrians or Minmatar this story is full of the critical position to slavery and questions the way civilisation influences and is norming their people. This book is telling an alternative reality what would happen if the Empires win.

I just wanted to recommend you this book, dear Log.

Captain Pompous
Is Right Even When He's Wrong So Deal With It
Posted - 2009.11.13 21:36:00 - [305]

Edited by: Captain Pompous on 13/11/2009 21:39:07
I've left you a log of my your ship's toilet.

Congratulations on securing your passage into space but - and take this as a warning, Minmatar heathen - follow the Divine Path as revealed by our Glorious Empress &c &c., or risk eternal hellfires!

*end transmission

**addendum: I see that you have already chosen your path, you damnable cur. In which case, I must apprise you of the fact that the log that I deposited for your perusal was, shall we say, not entirely cohesive.


Amarr victor!


*end transmission

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.14 10:13:00 - [306]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/11/2009 13:36:46
Dear Log,


The system where the Minmatar rebellion began. Not just a system like any system. It's an important. It's a symbol.

Since the day the tribal militia has liberated Arzad after a fight that was going on for months gangs of drunken Amarr milita are roaming the shabby bars of mother Amamake and provoking barfights, that they normally lose. Some of them roam the IGS, drunken and misbehaving.

They act as if someone has thrown a bag of bees into their headquarter. They are whipping out their green recruits onto the front to fight a fight that they have lost. Dozens of puny Punishers have since then be destroyed in Metropolis.

But the tribal militia is silent. It's not that we don't know how important this was. Silently we congratulated all that made this possible. And we were sitting together with a glass of spiced wine and were thinking of Arzad.

Many of us have been down there. And this cuts down our joy. When Arzad was lost to the Empire many months ago there had been a communications barrier. Nobody heared anything about what was going on. Now we know. And this makes us silent.

After the Empire got back the system they were stating examples. Streets were covered with blood of slain slaves. Slaves that were driving off their masters of the ground. Some killed them. Many worked together with the militia. So this happend: after taking back the system every family had to present one of them as a collaborateur. And they had to kill him by their own hands.

Families that were not giving one of them to the execution were all killed by guards. The slave collar...

It was a bloody time and the bodies were all brought together to rot in the sun. Until only the bare bones were left. The bones were used to build an ivory cathedral in the capital. "The cathedral of Redemption." A cathedral that was burning brightly when we entered the city.

There had been a civil war down there. And many died. Matar and Amarr. But the cruelty of what the Empire has done is beyond imagine. It is not the result of pure evil. It is just the result of rules. Of rules that do not give a damn on the human life. A system that makes man a number, tattooed on his under arm. A system that is strafing the will of freedom that is in everyone of us. That is exploiting every feeling, everything people share with their neighbors, exploiting the lifes of millions until they die.

Between fourteen and twentyfive all females were pregnant when we arrived. All of them. Pregnant or death. To cover the losses of the civil war, the masters had descided to start a breeding program. For this the women and girls were brought into breeding camps. I won't go into details what this means. This is the meaning of loss of freedom. You do not own your body anymore. You will be nothing but cattle. This is what we Minatar fight. No less.

We want to own our own body. Our mind. Our fate.

I just can't dance now that Arzad is free. I just stare at what the Empire is. Staring at it because I can't believe what I see. I have known -in an abstract sense- what the value of freedom and the importance is. But here...

Lantorn has gone silent for a month now. We are fighting for Lantorn but it is silent from planetside. And peaceful Siseide. No words from Siseide from the day of occupation on to now. In the Caldari-Gallente war the change of government does not mean much for the common man. But here it is about living or death.

The whole day the golden fleet was coming back. And we were driving them off the field like in the battle of Siseide. We have broken something in Amarr militia, I can feel it. They are fighting like a jaguar with a broken spine. But now we march forward and free the rest of our kind. It has to be done.

It's not about hate or revenge. It just has to be done.

Warriors work.

Rest fly to Arzad and bring the civilians away from there.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.14 14:50:00 - [307]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 14/11/2009 14:51:38
-second part-

Not long ago a representative of the Republic Fleet showed up at my hangar and offered me a deal. To modify my old Scythe mining cruiser that was so long in my possession to something that can actually be used against Amarr. I willingly accepted the friendly offer and after some weeks I was informed of my battle ready Scythe Republic Fleet Issue.

There are only a very few around in New Eden, because the only way you can get one is as a militia pilot or you may try to buy it from a militia pilot.

So I was astounded that I got one of them in my hangar now. To be honest I wouldn't have dreamed that one can actually make a fighting vessel of this special cruiser but true is, that it is indeed one of the toughest available if you know how to deal with it.

The Republic engineers were doing a tough job with this and finally I found it's design setup more like that of a cruiser version of the Typhoon than anything, because it's fast and very very small for a cruiser, not much bigger than a destroyer. It's sturdy and reminds also of a Bellicose a bit but much more straight forward. It's a ship that wants to be loved, I think. Something you have to have an affair with and that is a bit brittle before it opens it's secret beauties to you.

And of cause it's rare.

I think I like the idea of flying a ship that looks like a mining cruiser actually into battle - and kill with it. There won't be much of them around in future I think, because the Republic Fleet already is planning to open their Fleet Issue Typhoon for capsuleer market and people will spare their money and their favors the Fleet owes them for that. So this will be the primary ship you'll get from them in future.

Stabber Fleet Issue? Nice ship! Maybe "better" than the Scythe - if you don't know how to make her work. But anybody can have it from Brutor Tribe or any other republic agents. This here is something special. I have never seen one in the wild...

Whatever. I have more pressing things to do at the moment, I just wanted to tell ya, dear Log, that there is more than just the usual things you see and things can happen that you never expected.

A fighting Scythe. Revenge of the miners. Haha! I really like the idea, ya know what? It's very Minmatar. We use what we have. We fight to the last man standing.

Never be slaves again.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.15 11:41:00 - [308]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 15/11/2009 11:56:55
Dear Log,

I was out at Arzad to deliver frozen food, antibiotics and fresh water to the freed system. While the fight is going on our troops on the ground are advancing city for city to free the slaves and destroy the infrastructure that enables this reign of terror.

I got some freed slaves from there and brought them back to Rens, Pator, Illinfrik and Eystur. The females in the breeding camps were well-nourished, while the rest of the population was in a terrible condition. But before I try to tell ya, dear Log, what I have seen I have one of the girls with me that can tell herself.

The cam is adjusted to a young woman of maybe seventeen or eighteen year of age. Her hair is cut off and on her face small scars and bruises adumbrate well her martyrium. She is wearing a wide skirt and her belly shows her in maybe the seventh or eight month of pregnancy. On her underarm the tattooed number can be seen and still the marks of a slave collar make a small red ring around her neck.

May I... may I speak.. now? She points uncertain at the camera. Oh okay. There is not much to tell. After the Amarrians were conquering Arzad, many were executed or died fighting them. After a while the troops... the free running slaver hounds... She shivers. Many died. They came street for street with vans to collect us. Some were taken away, I don't know where. We never heared again from them. Deported. Some... We were examined in tents by nurses. If we are.. We didn't know what was happening. But we were all just girls and women. Then they sorted us out. And we began to guess what was happening to us.

All of us were put under the slave collar. You don't need to threaten someone after you put him under the collar... We just were beaten up enough and were shocked. I saw my brother die... home. They shot him. Let him knee and shot him. Without asking a question.

All this time. Nobody was asking me anything. What I want. If I don't want... Amarrians ordered. They did not listen. If one of us opend her mouth to say something, she just was.. punished.

It was forbidden for them to.. bebreed us. This was done by male slaves. Forced as we were. We tried to.. do it.. like humans. Not like animals even if we were treated like them. We..

She begins to cry. After a while he gasps some air and proceeds.

Some of the guards took advantage of their position. It was not allowed. Mixing the blood. Lesser races.. something. When the doctors detected a "misbreed" mother and child.. was.. killed.

Follow orders or be punished, killed. Do not talk. Breed. Listen to prayers and sermons. About the cleaning of our souls.

After she said this she begins again to cry, until the cam recognizes after a while that there is nothing more to say for her and stops. Some time there is white noise visible on the screen. After a minute the transmission is cut.

Jianni Sotaku
Sotaku Estate
Posted - 2009.11.16 10:39:00 - [309]


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.19 12:19:00 - [310]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 19/11/2009 12:24:33
Dear Log,

after helping the people of Arzad and supporting our efforts to lauch a freedom strike to other occupied systems I was patroling the frontier in my tiny Claw interceptor. And at the Auga gate to Kourmonen I found Merdaneth in his infamous Crusader.

This was the first time I actually met him in a ship that can match his and was attacking on the spot. I carefully was flying into his range to make him aggress first. Before I even was able to activate any modules his lasers had destroyed my whole shields in some splitseconds.

I was throwing my small vessel out of the line of fire and went into a steep dive around his Crusader and by tiny 125mm guns were firing arches of tracer rounds into his shields and fast they went down. With this huge speed and nifty agility that minmatar ships have his weapons had problems to track me and the rate of damage was going down. I already had commanded to fire up my armor repair module to soak his damage and repair my melting armor, that was cooking by his lasers.

Then I turned on all overheating I had available to get this interceptor under control - and I succeeded. He was going down quickly and I saw him break off the attack after twenty or thirty seconds of fighting and trying to avoid my fire.

I recognized too late his escape and misjudged it as a move to counter my fire on his ship and then - he went off. I saluted him as a good pilot over local coms and he answers that he never salutes an enemy. Because it is a gesture of deference as he said.

I told him: 'No! It's a gesture of respect and chivalry. And this is my way.' Not the way of hate. Not the way of Ares who is the god of madness, cruelty, bloodlust and war. God of brute force.

So I went to repair my ship and was doing what I originally came for. Then on my way back I found Merdaneth again at the Auga gate to Amamake. It was too long for a repair, maybe he refitted his ship, I though.

For the last fight left both of us in structure and with almost nothing left of our ships that was able to fight, a refit special 'Anti Alica' would decide the fight. But nevermind - I attacked again. Again I gave him the first shot - which was a failure. I won't give him this advantage next time.

The fight was as hard, but I think it was not a refit but a different approach to tactics that was deciding the fight. And maybe the first strike. Because when my brave Claw went down in flames his Crusader was already at ten percent of his structure.

You might think, dear Log, that I was in a bad mood after this but you're wrong. It was one of the moments I was training for a very long time to. And the outcome of my first try was very promising. I can still learn a lot from skillbooks to enhance the power of my ship which, I think, is not possible for Merdaneth anymore. And I was flying my first solo fight with the Claw against a capable enemy. He was flying his.. hundred?

So next time I'll meet him, my chances will be even better.

It was an honor to fight him and a better pilot than I am would have been able to down the best small ship Amarr can fleet at the moment. When my Claw "Red Baroness" exploded no module was not less than a few percent away from burning out. I gave everything I could in this fight.

I salute my enemy with respect. We'll meet again like the old pilots that were dogfighting in the early days of civilisation. Next time I'll be hopefully the last on the field. The tiny Alica has grown up. In a ceptor, I think, I'm okay now. Still I have to learn of cause. I'm Sebiestor. I will always learn. And prevail.

Chiram Ross
Posted - 2009.11.20 01:56:00 - [311]

*taps his comms system a few times, and is rewarded only with an electronic squeal, followed by static*

Hm...curious. Must be picking up errant transmissions.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.21 16:33:00 - [312]

Dear Log,

I am thinking a lot about individualism and the culture of numbers that are trying to take that and our freedom away from us, the Empires.

But we can not win this fight against the Empire with only our fists and weapons. We have to build up. So I started my first production runs of advanced autocannon ammunition, my own "Barrage". I finally succeded but I can't say that I'm satisfied with the result.

I can't even halve compete with the market with my prices. For the building of that stuff sucks away more money than I can get from it. So I stopped it for a moment. I will try to build my own Claw Interceptor or maybe a Jaguar or Wolf assault ship soon, but the money that I have to spend on this is absolutely not paying out in the end.

People tell me that there are indeed T2 blueprint originals out there - somewhere over the rainbow. And those will allow to build T2 ships and stuff with a profit of over twenty millions per ship. But the hard way I do by inventing my blueprints and try to finally get those ships cost more than 50% above the market price. Maybe I just have some bad luck doing this but I don't think so. If it is just bad luck, I might be unable to compete but this - is desasterous. Damn the owners of unlimited T2 BPOs. This is not fair. All this effort - wasted.

So my humble attempt to honor my Sebiestor origin is not bearing the fruit that I hoped. I indeed was told that building your own interceptors makes it much easier to loose them in battle if you have always to watch your wallet as I have. But I doubt it now. In my experience the best way to get hand on stuff is to buy it cheap from the market and resell it somewhere, which is something I seem to have a nose for. But damnit - I'm no Vherokior! And to go the way of a warrior is not common for a Sebiestor that I am. But it seems that this is the best I can do.

I will not give this up. There has to be a way for to compete with the market by building stuff. Even for a lousy inventor and producer that I am. I have to do this for to honor my origin. You will understand that, dear Log.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.25 09:23:00 - [313]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 25/11/2009 09:23:54
Dear Log,

yesterday the brokers-union of New Eden did galaxy wide go-slow strike for a warning. It's about payment issues and working conditions, but that's just fassade. Markets nearly closed down by that. Ever seen a "poor" brooker that is complaining about the rich leather seat he is lying in and the wrong temperature of his hand milled coffee? And the form of the nose of his secretary?

Bah! Maggots!

I really am not with this "union". In former times you had the right name for it: Mafia. All in all the brookers of New Eden are now organising a system wide cartel where they dictate the fees. And they get rich by that. Rich for nothing. It's a shame for what the word "union" is misused.

By the way industrialist. Ya know me, dear Log, I'm hard to keep at one place and learning is not my strength as sitting in chairs is not. But now I reached the state of getting the "Minmatar Industrialist" standard certificate that enables me to build my own advanced tech ships. Nothing you'll find on my wall of honor, but that's the paperwork. And I hope my Sebiestor anchestors are now proud of me. That I don't just go out and destroy as much as I can but also give back a bit.

I'm still not sure if I need to do this. This...

She waves around her certificate and throws it careless over her back, but not so careless that it is falling into the document shredder.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.27 09:31:00 - [314]

Dear Log,

still sporadicly the brooker-union is going on warn strikes at the moment. But the people of New Eden do their business as usual and maybe the one or other are thinking about to eradicate the one or other brooker agency on a station by an good ol' suicide bomb commando.

But while this might be troublesome the war against the slavers is going on.

"This operation differs from those you all know - nobody of us will die!" - Bigfood, CEO of F.I.A.

We sent in an armed reconaissance force into the well defended zerosec space of CVA in Providence. The way of warfare of Minmatar was always the way of the smaller forces against the larger, the strike of the swift daring against the helpless army of defenders that were reacting too slow.

For this we decided to use the weapon of stealth. I was ordered to learn and train to fly the Hound, maybe the best available stealthbomber in the hangars of New Eden and the product of Minmatar engineering spirit.

The stealth bomber is from a tactical view a ship that can be compared with ancient submarines and torpedo-boats. It is merging both tactics into one ship and was always the weapon of the weaker forces. To go and raid the industrial backbone of the Amarr loyalist faction in zerosec just with a small force as our corp is indeed the fight of the inferior force against the strong one.

The operation is considered a full success even if there were some losses at the end due to a tactical experiment. The defending fleets were unable to protect their industrial targets.

We will repeat that strike.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.28 16:52:00 - [315]

Dear Log,

interesting times are a-coming. The art of asymmetrical warfare is the art of Minmatar fighting Amarr. While we are fighting them on the Militia theatre like Ushra'Khan is fighting in CVA space in Providence and elsewhere.

When we were in Providence ourselves with the Federal Investigations Agency parts of the region were closing down business by our presence.

To close down business of the slavers to make them unable to pay the maintenance of their space is a valid tactic. Of cause it's a tactic to hurt them over their money not over their fleets but this war is a war of uneven numbers anyway and numbers is what count for the Empires.

For us Minmatar values count. Freedom for example as one of the central.

With destruction of the Empire money-making in CVA space this will hit the Amarr Militia too, which is financed great times by this. The first time in history this tactic will enable us Minmatar to down the presence of the CVA slavers in our neighbourhood. The Ammatar Mandate is the buffer between the Minmtar Republic and the Amarr Empire and the future will show how gets the hand on this disputed space. Who will show presence there and by work will gain the true occupancy and use of this.

I am encouraging many Minmatar corporations to spread into the space and bring up the infrastructure of that Region, for this is even more important than most people think.

On the bottom line the people there are mostly ex-slaves and if the Minmatar Republic is throwing a cultural attack at them by humanitarian help and infrastructure we can also plant the base of our culture and free spirit into this land, that his lost his spiritual compass by decades of eroding slavery.

To show good will is the task we face now. We have thrown back the cultural invasion by the Salvation Crusaders, now we have to start our counter offensive to Derelik.

We have to disrupt the trade lines between the Empire and Providence, which entry points lie mostly in Derelik and shut down the money making business inside that space with 24 hour suprise raids, very fast and hurting hit-and-runs with some permanent presence by cloaked fleets that will unable them to actually respond accordingly.

When we tested our new tactics we were hunted by ten to twenty times the number of ships we have fleeted and were only losing ships by a mistake. This is promising. Maybe it will be very hard for us to claim occupancy for Minmatar first but to unclaim the space for CVA is the first step to drive them out.

Providence might not be rich. But were we Minmatar ever rich? We are rich of freedom. Not of money. In numbers we are small. Always were. But I have hope for the future of our Republic now.

As a reaction to the offering of new Empire patrol battleships on Ammatar space the Tribal Liberation Force, the Minmatar militia corporation, has been offered Republic Fleet Typhoons - rumours tell. I was preparing that event the recent days but just as I was able to gain the needed favours for such a vessel the TLF agents announced a change in their policy of favours.

This change of policy will make it almost impossible in future to gather the needed loyalty to get a Republic Fleet Typhoon from them. And this is shocking news.

Of cause many people want to own such a vessel, even if it will be expensive like hell, it will maybe the most rare ship in New Eden to be flown by capsuleers. Because even if some of the loyalty might exist today to feed the first requests, there will be no more in future.

The missions you have to do for them are insanely dangerous for you are flying for ten to fifteen jumps through war infested lowsec systems with Amarr gatecamps on almost every in- and outgoing. With well visible entry points to your mission on the navcom overview for every pirate or wartarget that might pass by.

At the moment you are able to convince the agents for some time until they give you missions that are actually doable, but in near future...

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.28 17:07:00 - [316]

- part 2 -

So with this policy change I see personally absolutely no chance for any numbers of Republic Fleet Typhoons in capsuleer hands any more.

The first ones will be rare as hell and I think it is even much easier to get hand on a pirate fraction battleship than on one of these.

I also expect that many of the first Typhoons available on market are going to be destroyed by capsuleer gangs that want to show them as a rare kill on their killboard, too. This enhances the price of this kind of vessel too.

I just checked the boards for pre orders of these vessels and you may find a lot for Caldari, Gallente and Amarr, who were missioning in our space for their agents like mad for the last months. But as a very active Militia member I can tell you that his was not done by our people, we were fully occupied to stop the Amarr invasion in our space at that time.

So the battle value of the ship might be only around 800 to 1000 million isk, but add the rarity of this and you'll get insane values. Values that can not be paid by normal capsuleers and especially not by the Militia members who would deserve them so badly to counter the Amarr forces.

This ships will go into the hands of the richest of the rich. And whoever gets hand on these for less than a couple of billion isk will be happy.

This is what I think, but of cause I could be wrong. Nobody can foretell how the market reacts. And who is interested in ships like this.

But I certainly know how many I estimate are available. Not more than ten I think. And much much less in future.

How many billions can I charge for mine? This is the question. Because I will be one of the five or six people who are actually able to deliver one. And I wonder if my Typhoon will ever see the regular market while I write about this.

I will have the first available. This I was working on the last weeks. To finance my future Milita warfare. I'm down with my money on laughable levels by losing a lot of expensive stuff and you know, dear Log, that I've been poor as a mouse in church by my Militia activity.

Losses, losses, losses. No time for money making.

I will never even dock off with that Phoon. I would be even unable to carry the loss of a regular Typhoon at the moment. I will just sell it. Took me weeks to gather the loyalty for militia for that.

We'll see. My hopes are in this.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.11.29 12:58:00 - [317]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 29/11/2009 13:19:20
Dear Log,

today I almost lost my life. Almost and for a capsuleer this would normally nothing to tell ya, dear Log. But it happend when I was planetside.

I was flying in a tiny shuttle in the traffic of Pator on my way to the public library which I visit regular to look for new issues of my favorite SciFi or technical manuals or other media like holovids.

There is a small Amarrian church on Pator, a bit from the center, in a small alley where some of the imigrated Amarrian intellectuals are worshipping their god. I was just passing by that small church when one of the visitors was undocking in one of that very big and bulky nuclear powered intercity longshuttles. She was so spritualized and so looking into her god that she didn't recognize the next human besides her - me.

And she was accelerating directly towards me and I would have not been able to survive that impact in my tiny shuttle, so I evaded with my interceptor reflexes directly into the oncoming traffic, had to dive and throw the small thing into a steep curve and finally crashed over the sidemarks, which slit my hydrogen tank and my fuel was evaporating in a dusty fountain into the air, leaving me wrecked on the ground after a short decent.

I never will forget the irritated look of that woman.

And this is the problem with those god-believers. The trip to god is a trip inside. You are in reality not focusing on something above, something like philosophy but you are only focusing on yourself, oblivious to the world around you.

And this state of mind actually is able to kill things. I really detest this kind of trip-inside that the churches and more or less all religions offer. Instead of sharping your senses for the world around you and your neighbors, the only thing you care about is the wellbeeing of your next life. Looking always up into the sky and by the way killing your neighbor doing this.

I am telling you this thing, dear Log, because this was happening quite real for me, I had my cloning interface not online for that short trip and if I had been killed I would have been lost forever.

Today I spent most of the time repairing my small shuttle and cursing all the way while doing it about the people that are so selfish that the only thing they want to be is becoming saints.

I remember well the ending of one of my favorite songtexts, a perfect example of Minmatar poetry:

And he just walked along alone
With his guilt so well concealed
And muttered underneath his breath
"Nothing is revealed".
Well, the moral of the story
The moral of the song
Is simply that one should never be
Where ones does not belong
So when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin'
Help him with his load
And don't go mistaking Paradise
For that home across the road.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.02 11:21:00 - [318]

Dear Log,

today the Sebiestor scientists came on the market with the long awaited update to our tracking-enhancer modules. A new age is announced.

I'm stuck in my hangars full time of the day for updating my setups. And my ships interface seems to have difficulties to work with the new technology so I had to recompile everything from scratch.

Let's see... On my lab's computers there are a good dozen of running tasks that are compiling my system at the moment. I started that a day ago and still working. Minmatar technology is free, of cause, but freedom comes with difficulties and obligations. The task to maintain your system and keep it up to date, to find workarounds for problems and all that.

My technical stuff and me are working round the clock to solve that but by we'll update the stations' services too by that, it's not much more anyway. And I hope when I reboot my system it will show again a screen to log in... Kernel... compiling...

Alica is sweating.

During this process I will be unavailable. Be back soon.

The cheap Typhoon already are off the market and prices are skyrocketing. So if you don't have one now, you will have to wait for a long time, for these ships are not coming back so fast now. Some will be able to get hand on the one or the other. But I have no doubt that the prices are going over the one billion level if they are not already.

And tellya what? They are worth it. Best Minmatar battleship ever, if ya ask me. The sillies that put their Typhoon on the market for the Gallente prices of 500 millions are already bought out. Stupid. The Gallente and Caldari get 30k Loyalty from their agents while we are happy when we get halve of that... Skyrocketing... Most rare of the new ships and maybe the best. Oh, and I can't activate my market interface! Damn!

Alica is turning away from the console.

What? Inconsistency? What inconsistency? Paket management? NOOOO! Don't touch anything, I'm with you in a second!

Console fades

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.07 08:51:00 - [319]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/12/2009 09:06:24
Dear Log,

I got a hangover from fruitcocktail after the last night today. Aset, Isbrabata, Egmar, I have been trying to save the miners when that mining desaster in Aset happend. Lost so many ships fighting over these systems. And now in one night all are gone. Not gone by the way of a warrior. Gone by tricks and mirrors, gone by the illusion of war. It is one thing to fight by the means of Athena which is the smart way of fighting a war or by fighting like this. Athena is wearing a sword. And no diplomatic letter that gives her a scott free under the guns of their enemies. This is just the way of filth.

I never was one of the soldiers in the first line, but I did what I could besides many TLF pilots that said that to fight for the freedom of our people is a secondary target, the first should be to take down as many Amarr capsuleer vessels as possible. I never thought this was right.

But after last night and the days to come I am not sure anymore if I was. Where shall I fly my daily patrol now? I always tried to save or bring down at least two military complexes a day out there. That's not much of cause, it's just halve an hour of the day. But it is something that I have done over a year now.

And yet I see Republic Fleet Vessels that hail the Caldari invaders and lower their guns. No, not only this. The same capsuleers that take down our systems remain in high regard to our Republic and fleet and under the silent guns of our fleet the slavebarges come in and deport the surviviors of that Aset mining desaster to waste their lives rectless somewhere in the Empire.

Billions of lives wasted. Days over days of my own efforts wasted.

Whatever has to be done to burn down this Empires of filth has to be done. There is no honor among the lines of our enemies. I see not one of them that yell: "I despite these ways of war! I will not take part of this."

Honour is the virtue of a true warrior. It is the only thing that divides him from a murderous bunch of slitthroats. And this means: a new war has started. A war that is not faught on the field of honour, of fighting and hard work. A war of bureaucrats and diplomats. Something dirty I will not be part of as long as it is going on.

Of cause I will fight for the freedom of my people. And for this I will have to find new ways of war.

And I will.

All my ships serve now just one cause: to bring as many Matari away from our systems as they can. But this will only be a very very small part of them. What can I do alone? Save all? I can't. But each of those lives is worth Empires.

Evacuation is the only thing that is left to do now. This war is over. It is not lost by us capsuleers, it is lost by the bureaucrats and diplomats and the rules of CONCORD under which the Republic Fleet has to serve.

Betrayed by CONCORD - again. And our people now go to the mines. To the whips. The slaverhounds. The maiming. The suffering. The death.

Proud is standing ship beside ship in my hangars. All of them Minmatar. All of them scarred by battle. All of them were fighting boldly until the last shot was fired or the structure destroyed by enemy fire. I lost a billion by this, not all losses covered by the count on my militia killboard. A billion that I never had.

For one year of freedom of our people. It was worth it. But without our fleet defending our plexes anymore this will be money wasted that I can bring to full havoc somewhere else. Somewhere where the Empire will buckle.

And revenge. Deadly revenge for this I promise. For all those worms that are willing to play part in this scheme. And sacrifice their honour of warriors for this.

And I will have it. We will have it.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.07 09:40:00 - [320]

-- part 2 --

Just think about the damage that is done. Usually we need about three month to take a system. These three systems in one night means we have to work a year to get them back. And these will not be the last ones. This will go on over the next days until there's nothing to do anymore.

Really. I'm just getting me another fruitcocktail now.

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2009.12.07 09:41:00 - [321]

Cheers, Alica. Next rounds on me.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.07 10:17:00 - [322]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/12/2009 10:19:00
-- cont --

Yeah and I'm not up to date. Eytjangard, Vimeini, Gukarla have fallen.

Nips at her drink. A drink that is censored by IGS.

Hm... I bet...

She is taking a look at the map...

...what's next?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.07 16:50:00 - [323]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 07/12/2009 16:53:09
-- cont --

Ah! Helgatid.

I was out, dear Log to hunt down the mindless and remote controled factional warfare drones that are used by our enemy and killed them off easily in a lowcost Vigil.

After some hours I returned to base. There is nothing we can do about this. Just go and kill the mindless drones that will spawn in a few minutes and do the exact same thing as before.

With the same setup and the same pilot. I could have done that for hours. This is truly something that we warrior are not assigned to solve. This is something that CONCORD and the Empires itself should care of. Sancha warriors fighting on side of Amarr...

Anyone a cracker?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.07 21:47:00 - [324]

-- cont --

Alica throws a nut into the air and catches it with her mouth. Munching she says: »Turnur.«

She looks on the packet with the nuts and reads loud: »Caution! Can contain nuts. Funny, no? On a packet with nuts there is a sign that there could be nuts in it. Nuts?« She is looking on the backside of the package and spits out the halve chewed stuff. »Made in Amarr Empire.«

She throws the packet over her shoulder. A small russel catches it and runs away. »Nuts.«

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2009.12.07 21:52:00 - [325]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

With the same setup and the same pilot. I could have done that for hours. This is truly something that we warrior are not assigned to solve. This is something that CONCORD and the Empires itself should care of. Sancha warriors fighting on side of Amarr...
Anyone a cracker?

Not for me please. I'm more in the mood for something stronger. But interesting is it not that the Republic Fleet can't even bring itself to fire on a vessel under the registry "Emperor Throne Guards" - I mean, you'd have to hope that even with malfunctioning IFF the name of the corporation might give them a *hint* that something was amiss with their orders.

Grim Asse
Posted - 2009.12.08 01:40:00 - [326]

Originally by: Alica Wildfire

Still using that word, eh? Well basically, your constant abuse of outside forces for approimately a year now has deprived you of any right to use it and be treated in an honourable way, yet the Amarr still are benevolent enough to keep outside forces out of this conflict, soleley relying on their allies to this date.

You will be squished for accepting the help of worms - if this war had been fought in an honourable way despite all the disadvantages the Amarr face compared to you, you still would have gotten an honourable defeat.

Your acceptance of support from vermin has lead to this - I bet the party who started abusing the system still feels proud for the magnificent 'support' they have lended the TLF...


Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.08 10:48:00 - [327]

Dear Log,

I got some problems with spam in my mail for the moment. After deleting it I have to resumé the last days and the days to come.

The concept of honour is not understood by our enemies. That this concept sometimes forces yourself not to use some tactics or to profit from failures or bad luck. Like a boxer in a ring that is not going to beat up the one lying on the floor.

Honour is a barbaric value. It is in fact not a simple value but a set of values, that depend on each other and that makes us respectable humans that can live together in a society without going to bite the others tails like a pack of rats or a can of worms.

I never was able to understand the fact that there are people who can not feel this. But there are. There are people that have no feeling for honour, that don't even grasp the least idea of it. And that mock about this or try to turn words or something like this.

It is childish. Because every warrior, ever true warrior knows exactly what honourable behaviour is or not. Only the kids don't know but our kids can learn and are willing to. And this is what our society tries to give them: an idea for honour, for fairness, for something that is making them different from worms or rats; something to make them humans, values.

"In war everything is allowed", our enemies claim. But they know exactly that this is not true. That a fight that is won without the respect of the enemy is a fight that is wasted. Because without respect there is no win.

They claim: "You would have done this too!" We knew about the weaknesses of the diplomatic ways. We didn't exploit them. And we will not exploit them now. Not even if our enemies do.

"But you use solo ships to..." Ah, I can't hear that anymore. This is the way this war started and was going on forever. The Minmatar did it, the Amarr did it, the Caldari did it. With every ship possible. I've seen Punishers in Resbroko doing it, I've seen Crusaders in Aset...

In the end it's nothing but chaff. Chaff that shall blind us for the fact that our enemies are using tactics and ways that a honourable warrior would never go. And they lose our respect by this. And without the respect of their enemies they will not gain the respect by their own kind.

They are just bringing shame on their cause and their faction. They are lowering themselves below the level I am willing and able to communicate anymore. So I quit all diplomatic channels that were including members of enemy militia. And there will be no communication with them anymore before they have learned to get themselves on a respectable human level.

I know that all this is not their fault. That the miserable condition that the bureaucrats and diplomats at CONCORD leave us warriors on the front is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. But of cause it will not. They fix the only way for us warrior to make money, yes, indeed. It's a bit sour on my tongue.

But - that the world is not a "fair" world. That you can kick the contrahent on the floor of the ring. That you can poison the wells of your enemies. That you can take his women and children as hostages. That you can go any low and mean way to just "win" a thing is something that humanity has learned does not work.

To win something without to win the respect of your enemy is just a loss of honour, a loss of self-esteem and lowers you onto the level of animals, of pests like rats and worms. But you outcast yourself by this from human society.

I spit on my enemies for this.

There is no great crying for "revenge" or "you will get what you will deserve for this". Just there is no need to do this. Because history has shown so many times that this is the reward of spineless behaviour. If you betray civilisation and every value that makes a bunch of humans civilized you can not repair this.

The result is decay and all real warriors just turn the back on you. This way is doomed.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.08 17:36:00 - [328]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 08/12/2009 17:42:02
--- cont ---

Speaking of decay.

The forces of tribal militia have received a letter today from Damar Rocarion, the leader of the Caldari forces that turn down our systems fightless and which members I killed so easily yesterday.

It was an extortion, ransom that they should receive a Thanotos, Nighoggur and a Chimera and some other demands like it used by criminals. Make stop the retaking of Gallente systems by a to me unknown corporation "Invicta" which seems to use the same methods those Caldari have been using against Gallente and now against us and some stuff I rate personal issue for the receiver of the letter.

Of cause the ransom was politely as possible declined.

If not paying the ransom, they would take down other systems.

Klogori and Avenod are lost.

So much about honour of Amarr Militia and their so called Allies. Murderer, criminals, racketeers. Decay. As I said. All values lost.

This are the Empires. And all are befudged by this who follow their wake. Followers of Ares, not Athena. Bringer of madness and rape, of insanity and bloodshed, destroyer of culture and civilisation.

Have I to say more?

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.09 01:15:00 - [329]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/12/2009 01:23:54
Dear Log,

the old man and the young hothead were sitting at the table over a game of chess. The game wasn't looking too good for the young boy so he tricked the old man to look behind him and silently moved a piece.

The old man turned around, watched the board and began to smile. Then he turned his king and said: »You won. But I think if you get older you'll learn it.«

The boy never found again a man that was willing to give him a fair game.

Taff has fallen to the treachery of Caldari Sancha-minions. Another system of Minmatar.

Of cause the war between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic is much more than a mere game of chess. But a simple truth about it is the same. If you win without respecting the rules, without gaining the respect of your contrahent you lose. Even if you win. And the win means nothing anymore. Because it is not the winning that counts but the way it is achieved.

Today the first time the Gallente reconquered on of their systems from the Caldari oppressors: Covryn. But it is not just this. The space of Caldari systems is all over highlighted like fire, burning like the sweet revenge that comes as the strafe for foul play.

I before mentioned the Minmatar Militia corporation INVICTA. Last time I took a look it had 108 members. And they operate on Gallente space, taking back the systems now as the Caldari are doing here. Is this the way? I don't know. But if I'd been the old man I wouldn't have smiled and turned my king. I would have taken the board and hit him hard over his head as long as either the head or the board would break and then stuff the pieces into his mouth and kick them down his throat.

But I'm neither wise nor a good example to behave clear-headed and I never had a problem with my partners in a game of chess because he knows I'm armed and impulsive. Maybe not the best way to get respect, but it is working for me.

Vengeance, what's so bad about vengeance?, was what one of our clansman once said when an Amarr missionary was trying to preach him to be a slave and slit his throat. I do not think that it is right to pay back the evil by their own way. It is not my way of dealing with it but I would lie if I'd say I was not tempted, for it's so easy to do.

To see this makes me smile. Yes, we are barbarians. And we send to hell who is trying to mess around with us. We have very very few humour for people that enslave planets full of Minmatar people. Or help.

I don't think it would be a good way for me to break chessboards right now. I instead strive for a different theatre. I take part in an action to let the Amarr Empire blood for the spineless war they have thrown against us. And the freedom we get from saving our systems by the treacherous Caldari-Sancha minions. We began to strife patrol into CVA and S3verance space, where we were informed that we are "welcome on their KOS list".

As if Minmatar, especially Minmatar Militia was ever welcome by them. I am sure the intelligence channels of their alliance defense were running hot for hours. Hunters, gatecamps, you name it. And ship after ship was destroyed in our wake without the defenders able to stop us. Not one ship lost, many destroyed and lives taken the hundreds, if not thousands.

And this was just the beginning. Time has come for vengeance. What's so bad about vengeance? Now Providence and Curse will burn, burn, burn, Amarr.

We are coming for our people. And set an end of this pack of rats. This Empire of goo. We have the motivation. Now. And we Minmatar fight best droling like rabid dogs and foam at our mouths. Eyes bloodshed red. And this we are. Warcry!

Vengeance. You seeded the winds, now harvest our storm. What you do to us, the Minmatar People shall return in generosity.

We are the arsonists of freedom, we are the fist of the oppressed.

Raise your fists and cry: Freedom! And you will take it out of the cold, stiff hands of your wardens.

We are Minmatar. We learn. We adapt. We prevail.

Alica Wildfire
Federal Investigations Agency
Posted - 2009.12.09 13:04:00 - [330]

Edited by: Alica Wildfire on 09/12/2009 15:24:00
Dear Log,

Floseswin. Twelve battleships, two battlecruisers, a couple of frigs. PIE Inc. in front of all. Soon after hour of prayers.

We won't forget this, Caldari. We remember, PIE.

The old man smiles.

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